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Published by dana.green0323, 2019-05-16 12:59:57

Gull Lake Cheer Manual 2019-3

Gull Lake Cheer Manual 2019-3


Gull Lake Blue Devil 
Cheer Program 

Sideline & Competitive 

  Rules & Guidelines 

1. As a representative of Gull Lake High School, all cheerleaders must conduct themselves
in an appropriate manner in school, on the field/competition setting, traveling to
games/competitions, and out in the community.


2. Girls will represent the cheer program at all times including but not limited to Facebook.,
Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc. If inappropriate pictures, videos, or comments are on
these pages, proper consequences will take place, which may include the sitting of a
game/competition and in some instances suspension/removal from the team.

3. Positive attitude, good sportsmanship, and being a team player are qualities expected of
each team member. Failure to exhibit any of these qualities will be subject to
consequences per coaches’ discretion.

4. Coaches have the right to add or take away performance/competing time for any team
members. This is based on performance and attitude at practices, games, school, and off
the field.

5. Insults, disrespectful behavior, or dishonesty towards a teammate or coach in any way
will not be tolerated from any member of the program. Consequences will be determined
by the coaches.

6. During the season, girls representing Gull Lake Cheer will NOT attend any venue where 
alcohol is the primary source of consumption without their parent present (including but 
not limited to: bars, nightclubs, house parties) 

7. Any behavior that is a detriment to the team aspect or an individual’s well being will not
be tolerated and may result in removal from the team.


8. There is a zero tolerance policy for the use or possession of alcohol, tobacco or drugs,
hazing, and misdemeanor offenses. Students who are caught doing anything that would
result in an arrest by law enforcement are subject to be immediately expelled from the
team and decisions will be made at the coach and athletic director’s discretion. (S​ ee
pages ​7-8​ of the GLHS Athletic Handbook)​

Updated 5/16/19 


Communication with Parents, Athletes, and Coaches

1. One of the goals of this program is to foster professionalism and good sportsmanship, for
this reason we want to encourage athletes to take up concerns with their coach in person.
a. If the ​athlete​ has a problem, question, or concern ​they​ will discuss this with the
head coach FIRST. Once the cheerleader has discussed their problem with the
coach, a parent may then contact the head coach (via email) regarding the same
issues after a 24 hour waiting period.
b. If a parent needs to contact the head coach for any reason they will do so via
email. Coaches will have 24 hours to respond. Please DO NOT call coaches
unless there is an emergency. Assistant coaches information is also listed, please
do not contact them unless the head coach is not available to help you.

2. All team communication will be done through the app “Remind.” It is the athlete and
parent’s responsibility to be checking the app regularly for pertinent information.
a. If the athlete does not have a cell phone or way to check Remind, they must rely
on parents and teammates to get up to date information. Any absence to practice
due to issues with communication will be regarded as unexcused.

Head Coaches
Dana Green- Varsity c​ [email protected]
Maegan Kalkowski- Middle School Blue Team ​[email protected]
Felicia Diaz-Middle School White Team f​ [email protected]
Assistant Coaches
Maddie Greene-Varsity ​[email protected]
Maddy Kalkowski, Hannah Young-MS Blue Team ​[email protected]

3. Emails from coaches will be sent out to parents periodically giving any pertinent
information needed. Please read them thoroughly! ​☺


1. School is the girls’ first priority. MHSAA grade guidelines will be followed to ensure
eligibility. They must also maintain satisfactory citizenship.

2. In circumstances of academic probation, weekly progress reports will be turned in every
Tuesday. Failure to turn in a progress report will result in the sitting of a game or

3. If an athlete’s grade drops below eligible level, they will have one week to bring their
grade up. If the grade does not improve, the cheerleader will not participate in practices
or games until that grade is reached or the coach has arranged an agreement with that


Updated 5/16/19 


From the Athletic Handbook
1)​ At the end of the trimester, any student who has one E will be placed on Academic Probation.

The student must remain on academic probation for a minimum of five (5) school days.

During that 5-day period, the athlete may continue to practice and attend all team functions, but

may not participate in any contest that the team is involved in against other MHSAA schools​. At

the conclusion of five (5) school days, he/she will be removed from academic probation and

allowed to fully participate in athletics. However, the student’s academic standing will be closely

monitored with weekly checks.

2) ​ There will be two “grade checks” during each trimester. The first grade check will be at four
(4) weeks; the second grade check will be at eight (8) weeks into the trimester. Any student who
receives 2 or more E’s at a grade check will also be placed on Academic Probation and be
ineligible for a period of 5 school days. Those students will then be monitored each week. At the
end of the 5 school day period, if a student is not passing 66% of classes, they will be ineligible
for another 5 school day period. This process will continue for the remainder of the trimester.

3)​ Students who have received 2 or more E’s at the end of a trimester will be ineligible for

athletic participation for the entire next trimester.  

Practices/Gymnastics/Weight Room

1. All practices scheduled by the coach are mandatory. This includes gymnastics, workouts,
and strength training.

2. You are expected to be on time. Early is on time (15 minutes), arriving on the hour is

3. You are to be ready to practice w​ hen practice is scheduled to begin​. That means mats
rolled out, snacks eaten, hair, and social conversation should be completed by the time
practice is scheduled to begin.


4. Athletes are expected to bring a water bottle to practice. There will be very limited
opportunities to go to the drinking fountain.


5. Everyone must come to practice dressed appropriately including: appropriate practice
clothes, shoes, hair tied back, no jewelry or long nails/fake nails. (Any wrapping/taping
by the trainer must be done PRIOR to the start of practice.)

6. DO NOT make medical/dental/hair/nail appointments on scheduled
practice/game/competition days.

Updated 5/16/19 


7. You MUST contact the coach PERSONALLY ​prior​ to missing a practice or other
function. A text or email will not be accepted. Failure to do so will result in a
no-call/no-show absence.

Round Placement/Stunt Group/Formation Decisions

1. As former cheerleaders we understand the desire of our girls to stunt with their friends, to
stand in the front of formations, to be involved in every competition/game/etc. As
coaches we need to make decisions that benefit the entire team, not just one individual.
As such, all decisions about which girls compete in which round, what position they take
in stunts, and all decisions involving the choreography of material are at the discretion of
the head coach.

2. It is the goal of the coaching staff to make sure each individual cheerleader has an
opportunity to shine at games/competitions, but that does not always happen and can be
due to many different factors. Coaches will make these decisions based upon many
considerations, including but not limited to: safety, knowledge of material, attendance at
practice, good sportsmanship, readiness of the athlete to perform needed skills, and
variance of skill level throughout the team.

3. Placement in any given round must be earned each and every week. No spot is
guaranteed to any athlete at any time, think of it like they are renting the spot from the
coaches. Coaches retain the right to change formations or athlete placement at any time
for any reason, with the goal of benefiting the rest of the team.

4. If a parent or athlete has concerns about their athlete’s placement, they may ​email​ the
coach directly. Know that decisions are made quickly, and sometimes change practice to
practice. If there is a concern, please wait until the practice ​after t​ he undesirable change
was made before contacting the coach.


1. Cheerleaders must attend all games/competitions as scheduled, unless otherwise noted by
the head coach.

2. Cheerleaders must be at the field or school 15 minutes before the pre-game practice
and/or bus time is scheduled. Failure to do so will result in partial/full suspension of
game time.

3. Cheerleaders must be ready to begin the third quarter of a football game 2 minutes before
halftime is over.

4. A post-game/competition discussion is required by all team members. Cheerleaders are
not dismissed until the conclusion of this meeting.

Updated 5/16/19 


5. Cheerleaders suspended from a game or portion of a game or competition will sit in
uniform on the sidelines with the coach. Failure to comply with this will result in
immediate dismissal from the team, unless otherwise noted by the head coach.

6. Illegal substances and/or illegal underage activity brought/occurring at games and
competitions is grounds for immediate removal from the program. Any and all cases
involving illegal activity will be reported to administration.


1. Cheerleaders will be provided o​ ne-way​ transportation to football
events and weekday competitive events via school bus. Parents are responsible for
picking up after the event. On weekend competitions, cheerleaders will be provided
one-way​ transportation via parent carpool. Cheerleaders MUST ride with the carpool to
each function.

2. Athletes may NOT leave any event without informing the coach in person.

3. Once the post-game/competition discussion has ended, the athletes are free to leave. At
this point, the girls are the parents responsibility. Please arrive ON TIME to pick up your
child. If you are unable to be on time, please arrange another mode of transportation for
your child. Parents of middle school athletes must verbally confirm with the coach when
they are leaving the competition with their child. For your child’s safety the coaches will
be supervising them until you arrive to collect them in person.

Absence Policy

1. Two tardies = one unexcused absence. A tardy is considered when the athlete is not at
practice ready to go (including: changed, hair up, jewelry out etc.) when the coach is
ready to begin

2. There are three kinds of absences: excused, unexcused, and no-call/no-show.
a. Excused: This means that the coach is aware that you will not be in attendance and
has approved your absence. There is no penalty for this type of absence.
Excused absences include: funerals/sick family member, weddings, vacations planned
prior to season start (need proof), illness w/doctors note, functions for another
after-school activity (if membership to the other activity was discussed with coach prior
to the season starting), or school work/teacher related (like taking a missed test).

b. Unexcused:​ This means that the coach has been notified prior to practice but the
reason for the absence does not warrant it to be excused. For competitive season,
this includes all practice absences within 3 practices of a competition. The penalty
for this type of absence is as follows:

Updated 5/16/19 


Absence One~​ Cheerleader will sit out an entire game/competition, participating
in absolutely NO activities.

Absence Two~​ Cheerleader will sit out an additional game/competition,
participating in NO activities. A meeting will take place with the athlete and parents.

Absence Three​~Cheerleader will be dismissed from the team for the remainder of
the season.

c. No-call/No-show:​ This means that you failed to contact the coach PRIOR to the
designated meeting time. There is no excuse for this type of absence and the penalty is

Absence One​~ A meeting will take place with athlete; potential dismissal from
the team

Illness Policy

1. If you are sick and must miss more than one practice, workout, gymnastics, game, or
competition you will need to provide a doctor's note. You need to go no later than the
day after the missed event.

2. Your attendance is expected at practice to watch unless you are physically unable to do
➔ Please be aware that if a substitute is available to fill your spot while you
are absent, they will. It is at the discretion of the head coach whether or
not you will be put in the same spot upon your return.

3. A headache, cold, or period pains does not constitute an excuse to miss practice.

4. Coaches retain the right to bench any athlete absent within 3 practices of the next


5. You must contact the coach PRIOR to ​each p​ ractice. For example-if you are sick on
Tuesday, do not assume that the coach knows you are still sick on Thursday. Coaches
expect a phone call or email before each missed practice.

➔ failure to comply with above will result in an u​ nexcused absence.​

1. CLEAN uniforms are required to cheer an event. Excellent care of uniforms is expected

at all times.

2. Uniforms are for cheerleading activities ONLY.

3. There should be NO public displays of affection with any 

boyfriends/girlfriends while in uniform.

Updated 5/16/19 


4. Any damage or illegal tampering of the uniforms or Gull Lake Cheer equipment will
result in the athlete paying for all damages. Additional consequences may follow at the
coaches discretion.

5. On game/competition days, the athletes will wear appropriate uniform/ warm-up.

1 Money for expenses of the sideline/competitive season will be due before the items are

ordered. No money = No order.
2 Once money (cash, personal checks, fundraising monies) has been deposited into the

internal fund it​ cannot​ be refunded.
3 (The financial breakdown will be very specific). Parents will be aware of every expense

related directly to daughter.
4 Fundraising money is non-refundable.
6. If a parent has any concerns regarding finances or at any time would like to see where

there money is going, they may request (via email) a statement for their daughter.

Immediate Suspension; Pending Parent Meeting
1. Blatant disrespect for coach or any other team member.
2. Poor moral conduct.
3. Insubordination.
4. Failure to adhere to absence policy.
5. Alcohol or drug use.
6. Any cheerleader who participates in a “walk-out” of practice is choosing to remove

themselves from the team.


Updated 5/16/19 


1. Does it cost money for spectators to watch our athletes compete?  
a. YES! Most games/competitions will charge an entry fee of about $5 
per person. 

2. Will the competitions be selling any t-shirts or bows?  
a. Most competitions will have tshirts for sale for about $10-$20 

3. Why can’t coaches give us competition information at the beginning of 
the season?  
a. Because the host school does not typically send out the 
information for their competition until 7-10 days before the day of 
the competition. 

4. Why are parents required to volunteer to run competitions?  
a. Competitions are the way that we raise money for our cheer 
program (instead of things like selling cookie dough)! We need 
parent volunteers to help our competitions run smoothly. 
Volunteers are incharge of things like selling t-shirts, tickets, 
concessions, managing the doors, finding teams that need to be in 
the line up, etc. 
b. We typically host one MS Only competition, one Varsity/JV only 
competition and a full day for both MS and JV/Varsity to compete 
at home. There are sign up sheets available to sign up.  

5. High school question - We have a family vacation planned over the 
summer for two week, will this hurt my athletes chances at making a 
a. As long as the absence is communicated to the coaches at the start 
of the season, the absences will not hurt your athletes chances of 
making a team.  



Updated 5/16/19 


Gull Lake Cheer Program 


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I have read, understand, and agree​ to all of the tryout requirements and the cheerleading code of
conduct and am giving _________________________ my permission to try out and cheer for Gull Lake
High School during the 2019-2020 fall/winter season.

I understand that cheerleading is a very demanding sport of both time and energy. I understand that my
daughter will be expected to adhere firmly to all established athletic policies, the code of conduct, and any
additional rules established by the coach.

In addition, I have attended the mandatory parent meeting and understand the tryout requirements, the
time involved, and the financial commitments of this sport. I understand that all practices and games

 must be attended.

Parent Signature ______________________________  Date ______________ 
  Date ______________ 
Athlete Signature ______________________________

Updated 5/16/19 

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