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The SSKs must find the thief that stole the Demon Dagger.

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Published by Sylvia McGranor, 2019-05-07 18:46:44

SSK: The Demon Dagger Heist

The SSKs must find the thief that stole the Demon Dagger.


The Demon Dagger Heist

Jordan Connor Jackson Zack

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The Theft

Jordan was walking through the dark museum at night. It was creepy. Suddenly a
scream interrupted her thoughts. “Zack! Jackson! Connor!” Jordan yelled. “Are you
hurt?” Connor asked. “No, you dummy.” Everyone knew Connor Tenelli had a huge
crush on Jordan Sleshpi. They ran in the direction of the sound. When they got there
they saw a guard, running toward them. He was panting. “What's wrong?” Jordan asked.
“The Demon Dagger is gone!” All SSKs gasped. The Demon Dagger was a powerful
dagger that could slice through everything.This could only mean one thing: The city was
in danger. Jordan was terrified. Jackson’s mouth dropped open. Zack had the jitters.
Connor froze. No one moved. No one breathed. Suddenly, Zack broke the silence.
“Gone?” he asked. “DO YOU KNOW HOW SCARY THIS IS!?” The guard said nothing.
He just ran from the museum. Jordan rolled her eyes. Not at the guard. At Zack. The
went to the Ancient Artifact Exhibit. They went to the place where the Demon Dagger
should be. Then the little group searched for clues. “Over here!” Connor called. They

“A wallet?” Zack asked. “I know you like shopping, but we’re trying to find the Demon
Dagger. Seriously, get with the point.” Jackson grabbed the wallet. “Who stole the
Demon Dagger,” He searched for a card with the address. “No card!?” he said. “HOW!!!!”
Zack shrieked. Zack was a shouter, and got terrible grades in school. He wasn’t very
useful. Jackson was looking in a dark corner. Then an enormous hairy spider jumped out
in front of him! All the SSKs shrieked. Except for Jordan. “You followed us? Good girl!”
she smiled. Who?” Zack asked. “All I see is an enormous spider trying to scare us to
death,” “This is VENUS,” Jordan said. “VENUS stands for venom provided ebrain neutral
ultra-powered spider.” “And I thought she was just creepy,” Zack said. “I heard that,”
Jordan said. “Amazing!” Connor replied, dreamily. “This is what I get for working with
boys,” Jordan muttered. VENUS followed her. The spider turned into a rover. “Amazing,”
Connor repeated. “Thump, thump, thump!” “The thief!” Jordan yelled. The group climbed
a flight of stairs. Then another. Then another. “Where are you taking us? To the top of
the Himalayas?” Jackson asked. “The Hima-what's?” Zack asked. “There!” Jordan said,
pointing to a dark shadow. “Gotcha!” They chorused. The shadow spun around. It was
Sonia Spenly, the (quote) most popular girl in school! She looked pale as mozzarella!

A Wrong Suspect

Sonia looked at the SSKs. “Me! Your suspecting me!” she shrieked. “HOW DARE YOU!”
“Um…” Jackson said. Then Sonia spotted VENUS. “AAAAGGGGHHHH! I WANT MY
MOMMY!” she sobbed. “Figures,” Jordan said. The others burst out laughing. “We’re not
suspecting you,” Connor said. “Still, why are you at the museum at this hour?”
“Um…well…er...” Sonia said, clamming up. “I wanted to say that I discovered the Demon
Dagger.” “But, Peter B. Sonsot did,” Jackson replied. “I know,” confessed Sonia. “I just
want to seem cool. Like you,” she sniffed. Sonia sank into a chair. Jordan sat down
beside her. “I know you want to be cool. Everyone can feel like that sometimes. What
matters, is what you do to seem cool. I personally wish I was you most of the time. Don’t
be afraid to show who you are.” Behind her Zack sniffed. “I just love beautiful speeches,”
he cried. “Gee, Zack, we had no idea,” Connor said, sarcastically. “Sonia, you should go
home. With the Demon Dagger in the wrong hands, your not safe,” Jordan replied.
“Okay,” Sonia said. They hugged. And Sonia left. “She’s sweeter than french toast sticks
with an overload of powdered sugar. If only we knew that sooner.” Connor replied.

Lets Camp

“We’ll never find the Demon Dagger!” Zack cried, once Sonia descended into the
darkness. “Don’t be a wimp. Lets go. We need to set up camp,” Jackson said. Jordan
raced outside. “My turn to stand watch,” she chirped. Jordan was tough, and maybe the
bravest of all the SSKs. Connor and Zack were bickering over who Jordan liked best.
Jordan didn’t like any of the two boys right now. Connor and Zack bickered for years. It
was a miracle that they were still friends. Connor stared at Jordan at the camp setup.
Her silky black hair seemed to summon every shadow, and her mysterious brown eyes
seemed to drill right through him. Connor thought she was very beautiful, but sometimes
she scared him. What about Jordan made him so weak at heart? Was it her black hair?
Was it her brown eyes? Was it that whenever he was around her, he turned into a big
fool, and she never seemed to notice? He wasn’t sure. He just seemed to love her. And
he didn’t know why. “If Jordan likes Zack better than me, she probably doesn’t like me at
all!” Connor thought. Did Jordan like him? Did she not? He wasn’t sure at all! Just
confused. He loved her, but did she love him back? Did she not? There were just too
many questions!

Connor was very tired with all the feeling hunting and the feelings going on a race inside
his head. He shoved himself in his lucky sleeping bag with his lucky baseball bat beside
him. Connor hated sleeping in the wilderness, next to a creepy museum. He was
sleeping soundly when a grunt woke him up. He clutched the baseball bat and a
flashlight, and went to investigate. Jordan would be proud of him for being brave. But the
most terrifying thing came into camp. It was big. It was black. It was hairy! “Odorous
ostriches! There’s a gorilla in the campsite!” Connor screamed. Everyone woke up.
“Biting bearcats! Oh my!” Jordan yelled. The gorilla grabbed all four of them! “Feverous
flamingos! Ack!” Jackson shrieked. “EEK!” Zack said. He couldn’t think of a line for ‘Oh
my gosh!’ “Can’t breathe! Can’t breathe!” Connor gasped. Then the gorilla dropped
them. The breathing came out as smooth as a strand of spider silk. After everyone was
gasping for air, the gorilla looked at them up and down. Then he left them. The SSKs
went back to the campsite, and continued sleeping. But Connor couldn’t sleep. He had
to ask Jordan if she liked him. But he couldn’t wake her up either. He would wait till
morning, then ask her. He was very confused. Jordan, on the other hand, did like
Connor, but just as a friend. She wasn’t sure if she liked Connor “like that” or not. She

The Explosion

In the morning, Jordan tripped on a string. Not just a string. A communications wire.
Strange. Jordan looked at the wire again and again. They weren’t looking for one
person. They were looking for a team of bad guys! Maybe. Maybe not. Jordan said she
was going to snoop around. “You need a partner,” Jackson said. “I’ll go with you.” “Oh
no. I’ll go with her-” Zack started. “Jackson,” Jordan said. “Come on.” The pair were
tired, when Jordan shouted, “Over here!” They saw a mini camper. Jordan and Jackson
snuck in the camper. “We shouldn’t be here,” Jordan said. “Why not?” Jackson asked.
“Over here, it’s bomb, and it’s going to go off in… now!” Jordan shrieked. The two ran
from the camper. After five steps, “KABOOM!” “Agh!” They screamed. They both had
burn scars on their faces. They were shocked. They stared at each other with the same
shocked faces. The bomb had been set right when they discovered it. Someone had
followed them. They had set the bomb off when they discovered it. It was not a
coincidence. Jordan and Jackson limped back to the campsite, and treated their injuries.
“OH MY GOUDA!” Zack yelled when he saw them. Everyone stared at him. “I like
cheese,” He wasn’t kidding! He devoured some Bri. Then some mozzarella. Then some

Don’t Get Sick!

“Read my lips,” Zack said. “I won’t get sick.” Twenty minutes later… “Snurggh,” Zack
groaned. “I warned you,” Connor said. “You can’t eat to much. Have some gum.”
“Thanks,” Zack said, wearily. “Maybe you should sleep on it,” Connor remarked. “No. I
am needed,” Zack said. “Zzzzzzzzzz,” Zack snored. Connor sighed. He felt as if he
forgot something. But what? Oh, he forgot to ask Jordan if she liked him. He was about
to ask her when Jackson grabbed him. “Jordan found something,” he panted. Soon
Connor was face to face with Jordan, holding a baby bunny in her arms. “The bunny fell
from a tree,” Jordan explained. Zack woke up at this time. “We could name it Zack jr-”
“NO!” “Fine, be boring,” “It’s a girl,” Jordan said. “I like Stacy,” “We are the SSKs Stacy,”
Jackson said. The little bunny wagged her little cotton ball tail. She loved her name. It
was time to.. “She can be our mascot,” Connor suggested. “Great,” Jordan said, planting
a kiss on his cheek. Connor blushed beet-red. “Why am I such a fool around Jordan?”

We Found the Real Thief

Then there was a scream. It was the same guard that told them the Demon Dagger
disappeared. “I am so sorry. How will I repay you,” he asked. Connor was about to say
nothing when Jordan said, “Five to ten years in jail, I assume.” “Huh?” “May I introduce
you to the Demon Dagger thief,” she said. “How did you figure it out?” The guard asked.
“First you ran from the museum, telling us the Demon Dagger was gone. But it wasn’t
your turn to watch it. You were after the other guard. Then it was the wallet. You put a
fake wallet on the floor to throw us off the scent. Then you put the gorilla, Jidif, out from
the zoo. The communication wire was put down by you to try to make us think you didn’t
steal anything. You also followed me and Jackson and and blew up the camper to try
and hurt us to bad to keep going, is that the summary?” Jordan asked. “Really smart.
Goodbye,” the guard said. “He’s getting away!” Jackson screamed. “Not with Jordan
close to him.” Connor said winking. Now that the guard is in jail, he can’t do anymore
harm, or there is no such thing as the SSKs! The city is safe at last, thanks to four
middle school friends, who decided to save the city, or this author is lying!

Written by Sylvia Jane McGranor

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