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ITU-T Focus Group Digital Financial Services
Consumer Experience and Protection

4) Dispute resolution:
a. Call centre numbers should be stated in the contract and it should be clear whether or not calls to
them are toll free.
b. In-house dispute resolution mechanisms should be described.
c. Venue for arbitration - customers should be allowed to commence arbitration proceedings from
locations convenient to where they reside.
d. Legal fees - clauses requiring the provider to be indemnified for legal fees should be removed to
enable low-income customers to effectively access recourse mechanisms.

5) Contracts should be as complete as possible: In some contracts, customers are asked to make reference
to other documents with regard to specific terms. Any other documents should be readily available to
the consumer, such as by being attached to the contract.

6) Contracts should clearly indicate the instances in which the consumer is liable for his or her own loss of
funds due to fraud (e.g., not keeping PIN private).

7) Contracts should clearly indicate whether funds reversals are possible and, if so, the protocol for reversing
a transaction.

8) Contracts should indicate whether the provider has a policy on funds dormancy and indicate what the
procedure is to avoid loss of funds due to dormancy or the death of the account holder (e.g., noting a
next of kin on the account as holding right of survivorship).


62 Annex 1: DFS Contracts Reviewed

Country Terms & Conditions reviewed Review date Link
Kenya M-pesa (Safaricom) 10/08/2016 http
Ghana M-shwari (CBA/Safaricom) 11/08/2016 http
Malawi Airtel Money Bosea 12/08/2016 http
Nigeria Tigo Cash 15/08/2016 http
South Africa Easybank online 25/08/2016 http
25/08/2016 http
Airtel Money Term
16/08/2016 http
Teasy Mobile 17/08/2016 http
Stanbic Mobile Money 18/08/2016 http
18/08/2016 http
WeChat Wallet

ks ITU-T Focus Group Digital Financial Services
ps://​www.​safaricom.c​ o.k​ e/i​mages/D​ ownloads/T​ erms_​and_C​ onditions/C​ USTOMER_T​ ERMS_​ Consumer Experience and Protection
rch_2​ 012.p​ df
p://​www.s​ afaricom.​co.k​ e/i​mages/D​ ownloads/T​ erms_​and_C​ onditions/M​ -​SHWARI_​TERMS_A​ ND_​
p://​africa.a​ irtel.c​ om/​wps/​wcm/c​ onnect/a​ fricarevamp/​ghana/​airtel_m​ oney/​home/​business/​
ms-​and-c​ onditions
ps://​www.​nbs.​mw/​index.p​ hp/2​ 015-1​ 0-​22-1​ 3-3​ 6-​29/a​ boutus/t​erms-​and-c​ onditions
p://​africa.a​ irtel.c​ om/w​ ps/w​ cm/​connect/A​ fricaRevamp/​Malawi/A​ irtel_M​ oney/​Home/​Personal/​
ms-a​ nd-C​ onditions
p://​teasymobilemoney.c​ om/​terms-​conditions/​
ps://​web.9​ 09wallet.c​ om/​Home/​Terms
ps://​za.g​ etbucks.c​ om/t​erms
ps://​wechat.c​ o.z​ a/w​ echat-​wallet-​user-a​ greement/​

Country Terms & Conditions reviewed Review date Link
Tanzania Tigo Pesa 22/08/2016 http
22/08/2016 http
Timiza (Jumo) 0ahU
23/08/2016 Fwp
Uganda Utl-M-Sente 23/08/2016 BLoa
Zambia MTN- Uganda D145
Zimbabwe 24/08/2016 http
MTN Kongola (Jumo) 24/08/2016 http
Airtel Money 19/08/2016 Cons
Steward Bank 19/08/2016 http
EcoCash http


ks ITU-T Focus Group Digital Financial Services
ps://​www.t​igo.​co.t​ z/t​erms-​and-c​ onditions Consumer Experience and Protection
ps://​www.g​ oogle.​co.​uk/​url?s​ a=t​ &​rct=j​&​q=&e​ src=​s&s​ ource=w​ eb&c​ d=​1&​ved=​
UKEwj6vebn6cfRAhVpAcAKHVtDBt4QFggkMAA&​url=h​ ttp%3A​ %2F​ %2F​ africa.a​ irtel.c​ om%2​
ps%2F​ wcm%2​Fconnect%2F​ 9105e6db-d​ 3a7-4​ 591-​b7fa-​25ea008c05f5%2F​ TIMIZA%2B​ Cash%2​
an%2​BTerms%2B​ and%2B​ Conditions.p​ df%3F​ MOD%3D​ AJPERES%26a​ ttachment%3D​ true%26i​d%3​
52503154305&u​ sg=A​ FQjCNFOYcWPifvlr_q​ PesuvDycsQXugVQ&s​ ig2=m​ TSFuTumHx5fpynrp3LTeQ
p://​www.u​ tl.c​ o.​ug/​wp-c​ ontent/u​ ploads/2​ 012/0​ 4/​UTL_​SIM_R​ egistration_​Form.p​ df
ps://​www.m​ tn.c​ o.u​ g/​Mobile%20M​ oney/H​ ow%20t​o%20u​ se/​Documents/​MTN-M​ obile-M​ oney-​
sumer-​Terms.p​ df
p://​africa.a​ irtel.c​ om/​wps/​wcm/c​ onnect/A​ fricaRevamp/Z​ ambia/​AirtelMoney/​Terms+of+Use
ps://​www.​stewardbank.c​ o.​zw/c​ ustomer-​service/​contacts/m​ obile-​banking-t​erms-a​ nd-c​ onditions
ps://​www.​econet.c​ o.z​ w/​ecocash/​customer-​terms-​and-c​ onditions

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