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Published by Hala Shaker, 2019-11-19 02:46:42

survival final done 20.11.2019

survival final done 20.11.2019

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

From students to students:


How to survuve the first year at the BUE

Dr. Hala Shaker

Prep Year Coordinator of Faculty of Arts & Humanities



Engy Mohamed believes that it is really interesting
to discover how the brain can control and change
one’s life more than the heart does. She enjoys
helping and being the comfort zone for others.


Mariam Toson is a brain fanatic who’s extremely interested in
behavior and experimenting with psychological theories and
researches. She is an animal admirer who’s passionate for
rescuing stray animals and providing a safe shelter for them.
She is also a devotee for anything that is artistic or has
anything to do with painting.


Rawda Bakr is a quite reserved person who
has been able to discover herself through
experimenting different forms of arts from
vintage literature to fashion designing.



Nourhan Amr is interested in psychology from a young
age after getting immersed in various books about it.
She is confident that this is what she wants to do for
the rest of her life. In her free time, she usually travels
or simply just wander off and find some cats to pet-
you will probably see her around the university going
after some poor cat.


Fagr Hesham is extremely passionate about
psychology and she has been engaged in volunteer
working outside the university for the past 12 years.
She is a scout leader for My little brownies!


Adopt the right study strategies 



Normally, we are all motivated by our Here are some tips
dreams, ambitions and goals. sometimes when I used to make me feel
you feel you cannot reach your dream, you positive and to recharge
feel captivated, stressed and sometimes you
end up frustrated, or you give up. This may my energy.
happen when you don’t meet your
expectations and don’t get the results you 1.  Don’t accumulate your negativity, try to get
were striving for. It’s okay to stumble and rid of it by doing a refreshing activity to wake
fall and it’s not a big deal when you do not up with renewed energy and a positive mindset.
achieve your goal from the first trial. You’re 2.  Specify a certain day to hang out with your
a human and everyone has his/her friends and get university work out of your
capabilities and his own mindset. mind.
But the thing is it’s not okay to give up; you
should try again and believe in yourself, 3.  Believe in yourself and know what you are
believe that there’s always plan B and C. capable of. It may be hard at first, but you’re
Don’t ever feel that there’s no hope. Believe smart enough to do anything you want.
that you can do anything; you just need time 4.  Create your own support system (friends) to
to think about what exactly went wrong. help you grow through your difficulties.
Since everyone has his own way of learning
and perceiving new information, go through 5.  Never allow anyone to get you down by
your past experiences and learn from you complaining or saying negative words.
At the end of the semester, if you feel that you
Rise up and try once again have wasted time, stop delaying and start
working, and remember that you are building
your career; it’s worth the effort and the

It’s never too late to start.



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1)    Hand raiser: on the first lecture, you will notice a certain student who keeps
raising his/her hand every 2 minutes to ask provoking questions. By the end of the
semester you won't need to even look around, you already recognize the voice once
and your eyes will start rolling.

2)    Late comers: they tend to come 15 minutes after the lecture starts holding a cup
of Starbucks coffee, and they always come up with excuses to the professor.

3)    Aristotelian: those are the ones who love to argue and always debate with the
professor about the lecture’s topic. They love adding their touch and sharing their
other side of the debate, but they are sometimes useful in wasting the lecture’s time.

4)    Never comes prepared: your mind won't process how these students actually
succeed in getting high grades while always finishing their tasks literally an
hour before the deadline.

5)    Nerd: they would get straight A+ in most of the modules, yet they would keep
saying they’re gonna fail and they haven’t studied enough. This type will get on your
nerves and you might feel like punching them in the face.

6)    Slacker: you would only see this person twice a year, they are such rare guests
and might only appear during tests.



Starting to attend university is mostly not a smooth experience as many students are forced to adapt to
wholly new lives including new people, places, environments, experiences, and in some cases accommodation
and even annoying roommates. If you are not the typically outgoing person who faces no problem
whatsoever in the process of making friends and your social skills allow you to easily adjust to your
surroundings, you will find yourself limiting communication to those around you, especially your instructors.

University professors may seem frightening; however, once you get to know them, you will feel more
relatable to them as they were once in our place. Getting to know my professors has taught me a lot in my
first year of college. They inspire me to always try harder and never give up.

Why should you take the time and effort to get to know your professors? Getting closer to your university
professors means having more contact with them and feeling more confident and comfortable while talking
to them, which results in you having more opportunities to ask question about course material that can
enhance your performance on assignments and tests and help you achieve higher grades.

Believe it or not, university professors can be quite friendly and normal people just like everyone else with
various personalities and interests. Professors are persons who have worked hard and overcame many
obstacles to reach their positions and as professors, they are usually eager to help and advise you based on
their diverse experiences.
As students, we can be inspired to join a certain academic track, learn the tricks of the industry, or simply
be influenced to adopt a new habit in life.

So, college professors can help open your eyes to internship and job opportunities that would help you set
your foot on the right path for your future career. They are usually well connected in the professional and
academic area and can help open doors to new positions in the field that you are interested in. It is always
worth to build a good relationship with your professors and believe me, they are all ears to hear you when
you need them and will always welcome you if you need help.

But let’s see how can you get to know them.·rSFtsLeecioaurgachsbsyosaattjtnorlenhlyuddycca,rltie,,tioasoetyemntthonhogeaudea,yvrgbyteoeciuoumalturaienpraspsrlwccresilloovsahafasaeysestsrnoseetedsusoocryaperooscvisncs’uoevisOgnrecdftynarfrimssnidicacbeaueetunyinstoHtsgisnaioooancunnwgrdrsemeisttaaiaahrnntyynedyadsatoaodadausidskrbsgkcetqopufoouroosdoesntrifhsoitteameniisdmopscovnoerluisare;c;tseisiststssihiodampoirensneadhrwokohefhefilalsteplfphlaonpswerodtyticyihtfooohoefuunueyrblrbrysoeeeetusnhtetrmtcaeweeaalcpr.hstaBseuepyiergrnriit.ndnoaomgfel.erbeassunstliowtalsrdna.sdGyapesycutooottnunianrntgefimacttcehieoen



The slide addict

Students join a certain college track to have the opportunity to discuss its
topics and learn more about it. However, all you will get with these professors
are lectures full of PowerPoint slides. They don’t lecture, analyze, explain, or
discuss; they simply create lots of slides and read them. When it comes to the
slide addicts, you will have to exert more effort to get extra information out
of them or simply stick to you TA. It may get boring, actually it will, but at
least these slides are usually full of tips for the final exams.

The mother figure

With these professors you will forget that you have even left your
home and came to university. They usually notice if you are tired, sick,
haven’t slept well, or lost a few pounds and if you live far from home,
you will find them constantly asking about your well being. They tend
to treat all of the students as if they are their kids and would often
tell stories of their own children. In short, they turn the college
experience into a much homelier and comfortable one.

The ‘five more minutes’

When it comes to this type, you should never hope for an early leave, free
time, or even a break. These professors do not only start class on time, use the
whole class time nonstop, but they even request extra time to finish. On the
other hand, these professors are most likely very passionate about whatever
they are teaching and they put all their effort in their work to be able to
deliver their knowledge, information, and experience in the best way they can.

The ‘oh, how about the future’

“How about responsibility? “Or “How will you deal with this situation in the work
field?”. These questions will become crucial part of the class, and you will feel as if
something is wrong if none of them was mentioned during the lecture. Moreover,
there would be constant reminders that our generation's carelessness will get us
nowhere and that we all need to man up to be able to have a promising future. It
can sometimes get out of hand as they forget that we are still in our first year of
college. However, these are the best people for job recommendations, internship
opportunities, advice on how to excel and survive professional life.

The mumbler

With these professors, it will take you some effort to stay awake and even

more effort to actually concentrate and start taking notes.  However, you

will be unable to do that because you will hardly hear what they are

saying. These professors are mostly old or simply shy. The best way to stay

attentive is to pay attention and ask question to get an idea about what is

going on. 6

Aevsersyiwghnerme ents

As an ex IGian, I wasn’t used to assignments or even projects. All I had to do is to study for my final examinations.
University is the exact opposite, it hit me hard when I realized that projects and assignments are more important
than examinations. My first semester was extremely hectic since I had to rewire my brain and get used to the new
At first, it was very hard to handle everything all at once: finishing projects on time, studying, socializing and
maintaining my sanity. I had to figure out everything by myself.

AS MANY MENTAL BREAKDOWNS AS I HAD During those 5 weeks, I used to lock myself up in my
ESPECIALLY FROM WEEK 7 TO WEEK 12 OF EACH room with the laptop on my bed and do nothing but
SEMESTER. studying and finishing my projects and research

1) YOU ARE NOT STUCK papers. But in the second semester, I realized that this
is very depressing, I should enjoy what I am doing. My
advice here is to try to hang out, study with your
Those 5 weeks seem like forever and you would feel friends and even go crazy sometimes and do what
like banging your head against the wall. But your soul desires for a little while. Feeling refreshed
remember that everything should come to an end; and recharged improves your performance a lot.
you have experienced this before. When you are on
the verge of a breakdown stick to your goal,
remember how studying and getting high grades 4) BEING THE GREATEST
would help you through your career.
Doing extra readings is a great plus in
studying psychology, literature or humanities
2) GROUP WORK AND ITS BLACK HOLES in general; it helps especially when writing

Personally, group work for me was hell at first but, you could say research papers. Having extra knowledge
that I know now how to finish group presentations without makes you connect some strings together and
murdering anyone from my group. Due to having different widens your scope of thinking. Don’t settle
mindsets and individual differences, it becomes hard for the whole down for the information in the lectures only,
group to agree on one certain path for the project. There are have the potential to search and know more.
many types of people in each group, some of whom may not work Knowledge is power.

Here is the tip: agree with the group at the beginning to write
what really happens in the Contribution Form so that the
professor considers everyone's work and distributes the grades


WHEN 1.     Familiarize yourself with your professors’ and your TAs’ office hours.
THINGS Feel free to drop in for advice, or straight up ask for help with stuff you
GO can’t deal with on your own.
WRONG! 2.     Your professors spend a lot of time constructing your module specs
and coursework briefs (that’s where you’ll find everything expected from
The transition from high school to you regarding your deadlines, presentations, essays, in-class tests, and
university seems daunting- the new rubrics to help you get the highest grades), so make sure you consult them
faces, the pressure to fit in, the when you feel lost about specific components or deadlines.
challenge of coping with a new system 3.     Rethink your studying strategy. Be aware of how long you can study
and many more. It’s actually normal to before spacing out and getting tired, and give yourself breaks in between
feel overwhelmed in a new to help you recharge. Know your learning style to make the best out of
environment. your study time. SEE THE LEARNING STYLE QUIZ ON THE LAST PAGES.
In fact, you need to remember that 4.     Time management, time management, time management. In university,
most of the people around you are also you have to juggle a lot of things at once like keeping up with your notes,
feeling lost and overwhelmed, so give meeting your deadlines, and engaging in healthy social activities.
yourself a break. Therefore, effective time management is MANDATORY. Try writing a to-do
However, if things get out of hand list to remind yourself of the tasks at hand.
really fast, which can happen to the 5.     Some tasks may feel impossible to get done. A good way to tackle
best of us, here are a few tips to those is to break that huge task into smaller, achievable tasks. Write what
remember when winds begin to go you need to do down and give yourself a treat whenever you check
south: something off your list.
6.     Make the most out of the academic resources at your fingertips. Give
yourself enough time to actually read the assigned chapters from your
textbook, and don’t forget that you have access to loads of useful books,
millions of research papers, and scientific journals, etc.. on our online
7.     Last but not least, don’t forget to catch a break! Sure, pulling an all-
nighter seems tempting to just get done with an assignment, but depriving
yourself of sleep means that you won’t actually learn anything- and that
you will need a huge cup of coffee the next day just to keep your eyes
open. Make sure you get enough sleep and give yourself time to breathe
and relax.



I know it looks funny finding a graph in this guide specifically in the fun part. However, this
graph is your ultimate key to the fun phase, which is really cool at the BUE!

Trust me you will not experience the
ultimate fun if you were stressed about
your academics. If you have read the
'Assignments everywhere'section then
you are now aware of assignments
management hacks, but this section
is to assure you that
BUE DOES HAVE FUN but we need to be
mentally prepared for this fun!

As you can see in the graph, the assignment deadline will be announced at the beginning of the
semester, so the ball is on your side; you will not like all the assignments and you may feel
confused very often about where to start; however, this should not leave you behind in the
unnecessary 'Denial process' at the expense of your inner peace and it is likely to block your
mind from developing the ideas and getting creative. Believe me you will do it anyway! So, all
that you can do is to move as fast as possible to the 'Acceptance process'.

It's totally normal to feel that "denial" to the assignment type or requirements as well as the
anger, but remembering the purpose of the assignments and reviving your faith about your
future and career will help you move to the acceptance smoothly and even enthusiastically.

Make sure that you reach the 'Exploration' stage as early as possible to have time to enjoy
your assignments to be thrilled with the grade.



But, what does this have to do with the fun part?

Speaking psychology, I would like to inform you that the 'last minute
assignments' and the wasted time in the 'Denial process' will lower the
quality of your work which would decrease your self-efficacy, causing
unconscious denial to the university fun part!
Honestly, our university is the top among other university in hosting
musical, cultural and educational events. Probably you have scrolled by
FB comics regarding the parties we had last year only! Beside the
Thursdays parties, we had superstars events and exclusively Jason
Another very energetic side of the fun part is the clubs, we have many
clubs that you will get to know through the first 3 weeks, each club
has a mission and targets; however, their ultimate goal is spreading
positive vibes and having fun. Definitely you will find a place with
them that suits your interests.
Moreover, THIS SHALL REMAIN A SECRET! Just to avoid crowdedness and
chill out, you can have a cool totally free pool time with your friends!
Also if you are sportive you can play your favorite sport and compete
with other universities to win and raise the BUE flag high in the sky.
Some random events are also very useful; some clubs volunteer to host
open discussions or talks with celebrities, writers or public figures,
which is really interesting to attend.
Finally, the coolest of them all, or maybe am biased is the Arts and
Humanities Day' which is a live performance at the BUE auditorium
including musical performance, choreography, role-play,...
It is a channel for our Faculty students to send a constructive message
to the whole university through their art! The day's activities are
prepared by students from scratch. Make sure you register and take
part to feel the thrill and be part of the impact.

BUE Life is completely fun!


Know your learning style


Know your learning style


13 where to find support at the BUE

14 where to find support at the BUE

CONTACT INFORMATION Scan for an electronic
copy of the guide
The British University in Egypt
Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Building 13, 1st floor, Sherouk City. Suez Road.
Administration Office: Office 4, Phone number: 202 26890000.
Ex: 1713/1733

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