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National Addition of the November Indiana Jewish Post

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Indiana Jewish Post

National Addition of the November Indiana Jewish Post

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The Jewish

Post Opinion&
National Edition

Presenting a broad spectrum of Jewish News and Opinions since 1935.

Volume 86, Number 1 • November 27, 2019 • 29 Cheshvan 5780 •

Cover Art by Dena Levie Psalm 118:24: “This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice
(see About the Cover on p. 4) and be glad in it.”Read during Hallel on Jewish festival days.

2 The Jewish Post & Opinion – NAT November 27, 2019

The Jewish Calendar ominous years before the start of war. vibrant and colorful folk-art works
– Connect, Reconnect The above-mentioned illustration is illustrate the union of the spiritual and
or Stay Connected domestic that characterizes Judaism. Each
found in the 2020 Jewish Wall Calendar of the bright monthly illustrations comes
BY ROSE KLEINER whose illustrations come from the collec- with notes on the traditions which they
tion of the Jewish Historical Museum in portray. Zeldis’work is in the collections of
Little do we realize that as we enter the Amsterdam. In the same calendar there is the Smithsonian American Art Museum,
a joyous illustration of a page from the and the Jewish Museum.
NewYear, and start a new Jewish calendar, Esther scroll created in the Netherlands in
we are doing much more than marking the 1700s. A lovely desk calendar (p. 2, bottom),
time and following a schedule. Unlike decorated with an abundance of Judaica
the secular calendar, the Jewish calendar The two wall calendars from Pomegranate treasures, comes from Universe Publishing.
facilitates our entry, on a daily basis, into both take us on a journey of discovery into The items on display are from the holdings
the world of our 6,000 year heritage, our past, and into contemporary celebra- of New York’s Jewish Museum collection.
history, culture and civilization. tions of Jewish life. Pomegranate’s Jewish The images in this fine desk calendar
Museum Calendar (ab0ve) with illustra- range from items that are contemporary
What the Jewish calendar does is to tions of works from New York’s Jewish (Marsha Penzer’s Mezuzah Carried Into
connect us, or reconnect us, each year with Museum, features Solomon Alexander Space in 1985) to those that are centuries
our roots, where we came from. Whatever Hart’s stunning oil painting (1850), The old, yet sparkle with their original beauty,
the level of our observance, however busy Feast of the Rejoicing of the Law at the such as the magnificent Marriage Contract
we may be, the calendar makes available Synagogue in Leghorn, Italy. from Trieste, Italy (1774) which is painted
to us the rich aspects of our heritage, our on cut-out parchment.
environment, and, most important, our Another one of its illustrations presents
current Jewish world community. a page from the famous Russian Jewish Other countries represented by Judaica
artist, El Lissitzky’s, Had Gadya Suite treasures in this desk calendar include
With its Hebrew months and their special (1919). The illustration comes with both the Russian Empire (1900), Persia (19th
dates, its Shabbat and holiday candle lighting Yiddish and Hebrew calligraphy. century), Galicia (Poland/Ukraine 19th
times, and its listed readings of the Torah century), Istanbul, Turkey (1735), Germany
and Haftarah, the calendar creates an Pomegranate’s second wall calendar, (1550), Morocco (19th century),
environment that can keep us connected, Jewish Celebrations, has paintings by Uzbekistan (18th century), India (20th
meaningfully, all year, and can help us contemporary artist Malcah Zeldis. Her century), Lithuania (1800), Ireland (1863)
integrate into a community of our choice, and many more.
something that is not always easy in the
age of the internet. This desk calendar’s most unusual
feature is its comprehensive guide in
Since Jewish calendars contain many concise form to all the Jewish holidays,
more details than was mentioned above, and feasts and fast days. Among the many
often also have an aesthetic dimension, categories covered in this guide to each of
they can serve as a means of enriching our those dates there are columns for the
daily life in numerous ways. theme, significance, mood and customs
of each of the listed holidays, feasts and
Beautifully decorated calendars engage fast days.
us with the aesthetic side of our culture.
The illustrations of precious, centuries old Last but not least is My Very Own
objects, or contemporary items, can Jewish Calendar for youngsters, from
enhance our home and bring to life many Kar-Ben Publishing. Full of fun, facts,
aspects of our culture. trivia and the joy of being Jewish, this
delightful calendar is a great way for
In the Universe (Publishing) wall calendar the young, and young at heart, to connect
(above), an illustration of a New Year with their heritage. This calendar, too,
Greeting from 1930s Netherlands, written spans the centuries while connecting us to
in Hebrew and in Dutch, gives us a sense what it means to live Jewishly.
of kinship to the person living across the
ocean who sent this card in those On the same page that we learn of Rosh
Hashanah wishes that go back to the 14th
century, we also learn that September is
National Honey Month. We learn that
Syrian, Moroccan and Iraqi Jews recycle
their lulav’s palm branches by using them
before Passover as fuel to burn the chametz.

With Thanksgiving almost here, the
question is raised, what blessing can we
offer during this most meaningful universal
celebration, to give it a Jewish character?
The most fitting blessing, according to the
calendar’s survey, is “Shehecheyanu.”
Kar-Ben Publishing produces several
other calendars, among them a very
handy small one for the purse.

Editorial November 27, 2019 The Jewish Post & Opinion – NAT 3

Inside this Issue

Inheritance: A Memoir of Genealogy, “Paperback cover reveal for Inheritance The Jewish Calendar ..............................2
(below)! That loving father and his adoring Jennie Cohen: (Editorial).........................3
Paternity and Love. By Dani Shapiro. New daughter (above) couldn’t have imagined Rabbi Benzion Cohen: (Chassidic Rabbi)
York: Alfred A. Knopf, January 2019. 250 this future. Yet here we are. Life is infinitely
pages. $24.95. beautiful and strange. I’m grateful for the Good News ...........................................4
twists and turns that brought me here. About the Cover ......................................4
Dani Shapiro grew up Oh, and dad? Thank you for your huge heart. Amy Lederman: (Jewish Educator)
an only child in a subur- I have missed you every day for the last
ban Jewish neighborhood 33 years. The paperback of Inheritance To Everything There is a Season .......5
in New Jersey. Her father’s launches Jan. 28, 2020.” ~ Dani The Night Before Hanukkah .................5
family was Orthodox and Melinda Ribner: Happy Hanukkah! .....6
her mother was Jewish but This revelation is shocking to her, and Hanukkah Recipes...................................6
secular. Before marriage Dani Shapiro the few remaining mostly elderly relatives Ted Roberts: (Spoonful of Humor)
her mother agreed to follow Orthodoxy. and family friends that she asks about it
Shapiro says her mother was a pathological have no answers for her. Although, she The Seeker.............................................7
narcissist who had a borderline personality receives uncondi- Rabbi Irwin Wiener: (Wiener’s Wisdom)
disorder, which made it difficult for people tional love from her
(including Shapiro) to get along with her, 93 year old aunt Reform vs. Conform ............................8
and her father was depressed but Dani who on p. 136 tells Rabbi Elliot B. Gertel: (Media Watch)
adored him. her,“I’m not giving
you up.”When Dani Jojo Rabbit and Law and Order S.V.U........9
When Shapiro was 23, and attempting starts weeping her Miriam Zimmerman: (Holocaust Educator)
to make sense of her life, her parents were aunt continues,
in a car accident. “And you’d better California is Burning.........................10
Her father died not be giving me Arnold Ages: (Play Review)
from the injuries up.” Now Dani is
shortly afterward. sobbing and her Fiddler on the Roof in Yiddish..............11
Her mother was aunt finishes, “And Sybil Kaplan: (Seen on the Israel Scene)
critically injured you are my brother’s daughter.”
and Shapiro helped Mediscope 2019, Mossad, Aboriginals ......12
take care of her for On p. 176 she writes,“The clues screamed ben Asher/bat Sarah: (Gather the People)
the next two years. in neon. But I had not seen them. After all
plenty of people look or feel “other” than Don’t Put Out the Light....................14
Several times their parents or siblings. Biology doesn’t Jim Shipley: (Shipley Speaks)
throughout her life promise similarity. Traits skip generations.
Shapiro is told that Characteristics emerge, seemingly out of What’s a Jew to Do?...........................14
she does not look Jewish. Frequently she nowhere. Our parents seem alien to us.” The Eight Nights of Hanukkah...........15
felt out of place, as if she did not belong, Light One Candle...................................15
did not fit in. Her pale blond hair and blue The reason I loved this book might be Rabbi Israel Zoberman: (Book Review)
eyes amid many with dark hair and dark different than why others like it. Besides
eyes probably did not help. being a riveting mystery and difficult to put Zionism Vs. Judaism: ............................16
down, it seemed as if the teachings in the Sybil Kaplan: (My Kosher Kitchen –
At age 25, Shapiro finds out the method book match our mission that we set forth
of her conception was artificial insemina- when my father handed the publishing Cookbook Review) Sababa ....................17
tion. Her mother said she and her father torch to me almost 20 years ago: “To Rabbi Israel Zoberman: After Virginia
had trouble conceiving. They had gone to protect, promote, and preserve time-
a world-famous institute in Philadelphia. honored Jewish values such as“Love your Beach shooting May 31, 2019 ...........18
Dani had not pursued the issue further. neighbor as yourself.” Soccer Player Turned Rabbi: ...............20
Hanukkah Candle Blessings ...............20
Fast forward to when she is 54. Her Scattered throughout the book Shapiro
husband Michael wants to find out more includes some of these Jewish values. She PoThse Jtew&ishOpinion
about his genealogy while his father is still writes poetically about sitting with her Jewish News and Opinion since 1935.
mentally sharp to discuss it, and he father in shul as a young girl on pgs.
decides to take a DNA test. On a whim 170–171: “I could feel the way his body 1389 W 86th St., #160
she decides to follow suit. Indianapolis, IN 46260
email: [email protected]
On page 7 she writes:“The kits arrived and phone and fax: (317) 405-8084
sat on our kitchen counter for days, perhaps website:
weeks, unopened. …Finally one night publisher & editor: Jennie Cohen
Michael opened the two packages and graphic designer: Charlie Bunes
handed me a small plastic vial.‘Spit,’he said.
…Two months passed by and I gave little relaxed when he davenned, the way his
thought to my DNA test…until one day voice became stronger and fuller within the
an email containing my results appeared.” plaintive melodies of the Hebrew liturgy.
The synagogue was his home. When he
She is puzzled, to put it mildly: shook his tallis from his velvet pouch and
“According to Ancestry, my DNA was 52% wrapped it around his shoulders, he
Eastern European Ashkenazi. The rest was became larger, almost mystical. Here in shul,
a smattering of French, Irish, English, and prayer was our secret language, our way of
German.”She eventually figures out she is connecting. We had the choreography
not at all related to her father biologically. down. We knew just what to do. Here
we stand. Here we sit. Here we sway.
Here we close our siddurs. Here we sing
Ein Keloheinu. Here we kiss each other’s
cheeks and say: Good Shabbos.”

(see Editorial, page 4)

4 The Jewish Post & Opinion – NAT November 27, 2019 About the Cover

Chassidic Rabbi EDITORIAL Holidays
(continued from page 3) By Dena Levie

BY RABBI BENZION COHEN B.H. I appreciate and benefit from the teachings
of other traditions, but the parts of this
Good News book on Judaism strongly resonated with This piece, has in its
me. Reading these stories such as Shapiro center the verse of Psalm
sitting in synagogue with her father left
I am happy to give over some good news. me feeling as if someone wrapped a heated 118:24: “zeh hayom asah
blanket around me on a bitter, cold day. It
Two terrorists were recently killed. Both gave me that sense of belonging for which hashem nagila v’nismicha Dena Levie
were leaders of big terrorist organizations, Shapiro yearned. bo”. (This is the day G-d
one in Iraq and one here in Israel, in the
Gaza strip. The following day the terrorists Shapiro has written nine other books. Her created, let us rejoice and be glad on it.)
fired over 200 rockets and mortar shells at journalistic pieces have been published in
Israeli cities and highways, but by many prominent newspapers and magazines. She Read during Hallel on Jewish festival days.
miracles, no one was killed. has taught in writing programs in leading
universities and cofounded a writer’s con- Around the verse starting from the top
Recently these and many other terrorist ference in Italy. See more at
organizations have been losing support right are all the Jewish holidays of the
and power. Our world is getting better We wish our dear readers a Happy
and better all of the time. Almost all of the Hanukkah and a Happy 2020! year. From Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur
governments and regimes that supported
terror have fallen and disappeared. Now Jennie Cohen, November 27, 2019
through Shavuot.
about 98% of the countries of the world
are working to make all people safe, happy ji About the Artist
and healthy! In the past, the stronger Dena Levie, of Teaneck, N.J., designs
nations would go to war to conquer the every word was I able to remember that I
weaker nations. Now the stronger nations had said it. (This is how all blessings and creates beautiful personalized paper-
are instead making big efforts to help and should really be said). Amazing! Here cut artwork. Dena has always had a love
strengthen the weaker nations and bring is an example of how everything that for the arts. At Stern College (Yeshiva
peace to the entire world. happens in this world always has a University) she received degrees in both
positive aspect. My failing memory was Computer Science and Fine Art. After
We are witnessing the fulfillment of the helping me to pray properly. I just hope a short stint as a graphic designer she
words of our prophets. They told us that a that I will always remember this! worked as a computer programmer for a
time would come when there will be no financial firm. However, art was always her
evil, no war, no suffering or sickness. This I also suffered from fatigue. I was tired a passion and she began to experiment with
period is referred to as the end of days, the lot and needed to sleep a lot. A year ago I papercutting when her oldest daughter
days of the Moshiach (Messiah) who will started to take thyroid hormones, and that was born 23 years ago. Since then she has
usher is our complete and final redemption. helped. Then 3 months ago I read about a made this her full time passion creating
After 2,500 years, this is finally happening! different diet. It is called the 80/10/10RV more than 1800 paper cuts.
diet, which is short for 80% calories from
I personally also have good news to carbohydrates, 10% calories from proteins, Dena enjoys working with people to
share. My health is doing better. Three and 10% calories from fats. RV stands for create a personalized piece of art that will
months ago I started a new diet, and I am raw and vegan. This diet was similar to my be enjoyed for years to come. This includes
feeling better. Fifty years ago I suffered previous diet, but with three major differ- hand calligraphed ketubot (Jewish wedding
from Hepatitis, which left me quite weak. ences. Before, about 70% of the calories documents), family trees, wedding and
For a year and a half I tried different diets that I was consuming were from the fat in Bar Mitzvah gifts as well as artwork for
and medicines, but nothing really helped. the foods and oils that I ate. Now I try to school and synagogue honorees. Ms. Levie
Then I tried macrobiotics, and right away keep my fat calories down to only 10%. has also designed greeting and holiday
got back on my feet, thank G-d. I have Before, I ate very little sweet fresh fruit. cards as well as invitations for weddings
found that milk products and white flour Now this is the majority of my diet. Now I and other events. In 2004, Ms. Levie was
and sugar are really bad for me. eat less cooked foods. commissioned to design a few pieces that
were presented to Michael Douglas,
For the last ten years I was eating mainly I decided to give this diet a try. Within Steven Spielberg and Bette Midler. She
raw vegetables made into salads with a lot three days I was feeling better. Now my also created the cover of the Youth Dub
of olive oil and lemon and tahini. A few memory is much better, my mind is working CD for the musician, Matisyahu. Most
years ago I forgot the name of one of my better, and I have more energy, without recently she was commissioned to create a
grandchildren. That really shook me up. I vitamins, hormones or supplements. If piece for the Jewish Children’s Museum in
told one of my friends about this problem you want to feel better, look into this diet. New York City.
and he suggested vitamin B12. I started And especially because it is strictly Kosher!
taking this vitamin, and other vitamins Just be careful to remove any tiny bugs Dena’s artwork has been exhibited in
and supplements, and that helped a little. and worms from fruits and vegetables. galleries across NewYork and she has been
But as time passed, my memory became featured in several newspapers. She has
weaker and weaker. I don’t keep this diet 100%. To honor the traveled to Israel, Africa and throughout
Sabbath and holidays we are commanded the United States to meet and exchange
For example, after we eat we say a blessing to make Kiddush and eat some bread, and ideas with other papercutters. She is an
to thank G-d for the food and sustenance a little fish and chicken. active member of the Guild of American
with which He provides us. Many times I Papercutters. She can be reached through
would wonder: did I say the blessing? My This diet also recommends exercise. I her website

failing memory could not supply an have been exercising more, and feel that
answer. Only if I would say the blessing this helps. It also says that feeling good See Historical Digital Issues of
properly with all my heart and think about and happy is also important for good The Jewish Post & Opinion since 1930
health. For this, get some advice from
(see Benzion, page 6)
Read recent digital issue online at:

November 27, 2019 The Jewish Post & Opinion – NAT 5

Jewish The Night Before Salami, pastrami, und a glessala tay
Educator Hanukkah And zayerah pickles with bagels, oy vay!
Gezunt and geschmack, the kinderlech felt
BY AMY HIRSHBERG LEDERMAN T‘ was the night before Hanukkah, While dreaming of tagelach

To Everything boychicks and maidels and Hanukkah gelt.
There is a Season Not a sound could be heard,
The clock on the mantlepiece
In October of 1965, Columbia Records not even the dreidels. away was tickin’
The Menorah was set on the chimney, alight
released a hit song by the Byrds called In the kitchen the Bubbe hut gechapt a And Bubbe was serving a schtickala chicken.
“Turn, Turn, Turn.” But while my friends A tumult arose like a thousand brauches,
and I loved its beautiful harmony, I never j ibissel bite. Santa had fallen and broken his tuches.
suspected that its words would accompany I put on my slippers, eins, tsvay, drei,
me through life, spanning decades of we met through our children. Hours spent While Bubbe was now
historical and personal events from the at T-ball, dance recitals and rehearsals
Vietnam War to the birth of my children brought us together as we worried about on the herring and rye.
and years later, the death of my husband. getting the right uniforms, costumes and I grabbed for my bathrobe
carpool. Some of those people remain my
Initially written by Pete Seeger in the closest friends to this day. Others have and buttoned my gotkes
late 1950s, “Turn, Turn, Turn” is derived drifted away and are no longer part of my While Bubbe was busy
directly from the Book of Ecclesiastes, life. A quote by Holley Gerth sums up this
Chapter 3:1–8. Called Koheleth in Hebrew, phenomenon beautifully: “There are devouring the latkes.
its authorship is attributed to King Solomon, friends for a reason, friends for a season,
and is included as one of several“Wisdom and friends for a lifetime.” To the window I ran and to my surprise
Books” in the Book of Writings (Kituvim), A little red yarmulka greeted my eyes.
along with Proverbs and Job. It stands as Growing older provides a perspective that When he got to the door
a remarkable compendium of insightful comes from having lived in the trenches of
poetic prose and offers a philosophy that life through its many “seasons.” For many and saw the Menorah,
contemplates the cyclical nature of life and baby boomers, retirement is just around “Yiddishe kinder,”he said,“Oy, Kenehora.”
the precarious quality of human existence. the corner and with that, a new season of I thought I was in a goyisha hoise,
life begins – a season of possibility. For But as long as I’m here,
Originally written in Hebrew, Koheleth those fortunate enough to have the health
has been translated with varying degrees and the means, there are limitless I’ll leave a few toys.”
of sensitivity to its organic poetry and possibilities to spend time and resources With much gesshray, I asked,
meaning. The King James version is most differently – to travel, volunteer, spend
often cited as authoritative; its words more time with family and friends, “Du bist a Yid?”
forming the lyrics of the Byrd’s song. exercise more regularly. Many have the “Avada, mein numen ist
“To everything, (turn, turn, turn), there is privilege of watching their children marry
a season (turn, turn, turn) and a time to and have children of their own. Ask any Schloimey Claus, kid.”
every purpose under heaven.” grandparent and you will hear that the “Come into the kitchen, I’ll get you a dish,
season of grandparenting is one of the A guppell and a schtickala fish.”
Biblical scholar and critic Robert Alter, most cherished of all. With smacks of delight,
whose translation and commentary of the
Tanach (complete Hebrew Bible) is regarded But age also brings an awareness of the he started his fressen,
as an unparalleled literary achievement, precariousness of life as we enter a season Chopped liver, knaidlach
translates Ecclesiastes 8:1 a bit differently of change that often heralds diminution
than the King James:“Everything has a season, and loss. For while the retirement years and kreplah gegessen.
and a time for every matter under the heavens.” may offer us new possibilities, they can be Along with his meal,
accompanied by limitations as well. And
I like Alter’s rendition because its first while there is much written about what we he had a few schnapps,
four words provide a succinct message and can do to counter aging positively – from When it came to eating,
positive spin on what has become clear to simplifying daily demands to engaging in
me about life: that change is inevitable physical exercise and increasing intellectual this boy was the tops.
and necessary, although not always easy, stimulation – there is no way to stop the
and if we are to evolve, we must adapt and ticking of the clock. He asked for some knishes
accept this reality. Everything has a season. with pepper and salt,
Everything has a season – Jewish wisdom
When we are younger, we tend to engage dating back thousands of years that offers But they were so hot, he yelled “Oy Gevalt.”
in “seasons of acquisition” – attaining a mantra to live by at every age and stage Unbuttoning his haizen,
education and careers while building of life and reminds us of the temporal
homes and families. We fill up our homes nature of things and that change is inevitable. he rose from the tisch,
with furniture, art, toys for our kids. And said,“Your Kosher essen
Friendships, too, are acquired for various Amy Hirshberg Lederman is an author,
reasons, from professional advancement Jewish educator, public speaker and attorney is simply delish.”
to social intimacy. who lives in Tucson. Her columns in the AJP As he went to the door,
have won awards from the American Jewish
I remember the early years of childrearing, Press Association, the Arizona Newspapers he said“I’ll see you later,
when many of the friendships my husband Association and the Arizona Press Club for I’ll be back next Pesach,
and I developed were the result of the families excellence in commentary. Visit her website at
in time for the Seder.”

More rapid than eagles
his prancers they came,

As he whistled and shouted
and called them by name:

“Now Izzy, now Morris, now Yitzak,
now Sammy,

Now Irving and Maxie,
and Moishe and Mannie.”

He gave a gesshray
as he drove out of sight:

“Chag Sameach to all,
and to all a good night.”

6 The Jewish Post & Opinion – NAT November 27, 2019

Happy BENZION Hanukkah Recipes
(continued from page 4) Selected for Hanukkah from Jewish
Chassidic Rabbis. In general, learning Cooking by Marlena Spieler, Hermes
According to Torah, a Jewish holiday Torah and doing good deeds will not only House, 256 pp. (Reviewed by Sybil Kaplan
bring happiness to you and those near 3/5/03.)
is not just a celebration of a particular you, but will also bring closer our
historical event; rather it is a spiritual complete and final redemption, at which Matzo Meal and Cottage Cheese Latkes
transmission of cyclical energies that were time we will all be completely healthy, (About 20)
available when the historical event origi- forever and ever. 1-1/4 cups cottage cheese
nally occurred. Hanukkah is all about light 3 eggs, separated
shining amidst the darkness. The main We wish all of our readers a very happy 1 tsp. salt
observance of Hanukkah is the lighting of Hanukkah. 2-1/4 cups matzah meal
the menorah. Taking place at the darkest 1 onion, coarsely grated or
time of the year, Hanukkah teaches us that Rabbi Benzion Cohen lives in K’far 3-5 green onions, thinly sliced
there is light within darkness. At the darkest Chabad, Isarel. He can be reached by email at 1/2 tsp. sugar
time, there is light and there will be light. [email protected].
3 Tbsp. plain yogurt or water
Actually, the light shines even more brightly vegetable oil
because of the darkness that surrounds it. ji ground black pepper to taste
Hanukkah restores hope and faith.
a shame to deprive ourselves and not be In a bowl, mash the cottage cheese. Mix in
On December 21st we begin the holiday open to the wonderful light available the egg yolks, half the salt, the matzah meal,
of Hanukkah by lighting one candle on the during Hanukkah. If this reminder helps onion, sugar, yogurt or water and pepper.
extreme right of the menorah. With each night one person to refrain from complaining
of Hanukkah we add an additional candle even one time, it is worth a lot. Whisk the egg whites with the remaining
until we have eight lights shining brightly. salt until stiff. Fold one-third of the
Eight is symbolic of that which is beyond With the light of Hanukkah, may we see whisked egg whites into the batter, then
the natural order, the level of miracles. On the truth of who we are as individuals. fold in the remaining egg whites.
Hanukkah, we are reminded that the Jewish May we see the truth of who the Jewish
people live on the level of miracles. people are and the awesome privilege it is Heat oil in a heavy frying pan to the depth
to be a Jew. With the light of Hanukkah, may of about 1/2 inch, until of cube of bread
Hanukkah is the world’s wake up call to we overcome our challenges and be ignited added to the pan turns brown immediately.
the True Reality. There is a God in the to do what only we can do in this world. Drop tablespoonfuls of the batter into the
world! And God loves us! These eight days pan; fry over a medium-high heat until
of Hanukkah are a special time to receive Message from my beloved teacher Reb the undersides are golden brown. Turn
and bask in the light of the Divine, the Shlomo Carlebach, z”l, on Hanukkah: carefully and fry the second side.
light of miracles, the light of love, the light
of joy. We know we are coming close to “Everybody knows that Hanukkah is the When cooked, remove the latkes from the
God when our hearts open and we feel culmination of the High Holidays. We are pan with a slotted spoon and drain on paper
gratitude for the privilege of being alive. accustomed to think that joy and bliss are towels. Serve immediately or place on a
Hanukkah brings joy and clarity. the highest a human being can aspire to, baking sheet and keep warm in the oven.
but our holy rabbis teach us that light is
Take time to meditate each night when even deeper. So after Simchas Torah, when Variation: To make sweet latkes, omit
you light candles. Sit with the candles, we experience the greatest joy in the the onion and add 2 Tbsp. sugar, chopped
gaze at the candles, meditate and “Listen world, we come to Hanukkah. Hanukkah is nut sand some ground cinnamon. Serve
to Light”. When we quiet the chatter of the Festival of Light. Hanukkah is when we topped with a spoonful of jam or honey.
our minds, we know how to hear the initiate the Third Temple, which shall be
message of the candles. Each night the rebuilt soon. The week of Hanukkah is Cranberry Apple Sauce (4 servings)
candles have a unique message. During when every Jewish home is a little bit of 5 green cooking apples or combination
this time of candle gazing and meditation, the Holy Temple, which gives us the
take time to become aware of your strength to hold out until the Holy Temple of cooking and eating apples
gratitude for all the blessings in your life. will be here always. 1 cinnamon stick
Gratitude opens the doors of blessing. Be 1/4 lelmon
mindful particularly during the holiday of “Let this Hanukkah open the dates for 1/2 cup sugar
Hanukkah to express gratitude. Be mindful all of us – the lights of Hanukkah show us 2 cups cranberries
to not complain during this time. how holy everyone else is. Let this
Hanukkah give us the strength to bring Peel, core and roughly chop the apples
Let this be a spiritual practice during the light to the whole world. Let the light of and place them in a heavy pan with the
week of Hanukkah to spend time each day Hanukkah show the world how deep life cinnamon stick.
thanking God for all the good in your life, is, how deep it is to serve God.
thanking others for all the good they bring Pare the rind from the lemon, then
to you and others, and even thanking “The Holy Ishbitzer says the greatest (see Hanukkah Recipes, page 7)
yourself for all the good you do. blessing one Jew can give to another is to
feel at home with Torah. So many of our ji
Complaining only brings harshness, pain generation are assimilated only because
and challenge in our life. If we complain, it nobody made them feel at home with work in kabbalistic meditation and healing,
is a sign that we are not happy with God, Yiddishkeit.You and I should be privileged she is also a spiritual psychotherapist and
with ourselves, with others. We are not to kindle light at the gate of everyone’s heart for more than 30 years has used kabbalistic
open to receive blessing in our lives. What to make everyone feel at home.”Love, Shlomo wisdom as part of treatment. She offers a free
newsletter on meditation, healing, kabbalistic
Melinda Ribner, L.C.S.W. is also the energies of the months, holidays, and
author of Everyday Kabbalah, Kabbalah more. Email:
Month by Month and New Age Judaism, [email protected].

and The Secret Legacy of Biblical
Women: Revealing the Divine Feminine.
Internationally known for her pioneering

November 27, 2019 The Jewish Post & Opinion – NAT 7

Spoonful miss it. Turn right there on the pebbled HANUKKAH RECIPES
of Humor road and in less than half a mile there is
the King’s palace. I know the way since I (continued from page 6)
BY TED ROBERTS visit the King often. Just do as I say.”
squeeze the lemon juice over the apples
The Seeker Invigorated, the seeker followed his and add the lemon rind to the pan. Cook
directions only to find that the pebbled over a low to medium heat for 15-20
Since he was of the human race, troubles road ended in a thick, impenetrable minutes until they are just tender but have
wilderness. Devastated, he sat on a stone not disintegrated. Stir occasionally so that
swarmed around his life like gnats ledge and waited for something. He knew they apples do not burn.
surround a dead cow on the meadow. not what. But hark, someone was coming.
The rent was overdue, he had a sciatica “Where oh where is the King’s palace? I Add the cranberries to the pan, cover
pain in his leg, and he owed Schlomo, the was told it was at the end of this road.” again and cook for 5-8 minutes more or
bartender, 30 rubles. Even worse, he’d until the berries pop and are just cooked.
stolen his neighbor’s plow horse. But none The stranger laughed softly.“How fortu- Taste for sweetness and leave to cool.
of this mattered when his thoughts strayed nate that you encountered me. I am the Serve with latkes.
to Rachel, his sick, crippled daughter. Aha, only inhabitant of the forest that knows
he pondered, it must be a dybbuk – an evil the pathway to the palace. Whoever told Rugelach (48-60)
spirit that had nestled in his soul – maybe you those directions couldn’t even find his Rugelach are thought to have come
from the tavern where he went too often. own elbow. No, no. Recall you passed a from Poland where they are a traditional
Clever dybbuks were known to leap from fork in the main road. You took the right sweet treat at Hanukkah.
one victim/host to another. Now it fork; you must go left. At the end of the 1/2 cup unsalted butter
possessed him. The dybbuk was poisoning left fork, there you will find the radiant 1/2 cup full-fat soft white
his life. He must find the king; only he palace of the King. But listen, why wander
could restore him. in this dangerous wilderness – buy one of (farmer’s cheese)
my maps – only 20 rubles.” 1 Tbsp. sugar
That’s why he had been wandering for 1 egg
several hours now – searching, searching The seeker leaped to his feet reinvigo- 1/2 tsp. salt
for his King who he knew lived in a golden rated. “Ah, thank you, but no need. I’ll 2-1/4 cups all-purpose flour
palace deep in the woods. The King was follow your directions.” And this time, 1 generous cup melted butter
his last hope to cure his young daughter, taking the left fork, he walked many 2 cups golden raisins
struck down with a deadly disease. leagues only to find himself on the banks 1 cup chopped walnuts
Everyone knew he possessed healing of a broad, turbulent river. No palace in 1 generous cup superfine sugar
powers. The seeker even brought a list of sight. His spirits sank. Again, the wrong 2 tsp. ground cinnamon
his good deeds. It was rumored that the path and not the slightest glimmer of the
King kept a list of his own of each of his King’s palace. He lay face down on the Put the butter and cheese in a bowl and
subject’s deeds. But who knew. Maybe he riverside grass and shed bitter tears. beat with an electric mixer until creamy.
missed the time he had pulled Meyer Beat in the sugar, egg and salt.
Pushkin’s wagon out of the mud. And he A hand tapped his shoulder.“Stranger,”
didn’t even like him. But first you must he said, “now is not a day for tears. The Fold the flour into the creamed mixture,
find He who lived in the palace. trees are as green as the grass and luscious a little at a time, until the dough can be
fruit provided by the King for your journey worked with the hands. Continue adding
The grief-stricken father had read all the hangs from their boughs. While above, the flour. Kneading with the hands, until it
books – talked to all the wise men, leafed the sun smiles upon the King’s world of is the consistency that can be rolled out.
through many pages of maps, but still his beauty. And not accidently lights the path
head was whirling. Only the King could to his palace.” Shape the dough into a ball, then cover
make his daughter well. He must find the and chill for at least 2 hours or overnight.
King. The seeker had never seen him. But it The seeker nodded through his tears.
was rumored that he was wise, benevolent, “Yes, I know, but I seek the King in vain. I’ve Preheat the oven to 350°F. Divide the
and all powerful. If you sought him out crossed and re-crossed the forest wherein dough into six equal pieces. On a lightly
and obeyed his laws, your problems disap- he resides – with no luck whatsoever.” floured surface, roll out each piece into
peared. But first you must find him and around about 1/2-inch thick, then brush
present your credentials; goodness, kind- “Today is your lucky day. How fortunate with a little of the melted butter and
ness, and obedience were a prerequisite of you encountered me. I am the only inhab- sprinkle over the raisins, nuts, a little sugar
course. But how to find him? itant of the forest that knows the pathway and the cinnamon.
to the King’s palace. This very morning I
Ah, a rustle of limbs and leaves told him spoke to the King. You should not have Cut the rounds into eight to ten wedges
someone was approaching. Maybe he would listened to those other wanderers lost in and carefully roll the large side of each
know the way. “The King – his palace?” the woods. They never scanned the map wedge toward the tip. Arrange the
said the seeker. “Where is it? Which of to the King’s abode. Now listen carefully. rugelach on baking sheets, brush with a
these paths will take me to the palace?” Just continue on the left fork by the brook. little butter, and sprinkle with the sugar.
You must turn off where the grove of Bake for 15-30 minutes until lightly
“How fortunate you encountered me. I Orange trees stands. Walk half a mile and browned. Leave to cool before serving.

am the only inhabitant of the forest that there facing you with all of its splendor in
knows the pathway to the palace. Oh, it’s a clearing surrounded by Pomegranate ji
close,”said the stranger,“follow the paved trees, there rises the palace of the one and
road till you come to the Magnolia tree – only King. And you know he welcomes all towering Himalayas. The fool who gave
now in bloom – a huge green and white who come to him.” him directions couldn’t find the King’s
chandelier of blossom and white.You can’t palace if the moon hung above it. The
Up jumped the seeker bound on this new seeker propped himself against a fallen
navigational solution. Need I tell you the log and moaned.Through his lamentations
results? Same, same, same – nothing – a he hears someone approach. He wore a
foggy swamp as different from the imperial yarmulke and a snow white tallis over his
palace as the wilderness of Cush from the shoulders. And a dark suit; far different

(see Roberts, page 8)

8 The Jewish Post & Opinion – NAT November 27, 2019

Wiener’s Reform Judaism’s most potent weapon was ROBERTS
Wisdom a small word, inclusion. It understood that
Judaism could not and would not continue (continued from page 7)
BY RABBI IRWIN WIENER, D.D. to grow and develop if it remained in a
vacuum. Telling fellow Jews that if they did from the other forest dwellers.
Reform vs. Conform not fit into a narrow definition of religious “There are infinite pathways through
completion that they would forever be
According to Webster’s Dictionary, isolated was an enigma. the forest to the King’s abode. But there is
no path for you except the one you make.
reform means to improve or to change Reform Judaism teaches that there is no And you must make it yourself.”“Here,”he
something for the better. And thumbing value to Judaism if it does not seem said, and gently laid an ax at the seeker’s
through the pages of this very same relevant or necessary in everyday life. feet.“You will need it. There are briars and
dictionary we stop at the word conform, Where is the future of the Jewish People if thorn bushes and tangles of vine that trip
and we learn that its meaning is to make we live only in the past without trying to you up. Go that way,”he pointed,“and you
or become similar; to be in agreement. reach for the present and the future? That shortly will be rewarded by the radiance of
These meanings, to me, indicate the is the underlying characteristic that the King’s palace, the reward for hacking
turbulent storm that has erupted in the makes Reform Judaism important for the your own path through the woods. But let
Judaism’s Reform Movement. continuity of the generations and the me tell you a secret. If you have led a good
perpetuation of a dream that began with life, you can even take the wrong road and
On the one hand Reform Judaism was a man called Abraham. still end up at the palace.”
designed to give meaning to today’s world.
And today’s world includes yesterday, Even the rabbis of the Talmud were forever The seeker wildly set off slashing
today and tomorrow. As the world turns, engaged in making Judaism relevant for through the underbrush. Soon, through
so does our understanding of its purpose their generation. There are constant the tops of the tallest Pines, a faint gold
and significance. The understandings of references to the learning centers of Bait glimmer brightened the sky. He had found
yesterday do not fit neatly into the world Hillel and Bait Shammai, the House of the path. Soon he would be with the King.
we live in today. Hillel and the House of Shammai. Soon his daughter would run in sunlit
Shammai was considered more rigid and meadows.
Yesterday contained no computers or inflexible while Hillel was more liberal in
space travel. Yesterday was filled with the transmission of religious thought and The humor of Ted Roberts, The Scribbler
disasters that boggle the imagination. its interpretation. Reform Judaism follows on the Roof, appears in newspapers around
Yesterday was good for one thing: To bring the standard set by Talmudic expression the US, on National Public Radio, and
us to today with all the new discoveries and relates to this definition of relevancy. numerous web sites. Check out his Web
and means to adapt these revelations to site: Blogsite:
life as experienced right now. On the other hand I have noticed a www.scribbleron His
resurgence of traditional expressions in collected works The Scribbler on The
Today we accept modernization and Reform Judaism. I have always marveled Roof can be bought at or
experimentation as a way of life not a at the somewhat intimidated attitude that

figment of some dark corner of the mind can be found among Reform rabbis. It is as
that has taken us to sinister places. Today though they consider themselves inferior ji
we know that the vastness of the universe to their more traditional counterparts.
reminds us that the ability to accomplish They are more deferential to Jews who are not afraid to identify, in whatever
things is as endless as time and space. profess to be true Torah adherents. form, why should we Reform rabbis tell
Perhaps some think that they are not them to change or be sidelined?
We have learned through trial and error legitimate and therefore must resort to
that we are not committing sins of omission introducing a different kind of Jewish Are we reformists or conformists? That
but rather methods by which growth can acceptance. is the question. It should be a continuing
be maintained. We are not destroying debate that should be in the forefront of
the fabric of human existence but rather Inclusion, which was the hallmark of attempting to bring relevance to an
enhancing its possibilities. Growth can only Reform Judaism, has been replaced by ancient faith that deserves better than
be maintained with continuous speculation. exclusion. Tampering with traditional excluding many of its adherents. I wonder
attitudes now seems to be a repudiation of if the Conservative Movement realizes that
Reform Judaism understood that the past religious living. We see Reform congrega- the Reform Movement is the new you!
is an essential ingredient in reaching for tions building Mikvehs (ritual baths) for
the future. One cannot assume to know conversion or other purposes. We find There is a classic story about a man who
the goodness or proficiencies of human Reform rabbis refusing to participate in came to the saintly sage, the Ba’al Shem Tov
endurance without regard for the past. interfaith marriages. and remarked that his son had abandoned
God. In desperation the man asked,“What
I, certainly, am not an expert on Reform When people reach out and our hand is shall I do, Rabbi?”And the Ba’al Shem Tov
Judaism. Nor am I a participant in its not there to take theirs, what have we done? answered,“Love him even more than ever.”
deliberations and pronouncements. What Alienation is not the road to acceptance. If Is that not what the founders of Reform
I do know of it I learned from experience Judaism is to remain vibrant and relevant Judaism going back to Spinoza had in mind
and from books. But what I extracted from then we need to be as inclusive as we when they sat and determined that the
all the research and living as a Reform Jew possibly can, not to dilute but to be an future of Judaism was not only in yesterday
and Reform rabbi was one vital fact: example. To teach that even today but in today which will guarantee tomor-
Reform Judaism was created to bridge the Shammai is still relegated to the next row? Which will it be reform or conform?
gap between traditionalism and secularism. world as described in the Talmud. To make
Having been trained in traditional Judaism clear that Hillel is the path to involvement Rabbi Irwin Wiener is spiritual leader of
enables me to fully appreciate the value of and continuation. the Sun Lakes Jewish Congregation near
Reform Judaism’s approach to the universal Phoenix, Ariz. He welcomes comments
understanding of God. Perhaps when Reform rabbis feel secure at ravyitz He is the author of
in who they are, we too will feel comfort- two books: Living With Faith, and a
able in Reform Jewish fervor. If our people modern and contemporary interpretation of
the Passover Haggadah titled, Why is This
Night Different?

November 27, 2019 The Jewish Post & Opinion – NAT 9

Media Thomasin McKenzie (Elsa) and Roman Does this represent ingenious avant-
Watch Griffin Davis (Johannes “Jojo” Betzler) in garde humor? Waititi’s approach asserts
Jojo Rabbit. that pushing the envelope, whether of
BY RABBI ELLIOT B. GERTEL taste or humor, is the best way to get
decency and modesty in him and realizes attention for a Holocaust-themed film and
Jojo Rabbit and Law that she can turn the tables of fear on him maybe the best way to teach the subject to
and Order S.V.U. by pointing out to him what his mother is future generations. So, whether justified
risking, by threatening to kill him, and also or not as artistic pedagogy, Jojo Rabbit can
Jojo Rabbit by invoking imaginary Jewish powers to serve, even if by default, as a teaching
keep him in line. At first she comes across moment, both on the Nazi era and on the
Writer-director Taika David (Cohen) as vicious, but it becomes clear that she wants question of what pushing the envelope
to protect Jojo’s family as well as herself. does to the quality and taste of Holocaust-
Waititi’s film, Jojo Rabbit, tells the story of related films and their audiences.
Johannes “Jojo” Betzler (Roman Griffin Encountering Elsa, Jojo decides to use
Davis, in an affecting and memorable the opportunity to write an expose on The first question that any good educator
performance), a ten-year-old boy growing Jews. He enters anti-Semitic canards, both would ask is why American soldiers had
up in Nazi Germany. Infatuated with Nazi learned and of his own fantasies, into a to be depicted at the end of the film as
power and propaganda, Jojo is, when we large notebook with childish script and responsible for the summary execution of
first meet him, scampering to attend a illustrations. an unlikely hero in the resistance with an
Nazi Youth program. But he is humiliated occasional link to Jojo. Why turn the Allies
when he is unable to kill a bunny, and Nazi officials are amused by Jojo’s anti- into villains?
thus branded a coward and given the Semitic obsessions, not suspecting that he
nickname “rabbit.” knows a real-live subject. For her part, Elsa Law and Order S.U.V.
uses these encounters to instruct Jojo via One of Law and Order: Special Victims
Overcompensating for his embarrassment, sarcasm. When he asks her to tell him
Jojo carelessly exposes himself to a life- everything about the Jewish race she Unit’s most moving episodes (11-7-2019)
threatening danger and the resulting responds: “We’re just like you [Germans], deals with girls and young women
injury changes his life. Indeed, the point of only human.”When Jojo asks her why she abducted from small villages in China
the movie is that Jojo’s “rabbit-like” inno- doesn’t have horns, Elsa replies to his and sold into New York sex trade“spas”to
cence, decency, and“fear”to do harm save satisfaction that Jews don’t grow horns pay off family debts. The writers take pains
him from ideology, culpability and from until they turn 21, and then adds that Jews to point out the regrets of a Chinese
what could have been irredeemable can read minds, but not German minds, American socialite who enables such
betrayal on his part and devastating because German skulls are too thick. crimes. Passion and conviction characterize
personal guilt. the plot and dialogue.
Elsa’s sarcasm toys even with reverse
Throughout the film we learn that Jojo’s psychology when she communicates her I was crestfallen when I saw the aplomb
mother, Rosie (Scarlett Johannson) is hunger to Jojo by quipping that Jews are with which the writers depicted two of the
putting herself in harm’s way to post allergic to food, especially biscuits. Yet villains in this drama – a father and son
placards against Hitler’s war and to help she can also come right out and say very named Olin, who are clearly intended
dissidents. She is concerned about his striking and moving things about being to be Jewish. Both are without scruples,
allegiance to Hitler Youth programs, but Jewish: “I am descended from those regrets or conscience. They rent commer-
knows how to provide him with quality who wrestle angels and kill giants. We are cial real estate. The vain son, Rick Olin, has
time with lasting messages. When they chosen by God.” been taking cash from the sex trafficking
see people who have been hanged in the ring and arranging for his squash friend
town square for helping Jews or rebelling Jojo makes a power play at end that he to commit rape on a weekly basis. The
against the German war effort, Jojo asks: knows is wrong, and he does it to keep conniving father, Avi Olin (complete with
“What did they do?”His mother responds: Elsa’s friendship. She is sensitive enough beard and Hebrew first name), has been
“What they could.” to slap him and to forgive him immediately. renting property to the “spas” in eleven
locations, and taking cash in order to
In one of the film’s most memorable Indeed, the plot about hiding a Jew and bypass building inspectors. Avi prides
scenes, when Jojo is angry and near all the attendant risks is powerful and sus- himself on being a “great deal maker.”
rebellion against his mother, Rosie dresses penseful enough, let alone the anti-Nazi He agrees to identify the syndicate behind
as her husband, putting on her face soot resistance activism outside the home. But the trafficking operation if his son receives
from fire place to suggest that he is in Waititi was still not satisfied that these no jail time.
battle, and says in his name: “Take care of would attract or grip an audience. So in
your mother.”Jojo will emulate such ruses addition to whatever parody of the Nazis The writers suggest that the son is
in his relationships with others. is provided in his other plots, he adds the dim-witted. Is this intended as an excuse?
tease of Jojo’s imaginary friend – none What about the father?
Jojo Rabbit would be effective enough as other than Adolph Hitler. This allows for
a movie about a mother trying to impart lines like Hitler’s description of Elsa as a For more than 40 TV seasons I have
values to her son in a Nazi environment “female Jesse Owens”and for provocative pointed to such ugly depictions of Jews in
even as she risks everything to fight the graphics like the Fuhrer’s prancing around TV and film. Beginning with one of my
Nazi effort. But Waititi adds another sporting his suicide wounds. first reviews, of The Adventures of Duddy
element; Jojo finds out that his mother Kravitz (JPO Jan. 30, 1981), I suggested
is hiding a young Jewish woman, Elsa that it is the obligation of writers who
(Thomasin McKenzie) in the attic. depict Jews badly to point out that such
behavior is not consistent with Judaism.
Elsa fears that Jojo will turn her in. But Seeing that time and space and money
she quickly senses that “rabbit” quality of considerations militated against this, I
pointed out that writers and producers
should realize that negative images of Jews

(see Gertel, page 10)

10 The Jewish Post & Opinion – NAT November 27, 2019

Holocaust every three seconds when it first ignited,” GERTEL
Educator and, at this writing, “has scorched more
than 75,000 acres in and around Northern (continued from page 9)
BY DR. MIRIAM L. ZIMMERMAN California’s Sonoma County since last week,”
an area twice the size of San Francisco. will be out in the stratosphere forever and
California is Burning
I awakened to this news report, which that they ought to stop and consider
As I write these words, Oct. 29, 2019, also predicted hurricane force winds in
southern California this evening. Daily, I whether their craft or message is worth
a total of 15 fires rage in northern check which way the winds are blowing in
California’s wine country and in the Los Los Angeles, because our son Josh and his one more such nasty image. But of course
Angeles area. Twenty-five million people family live in a western suburb of Los
are under red flag warnings, with a conflu- Angeles.The winds determine which way Jewish generations were changing and
ence of winds, temperatures, and humidity the fires spread. Josh and his wife Erin
creating conditions conducive to additional have bags packed in their cars, with film production teams would willingly
fires. The increased temperature of the land, snacks and extra bottled water. They keep
caused by climate change, makes forest fires their gas tanks full. In 1968, who would cast aside such scruples for monetary or
an imminent threat throughout the state. have thought that “historically powerful”
winds could become such an enemy? entertainment goals.
Fifty years ago, I never anticipated such
an outcome when my husband Richard About 90,000 people have been In more recent years I have urged that if
whisked me out of Indiana to the evacuated in Northern California, with
promised land of Palo Alto, Calif., during tens of thousands more under evacuation film and TV writers and producers are not
his third year of Stanford Law School. orders. Richard thoughtfully reached out
to a friend of our younger daughter with concerned about what Gentiles think,
We met as teenagers under the auspices a husband and two young children, and
of NFTY (National Federation of Temple to our son-in-law’s parents, all of whom they should be concerned about what new
Youth) during a conclave in his hometown live in possible fire danger. He extended
of Lafayette, Ind. Back in the 1960’s, there to them an invitation to stay with us, generations of Jews will think about
were not many Jewish teens in small town should they need to relocate.
Indiana, so the intercity weekends, or themselves, having been reared on such
“conclaves,” served multiple purposes – I have been fortunate to experience
educational, social, and religious. Richard’s thoughtfulness countless times fare. But obviously Jews who don’t care
during our 50-year marriage. Last year, he
For 50 years, when asked why he left encouraged me to submit a proposal to about how Jews appear to Gentiles will
Indiana, Richard replied, “Two reasons: the International Association of Jewish
summer and winter.” My silent thought Genealogy Associations (IAJGA). All not care about how Jews appear to them-
during his recitation follows:“Who would those years earning tenure as a college
ever leave the Gan Eden (Garden of Eden) professor, writing proposals and making selves. So much for Prophetic concerns
that is the Peninsula of the San Francisco presentations, paid off. Proposal ironically
Bay Area?” I knew from day one that I accepted; presentation made. Ironic, about Jews being a“light to the nations.”
never wanted to leave California. because I was not even a member of
IAJGA; it is Richard who is the dedicated And now, in this age of the “Me Too”
Last year, Richard and I celebrated our genealogist.
50th wedding anniversary and 40 years scandals and the sexual predators in the
in the same house. Last weekend, we
celebrated his 50th law school reunion. TV and film industries, many of whom,
We returned to Evanston, Ill., for my
50th Northwestern University reunion sadly, are Jews, I wonder whether the
two years ago. Richard and I are two
Hoosier hicks who went to good schools. vulgarities and the excesses of depiction of

Jews over the last 50 years have taken their

toll. Or could it simply be that the Jewish

villains and their writers (and actors?) in

TV and film have been intended as a quiet

resistance against powerful and spiteful

Jewish executives who were known to have

either exploited women and other employees,

or who allowed such exploitation?

It does not seem, however, that “resist-

ance”against network officials led the very

next week (11-14-2019) to Law and

Order’s depiction of a distinguished-psy-

chologist-turned-sex-cultist who abducts

and drugs young women and exploits

pharmaceutical research privileges to drug

them, sometimes fatally. Why name him

Dr. Julius Adler (thus slamming by name

association even the iconic psychothera-

pist Alfred Adler), and bring in a well-

known Jewish actor, sporting a rabbinic

beard, to play this character? And why

persist in making him dishonest and

destructive with his wife and daughter,

and politically paranoid to boot?

Rabbi Elliot Gertel has been spiritual

leader of congregations in New Haven and

Chicago. He is the author of two books,

Me with my cousin, Michael Loewenstein, What Jews Know About Salvation and
Ph.D. – our fathers, z”l, were brothers.
Over the Top Judaism: Precedents and
The California fire season had not yet begun
on July 28, 2019, when the conference Trends in the Depiction of Jewish Beliefs
began, at the Hilton Hotel in downtown
Cleveland. The topic was Richard’s idea, and Observances in Film and Television.
“After the Shoah, Honor Your Family by
Restoring German Citizenship, Stolpersteine, He has been media critic for The National
and the Ancestral Tour.” My cousin,
Michael Loewenstein (above), co-presented Jewish Post & Opinion for 40 years since
with me. He helped me with the proposal
Richard and me toasting at our 50th and added his family pictures to our slide July 27, 1979.
anniversary dinner.
CNN meteorologist Brandon Mille show. Michael conducted a great deal of
reported that the Kincade Fire, begun on genealogical research to find the German
Oct. 23,“grew at a rate of one football field towns in which our forebears lived.

At the genealogy conference, Michael

November 27, 2019 The Jewish Post & Opinion – NAT 11

Play ReviewEye contact was in short supply at

IAJGS conference meals and receptions.
Nametags measured four inches by seven

inches, providing enough room for five REVIEWED BY
family names and locations (photo left). PROFESSOR ARNOLD AGES
Participants were encouraged to read one
another’s nametags with the purpose of Fiddler on the Roof
finding lost relatives. IAJGS even printed
your name and contact information

and I talked about our trip to our fathers’ multiple times, on perforated cardstock. in Yiddish
hometown and what it meant to us and to Inserted into the back of your nametag,
our family. I discussed the qualifications the tear-off cards enabled you to provide After Fiddler on the Roof first arrived on
needed and process for obtaining German quickly your contact information to any
citizenship, and how to honor one’s potential relative. Broadway half a century ago and then a
family by the installation of Stolpersteine spectacular Hollywood version a decade
(“stumbling stones”). Created by artist The unintended consequence, focusing later, the world was treated to multilingual
Gunter Demnig, the Stolpersteine are on one another’s chests rather than eyes, adaptations (including a Japanese rendering
placed in front of the last known residence made me feel alienated from my fellow which produced the vexing comment by
of someone persecuted by the Nazis, attendees. Perhaps I was not so hungry to one enthusiast in Japan who expressed
before they fled or were deported. See my connect with potential cousins, since I am astonishment that Jews could actually
P&O column, https://jewishpostopinion completely happy with the ones I know understand the play because it was so
.com/?p=3508 or page 10 of https://jew- about. Yet on the Stolpersteine walking Japanese in spirit) – and thereafter an tour of my ancestors’ hometowns, I American documentary film peopled by
2018/08/NAT_8-8-18.pdf. discovered I had many more relatives those involved initially in the creation of the
“ermordet in Auschwitz,” murdered in first Fiddler who spoke eloquently about the
Michael discussed his cemetery research Auschwitz, than I previously realized. musical, literary and historical challenges
and how he constructed the itinerary of We also discovered relatives of my grand- faced by the artists who contended with
our subsequent ancestral tour of the father, whom we knew nothing about, the travail of transforming a Sholem
relevant villages. Unlike half of the when we visited the historical museum in Aleichem Yiddish tale about the life of
German Jews in 1933 who lived in the ten Brilon, his hometown. Jews in a Russian Shtetl called Anatefka
largest German cities, our family came whose lives were sundered by ever present
strictly from small towns. After my father, For years, I answered the question, anti-Semitism and a pogrom.
of blessed memory, took me to his home- “Where are you from?” with “I live in
town of Buer, in Westphalia (state in California, but Indiana will always be my The English transformation which first
northwest Germany) in the early 1980’s, home.” But something transformed in me appeared on Broadway was a miraculous
I wondered if he had chosen to settle in between the Cleveland conference and event as was the music (melodies, refrains,
Terre Haute, Ind., in part, because it was the start of fire season in California. and songs, liturgical snatches) and succeeded
so similar to Buer, both in terms of masterfully in communicating the joy
demographics and in the terrain. Fifty years ago, I took a risk and commingled with angst experienced by their
emigrated from the Midwest to the West religious and historical customs (match-
Michael found not only the towns Coast. I followed the love of my life, for making among the latter) in the face of
associated with our familial names, but whom I will be forever grateful. He
also, in some cases, the exact plot numbers introduced me to a whole new world and (see Ages, page 13)
of their graves, enabling him to find Weltanschauung (philosophy of life) not
easily the final resting places of many of available in my provincial hometown. I
our ancestors.
discovered that the “Left Coast” ethos fit
Unfortunately, the locked gates of two my own coming-of-age-in-the soaring-
different cemeteries, one in Abterode, 1960s mentality.
home of our grandmother, Bertha
Katzenstein Loewenstein; and the other Despite the ever-present threat of earth-
in Frankenhausen, served as deterrents. quakes, I felt safe in California. But now,
The waist-high fence around the with the very real danger of wildfires,
Frankenhausen Jewish Friedhof (cemetery)
was easily scaled, as we helped one another spontaneously and unpredictably flaring
over the almost “cosmetic” barricade. But up all over the parched state, for an ever-
the fence of the Abterode cemetery was increasing number of months per year, I
too high; we could only gaze into the
marble orchard of aging grave markers, wonder if it is time to emigrate once again.
with their Hebrew-German inscriptions. Clearly, my ancestors did so. Why can’t I?

Richard and I have options. As Jews,

there is always Israel. On the other hand, Steven Skybell stars as Tevye in “Fiddler on
we could follow our daughter Leah and the Roof in Yiddish” at Stage 42. Photo
return to Germany. Munich, where she
lives – that does not speak to me. Perhaps j icredit: Matthew Murphy.
I could call one of the idyllic little villages
in Westphalia, where my ancestors walked

home. Or, I could return to my hometown and realized that my home is where I am.
of Terre Haute. And, I am here to stay.

The real answer is “none of the above.” Dr. Miriam Zimmerman is professor
Despite the new challenges to living in this emerita at Notre Dame de Namur University
state, with climate change an everyday (NDNU) in Belmont, Calif., where she
reality and not something 20 years in the continues to teach the Holocaust course. She
future, I pulled back from my fantasy travel can be reached at [email protected].

12 The Jewish Post & Opinion – NAT November 27, 2019

Seen on the School for Hospitalized Patients. The cancer survivors and survivors of prema-
Israel Scene ture birth. When they reach adulthood,
school is located on two campuses with 12 many are dependent on public programs
BY SYBIL KAPLAN and have a lower quality of life.
departments, 90 multicultural staff members
Mediscope 2019, Children with chronic disorders need to
Mossad Movie, and 220 students a day, K through high live with the chronic disease, undergo
and Aboriginals regular physical checkups, have frequent
school, short term or long term. contact with medical personnel and follow
Each year in October, members of medical advice. They often have cognitive,
The staff meets from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. emotional, and social development issues.
Hadassah-Israel, from throughout the Their parents need to go through stages of
country, gather at Hadassah Hospital, Ein then they work from 9 a.m. to 12, break for denial, anger, bargaining, and depression
Karem, for Mediscope, a day of hearing in order to have acceptance.
doctors speak about their departments. lunch, and return to work 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
English speakers gather in one hall, while “The birth of a sick child gives birth to a
Hebrew speakers meet in another room. The curriculum is built out of the children’s sick family and sickness within society.”

This time, the event was opened by needs, and they use ipads for children to Hadassah is the “medical home to help
Professor Yoram Weiss, director of children and their parents to cope with
Hadassah Hospital in Ein Karem for the see their classmates in the classroom. They disease. Here they find one-stop care, all
past six years. He told participants that support services, patient oriented care
they treat patients from have 20 different programs such as a and disease oriented care conducted by
Syria, Jordan and Iraq, and managing people and a case manager.”
that is part of the story of therapy doll, preparing for blood tests,
Hadassah as they try to Mossad Movie Review
“provide a bridge to peace swallowing pills and syrup and radiation. Do you keep track of Israeli movies
in our region.”
Ophthalmology: Representing the when they come to your community – for
Hadassah Ein Karem yourself or for your organizations to use as
treats a million patients a Prof. Weiss Ophthalmology Department was Dr. a fundraiser? Do you like funny, action
year and they are “proud and thankful for comedies, sometimes silly? In June, a
the people who work here.” Shahar Frenkel, an ophthalmologist and movie opened in Israel, and by the next
weekend, 30,000 tickets had been sold.
Rehabilitation: First on the program, ophthalmic surgeon. The Department of
was a nice-looking young man who said In mid-September, the Ministry of
“you are the people who changed my Ophthalmology was founded in 1922. Foreign Affairs and the Government Press
life.”In a matter-of-fact and poignant way, Office offered a special showing to foreign
he described how 17 years ago in June They have an ocular oncology service with correspondents and diplomats with free
2002, he was with a group of youngsters parking for four hours in the garage, and
on a field trip. They did not know mines the highest level of research in Israel and 3 free popcorn and a drink at Cinema City.
had been planted by a field gate, and he
stepped on a mine. operating rooms where they perform Knowing that according to the film
critic of the Jerusalem Post, Hannah Brow,
Today, he is married with two children 6,000 surgeries a year with this is “a phenomenally high figure for an
and has had 30 surgeries at Hadassah and Israeli film” and “many screenings…were
is working as a guide at the hospital. a staff of 50 clinicians and sold out – a rarity among Israeli movies,”
His most recent surgery, six months ago, we were excited to view the film.
was to repair nerve damage in his feet by 150 employees. This
a German trained doctor. Most people who have been to Israel or
department also has an have a serious interest in Israel know that
Information about the Rehabilitation
Department of Hadassah international outreach
Mount Scopus was
presented by Dr. Isabella service to Africa, the
Schwartz, head of that
Rehabilitation department. Palestinian Authority,
In addition to outpatient Ethiopia and Guinea plus Dr. Frenkel
needs, the inpatient ward
has 38 new electric beds Dr. Schwartz research and education.
which were recently funded by Hadassah
Israel. Clinical Microbiology and Infectious

A new center for rehabilitation is now in Diseases: Professor Alon Moses directs
the early stages which will have 132 beds
and an outpatient rehabilitation unit. the Department of Clinical Microbiology
Among the units is a gym for the disabled.
and Infectious Diseases. He told the audi-
Hadassah School: Members of the staff
described the activities of the Hadassah ence the astounding news

that, world-wide, one in

10 people admitted to a

hospital will acquire an

infection while in the

hospital. There is a 70%

chance, once a patient Prof. Moses
acquires an infection in the

hospital, it will be a resistant bacteria.

Each year, 4,500 patients acquire a

hospital infection and die in an Israeli

hospital. Compare this to 450 people who

die in Israel from a motor accident! Thus

the infection control unit has changed

things in the past 15 years with standard

and isolation precautions and cleaning

guidelines. Their goal is to lower the

number of hospital acquired infections.

Pediatrics: Professor Eitan Karem heads

the division of Pediatrics.

He explained in a detailed

the challenges of treating

44% of children with

chronic diseases on

Mount Scopus in Israel

where children represent
30% of the population. He Prof. Karem

cited the fact that 80% of the children with

cancer, for example, are cured.

Among the chronic disorders which

impact children’s daily lives are asthma,

obesity, ADHD, learning disabilities,

November 27, 2019 The Jewish Post & Opinion – NAT 13

Mossad is the institute for intelligence in most of the surrounding facilities were AGES
special operations. Inspired by David already in place by spring 1907.
Zucker’s film classics Airplane, Top Secret, (continued from page 11)
and The Naked Gun, director/screen writer The station was intended to serve the
Alon Gur Arye created this spy comedy entire region around Tiberias. The First subtle and not so subtle persecution and
which is really a parody. U.S. director World War spurred a huge development of
David Zucker actually served as the onset railway lines in the Land of Israel. The war discrimination. The unusual success of this
adviser to the film. required troops to be transported, and at
a time when roads and cars were less play was also attributed to those wonderful
Without spoiling the experience of developed, the train was the most effective
seeing the film, the plot involves Mossad form of transportation for moving troops actors who interpreted the role of Tevya,
Agent, Guy Moran, who is recruited to and supplies quickly and efficiently.
rescue an American tech billionaire, kid- the milchidiker – the milk merchant who is
napped while in Jerusalem, from the“really In Autumn 1918, when the British started
bad guys” (RBG) terrorist organization. their large-scale offensive to capture the constantly calling on his maker to improve
The Mossad agent teams up with a female north of the country and Syria from the
CIA operative, whom the CIA sends, so as Turks, the combatants considered the his place in life.
not to depend on Israel. If the mission Tzemach station particularly important,
fails, the Mossad director will be unable to because it was an intersection between Although there are almost a score of
light one of the Independence Day torches, the land route around the Kinneret, and
which is his goal. because of the railway line over theYarmuk fine thespians who have lifted Fiddler in
River. The site’s strategic importance is
The acting is great, and everything discernible in the decision taken by the its Broadway venues, foreign theatres,
about this comedy is good except the German commander of the Ottoman
English-language captions move almost forces, Generalleutnant Otto Liman von there are basically only three or four
too fast to be read. Will non-Israelis enjoy Sanders (1855–1929), to try and delay the
this film? They may have some difficulty British advance. whose talent has been universally recog-
understanding the nuances of Israeli culture.
Von Sanders appointed a German officer nized in the English version of the play –
A little know fact – Aboriginals in Palestine to command the railway station’s defense,
In September, the Government press and to augment the defense with German Israeli Chaim Topol, Zero Mostel, and
units equipped with machine guns. Many
office sent us an invitation to a ceremony, soldiers in the British Army fought in the Herschel Bernardi.
at the Semakh Railway Station on Middle East in WWI and, in fact, came
September 25, commemorating the from the east of the British Empire – India, Now a fourth name has to be added to
Australian Aboriginal Troopers in World Australia and New Zealand. As part of the
War I. It surprised me because I knew very British war plan, the Fourth Light horse that distinguished pedigree of Fiddler’s
little about the Aboriginal men and even regiment, part of the Australian Fourth
less what they had to do with Palestine. cavalry division, was tasked with capturing Tevya – Steven Skybell, whose Yiddish
the township of Samakh and the area
Aborigines are Australia’s indigenous around the railway station. The battle to speech, perfect diction, posture and facial
people, about 2% of Australia’s total capture Tzemach would be one of the last
population who arrived in Australia about offensive cavalry battles. contortions were integral parts of his
30,000 years ago. A statue has been
designed by an Australian artist, Jennifer The Australian forces advanced from the delivery. This reviewer was fortunate
Marshall, depicting an Australian Aboriginal south on horseback, riding only during
Trooper, Jack Pollard, of the 11th Light moonlight. On September 25, 1918, at enough to have been present in the
Horse regiment, with an army issue bible dawn, they came under heavy fire from
in one hand tending to the grave of a German machine guns. The Australian newest Fiddler production in the company
fallen white Australian mate. commander immediately gave the order
to charge, and the cavalrymen drew their of two fluent Yiddish speakers who
Unveiling the statue will be Australian rifles and galloped in the dark – two
Ambassador Chris Cannan; Mark Pollard companies of the 11th cavalry battalion confirmed for me that except for some
(grandson of Trooper Jack Pollard); galloped to the eastern edge of the
descendants of Aboriginal Troopers; and a township and two companies from the very minor problems with the Russian
director of the Australian Light Horse 12th battalion to the west. Fighting was
Association. particularly difficult around the station, tinged Yiddish variants, the level of
where the Germans concealed themselves
What is the connection of Aborigines to in the stone buildings (the buildings in mamaloshen was very high. This reviewer
Palestine? Some of these Australian Samakh were made of clay). The
soldiers, mounted on horseback, fought Australians managed to ride into the was somewhat troubled by the word
against German soldiers in northern Israel station, dismounted, and then continued
(Palestine).The battle took place at Tzemach. hand-to-hand combat with rifles, “traditiye”to translate tradition, the title of
bayonets and swords, as battle doctrine
In an article on the Infoplease web site dictated. The fighting ended one hour a major song in the play.
by Ricco Villaneuva Siasoco, I learned that later, at 5:30 in the morning, just after dawn.
the Ottomans built a railway line from the It is no surprise that the Yiddish Fiddler
Tzemach area, which was linked to Mazrib On the Turkish - German side there
in Syria and Dera’a in Transjordan. The were around 100 dead, almost all German has won the“Best Revival Award”for 2019.
Tzemach station building is one of the soldiers, and many wounded. Altogether
eight original buildings constructed along the Australians took 365 men prisoners, Tickets can be purchased at the box office
the railway line within the territory of the half of them German. Fourteen Australian
Land of Israel. It is a known fact, however, at 422 W. 42 St. New York City, Telephone
that the Tzemach station building and
212-239-6200. The show is closing January

5, 2020.

Professor Arnold Ages is “Distinguished

Emeritus Professor” University of Waterloo,

jOntario Canada.
cavalrymen were killed, 64 wounded, and
almost half of their horses were killed. The
Australians estimated that if the attack
had been delayed and had taken place in
daylight, far greater losses would have
been incurred.

In Australian military history, the cavalry
attack and capture of Tzemach became a
story of heroism that ended with success
and relatively few losses (similar to losses
in the entire Palestine campaign). It was the
very opposite of the appalling casualties in
other regions where Australians (and all
the other armies) fought in WWI. Another
contribution that the Australian army
made to the history of Tzemach Station
are the photographs that Australian
military photographers took in the
aftermath of the battle once it ended. They
created the best collection of pictures of
the station in its early period.

(see Kaplan/Israel, page 15)

14 The Jewish Post & Opinion – NAT November 27, 2019 Office in the Bronx. She said she thought
the people would rather have her in
Gather the People Shipley Washington – fighting for basic rights
Speaks rather than wasting time on the problems
of the folks who elected her.
Then of course we have Ilhan Omar.
BEN ASHER, PH.D. What’s a Jew to Do? She is an African from Somalia. She was
raised in a middle class neighborhood of
& MAGIDAH Since the first large wave of Jews Minneapolis. She has decided to make the
centerpiece of her role in the Congress
KHULDA BAT SARAH arrived in the U.S. we have fought for constant attacks on Israel. She has never
human rights. It is in our own self-interest been there, has no historical knowledge
Don’t Put Out to do so. We believe in taking care of our of the country – but considers herself an
the Light fellow man, in equal rights, equal oppor- expert on the Jews and their relationship
tunity, etc.You know, the stuff that allowed with their Native Land.
Have you ever driven to work and, us when we came to America to take
advantage of the system. And, based on Does she know that even this corre-
once you got there, realized that you our heritage and our history, we have spondent has DNA that reaches back to
didn’t remember driving there at all? endeavored to pass it on to succeeding that land? Does she know the story of
generations. the First and Second Commonwealths
It happens to all of us – and not just in and the birth of the Third? No.
the car. And the result is that literally we This has resulted in Jews having the rep-
don’t see; we don’t experience what’s utation of being “Liberals”, “Left Wing”, Her Anti-Israel platform barely masks a
right in front of us. Even Moses had this etc. All this because we tend to take up the strong Anti-Semitic bias that leaks into
experience. Moses was shepherding the cause of the underdog – again, because we her rhetoric and tweets on an almost daily
flock of his father-in-law and he took the were – and in many cases, still are. basis. She has dredged up the oldest and
sheep out into the wilderness when, the silliest tropes about Israel and then condemns
scripture tells us,“he looked”at a bush that For generations, Jews were comfortable Jews who support their native land.
was burning and yet not consumed. And in the Democratic Party. Sure – some Jews
he said to himself,“Let me turn aside and as a part of their assimilation became The Jews. The easy target AND do not
see this incredible sight…”(Exodus 3:2–3) Republicans. They felt the philosophy of believe for a moment that Omar is alone
small government with a light hand was in her rhetoric and her approach. She said
From this, our sages say, we learn that the way this new nation to which they it’s “All About The Benjamins”? Believe
there is no place that is devoid of God’s now belonged should be governed. Many me – if you could follow the money
presence, not even a thorn bush. God’s Jews who all but worshiped Roosevelt turned (which you can’t) – you’d see substantial
presence is discernible in all things and all to Eisenhower to guide us in the 1950s. “Benjamins” in her bank account from
places. Even in something like a bush. The folks who are well grounded in the
problem is that we just don’t see it. Things Things change. A terrible Democratic International conspiracy to delegitimize
only look ordinary to us, however, because Leadership and a foolish Republican Party the Jewish State.
we have not yet seen what is truly there. that allowed 17 candidates to run for
That is, we haven’t made a conscious President which allowed a Trump to And how easily she slides into the age-
decision to perceive the extraordinary that happen. In the confusion that followed old game of Anti-Semitism. Old Tropes or
is right there in front of us. As the Baal an old Will Rogers quote rang true: “I new angles on Anti-Semitism. She serves
Shem Tov (Rabbi Yisrael ben Eliezer, don’t belong to any organized political on the Foreign Relations Committee.
1698–1760) said, “The world is full of party – I’m a Democrat.” Thank God they in truth have little to do
miracles, but man takes his little hand with Foreign Policy.
and covers his eyes, and sees nothing.” So today, we have a group of
Democratic Congresspersons who are After her first swipes, the Democrats had
So what about the miracle of Chanukah? really different. I don’t know what he an opportunity to pass a strong condem-
For all these eight nights of Chanukah, would make of this present gaggle of nation of Anti-Semitism in all its forms.
our rabbis say, these lights are holy. We are Freshmen and their odd ideas. Let’s take They didn’t. Instead there was a wishy-
not permitted to use them, rather only to a district in the Bronx. Joe Crowley had washy condemnation of all prejudicial
look at them. And they also say that they been the Congressman from that District speech, missing the target by a mile.
call out to us to turn aside from everything as long as anyone could remember.
else and to see what is really there. On the other hand, as Tevye would say,
But what is it that we actually see? And So long that he didn’t even bother to there are the Republicans. But, where are
what is that small flame to us? Although a campaign during the Primary. Result? the Republicans? What we face daily is
better question might be: What are we to it? Only 12% of the electorate turned out to an increase in the number of White
For in a way, fire is who we are. As Rabbi vote in the Primary and today we have Nationalists, no desire by the head of the
Samson Raphael Hirsch (1808–1888) “AOC.”She knows so much about the job Party to disown them. Hate crimes are at
teaches us, aish (fire) is the power that that she didn’t bother to open a District the highest level in years, but the head of
gives movement, alteration and life to all the Party has no desire to discuss it.
physical beings. We could think of it as ji
life-energy. It is the dark invisible fire by On the left there is Omar and AOC. On
which the eternal, God-given laws of nature for free-willed acceptance. And that the right? Why are the good guys so
work in all of God’s creations. These are creature is us. silent? What is a Jew to do?
the laws that work unconsciously in
everything created. And in most By keeping the Torah we consciously Jim Shipley has had careers in broadcasting,
creatures, they operate independent of and freely take up the position that all distribution, advertising, and telecommuni-
the will of those creatures. But there is other beings occupy unconsciously and cations. He began his working life in radio
one creature for which those laws come without free will. For us the“fire”becomes in Philadelphia. He has written his JP&O
“law,” referred to in the Torah as aishdat, column for more than 20 years and is director
of Trading Wise, an international trade and
(see ben Asher/bat Sarah, page 15) marketing company in Orlando, Fla. This
column was submitted Aug. 26, 2019.

November 27, 2019 The Jewish Post & Opinion – NAT 15

The Eight Nights Light One Candle and current board member of Hadassah-
of Hanukkah
A SONG BY PETER YARROW OF PETER, PAUL & MARY Israel. She is author of Witness to History:
On the first night of Hanukkah my
Ten Years as a Woman Journalist in Israel;
true love gave to me: Light one candle
Lox, bagels and some cream cheese. and nine cookbooks (including What’s
for the Maccabee children.
On the second night of Hanukkah, Give thanks that their light didn’t die. Cooking at Hadassah College.) She lived
my true love gave to me:
Light one candle in Israel from 1970–1980.
2 kosher pickles, for the courage they needed,
and lox, bagels and some cream cheese. She and her husband, Barry, came to live
when their right to exist was denied.
On the third night of Hanukkah, Light one candle in Jerusalem in 2008, where she works as a
my true love gave to me: for the hope in their hearts,
foreign correspondent for North American
3 pounds of corned beef, that justice and freedom demand.
2 kosher pickles, Light one candle Jewish publications, lectures to senior citi-
and lox, bagels and some cream cheese. for the wisdom to know
zen residences, leads walks in English in
On the fourth night of Hanukkah, when the peace-maker’s time is at hand.
my true love gave to me: Machaneh Yehudah (the Jewish produce

4 potato latkes, market) and writes stories about kosher
3 pounds of corned beef,
2 kosher pickles, restaurants in for which Barry is
and lox, bagels and some cream cheese.
ja photographer.
On the fifth night of Hanukkah, BEN ASHER/BAT SARAH
my true love gave to me:
Don’t let the light go out: (continued from page 14)
5 bowls of chicken soup! it’s lasted for so many years.
4 potato latkes, the fiery law. As Rabbi Hirsch teaches,
3 pounds of corned beef, Don’t let the light go out: we are the fuel for keeping the fires of
2 kosher pickles, let it shine through our love and our tears. godliness burning on earth.
and lox, bagels and some cream cheese.
Light one candle So, on each night of Chanukah, when
On the sixth night of Hanukkah, for the strength that we need you look at the flame, think of yourself.
my true love gave to me: And ask yourself: For what purpose will I
to never become our own foe. use this God-given fire, this life-energy
6 pickled herrings, Light one candle that is mine to direct.
5 bowls of chicken soup! for those who are suffering
4 potato latkes, Bar Kappara (tanna who lived in transi-
3 pounds of corned beef, the pain we learned so long ago. tional period between tannaim and
2 kosher pickles, Light one candle amoraim) taught: “God said to man: ‘My
and lox, bagels and some cream cheese. for all we believe in, light is in your hand and your light is in
My hand.’‘My light is in your hand’: this
On the seventh night of Hanukkah, let anger not tear us apart. refers to the Torah; and ‘your light is in
my true love gave to me: Light one candle My hand’: this refers to the soul. If you
to bind us together, guard My light, I will guard your light, but
7 noodle kugels, if you extinguish My light, I will extinguish
6 pickled herrings, with peace as the song in our heart. your light.”(Leviticus Rabbah 31:4)
5 bowls of chicken soup! What is the memory
4 potato latkes, that’s valued so highly We leave you with a poem called,“Don’t
3 pounds of corned beef, Put Out the Light”:
2 kosher pickles, that we keep it alive in that flame?
and lox, bagels and some cream cheese. What’s the commitment For You
to those who have died, Who made the light
On the eighth night of Hanukkah, And blew it into me
my true love gave to me: we cry out they’ve not died in vain? Who gave me my soul
We have come this far, To be a lantern
8 Alka-Seltzer, always believing, In Your hand,
7 noodle kugels, Saying,
6 pickled herrings, that justice will somehow prevail. Don’t put out the light!
5 bowls of chicken soup! This is the burden Let me keep pure
4 potato latkes, and this is the promise This filament,
3 pounds of corned beef, My body.
2 kosher pickles, and this is why we will not fail. Let it be
and lox, bagels and some cream cheese.
Don’t let the light go out.... (3x)
To Your will,
A sheath for light,
ji That I may lift
My lamp
KAPLAN/ISRAEL Into Your hands.
© Moshe ben Asher & Khulda bat Sarah
(continued from page 13) Rabbi Moshe ben Asher and Magidah
Khulda bat Sarah are the Co-Directors of
Historians estimate that as many Gather the People, a nonprofit organization
as 1,000 of the approximately 4,500 that provides Internet-based resources for
Australian soldiers who fought in congregational community organizing and
Palestine in World War I were aboriginal. development (
Australian Aboriginal soldiers were part Reprinted from a previous edition of this
of this battle. Thus, a little known aspect publication.

of Israeli (Palestinian) history and
Aboriginals comes to light.

Sybil Kaplan is a journalist, lecturer,
and book reviewer. She is a former region
president and national board member of
Hadassah U.S. and former chapter president

16 The Jewish Post & Opinion – NAT November 27, 2019

Book Review Religious Zionism’s leaders who turned into a “New Jew” Israeli identity, disre-
the secular revolution’s products into ‘the garding the rich cultural and religious
REVIEWED BY flowering’s beginning of our redemp- traditions of the Jews from Arab lands
RABBI ISRAEL ZOBERMAN tion.’”(p. 30) while assuming they were primitive and
inferior to the Eastern European Jews.
Israel Needs In the absence of an Israeli constitution He claims that this harsh melting pot
Separation of and no defining guidelines and boundaries approach was a failed experiment. Though
Church and State for religious involvement in public life, a negative residue persists, it overlooks
growing religious forces have utilized this significant accomplishments as well under
Zionism Vs. Judaism: Can the Jewish to their advantage while undermining the stressful circumstances. Carmon insists that
State Survive the Jewish Religion? By Arye delicate balance and separation between the Zionist concept of “Shelilat Hagolah,”
the Jewish and democratic components of the total negation of the lengthy Diaspora
Carmon. Miskal-Yedioth Ahronoth Books Israel’s identity. Moreover, Orthodox legacy promoted by a leader of Ben-
Judaism’s monopoly on Israel’s religious Gurion’s influential stature, is responsible
and Chemed Books. Israel. 2018. Pp.272. life along with the “official state ban” for creating a dangerous void and imbal-
(p. 61) on the Conservative and Reform ance by-passing most of Israel’s history
in Hebrew. streams, have only worsened matters. While with its rich cultural-religious treasures.
the United States had the Federalist Papers
Israeli historian Dr. Arye (Arik) Carmon to guide its civil development, Israel lacks The conscious return to the early
a similar document, contends Carmon. Biblical period was modeled on the
studied at Hebrew University in romantic European national revival of the
Perhaps to avoid a divisive debate on 19th century. The author harps on his
Jerusalem, earning his doctorate at the the religious and state divide, David Ben- parents and their friends’ warm cultural
Gurion, Israel’s first Prime Minister, and Yiddishkite they brought from Poland and
University of Wisconsin in Madison. He is its leader in the formative period including the inability of the Zionist secular revolution
pre-state, was opposed to a constitution. to offer a satisfying spiritual alternative.
senior fellow at the Hoover Institute, This was at a fateful juncture where official The varied components of the Jewish
unanimity was required. However, there experience should have been integrated.
Stanford University. The author-scholar- was then a unique opportunity, argues the However, Amos Oz, renowned author and
author, to fashion a constitution given that thinker who is also from the Left, diverges
activist is founder influential religious political leaders such from this analysis. He finds the renewed
as Zerach Verhaptiag, who was a jurist, Hebrew literature and culture and the
of the 2009 Israel supported it. He even headed the commit- general Israeli enterprise to overshadow
tee in July 1948 to accomplish it, with the the Diaspora and its rabbinic offerings,
prize winner, the endorsement of Rabbi Uziel, the first such as the Shulchan Aruch (see Oz’s
Sephardic Chief Rabbi. Carmon calls this latest book, Shalom Lakanaim, Keter-
Israeli Institute of failure, “the loss of a historic moment of Books, 2017).
grace” (p. 212), along with, “missed was
Democracy, which the historic moment to place the founda- The victorious 1967 War which was
tion for legitimizing definitions of multi- euphorically perceived in messianic terms
he headed for two cultural, multi-Jewish identities”(p. 130). and the resultant settlers’ movement, gave
rise to religious-nationalists forces that
decades. In his book Carmon nostalgically recalls walking to took advantage of the ideological vacuum
soccer games in Jerusalem of the 1950s and now threaten Israeli democracy’s vital
that is a must-read joined by Sephardic youth who just institutions such as the Supreme Court.
finished attending Shabbat services and Particularly the traumatic 1973 Yom Kippur
for all who care some smoked cigarettes as long as a War and the continued military engagements
Shabbos goy lit them. This scenario is not along with terrorist attacks, and with them
about Israel as it has likely to be replicated in today’s political- the shattered sense of security of the
social climate. The above Sephardic flexi- Israeli “New Jew,” allowed for the “Old
entered its seventh bility is contrasted with the disturbing Jew” to reemerge. The watershed 1995
memories of Ashkenazi Meah Shearim murder of Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin
decade, the author both Jews stoning a military vehicle passing is bound to those extreme religious circles
by on Shabbat. Israel’s Declaration of that deem their Halachic interpretation to
challenges and alarms us Independence uses Zur Yisrael (The Rock supersede decisions of Israel’s democratic
of Israel) as the compromise offered by government which functions without a
to the threat posed to Ben-Gurion in the face of Orthodox divine authority given its secular nature.
representatives who insisted on including
Israel’s democracy and God’s name in a critical moment just Israel’s evolved demographic reality
before sharing the historic Declaration now reflects the secular Zionist in retreat
future by the Orthodox with the world as Shabbat was about to be by comparison to the ascendency of tradi-
ushered in. The author admiringly defends tional and Orthodox Jews. Even the IDF
camp whose over-riding Ben-Gurion as a “pragmatic Kohen” but sacred cow is not immune to Orthodox
bemoans his not being a“pedagogic Navi” pressure with the attempt to separate
loyalty and commitment is Dr. Carmon as well (p.131). I believe though Ben- men and women and curtail women’s
Gurion regarded himself as a secular role in ceremonies. Critical issues such as
to Halachic Judaism. Zionist prophet. returning territories are open to Orthodox
rabbis’ opposition, remembering the 2005
He is concerned that Israel’s twin pillars, The author is highly critical of the Israeli Gush Katif evacuation. Also the attitude
government’s policy in the 1950s of
as a Jewish and democratic state, are on a forcibly assimilating the flood of new olim (see Zoberman/BR, page 18)

collision course with each other. He points

out the risk of no less than a civil war,

with American history in mind, and the

high cost of neglecting the explosive

slavery issue. “Today, in the midst of

Israel’s political culture that primarily

nourishes democracy in its structural as

well as normative dimensions, different

narratives are found, two of which are

dominant, reflecting opposing views of

the Zionist revival. These two narratives

have been there since the beginning; they

exist in modified degrees almost since the

beginning of the Jewish people’s national

liberation movement: On the one hand,

stand the Political and Practical Zionism’s

leaders for whom the revival is a product

of a generally secular rebellion against

religion’s centrality and particularly

against the nation’s awaiting messianic

redemption. On the other hand, stand

November 27, 2019 The Jewish Post & Opinion – NAT 17

My Kosher and 2018.” grinder until almost fine (the way dried
Kitchen From there, I was drawn into Adeena’s herbs look) then combine in a medium
bowl with the marjoram, sesame seeds,
REVIEWED BY SYBIL KAPLAN introduction of her sojourn into the Tel thyme, sumac and salt.
Aviv Carmel Market where she loves to
Israeli Cookbook acknowledge purchases with Sababa, Store in an airtight container for up to
Review and Recipes derived from the Arabic word for“great”or 3 months.
“wonderful” but actually means – every-
Sababa – The Fresh, Sunny Flavors of thing is awesome. Dukkah (2 cups)
This is more of a topping than a spice
Israeli Cuisine. By Adeena Sussman. Adeena and her husband, Jay, live by blend. It is traditionally served alongside
Penguin Random House (Avery). $35 Shuk haCarmel and she writes: “this book labaneh with olive oil for dipping with bread.
hardcover. 368 pp. Sept. 3, 2019 is a reflection of the things I like to make 1 cup hazelnuts, preferably blanched
from the bounty I’ve found right outside 1/2 cup raw white sesame seeds
Adeena Sussman has co-authored my door.” This book is“a window of how 3 Tbsp. whole coriander seeds
eleven cookbooks, including the New I like to cook right now.” 3 Tbsp. whole cumin seeds
York Times #1 bestseller Cravings – and 2 tsp. freshly ground black pepper
its New York Times bestselling follow-up, There are 12 chapters beginning with 1/2 tsp. kosher salt
Hungry for More – with Chrissy Teigen. Kitchen Pantry: spices, spice blends, 1 tsp. sugar
She is also the condiments and other staples with 11
author of Short recipes. This is followed by “Breakfast” Preheat the oven to 325°F. Place the
Stack Editions’ with 14 recipes such as Zucchini, dill and hazelnuts on a rimmed baking sheet and
Tahini. A lifelong feta shakshuka; “Bread and Crackers, and toast until the nuts are lightly browned
visitor to Israel, she Snacks” with 9 recipes such as Cast iron and the spices are fragrant, 9-10 minutes.
moved there in skillet pita; “Salatim” with 14 recipes such Remove from the oven and cool
2015 after meeting as Quick and easy hummus; “Vegetables” completely. If the nuts have skins on them,
an expat American with 9 recipes such as Oven roasted rub them between two clean kitchen
who has since artichokes with roasted garlic; “Soups” towels to remove and discard as much of
become her hus- with 6 recipes such as Freekah vegetable the loose, papery skins as possible.
band. She lives soup; “Salads” with 8 recipes such as
footsteps from Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market, Toasted challah caprese salad with za’atar While the hazelnuts are roasting, toast
where she shops and explores daily, taking vinaigrette; “Pasta and Grains” with 10 the sesame seeds in a medium dry skillet
inspiration from her adopted country’s recipes such as Roasted tomato and labaneh over medium heat, stirring often, until
seasonal and cultural culinary rhythms. pappardelle;“Poultry and Meat Mains”with golden and fragrant, 3-4 minutes. Transfer
She has written about Israeli food for 18 recipes such as Shwarma pargiyot;“Fish to a plate to cool.
Food & Wine, The Wall Street Journal, and Vegetable Mains”with 16 recipes such
Epicurious, Gourmet, and many others. as Moroccan fish cakes; “Drinks and Add the coriander and cumin seeds to
Frozen Treats”with 9 recipes such as Date the same skillet and toast until fragrant
Sababa was named a Best New Cookbook sweetened almond milk; and “Desserts” and the seeds begin to pop, 1-2 minutes.
of Fall 2019 by The New York Times, Bon with 18 recipes such as Labaneh malabi Transfer to a separate plate to cool. Grind
Appetit, Food & Wine, Epicurious, Eater, panna cotta – a whopping 141 in all. the cumin and coriander in a spice grinder
and Forbes, and one glance into the book until powdery and transfer to the bowl
will quickly show you why. If those don’t tempt you, there are 216 of a food processor. Add the hazelnuts,
beautiful, color photos which show you pepper, salt and sugar and process until
As a food writer, food columnist and how these dishes look and entice you the mixture looks like fine sand, being
cookbook author, any new Israeli cook- to make a shopping list and then start careful not to over process the nuts into
book catches my eye and even though cooking in your kitchen. paste, 15-20 seconds. Transfer to a bowl
Adeena and I have never met, we have and add the sesame seeds. Store in an
had some correspondence. What is obvious about these recipes is airtight container for up to one month.
they are authentic Israeli not custom made
First I read through her cookbook online to cooks who want Israeli-style cooking Rough-Chopped Salad with Yogurt
to get a feel for its style. I didn’t go far in North America. & Dukkah (Serving size varies)
when I read the Foreword by Michael tomatoes
Solomonov and Steven Cook, whose This cookbook will make a wonderful kohlrabi
Philadelphia restaurant, Zahav, was gift for anyone who has visited and eaten cucumbers
named the best restaurant in America by in Israel or who enjoys creative cooking carrots
the James Beard Foundation in May 2019. from Israeli culture by a woman who really radishes
knows what she is doing! scallion greens
This was Zahav’s first nomination for yogurt
the award, given to restaurants open 10 Za’atar Spice Blend (1 cup) extra-virgin olive oil
years or more – the culinary equivalent of 1 cup picked fresh za’atar, oregano freshly squeezed lemon juice
the Academy Award for best picture…. salt and freshly ground black pepper
Chef and co-owner Michael Solomonov leaves (or 6 Tbsp. dried oregano)
was named the outstanding chef in 3 Tbsp. dried marjoram Dukkah
America in 2017, the same year that he 3 Tbsp. toasted sesame seeds Prepare the dukkah before making this
and business partner Steve Cook won the 4 tsp. dried thyme recipe. Chop the vegetables to your desired size.
book of the year award for Zahav: A World 1 Tbsp. ground sumac Spread some yogurt on a plate or in a
of Israeli Cooking. The restaurant was 1 tsp. fine sea salt bowl, put the vegetables on top, drizzle
nominated for outstanding service in 2017 with olive oil and lemon juice, season with
Arrange the za’atar or oregano on a
towel-lined plate and microwave in 15- (see Kaplan recipe, page 18)
second intervals, stirring between intervals,
until dry and crumbly, 2 to 2-1/2 minutes.
Crumble the leaves by hand or in a spice

18 The Jewish Post & Opinion – NAT November 27, 2019

shooting May 31, 2019 (continued from page 16)
toward the Temple Mount status and the (continued from page 17)
BY RABBI ISRAEL ZOBERMAN non-Jewish Israeli minority are at risk of
being determined by undue pressure from salt and pepper, and top with as much
At this trying and beclouded time of Orthodox authorities. dukkah as you like.

grief and sorrow, we gradually and Carmon’s ringing conclusion should Za’atar Roasted Chicken
painfully come to grips with the enormity alert us all, “The salient characteristic, over Sumac Potatoes (Serves 4)
of our losses diminishing us all as well binding the implications of the religious 4–5 medium scrubbed red potatoes
as our newly discovered vulnerabilities. counter-revolution with its social, cultural, 4 quartered medium shallots
Our beloved Virginia Beach and the entire and political manifestations, that is the 4 Tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil
Hampton Roads community lost its threat to Israeli democracy’s foundations, 1-1/2 Tbsp. sumac
beautiful but dangerously blinding is the attempt to penetrate holiness into Kosher salt and freshly
innocence on that fateful Friday after- the public domain. It’s an attempt to
noon. How could we imagine that the ‘return’ God into the public domain. In ground black pepper
mass shootings in other regions would developed democracies God was taken 1 small (about 3-1/2 pound)
not reach us too? Truth to be told no out of the public domain through secular-
one is insulated and immune in the ization.”(p. 256) roasting chicken
wide American landscape. What happens 1 lemon
around us near and far is bound to affect Rabbi Dr. Israel Zoberman translated 1/4 tsp. red pepper flakes
us at home. However, we are obligated to all the quotes. His bio is below
2 garlic cloves
protect ourselves as best as we can given 6 thyme sprigs
whatever limitations we face. ji 4 Tbsp. Za’atar

We are called upon now to pick up smile and a generous act on the road and Preheat oven to 425°F. Cut each potato
together the shattered pieces of a complex in the office can go a long way and even into 6 wedges. In a 9x13-inch metal or
and confounding reality to reemerge stymie road and office rage. glass baking dish, toss the potatoes and
rededicated and reenergized to make our shallots with 1 tablespoon of the olive oil
threatened world, inwardly and outwardly, Our democratic and educational institu- and the sumac, salt and black pepper.
a safer home and better place for one and tions on all levels demand our involve- Season the cavity and exterior of the
all. Our fallen 12 heroes who so callously ment and support that necessary change chicken well with salt and pepper.
and cowardly were taken from their loving should occur. Surely prudent and com-
families, co-workers, neighbors, friends mon-sense gun control legislation along Zest the lemon into a small bowl, then
and all of us, deserve no less. For their with an accountable and responsible halve the lemon and set aside.
cherished memories’ sake and our very mental health system are on the agenda.
survival and future let us engage more than Are we waiting for more mass shootings’ Add the remaining 3 tablespoons olive
ever with those around us, particularly the tragedies, oceans of tears and cries of oil to the bowl along with the red pepper
ones we deem to be beyond our intimate family survivors of different languages flakes, and gently stir.
circle of close associates. and geographies, and heart-wrenching
memorial services to propel us into Stuff the lemon halves, garlic and thyme
We acknowledge that the social action? Ought we not teach, beginning sprigs inside the chicken, then rub the
phenomenon of alienation is a hallmark of at one’s home, that each finite human life chicken all over with the za’atar mixture.
our challenging times. Pleasant surprises is of infinite worth, and each of us is an
do await us when willing to reach out entire, irreplaceable universe of purpose Place the chicken, breast side up, on top
beyond the familiar and engage others in and meaning reflecting the Most High? of the potatoes. Roast the chicken for 15
simple but far-reaching acts of human We are witnesses to what irreparable minutes, then reduce the heat to 350°F.
interaction that hitherto we regarded as damage can be done by a few minutes and continue to roast the chicken until the
too threatening and non-consequential. of unchecked madness and unrelenting juices run clear and the potatoes are crisp
There is much to be learned, gained and evil using weapons of mass destruction and golden, about another hour and 10
prevented by exercising our extraordinary equipped with silencers. Let us not allow minutes. (The rule is 23-25 minutes per
ability of ordinary communication in our a corrosive culture of death to replace a pound of chicken not counting the high
wonderfully diverse human environment promising culture of life. roasting temperature at the beginning of
in Hampton Roads in which too many may the recipe.)
feel lonely, unnoticed and undervalued. It would be advantageous for our entire
nation to take a day out for national soul- Sybil Kaplan (see bio p. 15)

So called“strangers”cease to be strangers searching and resolve to delve into issues
once we encounter and appreciate our that should be paramount on our ji
common humanity and shared American American agenda. A day in which we
dream in which we all have a critical stake. engage in discussions and activities surely not define us, but we cannot deny
The Bible wisely instructs us that a cele- toward healing our nation, creating a it. It may yet refine us to become more
bration is not complete without including “National Day of Caring” would create a compassionate, considerate and connected
the strangers in our midst so they may ripple effect. The slogan “VB Strong” has with each other.
transform their status, claiming their joined us to the sorrowful and hurting
rightful place in society and in our hearts. family of previously affected communities, My 99-year-old mom, a Polish
Spreading more and more conscious but even as we pray and plan (!) that our Holocaust survivor, called me from Israel
random acts of kindness and goodness Virginia Beach is the last in such an that dark day, asking, “What’s happening
in our shared garden of life and civic unenviable category of suffering. I suggest to America?”
exchange is bound to grow beneficial that we be better served by the slogan,
returns in kind. At times a reassuring “VB Cares,”which is ultimately the source Rabbi Dr. Israel Zoberman is the
of authentic strength. What befell us will founder and spiritual leader of Temple Lev
Tikvah and Honorary Senior Rabbi Scholar
at Eastern Shore Chapel Episcopal Church
in Virginia Beach. The Temple meets in The
Church Of The Holy Apostles. This article
was inserted into the Congressional Record
by Congressman Donald McEachin of
Virginia’s 4th district.

November 27, 2019 The Jewish Post & Opinion – NAT 19

For emergency medical care,
who do Israelis depend on?

They depend on you.

Magen David Adom (MDA) is Israel’s o cial ambulance, blood-services, and disaster-relief
agency, serving the nation’s 9 million people. But like every other Red Cross agency around the
world, MDA doesn’t receive regular government support. That’s why it relies on people like you.
Since the 1930s, generous Americans like you have provided the vehicles, training, and
equipment that’s kept Israelis healthy and strong.
There are many ways to support Israel, but none that has a greater e ect on it’s people and
it’s future than a gift to Magen David Adom. Your support isn’t just changing lives — it’s
literally saving them.
Make an end-of-year donation to Magen David Adom at today.
And our best wishes for a joyous Chanukah and New Year.

20 The Jewish Post & Opinion – NAT November 27, 2019

Soccer Player Turned

Post OpinionRabbi: The Story of

Snir Gueta 1389 W 86th St. #160 PAID
Indianapolis, IN 46260 INDIANAPOLIS, IN
Rabbi Snir Gueta, once a promising player PERMIT NO. 1321
in Israel’s national Under-21 team, is now a
rabbi who teaches prominent soccer players
the Torah. The 31-year-old former midfielder
discusses his personal journey and explains
why playing on weekdays, instead of
Shabbat will increase the number of soccer
stars in Israel.

Rabbi Gueta (below, on the right) grew

up in the Maccabi Haifa’s youth depart-
ment, played in the Israeli Premier League
for Maccabi Netanya, and starred in
Israel’s national Under-21 team. Today, he
is considered one of the most recognized
rabbis among Israel’s younger generation.

Seven years ago, the promising mid- until I’m 35, finish my career, then begin on a Saturday, it automatically keeps a
fielder decided to retire from soccer. my path to becoming the rabbi I knew I
Driven by his religious beliefs, he chose to could be. The other option was to follow large religious fan base away from the
forgo the sport he loved in order to uphold my heart and do what I felt G-d wants for
further the halachot (Jewish laws) me, beginning immediately.” Rabbi Gueta sport. Who knows, maybe a few more soc-
surrounding the Jewish Sabbath. Today, continues,“In the last year of my career, I
he is a married father of three. He receives had plenty of offers from soccer clubs, but cer stars are hiding in the religious sector,
such a large volume of inquiries that he I made the decision to retire. I salute my
has been helped by an assistant to help wife – without her, it would have been and it’s not worth losing them”, added
respond to the people seeking his advice. more difficult to make the decision; she Rabbi Gueta.

Committed to helping others learn the would have been willing to go anywhere
Bible as he has, he dedicates his time to with me.”
give lessons every evening, throughout
the country. “Giving up a soccer player’s salary and
retiring was not an easy thing to do, espe-
The Rabbi’s lessons are mostly about cially for those who were in the position I
virtues, courtesy, faith, and what it means was in, at the time.”When discussing what
to be god-fearing. The audience in his he feels when thinking of the life he left
lectures is very diverse – Yeshiva students behind, Rabbi Gueta (right) quickly
and Orthodox Jews, sitting amongst well- answered “I’m not missing anything. It
known and secular soccer players of must have been the right decision for
Israel’s Premier League is a common sight. me. When Football games are scheduled
“Struggling with the modern balance of
today’s personal and professional lives,
these motivational speeches help us to
gain clarity,”said Rabbi Gueta.

When explaining his decision to quit
soccer, the Rabbi said,“It was a very long
process. Through lessons of various
righteous rabbis, I realized that I was not
on the right track as a Jew. I found myself
at a crossroads. One choice was to wait

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