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Winter Issue Rooftop Review

Winter Issue Rooftop Review




The Winter Issue


Letter from the Editor

Tracey Prociw

Ringing in the New Year is busy with big plans for 2021
a cause for celebration, for and thankful for the support
spending time with friends of our members, sponsors,
and family – many of us and affiliate associations
virtually,and for offering Happy You are the reason we can
New Year wishes. As glasses are do what we do and enhance
raised and fireworks explode into the quality of life in our roofing
the sky, it is important to recognize community. Because of you, we can
the special symbolism that the New Year provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and
brings. Every new year brings a time of perspectives. Because of you we can provide
reflection – of what we have accomplished, events which bring us together and service
what our new goals will be and for what to charities which lift people up. Because
we are grateful. At the Roofing Contractors of you, we can spark the change that makes
Association of Washington, we are proud of the Pacific NW roofing community a more
our accomplishments in a very strange 2020, resilient,educated,safe,and welcoming place.

Happy New Year – Welcome 2021

Wishing you 12 months of success
52 weeks of laughter
365 days of fun
8,760 hours of joy

525,600 minutes of good luck
and 31,536,000 seconds of happiness.



15 of events 2021
Spring Bi-Annual

The Roofing Contractors Association of
Washington April Bi-Annual Dinner Meeting
happens the third Thursday of April annually.

Sporting Clays 23
Competition APRIL

The RCAW Sporting Clays Competition is a new event for
2021 to get our membership together to enjoy an event
by popular demand.

17 Mariners Night 2021
The newly renovated Trident Deck includes a rooftop bar,
bench-style seating and picnic tables so you can kick back
and enjoy sweeping views of the skyline and waterfront.
So, since we did not get to visit in 2020 – we will be
visiting this new space with first-class views of the game
and the city on June 17, 2021 when the Tampa Bay Rays
come to town and we will have an incredible night.



Washington Handwashing

2Station Requirements under Phase

By Cotney Construction Law

OnMay31,2020,Governor Inslee outlinedhis with soap are required. A makeshift
“Safe Start” reopening plan for Washington. handwashing station with bottled water
Under the plan, businesses will reopen in and soap is acceptable but not ideal, and
phases.Since May,the construction industry offsite handwashing stations may be used
has been in Phase 2 of the plan which if they are within a 3-minute travel distance.
includes various Job Site Requirements that Alcohol-based hand sanitizers with greater
are specific to the construction industry. than 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol can
An overarching theme of Phase 2 is also be used but are not a replacement
hygiene and sanitization. Under Phase 2, for the water requirement. Employers
employers are required to ensure frequent should also ensure hand sanitizer, wipes or
and adequate hand washing among their other disinfectants are readily available to
employees by providing handwashing employees on the jobsite. Under Phase 2,
stations with soap and running water workers should be encouraged to leave their
at all jobsites. Employers must ensure workstations to wash their hands regularly,
adequate maintenance of handwashing especially before and after going to the
supplies at all times. When running water bathroom, before and after eating, and after
is not available, portable washing stations coughing, sneezing, or blowing their nose.


Phase 2 requires employers post in a place
visible to all employees, the required hygiene
practices including:

To avoid touching the face (mouth,
eyes and nose) with unwashed
hands or gloves

The need to wash hands often
with soap and water for at least 20


The need to clean frequently
touched objects, especially shared
tools or equipment

The need to cover mouth and nose
when coughing or sneezing.



The Washington government

has not provided any additional guidance or hard and fast rules
regarding the requisite number or location of handwashing stations, only

that the handwashing stations be

“abundantly provided on all job sites for
frequent handwashing.”

Therefore, the requirements give discretion to each employer to examine
the engineering controls within their specific worksite and determine the
location and amount of hand washing stations that will be necessary on
their specific jobsite to ensure all workers on the jobsite can easily and

regularly wash their hands throughout the work day.
See the hygienic recommendations by the CDC such as the Stop
the Spread of Germs poster or the How to Protect Yourself poster

which can be found in the Members Club House on the
RCAW website.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this Cotney Construction Law
article is for general educational information
only. This information does not constitute legal is an advocate for the roofing industry
advice, is not intended to constitute legal advice, and General Counsel of RCAW.
nor should it be relied upon as legal advice for
For more information
your specific factual pattern or situation. or to contact the author







Did you know that
fall is one of the best
times of year to
upgrade your roof?

It’s nestled right between
the typically blisteringly-hot
months of summer and the
ice-cold months of winter,
meaning that it’s just taken
abuse from the summer heat
for 3 months and it’s about to
take another 5-6 months of
abuse from the cold. You want
to catch it now, right in that
sweet spot when the weather’s
perfect and the need is there.

Phoenix Roofing Contractors
Jeff Guthrie

[email protected]



In case you’re looking to upgradeyour roof
let’s have a look at FIVE ways you can bolster it

1Roof Soffit
If your soffit is missing, damaged, or just doesn’t exist, this is where you should begin. Roof
soffit is typically ventilated and plays a big role in keeping the top of your house from
overheating, even in the winter. The heat from your HVAC system can collect at the top of your
house year-round and weaken the strength and integrity of your roof. A properly installed roof
soffit can be a game-changer for the health of your roof.
2 Polyiso InsulationThis kind of insulation is perfect for winter, providing top of the line protection from
outside air and moisture. Made from specially designed material, polyiso insulation
is far superior to common insulation and comes in all shapes in sizes to meet your
every roofing need. While this isn’t necessarily a basic remodeling product, it’s great for
extensive remodels or adding extensions to your home.

3Deep CleaningDeep cleaning is another great way to prep and upgrade your roof for the coming winter season.
You can clean your shingles by creating a mix of bleach, hot water, and detergent. Once mixed,
spray the cleaner on your roof and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Scrub the roof section, keeping it
wet while doing so, and then rinse it clean with fresh water when done.
“Another way to help clean the inside of your roof is to perform air duct cleaning on your ductwork.
HVAC cleaning done by a company can plug every last hole in your ductwork and even give you
a before-and-after assessment of what your energy efficiency will be like.” - Jeff Guthrie, Phoenix
Roofing Contractors
Faux Wood BeamsThis is more of a ceiling upgrade than a roof upgrade, but still important,
nonetheless. Faux wood beams possess a variety of functions in your home. First,
they look amazing and add a touch of style that’s hard to find elsewhere. Secondly,
they can be used to cover up things like exposed wires, pipes, and more. Thirdly, if
you install hollow reclaimed-wood beams, they’ll be much lighter. This is important
4because heavy wood beams might require additional reinforcement, whereas hollow
beams do not.
New ShinglesIf you’re looking to install a roof that lasts as long as possible,

5getting new shingles can be a huge help.

Upgrade Your Roof For The Winter

There’s no doubt upgrading your roof for the winter is very important. Whether you
add new shingles, polyiso insulation, faux wood beams, roof soffit, or perform a deep

cleaning, your roof is guaranteed to see the benefits over the winter.



OMG EdgeBox RI Nailers and PipeGuard
Pipe Supports

are ideal alternatives in the wake of lumber shortages

In the wake of the unprecedented lumber shortage and related price increase,
OMG Roofing Products has two products – EdgeBox RI and PipeGuard Pipe

Supports – that provide roofing contractors with ideal alternatives that are both
economical and can help improve rooftop productivity and roof performance.

EdgeBox RI

is an engineered metal alternative to traditional
wood nailers. The system is made of heavy duty 20
Ga. galvanized steel with reinforcing spines that
will not rot, twist, or split like traditional lumber,
ANSI/SPRI/FM 4435/ES-1 tested and Factory
Mutual approved with an FM 1-540 perimeter
rating and FM 1-360 corner rating. In addition,
EdgeBox RI is compatible with most commercial
roofing systems, and available in any size to
match existing nailers, up to 16-inches square.

Not only does EdgeBox RI provide a solid
substrate onto which finished edge metal such as
fascia systems can be attached, but each 10-foot

section can be filled with insulation to provide
a higher R-Value than traditional wood nailers.

As such, EdgeBox RI enables contractors to
offer building owners the same R-Value on the

perimeter of the roof as in the field without
compromising the integrity of the edge condition.



Factory Mutual Loss Prevention Data Sheet
1-49 provides specific requirements
for securing multiple layers of wood
nailers, which can add time and
labor to the installation process.
By comparison, EdgeBox RI is
custom made to the required size,
so there is nothing to build-up
or stagger, and comes with pre-
punched holes for easy installation
to the substrate. EdgeBox RI is also
fully compatible with OMG fascia,
coping, and gutter assemblies.

In addition to EdgeBox RI, OMG also offers a
full line of pipe supports for small rooftop
pipes and conduit from ½- to 6-inches
in diameter. OMG PipeGuard is made

of recycled materials and rubber
and offers a better performing

and more economical alternative
to commonly use wood blocks.

Available in nine configurations,
OMG PipeGuard is compatible

with steel and PVC pipes, copper
tubing as well as electrical, solar

and HVAC conduit.

“We are seeing lots of interest and increased sales of EdgeBox RI, due to the
national lumber shortage,”

said Karan Patel, product manager for OMG EdgeSystems.
“Lumber prices have increased by nearly 50% in some areas since the beginning

of the year. During the same time, EdgeBox pricing has remained steady, and
offers a better performing solution to contractors and building owners alike.”

[email protected]



Renae Bales, Co-Chair of

National Women in Roofing

Recently said in our monthly newsletter

That this year has twisted us in ways that we did not Once our monthly in-person meetings resume, we plan
even know we could be twisted. I felt that. I have worked to have more hands-on training events. We have had
in the roofing industry for over (10) years now, for some a KARNAK sponsored event to learn about coating
lifers, that is just a start, for others it might seem like a applications. GAF will also be offering hands on training
lifetime. However, National Women in Roofing is only for shingle applications. We have had speakers come
(5) years old and has made more of an impact in my in to talk about personal investing, legal protocols on
career than any other time. The four-pillar focus of subcontractors, and of course plenty of networking.
our association has led to women all over Washington One of our biggest national events of the year is NWIR
State and our country to educate themselves for the Day at the International Roofing Expo. Although the
betterment of their careers and partner with each other event has been moved this year to August 2021, the
and our companies to continue to make an impact. That effects of the previous years have not been lost. NWIR
impact spreads from our community service work, career Day has provided hundreds of women a full day of
advancement and recruitment. topics ranging from business development, career
Our Seattle Chapter has partnered with Rebuilding development,mentoring,recruitment,roofing technology
Together South Sound for our SheBuild project. advancements, hands-on product demonstrations, and
We were able to complete an entire reroof project for of course, networking. I personally have come out full of
a local woman and her generational household in the information, excitement, and a new network of friends
Tacoma area in 2019. COVID has put a hold on this from all over the country. Those friendships have led to
year’s event but we are planning for our next SheBuilds conversations that assist in navigating career choices,
in April 2021. Please keep an eye out on how to get community service ideas, and local and national
involved! committee involvement.




So, what‘s coming up for 2021?

Our local council will be teaming up with the RCAW to grow our impact within
our local industry! The Roofing Contractors Association of Washington is such a
valuable membership to our companies. They have provided so much support by
working to provide us partnerships through their Membership Resource Advantage
Rewards. Next up is a Professional Women in Roofing day! We will be partnering to
bring a whole day of amazing speakers, lunch, and a networking happy hour. This
will allow members of our industry to plug into a great event supported by our

amazing local roofing and construction companies.

Rae July

Chinook Roofing & Gutters

(253) 242-0298



GAF Introduces Customizable Digital
Sales Platform: GAF Project

Streamlines End-to-End Selling Experience with Integrated Tools and Resources

PARSIPPANY, NJ (July 6, 2020)

GAF, North America’s largest roofing and waterproofing manufacturer, introduced
a comprehensive, digital selling platform for contractors called GAF Project.
Integrating a range of tools from lead management to payments, the end-to-end
offering enables contractors to customize a consistent selling experience that is
easy to use and accessible anywhere.
“We’re deeply focused on building new solutions that help contractors grow
their business, and GAF Project addresses growing feedback we’ve heard from
contractors to help them tailor and streamline the selling process with customers,”
said GAF President Jim Schnepper. “As we’ve all adapted to working remotely in a
world practicing social distancing, we accelerated our launch of GAF Project and
are excited to deliver a new solution that can help contractors engage people
faster and easier, and entirely online if necessary.”

GAF is North America’s largest roofing and waterproofing manufacturer and a part of
Standard Industries, a global company focused on building materials. GAF’s products include a
comprehensive portfolio of roofing and waterproofing solutions for residential and commercial
properties as well as for civil engineering applications. The full GAF offering is supported by

an extensive national network of factory-certified contractors. GAF continues to be a leader
in quality and offers comprehensive warranty protection on its products and systems. The
company’s success is driven by a commitment to empowering its people to deliver advanced

quality and purposeful innovation. Learn more at


GAF Project allows contractors to sell in-home or virtually
by connecting multiple sales functions into one integrated
platform designed to:

Enhance the sales Increase consistency
experience with through a streamlined,
comprehensive tools and customizable sales process
resources that support every that’s easy to learn and
step of the sales cycle

Improve customer
engagement using digital
solutions such as integrated
video-conferencing and

electronic processing

The platform includes integration with many tools and features contractors already
use in one place, including lead management, digital measurement, inspection,
presentation, estimate, proposal, agreements, and even final payment.
Subscriptions to GAF Project are now available to all contractors, who can learn
more about the platform by visiting
Donovan Gladstone
Territory Manager Sr - Steep Slope
1 Campus Dr
Parsippany, NJ 07054
t. 253-229-9326



Its January!

if you haven’t already, it is time to renew your
membership with the Roofing Contractors
Association of Washington.

Invoices went out in December, along
with a package of information in case
you needed to update anything in your
membership. Renewal packages are just
awaiting responses so we can get them
out to you with some great new perks for
supporting the roofing community in the

Pacific NW.
Last year, your memberships and
sponsorships helped fund several efforts
toward helping your business grow
and expanding the roofing industry in

Washington including:

• Legislative representation in Olympia.
• Education – including COVID-19 webinars and updates and our new

Lunch & Learn Series.
• Safety Training and safety webinars.
• Launching membeR resourCe advAntage reWards – including over 30

companies which, if used, can shave major dollars from your bottom
• Launching our RCAW Roofing Review quarterly newsmagazine, to
keep you in the know.
• Partnering with CleanTech Alliance to offer our Healthcare Trust
• Launching a new website for the use of our members, and the public
at large.
• And, so much more……



This year we hope to accomplish even more for each of our
members with new programs, affiliations, discounts and
events and look forward to expanding our association to meet
everyone’s needs. However, we could not do any of it without
our sponsors and members just like you!

Please join the RCAW for another successful year by renewing your
membership or sponsorship today. Remember your membership with the
RCAW also automatically makes you a member in the CleanTech Alliance
and in the Independent Business Association, so your membership with us is
three memberships in one – and you are listed on their websites as well and
can take advantage of any of their member services.

As always, we thank you for your continued dedication to
the roofing industry. We look forward to serving you for

another year!

If you have any questions about the renewal process, please don’t hesitate to
contact May in Member Services at 253-561-7229 or [email protected]

or feel free to reach out directly to Tracey Prociw at 253-561-9002



At Print NW

we are committed to creating the best products and
services for our clients

When we had the opportunity to assist with something special for our local community, we
jumped at the chance. In preparation for opening the brand new North Mason Teen Center, the
Boys & Girls Clubs of South Puget Sound sought a creative way of honoring those who donated
to this project. Having an idea in mind, they reached out to Print NW’s Christina Hatton to bring
their vision to fruition. Even though it was a complex project with a quick turnaround, the Print
NW team got to work. With diligent teamwork, Print NW designed, produced, and installed the
donor wall right in time for the grand opening. The Boys and Girls Clubs of South Puget Sound
were so grateful, they provided the following remarks:

“The Print NW team was nothing short of incredible throughout the entire
project. Everyone was super professional and kind! This donor wall is so much
more than names on a wall. It truly represents the village that it took to open
our Blue Doors! It is a stunning piece of art that helped brighten the space
and bring it to life. I cannot thank the Print NW team enough for saying “yes”
to this project! And thank you for putting up with my million questions and
crazy timeline. We couldn’t have done it without each of you! Thank you!”



If you are looking for a printing and branding partner
that can capture your vision, we would love to help.
At Print NW, we are a lively group of great people
focused on quality, human connection, and assisting

our beloved community in any way possible.

Christina Hatton 253-507-6313
[email protected]
Account Executive



Measuring Business Success
is Changing

Before 2020, many businesses set key performance indicators (KPIs)
that quickly measured success but it’s no longer that straightforward.

By Karen L. Edwards, RCS Editor.

In a recent Inc. article, Maria Haggerty, CEO of dotcom
distribution writes “COVID-19 has changed business. How
you measure success must change too.” She’s right. She
recommends redefining your key metrics to look at factors that

define steady growth.


Maria writes, “There is an MEASURING BUSINESS
overwhelming call at the moment
for brands to demonstrate a deep for client reputation, and to work
understanding of their customers’ for brand elevation. “We’re ending
needs and expectations.To that end, the year much more powerful
KPIs should prioritize customer than we began the year because
trust rather than retention.” our brand and market is up,” said
RCS Influencer Charles Antis of Charles. He plans to continue this
Antis Roofing agrees. He shared brand elevation focus into 2021.
that how he will measure growth Haggerty says that it is important
in 2021 will be related to elevating to look at sales and behavioral
his company’s brand. “I’m not data to find patterns and details
measuring 2021 in terms of growth about what your customers want
by overall sales, because there’s and need. Are there opportunities
some things in the market that I identified that your business could
don’t know right now,” explained build upon? She also recommends
Charles. “I don’t know how the leveraging the people on your team
HOA industry that I’m selling to is for their insights because they
going to value their product. Are will be more in tune with specific
they going to continue to let us areas of the business. Schedule
sell them complete re-roofs over regular meetings and check ins
500 units for $3 million, or are they to listen and learn from them.
going to switch to a format where By shifting your way of measuring
[they want to extend] the life of the success, you can create the
roof, and therefore spend $300,000 environment and focus that your
a year or whatever that number is?” business needs to continue to thrive
He explained that he is changing his in these trying and unusual times.
focus to work for market share,work Stayuptodatewiththelatestroofing
industry news when you sign up for
the RCS Week in Roofing e-news.



member spotlight

Sam Thomassen of State Roofing, Inc.

Sam Thomassen
President & CEO
|State Roofing, Inc.
360- 794-7164


How did you get the idea or concept MEMBER SPOTLIGHT
for your business?
State Roofing was in existence for that. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in
over 48 years at the time I decided the advantages and opportunities
to get involved in the company. The in technology, as I am also involved
previous owners built quite a legacy in in the technology industry. In fact,
the roofing community and my team in late 2021 I’ll be coming out with
and I were interested in being a part of a mobile application specific to the
that. Our goal is to build on that legacy construction space. The other reason I
while bringing a focus on customer chose the roofing industry is because
experience to the business. it’s hundreds of years old, but the
technology is relatively unchanged. I
Why did you choose your company see immense opportunities to continue
name? the modernization of the construction
State Roofing had the name for industry.
decades before my time. We decided
to keep the name because it resonates What services do you offer?
with our business and has an amazing State Roofing offers high quality
following. You all know the song, “State projects in the areas of roofing, decking,
Roofing… We love to roof, roof, roof…” siding, windows, and painting. The
service we are truly working hard to
How long have you been in the deliver is a 5-star experience for our
business? customers, regardless of the work we
Roofing is the type of business we use are doing for them.
to create raving fans through elevated
customer experiences. In that way, 25 What do you feel the biggest
years is how long I have been involved strength of your company is right
in creating memorable experiences for now?
customers. In State Roofing directly, Our biggest strength is our ability
in August of 2020 we embarked on our to adapt. State Roofing went from
fourth year in the roofing business. virtually zero technology to a world
class Enterprise Resource Planning
What made you choose this industry? (ERP) system that manages customer
I love industries where you build engagement from the first call in to
something. There is something special the service call 20-years down the
about construction in a world of road. Our teams in the field went
mobile applications, Zoom meetings, from zero technology to using digital
intangibles, etc. I wanted to be able project management tools and
to point at something 30 years from customer engagement programs. We
now and say I had a hand in building are a company that embraces change
whenever needed. Outside of our ability
to adapt, our project managers



average over 22-years of experience others during the pandemic, and the
in construction and many of our team increased level of sanitation on job
members have been with the company sites in response to COVID-19 were
5, 10, 15, or 20+ years. Average all barriers to everyone’s success.
retention in the roofing industry is less Our team celebrated the significant
than 2-years so we feel we are getting push to get through one of the most
the right mix of culture, training, and challenging opportunities we may ever
positive reinforcement of a job well face. Our team looks at this time as an
done. I am incredibly proud of our team. opportunity to change how business
gets done.
What goals do you have for your
company? What do you look for in an employee
Our number one goal at State Roofing and what makes your employees
is to develop our people to their want to work for your company?
maximum potential. We believe if Across the company we look for lifelong
we are successful in doing that, learners who communicate well and
then everything will fall in line. If our truly believe in teamwork. We believe
people are the most talented in their if a person is grounded in these areas,
respective area of the business, then they are primed to learn and deliver
they will be best positioned to engage an outstanding customer experience.
with customers and other team In addition, they need to be skilled in
members in a meaningful way. We focus their trade or start from the bottom
heavily on improving our communication and work their way up. If they possess
internally amongst our teams and the main attributes and are motivated
externally with our customers and to learn, we can teach them how to
vendors. I believe that the level of a roof. I am the CEO of State Roofing and
company’s ability to communicate has I’m continuously learning and refining
the most direct impact on its success. my ability to communicate. We look
The more successful the business for people who love hard work and the
the better opportunities for everyone, satisfaction of winning alongside the
including giving back to the community team. We look for people who care
that helps make you successful. about others and who understand the
importance of safety.
What was the last big achievement
that was celebrated? What was your company’s biggest
2020 was a year of unknowns for challenge last year and what did you
us and so many others. The closing learn from it?
of construction, the shift to online 2020 was a year full of opportunities
meetings, staggering of crews to for growth. Every department in State
limit potential interactions with Roofing went through incredible



challenges because of COVID-19, kids. In 2019 our team was able to fill
but our biggest learning experience up a large dump truck with toys! We also
was the ability to use technology to give financially to other organizations
adapt to a changing world. Our roofing like Boys and Girls Club and Big Brothers
specialists, who meet with homeowners and Big Sisters. We believe that
to help determine the scope of work creating a better foundation for children
for projects, went from meeting in to grow and learn is a key component
person to no contact appointments of life success, for them as individuals
for roof inspections and then meeting and for the community as a whole.
the customer over Zoom and signing Outside our support for youth, in 2021
documents via DocuSign. But even that we have the goal of donating 12 roofs
wasn’t the biggest learning opportunity. to families in need in conjunction with
What my team learned the most was other construction partners who see
that sometimes the hard work you put the benefit of giving back.
in today takes time to pay off. A number
of our Roofing Specialists stayed on Why is membership in the RCAW
and ran 100% virtual appointments important?
using EagleView and Zoom with decent Everyone who is involved in the roofing
success. But what happened when industry or services the roofing industry
we reopened was four straight record should be a member. Membership
months for new business. Many of in the RCAW creates a significant
the customers that eventually chose voice in Olympia regarding regulation
State Roofing were from the 5-weeek and improving the protections for
period where we ran over 300 virtual companies and customers alike.
appointments. We learned to count on Membership gives you access to a
each other in the toughest of times. community of professionals who work
together to advance the industry.
Does the company give back to the Companies also elevate themselves
community? In what ways? compared to their competition
We love giving back to our community who are not members. Membership
and we do it in several different ways. shows a meaningful commitment to
Our main event each year is Toys for professionalism and support for the
Tots. This year involved more remote community. Many members give back
support from our amazing employees every year through the Toys for Tots
and community. In the past and fundraising. Members also benefit
hopefully next December, we have from training opportunities, leadership
dozens of employees go to Fred opportunities on the board of directors,
Meyer with the Marines to engage and special member pricing through
the community for their help to make the healthcare trust. State Roofing is a
Christmas that much brighter for the proud member of the RCAW.



Toys for Tots

is a Top-Rated Charity

The Roofing Contractors Association of Washington with its many members and
assistance from the National Women in Roofing – Seattle Chapter has adopted
Toys for Tots as an annual charity we support. Our commitment started in 2019 at
our annual gala, and even though we had to make major changes this year because
of the COVID, we were still able to collect toys and donations and make our office in
Tacoma an official donation site.
Roofers do care – and with the generosity we saw this year from all of you, we were
able to present a check to Toys for Tots large enough to purchase toys for over 400
children, and deliver 3 loads in my SUV, 1 pick-up truck load, and 1 U-Haul full of
brand-new toys to the Marine Corp Reserve Toys for Tots warehouse in Kent.
We have made a video about this year’s toy drive and we hope you can take the
time to watch it on our YouTube channel at In the
meantime, we also wanted to give you a little history on Toys for Tots, how it was
started and where it is going.



Toys for Tots began in 1947, when local campaign warehouse sites in the
Major Bill Hendricks, USMCR and a Washington DC area.
group of Marine Reservists in Los
Angeles collected and distributed From 1947 through 1979, Marines
5,000 toys to needy children. The idea collected and distributed new and used
came from Bill’s wife, Diane. In the fall toys. On Reserve drill weekends during
of 1947, Diane crafted a homemade October, November and December,
doll and asked Bill to deliver the doll to Reserve Marines refurbished the used
an organization, which would give it to toys.
a needy child at Christmas. When Bill
determined that no agency existed, From Christmas 1980 through the
Diane told Bill that he should start one present, Marines have collected
and he did. The 1947 pilot project was and distributed only new toys. Three
so successful that the Marine Corps factors dictated this change. First,
adopted Toys for Tots in 1948 and the Secretary of Defense’s Total Force
expanded it into a nationwide campaign. Program, introduced in the 1970’s,
That year, Marine Corps Reserve units assigned Reserves a greater role in
across the nation conducted Toys for America’s defense posture. Therefore,
Tots campaigns in each community in Reservists had to dedicate every
which a Marine Reserve Center was minute of weekend drill time to honing
located. Marines have conducted and polishing combat skills. No time
successful nationwide campaigns was available to refurbish toys. Second,
at Christmas each year since 1948. public awareness of the health and
The initial objective that remains the safety aspects of toys that developed
hallmark of the program today is to during the ‘70s made distribution of
“bring the joy of Christmas to America’s used toys legally inadvisable. Third,
needy children”. Bill Hendricks, a Marine distributing “hand me down” toys does
Reservist on weekends, was in civilian not send the message Marines want to
life, the Director of Public Relations send to needy children. The goal is to
for Warner Brothers Studio. This
enabled him to convince a vast array of
celebrities to support Toys for Tots. In
1948, Walt Disney designed the Toys
for Tots logo, which we use today. First
Lady Michele Obama has been Toys
for Tots number one supporter and
volunteer since 2009 through mass
media events, by conducting toy drives
in the White House, and by volunteering
to assist with the sorting of toys at


TOYS OR TOTS of the U. S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys
for Tots Program.
deliver a message of hope, which will
assist in building self-esteem and, in Since beginning the U.S. Marine Corps
turn, motivate less fortunate children Reserve Toys for Tots Program in 1947,
to grow into responsible, productive, Marines have distributed more than
patriotic citizens and community 452 million toys to more than 209
leaders. A shiny new toy is the best million needy children. This charitable
means of accomplishing this goal. endeavor has made U.S. Marines the
unchallenged leader in looking after less
In the late 1980s, the Marine Corps fortunate children at Christmas. Over
determined that a non-profit charity its life span, the Marine Toys for Tots
was needed as an integral part of the Foundation has supplemented local toy
overall national Toys for Tots program. collections with more than 98 million
Based on this need, the Secretary of toys valued at more than $694 million;
Defense, in August 1991, authorized plus provided promotion and support
the Marine Corps to recognize and work materials valued at over $8.5 million.
with a charity committed to supporting
Toys for Tots. Based on this approval, The RCAW will have collection boxes
the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation ready to go out for 2021 by Labor Day
became an operational organization and we look forward to exceeding what
in September 1991 and has been the we did in 2020 with a goal of doubling
fundraising and support organization for our donations.
the U. S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for
Tots Program since that date.

In 1995, the Secretary of Defense
approved Toys for Tots as an official
activity of the U. S. Marine Corps and
an official mission of the Marine Corps

In 1996, the Commander, Marine
Forces Reserve expanded Toys for Tots
to cover all 50 states by authorizing
selected Marine Corps League
Detachments and selected local
community organizations (generally
veteran Marine), located in communities
without a Marine Reserve Center, to
conduct toy collection and distribution
campaigns in their communities as part



Over 97% of your donations goes to our mission
of providing toys, books, and other gifts to less

fortunate children. Less than 3% is spent on
fundraising and overhead.











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