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V2 My Best Performing Facebook Ads Bait [COURSE] 11_27_19 (1)

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Published by Phil Lande, 2019-12-16 09:11:42

V2 My Best Performing Facebook Ads Bait [COURSE] 11_27_19 (1)

V2 My Best Performing Facebook Ads Bait [COURSE] 11_27_19 (1)



The $2.3 Million Real Estate
Facebook Ad Blueprint

The Exact Facebook Ads We Used To Generate $2.3M Worth 
Of Real Estate Deals In 15 Days  

Top Performing Real Estate Facebook Ads For Buyer And Seller Leads  




What you’ll see below is the exact ads we used to generate ​$2.3 million worth 
of deals for our clients in just 15 days.  

We’ve spent $10,000s of thousands of dollars to test ads in multiple markets, 
and the ones you’ll see below are the best of the best. 

All these ads are connected to Facebook Lead Forms, which help you collect 
lead data such as Name, Email, and Phone Number and other qualifying 

With additional software that we set up for our clients, qualified leads get sent 
to our clients’ phone and email the moment they’re generated.  

You’ll not only get the exact ads we use, but also a brief explanation of why they 
work and how you can implement them in your own market. 

Which leads me to this… 


The Biggest Mistake We’ve Seen 
Hundreds Of Agents Make 

Each market is different, and you’ll have to slightly adjust and test what you see 
below to resonate with the specific market you’re going after.  

This is the biggest mistake Real Estate agents make when running Facebook 
Ads (or having someone run ads for them). They’re told to believe that all these 
“plug and play” templates will work in any market.  

When our clients first get access to a customized version of our ​“Facebook 
Lead To Conversion System”,​ they go through an intensive deep dive process 
that helps us identify how to ​reach, talk to, and qualify the leads in their 


This helps us change the “little” things – from the size of the homes we use in 
our images, the speed and pace of our videos, the vivid, geographic cues we 
call out in our captions and much more... 
If you want leads that convert and not just leads THIS IS A MUST! 
These small changes mean the difference between our clients ​staying awake 
at night​ wondering where the next listing is going to come from, working 
part-time jobs just to make ends meet… 
…to them waking up every day having ​BOOKED APPOINTMENTS​ with buyers 
and sellers that help them become a top producing Real Estate Rockstar 
earning $15,000 per month. This truly is the difference between leads and 
Let’s get on with the ads! 
If you want to learn how our “​ ​Facebook Lead To Conversion System”​ can 
help you produce high intent leads, book 10-15% of your leads to appointments 
and how you can close 2-3 more deals every month, then click the link below 
to schedule a FREE Strategy Session call.



Homes List Campaign 


Why It Works 

This Facebook Ad works great for generating buyer & seller leads in any market. 
It calls out the market’s location, and their desired traits of the house they’re 
looking for.  
On top of that, we let them feel a sense of urgency by letting them know that 
there may be special offers on these homes.  



How to Adapt To Your Market 

Here’s the different sections of the copy that you can adjust to adapt in your 

⚠​ Attention [YOUR LOCATION] ⚠​  

Do you know anyone looking to buy a home? ​  

We have compiled a FREE report on homes for sale under [MEDIAN PRICE]. 
homes may even qualify for special financing programs! 

​ Click “Learn More” to view more details, photos, price, and directions. 
Thanks! ​  


● [YOUR LOCATION] – The location of the market you’re advertising to. If 
the people of the location call themselves a specific name (New Yorkers, 
etc.) then you can use that here as well. 

● [MEDIAN PRICE] – The median price point in your local area. In the ​Client 
Attraction​ pillar of our ​Client Acquisition Strategy,​ we go for the median 
price point to attract more leads for our clients at a lower cost. But as we 
progress into our program, we slowly start raising the price points in our 
ads. This attracts more quality leads into our clients pipeline, so they 
don’t have to deal with tire-kickers that never buy. 

your ideal client looking for in your area? A family home? A luxury 
home? A home on the beachside? This is where our ​Deep Dive​ comes 
handy for our clients. You need to discover the tangible and intangible 
characteristics of what your clients are looking for in a home. 

● [YOUR NAME] – Facebook is a social platform, adding your name helps it 
feel less like an ad, and more like a friend reaching out to help. 


Pick out images that best describe the i​ deal home y​ our target clients are 
looking for. The best images that have worked for us are images showing the 
entire home from the outside. 



Listing Campaign 


Why It Works 

If you’re looking to advertise a specific listing / home, this ad is for you.  
When advertising specific listings, we’ve seen that going very direct about the 
home and its features is important to capture curiosity and interest. 


This will encourage people to click on the button and fill out their details to 
learn more.  

Like the previous ads, we see that showing the entire home in the image does 
very well to catch attention and generate leads. 

How to Adapt To Your Market 

Here’s the different sections of the copy that you can adjust to adapt in your 

If you love to [IDEAL CLIENT’S FAVORITE ACTIVITY], yet also cherish and desire 
your own [IDEAL CLIENT’S DESCRIPTION OF DREAM HOME] – this one's for 
[LOCATION] | New Price | [# of BEDS & BATHS] | Showing By Appointment Only 
Click Learn More for all property details. 

● [IDEAL CLIENT’S FAVORITE ACTIVITY] – What does your ideal client love 
doing? What do they look to do every single day as they live in the 
dream home you help them acquire? 

ideal client describe the environment of their dream home? These 
questions are only some of the psychographic research that we gather 
for our clients during our onboarding call to help us reach out to the 
deep desires/emotions of the market. 

● [LOCATION] – Where is the listing located? 
● [# of BEDS & BATHS] – How many beds and baths does the listing have? 



Like the previous ad type, pick out images that best describe the ideal h​ ome 
your target clients are looking for.  
The best images that have worked for us are images showing the entire home 
from the outside. 



Seller Guide Campaign 


Why It Works 

Most people think that simply running an ad saying, “Are you selling your 
home?” and asking for their details will work. 
Truth is, you need to think about what your target market is going through and 
their current state of mind.  
For most home sellers, their TOP concern is preparing their home for a sale. 
There’s a lot that goes into the process and sharing a guide to help them 
prepare is a great way to generate these seller leads. 
Not only will you generate that lead, but you will create trust and authority in 
the market as you’re giving value and helping them through the process. 


TIP: You can expect the cost per lead for sellers to be higher than buyer leads – 
but what’s great about the Homes List Campaign and the Listing Campaign is 
that you will find that 25% of those leads will be sellers too.  

Those looking to move are likely to need to sell their current home. 

How to Adapt To Your Market 

Here’s the different sections of the copy that you can adjust to adapt in your 


⚠​ Attention [YOUR LOCATION] ⚠​  

Thinking about selling your home? ​  

Start preparing your home now with this FREE guide. 

Download it now to learn exactly how to prepare your home to sell fast and for 
top dollar! ​   

​ Click “Learn More” to get your free copy! 


● [YOUR LOCATION] – The location of the market you’re advertising to. If 
the people of the location call themselves a specific name (New Yorkers, 
etc.) then you can use that here as well. 


This one is relatively simple compared to the others, and we’ve seen it work 
well across most markets.  

The difference-maker will be the content you place inside your guide. You can 
use free tools such as Canva to create a nice little PDF with the steps you would 
recommend your market takes when selling their home. 





Creating Facebook Ads to launch and test in your market is one of many steps 
in our Client Acquisition Strategy. 
The next step is to understand how to efficiently show these ads to the market 
so you can start attracting your​ i​ deal​ b​ uying or selling clients. 
Targeting is a key component for Facebook Ad success, as having the perfect 
message reach the wrong people is just as devastating as reaching the right 
people with the wrong message. 
Each market is different. Therefore we create a customized targeting strategy 
for our clients as they go through our D​ eep Dive​ process to make sure they 
attract ​quality leads in their market.​  
No cookie-cutter solutions that only generate deals that ​fall apart 3 months 
down the line. 
You see, before September 2018, real estate agents and marketers had the 
luxury of targeting people based on third party data Facebook connected to. 
This meant you could simply pick “First Time Homeowners” or “Likely To Move”, 
and you could target your ads to people who were exactly that. 



We even had the ability to target based on household income, lines of credit, 
and so much more. 
But as people cared more about their privacy over time, Facebook had to 
tighten up their practices, ​removing all these third-party targeting options.​  
This meant agents could only target with age, gender, zip code, and other basic 
interests on Facebook. 
Which wasn’t that bad! 
One of our past targeting recipes we used successfully, was to identify the “hot” 
zip codes in our client’s area and target ads there to make sure we were 
reaching a qualified market.  
Another of our recipes involved using age bracketing dependent on what kind 
of home buyer/seller you were looking for. 
But this all changed again on March 2019, as Facebook again tightened up 
their policies, not allowing people to target based on zip code, age, and even 


Facebook’s Announcement On “Doing More to Protect Against Discrimination in Housing, Employment and 
Credit Advertising” last March 19, 2019. 


And while other real estate agents and their marketers are scrambling to cope 
up with this recent updated removing the ability to target by zip code, age, and 
even gender . . . 
. . . we’ve been in the weeds, working with our clients to truly identify who their 
market is and what they want, so we can reach them e​ ven if we can’t target 
by age, gender, or zip code anymore.​  
With that said, here’s one of the secret recipes when it comes to reaching our 
clients’ ideal market on Facebook. 

Targeting Recipe #04 -- The “Flanking Maneuver” 

When thinking of interests to target, most marketers limit themselves to the 
“standard” real estate related interests on Facebook.  
They target people who are interested in Zillow, Trulia, Real Estate Investing, 
What they don’t understand is that your market isn’t ​only​ interested in these 
things. Think about it – on Facebook, are you only engaging and liking on posts 
about Real Estate? 
No, right? It’s the same with your i​ deal clients.​  
For example, when we generate qualified leads for luxury properties, we don’t 
just target Zillow, Trulia, etc.  
We target for luxury interests like yacht brands and even designer clothing. On 
Facebook Ads Manager, you can pick a list of luxury interests available to you 



We call this the ​Flanking Maneuver​ because in the military, flanking involves 
attacking in enemy from one or more sides, and usually, at an angle that the 
enemy doesn’t expect it in. 
When you target people on Facebook using regular interests like “Real Estate”, 
“Homes”, “Zillow”, you’re attacking them from the front – the same way every 
other real estate agent and marketer is approaching the problem. 
But if you target them based on their other related interests, ​you’re flanking 
them and reaching them​ in ways your competitors aren’t. 
This helps us generate q​ ualified​ leads for our clients. Although we generate 
less volume, our clients don’t have to deal with following up with tire kickers 
that only waste your time from doing what truly matters -- ​closing more deals​. 



That’s It! 

I hope you t​ ake action​ on these ads (and the targeting bonus!) we shared and 
use them as soon as you can with your Facebook Advertising. 

We talk to hundreds of agents each month, and we understand that your daily 
operations can take away from your ability to prospect and grow your business 
as you deal with o​ pen houses, home inspection issues, contracts, endless 
calls, etc... 

Unfortunately agents caught in these operations stay s​ tuck in the trenches​ of 
Realty work. These agents are constantly focusing on low-yielding but “urgent” 
tasks, never being able to enjoy the lifestyle they’ve always wanted for 
themselves and their family. 

But since you downloaded this eBook and got to the end, I believe you’re an 
action taker. I believe you understand that something needs to change in order 
for your results to change. 

If you really want to get to $15k, $20k, or even $30k/mo in commissions each 
month so you can take your family on vacation, work whenever you want, and 
finally live the Realty dream that was sold to you when you started…  

Then you have only 3 choices: (Too harsh? It's true...) 

1.) Spend a bunch of time, money and energy creating your own market 
tested system that generates high intent leads and converts them. 

2.) Partner with someone who already has a proven market tested system 
so you can save your time, money and energy and so you can start 
generating the results you want immediately! 

3.) Change nothing and keep getting the same results. 

How about this? No more second guessing whether real estate is the right 
career for you. No more “Awards Night” where you never get up on stage to be 



a Top Producer. No more working odd jobs just to pay rent, send your kids to 
school, and make ends meet. No more comments of “I told you so” and 
justifying to your spouse that Real Estate is a great career. No more family or 
close friends listing with OTHER Realtors. 

It’s time for you to take control of your time and grow your business. Let 2020 
be your best year yet. 

Rooting for you, Conner 

If you want to learn how our “​ ​Facebook Lead To Conversion System”​ ​can 
help you produce high intent leads, book 10-15% of your leads to appointments 
and how you can close 2-3 more deals every month, you can click the link 
below to schedule a FREE Strategy Session call.

No matter your production level or experience as a realtor, we have products and
services that will help you grow your business while saving you time and money.

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We provide multiple "Do It Yourself" packages. Each package includes different
courses and resources you will need to generate high intent leads and convert
them to appointments at a rate of 10-15% each month.

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If your ready to experience what true automation can do for your business, we
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Whether you want to do everything yourself, you want us to do everything for you
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