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Published by Madison Decker, 2019-12-05 15:28:22

The lost letter

The lost letter

The lost letter

By: Madi Decker

Gavin and his mom
were sitting at the
beach. It was a hot
summer day so
Gavin was swimming
in the ocean, but he
looked over and
seen something

The shiny object
really caught his
eye. He then
grabbed the
object and soon
realized it was a
glass bottle that
had a letter in it!

He ran to his
mom and
showed her
what he had
found. She was
then shocked
and seemed
thrilled when
she opened the
bottle and

A letter!

It was written in
2101 and it was
very hard to
read but she
read it..

It was from a
boy, who was 11
and wanted to
tell us about
what all he had
done that year,
which wasn’t

He was a very
poor boy who
only played with
his dog, george.
George was a
big pup. They
did everything
together and he
just prayed next
year would be
more fun.

It is now 2019
and we are
finding this
letter, normally
these are never
found and if
they are it’s
years later.

Fast forward to
the end of 2019...

This year we did
possible to
make this year

Well it is now Don't forget it's not about what you
christmas get it is all about what you give.

season and he

got many

presents from

us and random

gifts from

throughout the


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