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April 2018
Dear Library Supporters,

Welcome to the 2017 Annual Report
of the James V. Brown Library! As you look
through the following pages, you will see how
the library’s mission to be the place to go, to
learn, connect and grow is transforming the
lives of so many people in our community.
Our library has been engaged in
the American Library Association’s Librar-
ies Transform campaign; which promotes
the critical role that libraries play in the
individual lives of people in our community.
A key message of the campaign is that libraries
today are less about what they have for
people and more about what they do for and with
people. As part of this campaign, we asked
patrons “What is your BECAUSE statement?”
“What does the library bring to your life
and the life of your family?”
We were amazed at the hundreds of
BECAUSE statements given that reflected the
transformational power of our library in their
everyday lives.
We could not make this impact on our
community without your support!
BECAUSE of your generous
support our library transforms lives by
providing quality early literacy programs
for our youngest citizens, inspires the love
of books and reading, ensures free and open
access to information and technology, creates
a place for community engagement, facilitates
community conversation, and curates
opportunities for lifelong learning.
Your investment helps us to be a library
that transforms its community.
BECAUSE transformation is essential
to the communities we serve. Thank you for all
you do! We could not do it without you!


Barbara S. McGary
Executive Director

Did you know that a child’s brain is 90%
developed by age 3? Providing fun and engaging
ways to learn is just one way the Library enhances
the lives of children in our community.
Lifelong learning is a part of our mission,
so we offer programs and resources for all ages –
from books to audiobooks, movies and computer
access – to help families learn together.
In 2017, there were 785 children and
family programs that attracted nearly 13,000
participants. Tweens and teens had nearly 150
programs from which to choose.
Programs were designed to keep children
active during the winter months, enrich their
sensory experiences, and teach new skills, such
as gardening, art and music appreciation. All
programs highlighted STEAM concepts to help
children reach their potential in Science,
Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.

Libraries are

valuable to me
because books

can take you on

an adventure.
- Artemis, 7

2017 ANNUAL REPORT - James V. Brown Library 3

The Library is a community hub,
and available to all. By reaching out to
every member of the community, the
Library makes an impact and transforms
Whether it’s a Summer Reading
partnership with the Williamsport Cross-
cutters for Bilingual Storytime, or being
the weekly meeting location for the Wil-
liamsport Chess Club, the Library welcomes
volunteers and community partners.
The Library provides the Con- community events
calendar website for the community, which
was used by more than 55,000 people.
Volunteers gave 7,140 hours of their
time in 2017 to transform the community.
And a special thanks to our
active and generous Friends of the
Library group that supports Library
programs with the proceeds from member-
ship, used book sales and the volunteer-run
Bookstore on the third floor of the Welch
Children’s Wing. The Friends raise funds
to help make it possible for the Library to
inspire and transform our community.

I can travel
the world

without leaving

my living room!

-Francine, 69

Enriching educational programs, like a
book talk by Dr. Sascha Feinstein of Lycoming
College, provide opportunities for people to talk
about books and movies, or learn a new skill.
From computer classes to history presenta-
tions to crafting workshops, the Library offers
a chance for adults to make social connections
and explore the world.
In 2017 there were 274 programs for
adults that were attended by over 3500 people.
Because of your generosity, more
than 120,000 of your fellow citizens used the
Library’s free public access computers or wi-fi
network to find a job, stay connected with fam-
ily and friends, or do research for homework or
personal enrichment.

The Library is a wealth

of information and

-Matt, 45

2017 ANNUAL REPORT - James V. Brown Library 5

Carile Brown Award Winner
Dr. Don Adams

Volunteer of the Year Award Winner
Dr. Mark Noe

All of this is possible because of the
generosity of people like YOU – our donors
and supporters.
It takes a community to support a
library, one with an amazing house of books
and resources. And our community uses the
Library. More than 500 people come through
our doors each day for the services, resources,
and programs we offer. Many of them leave with
books, movies, or music. In fact, nearly 31,000
items are borrowed each month.
Support can take the form of finan-
cial contributions or donations of time and
resources. A special thanks to the generosi-
ty of the Author Gala committee, which this
year brought best-selling author Louise Penny
(bottom left) to Williamsport for the Library’s
only fundraising event.
But don’t take our word for it. Ask
Laurie Burkholder (bottom right), a volunteer
and co-chair of the Author Gala Committee,
why she chooses to give her time and energy
to the Library.

“I support the Library because a
good library is a wonderful asset to
any town. It’s uses and functions cut
across all barriers of race, culture,
and education and is there to
support all who ask. It’s not just
about the books, although to me,
books are the best part of the





Thank you!

$10,000 + Stephen C. & Martha B. Huddy $500 to $999
Jersey Shore State Bank
Anonymous Carol A. Lady & Barry Delfino Don C. & Brenda Adams
Estate of Wayne Dangle Lois Lenski Foundation Baker Tilly Virchow Krause LLP
Estate of William L. Phillips M&T Bank Nancy Berkheimer
Estate of Ellen Tinsman Masonic Lodge 106 Edward D. & Saundra J. Blackburn
Friends of the James V. Brown Library McInroy-Sheffer People Trust Patrick J. & Maureen Carey
Trisha Gibbons Marty & Patrick Marty James & Barbara Moltz Nicholas R. & Carol A. Catino
Susquehanna SeniorTek Dean P. & Ann M. Muller William G. Charles
Vilma Norris Trust Suzanne Murray Ned Coates & Gayle Peters-Coates
Anthony M. & Judith A. Parente Robert & Ardythe R. Cross
$1,000-$9,999 Ashley Pence Doris Deffaa
Harry Plankenhorn Foundation Douglas & Frani Doherty/McDonald’s
Katherine Albertini PNC Foundation Restaurants
Richard P. Allen & Mary L. Sieminski PPL Corporation Jerry & Katharine Falco
Anonymous Janet Querimit Wayne D. & Gerry L. Fausnaught
BB&T Robin A. Read & John Bierley William Gibson
Donna Biehl Kathy R. Rogers Gloria Z. & Charles F. Greevy III
Brodart Company Rotary Club of Williamsport Janet C. Harrison
Thomas B. & Laurie W. Burkholder Donna L. Sayah Michael & Lyneah Hudock
Stephanie Calder Seneca Resources Corp Dennis & Brendae Keith
Comfort Keepers Inc. Margie Shaw David & Christy Lassiter
John M. & Linda D. Confer Marguerite Carl Smith Foundation The Lambert-Tyson Foundation
Howard Dean Abram & Dorothy Snyder Foundation E. Larue Lunt
David & Marcie Finn Philip W. Sprunger & Elizabeth Yoder Barbara S. McGary
First Community Foundation Barbara R. & Philip M. Thomas Sr. William L. & Veronica M. Muzic
Partnership of PA UPMC Diversified Services William E. Nichols Sr.
First National Bank of Pennsylvania Wegmans Food Market, Inc. Pudgie’s Pizza
Friends Favorites Bookstore Weis Markets, Inc. Grant C. & Lisa Rees
Daniel R. & Martha M. Gandy Norman E. Wengert Ruth U. Rees
Anita Gibbons Woodlands Bank Roan Inc.
Richard A. & Letty W. Gray Young Men’s Republican Club Lee R. & Warren L. Robinson, Jr.
Louis Guthrie Sanders Mortuary, LTD.
* Bolding indicates 5+ years of consecutive giving. 2017 ANNUAL REPORT - James V. Brown Library 9


Snowden Library-Lycoming College Petro’s Jewelers Nicoya & Justin Catino
David B. & Louise Stone William L. Phillips Rob & Mary Colley
Richard M. Sweeney Phillips Office Solutions Carmen M. & John W. Compton, Jr.
David & Barbara Wascher James & Margaret P. Redka Karen & Donnie Confer
Patrick & Jennifer Wilson Robert S. & Marion S. Reeser JR & Patty Confer
Ravi & Dianne M. Sethi Albert & Karen Cook
Paul & Melissa Starkey Jeffrey K. & Brenda L. Cowles
$250 to $499 Susquehanna Law Group, Inc. Deanna Cowles
Stephen O. & Corinne H. Waldman James & Nichole Crawford
R. Edward & Linda Alberts Jerald & Kathleen Crosby
Eric Anstadt BECAUSE Timothy J. & Ruthanne Crotty
Peter H. & Amber J. Axeman Anna F. Cruse
Michael & Donna Bastian FOR EVERY John W. & Doreen J. Decker
G. William & Nancy Bishop $10 INVESTED Charles & Diana L. Defanti
Dale R. & Shirley K. Bittenbender Linda Desmond
John A. & Karen A. Blaschak IN PUBLIC Anthony R. & Helen L. Dgien
Barry L. & Nancy S. Boyer LIBRARIES Richard & Pamela Dill
Dana Brigandi James & Sue Dinsmore
John A. & Cynthia M. Brindger $55 IS Palma M. Dominick
Alan L. & Barbara L. Cady RETURNED Laura Dow
Jerald & Kathleen Crosby Naomi Drezner
Jim Cunningham TO PA David L. & Gladys L. Eakin
David L. & Debra L. Damaska TAXPAYERS Michael J. & Jessica Eck
David & Marjorie DeBlander Robert A. Ecker
Michael A. & Kimberly S. Dzikowski $100-$249 Catharine K. Ertel
Catharine K. Ertel Carol Carson Evans
William H. Fish James V. Albertini Gary R. & Diane I. Fague
Thomas M. & Sarah E. Gehret Shirley K. Alters William & Mary Fish
Anthony M. & Deanna L. Gephart Rachel Anderson William & Constance Foresman
Dorothy Gerring Victoria G. Anderton Michael & Terry Gaetano
Laura L. & Robert F. Gilson, Jr. Candace Anuzis Leslie C. Gallaugher
Joan C. Gingrich John E. & Mary Lou Archambault Mary Gibbs Smith
Robin F. Glossner James S. Armstrong Associates Dwaine E. & Elizabeth J. Gipe
Barbara Heere William & Catherine Balduino Terry A. & Susan H. Girdon
Joyce & Harold D. Hershberger, Jr. Carl & Martha G. Barlett Nicholas T. & Debra H. Goff
Sally E. Hilsher Neil & Bonnie Barr Patricia Golamis
Bill Hoffmann Romain F. & Evelyn H. Bastian Charlotte G. Goldsmith
Philip & Christine Johnson Phebe W. Bauer Joseph & Jane Graff
William W. & Sarmite K. Judson John Q. Beauge V. Scott & Mary L. Graham
Stephen G. & Christine Kaiser Steven M. & Debra Q. Bechtel Maria Gustafson
Richard Karp Carl S. & Susan R. Benjamin Gail Watson Haas
Kathleen R. & James E. Kelley Elizabeth Bernardi Evan L. & Margaret W. Haberman
Kiwanis Club of Williamsport Madeline Bird Donald L. & Kathy A. Harris
Marcianne Muzic Lacock Mary Ann & Alfredo L. Blas III Irene Harrison
Rick Mason & Anne L. Rice Glenn Bloiso & Margaret Crabtree Andrew N. & Vicki M. Haussmann
Richard L. Maxwell Jr. & Marcella Pritz Leslie Bowman Jane Hawkins
Susan E. Mayshock Megan Boyle David N. & Paula K. Hedrick
Benedict J. & Karen B. Mazzullo Paul & Patricia Braunegg Robert & Donna Hepler
Nancy E. McCarty L. Randall & Mary Brophy Linda M. Hilsen
Robert W. & Ina Y. McCormick Stephen V. & Madelyn G. Brown Susan & John Hilsher III
Mid-State Beverage Bruce C. & Betty R. Buckle John G. & Renee L. Hinds
C. Edward S. & Karen Mitchell Linda Busching Home Service Beverage
Richard J. & Linda Morris Stacey Butterfield Richard & Ann Hoschar
Frank & Lynn Morrow Beverly W. Caldwell June L. Houghtaling
John W. & Roberta L. Nelms David F. & Penelope Cappa Gareth W. Huggins
Virginia L. Orso Kristin Caringi Gay Jenkins
Anne H. Parsons Ed C. & Katherine Johnson
Claudia A. Caruso


Rosalie F. Kaleda Frank & Beth Schetroma Up to $100
Gretchen H. Kennedy Linda Schramm
Quinn & Rachel E. Kirk Charles E. & Helen W. Schwarz Mark Anderman
Shirley W. & Oscar W. Knade, Jr. Leslie Carpenter Scott John A. & Barbara L. Antolick
Ken & Diana L. Kuhns Ravi & Dianne M. Sethi Peggy A. Ault
Janice D. Kuzio R. Kenneth & Kimberley Shick Jean L. Bates
Nancy J. Lady Ronald T. & Rita B. Shoemaker Robert & Joan Bauder
David & Christy Lassiter Helen Singer John C. & Donna Lynn Becker
Chester M. & Mary R. Lampman Thomas M. Skallerup & Deirdre Clarkin Paul H. & Mary Lou Beiter
Donald & Brenda Larson Christina M. & Joseph O. Smith, Jr. Robert G. & Nancy C. Bowers
Becky Lewis William Spangle Charles & Ruth Brewer
Albert G. & Mary Frances Liddell George & Laura Spencer Steven C. Britton
Richard D. & Elizabeth C. Lightbourn Spitler Funeral Home, Inc. Debra Buckman
Flicka Losch Springs Window Fashions LLC Georgia S. Burch
Eylene V. Love Raymond E. & Mary Jo Stahl Alex & Liam Calder
Charles W. & Hallie Luppert, Jr. Marvin H. & Jean R. Staiman Christine V. Carlucci
William J. & Cynthia Mahoney Victoria Stillman Steven N. Cassotis
Scott W. & Carol A. Masteller Suzanne Straka Cullen J. & Amy K. Chandler
Roger H. & Kathy J. May Richard K. Straley John J. & Audrey R. Comerford
William F. & Judy McConnell David B. & Rita K. Strickler Brette Confair
Jay H. & Ann B. McCormick Albert R. & Judith E. Styrcula Dennis & Verna Correll
McCormick Law Firm Candrus D. Tallman Richard & Kay Y. Creveling
Robert J. & Patricia G. McKernan Doris Heller Teufel Ruth E. Croyle
Blanche P. Messerly Augustus O. Thomas Joyce Davis
Dale A. & Sally B. Metzker Phyllis R. Thomas Evelyn M. Derrick
Nancy C. Miles Phyllis S. Thomas Tracey L. Dow
Brad & Chantel Milliken Richard F. & Lore H. Tignor Duboistown United Methodist Church
Rick & Sara Mirabito Tracey Tillett Robert A. & Janice A. Dulak
Robert G. & Joyce B. Moore Tom & Holly Tillman Mack Duncan
Marianne & Thomas Mulfinger Robert C. & Judith A. Trautwein Raymond O. & June L. Eck
Eileen A. Murphy David F. & Robin Troisi Patti Eichensehr
Susan & Joseph Myers Richard M. & Alice L. Trowbridge John C. & Barbara G. Ertel
Mary Love Nast Eleanor Uckele Curtis P. & Pamela J. Fink
Terry L. Neenan Anthony H. Visco, Jr. Architects Andrew & Dorothy France
Judith A. Nesbitt Robert G. & Rose Ann Wallace Donna Freilich
Robert T. & Lisa Nible Jerry S. & Joy Ann Walls Alannah Gabriel
Timothy F. & Robin R. Pardoe Richard & Sharon Walter Ernest Gairo
Charles A. & Elizabeth J. Paris Irenay S. & Robert C. Weaver Jr. Roland W. Gearhart
Edward & Erin Pawlak R. Kenneth Weiss & Janet Hurwitz Peter H. & Lenora G. Georges
Henry P. & Eleanor S. Perciballi Justin C. Wenner Dorothea Giordano
Eleanor L. & David L. Phillips Jessica A. Wheeland Patricia Girio
John F. & Margaret Piper Jr. Gene Weigle & Kathryn Penfield Daniel Glunk & Margrit Shoemaker
Charles C. Plankenhorn J. Michael & Ashley S. Wiley Dwight & Tina Goodrich
Charles M. & Diane Plankenhorn Marilyn Williams Alison Gregory
William Herbert Poff III Steven R. Winkel & Barbara W. Sahm Sarah D. Grieco
Rachel Potter Joanne H. Wise Jerry J. Griffin
Mark & Melissa Rackish Daniel E. & Linda V. Wolfe Marilyn M. Harer
Patricia J. Rambo Pamela & William Worobec Bernadette Harney
Jeffrey W. & Christine Rauff David C. & Janet K. Wright Bruce E. & Karen A. Harris
Matthew & Michelle Rebeck William & Jeanne Yaggi Deborah Hawley
Thomas E. Robins Young Men’s Democratic Club John E. Heggenstaller & Amy Ershler
Martha Rommelt James A. & Joann H. Zeigler Lucy Henry
Carolyn B. Rosser Thomas A. & June K. Zimmerman Richard & Donna Hensler
Sam’s Club #6547 Jon & Adriene Zook Isabella & David Heyman
Nancy A. Sanders Andrew A. & Marcia D. Zvara Shirley E. Hill
Allison M. Savage Vanessa A. & William E. Holmes Jr.
Kenneth O. & Merlyn L. Sawyer
* Bolding indicates 5+ years of consecutive giving. 2017 ANNUAL REPORT - James V. Brown Library 11


Helen E. Hoy Annette Montgomery Amy E. Ruth-Swart
Bruce Huffman Connie C. Moore David & Andrea Ryder
Robert A. & Lou Ann Ireland Alan & Vivian Morgan John D. & Judith R. Ryder
Nancy Jacobs Herbie & Gale Morris-Dunkle Janice F. Saffel
Emily R. Jensen Shelby J. Mulberger Chad Sartori
Barbara Johnson Linda C. Murray Megan Saunders
William Keenan Eleanor C. Mussina Robert & Janet Scappini
John W. & Wendy L. Kelsey Craig A. Myers Blair E. Shangraw
Anthony L. & Marilyn B. Kidd Ted & Cynthia G. Nance Jay D. & Carol A. Shipman
David & Marcie Klingler Dana G. Naughton William J. & Diane K. Shurer
Lauren Kohl Sandra Nelson Suzanne Simon
Kathryn A. Kohler Newberry Lioness Club Diane L. Slaterbeck
Karim A. Lakhdhir Melissa Nolan Gregory Smith & JoAnn Gorski
Michael K. & Jill A. Lamade Mark & Mary Odorizzi Robert F. & Karen J. Sonntag
Heather LeBlanc Stuart & Judith Olinsky Charles D. & Shirley A. Springman
Barbara J. Lendemann Walter A. & Sarah J. Packard George B. & Judith I. Stauffer
Donna D. Libby Marilyn L. Palmer Cynthia A. Stearns
Maxine W. Lloyd John B. & Suzanne L. Patterson Larry & Karen Stopper
Lycoming County Chapter Pa Association Margaret K. Pauling Robert W. & Cindy L. Sweppenheiser
of School Retirees Anna V. Payne Frederick P. & Jacqueline G. Thomas
Theodore J. & Anne A. Marmo Matthew Peck Kenneth D. & Alice E. Troutman
James R. & Cathy J. Marr Pennsylvania College of Technology William C. & Kimberly F. Van Campen
Jeffrey A. & L. Maile Marshall Donna K. Pepperman Beverly Van Ess
Charles W. & Mary B. Martin, Jr. Amanda Perry JoAnn T. Wagner
Stephen A. & Debra M. Martin Sandra H. Person Lisa Margareta Maria Wagner
Timothy Martin & Melissa Lobos Linda S. Peterman Ronald A. & Patricia A. Walko
William J. & Carolyn G. Martin Richard A. & Marleen R. Petts Michael & Diana Wall
Martha L. Martz Charles C. Plankenhorn Heidi J. Waltman-Kane
Dianne M. Masten Bruce & Maureen Pratt Barbara Watts-Huebert
Richard B. & Cynthia A. Masters Virgil & Elaine Probasco WAWHO
James H. & Donna O. Maule Stephanie M. Protasio Gary & Shelby Weber
Sean & Marcy McCann John B. & Lana L. Raymond Richard J. & Kay Weilminster
William C. & Beverly H. McCauley Wilma Reeder Elsie Wessner
Frances B. McDonald Joseph F. & Jean F. Reidy Suzanne Williams
Jean W. McKernan Patricia Renn Williamsport West Veterinary Hospital
Robert E. & Janet R. McManigal Susan & Richard Rider Daniel & Margery Wurster
Donald & Irene R. Metzger Cheryl E. Riley Walter & Barbara Zegarski
Gerald Miller & Anita E. Casper Gerald B. & Shelley L. Roberts Lou Ann B. & Ralph E. Zeigler Jr.
Ryan A. & Jaclyn Miller Peter & Erin Ruhl

William L. Phillips

William L. Phillips was a generous supporter of the James V.
Brown Library, as well as an enthusiastic reader. After a long career in
publishing in New York, he returned to live in Williamsport near his family
and friends. He informed us several years ago that he had remembered the
Library in his will with an unrestricted gift. He became a part of the 1907
Society, made up of people who have told the Library about their
We were saddened to learn of his death in 2017. His legacy will
live on, as his gift champions the love of reading and opens new doors
to lifelong learning. Gifts like his help ensure the preservation of library
services for future generations.

Memorial Gifts Honors Gifts

In memory of Donated by In honor of Given by

Bill Albertini ................................ James V. Albertini
Dr. Joseph Calder ........................ Alex and Liam Calder Stephanie and Larry Allison .....William & Mary Fish
Janice Cohen ................................ Mary H. Shaw Amy Ruth-Swart
Marilyn Cohen ............................. R. Kenneth Weiss and Janet Hurwitz
Dave Colley .................................. William F. Gibson Sandy Bastian .............................Newberry Lioness Club
Marjorie C. Fell ........................... Gareth W. Huggins
Charles A. and Elizabeth J. Paris Eckels Adoption Agency ............Mary H. Shaw
Lillian Forsey ............................... Michael and Donna Bastian
Friends of the James V. Brown Library Dr. Robert A. Ecker ....................The Lambert-Tyson
Daniel R. and Martha M. Gandy Foundation
Dwight and Tina Goodrich
Timothy Martin and Melissa Lobos Sydney Kelley .............................Daniel T. & Elizabeth A.
Matthew and Michelle Rebeck Manetta
Cynthia A. Stearns
Alice Hott Frye............................. John A. and Barbara L. Antolick Sue McCusker .............................Janice F. Saffel
Gloria Z. and Charles F. Greevy III
Ryan A. and Jaclyn Miller Ruth U. Rees ................................Gloria Z. and Charles F.
John F. and Margaret Piper Jr. Greevy III
Mary Gage .................................... Robert and Janet Scappini Paul & Melissa Starkey
Thomas M. Skallerup and Deirdre Clarkin
Evelyn B. Garver .......................... Mr. and Mrs. Mark Anderman Alfred M. Scaro, Sr .....................Nancy C. Miles
Linda Busching
Maggie Gerring............................ Pennsylvania College of Technology Lois Williams .............................Stephanie T. Calder
Curtis Getz .................................. Ronald T. and Rita B. Shoemaker Rick Mason & Anne L. Rice
Catherine “Kay” E. Mary H. Shaw
(Husselton) Gibson ..................... Rob and Mary Colley
William F. Gibson Robert and Joanne Wise ............William C. & Beverly H.
Gloria Z. and Charles F. Greevy III McCauley
Blanche P. Messerly
John W. Gresh .............................. Walter A. and Sarah J. Packard Dave and Sue Wright .................Mary Love Nast
T. Max Hall ................................... Stephanie T. Calder
Linda Fryling Herbst .................. Gloria Z. and Charles F. Greevy III
C. Richard Hodge ........................ L. Randall and Mary Brophy
Miriam Shuck Weiss 1907 Society
McCarrick ..................................... Candace Anuzis
Neil and Bonnie Barr
John E. Heggenstaller and Amy Ershler
R. Kenneth Weiss and Janet Hurwitz Members of the 1907 Society have made
Steven M. Ohnmeiss ................... Palma M. Dominick a commitment that will benefit the Library in years
Benedict J. and Karen B. Mazzullo to come. They have included the James V. Brown
Ted and Cynthia G. Nance Library in their wills, ensuring a legacy
Linda Philbin ............................... Annie Shebest for our community.
Joyce Roan .................................... Karen and Donnie Confer
Gordon “Gordie” Shaw .............. John B. and Suzanne L. Patterson Saundra J. Blackburn
Beth Smith .................................... Eric Anstadt John M. Confer
Clinton W. Smith ......................... Linda M. Hilsen Don Cunningham
Ralph Thorne Jr. .......................... Henry P. and Eleanor S. Perciballi Jim Cunningham
Betty I. Van Campen Uskurait .. Kathryn A. Kohler
Robert E. and Janet R. McManigal Alannah Gabriel
William C. and Kimberly F. Van Campen Martha M. Gandy
Lucille (Tebbs) Weaver ............... Dale R. and Shirley K. Bittenbender Robin F. Glossner
J. Marlyne Whaley ...................... McCormick Law Firm
Virginia Williams ....................... Phebe W. Bauer Joyce & Harold D. Hershberger Jr.
Ernest Gairo Melissa E. Kearney
Leslie C. Gallaugher Christy G. Lassiter
Jerry J. Griffin Barbara S. McGary
Bernadette Harney
Linda S. Peterman Ruth A. Person
Marilyn Williams Robin A. Read
Vic Wise ........................................ Dale R. and Shirley K. Bittenbender Ruth U. Rees
Kathleen J. Vogel Linda Schramm
Zimmerman-Habbel ................... Thomas A. and June K. Zimmerman
2017 ANNUAL REPORT - James V. Brown Library 13



Daniel F. Alters Lycoming College
Shirley Alters Chris Macdonald
Meghan Andrews Paul Mach
Aquarius Pool & Patio Rick Mahonski Goldsmith
Barrs True Value Hardware Daniel T. & Elizabeth A. Manetta
Beth Moser Designs Cortney Marshall
Donna Biehl Colin W. & Ami L. McChesney
Bonner Sports, Inc. Mel’s Catering
Boom City Brewery Nancy C. Miles
Brodart Co. David Miller
Bullfrog Brewery Josephine Miller
Marge Burfeindt Theresa & Steven Moff
LW Beads/Laurie W. Burkholder Montoursville Garden Club
Bush House Estate Moon & Raven Public House
Stephanie T. Calder Olive Garden Italian Restaurant
Centered Earth Clay Arts Studio and Gallery Patinaz
Cholin Corp., Inc. Pennsylvania College of Technology
City Hall Grand Sandra Person
Clyde Peeling Reptiland Birch B. & Annmarie Phillips
Community Arts Center Donna Phillips
Brette Confair Mark & Melissa Rackish
John M. & Linda D. Confer Stephen and Stephanie Radulski
Elite Feet, Inc. Grant C. & Lisa Rees
Kim Entz Ruth Rees
Equinox Revive Medical Spa & Laser Treatment Center
Ettinger’s Landscaping Services and Garden Salon Simone
Center Annie Shebest
Lisa Fink Pottery and Portraits Sit Happens
Dorothy Fisher Paul & Melissa Starkey
Robin Glossner Taco Bill’s Taco Madness
Charles F. & Gloria Z. Greevy Tebbs Farm
Evan L. & Margaret W. Haberman The Sawhorse Cafe
Helminiak’s Greenhouses and Landscaping Timber Power Yoga
Hillside Catering Tony’s Delicatessen & Fresh Meats
Hughesville Area High School David F. & Robin Troisi
Janet Hurlbert Carol A. Wagner
In-Balance White Deer Golf Course
Johnson Chiropractic Lois E. Williams
J. Kauffman Williamsport Area High School
Carol A. Lady Williamsport Crosscutters
Marlen Lang Williamsport Sun-Gazette
Little Treasures Williamsport Symphony Orchestra
Lisa Lytle Winner Hardware/Bass Pro


Officers of the Board of Trustees

Seated, left to right: Trisha Gibbons Marty, Secretary,
Thomas B. Burkholder, President,
Harold D. Hershberger, Jr., Immediate Past President.
Standing, left to right: John M. Confer, Treasurer,
Gloria Z. Greevy, Vice-President

board Members:
Dr. Timothy Bowers
Mayor Gabriel J. Campana
Rick Mirabito
Kyle Murphy

Barbara S. McGary Kristin Caringi
Executive Director Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operations Officer

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