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Magazine P3 27

Magazine P3 27

Magazine P3 27
Life Moments

By Celine Santos

Making my First Friend

I was alone waiting for the teacher in line with the
other kids. While the teacher who I have yet to meet was taking
her time our parents were waiting
with the kids near the line. While
everyone is social i was pretty shy,
then i saw a guy who looked just
as lonely as me. So I went up and
introduced myself and we were very similar ,yet so different.
Both our parents came a long and became friends with each
other. While the teacher is enjoying life I got to make a friend
and my parents too. It was a moment to remember.

My 9th Birthday

On my 9th birthday I went to school for half the day and
left early. I got picked up by my mom and we drove to Baskin and
Robins. Since we couldn’t afford much we got these small ice
cream bites instead of cake and went to the hospital. In the
room i saw my dad recovering from heart surgery. Since he
couldn’t eat a lot of sweets i ate all of them. We played with
cards and have fun playing poker and slap jack. I enjoyed and
had a lot of laughs with my parents
and I.. My siblings couldn’t
celebrate with me since they were
too busy. I learned you don’t need a
lot of money to have a fun time,
all you need is friends and family.

Winning 1st Place in a Competition

I was anxious as I heard other pianists playing as my turn
was coming around. I had to be respectful to other, but my
friend kept making jokes about my competitors making me
laugh during their performance. When
i heard my name i went to the
stage took a bow and waited
for the judge's signal. The
tension was heavy and with the judge's approval i got to
playing. After, i was more relaxed but anxious for the results.
When every participant went there was a 15 intermission and
went to get a lot of snacks. When the announcer was
announcing the place as 13th place to 1st it was really nerve
wracking. When I finally heard my name i was happy, and I lived
for the moment.

Heading to the Er

Black spots appear all around me with loud popping noises
surrounding me. Dizziness crept up to me with my face as cold as
ice. My conscience was slipping away from me and i was hurried
to urgent care with all my test but
two abnormal with advice from
the people in urgent care they sent
me to the er. Apparently in urgent
care my heart was beating weird and
my dad did have to get heart surgery so maybe i had a problem. I
had an IV drip in my elbow feeding water to my cells through a
needle. My mom was crying if i had a disease since my dad had
about 5 diseases. Luckily i was released the same day and all my
test came clear. I figured that health is wealth don't take it for

Celine Santos Facts

I'm celine Santos and I was born in Harbor City
California at September 26 , and 12 years old I
love music and a musician who has a major
sweet tooth. My hobbies are listening to music,
playing music, and writing.

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