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The Temple of Astaroth is dedicated to the true and complete empowerment of
women. There are some right hand path religions who claim to believe in equality
between men and women, yet they don’t allow women to hold positions in their highest

Without empowerment, women do not have true equality, and the world will never
change for the better until this is achieved. The total empowerment of women is the key
to world peace and world peace is the next step in Human evolution and our
advancement into the Cosmos.

Many right hand path religions such as Christianity always teach their followers to wait
for some deity, savior, or messiah to come down from the sky and rescue them from the
very tyranny and oppression these right hand path religions themselves impose.

Most of the time, you see more women involved in these religious organizations than
men. They will keep the women always busy working to server their “altruistic” cause
while withholding the highest titles and positions from them, reserving them only for

All too often this causes the female follows to feel as if they have to work and perform
even harder in order to prove to their false “god” that they are just as worthy as the men
to be in leadership.

These false religions were created from their very inception for the sole purpose of
oppressing and enslaving the Female Gender, therefore making it impossible for
women to achieve rank in such conditions.

For roughly two thousand years or more, the right hand path has dominated the world
with its false spirituality. Christianity, along with its two cousins Islam and Judaism have
worked hard to keep the world under all-male rule. These three Abrahamic religions
were designed specifically to do away the Goddess and her divinity, and make women
appear inferior.

There are multiple verses in the Christian bible alone which demean women. For
example, Exodus 21:17 says, “If a man sells his daughter as a servant, she is not to go
free as male servants do.” And this kind of stuff is not just relegated to the Old
Testament either. In 1st Corinthians 14:34 it says, “Women should remain silent in the
churches. They are not allowed to speak, but must be in submission as the law says.”

There are also multiple versus in the Quran that demean and degrade women as
being inferior to men. Nothing could be further from the truth, but as long as Judaism,
Christianity and Islam continue to exist women world-wide will never know true freedom.

Even the newest of the Abrahamic religions known as the Baha’i Faith claims to be all
about equality between men and women, yet women are not allowed to be elected into

the Universal House of Justice which is the Baha’i Faith’s highest position and office.
This proves that simply treating women as “equals” is not enough. Unless women
receive empowerment at the highest levels, they will never enjoy the equality.

Statistically, ninety percent of all violent crimes are committed against women and
young girls, and ninety percent of all violent criminals are males between the ages of
sixteen and forty. This is a direct result of right hand path teaching that women are
inferior and that “God” is a man.

In ancient times, Queen Astaroth was worshipped and exalted. The people hailed Her
as the Supreme Goddess, the Queen of Heaven.

The Christians are right about one thing; these really are the last days. These are the
last days of male tyranny and the oppression of women. Soon there really will be a new
heaven and a new earth, not ruled by a male messiah, but instead once again ruled by
our Blessed Mother, the Mother of all creation and the true Savior of Humanity. Hail to
our Sacred Queen, Mother Astaroth!

Most Satanic art is depicted as somewhat sinister and ugly. That’s because even most
Satanists, subconsciously because of their upbringing in a Christian culture, still view
Satanism as a mere act of rebellion against Christianity and its so-called “good guy”
Jesus Christ. Jesus is viewed as the light of goodness and truth while Satan is viewed
as the Prince of Darkness.

This dualistic view was invented by the creators of the right hand path to constantly
keep humanity divided against ourselves. “Good versus Evil”. “Black versus White”,
“Men versus Women”, “Democrat versus Republican”. This system of duality has served
them well.

I seek to depict the Beautiful side of Satanism. Instead of depicting the standard
pictures of human skulls dripping with blood, demons looking like hideous monsters with
sharp fangs, horns and forked tails, I have been commissioned to show the softer side
of Satan; the Beautiful side; the sensual and exotic side.

The Gods and Goddesses of old are beautiful shining beings with wings of gold and
faces that glow. It was only after the church murdered the pagan priests and priestesses
and destroyed the ancient temples were these deities depicted as “evil”, ugly and

Nothing could be further from the truth. Queen Mother Astaroth is the most beautiful
woman in the universe. She shines brighter than the sun. She is always ready to wrap
Her human children in Her loving arms! She is pure unconditional love and she will
always care for those who seek to serve Her.

Hail Satan!

Hail Queen Astaroth!

Hail Mother Lilith!

The female Form is the most beautiful form in the Universe. You see her in all of
creation. We all come from the womb of our Blessed Mother, and back to our Blessed
Mother we shall return.

Do not be afraid to die. Do not be afraid of the underworld or falling into the depths of
the Abyss. Do not be afraid of descending into Hell, for it is only your Blessed Mother
bringing you back into the warmth of Her loving womb to find peace with yourself and to
be purified by Fire.

Ave Satanas!

Hail Satan!

Hail Queen Mother Astaroth!

Sadly there have been way too many instances where some charismatic alpha male
has misled large groups of people into believing he is the promised one; the messiah.
Even more sad, many if not most followers of this imposter and charlatan turn out to be
women. Some of the greatest crimes against humanity have been carried out by these
charismatic men who deceptively pose as saviors.

As a male devotee of Queen Astaroth, I see myself as guardian and protector over my
sacred Sister and Mothers. Even though I as a male have also fallen victim in many
ways to the tyranny of the right hand path, I see how it has victimized my female
comrades even more, and I have made it my sworn duty to watch over and protect them
at any cost.

As a man of Astaroth, I believe the protection and empowerment of Women is the
highest honor, the purest form of patriotism. For without women (Nature’s most beautiful
creation) our species and our planet cannot survive. I as a man of the Temple of
Astaroth have sworn an oath that, if necessary, I am willing to sacrifice my own life in
order to preserve the lives of our beautiful Goddesses.

Saving a woman from being sexually assaulted is the same as saving her life.
Whenever a man sees a beautiful woman, instead of lusting after her, he should be
surveilling her surroundings for any possible danger she might encounter while she is
within his line of sight.

A man should guard and watch over a beautiful woman just like he would a precious
stone, for a beautiful woman is a diamond in the rough. A true man’s goal should be to
make beautiful women feel safe when he is around, for there in nothing more honorable
than a woman’s trust.

This is not to say that women are incapable of defending themselves. Women are
tougher than men in many ways, but it is still a real man’s responsibility to protect every
woman as if she is his own Sister or Mother. A woman can do anything a man can do
and more, and as a man of Astaroth it is my sworn duty to make sure every woman has
a chance to prove it.

Women always have to take greater precautions than most of us men will ever
understand. Victimhood unfortunately has become a sad reality for our Sisters and
Mothers. We as men of Astaroth should always see ourselves as their guardian angels.
This is what true manhood is all about; guarding and protecting our Goddesses at any
cost! The survival of our race depends on it!

Hail Queen Astaroth!
Hail Baal Za Bub!

Hail Azazel!

Hail Mother Lilith!

Hail Satan!
Kenny Lane, Sworn Defender of the Female Gender

Any man who cheats on his wife not only dishonors her, but he dishonors himself.
Above all he dishonors Father Satan, Queen Mother Astaroth and all the Gods and
Goddesses of Hell.

If a man is unhappy with the woman he’s married to and desires someone else, he
must first file for a divorce. Once the divorce is final then he is free to pursue a new

Infidelity is unacceptable to our Blessed Mother. She expects her male followers to be
totally committed and loyal. For if a man is disloyal to his own wife he cannot be trusted
to be loyal to the GODDESS.

Hell is only a place of torment for those who dishonor the GODS and GODDESSES.
An act of disloyalty to your wife is the same as an act of disloyalty to our Sacred Mother.


The inverted pentagram is the most sacred symbol in the Universe. It not only
represents the five major elements – Earth, Fire, Air, Water and Ether (Spirit) but it also
perfectly encapsulates the Female Form, the most beautiful form in all of creation. The
human female is nature’s crowning achievement. She is the GODDESS manifest in
physical form.

To gaze upon Her form is not to look upon Her with lust but to look upon Her with
reverence and admiration, for She is the true path to salvation.

Satanism is the most beautiful religion in the world, for Satanism is the only religion
which truly elevates women to the status of GODDESS and equality with men.

For there to be peace on Mother Earth, all male dominated and ideologies must be
eradicated. Christians are always fighting Muslims, who are always fighting Jews, and
the vicious cycle never ends. These three male dominated religions have been
constantly at war for centuries, fighting for control and world domination.

GODDESS SATANAS needs men not only to be warriors but to be leaders of other
men. Men who are willing to lead not through domination or slavery, but a strong sense
of duty to serve and protect.

A man’s job is to be dangerous; dangerous to any other man who tries to harm even
one of our Blessed Mother’s Beautiful GODDESSES.

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