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ISSN 2642-0139 (Print) Don’t Shoot!
ISSN 2642-4894 (Online)

Copper I’m the Guitar Man
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The Innocent Man

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November’s Contestants

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Art Contest

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THIRD EDITION, OCTOBER 2019 A quarterly magazine


Editor in Chief: Taylor Tom
Executive Editor: Cecilia Conley
Proofreader: Patti Conley

Mission Statement:
Unlock the creative talent of incarcerated individuals across
Vision Statement:
Bridging the gap between the incarcerated and society, while
providing a platform for positivity and productivity to flourish.
Mailing address:
Designed Conviction LLC,
1001 Cooper Point Rd SW Ste 140-223, Olympia, WA 98502





This is spreading like wildfire, and the success is growing. We want to thank all
who have participated and contributed to this Social Enterprise. Your contributions
are appreciated and we want to congratulate the winners. Speaking of which, we
are proud to announce the successful launch of our first edition of “Outside,
Designed Conviction, The Magazine.” This new publication is our sister publication,
published by Designed Conviction Publications. In this magazine, we are sharing
stories of the incarcerated based on positive works in the arts and productive
projects, as well as featuring the top 10 contest winners.

We hope to contribute to changing the negative cultures our prison systems have fos-
tered, while at the same time breaking the stigma placed on those incarcerated and
felons in general. Those who keep doing the same things are going to keep getting the
same results. Those who do something different, are diligent, and follow through
with it will achieve different results.

We want to remind you that this is a positive platform promoting the works of
appropriate content. So if you decide to submit inappropriate material, your content
will not be published. Designed Conviction is about publishing inspiring and mea-
ningful works. Think about this when you put together your submission. Would your
mom be proud of you for this? Would your grandmother be proud of you?

We are striving to get your positive and productive works exposure and recognized.
We are quickly becoming the premier service for all your needs. We are aiming to
be able to be there to facilitate what you are unable to. This is a process of growth
and takes time. Please have patience and know that whatever it is that you need,
we are working diligently to make it happen. We aim to bridge the gap between
society and the incarcerated, making the transition easier, and we are working
towards ending mass incarceration.

Make sure to have your family and friends contact us. Hear from you soon!

Walk the Line by Designed Conviction
Featuring Caleb Twidwell

Our first single is available at most stores across the planet including JPAY!
With lyrics, 100% authentic, coming from the mind, heart, and soul of a man who is
currently serving a life without parole sentence, convicted 13 years ago when he was

20 years old.

So Cold by Designed Conviction
Featuring Caleb Twidwell

Some may say this is a sad song: “So Cold” by Designed Conviction featuring Caleb Twidwell.

However, on the contrary, when you get into the depth of this piece, you feel that rawness of
it from the very first note as a tune put straight through to hit you in the most profound ways.
As Josh at Greenlight Studios masterfully produced this record, the beauty of it is the journey
behind how this song made its way out of prison to the studio.

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Next steps:
Submit your order. First order minimum: 40 USD. Attach in your letter (or email) your
requirement, please be very specific on your request, and remember, just legal activities.

Mailing address:
Designed Conviction LLC
1001 Cooper Point Rd SW Ste 140-223, Olympia, WA 98502
[email protected]

Se habla espanol



Congratulations to all the winners.

And to those who didn't win guess
what, there is always the next one.

You can enter every quarter, and
don't forget you can enter multiple
pieces in multiple categories. Good

Here’s a tip. Tell people to go and

vote for you.

Art Contest Winners (Full List)

1st Place - Will M “Al Capone”
2nd Place - Brittany W “The Only Color in the
3rd Place - Taveuan W “I’m Drowning”, “Blos-
4th Place - Daniel B “Why it’s so hard to

5th Place - Jose A “Dorothy Gale”, “Villains”
6th Place - Derrick E. S “Wolf with a cub”
7th Place - Micah M “Product of my Environment”
8th Place - Dustin J “The Decision is yours”
9th Place - J Baridi W “Indigenous First Nation Princess”
10th Place - Juan R “Angel”
11th Place - Charly Ann Rash B "Kurt Russell"
12th Place - James W " Art on a handkerchief"
13th Place - Stephen R "Picture Perfect"
14th Place - Gustavo T Jr "Addiction"
15th Place - Eduardo R "Girl & a Rose"
16th Place - Jane M "Cat"
17th Place - Willie F "The Way Forward"
18th Place - Paul Thorsteinson “Wasted Sunsets”
19th Place - Darryl C “Origami Orchestra (Music Box)”
20th Place - Kenneth M K “Two Mothers”



We are proud to share with you the first edition of “Outside Designed Conviction
The Magazine," which has been published! Congratulations to the top ten winners

who are displayed, along with the first place winner’s two-page feature. We are
excited as the message of growth and change is spreading. Also, our support is


Our Designed Conviction apparel line has launched, and the more support we get,
the more promotion we will be able to do for you. We have published our first two
books, "The Convicted Entrepreneur" and "Prison Lingo 101". We are also excited
to announce that we are going to be publishing all the contest submissions into a
book format to showcase further all our contestants, which will be made available


We are networking with other organizations, working to make this a success. We
want to add a new section to the Inside Magazine. Anybody who makes comics
is welcome to send them. Not all will be featured in the magazine. However, they

will be featured online. Please remember to keep it appropriate.


Copper Cop

The famous Copper Caddy was previously featured in our first edition
of Inside. Jerry Logan, the owner of the car and a Designed Conviction
sponsor, went on Bitch'n Rides to have the car built by Dave Kindig.
Let's take a look at what's new with the Copper Caddy and Jerry Logan.
Over the summer, Jerry and company traveled down to California and
entered the car in the prestigious Rodeo Drive Concours D' Elegance
car show. Out of the hundreds of cars in the show, there was a very
limited amount of awards given, and the Copper Caddy took home the
award for the most stylish custom build, which was presented by Tim


pper Copper!

This isn't all that is happening in Jerry's world. Jerry is in the process
of filming an internet TV show, which will be showing his cars and
also bringing guests. Designed Conviction has been working on a
song for Jerry. Together with a producer in Nashville, Designed Con-
viction is producing a song about his cars and the Copper Caddy.
Draw or paint your rendition of the Copper Caddy,
and if Jerry picks you as the winner, you will be fea-
tured on our next edition of Outside Designed
Conviction The Magazine. The same guidelines apply
to this as they do to the quarterly contest.



I’m the

Guitar Man

Buzzy Martin

Award-winning author, singer/songwriter, and entertainer, to name a few of the many talents Buzzy is
acclaimed with.

While interviewing Buzzy recently on Designed Conviction’s podcast “Life of a Lifer,” we got to know him
for who he is, a truly extraordinary man! Buzzy has dedicated his life to working with the incarcerated,
being a voice for the incarcerated, and an advocate for youth at risk, as well as prison reform.

Buzzy has been demonstrating how music has the power to change lives as he taught a music program to
inmates at San Quentin State Prison and incarcerated youth at juvenile hall. He shares with us his first-hand
account of the impacts that music has to transform a person in his award-winning book, “Don’t Shoot! I’m
the Guitar Man” which Prodigy Entertainment has made into a movie set to be released next year!

Like many who go Buzzy has had the honor of sharing the stage with members of
inside of prisons Sammy Hagar, Grateful Dead, The Doobie Brothers, Journey, and
to volunteer, he Huey Lewis and the News. He has also opened shows for Leon
was expecting the Russell, Sammy Kershaw, The Tubes, Dave Mason, Bob Seger, and
worst. Yet, after Pam Tillis, to name a few. As his passion for music is evident, his
spending time with compassion for prisoners is equally clear. Like many who go inside
inmates he developed of prisons to volunteer, he was expecting the worst. Yet, after
a new mentality: spending time with inmates he developed a new mentality: Just
Just because because an individual is incarcerated does not make them any less
an individual is human. What he experienced and witnessed in the transformation
incarcerated does that took place before his very eyes through music was phenomenal.
not make them any He has written and recorded numerous songs inspired by prisoners.
less human. Buzzy Martin is a storyteller, and has been compared with legends
like Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard.

Taylor Conley and his wife Cecilia during visiting.

We asked Buzzy, “Well, now that you’ve had such success with your OUTSIDE DESIGNED CONVICTION THE MAGAZINE | 9
book and your movie is coming out, what’s next?” Buzzy said that
he has put together a band, and his goal is to travel across the His goal is
country, visiting prisons and delivering the message of Hope. He to travel
is teaching that music is such a beautiful path to healing. Buzzy
wants to come to your prison and is working on the means to across the
make this national tour possible. country,
The lesson plans for Buzzy Martin’s music program are available for
educators and students through Penguin Books at no cost. prisons and
You can find Buzzy online at
the message
"Buzzy's book captures the mood and specter of the novitiate's of Hope.
introduction to the world inside prison walls. What he finds,
learns, and shares is the common humanity that still exists in
spite of it all. As one who has spent his career in the criminal
justice system, I can vouch for its authenticity and also the novel
journey it took me on."

– Elliot Daum, Superior Court Judge

“While I have toured San Quentin, on several occasions, Martin’s
daily reports in “Don’t Shoot I’m The Guitar Man” bring to light
aspects of prison life of which he makes us more aware. I have
spent much of my career working with incarcerated juveniles and
share Buzzy’s wish that those youth at risk of adult criminality
get an accurate picture of what may lie ahead. Prison life is not
what delinquent youth may think it is and Martin is more that
“the guitar man”. He is the right messenger for those of us who
should be listening.”

– Robert G. Gillen, Chief Probation Officer Retired

“After twenty-seven years of working in San Quentin a person
finds that there is no longer the perspective or view that you
offer in your piece. I want to thank you for pulling a string, and
finding a note in me that I thought was busted and had long
gone dead.”

– Len Carl, Correctional Officer Retired

Did you know?

Designed Conviction’s founder is serving a Life without parole sentence at Washington State.
Convicted at the age of 20. Designed Conviction, a social enterprise, was born out of his need
to live outside the prison walls to do something positive and productive. Designed Conviction is
about breaking the stigma put on incarcerated individuals.


Some insight into


When addressing the matter of what constitutes an
“original” work and what infringes on someone else’s
copyrighted work, it is a complicated subject matter.

This is a guideline based on research we found to help give
you a better idea. A lot of folks are asking, what makes it
original? A common fable passed around is that if you take
an original work, change it 30%, that is now considered to be
original, which is entirely wrong.

Using any copyright image without the expressed consent of
the copyright holder is illegal.

However, there is good news here for the artist, as there are
loopholes. If the image is seen to be “transformative” or as
a parody/satire of the original work. In other words, if the
image is used for “artistic reasons”. The only problem with
that is art is often very subjective.

A common fable Ultimately, it will depend on how recognizable the copyrighted image is
passed around and how you are using it. If the copyright image is beyond recognition,
is that if you take then the copyright holder will have a challenging time proving that you’re
an original work, benefiting from their work.
change it 30%, that One type of exception is called a “transformative” use. What this means is
is now considered to that you change a copyrighted work to produce what would otherwise be
be original, which is a derivative work, except that the new work either changes the expression
entirely wrong. and meaning of the original work or the new work somehow creates new
information, aesthetics, insights, or understandings.

Keep in mind that most countries’ copyright is considered to expire 70 years after its creator has died.

Whenever possible, use your own sourced material. However, knowing that this can be difficult, Designed
Conviction can provide you reference material from the public domain. This service is $10 for 10 pictures
or $2 a picture. Customized reference photos of a specific subject matter will depend on the difficulty of
the photo to capture.

Copyright legally belongs to the artist from the moment of creation. Another myth floating around is that
you need to mail yourself copies, which couldn’t be more of a waste of time.

These are just a few helpful tips we found while researching copyright for you. We are not experts or giving
you legal advice. And if you want to be sure, use reference material that is original or that is published in
the public domain free for anybody to use.

Did you know?

We are a social enterprise seeking to build a supportive community based around positivity and productivity.
A social enterprise is a company that helps communities that are in need and works together to make a
difference. We aim to empower incarcerated individuals and ex-felons to have a positive impact on those
inside and the community outside, creating a platform to unlock the potential to the world.
We invite you to join us as you're here to inspire change and promote stories of success.
Join our network. Make a choice to do something different with your life.
Tell your friends and family. Spread the word. Feel free to contact us at our mailing address: Designed
Conviction LLC 1001 Cooper Point Rd SW Ste 140-223 Olympia, WA 98502.



George was featured on a Netflix Original Documentary “Exhibit A” on June 2019

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Ashley Mullins


November’s Contestants

Andre D L., GA
Ashley M, GA
Avery S, GA
Brandon C OR
Brittany W, TN
Bud F, WA
Chandler P, ID
Daniel B, TX
David C R, TX
Dean R S, MI

Demetrius B MI
Donald S, CA
Doug R, OH
Eduardo R, ID
Garrick H, TX
James A, MI
Joshua R, NV
Justin G, OH
Kimberly L, GA
Lawrence P, IA
Mike N, GA
Nate A L, WI
Nicholas R, ID
Pablo T, IL
Taeuan W, CO
William M, WA




Why help “prisoners”, incarcerated the poetry, the fine literature that was being
individuals? Why care? They did something mailed to us daily. I was able to meet our
so reprehensible that they should be locked Founder, Taylor, and became great friends
away forever and forgotten about, right? Why with his wife, Cecilia. I was able to recognize
help “them”? What good would it do? An eye “prisoners” for what they really are, people.
for an eye is the consensus, right? Put them I know that art has the power to move an
away and leave them to a miserable fate. individual on an emotional level. It can be
Every one of those thoughts and more therapeutically beneficial; it embraces our
crossed my mind when I was asked to join senses. So upon seeing the art and reading
Designed Conviction. I firmly believed that their stories, I myself was moved not only by
my opinions on the matter were just and the talent but also by the sheer emotional
valid. I had experiences to back up my beliefs. connection their works evoked in me. “If only
So what changed my mind you ask? It wasn’t they had found art instead of trouble”, my
just one thing, it was many. As an aspiring mind whispered. My heart broke and my eyes
photographer, I was intrigued by the offer to opened. I realized that change is possible
help promote art made by people in prison. in some individuals. Not all are capable, but
I thought I could do that. I can appreciate art most aspire to.
as well as the next person, and I know my I contribute and work with Designed
way around a computer. Conviction because I believe everyone
So that is what I did. I started to promote deserves the right to therapy, the right to still
some great art. I started to read the letters, have hope in a hopeless situation and to have
their stories told through their chosen art.

Did you know?


We aim to empower incarcerated individuals and ex-felons to have a positive impact on
those inside and the community outside creating a platform to unlock the potential to the

We invite you to join our network. Make a choice to do something different with your life.
To make an impact. Tell your friends and family. Spread the word. Feel free to contact us

at our mailing address Designed Conviction LLC, 1001 Cooper Point Rd SW Ste 140-
223, Olympia, WA 98502



I believe in the vast unexplored tracks of our creative I just opened up my book, and took a look at this
potential; with a fistful of keys, unlocking those tracks one page
on painting, one poem at a time. Sometimes I wonder At a young age, I was shining brighter than the sun’s
how much my time in prison influenced my life as an rays
artist. Did prison make me who I am? I know for sure I’d study through the weekend to win that spelling
art has challenged me to tap into my higher existence. bee on Monday
To do what I thought was impossible. to find a way to Hoppin I’d grow up to be somebody one day
express a feeling or thought that words would only do But damn things change, seventh grade was all about
a disservice. gunplay
Some of my happiest days are the ones where I have Too young to buy one so it was B & E for your gun
charcoal smudges on my face, acrylic crusted under- safe
neath my finer nails and color stained blotches sprea- Broken promises like mom don’t worry I’ma stop
ding abstractly across my ruined state issue clothing. someday
Those days, my eyes are unfocused and blurry from Find some way to get up out this unsafe hood that
long bursts of manic energy quaintly referred to as none say good things about
the zone. The best part is when I find myself inwardly And I think about a lot of stuff during times like this
smiling as I reflect upon a newly acquired masterpiece I was acting blind with my mind
that leans against my back bedroom wall. And committing crimes on drugs is a bad mixture
Art has been a trial of fire as well. Full of the pain I lost sight of my dreams and lost sight of my bigger
of past mistakes, the loss of close friends, and the picture
isolation from my family and loved ones. However, Now I’m in a cell with a Bible the Holy Scripture
I choose to not let those things breaks me. Instead, Trying to change my life so I don’t go back to the
I use them as the muse to my creative motivation in trigger
defiance to the fire that consumes my memories. While Cause one squeeze has momma on her knees, beg-
I know that fire was meant to destroy things, being an ging the Lord please
artist, I have challenged myself to be a fire eater. Please bring my son back
The pain and the loss and the isolation become merely I’ll clean up his closet of all the drugs and the gun
color tones on my palette, as I design my divine breath rack
in a plume of orange and yellow flame. Because when I can’t lose him yet Lord he just got out of prison
you consume fire, you learn how to shine in even the But regardless, God’s got a plan full of force on a
darkest of places. mission


Duct tape my mouth and I'll sign with my hands, using mental telepathy, I'll create with my pen. With a force so
powerful, destruction is great, America's nightmare is a school that educates. So in the school of hard knocks,
I battled decisions juggling my classes until I landed in prison. But all though my life I realized something was
missing, homework was unfinished and period, I was sentenced. But Graduation was amazing, I walked with my
friends, handcuffed to the blind, I followed til the end. And the edge was so close, I never needed a push, I had so
many credits the judge threw the book. So my "GPA" was higher than you could ever imagine, meaning "getting
played again", was the only thing that could happen. I was suspended from society, so I mingled with crooks, on
my face was no hair as a kid I would look. But if I only had listened to my Mother, the teacher; my major would
be church and maybe I'll be a preacher. I'll battle all my demons until my foes are exposed, and if my light begins
to dim and the walls are closing in, I'll be individually wrapped inside a box, like a prize I'll never win. But so
simply I pause unable to recognize my own fate, delusional, accepting my denial at the pearly gate. So close to the
finish I'll proclaim my resting place, only to be remembered by my voice and not by my face

Win the Art Contest!

Submit your artwork (page 16) & ask your friends and family to vote
and support you!.
Hey! Here is a tip!
Have your friends & family visiVt iussitaotuwr,
subscribe and become a member of our online community!

Brittany W



Slipping, slipping, I'm losing my way,
It becomes harder with every waking day.
Think it though don't make mistakes,
one wrong move is all it takes.
Want to go home, got to do right,
at this point in time there is an end in sight.
Got to think clearly, I decide my fate,
keep my eyes open and don't show up late.
One day at a time, that's all I can do,
today, tomorrow, the day after too.
The day after that is when it got quiet,
it's the clam before the storm, known as a riot.
Shots fired on the ground is all I hear,
now I've lost it all, all that I hold dear.
Now I'm in the hold, secluded from the rest,
paying the price for passing the test.
So much time to think of where I went wrong,
sitting in this cell singing this song.
Got to do better next time around, or prepare
to be lonely with only my sound.


Reality, is hers to own, beautiful, delicate and sweet; her mere presence can leave you mind void as though someone’s
pressed delete. Her play is to be admired, “vivacious” young tender; now give in, this is your chance to surrender.
Hiding behind a mask, “beautiful” so unique; what others fail to see, is that she’s already reached her peak.
She plays the street life, cuz there’s no place she can go; street life, it’s the only life she knows; street life, there’s a thou-
sand parts to play; street life, until she plays her life away. Her moves exceed her mind, leaving her at “wits end”; now
she caught in the trenches and can’t comprehend. Her entitlement cannot be achieved by her beauty alone; the streets
were her oyster, was etched in stone.
She plays the street life, cuz there’s no place she can go; street life, it’s the only life she knows; street life, there’s a
thousand parts to play; street life, while she plays her life away. She’s in to deep, her brains at a lost; her past is catching
up, his time to pay the cost. One move to many, and she didn’t even see it coming; sitting in a luxury suite, violins
is strumming. A snap of the neck and her chins on her chest; two weeks later, she’s being laid to rest. This was not
supposed to be a part of the play; but she played the street life until she played her life away.

Pablo T Eduardo R


Art Contest

Think you got what it takes to stand out from the crowd?
Ever feel like your talents need to be showcased and noticed for you to take off? We want to be that
catalyst for you. We want to advertise, display, and promote you and your hard work.
Our contest will be up for the public to vote in the winners. We will be posting on social media, so
be sure to tell your friends and family to look for you and put in their votes.

What do you get?
The first 10 winners will be published in the next edition of Outside Designed Conviction The ma-
gazine. The first twenty will be published in our online edition.
Each one will be added to our online catalog of artists or writers with their portfolio with picture
and contact information. All contestants will get a free profile on our website.

How many and when should I submit my piece?
There is no limit to how many submissions a person can enter, and the contest is free to enter.
You may have multiple entries per contest. All must be original pieces.

What are the categories?
The best part about this contest is that there are multiple winners and several ways to win.
Categories: Artwork, Beading, Writing

Make sure you put a positive message. All must be original pieces.

When are the contests held?
Submit before October 1st. Get voted in November, be published in January.
Submit before January 1st. Get voted in February, be published in April.
Submit before April 1st. Get voted in March, be published in July.
Submit before July 1st. Get voted in August, be published in October.

How can they vote for me?
Ask your friends and family to visit to get the full details and
instructions on how voting works.

At the end of the year if we have enough submissions, we will host an art gallery to promote all the art
and writing submitted and feature the winners of the year. All credits will go to the artist.
Ready? Mail us your piece(s), a picture of you and up to 300 words for your free profile to:
Designed Conviction LLC, 1001 Cooper Point Rd SW Ste 140-223, Olympia, WA 98502

Mike N.

Garrick Hastings

Rules & Regulations
By entering this contest, you and a third party who submits your entry for you both agree
to abide by these rules and agree to the decision made about the winner.
You must be 18 years of age or older to enter. We will not submit gang-related material.
By entering you consent to Designed Conviction LLC to use your submission for any pur-
poses without any liability or limitation.
By entering into this contest entrants release and hold harmless Designed Conviction LLC,
its owners, and anybody associated with Designed Conviction LLC. Any submissions made
will be considered a gift to Designed Conviction LLC and become the property of
Designed Conviction LLC and contestants release all rights, claims or ownership thereof.
The contestant will get credit for published work. The contestant releases any claim of mo-
netary value or future monetary value which may come.
Please understand that we need money to be able to make these publications promote you
and your talent.
Currently, we are funding this project mostly out of our pocket. So your contribution will
go towards helping fund this project.
It is not easy to make money off of art and promotion is not cheap.
We understand if this is not for you, no worries. Please pass this along. Thank you.
Designed Conviction

Subscribe to this Magazine!
Be Part of Designed Conviction,
never miss an update, we are here for you.
2019 price: One year for $8, One issue for


Mailing Address
Designed Conviction LLC, 1001 Cooper Point
Rd SW Ste 140-223, Olympia, WA 98502
[email protected]

Se habla espanol

Prison Lingo 101: Sharing a unique world of intrigue
with those who are curious by Will Malicoat

If this book leaves you hungry for more, then prepare for an interesting read. My journey
to the Washington State Penitentiary as a young boy. This book is called “The Other Side
of The Game” which is a reflection upon my past and being prison-bound because of my
choices. You’ll walk in the shoes of a boy stepping on board the prison hound and learn
drastic changes and experiences prison has offered. Written by firsthand experience by Will

Malicoat and published by Designed Conviction.
Available in AMAZON

The Convicted Entrepreneur: Success is a State of Mind
(The Convicted Series) by Taylor Tom

The must-have step by step guide for the entrepreneur that is behind bars. Furthermore this
book will give anybody all that they need to go into business, but more than that, have success!
Jam-packed with the pathway to success for anybody who wants it. It’s yours for the taking.
You’ll find it all here along with a list of some very useful resources, as well as examples of a
real business plan and my actual resume.
Available in AMAZON

Life of a Lifer, the podcast

The concept of it is to give the world a look into the life of a lifer sharing the story of the founder of
Designed Conviction, but more than that, sharing the stories of many lifers across America. Showing
the human perspective, the other side of the coin, looking into how many have been doing so many

good things with their time and nobody ever hears about it.

Should there be redemption? Can people change? Well, we are also interviewing people that have
gone out and offered their perspectives on life sentences.

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