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Chad the Chewy Chicken (colored) - alt ending

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Published by Tralinge, 2019-03-11 20:04:58

Chad the Chewy Chicken (colored) - alt ending

Chad the Chewy Chicken (colored) - alt ending

Chad the Chewy Chicken

There was a chicken named Chad.
One day a chubby child saw Chad on a chair.
The chubby child thought “that chicken would be tasty with chips and cheese”.

The chubby child chased Chad.

Chad thought “If I wear a sheep shirt, I won’t be so tasty”.
Chad changed into a sheep shirt. Now even more chubby children chased Chad.

Chad thought “If I have a shell, I won’t be so tasty.”
Chad ran from the chubby children onto a ship and shut the chest.

At sea, Chad jumped into the water, swam down and found a shell.
Along came a shark. “Shhhh” said another shark. “That chicken looks tasty”.
The shark chomped on Chad’s shell and said “Shame, that’s a chewy chicken.”

Chad changed his mind “I shouldn’t wear a shell – I’ll be shark chow.”
Chad had no choice left – he joined a pirate show.

Pirates don’t shower, but they eat chilled shrimp with chopsticks – no chicken.

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