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GRAH Halloween Auction Pamphlet

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Published by thatcombinegirl, 2019-10-24 06:08:09

GRAH Halloween Pamplet

GRAH Halloween Auction Pamphlet

This is a preview of items that have been submitted for the
Halloween Auction, presented by the Gilded Rose Auction House.

Some of the art for these items are still awaiting approval and
may change in the interim.

The Halloween Auction will feature 12 items total, thus this is
an incomplete preview.


(3PO Droid)

This 3PO protocol droid needs to be re-wiped. It rambles on about
Ghosts and such things. I don't really know.

While the image is limited and will only show up randomly during
Halloween auctions.

In addition there will either be 12 K-4 Security droids (Grunts) with it
or the use of 12 custom image applications.


Skull Squadron
(12 Vipers)

This squadron of skulls has a spooky Halloween theme. While this is
not a unique ship, it is limited as these customs are only placed once

per year during the Halloween auction.

This year though, they are a bit different. The ships feature a spooky
cockpit that you can only get from Mishka Sorokin.

A Squad of N-1 Starfighters

This squad of N-1 Starfighters has a limited release custom that is
only applied to one squad of N-1 Starfighters per year. Skulls are

pained into the silver metal with a ghost like effect.

(3PO Droid)

A Glitchy 3PO protocol droid needs to be wiped. It rambles on about
the death of it's last owner as well as some other things. The script is

one of a kind, and wont be reproduced.

While the image is limited and will only show up randomly during
Halloween auctions.


The World Discoverer
(A Verpine)

This haunting Verpine features a Halloween theme upon it's exterior
as well as a haunting theme for the cockpit (Custom Cockpit also).

However, that is not where the spookiness of this ship ends.

This ship is rumored to have gone missing for a number of months,
when it reappeared late year 20. The five men who boarded the

rediscovered and... derelict ship in were confronted with a ghostly
sight; the entire 28-man crew was found frozen to death at their

stations. The icy figure of the ship's captain was discovered sitting at
his desk, writing in an old fashion papered journal, pen still in hand.
The last logbook entry was from Y19 - the ghost ship and her crew

had been lost at sea for about a year before being found.

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