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Production Academy Overview

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Published by Academies of Excellence, 2018-12-17 11:28:11

Production Academy

Production Academy Overview

Technical Academies – Production

Technical Academies Overall Vision
▪ To develop individuals role specific skills and

knowledge in functional areas by providing the highest
quality training opportunities

▪ Creating development paths to enable individuals to
fulfil to their potential

▪ Providing an opportunity for career development
should individuals wish to develop

▪ Ensuring each Technical Academy will have clearly
defined measures of success

▪ Continuously improve and innovate

Technical Academies



Production Academy Vision
“We want to develop a structured learning and
development programme that equips the Production
team with the skills to create value and deliver quality.
We will establish the skill requirements for future recruits
and a structure to develop and retain the best.”


The Taylor Wimpey Production Academy

NVQ Technical Modules TW Modules TW Assessment & Director Discussion – sign-off

• Supported by NHBC • Delivered by the NHBC • Taken from the Taylor
Assessors Wimpey learning offer
• Enhance knowledge in
2 days (Month 2) relation to quality house- • Specific to Taylor Wimpey
building but not specific to
• 121 visits every 8-10 weeks Production
• Intended to:
• Coach & support– prioritise • close gaps in technical • 3 key subject areas -
module completion, knowledge
identify gaps in • enable people to managing people,
knowledge, assess manage areas outside
competency their own specialism projects and finances
• enable people to
• On-the-job observation, prevent defects – or at • Some modules already
audio recording of least spot them early on available (e.g. COINs,
examples, written Customer Journey) others
examples • 2 mandatory modules – in development for launch
Defects Prevention and in Jan 2017
• Candidate works through Effective Snagging &
NVQ content in between Handovers • Some mandatory –
Assessor visits introductions to all 3 topics
• 1 optional module –
• NHBC helpline & website Managing Timber Frame • Others optional to further
offer further support if Construction develop or close gaps in
needed knowledge and skill only if
• Plus Trade Talks needed

Taylor Wimpey Diploma

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