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The 29th of
At The Gilded


This is the fastest ship in
the galaxy at sublight. Nice
and small, perfect shuttle craft
for a C-3, or other capital
ships. This one was suited for
a new monarch of a Xesching
Dynasty that ended swiftly.
You can snap this one up

This ship comes with ownership of the artwork (the image is not
applied to ensure you're the only one with this custom).

Lot #121201

Sprizen Mineral Holdings

Sprizen Mineral Holdings is an infrastructure
development company, the second company in the Galactica
Group, formed by Dex Sehrin on Year 18 Day 31. During the
Galactica Group’s expansion throughout the northern sector of
Sprizen, it repeatedly came up against material shortages, which
in turn, slowed manufacturing in many of Cybot’s production
centres. The only remedy for this problem was to grow the
group’s existing infrastructure development program, creating a
company that could not only build and maintain the controlled
planets, but extract and refine the ores from said planets.

Lot #121201

Life Day Cards

These six stunning Life Day cards
will be separated out into three
different lots.

Each card depicts a different scene to allow
you to personalize the style of card you
decide to give out.

These cards were composed by the
talented Qymaera Sul C`an.

Lot #121202
Lot #121210
Lot #121216

Qymaera Sul C`an

Qymaera Sul C`an is the owner of a bar and grill on
Kalee. She makes a variety of food, and often specializes in
crafting delicious meals for which you can enjoy.

- OOC -
The player behind claims that they're not a super artsy
person. Their art of choice is writing. They get random urges
to try new things and play with new ideas.
They perform little things here and there. It has allowed her
respect and admiration for those whom she calls "real" artists
to grow. (She doesn't see her self as a real artist, sadly.)

Lot #121202 | Lot #121210 |Lot #121216

2 Escape Pods w/ Light Saber Parts

These escape pods contain
the following items; 1 Emitter
Control, 1 Lightsaber Hilt.
While not enough to build a
lightsaber it is certainly a great
Buy these parts while you can! Who knows how long the force will
allow you to craft lightsabers this time!
(Image does not depict those upon the E-Pod)

Lot #121203

Year 20 Grims Hors d'âge Atraken Cognac

Claimed to be the finest
Cognac in the known galaxy!
Enjoy it! While you've a
This Cognac is based on
methods brought to Atraken B
by some of its first inhabitants
and modified over the

The originating Swamp Pear Wine, sourced from the Atraken
Vintners Guild, infused with Swamp Berries gives this premium
beverage a very appealing taste. The wine is then distilled by Wylly’s
Catharian Distillery until its Alcohol content is 50%, then aged to
perfection. There will only be a maximum of 10 bottles of this year’s
vintage made available.

This is bottle 4

Lot #121204

Holiday Stockings!

Everstorm Outfitters
presents a limited holiday
season release of small
backpacks with a festive
twist! In this line of small
backpacks Miss Everstorm is
bringing you and your favorite
Galactic Friends some holiday
cheer. Get yours today
because they won't be back
until next holiday season!

To make things simpler for this
upcoming auction two sets will be
available. Organics and In-organics!
Get your backpacks while supplies

(An image share that can be applied to small backpack item. NOT unique. Limited holiday release)

Lot #121205
Lot #121212

Lorelei Everstorm

Lorelei is from a long line of high end tailors, but is
more down to planet about things. She wanted to be a doctor,
but she was the only one in line to take over the family business
or it would go to "gasp" extended family when her parents died.
She didn't want to make clothes for rich snobs so she hitch a
ride out of sector and fell in with the kayleesh. She's making
clothing to put herself through medical training and she refuses
to make non-useful items

- OOC -
The player behind Lorelei is an art teacher and finds art fun.
They don't make a lot of digital art, so they like experimenting.

Lot #121205 | Lot #121212

Lair of Sandy Claws!

Want to be a hero?!?! Want
to risk your life to defeat an
evil droid! Now is your
Purchase the rights to lay
claim to these defective droids
and access Cybot Galactica's
space to claim your prize!

Sandy Claws the T-Series droid has managed to avoid many needed
wipes. He and his squad Elusive Logistical Variance Executable
Service Droids (E.L.V.E.S.) composed of BN-D0 units have made a
stand and hidden themselves within a cargo container in Asher Space.
Can you defeat Sandy Claws and Capture his rebellious robotic
This package comes with a custom-ed T-Series Droid and a squad of
custom-ed BN-D0 droids as well as a custom cargo container.

Lot #121206

Cybot Galactica

Cybot Galactica is the Premiere Droid Producer in the
galaxy. Cybot Specializes in many well known humanoid droid
forms, most notably the 3PO line. As well as several worker
droid such as the WED or the LIN Miner.
Cybot strives to bring you high quality droids for all needs, at
the most affordable prices. With full construction and
production services and a whole host of others, we also are
proud to have on time guarantees to make sure your order is
ready when you need it.

Lot #121206

Lamp with Style

Not to be confused with
that lamp in that one movie
with no style that doesn't exist
within this galaxy.

This is a Lamp with Style,
so you don't need to worry
about your mom breaking
it to get rid of it.

Sorry! Wrong Galaxy! This
is a simple yet amazing piece.
It is capable of brightening up the interior of any ship! And if worse
comes to worse, you can always claim you won it at Pazaak.

Lot #121207

Ylvia Skelgard

Ylvia the leader of The Veilhal Nomads, famous for their
nature to roam around the galaxy seeking a home. Ylvia has
sought out art to aid in her endeavor to establish more Nomadic
colonial stations.

Lot #121207

Triple Threat

Three ships, all
customized. This lot
contains the following
three ships:
1 x custom Delta-class
1 x D5-Mantis
1 x DX-9 Dropship

While all their exteriors are different the 3 ships have the same
custom cockpit design.

All 3 ships are U/U/U.

Lot #121208

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