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Polar Promotions & Sportswear - Bic New Categories 2019

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Bic New for 2019

Polar Promotions & Sportswear - Bic New Categories 2019




Table of Contents

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Ѵ;bv†u; ş v-=;|‹ ş -†|o | Explore Over 60 Brands You Know And Love

Promotional Solutions in did you know fun facts about
12 categories products*

Plus... Promotional products are an incredibly
eco-friendly product solutions from powerful marketing tool that connects
& with consumers on a physical level,
Look for the symbol at allowing for a memorable brand
over 20 different decoration methods
88% of promotional product recipients
over 300 exclusive products
remember the name of the advertiser
100s of innovative NEW products launched each year on the product.

largest assortment of products made, printed or assembled in USA 85% of recipients do business with the

Product Safety & Compliance standards advertiser on the product.

that we stand behind so you can feel confident 83% of people report that they

FREE... 24-Hour Service on 1000s of items*, virtual samples, like receiving promotional products.

set-ups on 1000s of items, e-proofs, production art, drop shipments, 47% of recipients say that they keep

random color assortments, imprint color changes, and more! the promotional items they receive for
more than a year.
*Visit for details.

The Best Brands in the Business | 1


You Know and Love

‰ubঞm] bmv|u†l;m|v

did you know BIC Graphic offers the most popular
writing instruments in the industry. Our
fun facts* robust range includes everything from
classic ballpoints to trendy multi-function
50% of U.S. consumers own logoed writing instruments.
Promotional writing instruments are kept 6 months on average per recipient. stylus pens. Top sellers are available
In the U.S., promotional writing instruments deliver 2,800+ impressions. in hundreds of color combinations to
The low cost per impression of promotional writing instruments make them a best value complement your logo. Best of all, there
– less than 1/10 of 1 cent in the United States.
is never a set-up charge on our
*According to a Global Advertising Specialties Study 2016 Edition writing instruments!

2 | Explore Over 60 Brands You Know And Love

†v| Ѵbh; |_;u; -u; 7b@;u;m| |‹r;v RETHINK your INK
o= ‰ubঞm] bmv|u†l;m|vķ |_;u; -u;
-Ѵvo 7b@;u;m| |‹r;v o= bmhĺ

Ballpoint Gel Roller Marker Highlighter

BIC Graphic guarantees an An exclusive ink technology offering up to a 35%
unparalleled commitment to smoother ink system compared to our standard ballpoint
providing quality, value ink systems. It writes with fluid lines and no smearing! BIC®
and performance. Easy-Glide System® Ink is sold standard in select BIC® pens,
and as a free upgrade option in over 50 other popular
BIC® inks undergo a toxicological review by the Duke BIC® Writing Instruments.
University Medical Center under the WIMA (Writing
Instrument Manufacturers Association) certification Upgraded ink formula at no extra charge. Offers a
program. Duke University bases its review on the guidelines smooth, consistent write-out that will be sure to
set forth by the CPSC (U.S. Consumer Product Safety make its mark.
Commission). Many of our highlighter and marking inks
are also certified by the Art and Creative Materials Institute, The perfect blend! Combining a premium
Inc. (ACMI) as non-toxic. ballpoint and the smoothness of a gel ink.
Glides as smooth as a gel pen, but dries
Our ink cartridges are analyzed to test shelf life and instantly to prevent smearing.
write-out times.
The Best Brands in the Business | 3
Components of our cartridges are produced by the
highest-quality cartridge manufacturers from all over
the world. Points are made of stainless steel, brass or
nickel silver. Balls are made of tungsten carbide, which
contributes to consistent writing.

featured writing instruments ICLGEL | BIC® Intensity® Clic™ GelThe Souvenir® brand tells modern stories with
55920 | Souvenir® Story Pena fresh and imaginative twist. Designed to fit
A trusted leader in the promotional your unique style, Souvenir® writing instruments
products industry for 50 years, people are the perfect choice to record special
around the globe recognize the iconic moments, memories, and ideas. Use the
BIC® brand. power of Souvenir® quality to effortlessly
showcase your distinctive brand.
Each BIC® product has at its core our
values of innovation, simplicity, and It's your personality on paper, it's your story.™
reliability.You can count on us to deliver
BIC® products that work every time, =u;v_ ş =†m
everywhere.And with fresh designs,
unending color options, and cutting-edge SOUVENIR® PEN FEATURES
customization techniques, there are
countless ways to express your brand’s • Distinctive products- All are one of a kind writing
exceptional personality. instruments designed exclusively in-house

1om|;lrou-u‹ ş 1oѴou=†Ѵ • Elevated features – Advanced ink technology
and weighted barrels
• Innovative decoration – Imprints on unique
• BIC® Easy-Glide System® ink available on and modern textures
over 50 popular items
• Prominent branding – Superior construction
• Mix & Match – Over 600 color combinations with co-branding capabilities
• 330° laser engraving available
• Random color assortments on select items • Product integrity – Quality and product safety
• Writes First Time Every Time!® we stand behind
• Always in stock on hundreds of BIC® items
• Largest assortment of pens that are

assembled in the USA

4 | Explore Over 60 Brands You Know And Love

The Good Value™ brand is With its unique heritage of savoir-faire,
BIC Graphic’s broad selection Caran d’Ache® carefully preserves the
of industry top-sellers at practical art of handwriting. Famous around the
price points. We frequently add world for its Swiss made quality, the
new products, styles and options, company develops writing instruments
so you will easily find the right that offer outstanding design with an
promotional item to fit your budget. excellent level of writing quality and
55756 | Metallic Cool Grip Stylus Pen
55960 | Caran d’Ache® Goldbar Pen

-@ou7-0Ѵ; ş u;Ѵb-0Ѵ; Cm;v| l-|;ub-Ѵ ş _b]_Ŋt†-Ѵb|‹


• InstaGlide hybrid ink on various items • Daringly original materials and perfect form
• britePix® capability on select products • Optimal comfort in your hand
• Quality you will value • The tradition of fine handwriting
• Create your own rhythm—from plastic everyday pens • Produced in Swiss workshops
• Acclaimed Goliath Ink cartridges
to professional stylus pens to fun-loving colored pencils
and bright highlighters *Not available
• Extensive options and features for all budgets in Canada

The Best Brands in the Business | 5

featured writing instruments EMBW BIC® Emblem Pen
BLG BIC® Brite Liner® Grip
CS BIC® Clic Stic® ESTB BIC® Esteem® Pen
GR BIC® Grip Roller Pen
BPS BIC® Pencil Solids

RSECO BIC® Ecolutions® Round Stic®

Made with 76% pre-consumer recycled plastic.

CL BIC® Clic™

6 | Explore Over 60 Brands You Know And Love

55945 Souvenir® Armor Pen top sellers
55920 Souvenir® Story Pen
55940 Souvenir® Motive Stylus Pen 55702 Jive Pen

55210 Element Pen 55245 Dart Pen
55756 Metallic Cool Grip Stylus Pen

55691 Stylus Grip Pen

The Best Brands in the Business | 7


You Know and Love


did you know Drinkware is one of the largest categories
in the promotional products industry. And
fun facts* with everything from KOOZIE® can koolers

3rd most influential promotional product giveaway. to bubba® travel mugs, BIC Graphic is
90% of distributors recognize the KOOZIE® brand. your one-stop-shop for a wide variety of
53% of U.S. consumers own branded drinkware popular items. All of our plastic drinkware
Half of U.S. consumers who own branded drinkware use it 2-3 times per week, or more!
On average, consumers report keeping promotional drinkware for about 8 months! products are BPA free, and we test all
applicable products to the most
*According to a Global Advertising Specialties Study 2016 Edition stringent Prop 65 standards.

8 | Explore Over 60 Brands You Know And Love

-1|vĹ Vacuum insulation BPA Free
BPA Free-Items that have been successfully tested for
In many containers, heat or cold finds its way compliance with Connecticut’s BPA Free Law.
in and out through convection. Containers Outer Wall
with vacuum insulation will create an airless Hot & Cold Hours
space between the walls.This will stop the Indicates the number of hours a beverage container will
convection process, which eliminates any maintain liquids hot or cold, based on our quality testing.
change in temperature.This allows for your
beverages to remain icy cold or steaming Leak-Proof
hot longer. Does not let any liquid out when completely turned upside
down. Perfect for gym, suitcase/bag ready.
inner Wall
ubmh‰-u; mv†Ѵ-ঞom †b7; DRINKWARE TERMINOLOGY Does not show any condensation. Keep your hands dry.

Having drinkware that is insulated helps to keep your beverages at just the right temperature. Spill-Resistant
Here are some different types of insulation you can expect to find. Has a lid mechanism that prevents big spills should the
cup tip. Perfect for on the go, travel mug kept in hand or on

Air between inner and Foam between inner and No air between inner and No air between inner and outer Tritan® material
walls + copper plated inner wall • Tritan® plastic has a glass-like look and feel.
outer walls. outer walls. outer walls. • Tritan® from Eastman is a durable clear plastic that
adds a layer of temperature
retention. retains its color and gloss even after hundreds of
dishwasher cycles.
! ! ) ! ( $ "Ĺ • Tritan® a BPA-free plastic, it doesn’t contain BPS
(bisphenol S) or any other bisphenols.
ҋ 1 set-up only ҋ Live full color with
Stainless Steel with Inner Copper
&r |o Ƒ Ѵo1-ঞomv ou ‰u-rŊ-uo†m7 KOOZIE® britePix® blrubmঞm] These 2 metals are very efficient together.The combination
of both helps to maintain liquids hot or cold longer than
ҋ Free ҋ W e test all our products to the regular stainless steel.
applicable safety standards
Ƒm7 blrubm| Ѵo1-ঞom Stainless Steel 18/8 Grade
ҋ Mix & Match lids 18% Chromium/8% Nickel, also known as 302 or 304
ҋ BPA free grade Stainless Steel. Chromium binds oxygen to the
surface of the product to protect the iron from oxidation
(rust). Nickel enhances the corrosion resistance of
stainless steel.The higher the nickel content, the more
resistant the stainless steel is to corrosion.

More lightweight than other metals, and looks similar
to stainless steel.

PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)
Most bottles are made from PET plastic. It is used to make
many common household items. PET has an excellent level
of wear resistance compared to other plastics.

The Best Brands in the Business | 9

featured drinkware Tervis® offers drinkware that46176 | KOOZIE® Camron Double Wall Tumbler
encourages the everyday 46251 | Tervis® Stainless Steel Tumbler - 30 oz.
Whether your next adventure is a celebration of all of life’s
relaxing day by the beach or an moments by offering the
afternoon of hiking, KOOZIE® branded ultimate combination of
products have you covered. Our can simple functionality and
koolers are made with top-quality endless opportunity to
watertight construction to keep your experience one’s passions.
beverages cold longer. Our latest
expansion into tumblers was a natural
evolution for our KOOZIE® brand and
are sure to help keep you hydrated
on the go!

|_; oub]bm-Ѵ 1_bѴѴ lou; |_-m - 1†r


• KOOZIE® drinkware features modern styling and • Tervis® is the original customizable, double-wall insulated
superior insulation drinkware that keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.
All made in America
• The KOOZIE® name lets you know you’re getting
a quality product from a brand with decades of • New Materials - Offering the increased level of functionality
trusted history of stainless steel tumblers and sports bottles

• Vibrant full-color KOOZIE® can koolers are available • Tervis® is the perfect gift, consumers buy for themselves,
with britePix® technology but also give Tervis® products as gifts for others

• Many KOOZIE® products are designed exclusively • With over 670K Facebook followers,Tervo-Maniacs are
in-house enthusiastic expressers and performance seekers

• We assemble and decorate thousands of can • Design, Decoration, Personalization, A Statement – that will
koolers every day be there for a lifetime of enjoyment

10 | Explore Over 60 Brands You Know And Love

For the true individuals and Get the most joy out of your
those who don’t just settle hydration with unbreakable
for something common or drinking cups that are ready
off-the-shelf, MyBevi™ to be squeezed, shaken,
means drinking life to stirred, and served.
the fullest. 46260 | MyBevi™ 26 oz Brute Tumbler
46238 | Silipint® Straight Up Pint Glass

†mbt†; ş =†ѴѴ o= Ѵb=; mo| ‹o†u -ˆ;u-]; 1†r


• Fit for your life, made in your style, filled with what makes you, • Silipint® are silicone drinking glasses that bring fun to every occasion
you- that’s MyBevi® • A single Silipint® can take your morning coffee to go, heat up your

• Whether it’s a robust Italian roast coffee, a refreshing fruit infusion, soup for lunch, keep your beer cold in the evening and repeat
or good old H2O, MyBevi™ products are as unique as your tastes every step again tomorrow
• Sili-Uses: Watering cup, pot holder, snack holder, ice scoop, funnel,
• The highest grade paint finishes provide a durable and rugged flower vase, cocktail shaker.The sky is the limit
textured feel on the surface for improved grip in hand • BPA freedom, microwave safe, dishwasher safe, freezer safe, ovens
& grills - the perfect material for any drinking cup
• A superior insulated container you can depend on to keep your • Silipint® are decidedly fun merchandise, and the perfect way to leave
beverages hotter, cooler, fresher longer a lasting impression

• MyBevi™ crafts exceptionally-made products, created to be as The Best Brands in the Business | 11
unique as you are and go with you wherever your life takes you

featured drinkware

45448 45140 46189
britePix® KOOZIE® Budget Mug Dye Sublimation
(White)–11 oz.
Can Kooler Mug—11 oz.
46178 46175
45791 KOOZIE® Hartwell KOOZIE® Camron
Poly-Clean® Bottle–27 oz.
Vacuum Double Wall
Tumbler—21 oz. Tumbler—18 oz.

12 | Explore Over 60 Brands You Know And Love

top sellers

46173 45081 45238
KOOZIE® KOOZIE® Collapsible Two-Tone Mug—12 oz.
Triple Vacuum
Tumbler—13 oz. Can Kooler

45065 45790 46106
Colored Acrylic Gripper Poly-Clear® Roamers Vacuum
Tumbler–16 oz.
Bottle—31 oz. Tumbler—20 oz.

The Best Brands in the Business | 13

BRANDS 15955
KAPSTON™ Natisino
You Know and Love

did you know The promotional bags market is growing,
and so is our product line, with over 300
fun facts* fashionable and functional bags from
unique designs and exclusive styles to
Bags are the #1 promotional product in terms of impressions – 5,700+.
90% of distributors recognize the KOOZIE® brand. popular everyday items. Many of our large
50% of U.S. consumers own a promotional bag. assortment of totes, backpacks, duffel
In the U.S., 87% of consumers state that they keep promotional bags, cooler bags and briefcases are
bags because of their usefulness.
designed in-house and constructed with
BIC Graphic also offers branded golf bags from: high-grade materials. You will effortlessly
find the perfect bag to provide a lasting
67% of our bags are exclusively designed.
impression for your brand!
*According to a Global Advertising Specialties Study 2016 Edition

14 | Explore Over 60 Brands You Know And Love

all about our bags materials breakdown

over bic graphic statistics over RipStop

Used for yacht sails,
hot air balloons, kites
and parachutes

over over Denier Polyester 1680D

200 240 Resistant to stretching, Resists abrasion
that are
shrinking and pilling: and tearing
bags on 210D, 420D, 600D

free 24-hr service Nylon Tarpaulin neoprene Non-Woven

bags with Highly resilient Tarp material – Flexibility Often used as
over a wide shoe covers.
four color process PVC Vinyl water resistant temperature
imprinting range Cotton
Similar material
bags to shiny Different weights –
clothing varies the thickness
50 oz.–16 oz.

How we measure Microfiber Canvas
our bags
Known for softness, Made from cotton,
H durability and
absorption linen or hemp
recycled pet

Recycled plastics
spun into thread
or yarn

cotton duck cloth

Heavy, plain
cotton fabric

W The Best Brands in the Business | 15

featured bags The Atchison® brand has over a
century-long history of delivering
The KAPSTON™ brand is comprised chic and trendy bags—from fashion
of lifestyle bag collections, all totes to contemporary backpacks
crafted with durable materials and everything in between. Our
and distinctive details. KAPSTON™. durable construction holds up
Cool and Collected. to every aspect of your on-the-go
lifestyle. The Atchison® brand is
15956 | KAPSTON™ an edge above.
Natisino Tote
AP5040C | On the
1ooѴ ş 1oѴѴ;1|;7 Move Two-Tone
1_b1 ş |u;m7‹
• Exclusively designed collections constructed
with premium materials ATCHISON® BAG FEATURES

• Unique KAPSTON™ branding found throughout each bag. • Exclusive designs with long-standing industry
• The Stratford assortment is designed for the recognition

discerning business traveler • Atchison® branded zipper pulls found on most bags
• Young professionals will reach for the modern Pierce collection • Distinctive design features including metal grommets,
• Those looking for both function and style will appreciate the
piping, curved pockets, and accent stitching
comfortable appeal of the Jaxon line • Wide assortment in varying price points to reach
• The Natisino collection is stylish and distinguished with a
a larger audience
vintage appeal

16 | Explore Over 60 Brands You Know And Love

15907 | KOOZIE®
Olympus 24-Can Kooler

Founded in 1997, Incase® is a brand Our exclusively designed KOOZIE® bags
driven by design. We design solutions range from lunch coolers to backpacks
centered on protection and mobility to to duffels. We use a wide array of
meet the evolving demands of today’s materials for a trendy, stylish look. Our
creatives. Our heritage is deeply rooted coolers are made with water resistant
in the lifestyles of those who create, and construction to keep your food and
through this dedication, we are able to beverages cold. Whether it’s lunch
focus on our customers' evolving needs at the office, a relaxing day at the
and continually expand our product beach, tailgating while cheering on
offering while promoting creativity your favorite team, or an adventure
and the entrepreneurial spirit. A better in the mountains, there is a KOOZIE®
experience through good design. bag to fit your needs.

16014 | Incase® City |_; oub]bm-Ѵ 1_bѴѴ
Compact Backpack
ruo|;1ঞom ş lo0bѴb|‹
• Unique and functional designs built for a variety of activities
INCASE® BAG FEATURES • KOOZIE® branded heat-sealed PEVA lining to ensure a water

• Designs centered on protecting technology resistant construction
for business travelers • KOOZIE® tag found on the front of product for additional

• Strong brand recognition across multiple industries brand recognition
• Prominent Incase® branding found throughout each bag • Future brand expansion into outdoor-related products
• Built with functionality in mind, including ergonomic
including daypacks, performance coolers, and
shoulder strap and abrasion resistant nylon premium duffels
• Premium faux fur lined laptop and tablet sleeves
The Best Brands in the Business | 17

featured bags

AP7600 AP5040 45624
The Big Chill Cooler On the Move Backpack Grocery Tote

15807 15735 AP8400
KAPSTON™ Pierce Backpack Clear Game Tote TranSport It Tote

18 | Explore Over 60 Brands You Know And Love | Pending tariff implications and associated impact on raw material costs, BIC Graphic reserves the right to change
prices at any time without notice if necessary. Please see for the most up-to-date pricing.

top sellers

15660 45036 AP6810
Non-Woven Drawstring Backpack KOOZIE® Six-Pack Kooler Center Court Duffel

AP3200 15658 AP5004
A Step Ahead Messenger KOOZIE® Tailgate Rolling Kooler PeeWee Backpack

Pending tariff implications and associated impact on raw material costs, BIC Graphic reserves the right to change

| The Best Brands in the Business | 19prices at any time without notice if necessary. Please see for the most up-to-date pricing.

The Saturday Evening
You Know and Love
Post Illustrations by
calendars Normal Rockwell

did you know As the largest promotional calendar
manufacturer in North America, we
fun facts* produce over 450 different products,
from traditional to cutting-edge.
76% of consumers who own calendars say they display them prominently
in their homes or offices. Calendars are a cost-effective medium
viewed on average 10 times per day,
85% of calendar orders repeat.The average calendar order repeats for 8 years!† resulting in a low cost per impression
with year-long exposure for
70% of calendar recipients plan to do business with the company that provided your message!
them the calendar.

On average there are 3+ printed calendars per household in the U.S.
On average, consumers report keeping promotional calendars for about 12 months.

†ASI Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study 2014 *According to a Global Advertising Specialties Study 2016 EditionƒPromotional
Products Association International: A Study of Calendar Usage in U.S. Households (2010)

20 | Explore Over 60 Brands You Know And Love

calendars 7;Cm;7

1 Staple BINDING 1 7 Personalization
Staple binding, also called saddle 3 Everyone wants to feel special. Let your
stitching, is an economical choice 4
and ideal for direct mail. 12 customers know they are special by

2 TINNING using their name! Discover the power in

Tinning is a method of binding by a name.
crimping a metal strip along edges
of sheets.This provides additional 8 Add a QR Code
durability for large, heavy-duty
commercial calendars. QR Codes are a kind of barcode that

3 Insert Pages can be read by many mobile devices.

Place additional pages into your QR Codes put instant information like
calendar! The extra space is great
for company letters, coupons and special offers or coupons in the palm of
corporate information.
your customer’s hand.
4 Window Ad
5 9 Backmount
The large ad area and prominent
location will be a focal point.Your Offices 11 Add additional insight to your
message will be the center of attention. 10 message. Select one of over 15 different
Created Especially for... stock themes including Automotive,
5 Spiral & Twin Loop BINDING 89 Environmental, and Health & Fitness
Brittany Howard or create your own.
Single and twin wire binding allows
calendars to lay flat and provide a 6246 Parker Drive NE, Plymouth, WA 86293 10 Phantom Overprint
strong and polished finish. PH: 624-555-2853
Add impact by including your logo or
6 Drop Ad 7 other special design as a phantom
imprint over the date grid.
Your logo and contact information will
feature prominently all year long.The 11 Date BLOCK Overprint
large ad space will help your message
stand out. Mark significant dates like holiday
closures or corporate history.

12 Augmented Reality

Combine your calendar with
technology. Simply download the
Pixaction app from your app store,
scan the calendar photo and watch
the images come to life.

All this at no charge! 6

FREE 24-hour service on over 225 items. Fast 5 & 8 Guaranteed Inventory on over 100 items in stock through December 31.
day standard lead times on most products!**
FREE Any one color imprint on many styles. Many items available with 4-Color Process imprinting, which allows you to
FREE Storage print as many different colors as you want.
FREE extra sheets and Insights Backmounts on
Triumph® appointment calendars. FREE 4-Color Process on select items.
FREE Combined quantity pricing on select styles.
The Best Brands in the Business | 21
**Please reference for additional details.

featured calendars The Good Value™ brand is the best choice when
you’re seeking a cost effective solution but don’t
Triumph® brand offers an industry-leading selection of want to sacrifice quality.
calendars to suit every taste and match every budget. With 2102 | Triumph® Motivations
a mass market appeal and year-round exposure,Triumph®
Calendars impact every day. 7201 | Landscapes of America - Stapled

0uo-7 v;Ѵ;1ঞom ş bm7†v|u‹ Ѵ;-7bm] Ѵ-u]; -vvou|l;m|


• Broadest calendar selection in the promotional • A broad selection of calendars at affordable prices
products industry • Industry’s largest assortment of items guaranteed

• Industry’s largest assortment of items guaranteed to be in inventory through Dec. 31, 2019
to be in inventory through Dec. 31, 2019 • Free 24-hour service on numerous calendar styles

• Award winning supplier
• Free 24-hour service on numerous calendar styles
• Specializing in custom and coop program


22 | Explore Over 60 Brands You Know And Love

3111 | Wildlife Art by the Hautman Brothers
1101 | The Saturday Evening Post
Illustrations by Normal Rockwell
The Hautman Brothers—James, Robert, and Joe—have In various forms,The Saturday Evening Post
established themselves among America’s foremost wildlife artists. has been chronicling American history since
All three brothers have received numerous honors and awards 1728, and continues to deliver in a format that
and have dominated many reflects quintessential American ideals
state and national duck and values.
stamp competitions.They
are the only brothers to ever b1omb1 l;ub1-m-
win the coveted Federal
Duck Stamp Contest. In fact, THE SATURDAY EVENING POST
they’ve won the prestigious CALENDAR EATURES
award a total of 13 times.
Their work is part of the • The Saturday Evening Post has been chronicling American
permanent collection of history for over 250 years
the Smithsonian Institution.
• Iconic imagery that depicts Americana art at its finest
-‰-u7 ‰bmmbm] ş ror†Ѵ-u • Available in a variety of styles to fit any budget


• High quality, detailed artwork capturing animals in their
natural habitat

• Featuring nationally recognized award-winning artists,
James, Robert, and Joe Hautman

• Their artwork is featured on our most popular calendar styles

The Best Brands in the Business | 23

featured calendars

7001 Landscapes 6251
of America – Spiral Time Management Span-A-Year


Featured artwork 3111 Wildlife Art

by the Hautman Brothers

6510 4251 5323
Multi-Colored Desk Pad American Splendor Desk 2-Color Stick Up Grid

24 | Explore Over 60 Brands You Know And Love

top sellers

7263 1900
Wildlife Portraits - Stapled American West

by Tim Cox

Featured artwork

1600 Motivations

1850 8150
Muscle Cars Monthly Planner

The Best Brands in the Business | 25

BRANDS 32116 | House of Marley™
Get Together™ Bluetooth®
You Know and Love Speaker


did you know Of all promotional items, tech accessories
rank highest in usefulness and value. Stay
fun facts* relevant and on-trend by promoting your
brand with functional technology products
USB drives are ranked #1 in most influential products on opinion of advertisers. such as USBs, power banks, earbuds and
60% of consumers state they would be more likely to do business with the
advertiser who gave them a power bank. wireless speakers. By offering the largest
Over their lifespan, mobile power banks generate over 1,000 impressions. assortment of well-recognized retail brands
26% of U.S. consumers own promotional power banks, and 45% own logoed USB drives.
and requiring superior compliance,
*According to a Global Advertising Specialties Study 2016 Edition BIC Graphic ensures that the highest

26 | Explore Over 60 Brands You Know And Love applicable standards are met for
technology products at all price points.

|;1_moѴo]‹ safety top sellers
-m7 |;ulbmoѴo]‹ bm=oul-ঞom
32046 31952
We operate with product safety and compliance standards that we Jam Classic™ 2.0 Mobigrip® Cellular Leash
stand behind, so you can feel confident. Wireless Bluetooth® Speaker

UL Certification Mark 31974 32028
Identifies products that have passed the applicable UL testing standard Naztech® Dual USB Compact Aluminum Power Bank
and that are part of UL’s Follow-Up Service. Wall Charger, 5V 3.4A
4000 mAh
UL Recognized Component Mark
SAFETY AND Lithium battery is recognized under the UL Component Recognition 30728
COMPLIANCE Program. Lithium battery has passed UL 1642 testing. 2GB Folding USB Drive

UL Listed Mark The Best Brands in the Business | 27
The UL Listed mark identifies products manufactured under UL’s
Listing and Follow-Up Service.

Identifies products that have been fully qualified and declared
through the Bluetooth Qualification Process.

FCC Declaration of Conformity / FCC label / FCC Mark
A certification mark employed on electronic products manufactured
or sold in the United States which certifies that the electromagnetic
interference from the device is under limits approved by the Federal
Communications Commission.

ETL Mark
The ETL Listed Mark demonstrates compliance to the requirements of
product safety standards, as determined through independent testing
and periodic follow up inspections.

Qi Certified
Identifies Qi Certified wireless products that have been tested to
verify that the product does not induce voltages that can potentially
damage these products.

Nearly all lithium batteries are required to pass Section 38.3 of the
UN Manual of Tests and Criteria to ensure the safety of lithium batteries
during shipment.

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is a document that contains information on the
potential health effects of exposure to chemicals, or other potentially
dangerous substances, and on safe working procedures when
handling chemical products.

featured technology House of Marley is driven to
enhance lives through great product
myCharge® offers the ultimate experiences as well as using proceeds
portable power solutions. from product sales to support efforts to
Their innovative products, with make lives better around the world.
built-in charging cords, make any
on-the-go lifestyle easier.

32057 | myCharge® 32116 | House of Marley™
Simple Power 2200 mAh Get Together™ Bluetooth® Speaker

rou|-0Ѵ; ro‰;u †ml-|1_;7 ş 1ollb‚;7 |o |_; rѴ-m;|


• Offer wide versatility in charging devices, including: • House of Marley® products are founded on superior quality,
basic power banks, integrated cables, weather proof, unmatched material, and a commitment to the planet
and stylish designs
• The purchase of House of Marley® products help support
• myCharge® products offer proprietary technology reforestry.To date Project Marley has planted 125,000 trees
such as Peak Power, SmartSense, Battery Protection, Learn more at
and Fast Charging
• House of Marley® products are crafted from mindfully sourced
• myCharge® can be found in 30+ major retailers materials including: bamboo, fabric, silicone, wood, steel, leather,
cotton, and organic cork. Recycled materials include: paper,
28 | Explore Over 60 Brands You Know And Love aluminum, plastic, PET, and metal

Pioneer of the mobile industry JAM offers an extensive
with a Southern California assortment of sound
heritage, Incipio designs a products created to help
comprehensive lineup of you enjoy your music and
class-leading technology your style while on the move.
solutions that elevates the Over 20 years of experience
everyday mobile experience. ensures that all of their
wireless audio solutions
32189 | GHOST Qi 3-Coil are of the highest quality.
Wireless Charging Base
32270 | Jam™ Chill Out
1Ѵ-vvŊѴ;-7bm] rbom;;u Bluetooth® Speaker


• Incipio® was founded in 1999 with the idea that technology JAM™ FEATURES TECHNOLOGY
is social by nature and creates products to help protect
your tech that connects you • Great products, great quality, at affordable prices
• JAM Classic was the #1 selling Bluetooth speaker in 2015
• Assortment consists of a variety of award winning phone • Bold designs in Bluetooth® speakers, heaphones and earbuds
cases and Qi certified wireless chargers • JAM can be found in 15+ major retailers

• Incipio group also includes other brands we carry such as
Griffin® and Incase®

The Best Brands in the Business | 29

BRANDS 15798
Combo Notebook with
You Know and Love
Element Stylus Pen

did you know Our extensive line of office products includes
badge holders, lanyards, desk accessories,
fun facts* notebooks, BIC® Sticky Note™ adhesive
notepads, magnets and more. High-quality
41% of U.S. consumers own promotional desk/office accessories. full-color printing and personalization is
Young consumers are the most likely to own a promotional desk available onmost items! Personalization is
accessory – 52% of ages 18-34. a growing trend and a natural fit for
61% of desk accessories are kept at the workplace. identification products.
Consumers who own a promotional desk accessory report they typically
will keep it for about 14 months.
Men are more likely (44%) than women (38%) to own branded desk/office accessories.

*According to a Global Advertising Specialties Study 2016 Edition

30 | Explore Over 60 Brands You Know And Love

why choose BIC® STICKY NOTE™ products? top sellers

services %5MRPXs IShVeRRIeEt XRISd XeYITsTi gEXnSHs P[erM fe cQtYfPXoMTr PIco WmIpVZaMGnIieWs

Alternating Designs

Designs will alternate in sequence throughout the entire
pad. Due to production process, each pad may begin
with a different design. Available on P3A3A25, P3A3A50,
P4A3A25, P4A3A50.

Low Quantity Copy Change 4IVJIGX JSV FYWMRIWWIW MGBC20 P4A3A25
SJJIVMRK QYPXMTPI SJJMGIW BIC® 20 Mil 4-Color Process BIC® Sticky Note™
Receive TOTAL QUANTITY pricing on design changes as 4" x 3" Adhesive Notepad, 25 sheet
low as 50 notepads per design. Available on P4A3A25 WIVZMGIW SV PSGEXMSRW Business Card Magnet
and P4A3A50. 65053
Custom Printed Backer Sheet Memo Tape Dispenser Badge Holder

Random design available on backer sheet (liner
of notepad) includes 4-color process artwork.
Available on all standard size adhesive notepads.
Minimum: 10,000.

Personalization At BIC Graphic, we strive to be 15928
environmentally friendly.This is why we Value Notebook
Add each customer’s name (or one line of provide BIC® Ecolutions® Sticky Note™
your choice of copy) to your logoed notepad, products for our customers. Most with Joy Pen
creating a personalized gift your customer is sure BIC® Sticky Note™ products are available
to use! Available on P3A3A25, P3A3A50, P4A3A25, in an ECO version that utilizes paper 32170
P4A3A50. stock containing 30% post-consumer Gloss Paper Folder
recycled fiber!
Over 100 FREE options that are simple to
Many of our BIC® Sticky Note™ order with 70+ FREE stock backgrounds
products are produced in our Sleepy and 30+ stock shapes.
Eye, MN facility.This enables most of
these products to be available in The Best Brands in the Business | 31

Most of our BIC® Sticky Note™
products are printed on 60# offset
paper.This means a THICK AND
STURDY paper for our customers.

Our BIC® Sticky Note™ products
contain high quality adhesive that
is tested for peel strength and glue
adhesion. This means customers
receive a reliable product that

featured office The Atchison® brand has
a long history of delivering
The BIC® brand continues to make their trendy solutions to the modern
mark in stationery and office needs with workspace. Atchison® office
a wide array of BIC® Sticky Notes™, products such as padfolios
Magnets, and Mouse Pads and writing pads bring added
all with varied assortments style to any meeting.
of shapes, sizes, and styles.

P4A3A25 | BIC® 4" x 3" Adhesive AP4002 | Color Curve Padfolio
Notepad, 25 Sheet Pad
=u;v_ķ =†m ş †mbt†;
1om|;lrou-u‹ ş 1oѴou=†Ѵ
• Exclusive, iconic designs that are always on-trend
• Many FREE options on our BIC® Sticky Note™ • Contemporary patterns and pops of color
products including 70+ free stock backgrounds • Multi-function designs that appeal to a broad audience
and 30+ stock shapes • Durable construction for products that last

• Personalization options available
• FREE 4-color process available on most items
• Customization options available including custom shapes

on BIC® Sticky Note™, magnets, and mouse pads
• Environmentally friendly options
• Magnets are made with a durable and tear

resistant material

32 | Explore Over 60 Brands You Know And Love

The Good Value® brand The KAPSTON™ brand is crafted
provides a wide variety with high-end materials and
of products including distinctive details that appeal
notebooks, magnets, to the next generation of
identification items and working professionals.
more for cost-effective
solutions that don’t
sacrifice quality.

15965| Bright Lines Journal 16018 | Kapston™ Pierce Journal

-@ou7-0Ѵ; ş u;Ѵb-0Ѵ; Cm;v| l-|;ub-Ѵ ş _b]_Ŋt†-Ѵb|‹


• Top sellers at practical price points for every budget • Collections to suit any style
• Unique materials and features based on the latest retail trends • Exclusive designs with upscale details
• A wide variety of styles and options that answer customer demand • Quality construction for longevity and comfort
• Multi-function designs across several product categories • Unmatched attributes that add function and flair
• Budget-friendly magnets made of durable material • Multi-function designs developed with professionals

in mind

The Best Brands in the Business | 33


You Know and Love


Bottle Opener Coaster

did you know Choose from the largest assortment of
innovative household items ideal for party
fun facts* planning, tradeshow giveaways or formal

Housewares ranks among the top 3 promotional product categories of items social events. From functional kitchen
kept because of their attractiveness.† gadgets and food storage to high-end
80% of respondents keep housewares items because of their usefulness.
91% of U.S. consumers have at least one promotional product in their kitchen.ƒ decorative items, these products are
53% of consumers use a promotional product at least once a week or more.§ a distinctive way to promote any
company’s brand.
*According to a Global Advertising Specialties Study 2016 Edition † Influence of Promotional
Products on Consumer Behavior, November 2012 ƒ

34 | Explore Over 60 Brands You Know And Love

top sellers

Oval Panel Rain Cone

Cool Gear creates innovative 45647 45667
products that promote a Circle Jar Opener KOOZIE® Coaster—Round
healthier and happier you.
With a focus on conservation, 65240
Cool Gear® products help Aluminum
on-the-go customers keep Bottle Opener
water cool and clean,
and food crisp and fresh. 45887
45644| Cool Gear® Lunch To Go
The Best Brands in the Business | 35
1ooѴ ş 1Ѵ;-mņ1ubvr ş =u;v_


• Unique compartments: there are separate areas in the
main tray to accommodate whatever you might have
on the menu

• Freezer gel in the lid of select items keeps everything
cool and fresh. Simply freeze, fill and go!

• Utensils or salad dressing compartments are included
for added convenience


You Know and Love


did you know 45443
High Tech Award on Black
fun facts*
Glass Base - Medium
Companies that recognize employees see an increase in job performance,
in turn making the company more successful. Since 1972, the JAFFA® brand has been highly
70% of HR professionals indicate that their organization recognizes regarded as a complete source for awards
milestones and service anniversaries.† and recognition. We craft our diverse range
Incentives motivate for short term goals. of elegant products with the utmost care.
Recognition rewards achievement for a planned period of time. Our distinguished designs and unique
decoration techniques will delight and
*The Incentive Research Foundation Resource Center Study: The Value and ROI of Employee Recognition (2009) impress, making those being recognized
†Society for Human Resource Management survey, Q2, 2010 feel deeply appreciated.

36 | Explore Over 60 Brands You Know And Love

top sellers

From crystal, plaques and trophies to 36420 25035 Round
high-quality acrylics and one-of-a-kind Stellar Star Brass Coaster
art glass pieces, JAFFA® brand offers
a diverse range of elegant products, 36502
distinguished designs and unique Wave
decoration techniques.
36680 36516 Orb Award
36692| Radiant Orbit Award - Square Acrylic
Medium Paperweight

vblrѴ; rub1bm] ş 7;7b1-|;7 v;uˆb1;


• Precise details and top quality
• Combination of classic designs and modern and unique
• Partnerships with artists and retail brands
• The option for multiple decoration applications including britePix®
• Full color capabilities on over 200 products
• Large selection of medals and trophy cups
• Our dedicated customer service team is equipped with specialized

knowledge on all details of the JAFFA® brand. We are ready to help
with recommendations, proofs, personalization and much more.
• JAFFA ONE - Simple Price Policy.Visit for details.

The Best Brands in the Business | 37

BRANDS 45443
Picnic Basket
You Know and Love

outdoor & leisure

did you know We offer the largest assortment of outdoor
chairs in the industry, as well as an expansive
fun facts*
selection of popular outdoor and leisure
41% of U.S. consumers own promotional caps. items for every occasion and budget. With
38% of buyers stated they’d prefer to buy branded promotional products rather
than generic ones.ƒ our variety of stadium seats, picnic and
82% of consumers report that they keep their leisure promotional barbeque items, you can easily create
product because of its usefulness.† the perfect promotion for outdoor fun
BIC Graphic offers the largest assortment of chairs in the industry!
and recreation.
*According to a Global Advertising Specialties Study 2016 Edition † Influence of Promotional Products
on Consumer Behavior, November 2012 ƒ

38 | Explore Over 60 Brands You Know And Love

When the great outdoors come calling, the top sellers
KOOZIE® brand has the answer. With quality
gear like tents, beanies, and hammocks, the 15567
KOOZIE® brand covers much more than just Premium Stripe Chair
your favorite beverage. Expand your sense of
adventure and answer the call 26022
with trusted KOOZIE® Sherpa Throw
products. All KOOZIE® outdoor
products feature claims that 26050
have been tested to bring Cool Vibes
you even more value Dark Lenses Sunglasses
from KOOZIE®.
26121| KOOZIE® Front Runner Cap
Kamp Chair
The Best Brands in the Business | 39
u†]];7 ş 7†u-0Ѵ;


• KOOZIE® outdoor products are engineered to be portable
and lightweight

• KOOZIE® tents, sleeping bags, hammocks, and binoculars
are water resistant

• Food grade 18/8 Stainless Steel is used in our KOOZIE® utensils
and cooking sets to ensure durability

• Machine washable and anti-pilling fabrics used in our KOOZIE®
blankets and beanies provide longevity, strength and
extra warmth.


You Know and Love

health, wellness & safety

did you know 41031
Sweaty Bands® Headband
fun facts*
The rapid growth of wellness programs and
93% of large companies sponsor some form of a worksite wellness program†. health awareness calls for the latest personal
30% of U. S. consumers who own a health & safety product report
that they carry it with them. care products. Choose from our stock
30% of U.S. consumers own a logoed health & safety product. selection or build your own custom kits from
82% of U.S. consumers can immediately remember the advertiser’s name on a variety of high-quality products available
the safety product they own.
in-house. Wellness and safety items are a
*According to a Global Advertising Specialties Study 2016 Edition great complement to any industry that
†Energizing Workplace Wellness Programs: The Role of Incentives and Recognition (2011) supports a healthy lifestyle.

40 | Explore Over 60 Brands You Know And Love

The HoMedics® brand is about creating top sellers
a healthy home environment that helps
you relax your body, de-stress, and 40130
simplify your life. Originally founded SPF-30 Sunscreen
in 1987, HoMedics offers a full line of Lotion Pocket Pack*
in-home wellness products.
41088 1 oz. Hand Sanitizer*
Personal Portable 40138
Aroma Diffuser SPF-30 Lip Balm*

u;Ѵ-Š ş 7;Ŋv|u;vv


• HoMedics is the #1 brand in the Massage and Spa Market
• HoMedics products allow for quick turn-arounds to meet

customer needs
• HoMedics has a full line of in-home wellness products that

are uniquely designed to promote your well being

Montana First Aid Kit*

*Not available in Canada.

The Best Brands in the Business | 41

BRANDS 65323
Mossy Oak®
You Know and Love Camouflage Aluminum
LED Flashlight
Y-v_Ѵb]_|vķ |ooѴv ş -†|o

did you know From affordable keychains to high-end
automotive accessories, BIC Graphic offers
fun facts*
a mix of exclusive products and branded
Tools rank among the top 3 promotional product categories of items partners, such as Leatherman® and
kept because of their attractiveness.†
Mossy Oak® to fulfill all your promotional
83% of consumers state that they keep promotional tools because and advertising needs. Almost half of
of their usefulness.
our products are Good Value™ brand—
The automotive and construction industries are among the top ten industries a great value at a competitive price! In
purchasing promotional products. ƒ addition, many items are available with

Imprinted tire-pressure gauges keep your brand message pumped up britePix® full-color imprinting.
all year long.

*2013 from † Influence of Promotional Products on Consumer Behavior,
November 2012 ƒ

42 | Explore Over 60 Brands You Know And Love

top sellers

Tim Leatherman built his first multi-purpose
tool in Portland, Oregon in 1983.Today, the
Leatherman® brand is synonymous with
quality craftsmanship and innovation.

21180 20081
Wrist Strap Key Holder 25' Gripper Tape Measure

21173| Leatherman® Rev® 65073
Anodized Carabiner 8mm
Not available
in Canada. 21175
Premium Auto Wash Kit
t†-Ѵb|‹ 1u-[vl-mv_br ş bmmoˆ-ঞom
LED Flashlight
• Built for real life and built to last
The Best Brands in the Business | 43
• The three things you need to conquer your everyday: your know-how,
your own two hands, and your Leatherman®

• All Leatherman® tools are built and manufactured in the USA.These
tools are reliable for any adventure or task, big or small

• If well-maintained, a Leatherman® tool can last a lifetime


You Know and Love


did you know 62407 | Titleist® Players 4 Stand Bag

fun facts* BIC Graphic offers a variety of popular golf
items from leading retail brands including
51% of consumers state they would be more likely to do business Titleist®, Callaway®, Pinnacle® and Wilson®.
with the advertiser who gave them a promotional umbrella. Also available are over 175 non-branded
golf items—one of the most comprehensive
Promotional hats make 3,136 impressions over their lifetime. assortments in the industry. Choose from our
stock selection of golf kits or create your own
Over 25 million golfers in the brand messages further with using our assortment of golf accessories, tee
imprinted golf balls!† packaging and event packaging. You can
also take advantage of our award-winning
100 is the number of golf balls used by the average golfer
over a one year period.ƒ golf ball printing options.

*According to a Global Advertising Specialties Study 2016 Edition †2014, from

44 | Explore Over 60 Brands You Know And Love

Since the very first Titleist® golf ball was made in 1935, top sellers
each one has been x-rayed to ensure the highest quality.
They are preferred more than all other brands combined. 61986
Poker Chip Ball Marker

60719| Titleist® Pro V1x® 15291
Large Golf Umbrella
r;u=oul-m1; ş 7;7b1-ঞom
with Ball Marker
• Titleist offers a complete assortment of golf balls, headwear, gloves,
and accessories available for customization 62195
Nike Sport Duffel
• For more than 80 years,Titleist golf balls have been manufactured in
the greater New Bedford, Massachusetts area The Best Brands in the Business | 45

• For the past 30+ years,Titleist has been played by the majority of
professional players on the U.S. PGA Tour

• The new Titleist Players Collection line of stand bags has been thoughtfully
designed with special focus on the performance requirements of the
dedicated golfer.

• The new Players Collection Golf Bags have been manufactured using
proprietary components for ultimate durabilty

adidas is a truly global The Atchison® brand has A trusted leader in Show your commitment to The BIC Select™ brand Seven generations of the
sports brand. Adi Dassler’s over a century-long history promotional products for sustainability with our full offers upscale, metal writing Blažek family have produced
dedication, passion, attitude of delivering chic and trendy 50 years, people around range of BIC® Ecolutions® instruments designed with and decorated crystal and
and guiding principle remain bags—from fashion totes to the globe recognize the products. Made with recycled high-end finishes and elegant their tradition dates back to
the foundation of adidas contemporary backpacks iconic BIC® brand. Each content or renewable attributes. Personalization the 18th century.
today: no athlete left behind. and everything in between. BIC® product has at its core resources, these items will options make BIC Select™
our values of innovation, help you and your customers writing instruments an ideal
simplicity, and reliability. advocate the green lifestyle. gift for the discerning client.

The bubba® brand is driven The world’s largest maker With its unique heritage of Each Cocoon® product Cool Gear creates innovative FootJoy® products are
by a singular goal—to make of premium performance savoir-faire, Caran d’Ache utilizes the GRID IT® products that promote a appreciated by professionals
drinkware people love. golf products, Callaway carefully preserves the art organization system, an healthier and happier you. and amateurs alike for their
With superior hot and cold passionately pursues of handwriting. Famous innovative system like no With a focus on conservation, tradition of superior quality.
insulating properties, bubba® advanced technology that around the world for its Swiss other, that keeps all your Cool Gear® products help on-
drinkware gets the job done helps golfers of all abilities Made quality, the company gear safely arranged the way the-go customers keep water
without sacrificing style. find more enjoyment from the develops writing instruments you want it. cool and clean, and food
game. that offers outstanding design crisp and fresh.
with an excellent level of
writing quality and comfort.

We can all be part of the The Good Value™ brand Griffin designs, manufactures The Hautman Brothers have For over 20 years, HMDX has The HoMedics® brand is
solution. From grocery totes to is BIC Graphic’s broad and delivers useful and established themselves among been a leader in sound about creating a healthy
tire gauges, our goingreen™ selection of industry top- fun solutions for digital America’s foremost wildlife products.Their portable home environment that
products let you show your sellers at practical price entertainment and personal artists.Their work is part of the speakers make it easy to take helps you relax your body,
commitment to preserving points. We frequently add computing to people in the permanent collection of the your music with you, wherever de-stress, and simplify your life.
the environment and new products, styles and Americas, Europe, and Asia, Smithsonian Institution. you might roam. Originally founded in 1987,
conserving energy. options, so you will easily find through major retailers HoMedics offers a full line
the right promotional item to and online. of in-home wellness products.
fit your budget.

House of Marley is driven At the heart of HyperGear’s Founded in 1997, the Incase® Pioneer of the mobile industry From crystal, plaques and JAM offers an extensive
to enhance lives through mission is the fostering of brand is driven by design. We with a Southern California trophies to high-quality assortment of sound
great product experiences world-class creativity by design solutions centered on heritage, Incipio designs a acrylics and one-of-a-kind products created to help you
as well as using proceeds delivering unmatched fashion protection and mobility to comprehensive lineup of art glass pieces, JAFFA® enjoy your music and your
from product sales to support and lifestyle accessories. meet the evolving demands class-leading technology brand offers a diverse style while on the move. Over
efforts to make lives better HyperGear® products are of today’s creatives. A better solutions that elevates the range of elegant products, 20 years of experience
around the world. rooted in authenticity with a experience through good everyday mobile experience. distinguished designs ensures that all of their
distinctive youth-inspired design. and unique decoration wireless audio solutions are
design and aesthetic. techniques. of the highest quality.

46 | Explore Over 60 Brands You Know And Love

The KAPSTON™ brand is For decades, KOOZIE® Tim Leatherman built his H. Jackson Brown originally wrote Comprised of the purest For 180 years Merriam-Webster
comprised of lifestyle bag branded products have first multi-purpose tool in Life's Little Instruction Book as a crystal, an exclusive formula has been America’s leading
collections, all crafted with been your companion Portland, Oregon in 1983. gift to his son who was leaving for hand-blown and hand- and most-trusted provider of
durable materials and when having fun. Our can Today, the Leatherman® brand home to begin his freshman year cut objects, Mario Cioni language information.
distinctive details. KAPSTON™. coolers and cooler bags are is synonymous with quality in college. Since it's publication, designs are the embodiment
Cool and Collected. made with water resistant craftsmanship and innovation. this practical guide has been of taste and Italian style.
construction to keep your translated into 33 languages,
food and beverages cold. inspiring readers around the
world to be more appreciative,
courageous, responsible,
understanding, and thoughtful.

Secure your expensive, Mossy Oak’s camouflage For the true individuals and myCharge offers the ultimate Since 1995, Naztech neolid is a French company
slippery handheld devices patterns are unparalleled. those who don¹t just settle for portable power solutions. Technologies has provided offering innovative travel
from falling, getting damaged Hunters appreciate the something common Their innovative products, distinctive lines of leading- mugs without having to
or being forgotten. expertise behind this off-the-shelf, the MyBevi® with built-in charging cords, edge consumer technology worry about separate lids.
Complement your natural signature design both when brand means drinking life to make any on-the-go lifestyle products.The company’s The patented TWIZZ closing
grip and provide added seeking concealment and the fullest. easier. dedication to innovation mechanism allows you to
feelings of safety, confidence in everyday life as a way to has earned them numerous twist the top of the insulated
and usability. Mobigrip® express their passion for the awards for design, reliability mug, creating a seal to help
device leash works with all outdoors. and functionality. prevent leaks.
kinds of handheld devices.

The iconic Nike® Swoosh® is Nuvo™ by Triumph® Calendars: O2COOL is the industry The company’s Demonstrably Pino Signoretto is a leading Designed with proprietary
recognized worldwide.The Capture the life and vitality of leader in battery-operated Superior and Pleasingly figure in Murano, Italy, having high-energy core technology
company’s pioneering spirit brand messages with products fans, misting fans, and drink Different™ philosophy aims trained and worked with that produces fast ball speed
and inspiration permeates that resonate with clients.These bottles that also mist.Their to provide more satisfying several great masters and for extraordinary distance
all of its products, from those calendars engage customers innovative, multi-functional shots for every golfer.That well-known artists such as Dali on full swing shots, Pinnacle®
famous shoes to apparel and all year long! Tell brand stories products keep active commitment to enhancing and Pomodoro. He has worked golf balls deliver consistent,
accessories. using video technology and customers cool and hydrated the experience has made in many materials, but remains powerful ball flight with
a smart phone app. Create while on the go. the Odyssey® brand the committed to glass, which he great feel.
lasting impressions with shape, number one putter in golf. calls “the love of my life.”
dimension or special inks and
coatings. Nuvo™ by Triumph®
Calendars are not your standard

Since its beginning in 2002, the Quench crafts exceptionally Realtree is known for its In various forms,The Saturday The Schlanser Design Studio Silipint® products are an
SKROSS® range of products has high quality products that realistic camouflage patterns. Evening Post has been has taken the art of glass environmentally conscious
been continuously developed are built to last, and created Not only do they have a chronicling American history design to new heights, with drinkware option because
and extended to include travel to be as unique as you are camo pattern for every since 1728, and continues kiln-fired techniques resulting of the abundant, non-pe-
adapters, USB chargers, cables and to go with you wherever hunting situation, Realtree to deliver in a format that in shapes and forms born out troleum based materials
and power banks, all of which your life takes you. also produces a series of reflects quintessential of heat and gravity. that Silipints are made from.
offer unbeatable mobile fashion-colored camo for American ideals and values. They are also reusable and
power solutions that cover all going out on the town. reduce waste.
customer travel power needs.

The Best Brands in the Business | 47

Since its beginning in 2002, the Sol Republic believes it Designed to fit your unique The precious ingredients of Sweaty Bands® headbands TaylorMade is passionate
SKROSS® range of products has can change the world by style, Souvenir® writing instru- the SWAROVSKI® brand can come in an assortment of about the game of golf, and
been continuously developed creating a better music ments are the perfect choice be recognized through the styles and stay in place— they bring a commitment
and extended to include travel experience for everyone. to record special moments, “Crystals from SWAROVSKI®” whether you’re running a to combining innovation
adapters, USB chargers, cables memories, and ideas. It’s your label, which serves as a marathon or running errands. with authenticity to all their
and power banks, all of which personality on paper, it’s your certificate of authenticity. for
offer unbeatable mobile story™. products that are made with products.
power solutions that cover all genuine SWAROVSKI® crystals.
customer travel power needs.

Tervis has over 70 years of With meticulous attention to Since the very first Titleist® golf The most innovative collection Triumph® brand offers an TheUniversal Source™ brand is
heritage with a variety of detail, award-winning artist Tim ball was made in 1935, each from Mario Cioni & Co, Tondo industry-leading selection of your solution for direct importing
American-made products Cox has been capturing the one has been x-rayed to Doni stems from “ambience calendars to suit every taste at a great low price. With the
in sizes, shapes and designs essence of the contemporary ensure the highest quality. crystal” which blends the and match every budget. Universal Source™ brand the
that boast a unique American West for 45 years. They are preferred more than shapes and balance of With a mass market appeal possibilities are endless!
combination of performance all other brands combined. advanced design with a and year-round exposure,
and personality. modern reinterpretation of Triumph® Calendars impact
the traditional, beginning-of- every day.
the-century workmanship.

Wilson has been at the WOODCHUCK USA is a Xoopar was created with a Make it memorable. Make
forefront of the sporting custom wood products passion to combine hi-tech it personal. Ensure your
goods industry since 1914. brand, who manufactures and fashion under the motto customers or employees
Their inventive breakthrough their products in the USA. “Joy in Technology”. know how special they are with
technologies focus not Through their “BUY ONE. Since then the brand has the ultimate in personalization.
only on improving the PLANT ONE®” program, they strived to encourage people Each individual’s name
performance of professional plant a tree for every product to be fun and inspire imagi- appears in the image or
athletes, but also on making they sell and include the nation, aiming for excellence images chosen – making it
the game more enjoyable for coordinates of where the in design and quality. unique to them.
amateurs. tree is!

At BIC Graphic we are proud to offer brands you know and love
across our diverse portfolio of categories.

The Best Brands in the Business |

48 | Explore Over 60 Brands You Know And Love

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