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Northern California's #1 Biker Magazine

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Northern California's #1 Biker Magazine

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Keeping It In
the Family

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When getting lost is just what you need.

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THUNDER ROADS MAGAZINE NorCal editor’s letter
P.O. Box 794
Orangevale, CA 95662 We want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a
Office: 530.368.6579 or 530.305.7992 safe holiday season. Hope you make an effort (rain
Fax: 530-831-4758 or shine) to get to at least one Toy Run this year to
Email: [email protected] bring light to a youngster that might not have much otherwise
Website: especially with all the wildfires we’ve had the past few years.
It can make a world of difference to a kid’s morale and spirit
Northern California to know that there are people out there that care about them.
State Editors / Owners
As many of you know, it has become a TRM NorCal tradition
Stan & Terri Hill to remember fellow bikers that have passed on during the
course of the year within our final issue. (We share those that
On The Cover: we know about or have been requested to include by family
and friends) It is always with a heavy heart that we have to
Jason Pullen Stunts wows the crowd during Dyna Fest include so many that are gone too soon. Terri and I have
at Harley-Davidson of Folsom. Photo by Stan Hill gotten to know many of you over the last 9 years while putting
this magazine out - it is very often personal to us because
Art Director/Layout & Design we are posting photos of friends and people we have worked
Meredith Hancock/Hancock Media with. By doing this, it really makes this biker community
feel so small. And it becomes more evident as we will often
Magazine Contributors reach out via text messages to one another or during a social
Wild Bill Hill media roll call to “check in” after hearing of incident involving
a motorcyclist on the local news. So please take a minute to
Billie Wilson/Billie The Kid Photography reflect on these individuals (and their family and friends) as
Taleah Ebey / T3 Design Studios our LAST RIDE remembrance to those of us that choose to
ride 2 wheels.
Rich “Foot” & Jennifer “Sunshine” Elkins Happy Holidays!
Dan & Nad Rogers
Gary & Mary Hoffman RIDE Often (even in the winter)
Bobby “G” Godwin
Stan & Terri Hill
Cyndee Reed Van Hooser Owner/Editors
Tina Oakland / Awesome Photography

Thunder Road Biker Church
Pastor Johnny/[email protected] 916-521-5706

Ride Destination
Chuck & Cindy Loseth

NorCal Sales Representatives/Magazine Contributors

Russell “Raz” Holder
(916) 425-2377
[email protected]

National Founders
Toni McCoy Shearon & Brian Shearon
1528 Matlock Drive, Chapmansboro, TN 37035
Office: (615) 792-0040 Fax: (615) 792-7580

[email protected]
(for information regarding Thunder Roads Northern California,
please use contact information at top of column


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You Might Be Riding On The Back of a Harley

The Five White Crosses Memorial - 30th Anniversary

Jeff Pearl

The Hope Valley Run was an annual tradition held
during Labor Day weekend. Motorcycle riders from
near and far, looked forward to this festival event in the
Sierra Nevada Forest. They would ride motorcycles, listen
to music, share friendship, party and have a good time. On
September 2, 1989, about 35 riders were headed to their
campsite destination. Some of those riders never arrived.
While riding to the event, five riders were killed, and others
were injured in a horrific fiery crash. The accident happened
on Mormon Emigrant Trail, five miles south of Sly Park, near
Jenkinson Lake in El Dorado County.

The Biker community was shaken by the accident and the Dorothy & Jeff Jeff Pearl
deaths. A permanent memorial of Five White Crosses was
erected at the site. The family of one of the deceased placed Memorial
a melted motorcycle engine there, along with a plaque telling
the story of what happened. This relic, a motor associated Cross
with the accident and fire, has become a shrine for all who
visit. The cremated remains of more than one biker have He took off, touring the country by bicycle and thumb. Yes,
been left at the site. There are memorial plaques placed in his thumb, as in hitchhiking. He traveled across the United
honor of beloved family members. This place has become States and Mexico. An artist, he used his talents to survive.
known as sacred ground where everyone feels a connection He loved music, often attending concerts and festivals. While
to the land and the bikers who have gone before us. in San Francisco he met Janis Joplin. They became friends.
Jeff was a nice man, kind, helpful and caring. He usually had
Curt & I have visited the Five White Crosses numerous a dog and loved his family.
times to pay our respects. We visited again on Labor Day
weekend 2019. We met Dorothy Pearl, her son Greg, and Jeff always wanted a motorcycle. His mother would not
his daughter Laura. They are relatives of Jeff Pearl. Jeff was let her son ride or have a motorcycle. She once had a friend
one of the riders who did not survive the tragic motorcycle who died in a motorcycle accident. At 42 years old, he started
accident. On this 30th anniversary of his death, they came to settle down. He got a steady job and bought a house in
to honor the cross that was placed to respect his memory. I Sacramento. He also bought a bike. It was used and broke
spoke to the family, and said I would like to share some of down often. He didn’t care, he loved it. He told his mom it was
Jeff’s life story and tell about their loss. Dorothy agreed to be cheaper and more fun than a car. The week before he died,
interviewed. Laura shared what she remembered and was Jeff was in Santa Cruz when the bike broke down again.
instrumental in getting the old photos to me. He got it fixed. To this day Dorothy wishes it would not have
been fixed. Used to his travel and wanderlust, she wasn’t
Jeffrey Alan Pearl was his mother’s first born child, a cute surprised that he was taking off again, only a week after he
9 lb. baby. Growing up, he was active and fun. He played returned from Santa Cruz. They made plans to go whale
baseball and football, liked art, museums and the zoo. watching together, but she had to wait until he returned from
A typical kid, he got into a little trouble in high school. He the Hope Valley Run.
was caught smoking in the boy’s room. While in college he
studied art and learned skills to enhance his natural talent. Dorothy heard a comment on the noon news about
Twenty years later, his parents visited the college and found a motorcycle accident on Highway 50. She thought her
Jeff’s art was still on display, proudly hanging on the walls.
Jeff loved to travel and became consumed by wanderlust.

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 6

The Pearl Family meets Cyndee stepped on the gas. The wood shifted and the truck started
rolling, crossing into the oncoming traffic. The bikes tried
prayers were answered when nobody came to her house speeding up to miss hitting the truck. Riding in the middle of
and no official called her. About midnight her phone rang. the pack, not able to go fast enough, the first bike involved
It was a woman who knew people involved. The woman hit the truck at the gas tank. Fuel from the vehicles, the
told Dorothy that her son had died. Devastated, the family wood and sparks from the collision ignited a fiery crash that
started making their own calls. Dorothy wanted to see her engulfed the victims in flames, killing five motorcyclists at the
son but authorities would not let her identify him. She was site. It hurt Dorothy to read that her deceased son was left
given his wallet and sunglasses. lying in the street until the scene was cleared.

Dorothy obtained transcripts from the DA’s office and There was a trial. Dorothy stayed in Placerville, attending
learned things she wishes she did not know. She recalls it every day. She felt the judge did not like bikers and was
was known the truck had brake problems. Carrying a load unfair. After the trial she wrote him a scathing letter. She
of wood and coming down the hill a little too fast, the driver never received a response. She felt sentencing was too
stepped on the brakes. It pulled to the left. He panicked and lenient. Her heart was broken.

Now, 30 years later and 93 years old, articulate in her
speech, Dorothy hopes she remembers the details correctly.
It was a hard time in her life. Five years passed before she
stopped crying. She said the worst thing to live through is
losing your child. What she never forgot is the deep love she
feels for her son. No longer angry, she and her family accept
that it was just a horrible accident. Nothing can bring back
her gentle son, but her family has given her the love and
strength to endure.

Jeffrey Alan Pearl Sept 24, 1947 – Sept 2, 1989
Son, Brother, and Uncle

A life gone too soon.

Article and photos contributed by Cyndee Reed Van Hooser

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Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 8

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 9


When I received the invitation to be a VIP guest at the grand opening of Ed Hardy’s Deeper Than Skin exhibit (July 13-October
6) at the De Young Fine Art Museum in San Francisco, I felt very honored. Then to find out my Tattoos would be displayed as
well, it just blew me away and made me very proud.     
Ed Hardy is not only a prolific artist but, a tattoo pioneer. Ed  was the first tattoo artists with a fine arts background, the first American
to study and tattoo in Japan, the first to open an appointment-only tattoo studio (with no sign out front), the first total custom with no flash
studio, (an approach that is now the norm). Before Ed Hardy, no other tattoo shop operated that way. The motto there was “wear your

At the age of ten, fascinated by a friend’s father’s tattoos, Hardy set up a play “tattoo shop” and painted neighborhood kids with
Maybelline eyeliner and watercolor pencils. A handmade license declares Hardy a “tattoo artist in the County of Orange,” his school
photo affixed to the top right corner. Sheets of pencil-drawn flash copied from tattooing brochures and shops on the Long Beach Pike. I
can really relate to this because at age 14 - I had a hidden tattoo shop set up in my closet.

The centerpiece of the show was “2000 Dragons,” a snaking 500-foot long scroll featuring 2,000 dragons you can walk beside.
Painted with acrylic, it was hung with steel airplane wires and bulldog clips to hold it up. In 2000 (Year of The Dragon), over seven
months, he painted approximately five feet of scroll at a time, carefully numbering each dragon in Chinese characters. Dragons had

long fascinated  Ed. He had studied the creatures in Eastern and Western mythology and from childhood had drawn, painted, and later
tattooed thousands of them. Painting the scroll allowed him to work more spontaneously and on a large scale; an exhilarating change
from the tight, close work of tattooing.

Story, photos + layout by Roxanne and Wild Bill Hill

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 10


Don Ed Hardy aka The Godfather of Tattooing did most of
my body suit tattoo starting in 1976. He has been my mentor
for 44 years and from the day we met, he was a humble,
no nonsense tattooist unlike any other I had ever known.
Starting work at nine in the morning and wearing a tie while
he worked was not what I was used to. His whole outlook
on life is something I still greatly admire.

 Someone looking at the photos of my tattoos asked, “Is that you?”  When I replied yes they said, “Lucky you”. At first I thought they
were being sarcastic, and then I could see they were serious. I thought to myself, yes, yes I am. Ed made me the man I am today.
Article, photos and layout contributed by Roxanne & Wild Bill Hill

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 11

South Central US

Real Restaurant Name

Breaking Bad

Fall had arrived, so it was that time of year again. For and more rain. Did I
the 29th year in a row, we headed to Phoenix for the
annual MSBL baseball tournament. This year, one of say rain? Other than
my teams did well and the other - not so much.
being a little wet, I
After the tournament was over, we had planned, weather
permitting, to ride to Alabama to see our son and his family. made it in. It was a lot
As it turned out, Cindy’s father needed some extra care and
she flew to Oregon to help her sisters. So, I looked at the of fun spending time
nationwide weather forecast and decided that things looked
ok to go East. I took Cindy to the airport, hopped on SR87 with the family. Other
and made my way to Payson, then on to I40. Even though it
was in the 30’s most of the way, it was the quickest route to than FaceTime, I
hadn’t seen them in Breaking Bad Walter and Gus
I had made plans to take a long butt break in Albuquerque,
New Mexico. This is where the series “Breaking Bad” was quite a while. While Booth with my Bike
filmed. Go to to
see out where actual scenes took place. I was on a pretty there, I made a trip
tight schedule, so I wasn’t able to check out more than a
few places. First on the list was the Candy Lady Store over to Redstone HD. My rear tire had 14,000 on it. The front
( They sell a collection of Breaking
Bad related items - hats, mugs, shot glasses, shirts, and had about 13,000. Didn’t want to pull into Sac on nubbins, so I
the infamous “blue meth” candy. Tours are also available.
Unfortunately, the store was closed when I arrived. No had them reshod the old iron horse. I changed the oil in Mike’s
worries, though. I’m going to order a couple of things off the
internet. I also made it over to the “Los Pollos Hermanos” garage and was all set to hit the road. BTW, the folks over at
restaurant where Gus and Walter would meet. In reality, it is
Twisters. They have a section inside dedicated to the series. Redstone were (just like most people I met in the south) very
Very nice! The clock was ticking, but I did have time to go by
the “Dog House” Drive in. Wish I had been able to have a friendly and helpful. One last thing, if you’re ever in Huntsville
bite, but it was time to hit the road. Except for the cold, I had
no problems making it to Memphis, Tennessee. (Rocket City), check out the U.S. Space and Rocket Center. If

you’re interested in all things space, this museum is for you.

Huntsville has been the hub of our space exploration programs

since the 50’s.

So, after saying adieu to the kids, I headed north on I65.
Just outside Nashville is where you pick up the terminus of
the Natchez Trace Parkway. The Trace runs all the way down

The final leg to Huntsville, Alabama wasn’t as nice. Rain, rain
Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 12

to Natchez, MS. Before the advent of steam powered boats of course, sells their
in the late eighteenth, early nineteenth century, the best famous duck calls.
way for mid-western merchants to get their wares to East Even duck pens out
Coast and European markets, was to float loaded flatboats back to try out that
down the Mississippi River to New Orleans. They would sell new duck call. Since
their merchandise and since the flatboats could not go back I was constantly
up-river, they would usually sell them too. They would then pressured by time, I
procure transportation and begin the long overland trek up didn’t get a chance to
the Trace and back to the Ohio Valley Region. It could be a Wall Inside Duck take the tour. I heard
dangerous journey. Outlaws like Big and Little Harpe, John Commander it’s worth it. Hopefully,
Murrel, and other scoundrels knew these merchants were next time. Well,
probably loaded and preyed on them along the way. Many of lunchtime was on me, so I went up the road a few miles and
them never made it back to Nashville. I rode the Trace mid- ate at Miss Kays (Phil’s wife, of course) Sweets and Eats.
week and I was pretty much alone all the way (so I wasn’t Nice place. Never had a Grilled Cheeseburger with Bacon
too worried about being way laid). Just 440 miles of beautiful before. Delicious! My cardiologist would have a heart attack
tree-lined road. Sorry, no twisties. Also, no towns, stores, if he saw me eating it though. I ended that day in Troup, TX.
gas stations, etc. (eye sores). You will have to get off the I paid a visit to Dave and Denise, our former CMA President
Trace for service. The route along the Barnett Reservoir is and Chaplain. They were gracious enough to put me up for
particularly nice. One place I got off was Leiper’s Fork, TN. It a night. Thanks guys!
was time for breakfast, so I pulled into Puckett’s Grocery and
Restaurant. It is the area hangout. Good food, live music from The next couple of days were uneventful, and I eventually
Nashville, and a cool bar. A one-stop entertainment store. I
also got off the Trace to check out Brice’s Crossroads War Entrance Slab City East Jesus Anti Tv Art
Memorial. Here, in 1864, Gen N.B. Forrest opened up a
can of whoop-ass on Gen S.D. Sturgis. Yes, Gen Sturgis is

who Sturgis, SD is named
after. Forrest flanked him,
broke his lines and put
his army into a full out
disorganized retreat.

Natchez Trace Entrance Finally making it to
Natchez, I headed on to my
next stop, West Monroe,
LA. A fan of Duck Dynasty,

Brices XRoads Memorial Salvation Mountain

I thought I would check out the Duck Commander. So, I got found myself in Niland, CA. Here you’ll find three very
off the Interstate and pulled in to fill the tank. A kind of snooty interesting places: Salvation Mountain, Slab City and East
looking lady is filling up across from me. I asked her “Say, isn’t Jesus. The Mountain is the work of Leonard Knight, a
the Duck Dynasty place near here?” She said “Yeah, but I never Christian convert who built it as a monument to God. It’s
watched that show. They’re a bunch of rednecks.” ‘Really?? I made of mostly adobe and thousands of gallons of latex
think they are a group of God-fearing, family centered, patriotic paint. Really, anything he could find laying around. Tree
Americans’. She gets in her car and drives off. Bye….C-YA! limbs, straw, tires, windows, just about anything. It has been
named a National Treasure and Folk-Art Site.
The company has a large souvenir store out front that,
Slab City is a community of free spirits, preppers and others
that want nothing to do with the normal workings of society. The
slabs are the foundations left when the Marine Base was torn
down. Both Salvation Mountain and Slab City were featured in
the movie, ‘Into the Wild’. East Jesus doesn’t have any religious
meaning. It’s more of a kind of weird art exhibit. Something you
might see at a far-out art show in San Francisco. The art is
strange, but interesting. So after a little more than 6,000 miles,
I rode up to the homestead that night. Later…

Article and photos contributed by Chuck Loseth

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 13


Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 14

This month I am dedicating the article to Carl Brouhard, a humble servant We should each use our time and talents to serve others and use our gifts to help
of Christ. I met Carl in 2000 while launching into motorcycle ministry and those in need.” In Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 it talks about the Lord having a time for
launching Black Sheep M/M in Northern California. While networking and everything under heaven and this is no different. The good book says to be ready
getting a feel for other ministries out there, I was introduced to Richard Wilkins at all times for the time is drawing near for all of us. Today, Carl Brouhard would’ve
who just launched an outreach ministry called “Awakening In Him Ministry” been the first one to share his testimony, in hopes those reading this today would
providing home repair, general contractor services and youth development to hear the knocking on the door, open it and receive the blessings of the Lord. Yes,
those in need in and around our communities of Northern California. At our first someday we will see Carl again on the streets of glory.
meeting, Richard road up on a beautiful white bike he called the Second Coming.
It had to be the most awesome and beautiful bike I had ever laid my eyes on. It
was brilliant white and had the crown of thorns wrapped strategically around the
bike. It was low, stretched and sleek looking, but sounded awesome and powerful
when fired up. It had a picture on the tank of three crosses which always lead to
a great conversation about explaining why there were three crosses and not just
the one. On the oil tank in bright red paint was painted the scripture John 10:10,
which was another great tool of conversations. (Look it up, it will change your life).
Needless to say, it was a super custom chopper only someone like Carl could
build. It won best of show multiple times and continues to turn heads and trophy
whenever and wherever it is displayed.

That is when I found out who this Carl Brouhard was and just what an amazing
gift he was given in custom design work and painting. Richard told me the story of
how the Redeemed bike went from a discussion to a concept to the finish product.
Richard and I discussed motorcycle ministry for a bit and how we could further the
mission of bringing the good news to those in need of hope and salvation. Not long
after, we took a ride to meet up with Carl at his shop. From Carl’s humbleness, I
would have never guessed he had such a talent. I never knew Carl to boast about
anything other than his salvation, how he could benefit others or how he could
help lead someone to Christ. Right then I knew we would be brothers in the Lord
forever. He never once took credit for what an amazing man he was, how talented
he was and whenever asked he would only say it was the work of Christ in his
life that gave him the talent. When you walked through his shop, there was article
after article, magazine cover after magazine cover, portraying his talents and not
once would he rave about the things he created, but would quickly change the
subject to what’s going on in the ministry and how he could participate.

That was the beginning of a long relationship that I am sure many of you We are all going to miss Carl Brouhard, but he would be the first to say, “Don’t
reading this can relate. Participating shed a tear for me, not if you care for me. Seek first the kingdom of God and listen
in many events, it was never about to the knock on the door. For if you hear the knock and open the door, He is sure
Carl or what he did, but what the Lord to come in and become your friend.” Carl was a big supporter of Thunder Road
had done in him and through him. I will Church and visited on many occasions. His legacy will live on, not by the bikes
truly miss those days of just riding by, he built, but by the brothers and sisters he made, the people he impacted and by
dropping in unannounced and sharing those who know we will see him again.
in the blessings of God. I am sure
there are many reading this today that As Carl slowly walked into heaven and gazed upon the Lord, I could almost
are confused, upset, pointing fingers, hear the soft voice of God saying, “Well Done My Good And Faithful Servant.”
maybe cursing the situation and asking Good-Bye Carl. Until we meet again…
why a good man would be taken home
so soon. I don’t have that answer, but Revelations 3:20 “Look! I stand at the door and knock. If you hear my voice
I believe Carl would say these same and open the door, I will come in, and we will share a meal together
words “Nobody is promised tomorrow, as friends.” (NLT)
and all we have is today. After that we
should be grateful for each and every “Never Ride Alone”
day, and that we have the opportunity
to make a difference in someone’s life. Pastor Johnny Lujan – Thunder Road Church

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 15

Tombstone Tour

October 20 (El Dorado): As far as the weather goes, you
could not have asked for a better fall day to have a poker run
in the foothills. Each poker stop was at a historic location,
starting and finishing at Poor Red’s which has a perfect place
for a big party on their large outdoor patio. 41Live! - the event
organizer pulled out all the stops this year with a scenic 90
mile backcountry ride with stops that included historic pioneer
graveyards along with one of NorCal’s favorite biker hangouts
- the Georgetown Hotel.

Hungry and thirsty riders returned to Poor Red’s with the
wait staff hustling to take food and drink orders of their famous
refreshing - Golden Cadillacs. It is with the help of the great
sponsors of this ride like Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys, 805
Beer, Cycle Gear, Biltwell Inc, Motul, Motion Pro, Rumble On
and Easy Rider Bourbon, Street & Steel, Nor Cal Swap Meet

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 16

and TRM NorCal providing over $4,000 of cash and prizes that
made riders enthusiastic to turn in their poker hands afterwards.
Not to mention, each rider received a $20 gift certificate to Cycle
Gear which just so happened to be the same amount as the
entry fee. Honestly, you just can’t get a better deal than that!
Your donation of $20 to local historic preservation societies,
and in return receiving a $20 gift certificate! Pretty cool! This
year’s event was the biggest crowd yet, with great roads to ride,

a kick ass after-party and
some pretty sweet swag
- it is no wonder that this
event just keeps growing
year after year.
Article and photos by Stan
& Terri Hill. Additional
photos contributed by
Rick Guidera.

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 17


October 5 (Sacramento): The
Shriners Hospitals for Children of
Northern California is the beneficiary of
the net proceeds from the 23rd Annual
Black Widows Poker Run. Organizer
Jamey Dobbs does an incredible job
with collecting donated goods and
services so that overhead is minimized
and proceeds are maximized for the
kids. This year’s donation is expected
to exceed $20k. The Shriners Hospital
recognizes the Black Widow Poker Run
as a member of the million dollar club
for its donations over the years. This
year the Shriners kids made a sign for
the event to show their appreciation and
excitement to see all the motorcycles
rumbling in. Many staff members also
expressed gratitude by coming in on
their day off to be part of their favorite
event of the year.

This annual event has become a
favorite among riders with this year
as one of the largest to date with 477
participants. The poker run is hosted
by the VFW Post 67 as the ride start
and end destination. They also
donate the dinner that is included in
ride package. The second stop of the
poker run is to the Shriners Hospital
before heading out to the delta for
a 100+ mile ride along the scenic
waterways. The ride route featured
stops at many favorite watering holes
including the Freeport Bar and Grill,
Tony’s Place in Walnut Grove and
Foster’s Bighorn in Rio Vista. With all the animals adorning the walls of Foster’s, the moose was quite popular on this
day with one female rider getting on the bar with the encouragement of the crowd, to give it little kiss.

Once back at the VFW Post 67, the party continued with dinner, live music, good drinks and raffles. This year’s dinner was
prepared by Emmericks Catering and featured a roast pig and chicken. The poker run high hand was won by Steve Norbert who
has participated every year as part of the original Black Widows. The low hand winner was Rick M. The 50/50 raffle generated
$610 in which $305 went to Will. The grand prize of a framed print signed by the Sacramento Republic team was won by long
time participant Martin Jacobs. There were also dozens of winners of cool raffle prizes. We were all winners with a great ride, a
great party and a great cause.

Article and photo contributed by Rick Guidera

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 18

10021 Wolf Road - SteC-17 Lake of the Pines, CA 95949

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 19

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Good Bye hurts the most when your story wasn’t finished

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 21

Photo by Stan Hill / Model: Emiley




Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 24

We have been looking forward to sharing
this RIDE PRIDE with you all! Not only
is this a very cool custom bike, but we
really enjoyed hearing what custom builder -
Stacy McCleary did with this bike once he finished
it. My first glimpse of this bike was during 4th
of July weekend at Corbin’s Open House event
where Mondo of Denver’s Choppers was putting
on a bike show. As it turned out, Stacy had just
finished building this Shovelhead Chopper and
when he and his son Brian were getting the bike
ready for the show. Stacy had asked his son what
he thought of his latest motorcycle build? And
when Brian told his dad that he ‘loved it’ Stacy
then told Brian ‘well good, because this one is
yours’! The only condition was that Brian must
pass the bike down to his kids to keep it in the
family. I am sure he must have about jumped out
of his boots with excitement after hearing his dad
say that. I just think that it is awesome that this
piece of Stacy’s Garage legacy will always stay
with the family. Check out what Stacy did to get
this bike in its current form.


Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 25

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 26

BIKE: Custom - Stacy’s Garage BARS: Buck Horn
BUILDER: Stacy’s Garage HAND CONTROLS: Custom - Stacy’s
OWNER: Brian McCleary Garage
ENGINE: Shovelhead MIRRORS: Early HD
BUILDER: Pat’s Machine FOOT PEGS: Stacy’s Garage
DISPLACEMENT: 74 Cubic inches HEADLIGHT: Early Spotlight
AIR INTAKE: Velocity Stack BACK FENDER: Custom - Stacy’s
PIPES: Custom Stacy’s Garage Garage
PRIMARY: 2” open belt GAS TANK: Stacy’s Garage
TRANSMISSION: HD 5 Speed OIL TANK: Stacy’s Garage
FRAME: Paughco Wishbone Rigid/ SEAT: Stacy’s Garage / Juan
Stacy’s Garage SISSY BAR: Stacy’s Garage
OTHER: Powdercoated PAINTER: Jeremiah
FORKS: 39MM Sportster COLOR: Black with Silver flames with
REAR SUSPENSION: None lots of metal flake
WHEELS: 21X1.88 Front and 16X3.50 PINSTRIPER: Denise Corbett – Corbett
Rear Graphics
BRAKES REAR: Jaybrake Caliper COLOR: Metallic Gray on frame

Article and photos contributed by Stan Hill
Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 27

I’m willing to bet there’s not too many of us old bikers that member, we got to rehearsing and started booking the shows.
didn’t listen to AC/DC on a regular basis, back in the day. There have been a few member changes over the years to
RIFF/RAFF not only has the AC/DC style dialed in, their bring us to where we are now and this lineup is great to play
stage performance is off the hook. I was honored when Mike with.
Barnes accepted my request for an interview for TRM NorCal.
Tom Nakashima, legendary classic rock radio host of ‘96.9, RIFF/RAFF’s collective talent allows them to perform songs
The Eagle’ said : “It’s just like seeing AC/DC live!” from the entire AC/DC catalog.

T3: Mike - as the band leader and frontman for RIFF/RAFF, Mike Barnes (Vocals) nails the styles of both legendary
could you tell me how you got it started, and what made you front-men Bon Scott and Brian Johnson.
decide to do AC/DC?
The formidable rhythm section of AC/DC is represented in
I’ve always been an AC/DC fan and when I had the chance true RIFF/RAFF style by
to sing some of their material in my previous cover band,
Running With Scissors, I was excited. I noticed that when we Michael Spencer as Cliff Williams (Bass) bring the feel that
played their songs they drew the biggest cheers and dancers. drives the rhythm along. Joel Proto as Malcolm Young (Guitar)
After 4 years with that band, it was time to move on and start has that hard to recreate sound and feel of Malcolm Young.
something new. The drummer from RWS came with me and
we picked AC/DC to start a tribute to. We needed players and Steve Marshall as Phil Rudd (Drums) gives us the
though and I asked around but no one thought it would work foundation to build our rhythm section off of.
so I went to Craigslist. Dave Chapman (Angus Young) was
the first to respond and for us Dave was perfect fit. He knew For More Information and Schedule
the songs and he performed the songs with the energy that
was needed to bring the show to life. After adding another Facebook:

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 28

October 12 (Folsom)
Presented by CJ Barham & The Naked Wheelie Podcast at Harley-Davidson of Folsom.

Photos by Stan and Terri Hill

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 29

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 30

When four of Santa’s elves got sick, the trainee elves did The movie started and the rooster began to squirm around
not produce toys as fast as the regular ones, and Santa be- in the farmer’s overalls. The farmer zipped down his fly
gan to feel the Christmas pressure. Then, Mrs. Claus told so Chuck could stick his head out and quit being so dang
Santa her Mother was coming to visit, which stressed San- antsy. ‘Marge’, whispered Mildred. ‘What?’, said Marge. ‘I
ta even more. He went to harness the reindeer, he found think the guy next to me is a pervert.’ ‘What makes you
that three of them were about to give birth and two others think so?’ asks Marge. ‘He undid his pants and he has
had jumped the fence and were out, Heaven knows where. his thing just hanging out’, whispered Mildred. ‘Well, don’t
When he began to load the sleigh, one of worry about it’, says Marge. ‘At our age, we’ve seen them
the floorboards cracked, the toy bag fell to all.’ Mildred exclaims, ‘I thought that too, but this one’s
the ground and all the toys were scattered. eatin’ my dang popcorn!’
Frustrated, Santa went in the house for a glass of cider and
a shot of rum. In his frustration, he accidentally dropped the --------------------------------------------------------------
cider jug, and it broke into hundreds of little glass pieces all Husband is walking behind his wife and says, ‘Your butt is
over the kitchen floor. He went to get the broom and found getting so big it looks like an old washing machine on wash
the mice had eaten all the straw off the end of the broom. cycle when you’re walking.
Just then the doorbell rang, and an irritated Santa marched The woman keeps quiet and keeps walking. Bedtime
to the door, yanked it open, and there stood a little angel comes around and the husband starts feeling frisky.
with a great big Christmas tree. The angel said very cheer- Wife says, ‘Oh no buddy. I’m not about to start up this old
fully, ‘Merry Christmas, Santa. Isn’t this a lovely day? I have washing machine for such a really small load. You’ll have
a beautiful tree for you. Where would you like me to stick it?’ to do that load by hand’.
And so began the tradition of the little angel on top of the
Christmas tree. ---------------------------------------------------------------
A Dad was reading ‘The Night Before Christmas’ to his son
-------------------------------------------------------------- and the little boy asked, ‘Dad, when you and Mom fuss,
A local Farmer decided he wanted to go to town and see a you always put your hands to each side of your head and
Christmas movie he’d been waiting on. scream, ‘Women, will anyone ever figure them out?’. ‘What
The ticket agent asked, ‘sir, what’s that on your shoulder?’ does that mean, Dad?’
The old farmer replied, ‘that’s my pet rooster, Chuck. Wher- The Dad looks at his son so precious and naive and says,
ever I go, Chuck goes.’ ‘Mom and I have read you the story of ‘The Three Wise
‘I’m sorry sir,’ replied the ticket agent, ‘we can’t allow ani- Men’, right?. The little boy shakes his head in agreement.
mals in the theater.’ The old farmer went around the corner Well, my son, the day that you understand Why? a pizza is
and stuffed Chuck down his bib overalls. Then he returned made round, to be put in a square box, and is then eaten
to the booth, bought his ticket and went on in. He sat down in triangles, then You, my most beloved son, will be able
next to two old widows named Mildred and Marge. to understand women....and in doing so, will become the
Fourth Wise Man.

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 31

Vintage F Cabooses
in a Private Park Setting
on the Shore of Clear Lake

Full Breakfast Daily
Private Pier & Boat Launch
In-Room Jacuzzi Tubs
Check Out our Easy Rider Room!
Bike-Friendly - Great For Groups!

N28i7c0e,LCaAke9s5h4o6re4 Blvd.
((770077)) 2B7-R4--8G3u78est

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 32


Provided by Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys

NO, RUSS BROWN is alive and well! He’s FINALLY (!) taking Russ Brown is the ORIGINAL motorcycle attorney, the first in
things easy in California.  He’s a little amused by all the the nation to call himself that, way back in 1975.  He didn’t go out
concern.  Now in his eighties, Russ (a.k.a. Iron Man) still looking for a niche practice—Russ created it.  A “man’s man” and a
enjoys an occasional ride but stopped actively litigating cases over big tough teddy bear of a guy with a heart to match, Russ’ mantra
a decade ago.  As someone who has worked closely with him on a at the office is always: The Client Comes First.  Our trademark: We
daily basis, traveled with him, and who admires him greatly, I can Ride, We Care, We Win® is not a marketing slogan for us so much
tell you that all the Legends about the man are true.  Russ is an as it is a real description of who we are.  Russ Brown Motorcycle
accomplished rider with tons of miles on two wheels, a loyal friend, Attorneys ARE Riders Helping Riders, the real deal.
husband, and father, a brilliant businessman and an absolutely
fearless advocate for motorcyclists.  He was inducted into the These days, you can’t tell by looking at a website or an
Sturgis Motorcycle Museum Hall of Fame in 2013 because of his advertisement, what a law firm is all about.  There are a lot of
life long dedication and contribution to the biker community. posers out there, pay-to-play-referral services, and attorneys who
practice a hodgepodge of law but call themselves motorcycle
5 years ago, in what he describes as “the best decision he ever accident lawyers.  Brown, Koro & Romag, LLP’s entire practice
made”, Russ handed over the litigation at Russ Brown Motorcycle is dedicated to injured motorcyclists, and we have decades of
Attorneys (Brown, Koro & Romag, LLP in California) to fellow experience leading the field.  Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys
rider and law partner, Chuck Koro.  Russ then concentrated on are the first and (arguably, although you would lose!) the top law
marketing and relationships and offering his guidance, building on network specializing in motorcycle accidents in the U.S.
his experience. Next, Russ brought in Jim Romag, then his high-
achieving Chicago, IL affiliate, to head our Northern California office. Thank you, Russ, for all you did and continue to do for the
He built a team to take the company to new heights and (of course) motorcycle community.  And from me and my coworkers at Russ
succeeded like he always does.  Chuck & Jim realized impressive Brown Motorcycle Attorneys, in the office and in the field, we love
verdicts and settlements while preserving the philanthropic side of and respect you, and SO APPRECIATE the awesome workplace
RBMA with growing financial support to the riding community.  The you created.  Thank you for your wisdom, passion, high standards
end result?  Nothing much changed here at all except that Russ and commitment to fighting for what’s right.  We’re proud to come
Brown Motorcycle Attorneys became bigger and stronger than ever. to work and we love what we do!

It’s important to understand that Russ decided to step back Wendy Koro
(“retire” to him is an offensive word not in his vocabulary) in order
to offer his guidance and experience.  He did this for two reasons— BLOG provided by
because 1) he cares deeply about protecting motorcyclists and 2)
he’s a very smart man.  It is important to him that he preserve what
he has worked so hard to build.  He made sure that his legacy
and good name will endure and that the BAM mission and rider
volunteer network will continue to flourish, even in another 15
years, when, yes, he may not be around.

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 33

Automotive Romano’s Macaroni Grill Sonoma County Est. 1985
We Cater / We Deliver Harley-Davidson® Custom Leather Clothing,
Rick’s Automotive 8295 Laguna Blvd
Biker Owned & Operated Elk Grove, CA 95758 7601 Redwood Drive Alterations & Repairs
(916) 478-2878 Cotati, CA 94931 Placerville, California
3725 Pine Street Call for appointment
Rocklin, CA 95677 Dealerships (707) 793-9180
(530) 622-2453
(916) 632-8230 Heating & Air Conditioning
West Coast Leathers
Bars/Restaurants C&E Auburn Indian & A&M Heating and Air
Conditioning 10021 Wolf Road - SteC-17
Bones Roadhouse V-Twin
Bar & Grub 12015 Shale Ridge Lake of the Pines, CA 
Auburn, CA 95602 7625 Sunrise Blvd – Ste 208 95949 Citrus Heights, CA 95610
530-885-5556 (916) 803-6854
4430 Pleasant Valley Road (916) 747-5654
Lodging & Resorts
Placerville, CA 95667 Folsom Harley-Davidson® Insurance
(530) 644-4301 Featherbed Railroad Bed
CycleInsure Agency & Breakfast Resort
Double D Steak 115 Woodmere Road
Seafood-Bar-Grill Folsom, CA 95630 4201 Sunrise Blvd – Suite B
Fair Oaks, CA 95628 2870 Lakeshore Blvd
320 Main Street (916) 608-9922 Nice, CA 95464
800-800-0965 / (707)274-8378
Fortuna, CA 95540 Harley-Davidson 916-200-1000
Inn of the Lost Coast
(707) 725-3700 of Rocklin Jim Wall Insurance Agency
Kelly Weber – Owner/Agent 205 Wave Drive
6045 Hazel Avenue Shelter Cove, CA 95589
Elkhorn Saloon 4401 Granite Drive Orangevale, CA 95662 Rocklin, CA 95677 Email: [email protected] 707-986-7521

18398 Old River Road (916) 259-2453 (916) 989-1915 Motorcycle Attorneys

W. Sacramento, CA 95691 Harley-Davidson® Noble West Insurance Jachimowicz Law Group
(916) 371-BARR (2277) of Yuba City Services 1530 The Alameda – Ste 115

Georgetown San Jose, CA 95126
Hotel & Saloon 720 W. Onstott Road (800) 391-1313 (408) 246-5500
6260 Main Street Yuba City, CA 95991
Leather Goods Gurnee Mason Rushford
HistoricGeorgetown,CA 95634 (888) 693-4509 Bonotto & Forestiere Trial
J&S Surplus
(530) 333-4428 Indian Motorcycle of Eagle Iron & Leather Lawyers
Green River Brewing Hollister Hwy 1 & North Struve Road 2240 Douglas Blvd Ste 150
& Taproom Moss Landing, CA 95039 Roseville, CA 95661
(916) 797-3100
4513 Putah Creek Road 411 San Felipe Rd 831-724-0588
Hollister, CA 95023 Russ Brown Motorcycle
Winters, CA 95694 The Leatherworks, Inc. Attorneys
(831) 630-5200
(530) 441-BEER (2337) 188 Frank West Circle #C Brown, Koro &
Iron Steed Romag, LLP – NorCal
Stockton, CA 95206
Kenny’s Bar & Grill Harley-Davidson® (209) 983-9200 2440 Camino Ramon, Suite 385 San Ramon, CA 94583-4383

721 East Street 100 Auto Center Drive (800) 4-BIKERS /
(800) 424-5377
Woodland, CA 95776 Vacaville, CA, USA 95687

(530) 662-3634 707-455-7000

The Omelet House Redwood Harley-Davidson® Tomson Leather
3455 Cherokee Road 2500 Sixth Street
Eureka, CA 95501
Stockton, CA (707) 444-0111
(209) 941-2750
Reno Harley-Davidson
Road Trip Bar & Grill 2315 Market Street
24989 State Hwy 16 Reno, NV 89502
(775) 329-2913
Capay, CA 95607

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 34

Motorcycle Detailing Sales / Service /Accessories Humboldt Rack and Pull
Performance Cycle Industries
San Jose Hogwash Billy’s Motorcycle Shop 1341 Evergreen Road #1
Motorcycle Detailing 3233 Elkhorn Blvd. #1 Redway, CA 95560 (916) 899-1188
North Highlands, CA 95660 (707) 923-7103
P.O. Box 24273 (916) 332-3023 Road Dog Cycle
San Jose, CA 95154 John Jessup’s
Clinton’s Custom Cycle DREAM RIDES
(408) 641-1940 555 G Street 4600 Main Street
2275 N. Wilson Way Denair, CA 95316
Motorcycle Organizations Lincoln, CA 95648 Stockton, CA 95205
(916) 645-0954 (209) 467-4669 (209) 669-7404
American Legion Riders
Chapter 96 Dirtbag Cycles Miller Built Ride-On-Motorcycles
Lost Coast 155 Nardi Lane – Ste B Performance Cycles
3293 Saratoga Lane – Ste A
Fort Bragg California Martinez, CA 94553 Cameron Park, CA 95682 1416 Sonoma Blvd (925) 372-3818 Vallejo, CA 94590
(530) 672-9141 (707) 647-RIDE(7433)
(907) 230-5857 Hatt’s Motorcycles
P.O. Box 608 Omega Motorcycle Tattoos
Motorcycle Towing
Forest Knolls, CA 94933 Wild Bill
Need A Lift Motorcycle 660 Harbor Blvd Tattoo
Towing West Sacramento, CA
(415) 488-1441 115 Lincoln Street
“We Serve Everyone” 95691 Roseville, CA 95678
[email protected] Horse Power (916) 372-2206 (916) 783-9090
by Gerolamy
(916) 519-8454 4046 Wayside Lane – Ste J Penngrove Motorcycle Tires
Carmichael, CA 95608 Company
Powder Coating (916) 638-9008 Cal Tire and
916) 485-8288 Auto Works
Performance Powder 9585 Main Street MOTORCYCLES –
Coating & Sandblasting CARS – TRUCKS
Penngrove, CA 94951 2710 E. Fremont Street
6326 Main Avenue #4 (707) 793-7993 Stockton, CA 95205
Orangevale, CA 95662 (209) 465-2805

(916) 987-1942

BFD Business Sponsorships: 3 months for only $60

(receive monthly magazines for your customers!)

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Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 36





Mail Check and This Form for 1 Year Subscription 12 Issues $30
P.O. Box 794 – Orangevale, CA 95662

Now accepting credit cards – Call 530.305.7992

STREET OR P.O. BOX_______________________________________________

Make check payable to Thunder Roads Of Northern California


to the best husband in the world,love
of my life and my best friend.

Love, Valesca!

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 39

Remember to check for MORE events submitted AFTER print deadline at

GOT EVENTS? Submit your events online at

39th Annual Reno Toy Run
27th Annual Willits Toy Run Presented by Reno Harley-Davidson – 2315 Market Street.
WILLITS 9am-12pm. Buy a ticket, bring a toy and know that together
Presented by Willits Wild Bunch. Meet & Greet at Evergreen we make a real difference in N. Nevada and Eastern Sierras.
Shopping Center - 1700 blk S. Main Street. Admission: 1 Presale tickets start the Day after Thanksgiving at Reno H-D.
Unwrapped Toy 11:30am-3pm. Pack leaves at Noon for an For more information: (775) 329-2913 / www.RenoHD.
escorted ride through town to the Little Lake Grange. Live com
Music, Food, Live Auction, Raffle and No Host Bar. All for
the admission price of one unwrapped toy. Benefits the Willits DECEMBER 14
Children’s Christmas Program and other local youth groups and 28th Annual Nevada County Food and Toy Run
charities. For more information: [email protected] NEVADA CITY
Presented by Nevada County Food and Toy Run. Leave the Eric
DECEMBER 1 Rood Building at noon. Bring food or unwrapped toy. For more
NorCal Cycle Swap information: / [email protected] /
Located at West Wind Drive - In 9616 Oates Drive. Swap with 100
vendors, all makes and models of bike parts. 8am, $10. For more DECEMBER 14
information: See flyer on Pg 39 After Toy Run Party
DECEMBER 1 Presented by Boozefighters Chapter 6. Located at Dew Drop Inn -
43rd Annual MMA of California Toy Run 19729 Cerrito Rd. 12pm to 5pm $10. Food, Music and Raffle. For
FOLSOM more information: Gator (530) 391-9470
Presented by Modified Motorcycle Association of California. 10am
Pack ride meetup at Harley-Davidson of Folsom - 115 Woodmere DECEMBER 21
Road. Fee is donation of 1 unwrapped toy. Kickstands up at 11:30am 7th Annual Mega Toy Run
for an all day event at the Sacramento Drive In - 9616 Oates Dr. UNION CITY
Children will be at the drive in to pick out their toys, kids games, Presented by Knyte Ryderz RC. Meet up at Starbuck’s
pictures with Santa, DJ, vendors and Motorcycle Stunt Show!!! Drive - 32135 Union Landing Blvd. Toy Drop and staging at
in concession stand will be open. PLEASE SHARE WITH ANY FAMILY IN 10:30am. KSU at 12pm. Hot chocolate, coffee and donuts.
NEED! For more information: [email protected] The first 50 riders will receive a ride pin, raffle prizes and
more. It’s that time again!!!! Time to show our little ones that if
DECEMBER 7 they can’t come out for Christmas, then we’ll bring Christmas
Gold Country Food and Toy Run to them. Bring a toy for a girl and a boy. Take the children
AUBURN shopping in their own mini mall that you helped create.
Presented by C&E Auburn Indian and V-Twin. ​Ride meets at
Auburn Rec Park – 123 Recreation Drive 10am and leaves at
11am. All motorcycles are welcome! Please bring a brand new
unwrapped toy. There will be t-shirts and ride pins available. For
more information: (530) 885-5556 / See
flyer on Pg 14


COTATI, CA 94931


Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 41

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Fryed Brothers Band New Year’s Eve Party SUTTER CREEK
SACRAMENTO American Legion Riders Meeting
Presented by Fryed Brothers Band - 2600 Watt Ave. Start 8pm until Presented by Post 108 Legion Riders – 11401 American
2am. Cost: $20. Join the Fryed Brothers Band and Second Sight as Legion Drive – 6:30pm.
they Rock in the New Year! Free desserts and coffee. Balloon drop
with prizes at midnight. Full liquor bar. Large dance floor. For more 2nd MONDAY OF EACH MONTH
information: Barb (707) 824-4861 / EL DORADO
MMA Division 21 Monthly Meeting
JANUARY 2020 Presented by Modified Motorcycle Association – Poor Red’s -
6221 Pleasant Valley Rd 7pm
JANUARY 18 The Modified Motorcycle Association is the first motorcycle
Motor-Icicle Run rights organization in the State of California. Please join us to
ORLAND learn about upcoming legislation and laws that affect our rights
Presented by Orland’s Patriots. Located at Orland Fire to ride free.
Department – 810 5th Street. 9am / $20 to ride - $5 per
passenger. $6 extra per person gets you the pancake breakfast. 1st TUESDAY OF EACH MONTH
All includes chili feed after the ride. Sixty-eight Orland Heroes FT BRAGG
have died in military service. There is no memorial to honor ALR Chapter 96 Monthly Meeting
them. Help build a permanent memorial to Orland’s Patriots. Presented by American Legion Riders – Chapter 96. Veterans
Family-Friendly Event! For more information: Stephanie Administration Building – 360 North Harrison Street. 6pm. For more
(530) 624-4132 or Ron (530) 624-4508 information: Gary (907) 230-5857 /

FEBRUARY 1 MMA Division 3 Monthly Meeting
Harry Fryed’s Birthday Party Presented by Modified Motorcycle Association – Family MC
RANCHO CORDOVA Clubhouse. 7pm The Modified Motorcycle Association is the
Presented by The Fryed Brothers Band. Louie’s Cocktail Lounge first motorcycle rights organization in the State of California.
- 3030 Mather Field Road. Starts at 9:30pm. $10. Join the band Please join us to learn about upcoming legislation and laws that
as they celebrate Harry’s birthday. Large dance floor and pool affect our rights to ride free.
tables. For more information: Barb Fryed (707) 824-4861
40th Annual Sweetheart Run Eagle’s Nest HOG Chapter Monthly Meeting
AUBURN Presented by Eagle’s Nest HOG Chapter - Mountain Mike’s
SAVE THE DATE: Presented by C&E Auburn Indian and V-Twin Pizza - 1120 N Main St. 7pm – 8pm/ Meeting is free. Do
– 12015 Shale Ridge Lane. Starts at 10am / KSU 12pm -$5 per you ride a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and are looking for
person/$5 Ride Pins. End location: TBA. All proceeds benefit a fun group to ride with? Come join the Eagle’s Nest HOG
The Veteran’s Charity Run. All motorcycles welcome. For more Chapter to learn about their upcoming rides.
information: (530) 885-5556 /

Presented by Road Trip Bar & Grill – 2489 State Hwy 16.
12pm – 4pm Food and Live Music. Saturday 2/22: Rachel
Steele. Sunday 2/23: The Fryed Brothers Band. For more
information: (530) 796-3777 /


Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 42

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MMA Division 1 Monthly Meeting MMA Division 2 Monthly Meeting
Presented by Modified Motorcycle Association - Pizza Round Up - Presented by Modified Motorcycle Association – Logan’s
2004 Covillaud St. 7pm Roadhouse – 9105 West Stockton Blvd. 7pm
The Modified Motorcycle Association is the first motorcycle rights The Modified Motorcycle Association is the first motorcycle
organization in the State of California. Please join us to learn about rights organization in the State of California. Please join us to
upcoming legislation and laws that affect our rights to ride free. For learn about upcoming legislation and laws that affect our rights
more information: [email protected] to ride free.
Folsom HOG Chapter 1787 General Meeting CHICO
Presented by Folsom HOG – Round Table Pizza – 9500 Greenback MMA Division 23 Monthly Meeting
Lane – Unit 1. 7pm-8:30pm For more information: www.folsomhog. Presented by Modified Motorcycle Association – Sierra Steel
org / [email protected] Harley Davidson – 1501 Mangrove Ave. 7pm. The Modified
3rd TUESDAY OF EACH MONTH Motorcycle Association is the first motorcycle rights organization
PENRYN in the State of California. Please join us to learn about upcoming
MMA Division 16 Monthly Meeting legislation and laws that affect our rights to ride free.
Presented by Modified Motorcycle Association – Valencia Club –
2162 Taylor Rd. 7pm 4th THURSDAY OF EACH MONTH
The Modified Motorcycle Association is the first motorcycle rights PALO CEDRO
organization in the State of California. Please join us to learn about MMA Division 24 Monthly Meeting
upcoming legislation and laws that affect our rights to ride free. Presented by Modified Motorcycle Association – Goodtimes
4th WEDNESDAY OF EACH MONTH Pizza – 22049 Old 44 Drive 8734. 7pm. The Modified Motorcycle
SACRAMENTO Association is the first motorcycle rights organization in the State
MMA Division 14 Monthly Meeting of California. Please join us to learn about upcoming legislation
Presented by Modified Motorcycle Association – Sammy’s - 2021 and laws that affect our rights to ride free.
Del Paso Blvd . 7pm
The Modified Motorcycle Association is the first motorcycle rights 1st FRIDAY OF EACH MONTH
organization in the State of California. Please join us to learn about WOODLAND
upcoming legislation and laws that affect our rights to ride free. BIKERS AGAINST CHILD ABUSE Meeting at VFW Hall –  345 W.
2nd THURSDAY OF EACH MONTH Kentucky Avenue. 7pm Meetings are open to the public. (530)
VACAVILLE 848-2090 with any questions.
Vacaville HOG Chapter Monthly Meet & Greet
Presented by Iron Steed H.O.G. Chapter Vacaville. 1st FRIDAY OF EACH MONTH
Located at Hide-A-Way - 1080 Orange Dr. 7pm. Are VICTOR/LODI
you looking for a group of people just like you? Do you MMA Division 12 Monthly Meeting
need people to ride with? Look no further! For more Presented by Modified Motorcycle Association – Know Place -
information or inquiries, contact our Chapter Director Dori 17271 N. Bruella Rd. 7pm
at [email protected] Chapter Asst. Director Charlynn The Modified Motorcycle Association is the first motorcycle
at [email protected] rights organization in the State of California. Please join us to
2nd THURSDAY OF EACH MONTH learn about upcoming legislation and laws that affect our rights
SACRAMENTO to ride free.
MMA Division 10 Monthly Meeting
Presented by Modified Motorcycle Association – Hideaway Bar &
Grill – 2565 Franklin Blvd. 7:30pm
The Modified Motorcycle Association is the first motorcycle rights
organization in the State of California. Please join us to learn about
upcoming legislation and laws that affect our rights to ride free.


COTATI, CA 94931


Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 43

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OPEN HOUSE Presented by Dirty Whites Club House – 748 N. MONTHLY LOCAL MEETING Presented by A.B.A.T.E.
Texas St 8pm - ? Come have a blast! Contact Joe 707-694-5251 Local 17 - 4823 Midway Road 10am We will discuss
matters important to the Local and to the motorcycle
3rd FRIDAY OF EACH MONTH community. We create plans, and review events and
VALLEJO have a raffle. We will also share with other MRO’s and
OPEN HOUSE Presented by Hellbent MC 707 Crew – Clubs. We are also open to the communities. Glenn
100 Lincoln Rd. E - 8pm. Come one come all! Our house Phillips (707) 624-6310 / [email protected]
is open to start your weekend off right, join us for our
Open House night. 4th SUNDAY OF EACH MONTH
SACRAMENTO Wars Riders - The Capitol Casino - 411 N 16th Street 10am
Presented by Misplaced Souls MC. Open House to the Meetings are open to the public. For more information: Sly
Biker Community – 3418 Auburn Blvd on Saturday nights – - [email protected] /
6pm. / No Cover Charge. Come Join the MSMC and other
motorcycle enthusiasts where we enjoy good entertainment, BIKE NIGHTS
cold drinks, and good food. For more information: Spit Shine
(916) 217-2508 / Sarge (785) 410-1015. EVERY THURSDAY
Presented by Misplaced Souls MC. Thursday Night Fun
Night – 3418 Auburn Blvd. 6pm / Join the MSMC for its
Thursday Night get together. Free food, entertainment
and great company. All like minded members of the
community are welcome. The MSMC reserve the right to
refuse access to who they choose. For more information:
Spit Shine (916) 217-2508 / Sarge (785) 410-1015

MONTHLY CHAPTER MEETING Presented by Gold Country BIKE NIGHT Presented by M.O.B. of Humboldt -
Indian Motorcycle Riders Group. C&E Auburn Indian & V-Twin - Everett’s Club on the Plaza at 784 9th Street. The fun
12015 Shale Ridge Rd. 9:30am. Gold Country IMRG is open to all starts at 6pm. All motorcycles welcome. Free food,
motorcycle brands. All members and prospective members and 50/50 raffle, pack ride. /
friends are welcome.
FAIRFIELD BIKE NIGHT Presented by The Water Hole along with The
MONTHLY CHAPTER MEETING – Presented by Christian Red Iron Riders. 246 N. Cluff Ave. 6:30pm Cost depending
Motorcyclists Association - Lord’s Knights Chapter. Benicia Grill II - on the menu $10-$18. A great NO DRAMA social event to
2390 N. Texas. Order breakfast at 8am. Announcements at 8:30am. get to know others that share the passion of the bike.
Kick stands up by 9:15am. All bikes welcome. (Note: Feb & May Outdoor private patio area, pool tables, Shuffleboard,
we do weekend events, so no breakfast meeting then.) For more Music, big screen TVs for game nights and more. All bikes
information: Bill Neander / [email protected] welcome, and those without bikes welcome too. For more
information: (209) 604-7149 / (209) 327-8283
Biker Church - 706 Atlantic Street 5:30pm-6:30pm PANCAKE BREAKFAST Presented Grand Fathers MC
No Cal – Clubhouse 301 S. Railroad Street –
8:30am – 11am. Start your day out with the Grand Fathers MC!

TRM NorCal is not responsible for errors or omissions
and events are subject to change without notice


COTATI, CA 94931


Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 44


A&M Heating and Air...................................................36 Nan Danford Real Estate............................................38

Bikers Inner Circle.......................................................39 Nickell’s Custom .........................................................31

Billy’s Motorcycle Shop...............................................36 Noble West Insurance Services..................................19

Bones Roadhouse Bar & Grub.....................................4 NorCal Cycle Swap Meet............................................39

C&E Auburn Indian &V-Twin ..............................14 Omega Motorcycles....................................................19

Cal Tire & Autoworks ..................................................14 Omelet House..............................................................30
Clinton’s Custom Cycle...............................................36 Penngrove Motorcycle Company.................................4
CycleInsure Agency.....................................................32 Performance Powercoating.........................................14

Dirtbag Cycles.............................................................36 Ravenol Oil..................................................................32

Double D Steak.............................................................4 Redwood Harley-Davidson.........................................32

Eagle Iron and Leather................................................30 Reno Harley-Harley Davidson......................................8

Elkhorn Saloon..............................................................4 Rick’s Automotive........................................................39
Featherbed Railroad Bed & Breakfast........................32 Ride-On Motorcycles...................................................28
Folsom-Rocklin Harley-Davidson.........Backcover & 23 Road Dog Cycle..........................................................35

Georgetown Hotel.........................................................9 Road Trip Bar & Grill......................................................8

Green River Brewing & Taproom..... Inside Front Cover Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys....................... 1 & 33

Gurnee Mason Rushford Bonotto San Jose Hogwash.....................................................35
Forestiere Trial Lawyers..............................................38 Sonoma County HD.........................................EVENTS
Harley-Davidson of Yuba City.......................................7 T3 Design Studios.......................................................39
Hatt’s Motorcycle...........................................................9 Thunder Road Biker Church.......................................15
Indian Motorcycle of Hollister........................................9 West Coast Leathers...................................................19
Horse Power By Gerolamy.........................................36 Wild Bill Tattoo...............................................................9
Humboldt Performance Cycle.....................................14

Inn of the Lost Coast........................ Inside Front Cover

Jachimowicz Law Group...............................................5

Jim Wall Insurance Agency...........................................4

John Jessup’s Dream Rides.........................................4

Kenny’s Bar&Grill........................................................19
MMA Toy Run..............................................................39

MidCal Motorcycles.......................................................9

Miller Built Performance Cycles..................................31

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 45

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