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JULY 2019


Inside Designed Conviction The Magazine

A publication by:

Editor in Chief: Taylor Tom

Mission Statement:
Unlock the creative talent of incarcerated individuals across America.
Vision Statement:
Bridging the gap between the incarcerated and society, while providing a
platform for positivity and productivity to flourish.
Mailing address:
Designed Conviction LLC,
1001 Cooper Point Rd SW Ste 140-223, Olympia, WA 98502

Advertising offers which are prohibited by state or federal law or constitutional rules of a facility detention
center are void.


If you are inspired by this and want to be a part of this Page 4
What is Designed Conviction up to? Page 6
Much depends on how we view or define it. Page 8
A light bulb came on, now I could see! Page 9
Page 10
Anddy’s story Page 12
Life without the possibility of parole… Page 13
We write because we have something to say!! Page 13
Toastmasters is like a community Page 14
Something that is essential to survival is money Page 16
List of people that made it to the first cycle Page 18
There is no limit to how many submissions a person
can enter and the contest is free to enter. Page 19
Reality is in the eye of the beholder



Welcome Back!

With the success of our first One point I would like to

issue we thank all that have make is that we are not able to

participated and submitted sell your art or merchandise for

content as this publication is you at this time. That is a whole

designed to be a resource and different business entirely.

an outlet for the convicted to We have invested a lot of

work on changing the culture time and money into this

and negative stigma society platform. The main thing we are

has cast upon the incarcerated. focused on is getting new

While shining a light on promotion. That, as you may be

those who have taken their time aware of, is very difficult and

to do something positive with expensive whatever it is that

their lives despite adversity, you are working on. As long as

this magazine is specifically it is positive and productive, we

tailored to those inside. want to promote it and get you

Our sister publication, exposure.

which you all have an If you are inspired by this

opportunity to be a part of, is and want to be a part of this

being launched in October and community and contribute to

distributed to the public in the social enterprise, having

conjunction with this and will your voice heard and your

also be a quarterly edition. talent shown, this is for you.

Remember if you don't make Write us.

it into print you will make it Have your family contact us.

online. The best and most Tell all your friends about us.

suitable submissions will get

printed. If you don't get printed Hear from you soon.

this time feel free to try again.

Hey! Here is a tip!
Have your friends & family visit us at and subscribe and become a

member of our online community!


Get your own website! Get a personal assistant!

Getting your own website with a Do you need help to research

custom domain is possible and online, find an old friend or

affordable! family member in social media?

2019 Price: One time set up fee 70 2019 Price: 15 USD per hour + a

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Submit your order. specific on your request, and

Attach in your letter (or email) remember, just legal activities.

the content for the home page

and two additional pages (no Mailing address:

more than 300 words per page) Designed Conviction LLC,
and 20 options of domain, do not

forget to send up to 3 pictures (or 1001 Cooper Point Rd SW Ste

documents to scan) and specify 140-223, Olympia, WA 98502

in which page should be placed. [email protected]

The only color in my ocean
Brittany W.

Henning, TN



Art Contest

Thank you to all who participated. So here is a tip. Have your people
Everybody that made an entry has a go to,
profile. You have the opportunity to become a member and stay tuned to
enter each quarter. the voting that will happen during
August for this first cycle.
The top ten will make it to the
print, and the top 20 will be published All the new submissions will go
in our online edition for the world to on for voting on the 1st of November
see. for the next voting period and will
continue for the entire month.
Have someone go check out
Outside Designed Conviction the We will announce the winners of
magazine that will be released in the first cycle in our next issue.
November. All the winners will be
chosen by voting online. Good luck to everybody!

So Cold by Designed Conviction featuring Caleb Twidwell

(Available on JPAY)

Some may say this is a sad song:
"So Cold" by Designed Conviction
featuring Caleb Twidwell.

However, on the contrary, when you
get into the depth of this piece, you feel
that rawness of it from the very first
note as a tune put straight through to
hit you in the most profound ways. As
Josh at Greenlight Studios masterfully
produced this record, the beauty of it is
the journey behind how this song made
its way out of prison to the studio.

Caleb served time with Taylor Cobain and the style of music "So
Tom who is serving a life without the Cold" brings to mind a 90's rock band.
possibility of parole. Taylor wrote this
song while Caleb was there. They This song is the second song to
were able to get it down on a demo be released on the Designed
tape along with eight others. Conviction entertainment record
Five years later they linked back
up, and Caleb got in the studio and Be sure to look forward to more
recorded the songs. Some have fire coming from this label and the
compared Caleb to the late Kurt artists.


Walk the Line by Designed Conviction
Featuring Caleb Twidwell

Our first single is available at most stores across
the planet including JPAY!
With lyrics 100% authentic, coming from the
mind, heart, and soul of a man who is currently
serving a life without parole sentence, convicted
13 years ago when he was 20 years old.

Book Release / August 15, 2019

The Convicted Entrepreneur

You want to learn all the tips, strategies and
resources to make your own business and be
successful, all from inside, in prison.
You want to check this book out

It will give you the inside you have been looking

Life of a Lifer

The Podcast

This is our new podcast which was and offered their perspectives on life
just launched. sentences.

The concept of it is to give the world a If this sounds interesting to you, write
look into the life of a lifer sharing the story to us for more details. If you're curious as
of the founder of Designed Conviction, but to what it's like, ask someone to check it
more than that, sharing the stories of out.
many lifers across America.
It is available on SoundCloud, Google
Showing the human perspective, the Play, iTunes, Spotify,
other side of the coin, looking into how and many other platforms.
many have been doing so many good
things with their time and nobody ever Want to share your story? Contact us
hears about it. today!

Should there be redemption? Can Designed Conviction LLC,
people change? Well, we are also 1001 Cooper Point Rd SW Ste 140-223,
interviewing people that have gone out Olympia, WA 98502.
[email protected]


Defining our environment


The Key to my cell

One day they threw me in a cell Then one day in despair I picked up a
Locked the door and said farewell book
I pondered my fate as I sat in my cell Turned the page and a journey I took
I counted the bricks and bemoaned my I sailed the seas and flew to the stars
new hell I plotted a course and landed on Mars
I hated my cell, but I hated me more As I soared through space and traveled in
I screamed and yelled and beat on the to me
door I freed my spirit and expanded my mind
Then a voice whistled into my ear; I picked up another and continued to read
“The key to your cell is hidden in here” Then I humbled myself and got on my
I searched and searched as the years knees
passed by A light bulb came on- Now I could see!
But the key stayed hidden no matter what The key to my cell was hidden in me!!
I might try


The struggle is real and upon ended up homeless on the streets just
release from prison it can be a hard trying to survive.
road. Yet it is not an impossible one to
conquer. So many would have given up at
this point, but not Anddy. Also known
The number one issue faced for as andoubledy on Instagram .
many is getting a roof over their head
and a legitimate job. Designed He had a passion for art for a long
Conviction takes an inside look into time and decided to pursue a career in
one such success story from adversity tattooing. He got an apprenticeship
through to triumph. and rode his skateboard to work to
save money.
Anddy did time as a youngster. He
was down for manslaughter with a Then he got a motorcycle and then
deadly weapon and served three years. a car. He saved more money and
He used this time to really reflect on finally he was able to buy a house.
his life and decide to do something
different. Anddy AK andoubledy is manager
and a top tattoo artist at Chico's Marked
While inside he went through 4 Life in South Florida.
many trying times. He made friends
with a lifer who actually had a
profound impact on his life after his

He went to live with his mother
while looking for work. Because of his
charges he kept getting rejected.
Nobody wanted to hire a felon with his
record. Then to make things worse, his
mother went into a coma and he had
nowhere to go.

With his immigration status he
was unable to get any assistance and


Tattooing has become a
career which has helped
him become independent
and stable. If that's not
enough, when Anddy isn't in
the shop slinging ink he's at
the skate park throwing
down like a big dog and
working with kids to be a
positive role model.

Anddy’s story shows us
that no matter what we are
up against in life you can
overcome adversity. It is

People can change and it's up to them
to make different choices. There are
alternative careers out there. One must

just apply themselves.



I wake each morning filled with dimmed, it tells me we have to be open to
thoughts of the effects of the compassion change and trust others.
of others on my life. To be honest for a
long time I would wake filled the thoughts It has allowed me to extend the same
that all things I desired to do would never compassion to others and to remind others
be. about the power of compassion that when
embraced they will come to understand it’s
Life without the possibility of parole boundless and immeasurable and allow us
has that effect on you. I often think of a to overcome all forms of adversity.
quote from my friend’s book that states
“People afflicted with leprosy were It was this compassion that was
segregated from society and exiled for life extended to me by a professor that started
to leper colonies.” me to write as an artist; paper became my
new canvas. It was therapeutic and
Those types of leper colonies are calming and yet powerful.
mostly a thing of the past but a new type of
leper colony has been taken their place in To watch people be moved by words
America. The new leper colonies are on paper, visualizing and seeing in vivid
prisons which have sprung up like color, the tears, the emotions shared in my
Starbucks. A costly American hatred by stories.
Joseph Dole.
I would share stories like how my son
If it wasn’t for the compassion of those was a prison inmate right next to me and
who went against the moral compass of over the years our journey together in the
lock’em up and throw away the key, we all department of correction and how I
would be forgotten. became a father.

I am thankful for the compassion that Compassion offered me the promise
has been extended to me over my thirty- of renewal the joy of living and the peace
eight years of my incarceration by all who of mind which comes from sharing and
believed in a 2nd, 3rd and sometimes a 4th caring. The shoulder to lean on in the time
chance. of need.

Had it not been extended to me, this Without the spirit of compassion that
would be a different story but because of has accompanied me along my journey,
the mercy shown to me, it has allowed me my life would exist in various shades of
to show mercy to others. See I was as cold grey, instead of these vibrant colors that
as the steel that incarcerated me, no heart, each day of possibilities brings to my life.
but deep inside my heart was aching.
Despite living under what is called the
I perfected the face and went through other death penalty, I embrace each day
the motions and no one was the wiser. with gratitude and it has allowed this
resurrection of spirit.
It was the volunteers, the teachers
would on occasion allow me to see the Like Dr. Brane Brown states: “Owning
world as I dreamt it would be. The our story can be hard, but not nearly as
compassion of these people reminded me difficult as spending our lives running from
what it means to be alive, the possibility of it.”
forgiveness and it has constantly provided
me with this glimmer of hope that there Writing has become the medium to
are still people with forgiving hearts and it tell my story, often wrapped in the stories
brought hope to me when mine was of others, but always done with the same
compassion shown to me by all the spirits
I’ve met along my journey.


Why we Write

We write to heal, to see; as therapy. We are trying to make it home to you on the

As a way to become temporarily free. road of redemption.

We write to experience the things we will We write to thank you for visits, prayers and

never explore. support.

We write to live beyond these barbed wire We ask you to ponder if mass incarceration

fences and caged doors. works and to affirm that it is an

We write what we have seen when we excruciatingly painful hurt.

discovered our imaginations had wings. We write because although our punishment

We write about the tyranny of kings and the was banishment, we are still a part of this

compassion of queens. country, state, city and community that we

We write to right our wrongs. love.

To show you that thru the passage of time We write to give voice to the remorse, regrets,

we've grown and that the memory of our time pain, hopes, goals, solutions and visions that

together is our daily love song. fill our mind and to have our words inked into

We write books, poems, letters and journals. literary immortality if we die before finishing

Some are about love and death, others our time.

others are spiritual and formal. We write because we are still in love with you

We write to remind you that even though our and whether you forgive us or not; know that

names are no longer mentioned. we are always hoping the best for you.

We write because we have something to say!!


When I wake up Friday morning, I feel way that Toastmasters International
an excitement within as I know supports these clubs formed within prison
Toastmasters is here. is terrific as these skills that are discovered
and built upon through this platform are
When I joined the Gavel Club New transferable to life beyond the walls as well
Horizons, I was nervous about speaking in as the credentials recognized across the
front of people, especially people I did not globe.
know. When I gave my first speech, my
icebreaker, I could hear my voice shaking. I would like to give special recognition
As I moved through the progression, to Jim and Vicky Rogers, the sponsors of
speech number two, three, four, five, I got three Toastmasters clubs New Horizons,
more confident. I began to sign up for roles Harbor Lights & ninth wave. With their
every week working on my Competent dedication, inspiration, guidance and
Leadership manual as well as Competent support they have made Toastmasters a
Communicator manual. place where men can go and grow to
become positive role models. It is my
Within the first year I completed both experience that when people learn how to
Competent Leader and Competent communicate more effectively, they have a
Communicator awards. I am so thankful to much better chance of success.
have the opportunity to be a part of
Toastmasters as it has helped me grow as Disclaimer: Toastmasters International
a person. and all other Toastmasters International
trademarks and copyrights are the sole property
It has helped me to break out of my of Toastmasters International. This publication
shell and develop my leadership style is independent of Toastmasters International. It
while communicating more effectively. is not authorized by, endorsed by, sponsored by
Toastmasters is like a community in which or otherwise affiliated with Toastmasters
a person can feel support. It is a positive International.
and uplifting learning environment. The


Jane M.

Something that is essential to survival individual stock that you can buy or sell at

in the world is money. any time by a given price.

Oftentimes the financial hardships are If you have ever heard of online

cause for people to fall down, turn to a life brokerages such as Fidelity or Charles

of crime just to get by because of the way Schwab you may want to look into that.

society looks down upon silence after If you have the means, both of these

release. It makes it even harder to get a job platforms offer low trade costs as well as a

in which one can live comfortably. That is number of freely traded ETF. At this time

why education opportunities are critical as we are working to find a way for you to

well as learning trades or any employment deal direct with a discount broker so you

programs available. don't have to rely or trust in someone else

Pick up books on investment if you to keep track of your finances.

have the opportunity to do so. Just keep in mind that investing in

Here are some ideas you may ponder. your future is the only sure way to be

Have you ever heard of an ETF? Well that financially stable.

stands for exchange traded fund. This is There are so many ways to do the right

like a mutual fund in that it holds a basket things.

of individual stocks. Yet it is like an


Angel byWe are a social enterprise seeking to build a supportive community based
Juan R. around positivity and productivity.

A social enterprise is a company that helps communities that are in need and
works together to make a difference. We aim to empower incarcerated

individuals and ex-felons to have a positive impact on those inside and the
community outside, creating a platform to unlock the potential to the world.
We invite you to join us as you're here to inspire change and promote stories of

Join our network. Make a choice to do something different with your life.
Tell your friends and family. Spread the word. Feel free to contact us at our

mailing address
Designed Conviction LLC
1001 Cooper Point Rd SW Ste 140-223

Olympia, WA 98502
We are here to hear your voice, do not hesitate to write now!


Work Name Category Contributor

Thoughts Writing Abdallah O.

Bradley Wayne Artwork Bradley Wayne Q.

The Only Color in the Ocean Artwork Brittany W.
Artwork Charly Ann Rash B.
Kurt Russel Writing
Why is it so hard to Change Artwork Daniel B.
Origami Orchestra (Music Box) Darryl C.
Wolf with a Cub Writing Derrick E. S.
Writing Derrick E. S.
Defining our environment Artwork
The Decision is yours Artwork Dustin J.
Writing Eduardo R.
Girl & a clown Writing Eduardo R.
Girl & a rose Writing Gustavo T.
My Book of Life Writing Gustavo T.
J Bardi W.
Addiction Artwork J Bardi W.
Be man enough to say “I’m sorry” Artwork J Bardi W.
How Do you Cope/DeaI With Artwork James W.
Being In There All This Time Jane M.
Indigenous First Nation Princess Artwork Jane M.
Art on a handkerchief Artwork
Cat Writing Jose A.
Artwork Jose A.
Self-portrait Writing Jose A.
Writing Juan R.
Dorothy Gale Writing Kenneth M K.
Villains Writing Kenneth M K.
Poem Kenneth M K.
Angel Writing Micah M.
Two Mothers Writing
In My Learning by Writing Michael L.
THOUGHTS Writing Michael L.
Product of my Environment, Nate A L.
Result of my Ambition Artwork Nate A L.
Testimony Writing
The open door Writing Paul T.
Butterfly Effect of Choices Paul T.
Retaliation against Whistle blower Ray B.
in Prison
Painting of my Bedroom
Wasted Sunsets
My Empty Hands


Villains “The power of words and
Jose A. what you conceive reality is
nothing. It’s what you
perceive “Manifested
Reality” I hold the keys, so
even as I struggle to break
free from my shell and seek
peace from my cell, that fiery
flame out of hell, was utilized
as a source of enlightenment
to light the way so that
I don’t dwell. “
Abdallah O.

Work Name Category Contributor

The Key to my Cell Writing Ray B.
Portrait Artwork Stephen R.
Picture Perfect Writing Stephen R.
Here After Writing Stephen R.
A Piece of Mind Writing Stephen R.
A Caged Mind Writing Stephen R.
Street Life written Writing Stephen R.
The Tri Fecta written Writing Stephen R.

I’m Drowning Writing Taveuan W.
Complicate Situation Writing Taveuan W.
Blossoming Writing Taveuan W.
Quotes Writing Taveuan W.
Immurement Writing Taveuan W.
Loyalty vs Love Writing Taveuan W.
Hope never dies Artwork
Queen of hearts Artwork Taylor C.
Al Capone Artwork Taylor C.
Why we Write Writing William M.
THE WAY FORWARD Writing Willie F.
Fly Free Writing Willie F.
Willie F.

Thank you to all who participated.
Have someone go check out Outside Designed Conviction

the magazine that will
be released in November. All the winners will be

chosen by voting online.
Voting starts August 1st! Ask your friends & family to go to: to vote for you now!

Thank you again and good luck!

Hope Never Dies
Taylor C.


Think you got what it takes to stand out from the crowd?

Ever feel like your talents need to art gallery to promote all the art and
be showcased and noticed for you to writing submitted and feature the
take off? We want to be that catalyst winners of the year. All credits will go
for you. We want to advertise, display to the artist.
and promote you and your hard work.

Our contest will be up for the or limitations on media
public to vote in the winners. We will use. Be creative. Just remember to be
be posting on social media, so be original. Please keep in mind that
sure to tell your friends and family to each new entry you submit will be
look for you and put in their vote. This entered into the next contest. You
quarter's submissions will need to be may have multiple entries per
in before October 1st. Voting will take contest.
place all the month of November.

The first 10 winners will be Send your best piece. This is that
published in the December edition of opportunity you've been looking for.
Outside Designed Conviction the Be creative. Just remember to be
magazine. The best part about this original.
contest is that there are multiple
winners and several ways to win.

There is no limit to how many Be sure to know Artwork is not

submissions a person can enter, and just paintings and drawings. It could
be carving, wood-burning,
the contest is free to enter. In
addition, all contestants will get a free leatherwork, paper maché, etc.

profile on our website. Choose subjects that send a

The first ten places will be positive message to shine a light on
published in our printed magazine, the incarcerated. When you submit
and the first twenty will be published your writing, please include an article
in our online edition. Each one will be version and a condensed version. You
added to our online catalog of artists could also write a short story.

or writers with their portfolio with Make sure you put a positive
picture and contact information. message in the end.

At the end of the year if we have
enough submissions, we will host an

Mail us your piece(s), a picture of you and up to 300 words for your free profile


Picture Perfect

By Stephen R.

Reality is in the eye of the beholder; just like
the sweet sounds of music that formulates in
the mind of a composer. Picture Perfect, how
could this be; with so much destruction in the
world, beauty is hard to see.
The aromatized smell of a morning flower;
while watching crisp blue skies as you pass
away an hour. A smile so fresh and alluring,
is it enough to get me by; as I reminisce in my
mind’s eye.

Picture perfect, how could this be love; with so
much destruction in the world, beauty is hard
to see. Hypnotic, you’re in a trance like state,
euphoria has set in and taken place; now you
see beauty has no face.

Picture perfect, how could this be; with so
much destruction in the world, beauty is hard
to see. What my eyes have seen as the day
comes to an end; picture perfect can only exist
captured on canvas for all to enjoy from
deep within.

By entering this contest, you and The contestant will get credit for
a third party who submits your entry published work. The contestant
for you both agree to abide by these releases any claim of monetary value
rules and agree to the decision made or future monetary value which may
about the winner. come.

You must be 18 years of age or Please understand that we need
older to enter. We will not submit money to be able to make these
gang-related material. publications promote you and your
By entering you consent to
Designed Conviction LLC to use your Currently, we are funding this
submission for any purposes without project mostly out of our pocket. So
any liability or limitation. your contribution will go towards
By entering into this contest entrants helping fund this project.
release and hold harmless Designed It is not easy to make money off of art
Conviction LLC, its owners, and and promotion is not cheap.
anybody associated with Designed
Conviction LLC. Any submissions We understand if this is not for
made will be considered a gift to you, no worries. Please pass this
Designed Conviction LLC and become along. Thank you. Designed
the property of Designed Conviction Conviction
LLC and contestants release all
rights, claims or ownership thereof.


So Cold by

Designed Conviction
featuring Caleb Twidwell

Available On

Walk the Line

by Designed Conviction
with Caleb Twidwell

Available On

Life of a Lifer

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Be Part of Designed Conviction, never miss an update, we are here for
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