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Published by isaac.oancea3, 2019-12-12 23:02:24

IMP End of year recap

Griffith Industry
Mentoring Program


25 years of Industry Mentoring

To celebrate the learning and connections that have taken place
throughout the year, we would like to share some insight into the
positive impact the Mentoring Program has had on our students.

Most Engaged We recognise that the
Mentee where students are
our Mentors to a

“As part of the pro
weaknesses an
attitude an
- Nata

e most rewarding mentoring relationships are those
e highly engaged and this award is an opportunity for
acknowledge this commitment from their student.

ogram a close colleague of mine put Sigga through a mock interview to assist in determining strengths and
nd to find the gaps in the resume to fill prior to graduation. This colleague was so impressed by Sigga’s
nd approach that she offered her a job there are then.”
asha Montesalvo, Mentor

“Her enthusiasm for excelling in her field of international business was infectious. She applied for, and won
an internship to China that starts in November. Independently of the formal Griffith mentoring
program, Lauren Stephenson and I started a mentee group where all our previous and current
mentees meet each other and have the opportunity to provide support and guidance to eachother.”
- Luisa Sommer, Mentor

“Following on from our engagement Kate Thomas has started looking for a new career
and has been short listed for a role with Queensland Treasury Corporation which
was a pathway that she had not considered mpreviously. ”
- Terence Seymour, Mentor

Mentoring on the

“This was a fantastic initiative and
incredibly valuable for both myself
(and I’m hoping) my walking buddies.
A beautiful way to start the day, to
enhance networks and to learn from
one another. I look forward to doing it
again and meeting some more of
Griffith’s incredible students.”
- Natasha Montesalvo, Mentor

“Thanks very much for creating a
wonderful Mentoring on the Move
event. We change the future by being
present for the people who will create
it. Where passion, kindness, warmth
& love exists - it illuminates the way.”

- Ricky Smyth , Mentor

“Just to let you know this morning’s
session was fantastic. Meeting Kamal was
absolutely worthwhile for both of us, and
we have exchanged details.

Hope you have more sessions like this into
the future.”

- Victoria Clark Dyer, Mentee

“What a wonderful morning. It was
amazing to spend time with Leon Wort,
and I found the experience very

- Ann McMahon, Mentee

“I just wanted to say thank you again for
organising such an awesome morning.
My mentor Donna was great, she was
very knowledgeable and happy to share
ideas and information as well as being
easy to talk to.”

- Matt Gillespie, Mentee

“We are lucky to have this kind of service
to help us transition into the workplace”
- Sonia Stephens, Mentee

“I have been in contact with Brooke since and have been
given the opportunity to do some job shadowing at the
Suns last home game - very exciting stuff…
Thank you again for organising the walk and breakfast
on Tuesday. I wouldn’t have gotten this amazing
opportunity without it.”
- Hugh Brereton, Mentee

IT Panel Session and
Networking Events

“Throughout this mentorship Peter has “Graeme and Deborah’s mentoring
consistently gone above and beyond in has facilitated an extra layer of career
creating opportunities for me to meet conceptualisation of where my studies
industry professionals whilst guiding in psychology may lead.
me in how to make the most of each of
these experiences. Graeme and Deborah’s mentoring
has been above and beyond what I had
Each opportunity Peter has created has expected from the program and I will
been tailored to not onlyv my career be looking back on my experience with
path as a whole but to the exact position them fondly throughout my
I’m in.” professional career.”

- Rusty Blewitt, Mentee - James Hutton, Mentee

“His (Troy Dobinson) enthusiasm, knowledge and expertise in
career support have inspired me so much that I have become more
and more passionate about taking all these learning to support our
students back in Vietnam.”

- Thi Thanh Hang Nguyen, Mentee

networking event

“John helped me find relevant work experience, helped me
understand the industry I was hoping to work in and
suggested online groups to join for industry information. John
also helped me develop my resume, and was always available
for consultations”

- Douglas Lyons, Mentee

“My time with Jennifer Wilson over the past “Beulah has provided invaluable insights
trimester was truly invaluable, I couldn’t into her field, has given me incredible
have asked for a more accommodating and advice, and has equipped me with the tools
insightful mentor. My confidence has in- to be able to tackle any challenge and see
creased exponentially, I feel significantly things from a different perspective. I have
less stressed and reassured about what lies loved every minute of our hour-long chats
ahead of me.” and hearing about Beulah’s professional
journey since completing her degree.”
- Bridie Gray, Mentee
- Casey Cale, Mentee

Gold Coast
networking event

“Kathryn shows a great deal of
professionalism and has been an
excellent role model and Mentor
for me. Kathryn has been a great
source of industry knowledge and
networking information as well.”
- Brenda Ward

“My mentor guided me on how to write a formal
resume that can easily land you a job here in
Australia and she continuously answered my
endless questions regarding health and
- Joan Carol Mugisha, Mentee

“Nathalie went above and beyond her role as a mentor and despite her busy schedule
she provided me with exceptional mentoring and was dedicated to furthering my
learning, understanding and confidence within the field of Human Resources. We
met every fortnight at a location that she ensured was convenient for me, despite her
busy work schedule, which I was very thankful for.
My professional and personal growth would not have been possible had I have not
joined the Industry Mentoring Program and had been partnered with Nathalie.”
- Jessica Knowles, Mentee

Most Remarkable “It has
Mentors along of

- Miche

been great having Eileen Grafton as a mentor and she brings
f wealth of knowledge and the human factor of relating,
hising, but also challenging ideas when necessary to which I am
ul to her for and truthfulness of situations which make
hing real.”

elle Christie, Mentee

“Alana Mosely is such an inspiring, brilliant example to me as a
young woman; a professional; an engineer; a good, generous person;
and a considerate, responsible, intelligent, mature global citizen...

... Alana’s has the attitude of a champion and through our mentoring
I have been motivated to try to live my best everyday, in all aspects of
my life.”

- Eunice Dalton, Mentee


To view more wonderful testimonials from the participants of the
2019 Griffith Industry Mentoring Program, please click here.

Careers and

Nathan Campus: Gold Coast
Level 1, N12 (Sewell) G33 (Downstairs)

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