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Enactus SACE Students Enterprise 2018-19

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Enactus SACE Students Enterprise 2018-19

Enactus SACE Students Enterprise 2018-19

Keywords: Annual Newsletter of Enactus Sri Aurobindo College Evening

Student Enterprise'







Core Team with Faculty Advisor and Ms. Neena As Delegates at TiE Delhi NCR's
Narayan at Project ISHTA Launch Entrepreneurship Summit

Enactus SACE promoting project Students showing interest in Enactus SACE
ANNAPURNA by adding more women

Team successfully organised its First Dr. Sumati Varma felicitating our
Principal Dr. Namita Rajput at
Induction Program (2018) 2 Josh Talks event





Sri Aurobindo College Evening IMPORTANCE OF ARTS AND 13

HIGHLIGHTS 2018-19 18
Dr. Sumati Varma 22
Dr. Akhilesh Mishra YOU'RE NEVER TOO OLD TO BE AN 24
Uzma Shakeel






Welcome to the second edition of the newsletter of Enactus Society of Sri Aurobindo College
Evening, I am pleased to extend heartiest congratulations to the mentor and Faculty Advisor,
Dr. Sumati Varma and the students of Enactus for their successful effort in bringing out the
second issue.

The newsletter will keep the College apprised of the activities, initiatives, and growth of the
Society and surely be a source of inspiration for others. Established three years ago,
innovative in its approach, Enactus has been an integral part and extension of the various
initiatives taken by the College to augment our Social Outreach Programmes. Guided by the
motto "We Rise by Lifting Others” the Society has striven towards Women Empowerment
through Social Entrepreneurship through its Project ANNAPURNA. I take immense pride in
pointing out that the Enactus team of SAC-E has enabled women, who were earlier
homemakers, to establish a tiffin service business, and has thus not only helped to make
them self-reliant and financially empowered but also aided to improve the financial condition
of their families.

Taking this forward, the team has launched a new project - ISHTA - Initiative for Sanitation
and Hygiene Towards All. Project ISHTA aims to make hygiene easily accessible by providing
disposable toilet seat covers and using a share of the sales to make toilets in underprivileged
areas. Our students associated with Enactus work as the management consultants in this
project. The Projects has proved beneficial in not only honing the management and
entrepreneurial skills of our students but also bringing about a spirit of social responsibility
among them.
I wish the team all the best for their future endeavors.

Dr. Namita Rajput

Sri Aurobindo College - Evening

University of Delhi



It is with great pride that we bring out the second edition of STUDENT ENTERPRISE- the student newsletter
from the ENACTUS chapter of Sri Aurobindo College (Evening). The newsletter is the brain-child of the
dynamic students of the society who have exhibited the same initiative, drive, and true entrepreneurial spirit
in putting together this issue as is the driving force for their projects.

The Enactus chapter of Sri Aurobindo College (Eve.) was formed in 2016 and is one of the most active student
organizations on the south campus, University of Delhi. The chapter works on the principles of social
entrepreneurship in running two projects - PROJECT ISHTA – which was introduced in the current year and
PROJECT ANNAPOORNA which has been our flagship project since inception. The aim of Enactus is to
enable students to get real-life experience and exposure in all facets of management of social enterprise by
creating an ecosystem and enabling an environment for entrepreneurial activity.

It a matter of great pride to introduce our new endeavor - PROJECT ISHTA - ‘Initiative for Sanitation and
Hygiene Towards All’ – a project on woman entrepreneurship for hygienic sanitation. Project ISHTA is aimed
at enabling complete, inexpensive public hygiene for women. We have created a convenient, hygienic and
waterproof toilet seat cover which fits all seats and gives complete coverage and protection. The cover comes
with a unique fold to hold and fit on the lid so there is no hand contact with the seat. The fold also ensures
the cover stays in place during use. In a pocket-size pack of 5 covers, you can now easily ‘carry your care’
and ensure your personal hygiene anytime anywhere. The project complements the government’s vision of
“SWACHH BHARAT” as the proceeds from out toilet seat covers are used for the construction of public toilets
in underserviced regions. Clean is also green. ISHTA is minimalistic and follows 3 R’s- ‘Reduce’ the use of
paper, ‘Redeploy’ proceeds for sanitation, and use ‘Recyclable’ material for safe disposal.

Our flagship venture - PROJECT ANNAPOORNA was conceptualized as a project which enables women
empowerment through Social Entrepreneurship. It started with enabling three homemakers, to establish a
tiffin service business. The Project has grown in leaps and bounds in the current session as it has expanded
its footprints all across the city. The student team act as management consultants and have provided the
necessary ecosystem for enabling a domestic activity to take the form of a flourishing business. Society has
honed the business skills of these homemakers and has thus not only helped to make them self-reliant and
financially empowered but is also instrumental in improving the financial condition of their families.

It is a matter of immense pride for me to chronicle the growth of the project. Starting out as a neighborhood
tiffin service in Malviya Nagar, the project had moved to include Sainik Farms and Karol Bagh last year. This
year we have moved across the city into North Campus, South Campus, and Laxmi Nagar, adding eight new
vendors in the supply chain.
The success of Enactus is made possible by the enthusiasm, hard work and dedication of the student team
and its members. It clearly brings out the commitment of our youth towards social responsibility – and I wish
them all the very best for the road ahead.



From the mind of KARAN SHRIVASTAVA
young editors UZMA SHAKEEL

Dear Readers


A ship needs a little push from the breeze to cruise the oceans. A winged creature
figuring out how to fly needs a little push from its mother. A little child rating for the
first time needs a little push from his father standing at the back of the crowd. Well,
that little push is vital indeed! And for the student of ENACTUS SACE, that little push
is our annual Newsletter.

We are proud to present to you this 2018-19 issue of the annual Newsletter. This is the
official melting pot of the powerful thoughts of the faculty advisor, leaders, and the
members of the ENACTUS Sri Aurobindo College Evening family. The Editorial Team
has strived to give to you an astonishing amalgamation of thoughts and imagination.
We have had a superb and extraordinary experience gathering an assortment of
articles, success of the projects, and achievements of our brightest students, notable
Alumni, and amazing Faculty into one remarkable Newsletter.

ENACTUS has been a great learning experience for us - it has made us realize that real
learning takes place in the real world. Proclaiming ‘For God and Country’, it is indeed
a pleasure to witness the astounding heights that this ENACTUS SAC(E) has achieved
under the guidance of our spectacular faculty advisor Dr. Sumati Varma who not only
guided us to success in the first project ANNAPURNA but also helped in striking
another project ISHTA. We are indeed lucky to have her as a mentor, a guide and an
amazing advisor, without her leadership and push we would have never achieved such

With all our heart we say a big ‘thank you’ to our Faculty advisor, teammates, and dear

We sincerely hope that the drive to excel stays ignited in our hearts towards our vision

Joyous reading!




Initiative for Sanitation and Hygiene Towards All

Enactus SACE presents Project ISHTA this year - full of
energy and enthusiasm.

We take a stab at cooperative energy: some make ISHTA,
some include a block for a toilet, some win and learn, and
sanitation turns into reality from multiple points of view
for all. Everyone engaged contributes and accomplishes

for oneself and one another.

An interview with Neena Narayan, Founder of ISHTA Creation.
She shares what motivated her to launch a startup that enables women to achieve
better sanitation outcomes.

Sanitation and hygiene is one of India’s greatest The Product
challenges. The impact of poor practices affects
the health and development of the entire DISPOSABLE
population. The government is making a TOILET SEAT
significant effort to embark upon change, but a lot
still needs to be done. Private sector solutions like COVER
ISHTA Creation toilet covers are possible game-
changers in this important fight.

ISHTA, which stands for ‘Initiative for Sanitation #Swacch hai Ishta hai
and Hygiene Towards All’, solves for the problem
that women especially face as they often must sit
on unclean vestibules, running the risk of infection.
Neena Narayan, the founder of ISHTA Creation is
of the firm belief that the best gift a person can
give themselves and their loved ones is good
health. Her vision is to enable Indian women to
realize that vision as they go about their busy
lives. The idea for the company was conceived in
2015 at a doctor’s waiting room in New Delhi.


In conversation with Karan Shrivastava & Uzma Shakeel (KU),
Neena Narayan (NN) shares the journey of her company.

KU : Tell us about your business. Karan and Uzma while Interviewing Ms. Neena Narayan

NN: With today's on-the-go lifestyle, how can The universe was conspiring; help and
people, especially women and the elderly, pee guidance came from the right people at the
comfortably and safely in a public toilet that may right time and thorough research and numerous
not be maintained well. That question struck me design changes followed. We finally arrived at a
as I waited for a routine health check on a Diwali convenient, hygienic and waterproof toilet seat
morning at my doctor’s clinic in 2015. At 50, your cover which fits all seats and gives complete
good health is the best gift you give yourself and coverage and protection.
your loved ones.

I was inspired, the thought consumed me, and
I then spent the next year and a half in pursuit
of a product that felt like silk and protected like
steel. It would:
• Be a product comfortable to sit and
convenient to use, and • Act as a complete
protective shield between the user and the
seat to ensure safety from UTIs and other
infections unknowingly contracted while using
a public lavatory.

The final cover comes with a unique fold to hold
and fit on the lid so there is no hand contact
with the seat. The fold also ensures the cover
stays in place during use. In a pocket-size pack
of 5 covers you can now easily ‘carry your care’
and ensure your personal hygiene anytime
anywhere. That’s how ISHTA (Initiative for
Sanitation and Hygiene Towards All) came into
being like a small step to a better world.

What comes from the universe resonates with
synergy. The women who help to pack the
covers started to learn and earn, and it delights
me to see that the toilet seat covers they help
make, enables their own health & hygiene
as well.


KU: What are the challenges you have faced in KU : What is the USP of your business?
establishing your business?
NN: The challenges faced have transformed
NN: Looking back, the challenges were like pointers into becoming the strength of ISHTA. Our
to the destination: approach is to innovate, stay simple and have
an impact: We have developed a unique, easy
• To have a product that completely and effectively to carry, no touch, comfortable, waterproof
protects the user from UTI or other infections. cover for toilet seat - “ISHTA” - for use in public
Something better than the wet wipe method being toilets. It provides a clean experience and helps
used by most users in a public toilet prevent UTIs and other infections unknowingly
• To make it simple and convenient to use and contracted at times while using public toilet
‘carry your care’ everywhere seats. We contribute a part of ISHTA sale
• To self-sustain as we make in India, for the world proceeds to organizations constructing and
• To increase awareness for hygiene and reach the maintaining public toilets.
user We try and engage women (otherwise working
• The bigger challenge is to make people aware of as domestic staff) in our processes, helping
how holding your urine itself makes you more them to earn extra money and be ambassadors
prone to UTI and how a simple step to carry your of change when it comes to hygiene habits.
care can ensure hygiene anytime, anywhere. Clean is also green. ISHTA is minimalistic and
follows 3 R’s- ‘Reduce’ the use of paper,
KU : Do you feel the present environment has ‘Redeploy’ proceeds for sanitation, and use
become more conducive to business? ‘Recyclable’ material for safe disposal.
At ISHTA we strive for synergy — some make
NN: The present environment is resonating with ISHTA, some add a brick for a toilet, some earn
energy, with increased online connectivity and learn, and sanitation becomes a reality in
improving business linkages and also making it many ways for all. Everyone engaged
easier to reach the ultimate user. These are both contributes and achieves for oneself and each
aspects of networking of which are made better other.
with a platform like Enactus.

Ms. Neena Narayan helping girls to fly First Toilet made out of the share from ISHTA

9 sales at Lucknow

KU: What are some of the milestones of your Glimpses of the Launch Day

NN: The real milestones are the smiles on faces of
safe and happy users, the women who learn
and earn as part of our organization and the
satisfaction of taking a step together.

KU : What is your big business dream?

NN: We would like ISHTA to reach out across the
world to help ensure that sanitation and hygiene
become a reality for all.

KU : What is your advice to young entrepreneurs?

NN: Align with your dream. Take a leap and your
wings will grow.

Enactus SACE aims to put two and two together
to decipher various societal issues in our country.

On the successful commencement of our new
project " ISHTA" with the help of our Faculty
Advisor Dr. Sumati Varma, we at Enactus SACE
conducted a lively discussion on 7th Feb 2019
with the architect of this project Mrs. Neena
Narayan, who enlightened the discussion by her

views on sanitation and hygiene and its
importance in our healthy life. Further, she
elaborated on what ISHTA actually is, and how
she decided to pursue this cause. She also
explained how this project was successfully




Prof. Ankur Bhatnagar
Department of Economics

Satyawati College
Delhi University

It's a common misconception that money is every entrepreneur's
metric for success. It's not, and nor should it be.- Richard Branson

Entrepreneurship, startups, venture capital He is the one who took the risk to try and
funding, seed funding, shark tank.. buzzwords germinate the seed. His risk-taking attitude, in
that have become common parlance today. Did the face of uncertainty of weather, soil and
we not have entrepreneurs in the past? Why the myriad other conditions turned a seed into a
sudden interest and buzz around grain that society benefitted from. This attitude is
entrepreneurship in recent times? As I googled probably what differentiates an entrepreneur
information on entrepreneurship I found sites from any other business person. In a strict
giving me different ‘definitions’ and ‘qualities’ of sense, the latter is like an executor of the idea,
an entrepreneur. Are these qualities not the using principles of finance, marketing, sales,
same as desirable in businessmen or production and of course profit. But the key is the
businesswomen? Are the two categories entrepreneur- the birther of the idea.
entrepreneurs and businesspeople mutually
exclusive? I carried on with my Googling for an
answer. Here is what I found.

The most valuable and critical trait of any
entrepreneur is her IDEA. Without this idea,
there is no business. As the mythologist and
management guru, Devdutt Pattanaik explains,

‘One day, Brahma, father of all living creatures,

found a grain of rice at his feet. “Who is

responsible for you?” he asked. The farmer The transformation of an idea into a tangible

claimed responsibility, as he had sown the seed product/ service is the job of a meticulous

and harvested the grain. The seed claimed planner or business person; someone who

responsibility, as without seed no grain can be follows a plan with given objectives and a well-

created. The soil claimed responsibility, as planned route. This transformation needs the

without soil a seed cannot germinate. The sun desire of the entrepreneur to concertize her

claimed responsibility, as without sunlight plants idea, and her conviction that overcomes all

cannot grow. Finally, the rain claimed doubts she and others around her may have.

responsibility as unless there is timely rain, and This explains why risk-taking, confidence,

adequate rain, nothing can grow. “Everyone is conviction, passion, creativity are some of the

essential for the creation of the grain,” said common traits of entrepreneurs, whether they

Brahma, “But only one is critical: the farmer’. have been successful or not.


So what defines the success of an entrepreneur The world needs social entrepreneurs, more
or who is a failed entrepreneur? The Cambridge than anything else as they are not based on
dictionary comes to our rescue as it defines an profit motives. This allows them to ideate on
entrepreneur as ‘a person who sets up a social problems that don’t fit into a business
business or businesses, taking on financial risks paradigm. The relentless pursuit of profits has
in the hope of profit’, So an entrepreneur who led to massive problems; the 2008 crash in the
cannot make profits in the transformation USA being the most recent economic calamity.
process of her idea into a tangible reality fails. It is time we replace our ‘profit’ lens of looking
The metric here is profits, which has been into any activity with a more ‘social’ lens, that
exposed to be the bane of our current economic considers the intangible effects on an
system. Such a definition does not allow for entrepreneur’s efforts on society. This also
other objectives for an entrepreneur. Do we explains why social entrepreneurship is a buzz
really need to measure the results of all word today, even though history is replete with
activities in money terms? It seems that this is success stories of business people. Its time to
not necessary anymore. downgrade profits, and uplift ‘social gains’ as a
metric for all activities. Social entrepreneurship
is the relevant paradigm for this change.

The concept of social entrepreneurship rebels against
profit as a metric for success, and as an objective itself
for an entrepreneur. Social entrepreneurship is based on
‘giving back to society, instead of ‘earning ‘a profit from
society. Its main objective is to effect social change, to
make a difference in society. It pledges to plow back
whatever value it creates in tangible and intangible ways
to the enterprise itself. As per this, a person who teaches
a group of underprivileged students at home is also an
entrepreneur, even though she has no formal structure to
her efforts. The academic results of her students, as well
as the gain in confidence in them, are good metrics to
measure her success, even if the latter is less
measurable than the former. If one of these students
takes the lead to teach a new group of students it is
socially beneficial, but not measurable. The confidence
of this one student to take on more students is an
intangible and immeasurable social benefit. The same
activity is routed through an NGO makes it a formal
activity, bringing it under the lens of economic analysis.




Neha Khaitan
Assistant Professor
Don Bosco Institute of Management
Don Bosco University, Assam

Investment in various forms of art and culture “Yet the Gross National Product does not allow

makes people live richer, enriching and liberating. for the health of our children, the quality of their

Cultural manifestations are a way of expression education or the joy of their play. It does not

which leads to critical thinking and creativity, include the beauty of our poetry or the strength of

gets comfortable with risk-taking, increase their our marriages, the intelligence of our public

presence and confidence, and be much more debate or the integrity of our public officials. It

emphatic and effective leaders. The various forms measures neither our wit nor our courage, neither

of art, music, and creativity are therapeutic in our wisdom nor our learning, neither our

nature and bring sparkles and glow in personality. compassion nor our devotion to our country, it

Arts, culture, and heritage is one of the components measures everything in short, except that which
of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) The makes life worthwhile”.
policy of the Companies Act, 2013 but its inclusion is
not so prevalent in CSR spending and activities of The First Human Development Report (1990)
the firm. Corporates are shy towards investing in also corroborates that “The basic objective of
arts, culture, and heritage even if they have financial development is to create an enabling environment
resources available because it’s difficult to assess for people to enjoy long, healthy and creative
value and measure impact from investing in such lives. This may appear to be a simple truth. But it
activities. It is hard to see the return on investment in is often forgotten in the immediate concern with
arts, culture, and heritage. Cultural experiences are the accumulation of commodities and financial
not tangible and therefore it becomes difficult to wealth”.
relate its economic significance directly into the How arts, culture and heritage help corporates
strategy and policy of the organization. In accounting grow? There is a lot of potential and
too, the money measurement concept fails to opportunities for corporates to invest in arts, culture,
recognize the efficiency of management, or and heritage by the kind of publicity and
productivity/morale of employees, ethics, and values brand recognition they get, and indirectly by making
of organization which holds substance for the city a vibrant, commercial place.
any firm. Leveraging arts and culture in business strategy
through CSR policy brings goodwill, creates
cultural value and brand name. The number of

We cannot identify that investing in arts, culture, footfalls in the city by way of cultural tourism

and heritage is directly contributing to the Gross generates revenue and employment and thus

Domestic Product and in the economic growth of attracts attention from the state, city, and business.

a country. With this, an important point regarding In this regard, New York exemplifies as the cultural

GDP by Robert Kennedy is noteworthy to capital of the US and the creative sector is one of

remember—How GDP failed in 1968. the most important economic assets of New York.


In fact, the United States occupies the top position There are many corporates and business

in the global art industry market followed by the houses which invests in arts, culture and

UK and China (KPMG Report, 2018). Finland is heritage in

also a great example of creating a national India. Some of the initiatives by the corporates

identity through the support of arts and culture. to enhance cultural capital and its value are as

Music was incorporated into the school system follows:

and investment was made in theatres, concert --Essar through its CSR initiative “Avid

halls, and festivals that draw huge local and Learning” has raised platform and avenues to

international crowds which differentiated Finland promote arts and culture in India. Since its

from other Scandinavian countries and carved beginning in 2009, Avid Learning has

into becoming a nation of great music. In India, conducted over 750 programmes and

New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru are good connected with more than a mix of 70,000

cities in terms of arts and cultural events, the individuals, artists, students, teachers and

number of art and public galleries, etc. Recently, creative enthusiasts. The Essar group is

the Kochi Muziris Biennale (KMB), a biannual redefining CSR into cultural philantrophy.

cultural fest held in the state of Kerala evolved to --There are many art galleries of corporate

become one of the leading global festivals of art houses such as Taj Art Gallery, the Piramal

and has put Group, Associated Capsules Group (ACG),

Kerala into the world’s Cultural map. RPG Enterprises. Corporates are also

promoting art awards to recognize contributions

Getting associated with such festivals is beneficial by artists.

for both public and private players and opens a --Kolkata based Apeejay Group is also

wide range of opportunities such as wider engaging with citizens through various

visibility, greater recognition, and resource platforms, literary festival, art gallery to build

creation to interact with cultural intellects and awareness and experience art and culture for

instill creativity and designs in their business. public access.

--Murugappa Group of Chennai has been

On the economic front, such events generate creating awareness by conducting activities
revenues and employment opportunities on to inculcate appreciation of the city amongst its
account of tourism and cultural enthusiasts. citizens. This includes quizzes, music videos,
Research in areas of how cultural and creative contests etc.
industries are creating employment opportunities --The Taj Group of Hotels has supported
and driving sustainable development are taking artisans and craftsmen by providing them space
into this direction. within hotels to showcase their products,
providing training about weaving and handloom

to youth through various programme and


Thus we could say that arts, culture, and heritage has a lot of potentials to be leveraged by corporates
in CSR Policy and it has the power to bring many positive changes to the company in not only building
brand name and recognition to the company but also bringing creativity, designs, critical thinking,
innovation, and problem-solving.


Growth of Annapurna

Contribution of each sector in Revenue Monthly Revenue

Daily Revenue Quantity Per Day


HIGHLIGHTS 2018 - 19

Glimpses Successful Implementation
of of New Project - ISHTA

Daan 16

HIGHLIGHTS 2018 - 19

Josh Talks

At TiE Delhi Events

Induction Program 2018 Members won Laurels

17 Teacher's Day Celebration


Muskan Bhardwaj IV Semester
Sri Aurobindo College Evening

Being independent and be your own boss is what people want these days. Starting a new business or
having a startup is what most of the people are demanding, be their own boss or employer they always
see for the same thing. But for being a freelancer or entrepreneur a person required some qualities in
order to succeed.

Confident Risk Taking

Confidence is what makes a person more Whenever you invest the money there is the

attractive and respectful, to be an entrepreneur chance of risk and also an equal chance of

confident is a major quality. In the business failing to succeed. As a succeed proprietor

world, you find many people who try to pull you you must know, accept and work with this

down, if you have faith in yourself so none fact that risk always walks with you at each

going to put you down. An entrepreneur doesn't step. If the risk is small profit must be less

have to ask whether s/he is worthy of success and if the risk is big that profit must be high.

or not, s/he knows that s/he is and not in a

need to prove others. If you are confident Salesperson

enough then your decision-making power also The investor always wants to see where the

be strong no matter what people say. money is investing, whenever you sell your idea

Creativity and faith in your dream to them or bank for the loan, contacting with
Every successful business or any startup trading units, following 4Ps, an entrepreneur
required creativity which made your business. must be a good person. Your idea, service,
Surprising a startup is full of challenges with product must be sold to the customers and they
little room for errors. So, for that, you should buy it again and again and told about it to their
ready to face a bridge of issues, both expected friends that how the actual potential is measured.

and unexpected. All you need is to grow your

ability to think and draw up creative solutions

as you grow your business. But many times

when they face problems they start doubting

their abilities, creation, and dream and

sometimes they are confused with a thing what

actually they want in their life. They have a job

and seem to just stop dreaming or are unable

to chase those dreams. This pressure is

constant. For being a successful entrepreneur

your belief in your dream is more than your fear

of failure. As a proprietor of a startup, you have

to face the challenges so for that look at your

plans and work on it, believe you are on the

path to success. 18

Hard-work and Determination Update about Market and gain experience
You have to climb and fall many challenges on For being successful it is very important to be
the path of success as entrepreneurship up-to-date and ready for upcoming events. The
requires a lot of hard work and pressure regular reading market is very important to
handling ability since you are your own boss know current trends and coming trends in
and success or failure is dependent on your business as business is dynamic in nature,
attitude. There are no shortcuts to success. If also must aware of competition before entering
you want something your own so gear up and the market. Analyzing the market is must for
prepared to fulfill all the demands. Many times the establishment of the business for long an
it will happen you won't get profit but that era. As soon as you start your start-up even at
doesn't mean your idea is worthless you have that point you have a little experience in the
to believe in what you are doing and keep required field. As much as you gain experience
putting your efforts every day for better results. as high you grow. A good idea required well-
For success, you need to struggle, struggle experienced minds which grow with time.
and struggle till you become successful.

Core Team 2018-19 with Faculty Advisor Dr. Sumati Varma


“You're never too old to be a
Successful Entrepreneur”

Anushka Goel VI Semester
Sri Aurobindo College Evening

“Anything can be done, as long as you truly believe it.” – Ashley Qualls, WhateverLife

“Entrepreneurship”, with this term the only words “Well, since now we see end number of young
that pop up our mind is Money and struggle. But CEO’s and millionaires ruling the globe, we have
Entrepreneurship is something much much wider a myth sticking around that to be a Successful
and deeper than what it seems to be. A very Entrepreneur you need to start early, which is
famous quotation by Walt Disney says: “All our definitely not true. As Joan Collins once said,
dreams can come true if we have the courage to “Age is just a number. It's totally irrelevant unless,
pursue them.” of course, you happen to be a bottle of wine."

Entrepreneurship has been described as the While the world is celebrating the success of
"capacity and willingness to develop, organize young millennials and Forbes young achievers,
and manage a business venture along with any of we forget somehow to shed light on the older
its risks in order to make a profit". Not just profit, generation who have taken end number of risks,
but there are many implications that are attached who stood up after many failed attempts and
to a Venture and the life of an Entrepreneur like through their knowledge and experience started
Serving the society by social work, protecting the ventures that are not only successful today but is
Environment by taking up environmental ruling the world and are part of our daily lives and
initiatives, providing employment and lifting up the how they merged their days and nights to convert
status of the society by providing employment their dreams into fruition and reality. If we are
opportunities and much more. A firm has to do given a task to picture a millionaire or an
this to maintain their Goodwill and brand loyalty Entrepreneur, we immediately think of a
among the people, who are the major contributors handsome millennial, sipping expensive lattes,
to their wealth and social class. But then it's never coming out of his Maserati holding a Macbook
too easy to become an Entrepreneur, to the level under his arm. But let's just leave it to Hollywood
of glitter and wealth that we see and aspire to and our imagination. Reality is much broader and
have, possess a very gloomy history. It takes impressive than it seems to be. There is no
about the infinite number of sleepless nights, day expiration date on becoming a successful
and night workload, cut off from your social circle entrepreneur. Becoming an entrepreneur is not
and immense no. of activities that are required. about your age but whether you have the drive
But is it only mean to be done by young people? and creativity to make it happen. Many older
Are old people not capable to take the pain and entrepreneurs are experts in their field.
stand up from the failures? Can only young blood
be a millionaire?


Alongside, they’ve built a reputation in their industry which is useful when it comes to opening doors
for their new business. In fact, some of the world’s most successful enterprises were started by people
who were older than you might expect. Henry Ford was almost 40 when he founded his car business,
Charles Ranlett Flint started a computing business that later became IBM at the age of 61. You have
every opportunity to be successful in a job that you’re passionate about. All you have to do is take the
leap. So let's just flood this article with certain examples of people who stood out in the Innovative
Entrepreneurial world in their later stages of life and we forget today to praise their efforts and who are
a major inspiration for us today:

1. Asa Candler, 41: Asa Griggs Candler was an 4. Col. Harland Sanders, 62: Colonel Harland
American business tycoon who founded the David Sanders was an American businessman,
Coca-Cola Company. He also served as the 41st best known for founding fast-food chicken
Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia from 1916 to 1919. restaurant chain Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)
Candler’s life truly personifies the fictional and later acting as the company's brand
character Horatio Alger’s rise from rags to riches ambassador and symbol. His name and image
and how determination even in your forties can are still symbols of the company.
take you to great heights.

2. Adolf Dassler, 49: Adolf "Adi" Dassler was a 5. Ferdinand Porsche, 56: He is the founder of
German cobbler, inventor and entrepreneur who Porsche. Ferdinand Porsche was an automotive
founded the German sportswear company engineer and founder of the Porsche car
Adidas. He recognized that the athletes of each company. He is best known for creating the first
discipline lacked specialized shoes. Adi was gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle, the Volkswagen
convinced that athletic success would improve Beetle, the Mercedes-Benz SS/SSK, several
with correctly constructed shoes. From then on, other important developments and Porsche
he becomes the legend and a pioneer in the shoe automobiles.
industry for athletes.
There is an end number of examples to state the
3. Gordon Bowker,51: He is the founder of no. of entrepreneurs who at the later age of their
Starbucks. Gordon Bowker is an American lives stood out and are a part of our daily lives.
entrepreneur. He began as a writer and went on Never let age define what you can and can’t do. It
to co-found Starbucks along with Jerry Baldwin may be too late to become a professional model
and Zev Siegl. He realized the urge to serve the or basketballer, but it’s never too late to pursue
best coffee to people at the age of 51 and your dream of becoming an entrepreneur. So
accomplished his far-fetched dream into reality by remember age is just a number! Also, there is end
his hard work and determination. number of opportunities laying on in the world
today, all you just need is a click of an idea and
vigor to take that to great heights and should be
challenging enough to beat the traditional
definition of retirement.

Don’t look for reasons to limit yourself. Look for reasons to give yourself the freedom to
follow your dreams


AI (Artificial Intelligence):
India's Approach to the AI Race

Vaishnavi Thakur VI Semester
Sri Aurobindo College Evening

Artificial Intelligence refers to the ability of a computer or a computer enabled robotic system to

process information and produce outcomes in a manner similar to the thought process of

human beings in various activities.

From the era of paper trade until this era of By this National plan on AI, India has paced up its

digitalization, the world has witnessed a steady activities and is ready to present Indian Economy

increase in AI Adoption. AI Adoption has emerged an AI adopted economy in front of the world in

important for any economy to grow and develop in forthcoming decades. Being a growing economy,

this era of discovery and data. Since it is very challenging for India to channelize it's

Independence, India is continuously pumping up concern over innovation and adoption of AI while

its activities in order to hold a position in the considering other aspects. The giant economies

worldwide competition. like China and the UK estimated that 26 percent

According to the International Monetary Fund and 10 percent of their GDPs respectively will be
(IMF), India is a fast-growing economy with 7.4 sourced from AI by 2030.
percent GDP growth. Despite witnessing such a Thus for India, AI is the need of the hour.

growth approximately every year, India is lagging

far behind in the world in the race of Artificial


Currently, billions of dollars are getting invested

all over the world for AI Research. From the

primary sector to the secondary sector, business

to E-Business, employment to self-employment,

business to startups, normal machinery to bots, AI

is almost everywhere

Economies around the world are pushing

themselves to promote innovation in Artificial

Intelligence. The UK, US, and China are already

leading the race. Indian Government has been

also pushing its limits to be a prominent part of

this race and have shown a major concern in the

BUDGET 2018 presented by The Finance

Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley. This initiative has

mandated NITI Aayog( The National Institution for

Transforming India ) to establish the National

Program on AI. 22

Major areas of focus for AI Application in India It is not possible for anyone to reach the
where Government can invest wisely and can destination without facing the roadblocks and
resolve Socio-Economic Issues simultaneously hindrances in the path and thus for Indian
are- Economy also, reaching the destination of
Healthcare Sector successful AI Adoption is not possible without
It is one of the most dynamic and integral parts of facing the roadblock and challenges.
any economy and this is the most challenging
one. It is expected to grow from USD 100 billion These challenges could be high resource cost
to USD 280 billion by 2020. Here only, and low awareness for adopting AI in the
intervention by the AI-driven solutions is one of economy, Difficulties in the accessibility of new
the most challenging prospects that have to be AI regimes, lack of access to intelligence data
conquered. AI can make this sector more and so on.
proactively working and accessible.
Agriculture Sector Only by overcoming above challenges and
The agriculture sector accounts for about 55 many more our Economy that is Indian
percent of the workforce in India. Development in Economy can be seen to have a proper AI
agriculture by AI solutions will be an essential As per the reports of NASSCOM, 46 percent of
step in boosting the Economy's growth. For this, the Indian workforce will be engaged in new
the Government has initiated proof of concept jobs that do not exist today. This shows the
pilot in 15 districts to use AI based real-time significant emergence of AI in the economy in
advisory based on satellite imagery. the future.
Education Sector
The power of any economy depends upon the By showing its strength in the fastest Adoption
quality level of education that the citizens are of AI in the whole world, India will definitely
getting and it's literacy level. It has the ability to compete for on-shoulders with other
transform the country. Since 50 percent of the economies and will resolve almost every socio-
country's population below the age of 25 years, AI economic Issues.
solutions can potentially solve access issues
observed in the Indian Education Sector.



“We are raising our girls to be perfect and we are raising our boys to be brave.”-Reshma Saujani

What is entrepreneurship? Oxford dictionary According to Mastercard Index of Women

describes entrepreneurship as “the activity of Entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs have

setting up a business or businesses, taking on been carving out a niche for themselves in

financial risks in the hope of profit”. But, I believe unconventional businesses yet, there is

entrepreneurs are the trailblazers for new ideas notable potential in women entrepreneurs in

and ventures and, the ability to create a market India that is yet to be realized. According to

for their product is called entrepreneurship. Also, the index, India presents low opportunities for

it is not necessary for the sole purpose of an women to assume leadership roles and this is

enterprise to be profit-earning, take for example accompanied by a lot of reasons like low

Amul cooperative started with the exclusive labor force participation which stems from

purpose of supplying dairy products to Indians women being burdened by the responsibility

and owned by farmers— larger than any for-profit of household. Lack of education, technical

dairy company, is a social enterprise. know-how and cultural and social bias pose

as impediments for women to own business.

India has a rich history of entrepreneurship and it Patriarchy plays an important role in creating
is as old as its civilization that is over 5000 years. an obstruction for women to enter this arena
India was the largest economy in the world until as men often find it difficult to be answerable
the 15th century AD, controlling almost 25-30% of to a female boss. The so-called ‘glass ceiling
the world’s wealth. The country saw flourishing effect’ have posited a major problem for
commerce and trade and, India’s ancient social women and the minorities to reach the highest
system gave rise to a number of business level of the corporate ladder.

communities who, over a long period of time have

developed strong business acumen. And in the

present times, India has witnessed some of the

most successful entrepreneurs like Dhiru Bhai

Ambani, Ratan Tata, Lakshmi Mittal, and the list

goes on. They have not only followed their

dreams and made a name for themselves but

helped boost the economy and meet the demand

and needs of the people. But one thing that was

missing a decade ago that is on uprise is women

entrepreneurs. Globally there is only 5 percent of

entrepreneurs who are women, India too had a

very low percentage of women entrepreneurs and

even now we just have 14 percent of women

entrepreneurs. 24

People and governments worry about federal
deficit but it the bravery deficit that is responsible
for the underrepresentation of women. According
to a study in the 1980s, it was found that bright
girls are quick to give up whereas boys take the
difficult task as a challenge. As Reshma Saujani
said, “we are raising our girls to be perfect and we
are raising our boys to be brave”. If we leave half
the population how do we expect to grow? For an
economy to grow, to truly innovate we cannot
leave half our population behind. The need of the
hour is to raise our girls to be courageous, teach
them to take risks and only then they will grow
into women that rule multi-million dollar
enterprises or are world leaders.

As Hilary Clinton said, “Women are the largest

reservoir of talent in the world” and this is true

Reshma Saujani an American lawyer and indeed as according to a paper published by
politician in a Ted talk shared her experience on World Economic Forum if women participated in
the labor force at the same level as men then

how before 2012 she always worked behind the India’s GDP will increase by 27 percent. Since 85

curtain but in 2012 she decided to take a risk and percent of all consumer purchases are made by
made a brave decision for running for Congress women then it is fit to say that they should be the

but the problem was that the sitting one making the decision about selling these

congresswoman in her district had been in office products.
since 1992 and she was unbeatable, no one even

stood against her. But Ms. Reshma said she was It is imperative for not only the Indian economy

confident she would win, she became an upstart but for the world economy to create a system

in New York daily news that swore she would win. where women feel welcomed and are supported

CNBC called it one of the hottest races in the to make their decisions, to take the risk and to

country but, on the election day polls announced truly innovate. They should be given an equal

that she got only 19 percent of the vote and it was opportunity to show their talent and be equally

a very stupid move on her part. But this made her represented in society. This is not only for

realize that why women have such low feminists’ point of view but also one easy way to

representation in the senate or board rooms, it is boost the economy cause as of now we working

because they are taught to avoid risk whereas, at half our potential. And this, in my view is the

boys are taught to play it rough. It is the social true essence of entrepreneurship where an

norms about women, taming them to be perfect entrepreneur who is the leader of the enterprise,

and overly cautious of their choices. Thus they works to its full potential, innovating new products

often give up even before entering the race, they and finding ways to achieve maximum efficiency

are more inclined to take up jobs in fields where along with treating all the workers as equal and

they are sure they would excel. walking by them in the journey.


Project CiggB & Project Crimson

Enactus SVC
Sri Venkateshwara College
University of Delhi

Everyone loves their friends and family with all their heart! But when in the very next moment, someone smokes a cigarette,
they knowingly reduce the amount of time they spend with their loved ones; the harm smoking causes to your entire body is
such. We at Enactus SVC, address the problem of smoking through Project CiggB and come up with innovative ways to
recycle cigarette butts and make beautiful and useful products while spreading awareness on anti-smoking.

Enactus SVC has come up with two projects (Project During National Volunteer Week, we conducted a
CiggB & Project Crimson) over the past year of its session on Captain Cleanliness with girls from
operations. In this article, It shall elucidate on the need backward localities and stressed on hygiene during
for these projects. They believe that in order to menstruation. This inspired us to launch a new project.
progress as a nation, we must first learn to give a voice
to all who inhabit it, and we want to be that voice for
the women.

The problems caused by cigarettes do not end when

the last smoke is let out of your mouth. To think that

something so life-threatening and vicious, continues to

leave traces of its vileness long after it has been

thrown away by those who do not care for their lives

nor that of the loved ones around them, is mind-

boggling. A major part of India still has to leave behind the

Enactus SVC was determined to start a wonderful primitive perception of menstruation being taboo.
project. This led to a few of our members walking There still exist a vast number of conservative localities
around in the streets of Satya Niketan, hunting for that shun the open discussion on periods, and women
problems that could inspire a new project and tackle are forced to suffer in silence. And this suffering does
these problems. Upon close inspection, we found lots not just confine to the pain that comes along with it, but
and lots of cigarette butts strewn around the place. for these women, it extends to unhygienic practices
This gave rise to Project CiggB. due to lack of proper sanitary products and disposal
facilities. On another side of it, consider the amount of

There is a pressing need for sustainable development waste generated due to disposable sanitary pads on a
in the world today. We need to figure out ways to daily basis. Plastic, which is a major constituent of the
recycle and reuse waste so that we do not progress at same, finds its way into the environment in large
the cost of the environment. Enactus SVC believes that numbers, and disposable pads contribute heavily to the
progress made at the cost of the environment is not same. And this is where we, Enactus SVC, step into
progressing at all, and hence aim to figure out ways in the scene, to kill two birds with one stone, or since we
which an overall development can be achieved. believe in biodiversity conservation as well, to save two
birds with one idea, with Project Crimson. We believe

Speaking of overall development, where do you think a that in order to progress as a nation, we must first learn
nation’s development lies? Doesn’t it lie with the to give a voice to all who inhabit it, and we want to be
mindset of its inhabitants, and how they treat their that voice for the women. Periods are nothing to be
women? Picture being a helpless girl in the midst of a ashamed of, and we at Enactus SVC are determined to
rural upbringing, in a backward and poverty-stricken make that happen.

family. 26





Enactus JMI
Jamia Millia Islamia University

Enactus JMI was started on October 15th, 2015 and since then we have not looked back and vigorously strived
towards creating entrepreneurial opportunities for the less fortunate. Last year the team of Enactus JMI was very
fortunate to make it into the top 24 teams of the nation. This year, the new team has over a hundred new social
enthusiasts who wish to bring out a positive change in the world and solve the problems in our society.

The inception of Enactus JMI began with Project Tabdeel materializes the concept of 'Zero Waste'
Aarogyam which aimed at solving sanitation wherein plastic waste is turned into marketable
problem in India through the sale of liquid soaps products. For this, we connected two
(a cleaner, healthier way as compared to soap underprivileged communities - the ragpickers
bars) at nominal rates. This project was followed working in our university and the Sambhal women
by Project Vasudha wherein we aimed at residing in the locality of Batla House. The
resolving the issue of CFC pollution and energy ragpickers were trained to segregate collected
crisis by creating an over pot refrigerator system plastic into degradable and non-biodegradable.
that also acted as an alternative to an electrical The reusable plastic was supplied to Sambhal
refrigerator. This project proved substantial for women who, using their crochet skills, turned
people who couldn’t afford a refrigerator, in turn, them into beautifully patterned mats which were
generated employment among women and sold to various NGOs and generated revenue for
reduced food wastage. Project Vasudha was the communities.
followed by Project Chetna which spread
awareness about the detrimental effects of drugs Tabdeel literally means change and a powerful
by organizing community sessions around college change must be overall. Thus, we also strived to
campuses to curtail drug consumption among improve our communities' social conditions. We
students. helped them in procuring government documents
such as Aadhar cards, provided educational
After successfully running these projects, we started opportunities to their children such as computer
Project Tabdeel – one of our ongoing ventures, to classes in our university and getting some of them
curb waste mismanagement. Lack of proper waste enrolled in MCD schools. Thus, the project
disposing techniques cause severe environmental flourished in its true spirit by tackling a major
harm around the world. India alone generates 62 environmental concern and creating a sustainable
million tons of garbage annually out of which only livelihood for the communities involved.
19.1% is treated, 50% is disposed of in landfills and the
rest is not even collected! As they say, 'change begins
at home', and so with Tabdeel we decided to transform
the areas in our university's vicinity.


Taking this idea of employment generation Team Enactus JMI
forward, we started our second ongoing Project -
Imdaad implying ‘help’. It is a business model that Imdaad Stall at College Fest
generates entrepreneurial opportunities by
manufacturing a healthy drink. As its name
suggests, Imdaad is an effort to offer a helping
hand to our community members i.e. the women
residing in Jasola, an area in Jamia Nagar. The
women live in shabby surroundings and are
engaged in unstable, low waged jobs.
The project was initiated to benefit them by
engaging them in the production of a healthy
alternative to carbonated drinks. As we sought to
create this healthy beverage, some of our team
members hailing from Kerala brought to our
attention the indigenous roots of Indian
Sarsaparilla. Although growing in abundance,
they were losing importance due to lesser
resources and restrained market. We sought the
opportunity to conserve these roots by using them
as the base for our drink ‘Kerala Kan’.

Hence, our drink crossed state boundaries -
bringing the goodness of South to India’s capital
to provide a healthy alternative to the citizens and
at the same time opening gates to entrepreneurial
opportunities for the Jasola women. The Jasola
women were taught to prepare the drink and sold
it at various college fests. The drink was
appreciated for its unique taste which led us to
develop a wider range of flavors.

Pot Refrigerator Kerala Kan
System Drink
Project Vasudha Project Imdaad

Through all our projects, Enactus JMI has tried to play its part in creating a sustainable world. As our
communities grow and prosper, we seek to do the same and hence an opportunity to showcase our work
is a chance for us to revaluate our journey. Achieving a healthy lifestyle or materializing Zero Waste may
not be easy endeavors, but taking effective steps towards them is certainly possible when we work

together as a group of socially diligent students. 28


Emerging Ray of Shine

Progress is impossible without a change , and there is a law in business that those who can adapt with
changes can grow successfully.

Photographics - The Photography and Graphic Designing Society.

Photographics is an initiative taken by a second year
student of Sri Aurobindo College (Eve.), Piyush Nagpal
with the help of fellow students and the Union President
of the college. Photographics aims at helping the
students interested in photography and graphic
designing to improve their skills and provide a platform
for them to showcase their artistry to a wider audience.

There were many events that held in our college but it
didn’t get enough coverage to get noticed because of the
lack of photography or digital posters. Photographics
gives an opportunity to students who love photography
and graphic designing but did not have a chance to
showcase their talent.

TPhotographics is a platform for young minds who are
genuinely interested in photography and graphic
designing . The students here are to learn from each
other and participate in the activities organised by
different societies of Sri Aurobindo College Evening.
Since its inception in the academic session 2018-19,
PhotoGraphics has covered a plethora of events ranging
from seminars to competitions for every society of our
college. It has also covered events outside our college
and has partnered with societies of other colleges as
well. These events include AAGMAN, the freshers party
of the Commerce Department, Alumni Meet 2k18, WDC
workshop, Enactus project launch and many more.
Recently covered event was "EXUBERANCE 2k19",
Cultural Fest of SAC(E) organized by the college
authority, our team got the opportunity to cinematize the
event and it was a great achievement for the team
members of photographics.


A stem gives support to leaves and flowers, but without its strength, leaves and flowers be like without its soul. The
Photographics team of Aditya Saxena, Pawan Maan, Prachi Kansal, Shreyansh Sinha and Abhimanyu Nasa would
have made stupendous effort for the society. College faculty and the Principal have been pillars of support.
"Photographics wouldn't have been what it is today without one of the most dedicated team in this college who work
day and night to make things work out" -Piyush Nagpal

Team PhotoGraphics 2018-19


Team Bagged Ist position in BPlan Representing Project ISHTA at TEDxCVS
Competion at BML Munjal University

Student Leaders with Mentor Dr. Sumati Varma(Faculty Advisor)
addressing the team

Team X-Culture, Sri Aurobindo College Eve., Leader representing the Project
University of Delhi

We believe investing in students who take entrepreneurial
action for others creates a better world for us all.

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