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Published by sirrjnelson, 2019-01-05 19:05:33



Andy Frank Pete Jr.
SCULPTURE ANIMAL PROS is a reality show, featuring the Sciarrino Brothers,
Pete Jr., Frank and Andy of worlds top stone company in the world! All three are

loving fathers of hopes their children will follow in their path! The Brothers have
a great love for animals and creating amazing sculptures and monuments and

murals of animals!
The Sciarrino brothers have dedicated their creative services and time to animal

shelters, animal rescues and animal adoptions, such as Animal Pad, Wee
Companions Small Animal Adoptions Inc., Lucky Pup San Diego, The Rescued

Dog, San Diego Humane Society, El Cajon Animal Shelter and San Diego K9!


The Brothers visit healthy and ill animals in shelters and
adoptions of ALL animals and engage with the animals whether

feeding, cleaning or plain having fun with! They create /
duplicate animals ranging from college and pro team mascots to
national animal monuments.

The Brothers involve cancer patients with their animal
endeavors. The animals provide a solace and tranquility to the

patients and vice versa. SCULPTURE ANIMAL PROS is only one
aspect of their profession, which is adjoined to their good deeds

with animal shelter, adoption and rescue establishments.

The Brothers skills are not limited to just local and within
the US recreations. The Brothers will venture out the US

to sculpt their stones from live animals. They go to places

such as Afghanistan to look at a Snow Leopard in real life

and a real life Hyena and Elephant in the African safari.


Performing such extreme measures to capture the complete

essence of the animal puts the animals in great danger as well the

Brothers and others protecting them. These journeys and missions
bring awareness of the animals that are in jeopardy of extinction,
raising money to the help with rehab, education and saving those

animals in danger of poaching!


The Brothers create these marvelous sculptures /monuments as well
wonderful murals giving back to the animals and the people who

appreciate animals in their pure being and their individual beauty!

Each week whether near or far The Brothers brighten up a animals
existence! The SCULPTURE ANIMAL PROS find inspiration from these

amazing deserving animals, average pets to exotics, to create and

duplicate the actually animal into an everlasting image to be enjoyed
by one and all!

13 episodes

Age Demographic 5- 49


Created by Rodney Nelson
W. G. A. 1952973

Del Mar Race Track

Inspired to create beauty from animals of the past, current, future and your imagination!

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