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Koaowls phascolarcinereus

-brown wide and long wings
-yellow eyes
-brown short fur

Koaowls phascolarcinereus

-grey small wings
-orange eyes
-grey long fur


Koala’s ears
-have a excellent sense of hearing

Koala’s hands
-have two opposable thumbs that providing
better gripping ability

Owl’s wings
-able to fly without making any noise

Owl’s head
-can rotate their neck by 270 degree

Owl’s eyes
-eyes are well adapted for night
-glow at night

Once upon a time, there was a community of
koaowls combination of owl’s head, owl’s eyes, owl’s
wings, koala’s ears and koala’s hands. They have
differences which is some of them have grey small
wings while other one is brown wide and long wings.

They were all live in barren area of landscape where little precipitation occurs and consequently living
conditions are hostile for plant and animal life which is desert. They both had different adaptation
characteristics but they were all different in this genus. However, the grey long fur breed is unable to survive in
desert because the climate is unsuitable for them. As a result, these animals would potentially become

The brown short-furred species
lived happily until the sandstorm
struck, destroying the koaowl’s
habitat. Some of them fled and flew
away to save their lives and find a
new place to live that was better for

They were divided into two groups as a result of the immigration. Most of them were terrified of the

sandstorm and decided to flee to snowy Olaf forest, while the others choose to hide to save their lives. The

Koaowls phascolarcinereus change the colour from brown to white. They transition from brown to white

after living on the snow mountain for a long time. This is due to adaptive radiation, which happens when

brown species populations enter a number of new ecosystems and evolve in response to the various

environmental conditions in those habitats.

The Koaowl phascolarcinereus change from brown short fur to white thick fur because they

need to adapt to the whether. So it can helps them to keep them warm when they want to sleep. The

koaowl eyes change from yellow to blue eyes.

The Koawols Phasandfurious lives in Olaf Forest.

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