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NRS NL 61-1 first published February 2016

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Published by Norfolk Railway Society, 2018-12-17 04:30:36

NRS NL 61-1 Jan-Feb 2016

NRS NL 61-1 first published February 2016

Norfolk Railway Society

Founded 1955
Volume 61 No. 1 Jan/Feb 2016


news from railways in and around Norfolk

National Network


Greater Anglia refranchising:
Final bids were submitted by the three shortlisted
contenders (Abellio/First Group/National Express)
on 18th December. The Government’s decision as
to which company has been appointed to run the
franchise is expected in April/May 2016.

Abellio’s bid may have been weakened by the
withdrawal of Stagecoach from their business
partnership in a financial sense but remaining
prepared to support the proposal in non-
financial/participation ways. Stagecoach are
preparing to retain two franchises coming up for
renewal and have just taken over East Coast
operations so they do have plenty to do without
the Greater Anglia bid.

600,000 extra seats proclaims AGA Press

release! Ex-DR 2-10-2T 99-7240-7 leaves the suburbs of Wernigerode en route to

No, not some 7000 new carriages but the The Brocken at the end of September (Chris Mitchell). See report on page

conversion of AGA’s RFM coaches replacing the 7.

present 24 First Class seats in the former During the holiday period the rewiring of the overhead was
restaurant cars (silver service now but a distant memory) with undertaken again. It was stated that some Crossrail work was
54 Standard Class seats alongside a small buffet counter. “By

simplifying the types of carriage in the fleet and helping to undertaken but evidence of that was scant apart from a

improve fleet reliability” this modification produces 2500 extra temporary footbridge being erected at Forest Gate.

seats a day – 30 per train times the number of RFMs times On 27th/28th December Norwich services terminated at
the number of journeys per day.

Ingatestone with buses to/from Newbury Park for Central Line

Christmas / New Year engineering works: connections to central London. Southend Victoria services
No services operated in East Anglia on Christmas Day and were replaced by buses throughout with all lines south of
Boxing Day with the exception of services between London Shenfield blocked to traffic.

and Stansted Airport with additional services to serve a On 29th/30th/31st December two lines south of Shenfield were
football match at Tottenham on Boxing Day. available for rail traffic subject to extended journey times. A

Saturday service operated.

In This Issue

Track Report 1st-3rd January – no trains ran between London –
National Network Billericay/Ingatestone due to further overhead line work.

Heritage, Narrow-Gauge & Miniature 3 Disruption to GEML weekend services until 10th April:
Away from the Tracks 4 Network Rail have announced that services between Norwich
Pick-up Goods 5 and London would be disrupted every weekend between 10th
NRS News 9 February and 10th April with a 4 day blockade over the Easter
Feature period. Ingatestone will be the terminating point for services
Some Ambulance Trains in East Anglia - Richard 10 with replacement bus services provided between there and
Adderson Newbury Park for Underground connections to central

Working Timetable 15 This blockades will enable further overhead line renewals



together with other Crossrail related be undertaken about 1630. The 1218 London – Clacton was RT at
between Shenfield and London. Chelmsford but 28L at Witham. The 1230 London to Norwich
was terminated at Chelmsford. The 1230, 1300, 1330 and
Similar disruption occurred for 8 consecutive weekends 1400 departures from Norwich to London were all terminated
between late January and late March last year for overhead at Colchester. The 1500 ex-Norwich ran, departing
line and permanent way renewals at a number of locations Colchester 11L; Chelmsford 40L and arriving London 61L.
along the route.
The 1700 London service was the first through train to reach
90001 – 90015: Norwich after the 1200 departure subject to a 43L arrival.
90009 went to Toton for repainting on 17th September and Following its passage through Ingatestone the tree touched
then proceeded to Crewe where the unused 51st transformer the overheads first delaying the 1702 and 1718 departures
built for the Class 90s was installed. 90 009 (the first AGA 90 passing Chelmsford 36L. The 1800 (special) and 1810
to have a space between the 90 and the 009 number) Liverpool St - Norwich services arrived Norwich 42L and 53L
returned to Crown Point during the week commencing 14th respectively.
December but failed during its first full day back in traffic on
18th December – see GE incidents report below. The 2030 London to Norwich was delayed (by the 2002
London – Ipswich service terminating at Colchester departing
GE INCIDENTS Witham 2130 43L) before passing Witham 25L prior to failing
Oh to be a train operating company – the saga continues. near Kelvedon. The 2032 London – Colchester evidently ran
The following details can only represent a small sample of the wrong line to reach Kelvedon 35L.
incidents occurring as your scribe is not a subscriber to the
daily Control Log! 28th November: The 0300 Doncaster – Felixstowe
Freightliner service experienced traction problems in the
24th November: One of those days to forget – a major signal Stowmarket area being at a stand for 30 minutes. The 0623
failure between Chelmsford and Witham; a tree touching the Bury – Ipswich was held in the rear for 28 minutes with the
overheads at Ingatestone and the 2030 Liverpool St to 0630 ex Norwich held for 25 minutes (London 32L).
Norwich failing at Kelvedon.
30th November: Over-running engineering works followed
The signal failure occurred at about 1300 and was resolved track renewal yesterday near Dullingham. No trains able to
run Chippenham Jcn – Cambridge today (Monday) with
Norfolk Railway Society services diverted to / from Ely. Services resumed on the
(Founded 1955) Tuesday and for the remainder of the week trains were
subject to a speed restriction over defective track on the
President: Ken Mills, Esq. single line section causing 30 minute delays to the majority of
services. The necessary repairs had to be undertaken the
Committee and Officers 2015-2016 Telephone following weekend.

Chairman Brian Cornwell

Vice Chairman Ray Halliday London to Norwich services were delayed by the 0655
Past Chairman Peter Cooke Braintree – London departing Witham 20L with a Braintree-
Secretary & bound train held on the main line awaiting the platform/single
Webmaster Andrew Wright track branch. On a morning when arrivals formed the next
Treasurer John Laycock departure, presumably due to the lack of a set, timekeeping
was not ideal:-

Membership Sec Mike Handscomb

Newsletter Editor & Norwich arrival Norwich departure
Indoor Programme
Edward Mann Scheduled Actual Scheduled Actual
Publicity & External Chris Mitchell
Events 0827 0848 Forming 0830 0854

Indoor Programme Graham Kenworthy 0855 0917 Forming 0900 0922
Show Day Organiser Peter Willis 0927 0939 Forming 0930 0943
Non Committee

Archivist Ray Meek 6th December: Over-running engineering works between Diss
and Stowmarket prompted an additional 0840 Norwich to
—----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cambridge for London-bound passengers.

Norfolk Railway Society Newsletter

Editor: Edward Mann 8th December: There was a trespass incident between
Chelmsford and Hatfield Peverel. The 1500 ex-Norwich
Layout & Picture Editor: Andrew Wright terminated at Colchester from where the 1730 London service
started. The 1538 London – Colchester service was delayed
Distribution: Graham Smith for 24 minutes and other services were similarly delayed.

Please contact Graham if the next edition does not arrive by 13th December: Over-running engineering works for the
the end of the month of publication. second Sunday running blocked one line between Norwich
and Diss. The booked replacement bus service was extended
Opinions expressed in any articles are the author’s and to include the 0900 Norwich departure. The 1000 ex-Norwich
should not be taken to represent those of the Society. was delayed en route by 58 minutes and the 1230 return
Next issue published 7th April 2016 expected a 35L start. 1100 ex-Norwich cancelled (Abellio
Copy date: 31st March 2016 website stated “due to train not stopping in correct position at



From mid-afternoon, Down services were late by varying be cancelled between 1200 – 1430 because of flooding
degrees, the worst-affected being the 1930 ex-Liverpool St between Brundall and Brundall Gardens. Services between
which reached Norwich 166 min late! A passenger travelling Norwich and Diss were similarly delayed by up to 20 minutes
on this service complained via the Eastern Daily Press about during the afternoon.
the near 3 hour delay with a lack of refreshments on board.
Evidently the platform vending machine at Stowmarket had 8th January: A train fault meant that the Ipswich – Felixstowe
queues of prospective customers…. train service was replaced by road transport during the
15th December: The morning service began with one of the
three Norwich - Cambridge train diagrams cancelled as were An unusual reason for suspension of train services occurred
several trains on the Wherry lines. The 1000 London to when a signalman at Harwich International – this SB controls
Norwich failed between Marks Tey (pass 16L) finally reaching level crossings in the area - was taken ill. A replacement
Colchester at 1224 (98L). The 1030 and 1100 London to signaller was obtained, enabling services to resume with the
Norwich services passed the errant train by running wrong 0900 from Manningtree.
line between Marks Tey and Colchester arriving Norwich 44L
and 31L respectively. In reaction the 1230 ex-Norwich was 10th January: A fire damaging signalling equipment in the
cancelled (as was the remainder of the diagram including the Ilford area caused severe disruption. From 0800 Southend
1500 ex-London and 1700 ex- Norwich) and in departing 17L Victoria to London services terminated at Shenfield with
the 1300 ex-Norwich ran non-stop from Ipswich to London, connections forward on the Metro services to/from Shenfield.
omitting calls at Manningtree, Colchester, Chelmsford and From 1000 Norwich services were terminated at Colchester
Stratford. with passengers having to change onto services originating
either from Clacton or Ipswich.
18th December: On its first day back in traffic after its
transformer change 90009 failed whilst working the 1430 Other signalling problems at Hoveton & Wroxham delayed
London – Norwich service soon after departure from Ipswich, Sheringham branch trains by up to 30 minutes during the
coming to a stand near Claydon. A Freightliner Class 66 was morning.
summoned from Ipswich and returned the train to Ipswich
where passengers were able to join the 1530 from London. 16th January: The 1400 Norwich – London service
encountered pantograph / overhead line problems before
19th December: The 1600 Norwich – London was terminated arriving at Diss, finally arriving there at 1725, 187L assisted
at Diss because of on board safety system issues and by another Class 90 locomotive sent from Norwich. The set
returned to Norwich ecs. then returned to Norwich ecs.

The 2030 Norwich – London worked by 90015, having An urgent track repair (broken rail) near Oulton Broad North
passed Ingatestone 2L, then failed, incurring a 3 hour delay to led to all lines having to be blocked between about 1400 and
reach Shenfield only 3 miles away. Single line working 1745 with some services initially diverted to Great Yarmouth
utilising the bi-directional signalling facility was introduced and later terminating at Somerleyton with bus replacement
around the failed train but even so the 2000 London – to/from Lowestoft.
Norwich incurred a 30 minute delay approaching Shenfield
awaiting its path. The 1052 EMT Liverpool Lime St to Norwich service had to
be taken out of service at Thetford with door interlock
2nd January: Because of a unit failure the Ipswich – problems. The defective unit then ran ecs to Nottingham.
Felixstowe service was cancelled throughout the day until the Passengers were transferred to the following AGA 1527 Ely –
last service at 2228 from Ipswich! Road replacement services Norwich service which incurred a delay of 12 minutes.
20th January: A fatality at/near to Bethnal Green station
7th January: The 0740 Norwich – London service failed at involved the 1600 Liverpool St to Norwich service which was
Marks Tey (and its diagram was cancelled for the remainder terminated at Stratford 150L. Services to/from Liverpool St
of the day). Other services had to use the Down platform line serving the GEML were suspended until about 1745. Most
in both directions causing delays. services operated to/from Stratford until services were
restored into the terminus.
Up to an inch of rain descended on East Anglia during the
morning. Train services between Norwich and Brundall had to Peter Adds

Heritage, Narrow-gauge and Miniature

From a chippie near you… The respective websites that can be followed are and
Ken Mills does not spend his time in idle conversation when
he’s waiting for the family fish and chips to be fried. No, he A window of opportunity!
unearths a copy of The Aldeburgh Gazette (how it got to the Steve Cane reports that as no trains will be running on the
Heartsease is a mystery) which contains some interesting NNR for almost 2 months the opportunity is being taken to
information. First, The Long Shop Museum at Leiston has its replace the ballast and lay new sleepers and track at
spring “Steam Up” on Easter Saturday 26th March and, Weybourne station which, he believes, has not been done
secondly, the Leiston Works Railway (Garrett’s) has acquired since the NNR took over the line (unless you know
an old LMS brakevan that had spent the last 30 or so years differently…). Thanks to Steve for the images.
adjacent to the Oyster Yachts factory at Hoveton. Maybe it
will be hauled by Sirapite one day! 3


Away from the Tracks

Is anybody able to help, please?

The Transport Group’s Members’ Evening (10th December)
was most interesting. It included images taken by the late
Bernard Harrison in the late 1960s/early 1970s of buses
diverted from their normal routes. One that defeated the
audience was the reason for a bus turning right to go up
Queen St (it has been one-way, downhill only, for as long as I
can remember). Presumably it was bound for Castle Meadow.
My conclusion is that something (what?) was blocking Upper
King St before the Bank St turn (one way uphill) as the bus
could – much more easily – go up Bank St to Bank Plain and
into the one-way system. Thoughts to your Editor, please.

From New York to Borneo – a well-travelled
1930s poster!

This poster was purchased by a Lowestoft man with an on-
line bid of $1,250 (£846) when Swann & Co of New York held
a vintage posters sale. It will not be staying in Lowestoft,
however, as its new owners will be spending the next couple
of years in Borneo.

A first on the Wells and Walsingham The artwork was by Kenneth Shoesmith (1890 – 1939), and
the poster probably dates from the 1930s. Those of you with
The first ever loco gala is taking place on the WWLR on the a copy of Poster to Poster – Volume 4 The Eastern Counties
23rd and 24th April 2016. – are referred to page 114. With thanks to Mike Handscomb
and John Hutchinson. (EDP 4th January 2016.)
It is to be the first occasion on which all available steam
and diesel locomotives will be in service. The railway will be Christmas Meeting Collection
running 'branch services' over track which has never
seen a passenger train before! See their website Graham Kenworthy has advised that the collection on 17th
( and Facebook December raised £120 for the St Martin’s Housing Trust
page ( for (Norwich Night Shelter). Thanks to all for their donations.
Guided Busways and Really Strange Rides

First Eastern Counties Superoute 66 (Ipswich station to
Martlesham Heath) sounds like a good way to reach the
outskirts of Ipswich. Unfortunately the Guideway is simply
between Twelve Acre Approach and Dodson Avenue in
Kesgrave, which rather diminishes its value. Has anyone
ridden on the bus or photographed it?

And what about Sea Tractor Ferries and Tethered Balloon
Rides, I hear you ask. Clamouring for a ride? Well, you’d
have to go to Devon for the former and Dorset for the latter –
all (and more) is revealed in Unusual Transport Systems in
the British Isles (5th Edition)!


_________PICK-UP GOODS

A miscellany of news and members’ contributions

Recently at the URC Hall A new station is planned at Beaulieu Park, north-east of
Chelmsford, and Peter feels strongly that an extra track on
the down side between there and Witham is required. There’s

60th Anniversary Meeting - December 3 2015

1955 to 2015 – how to mark this important milestone? Your
committee decided that the venue should be somewhere a
little more stylish than our regular home, the Ipswich Road
URC Hall. As a result 40 or so members and guests made
their way out west to Park Farm Hotel at Hethersett, where
we had booked the Keswick and Melton suites for the

Once we had picked our Making the case for investment (l to r: Mark Pendlington,
way through the dark and Patrick McLoughlin, Secretary of State for Transport,
damp grounds of Park Chloe Smith, Ben Gummer, MP for Ipswich, and Simon
Farm and located the Burns, MP for Chelmsford.
suites, waiting for us was
not only the latest copy of a 60 mph limit at Chelmsford, and further obstacles to fast
the NRS Newsletter, but running come in the shape of junctions. Beyond Shenfield line
also a commemorative occupancy is high; not just an intensive pattern of passenger
‘NRS 60 Years’ enamel trains but also Freightliners which are restricted to 75 mph.
lapel badge (members OHL between Liverpool St and Shenfield is life-expired and
who were not there needs replacing, but current plans will see this achieved
should by now have within two years.
received theirs).
Today’s fastest trains travel at an average speed of 67 mph,
A number of guests had been invited to this landmark but, said Peter, ’Norwich in 90’ requires a 10 mph increase.
meeting and so chairman Brian Cornwell asked everyone in His conclusion was that ‘Norwich in 90’ is achievable, but only
the audience to introduce themselves briefly. Some partners, with a lot of work.
lost for an adequate description, felt ‘hangers-on’ was the
most appropriate designation. It was now time for the refreshment break – and what a
change from our usual procedure. Attentive Park Farm staff
As our guest speaker – of whom more anon – would be were on hand to dispense tea, coffee and soft drinks. Best of
talking about the Norwich in 90 project, the meeting began all, no-one had to be dragooned into washing up afterwards.
with a complementary address from Peter Adds. Peter’s Perhaps we should have an anniversary meeting every year.
subject was Norwich in 90: Fact or Fiction; he hastened to
add that this was a personal view. It was not until the break that we knew for certain that our
guest speaker had arrived. Chloe Smith, Conservative MP for
Peter began by detailing the changes which had taken place Norwich North, co-chairs the Norwich in 90 Task Force, and
on the GEML in the 60 years of the NRS’s existence. In 1955 getting her to agree to address us was an undoubted coup for
main line expresses were exclusively steam-hauled and fixtures secretary Edward Mann. But, given the pressures of
journeys between Liverpool Street and Norwich took two parliamentary business and the uncertainty of the GEML, it
hours, including stops at Colchester and Ipswich. was only when she she came through the door that Edward
could breathe a sigh of relief.
In 1958 English Electric Type 4s (later ‘Class 40s’) arrived,
and steam finally bowed out in late 1961. 1967 saw the Chloe’s interests include skills, employment and youth
introduction of Class 47s on the route, and during the next engagement, none of which is helped by a sub-standard local
decade rolling stock was replaced with air-conditioned Mark transport system; she provided some telling examples of how
2s. As electrification approached Norwich, diesel-hauled rail let down East Anglians to such an extent that employers
expresses were completing their journey in 1hr 55 mins. Once would look askance at a job applicant who planned to
the wires had reached Norwich in 1987, trains were powered commute on the GEML.
by Class 86s, and later the Class 90s that we see today.
She had been invited to address us because she co-chairs,
Over the same period jointed track had been replaced by with Mark Pendlington of Anglian Water, the Norwich in 90
continuous welded rail, and manual level crossings replaced Taskforce. This was set up in November 2013 by the
by AHBs (where speed has to be restricted to 100 mph). Re- Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, with the aim
signalling had taken place, but in the sixty years there had of making the economic case for increased investment in the
been few improvements in line speed or capacity. Norwich-Ipswich-Colchester-London rail service. The
Taskforce, membership of which includes senior officials from
Peter then took us down the GEML from Norwich, describing DfT and Network Rail as well as other industry experts, meets
the main features on the way. There is talk that Trowse swing every two months and has identified three significant areas of
bridge, the third one to occupy that site, could be replaced by work as potential contributors to reducing journey times:
a double-track version. Line speed becomes 90mph just
before Harford, then 100mph just before Dunston. A potential
slowing occurs at Haughley where there’s a single lead for
trains to and from Bury.


_________PICK-UP GOODS

Infrastructure (including line speed, quality of track, level When Graham Kenworthy shows us some of his ticket
crossings) collection it is always interesting. He had a selection of G.E.
tickets issued away from stations e.g Ludgate Circus office.
Timetable (options for service patterns including impact of Norwich had an office in St Giles, which later moved close to
freight services) the present Lamb Inn. We then saw some Fishworkers’
tickets, the longest-distance being Lowestoft or Yarmouth to
Rolling stock (options for improving/replacing current stock) Stornorway (rail only to Mallaig). These were issued when the
workers who followed the herring catches returned home.
In 2014 the Taskforce reported that with new carriages and
an investment of £476m, Norwich in 90 would be achievable. Peter Willis showed some footage of B1 1264 at Caistor St
The award in June 2016 of the next nine-year East Anglia Edmund last February and of 6233 Duchess of Sutherland at
franchise (it would begin in October 2016) provided an ideal Wymondham when it visited in December.
opportunity to make progress.
Yours truly kept the audience entertained with readings from
The Invitation to Tender specifies that the successful operator Leaves on the Line, a collection of letters to the Daily
will have to introduce at least two 90-minute services in each Telegraph on a railway theme.
direction between Norwich and London each weekday, and at
least one under-60-minute service in each direction between Ray Halliday has a fondness for 92203 Black Prince which is
Ipswich and London. This demand, Chloe stressed, was just now in NNR ownership after 47 years in the care of David
an interim stage and did not represent the full Norwich in 90. Sheppard. He asked a trick question – the connection
The new franchisee will need to provide better rolling stock, between the flowerpot he brought along & the locomotive.
with wi-fi and controlled emission toilets, as well as tackle The answer was a class 9F. Join the club if you knew nothing
crowding levels. The government expects ‘new’ trains, but about flowerpot sizes!
has not specified this because it wants bidders to 'price their
options competitively'. Station improvements are also an Chris King read a short and sad poem by Paul Benney – Late
essential part of the bid, with bidders expected to 'invest – about a child witnessing the Harrow & Wealdstone
heavily'. accident.

Despite general curbs on spending, our speaker thought that Robert Scarfe opened with shots of 34066 Spitfire when it
there was still widespread support for Norwich in 90. The visited the NNR, and followed with footage the resident Black
Chancellor’s recent Autumn statement indicated a willingness 5 at Weybourne (along with the Hymek). He had also covered
to invest in transport, while Transport Secretary Patrick the NNR’s Autumn Steam Gala when the Y14, Wissingtion
McLoughlin has said that prospective bidders for the next and the Vintage Train were prominent. We also saw
franchise would need to show how they will ‘build a better rail something of our visit to Parklands in July and to the Gauge 1
network for East Anglia and make Norwich in 90 a reality.’ layout at Hepworth in August.
The Taskforce had met Network Rail’s new chairman, Sir
Peter Hendy, to press its case, and had been reassured that Andy Wright (with the benefit of a lineside pass) intermixed
proposed GEML improvements were still on course for black and white and colour images taken at the NNR’s
completion in Control Period 6 (CP6), which covers work in Members’ Day on 3rd October – Wissington seemed to be
2019-2024. everywhere with 76084 not far behind.

Questions to the speaker covered the competence of Malcolm Wright recalled the days of the B.T. Film Unit with
Network Rail, the drawbacks of a fragmented railway and the “Diesel Train Driver” which started in East Anglia, got into the
lack of sufficient dmus on local services. Lake District (I think) before finding its way back to Ipswich.
Sadly, a couple of insufferable children distracted one’s
Thanks are due to Edward for arranging the speakers and the attention from the railway interest.
venue, to Brian for chairing proceedings and to Dave Pearce
for standing by as ‘first reserve’ in case Chloe Smith did not Mike Handscomb closed proceedings by reading extracts
materialise. (Mike Handscomb) from Catchpole’s Lynton & Barnstaple Railway, published a
couple of years after the line’s closure. There seems to have
Members’ Evening (17th December) been a well-informed “mystery caller” who doubted the S.R’s
ability to close the line, which he thought contravened the
It was pleasing that a good number of members came Lynton & Barnstaple Act of 1895 – Woody Bay was to be kept
forward with contributions. open in perpetuity for passengers and goods. The Council
was unsure about mounting a legal challenge costing some
Chris Mitchell opened proceedings with a trailer for “The £500 and polled its ratepayers. By a narrow margin (94 to 78)
Wolsztyn Experience” (the title of his presentation (with Chris they decided not to risk the money, and the rest is history!
King) on 21st January). Lack of financial support meant that
2015 was the first year since 1997 that steam-hauled services Many thanks to all who contributed, to Andy Wright for
had not run between Poznan and Wolsztyn but prospects for operating the projector and to Graham & Joy Kenworthy for
2016 are brighter thanks to support from PKP. He followed the seasonal refreshments.
with some images in the Harz Mountains.

Peter Cooke had obtained some immediately post-war Chairman’s Address – “Great Railway
newspaper cuttings which showed that 400 people in 40 Journeys” (Brian Cornwell - 7th January)
different grades used to work at Thorpe station (excluding
footplatemen). The bulk of the parcels traffic was locally- Before the Chairman’s presentation began, two important
made footwear. He had also dipped into Richard Joby’s matters had to be dealt with. First, Ken Mills was elected as
Forgotten Railways of East Anglia to remind us just how our President. Secondly, Jon Moore of Spratt’s Coaches
many level-crossings (and crossing-keepers) there used to spoke briefly about the Scottish trip, a revised itinerary for
be. which will be found on page 8.


_________PICK-UP GOODS

Brian’s presentation was simply entitled “Great Railway of September, for a 12 day “bash”, the first call was
Journeys” and he briefly explored what made a journey great. Wernigerode, S.E. of Hanover – for photography and
His early years were spent seeing 4-SUB units at Haydons travelling on the line leading up to The Brocken. All the metre-
Road on the Wimbledon – Tooting Junc line & his grounding gauge trains were steam-hauled and we were treated to
was completed when he ran his school’s railway society with some excellent views. The Brocken/Harz had been in the
Barry Edwards (who spoke to us about the Isle of Man former East Germany, and the old Soviet listening-posts
railways a few years back). After a few years with B.R. (S.W. could still be seen. The line is home to some 17 2-10-2s (99
Division) he joined H.M.R.I. before becoming a civil servant 7231-47) with the bonus of street running through
until 2/3 years ago. Wernigerode. Chris Mitchell paid a return visit in early
December when there was a wind chill of -12° at least so
He wound his presentation around two of Michael Portillo’s Chris didn’t spend much time on the open veranda!
“Great Railway Journeys”, although enough of Mr P for now
as we zip across to Catania on Sicily. Julie, Brian’s wife, has There followed a drive to Poland, whose present standard
a Sicilian friend and that was the start of their rail journey to gauge network is just under 20,000 km, followed by a hectic
Zurich via Naples, Rome, Milan and the Gotthard Pass programme of early starts leading to train travel, train-
through the Alps. They found the island somewhat chasing, a steam excursion and a railtour with some driving
unprepossessing, and apparently the Mafia were still active in and firing experience as well! Their motive power was OL45-
the large cities! 69, a 2-6-2 tender loco equal to a “Black Five”. Plenty of
steam age infrastructure remained at their Wolsztyn base,
The first part of their journey was to Naples, hauled by a which has extant routes to Zbaszynek, Leszno and Poznan.
Trenitalia class 655 Bo-Bo-Bo electric loco but, best of all, it We also saw many stored locomotives in poor condition – it
involved a train ferry from Messina to Villa San Giovanni on wasn’t clear why they had been kept. It is hoped that a steam
the mainland. A 15 min. stop before Naples almost killed their service is reinstated between Wolsztyn and Poznan later this
onward connection to Rome, but they then had a ride in a year. Paul endeavoured to explain the Polish steam
Frecciarosso TGV. Their brief stay in Rome took in the tourist classification system, but it seemed a somewhat difficult
attractions, and Brian spoke highly of the Rome Metro. subject.

The next leg of their journey was to Milan on another The second part of the evening was devoted to images Paul
Frecciarosso, but onward to Zurich was thwarted by a and Chris King had taken on previous visits, mainly to
cancellation! Thanks to very smart work by customer services Wolsztyn and the Harz, and we were treated to views of
they were on another service (with a change at Bellinzona) Nordhausen’s trams which worked in bi-mode. On the earlier
but enjoyed the mountain and lake scenery and the amazing trips steam was still in active service in Poland and footplate
civil engineering en route to Zurich. Yes, a truly great journey, rides seemed easily available – in return for cash! First
whatever your standpoint, and well illustrated. generation diesels and electrics were prominent, and one
electric class bore a strong resemblance to our own class
Brian’s other great railway journey was closer to home, but 83s!
one familiar to the audience. It could only be the Settle &
Carlisle line which runs for some 70 miles between Settle & On a visit to the Baltic States, Chris chanced his arm to get
Carlisle and, in so doing, crosses some of the country’s most photographs not far from the Russian naval base at
inhospitable terrain. Death and disease were rife amongst the Kaliningrad and back in Germany (Hanover) we saw the
“navvies”, but the line gave the Midland Railway an amazing Marienburg Castle. In Poland, trams were seen in
independent route to and from Scotland. Whether it was Gdansk before we saw the exterior of the former
“needed” is another matter. But times changed and in the concentration camp at Auschwitz.
1980s parts of the line’s infrastructure were in a shocking An amazing evening sadly had to end, but we are very
state. The economics pointed towards closure, but B.R’s grateful to Paul, Chris King & Chris Mitchell for such an
application to close it was finally refused in 1989 when our old excellent presentation, and to Andy Wright for operating the
friend, Mr P, was Minister of State for Transport. The projector.
programme (which many will have seen on T.V.) charted the
battle against closure and we saw something of the unsung The Quietest & Busiest Stations
heroes (including a civil engineer) who slowly turned the tide.
Wonderfully nostalgic stuff! Coincidentally, the estimable Bill I came across a piece on the BBC News website which gave
Bryson turns his attention to the route in “The Road to Little the quietest and busiest stations in the U.K. Unsurprisingly,
Dribbling” which some of you may enjoy. Waterloo took the busiest title and, of the “Top Ten”, only
Birmingham New St was outside London.

To fill the time remaining, Brian wanted to show the Shippea Hill was the quietest station, with just 22 passenger
Windermere branch, but the DVD and computer would have entries and exits in 2014/15. A close second was Coombe, on
none of it, and wanted us to visit southern Scotland instead. the Looe branch, with 26, followed by Teeside Airport with 32.
In the end we yielded and saw some interesting old film. Why is an airport station so badly used? Another local station
in the “Quietest Ten” is Buckenham at # 9 with a staggering
Many thanks to Andy Wright for operating the projector, and 88.
to Brian for defying the effects of “man ‘flu” and giving us an
entertaining evening. (EM) Although Shippea Hill doesn’t have a well-populated
catchment area, the timetable is not passenger-friendly.
“The Wolsztyn Experience” (Paul Hudson, There’s nothing Monday – Friday in the “up” direction, but
Chris King & Chris Mitchell – 21st January) there is a Saturday 1838 Norwich – Cambridge which stops
“on request”. In the “down” direction, the 0704 Cambridge –
The evening’s presentation had been preceded by some Norwich and its Saturday counterpart at 0700 make request
preliminary meetings of the co-presenters, and such was the calls. The A1101 crosses the railway by the station, but the
ground covered that we ended shortly after 2200. nearest settlement is Prickwillow, and presumably intending
rail travellers do the obvious thing and board a train at Ely.
After crossing from Harwich on the overnight ferry at the end


_________PICK-UP GOODS

Another Quiz & Christmas Meal Report a Manchester-bound Pendolino zip past, but then says
“Doncaster slumbered as we passed through unnoticed”! Oh
Our wily Chairman kept us thinking during our Christmas dear, couldn’t he be bothered to consult a timetable to check
meal by handing out a cryptic quiz where the answers were the sleeper’s route, or is he able to enlighten us about its
the names of 20 Docklands and Tube stations. Everybody unusual route over the Pennines?
seemed to enjoy the mental exercise, and so I thought all
members would like to attempt another one. Again, every He was headed for the Knoydart Peninsula – the remotest
answer is the name of a Docklands or Tube station, although part of the U.K. mainland – accessible only by boat from
I’ve included a few technical ones to keep the experts happy. Mallaig. There is no road linking Knoydart to the rest of the
Please email answers to [email protected] if you so mainland, and in 2016 I rather like that!
wish. Here we go:
Proposed Visit to Scotland

1. You’ll need a passport to get here (not an airport). This visit was originally advertised as an attachment to
2. Traps connect the stream. NRS/NL 60/5, and has since been developed by Jon Moore
3. The late Gerry Rafferty is associated with this place. of Spratt’s Coaches. The new itinerary is set out below.
4. In 1966 it cost 2/6 from Golders Green on the Northern
Line. Edinburgh , The Waverley Route and lots more!
5. Polish floors and furniture with this old brand. Thursday 21st –Tuesday 26th July 2016
6. One for the experts: right-hand running is made through Proposed itinerary
this station – for Q.P.R. fans perhaps?
7. Terminal station facing closure in 2020. Thursday 21st
8. It was originally named Post Office. Another for the Pick ups from Norwich/Stowmarket/Ipswich commencing at
experts, perhaps? 06.00. Comfort Stops at Peterborough & Wetherby. Afternoon
9. If you’ve come here you’re in the wrong place for iconic visit to Eden Valley Railway. Scenic drive to Carlisle. Bed &
Beatle history. Breakfast Accommodation at County Hotel (close to railway
10. Two stations on different lines separated by a Broadway station).
but sharing the same name. Where?
11. “Kiss an ----- Good Morning”. Friday 22nd
12. Playing cards in the ship repair area? Breakfast at County Hotel. Follow former Waverley Route to
13. Posh china? Whitrope Summit to view progress at Waverley Route
14. Experts again: former triangular station in Yorkshire. Heritage Association Site. Continue following the route
15. Surely rugby should be played here? through Hawick and onto Tweedbank. Travel one way on the
16. Stan? Borders Railway to Edinburgh Waverley Station then by
17. Statue or U.S. record label. coach to Haymarket Premier Inn.
18. King’s Lynn has a famous one.
19. Experts again: famous steam shed with identity crisis – in Saturday 23rd
Maidstone perhaps? Breakfast at Premier Inn then free day in Edinburgh. 2nd night
20. North, East and West remain, but all of the cardinal points at Haymarket Premier Inn.
could be reached here in 1958 – what station might be said to
be at the hub? Sunday 24th
Breakfast at Premier Inn. Visit Bo’ness & Kinneil Railway.
In NRS/NL 60/6 p.10 the mystery map location was Prestatyn Return rail travel from Dalmeny to North Queensferry
on the North Wales coast line. The branch line ran to Dyserth, travelling over Forth Bridge. Last night at Haymarket Premier
but it closed to passengers from 22nd September 1930. Inn.
Congratulations to everyone who submitted a correct answer.
Monday 25th
Having mentioned our Christmas meal in passing, we found Breakfast at Premier Inn. Scenic drive south along A1 to
an excellent new venue at The Old Feathers, Framingham Berwick on Tweed for 2 hr stop. Visit Aln Valley Railway near
Pigot, where 34 members tucked in. Thanks to Brian Cornwell Alnmouth and the bookshop at Alnwick Station. Bed &
for organising the evening – I have unofficially declared breakfast accommodation at Mercure County Hotel in
myself redundant! Newcastle opposite Central Station.

Low Sun at Lewisham Delays Trains Tuesday 26th
Breakfast at County Hotel. Darlington for ‘Head of Steam
On 11th January it was reported that the angle of the sun was Museum’. Return to Suffolk/Norfolk with arrival in Norwich
hitting the despatch monitors which prevented drivers from approx 22.00hrs.
being able to see. What was actually happening was that
glare made it impossible for some drivers to see the full All visits to heritage railway sites have yet to be confirmed
length of their trains in their mirrors before leaving stations.
When this happens they have to get out to check that Cost for the 6 days will £499 pp based on 2 sharing. Single
everyone is on or off before they can move. person supplement £240.
Please note that evening meals are Not included.
It recalls my days at Norwich Union. Looking down on to All
Saints Green at this time of year it was not unusual to see the Jon Moore has said that he has made conditional bookings to
bollard outside John Lewis’s struck by vehicles as traffic the end of February, but that participants need to make a firm
came round from Golden Ball St (“the searchlight effect”, as commitment by sending a cheque for £50 per person deposit
we called it). (EM) (payable to Spratt’s Coaches) before the end of February,
please. In the first instance, please give or send the deposit
Sloppy Copy? to Chris Mitchell, and Jon Moore will then send you the
required booking form.
I happened to read The Observer’s Travel page on 10th
January because its writer travelled on The Caledonian
Sleeper from Euston to Fort William. He mentions that he saw


___________NRS NEWS

Annual General Meeting But this leaves several boxes of ‘paper railwayana' which
relate to neither local company. The NRM and London
The Society’s Annual General Meeting will be held on Transport Museum have been approached, but both hold
Thursday 7th April at the U.R.C. Hall, starting at 1930. The comprehensive collections and we are unlikely to have much,
Agenda and Minutes of the last A.G.M. accompany this if anything, to interest them.
Newsletter, and Accounts will be distributed at the meeting.

Would you like to help with running the Society? Please So collectors among our membership can look forward with
speak to me or another committee member. Our contact interest to surplus items becoming available to buy at less-
details are on page 2. If you wish to nominate someone to than-market prices. Here’s an outline of what we have:
serve on the committee you may send details to me in
advance of the A.G.M. (email address: [email protected]). ● BR(E) public timetables and some LNER similar
Nominations may also be made at the meeting. ● BR(E) WTTs and Appendices, and some LNER

From the committee… similar
● BR(E) timetable posters
The committee met on Monday 25th January. We received an ● BR handbills, leaflets re excursions etc.
update from Mike Handscomb on the disposal of the NRS ● Engineering blueprints relating to parts of ex-LNER
Archive - see below.
The Show Day occupied much of our time. Peter Willis, with ● Handbooks for staff, inc pre-nationalisation
assistance from Chris Mitchell, has been working hard to ● Many photographs, including postcard-size prints
make this an enjoyable day for members and visitors. Please
help by volunteering for the various jobs that need doing to and also albums which contain mainly posed shots
help set-up the Show and on the day itself. It is our show: put of pre-grouping locos
on by members for members! ● etc. etc.

Arrangements for the NRS Dining Train are well advanced. I have been bringing a boxful of items for sale to recent NRS
Details on this page. Also the proposed Scotland trip has now meetings, and will continue over the next couple of months or
been taken on by Spratts (see page 8) This relieves the NRS so. There will definitely be a large selection on offer at our
of significant risks and potential liabilities. Show on March 5. However if any members would like to
browse in a more leisurely manner, they’re welcome to visit
my house at Wymondham by appointment.

Outdoor visits were discussed and Chris Mitchell noted we Just email me or phone me and we’ll fix a mutually
have had invitations to visit Mangapps Railway and East convenient date.
Anglian Railway Museum at Chappel & Wakes Colne. Please
let us know if you are interested. We also noted that a Hilary King’s Memorial Service
volunteer is need to take on responsibility for organising
outdoor visits as Edward Mann has stepped down. No Those of you who knew my late wife Hilary may like to know
volunteer - no outdoor visits! that a memorial service for her will take place at Norwich
Cathedral at 12:30 on Saturday 20th February 2016. All NRS
There will be a resolution at the A.G.M. to amend our members who would like to attend, including their
constitution to allow the chairman to be re-elected for a spouses/partners, will be most welcome. Refreshments will
second consecutive year and to clarify that a former chairman be provided afterwards in the Weston Room next to the
may serve again - details in the agenda. Refectory. It will help catering plans if you could let me know
Andy Wright, Hon Secretary. if you think it is likely that you will attend.
Chris King.
Our new President – Ken Mills

We are pleased to report that Ken Mills was elected as our North Norfolk Railway Dining Train – Thursday
new President on 7th January - indeed he becomes only our 9th June 2016
third President in 60 years. He has been a Society member
since its formation, and still attends meetings regularly. With Following on from the item in NRS/NL 60/6 p.15 the full
his fondness for South American steam, Ken might spare a information is now provided on the enclosed pro-forma and
moment to reflect how many Presidents any South American members together with their wives/partners are now able to
country has had in the same 60 years! book by completing the detachable section and returning it
with a £10 deposit – payable to Norfolk Railway Society – for
Ken’s next presentation will be “Colombian and Ecuadorian each person. The full cost is £29.50 for members and £39.50
Railways” on 4th February and we hope the meeting will be for wives/partners, which is slightly less than originally
well-attended. mentioned. We hope you will be able to join us.

The NRS Archive - Mike Handscomb New Member

The process of disbanding the Society’s archive (NRS/NL We are pleased to welcome Stan Trencher of St Ives – a
60/6 pp 12/13) is now well under way. family connection you might say!

Much of the paperwork relates to the GER or its successor By No Means Boring!
companies. The GER Society is currently examining this to
see what is ‘new’, and therefore can be added to its Society members are invited to the Norwich Engineers
collection, which is housed at the Essex Record Office in Society meeting at the Holiday Inn, Ipswich Road, Norwich,
Chelmsford. Surplus items will be returned to us. Paperwork on Monday 22nd February, where James Martin, Project
which relates to the M&GNJR will be offered to the M&GN Manager for BAM Kier, will be making a presentation entitled
Circle in due course. A few documents will be offered to “The Crossrail Tunnelling Process”, starting at 19.30.
public archives - Norfolk, Suffolk or Cambridgeshire as



Some ambulance trains in East Anglia – together with the altered working necessary. At most of these
Richard Adderson sheds light on an unusual locations there was sufficient platform accommodation to deal
with the trains and at others, Braintree, Barnwell Junction and
item in our Archives Aylsham, for example, the traffic was sparse and would not
be inconvenienced. Wymondham though was a different
Whilst sorting through the NRS archive material, Mike matter, being on a busy main line, as well as being the
Handscomb and I came across an L.N.E.R. envelope junction for the Wells and King’s Lynn line, and the memo
(stationery number 06402) with the words “IMPORTANT illustrated shows Inspector Lawn’s suggestions for handling
NOTICE OF SPECIAL TRAIN” printed across the top, the ambulance trains here. The first paragraph is probably
addressed to Inspector Lawn, Norwich Station, and annotated only of interest to those interested in train working and
“Ambulance Trains”. signalling, but shows a rather tidy way of moving the
ambulance trains out of the way of main line traffic, while
Like most of us, I was aware that special ambulance trains reducing the amount of associated single line working to a
had been run in both world wars for injured service personnel. minimum. By the very nature of these trains, unloading would
However, for fairly obvious reasons these workings were have been a somewhat protracted and unpredictable process.
rarely, if ever, recorded or photographed. On looking through
the contents of the envelope, it quickly became apparent that Paragraph 3 provides an interesting alternative proposal for
they provided a fascinating insight into the arrangements handling the trains, and also tells us without doubt that the
made to transport the wounded following the D-Day landings. wounded were being transferred to the military hospital at

A four page printed
notice issued on 7th
June 1944 was the
official document
describing all aspects
of these train
workings as they
affected the L.N.E.R.
Eastern Section –
effectively the former
G.E.R. system. I feel
that it is worth
reproducing this in
full giving, as it does,
general working
instructions for
ambulance trains,
stations to be used
for unloading these
trains, and a list of
the special trains
which had been
prepared by the four
railway companies.
The invasion of
occupied Europe had
begun the previous
day, 6th June, and
one can imagine the
staff at the L.N.E.R.
printing works
working overtime to
produce this notice.

Obviously, such
arrangements were
not made overnight,
and had been some
time in the planning,
as is shown by a
memo sent by
Inspector Lawn to the
Superintendent at
Norwich on 26th May
1944. Normal
services had to be
maintained, and
page 3 of the official
notice detailed the
unloading points



Morley Hall. The
meagre passenger
service had been
withdrawn from the
Wymondham –
Ashwellthorpe –
Forncett line on the
outbreak of war and
the memo confirms
that by 1944 the line
was moribund. It
was a good idea
from a man with
local knowledge,
which would have
kept the main line
unobstructed but, for
whatever reason, it
doesn’t seem to
have been adopted.

Most of the
documents relate to
the train workings
themselves, which
were in all cases for
American personnel.
The first one
recorded was dealt
with at Wymondham
on 17th July 1944,
and was American
train no.12, formed
of 14 coaches as
outlined in the
working instructions.
The formation of the
train is worth
recording, being
locomotive, Boiler
Car and brake van
accommodation for
6 stretcher cases
and 6 sitting
wounded, Car for
Officers and Nurses,
Kitchen Car, three
Ward Cars with 36
beds each, Officers
and Pharmacy Car,
three more 36 bed
Ward Cars, Car for
walking wounded
(capacity 60 cases),
Men’s Staff Car,
Kitchen Car, Car for
Civilian staff and
brake van. The use
of the American term
“Car” in describing
the rolling stock is

The next train to be
recorded was dealt
with at Mellis two weeks later, on 31st July. This was train 33, again with 14 vehicles including seven for stretcher cases (33 per
coach), one for the walking wounded (64 cases), Pharmacy Car, Kitchen and Dining Car and staff accommodation. As we see
from the working instruction, this was the one American train provided by the G.W.R., and the memo relating to this remarks,
almost with an air of disapproval, “Stock appears to be converted G.W.R. milk vans”. Almost certainly, the Mellis trains were



carrying patients to
the Eye Military
Hospital, which is
currently being
restored as a
memorial to the 95th
Bomber Group of
the USAAF.

There are two other
documents relating
to trains arriving at
Mellis, both hastily
scrawled pencilled
memos. The first
cryptically states
“Ambulance Train at
Mellis Nov 15/44.
Train No.11, 14 on.
Said being sent
Overseas.” This
adds little to our
knowledge of the
event, and maybe
the hapless clerk
was asked to
provide more details
in future, as the next
Mellis document, in
the same
handwriting, goes
into full details of the
train formation and
occupation. This
was dealt with on
4th/5th December
1944, and was made
up of train 59
boosted by one
additional vehicle,
and providing 160
seats and 120 bunks
for the wounded.

Meanwhile, back at It is also recorded that the U.S. Officer Commanding had
Wymondham, the cause to complain about problems with the steam heating –
station had hosted hardly a satisfactory situation in the early hours of a
train 59 on 4th December morning!
August, train 64 on
10th August, and 12
train 14 on 25th
October. All of these
were made up of the
now familiar mixture
of “Ward Cars” each
with bunks for 36
patients, Cars for the
Walking Wounded
(up to 56 patients
each) together with
Kitchen Car,
Pharmacy Car and
vehicles for the
accompanying staff.
Another train arrived
here at 2.26 a.m. on
10th December 1944, and the 168 stretcher cases and 112
walking wounded had been unloaded by 3.18 a.m. Maybe by
this time, there was additional pressure on the Ambulance
Trains, as this train was noted as being “specially made up”.


Some six weeks
earlier, a different
handling point, one
which had not been
mentioned in the
Instructions, had
been used for an
ambulance train.
This was Two Mile
Bottom, between
Thetford and
Brandon, where new
sidings had been
installed for military
traffic earlier in the
war. A twelve coach
train arrived here on
27th October 1944,
rather disquietingly
including a “Padded
Cell Store”,
presumably for poor
souls suffering from
shell-shock, in its
formation. This was
obviously the first
such train to be
handled here, and
the railway official
reporting on this
wrote to higher
authority: “No
trouble experienced
in loading cot or
walking patients.
Hospital authorities
inform me that these
trains will be a
regular feature, but
would prefer using
Brandon station. I
hope you will not
agree to this as it will
probably entail
Single Line Working
to place these trains
at Brandon for
loading or

Despite this plea,
the next document
relates to ambulance
train no.60 being
handled at Brandon
on 28th May 1945!
Whatever our
railway official might
have thought from
an operating
perspective, this was
in happier
circumstances, as
the war in Europe
was over, and the 13
coach train, including two additional baggage vans, was carrying 101 cot cases and 193 sitting personnel from Brandon to
Liverpool Riverside station. From here, no doubt, a ship would convey them back to America. The train was due to leave the
military sidings next to Brandon goods yard at 10.45 a.m. and a special instruction stated that the engine of the 5.15 a.m. goods
from Ely was to be a vacuum fitted loco, so that it could help with the shunting of the ambulance train at Brandon.



There is no mention
of which hospital
treated the wounded
who passed through
Brandon station, but
the now long-
demolished Weeting
Hall has to be a
good bet, as it is
recorded as having
been used both as a
holding camp and a
military hospital
during World War 2.

So there we have it:
what is to me at
least a tantalising
glimpse of a little
known aspect of our
railway history.
Inevitably, questions
come to mind – is
this a complete
record of the
ambulance trains
handled in our area
during the war, or
just those with which
Inspector Lawn was
involved, and for
which he kept these
items of paperwork?
And how did these
items find their way
into the NRS
Archives? We shall
probably never know
the answers for
sure, but must be
grateful for what has

Editor’s Note: All of
the documents have
been reproduced
full-size to be easily



a selective look ahead at local railway events

NORFOLK RAILWAY SOCIETY, GER Society (Norwich Branch) and Norfolk Transport Group meetings take place (unless

otherwise stated) at: United Reformed Church Hall, Ipswich Road, Norwich, NR4 6QR

Events are listed in good faith, but visitors should check with the organisation concerned before travelling.
Great Eastern Railway Society (Norwich Branch) - contact Mike Fordham.
Norfolk Transport Group - contact John Laycock.

Services on our Local Railways

Ashmanhaugh Light Railway, East View Farm, Stone Lane,
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The Bure Valley Railway - For details of individual events
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The Whitwell & Reepham Railway - For details of individual
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11th Thu NORFOLK TRANSPORT GROUP - An evening with Graham Smith - 1930
13th - 21st Sat - Sun
13th - 21st Sat - Sun BURE VALLEY RAILWAY – “Teddy Bear Express” (Green timetable).
13th - 21st Sat - Sun
18th Thu NORTH NORFOLK RAILWAY – Half-term services (Yellow timetable).

25th Thu WELLS & WALSINGHAM LIGHT RAILWAY – Half-term services.

26th - 28th Fri - Sun NORFOLK RAILWAY SOCIETY - “The North Norfolk Railway” - Trevor Eady, General
27th - 28th Sat - Sun Manager, NNR - 1930.
27th Sat GREAT EASTERN RAILWAY SOCIETY (Norwich Branch) – “The Brecon Mountain Railway and
Railways in the Wye Valley” – Edward Mann and “Travels in India, the Isle of Man and Ireland” –
Mike Handscomb – 1930.
WHITWELL & REEPHAM RAILWAY – 7th Anniversary & Beer Festival (Steam).

BURE VALLEY RAILWAY – Running Days (Blue timetable).

MID-NORFOLK RAILWAY – Model Railway Exhibition at Dereham.



MARCH Thu NORFOLK RAILWAY SOCIETY – “Railway Buildings: Form, Function & Style” – John Minnis,
3rd Senior Investigator, Historic England – 1930.
Fri - Sun
4th - 6th Sat - Sun NORTH NORFOLK RAILWAY - Spring Steam Gala.
5th - 6th Sun BURE VALLEY RAILWAY – Running Days (Blue timetable).
6th MID-NORFOLK RAILWAY – “Volunteer Recruitment Day” (Orange timetable).

6th Sun WHITWELL & REEPHAM RAILWAY – Mother’s Day (Steam).
10th Thur NORFOLK TRANSPORT GROUP – “All at Sea” – Keith Greentree – 1930.
12th - 13th Sat - Sun BURE VALLEY RAILWAY – Running Days (Blue timetable).
12th - 13th Sat - Sun NORTH NORFOLK RAILWAY – Running Days (Yellow timetable).
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27th Sun A3 Pacifics” – John Hutchinson - 1930.
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NORWICH & DISTRICT SOCIETY of MODEL ENGINEERS – Sunday running commences at
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27th - 28th Sun - Mon MID-NORFOLK RAILWAY – Easter Egg Specials.
27th - 28th
28th Sun - Mon MID-SUFFOLK LIGHT RAILWAY – Easter Steam-Ups.
APRIL Mon BARTON HOUSE RAILWAY – Easter Monday Running 1430 – 1730.
1st - 3rd
2nd Thu NORFOLK TRANSPORT GROUP – Members’ Evening – 1930.

6th Fri - Sun MID-NORFOLK RAILWAY – Spring Diesel Gala Weekend.
7th Sat
16th Wed NORWICH MODEL RAILWAY CLUB - 2016 Exhibition (1000 - 1600) at Hellesdon High School,
Thu Middletons Lane, Norwich NR6 5SB
17th Sat MID-NORFOLK RAILWAY – Regular running commences.
Sun NORFOLK RAILWAY SOCIETY – Annual General Meeting - 1930.
23rd - 24th Thu
Sat - Sun NENTA TRAINTOURS – “The Cotswolds Adventurer” – From Norwich dep 0605 approx, then via
Ipswich to Cheltenham/G.W.S.R./Cotswolds Coach Tour/Worcester or the S.V.R. Norwich return
2350 approx. Fares from £68.75. First Class & Premium Class available. Details: or telephone 01692-406152.
BARTON HOUSE RAILWAY - Third Sunday Running.

NORFOLK RAILWAY SOCIETY - “Killin to Kingswear – a 1960s Black & White Night” – Ian
Krause – 1930.
WELLS AND WALSINGHAM LIGHT RAILWAY - St George's Weekend Gala. All available locos
will be in service; lineside photographic passes available; first public passenger runs of No. 4 and
Harvester. See website and Facebook for more details.

The Ipswich Branch of the R.C.T.S., the Ipswich & District Historical Transport Society and the Ipswich Transport Society hold
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