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Published by Crest Dynamics Management Consultancy, 2016-12-23 08:28:51

Crest Dynamics Newsletter Jan 2017

Self Realization January 2017

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In this issue >>> Self Realization

Supervisory Tips 3/3 Official Newsletter of Crest Dynamics
The Key to Life Long Customer
The Right Attitude
How to change Attitude at Work?
Lean Best Practice 1/3
Leadership Mind-set Tips
Guru's Wisdom

January 2017

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Crest Dynamics

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.....inspiring your people

Supervisory Tips 3/3 The Key to Life Long Customer:

9. Be approachable: The employees Meet Their Four Expectations
should not hesitate in approaching the
supervisor with their concerns and Companies that measure the below four sequential levels will
problems. An efficient supervisor will have a better understanding of what their customers really want
make sure that there is enough trust beyond a mere product or service transaction. Here’s a
and openness between her and the breakdown of the four expectations
employees for the latter to come to
her with their grievances. 1. Accuracy: The bedrock of 3. Partnership: Beyond delivery
your business is accuracy–no and service, customers want to
10. Be considerate: People are not surprise to any entrepreneur. If feel like you understand their
just employees. They have families, you can’t get your customer what needs. How is your business
friends and a life beyond work. Unless they want when they want it, you helping theirs? Are you
there is something urgent, do not won’t be in business for very proactively reaching out to see
make them work beyond the usual long. Nail down this one first how you can help them succeed
hours. Let them have their weekends before going any further. in life or business? In other
and vacations. Be practical when words, show you care for your
setting the time-lines. This all will in 2. Availability: After the customer and they’ll consider the
turn improve the efficiency and the transaction, your customer wants relationship less one-sided (and
productivity of the employees. to know you’re still there. Do you more of a collaboration).
have a quick and efficient follow-
11. Criticize constructively: When up service system in place for 4. Advice: Once the above
mistakes happen a good supervisor returns, product questions, or expectations have been met,
tries and understands the reasons other matters? Accuracy and your customers want to learn
behind the mishap. She criticizes or availability are a solid foundation, from you. Do you have materials
assesses the employee in proportion but they’re not the whole in place to educate and inform
to the mistake. And it is always better pyramid. your customers? Are you able to
to not to scream or scold in front of provide recommendations that
the others. Give constructive can help them or improve their
feedback; show them the right way to lives? This is the final level of
do things. expectation, and it can create the
closest bond with your client

The Right Attitude

How to Change Attitude at Work?

1. Identify the causes behind your undesirable attitude. You may find that some of the things that are affecting
your attitude in a negative way are things that you can change.

2. Make necessary changes. Once you figure out what is causing your counter-productive attitude, determine what
you can do to remedy those causes.

3. Focus on a positive mindset. It is important that you approach work with a realistic mental image of what your
relationship with your work should be.
 Accept the fact that certain tasks associated with your job may be less fulfilling than others.
 Recognize that a lack of motivation does not mean that you cannot complete your tasks. Rather, it means that
you would prefer not to. You must acknowledge that an attitude change is your own responsibility, and
something that you must proactively work toward.

4. Set realistic goals for yourself. Take your strengths and weaknesses into account, and focus on accomplishing
your tasks in a way that is tailored to your personal work style.

5. Ask to work with someone who inspires you. If there is a person in your workplace who has a good attitude,
you could learn a lot by spending some time working alongside that person.

6. Request to speak with a supervisor. Explain that you have identified some ways in which you would like to
improve your productivity at work. Ask for suggestions regarding how you may change your attitude for the better.
When you involve your supervisor, you not only improve that relationship, but you also assert yourself as someone
who takes your job and performance seriously, which can reap positive job-related benefits and further contribute
to a positive attitude.

7. Reassign tasks that you feel undermine your ability to have a positive attitude at work. If possible, alter your
responsibilities so that they are more in line with your strengths and occupational goals, and delegate the
responsibilities you are less compatible with to a willing co-worker.
Crest Dynamics
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Set the Stage >>> 2. Rules, Principles, and Techniques
A lean manufacturing success is not born from what you see, it is
Lean Best Practice 1/3 born from how you think. Lean is a set of rules and principles, not just
tools. The entire way of thinking must become embedded in every
1. Focus on Long Term Results person of your organization. Sustainable lean change -- the kind that
Without taking the time to builds momentum -- comes from the mind and heart of all employees.
implement a program that yields This is where the soft skills kicks in.
sustainable benefits, process
improvements gained by lean tools 3. A Full Time Press
will slowly deteriorate back to where Don't expect someone to lead a "lean manufacturing success"
you started. Significant and in his/her spare time. It requires daily attention from leaders
sustainable results will occur who fully understand the scope of the project and who
throughout the entire process, but won't get caught up in today's distractions. Most cultures are
the most profitable returns are centered around fire-fighting. Stuck in that culture, it is hard for
realized through a two-to-five year leaders to consider a multi-year journey – people need to be
plan. extracted to focus on a different timeline. Leadership Mind-set Tips

e-Newsletter 10 Inexpensive Ways to Boost Your People to Perform
Subscription 1. Recognize individual employees.

e-Mail us if you wish to put your 2. Show employees the results of their
colleagues or HR friends on our hard work.
e-Newsletter database.
3. Give employees responsibility.
4. Treat employees like people.
Register to access e-resources.
5. Make the office fun.
Training Proposal
6. Offer training.
Contact us to design and deliver
your training programs. 7. Give small perks with big personal

8. Be transparent, and keep staff in the

9. Make sure top management is
available, listening and engaging.

10. Ask employees what motivates them.

Story: Guru's Wisdom The bearded sage speaks not but Training Programs SBL
points to a place off in the
Story 1 distance. *Programs can be conducted in Eng. or BM
A guru advised his students to
meditate three times a day. Most of The man, thrilled by the prospect Leadership & Supervision
his students watched him with of quick and easy success, Proactive Supervisory Skills
some burdened ands most of their rushes off in the appropriate Highly Effective Supervisory Skills
comments were almost identical: "I direction. Suddenly, there comes Leadership Master Practitioner
will try." a loud splat. Think Like a Leader, Lead Like a
The guru nodded wisely and while Eventually, the man limps back, Shift Your Leadership
he walked back to his seat, he tattered and stunned, assuming Lean Leadership
dropped the book he had under his he must have misinterpreted the Executive Management
arm and it fell to the floor. He turned message. He repeats his
around, bent over, reached for the question to the guru, who again Continuous Improvement
book, but could not get it. Time after points silently in the same Kaizen Made Ezy
time he grabbed but could not get direction. Kaizen Thinking Mechanism
the book. Understanding Lean Manufacturing
The man obediently walks off Office Lean
His students looked at him in once more. This time the splat is Single Minute Exchange Die (SMED)
amazement. "You try to pick it up," deafening, and when the man Poka Yoke
he said to one of the students. The crawls back, he is bloody, Training Within Industry
student walked to the book, bent broken, tattered, and irate. Productivity Improvement Techniques
over, picked up the book and “I asked you which way is 5S Step by Step Approach
handed it to his guru. success,” he screams at the Auditing for 5S Compliance
guru. “I followed the direction you Failure Mode and Effect Analysis
The guru hit the book out of his indicated. And all I got was (FMEA)
hands, back to the ground and said: splatted! No more of this pointing! Statistical Process Control
"I did not ask you to pick the book Talk!”
auspk,tIhoenelyxapsekretsd >y>o>u to try.”. Only then does the guru speak, Creative Thinking & Problem Solving
and what he says is this: Performance Improvement Strategy
Story 2 "Success is that way, just a little Time Management & Personal
A man meets a guru on the road. after the splat. Effectiveness
The man asks the guru, “Which way Communicating at Work
is success?” Performance Appraisal
Administrative Skills
Building Superior-Subordinates
Conflict Management
Coaching & Counseling Skills
Train the Trainer: A NLP Approach
Behavioral & Performance Interviewing
Managing Absenteeism
Inspiration for Work
Motivational Programs, and more

Sales & Customer Care
Selling Psychology
Sales Warrior
WOW Your Customer Care
Telephone Courtesy and Techniques

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