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Published by WSD, 2019-12-05 13:45:48

Waterford Leisure & Education Opportunities

Winter/Spring 2020 Edition

Keywords: Community Education,Enrichment,Leisure






Welcome to the


for Winter-Spring 2020!


Registration Information........... 11 PARKS AND RECREATION Yin Yoga....................................... 49
de la Ferriere Yoga........................ 49
Registration Form...................... 12 Registration .........................41-42 Kundalini Yoga.............................. 49
Message to the Community............. 5 Chair Yoga.................................... 49
COMMUNITY EDUCATION.... 6-10 Parent/Child Yoga with Ease............................. 49
Waterford Mott/Kettering Athletics Bouncing Babies........................... 43 Saturday Morning Flow.................. 49
Running Club.................................. 6 Tumbling Toddlers......................... 43 Werq Dance Fitness...................... 49
Advanced Basketball Training .......... 6 Dancing Duos............................... 43 Belly Dancing for Beginners........... 49
Waterford Little League Baseball...... 6 Youth Dance & Fitness
Spring Basketball............................ 6 Ballet........................................... 43 Adult Dance
Ray Robinson Basketball Clinic........ 7 Hip Hop........................................ 43 Line Dancing for Beginners............ 50
Creative Arts Music Fun Time............................ 43 Line & Couples Dance................... 50
Cartooning Workshop...................... 7 Martial Arts................................... 43 Clogging....................................... 50
Watercolor for Everyone.................. 7 Tumbling / Gymnastics.................. 44
Advanced Tumbling / Gymnastics... 44 Adult Sports
Enrichment Twinkle Toes................................. 44 Adult Softball ............................... 50
Google CS First Club....................... 7 Youth Sports
Girls Who Code............................... 8 Instructional Archery..................... 44 Enrichment
Challenge Island............................. 8 Little Dribblers.............................. 44 Sign Language.............................. 51
Mad Science Detroit........................ 8 Shooting Stars.............................. 44 Refuse to be a Victim.................... 51
Babysitter Safety............................. 8 Sports Starz.................................. 44 Watercolor Painting....................... 51
Self-Defense for Children................ 9 Instructional Cheerleading............. 44 Finish Your Watercolor Painting51
Self-Defense for Women.................. 9 Volleyball Lite................................ 45 Swarovski Jewelry........................ 51
Wake Up Your Makeup Workshop..... 9 Volleyball Skills & Scrimmage........ 45 Winding River Bracelet.................. 51
Divorce Basics................................ 9 Junior Kickers............................... 45 Wire Wrapping Jewelry.................. 51
Dog Training................................. 10 Super Saturday Soccer.................. 45 Basic Self Defense........................ 51
Puppy Training.............................. 10 Football Skills Camp...................... 45 Harmony Healing.......................... 51
Floor Hockey................................. 45
Business & Finance Tiny Hawks Baseball..................... 45 Special Events
Putting Your House in Order: Under- Youth Sports & Games.................. 45 Valentine’s Daddy Daughter Dance..... 53
standing Wills, Trusts and Probate.. 10 Spring Soccer............................... 46 St. Patrick’s Mother Son Dance...... 53
Voice-Overs ................................. 10 Summer Ball................................. 46 Sheep Shearing &
Rocketball Softball
POOL AND FITNESS.............13 - 32 Pancake Breakfast..................... 53
Instructional League................... 46 Unicorn Utopia Party...................... 53
Registration Information........... 11 Youth Special Interest
Klever Kreations............................ 47 Therapeutic
Registration Form...................... 12 Little Chefs................................... 47 Flash’s Friendship Club................. 54
Summer Day Camps.................. 47
LOCATIONS & MAP..............28 - 31 50+ PROGRAMS......................... 55
Adult Fitness
LIBRARY................................33-38 50+ Fitness.................................. 48 RENTAL FACILITIES.................... 56
Barre Belles.................................. 48
SENIOR CENTER....................39-40 Melt............................................. 48 Waterford Leisure &
Zumba......................................... 48 Education Opportunities
R.I.P.P.E.D..................................... 48 1
Zumba Gold.................................. 48 December 2019
Tai Chi for Arthritis........................ 48 Volume 13, Issue 1
Tai Chi for Heart Health................. 48 Published in April, August,
Get Moving with Tai Chi................. 48
Gentle Moves Yoga........................ 48 and December
Published by
Waterford School District
501 N. Cass Lake Road,
Waterford, MI 48328-2307

Community Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board

YOUTHseLeEApGaUgEe SPORTS PWhatoertfoorgdVrPaaorplkuhs naenrtdesReNercreeeatdioendis!
in need of a few volunteer
photographers to capture our
wonderful programs and events!
IfiynogupaleraesienteemreasilteTdorini Hveoglulinnteaetr-
WHISFNEAP10RTLSa8ILmE21SN:0R1–50aG:-D4maSp:mHaOm–O.yA–cDAcCW8tpuatlopsTroofkmbiisbtllHelee7eid71arrrAdW5mda1aL1yWsey6–asd5s/bL/L&w–AwoaaeeTrkAebYehekkopDurrrRaPsilydDA1a–R4yK [email protected] for more
information. If you have a hobby
interest in photography or if you
want to strengthen your portfolio,
this is a great
for you!


Community Bulletin Board Bulletin Board


AmWparansitylumfe1pr5sSrapoefetiaRenohrmartvraesfe–kdciosossncOaroniaPonrmcanarmfnteploscroopak,[email protected],fofrbsrnt.RhrfsatSkPeoma.lllsecaPftrapfvoadrataaaessmiaofriaeilnntiaknf.tigdbo.deiosolnmepintvsaaefhrirvlakoasrmy



Community Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board

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AdWu l taste1r2f o+rd-P$Ra8eyc•craeCashht iiaoldntredCnoeon4rt-e•1r14•-:05$064–4•063:W30ainlpldimaUmnsdLear k–eFRRdE.E


Message to the Community

H appy New Year! As you start fresh in 2020, make your resolution a reality Waterford School District
by enrolling in classes through the Waterford School District’s Community
Education Program. Whether you are hoping to embrace a healthier life-
style, you’re interested in learning a new skill, or you just want to have fun, we have
something for you.

WSD Community Education offers a variety of enrichment classes for all ages and
interests including cartooning, youth sports, coding, dog training, and more. To access
information about current classes and programs, visit You can
browse available classes or be the first in line to register!

Our Pool & Fitness Centers offer a variety of fitness classes at the Waterford Fitness
Studio, including Barre, Fit and Fabulous, Kick Start Cardio, Pilates, Yoga, and Zum-
ba. If you prefer water fitness, we have an assortment of classes for all ages to en-
joy. Members will enjoy all these classes, as well as our wellness classes, FREE!
Visit for more information.

We are always interested in offering more opportunities for our community members.
If you have a hobby or passion that you would like to share and would like to become an
instructor, please visit to learn more.

We encourage you to find a class that excites you and look forward to seeing you in our
classrooms, gymnasiums, pools and fitness centers!

Kelly Allen, Director
Communications and Community Relations


Scott A. Lindberg, superintendent

William Holbrook, assistant superintendent

Inspire, educate, and empower our students for their future!


Heather Halls Julie Josselyn Robert Petrusha, Jr. Bob Piggott

Michael Ristich, PhD Joan Sutherland John Paul Torres


Community Education

The running club is designed to introduce your child SEASON
to the joy of running with a group of peers in a su- Middle & High School Boys and Girls
pervised, constructive format. Participants will follow Instructor: Dave Smith, PlayAllBasketball
a 6 week training program that will culminate in a 1 PlayAllBasketball.Net provides individual and small
mile fun run at Mott High School on Wednesday, May group training for elite and developing athletes.
27 at 5pm. Participants may purchase a club t-shirt We teach basic, intermediate and advanced basket-
Community Education from the coach for $5. Grades 2-5, if Kindergarten ball skills during structured gym training sessions.
Participants improve shooting, dribbling, passing,
rebounding and techniques in offense and defense.
PlayAllBasketball coaches emphasize teamwork, re-
spect, discipline and responsibility. Students are ex-
pected to achieve measurable improvement. Practice
outside of class time and team play is encouraged to
achieve an improved performance level. Sessions
are on-going. Visit for
more information. $60 per Session.

and 1st grade are interested, they should ask their WATERFORD LITTLE LEAGUE –
school’s coach.
2023.001 4/15 Wed 6 sessions SPRING BASEBALL Grades 1-5
Bringing baseball back into our elementary schools
4:00-5:15 pm $30 Beaumont powered by your local Little League! Have fun while
2023.002 4/15 Wed 6 sessions
4:00-5:15 pm $30 Cooley representing your school and playing on your home
field versus other schools in the community. Partici-
2023.003 4/15 Wed 6 sessions pants will acquire knowledge of the game and learn
4:00-5:15 pm $30 Donelson Hills
2023.004 4/15 Wed 6 sessions skills of throwing, hitting, and catching, All practices
will be scheduled by a coach who will notify parents
4:00-5:15 pm $30 Grayson of the practice and game days/times. The season
2023.005 4/15 Wed 6 sessions
4:00-5:15 pm $30 Haviland runs March 1st through June 13th, 2020.
2023.010 T-Ball Ages 4-6 $65
2023.006 4/15 Wed 6 sessions 2023.011 Coach Pitch Ages 7-8 $85
4:00-5:15 pm $30 Houghton
2023.007 4/15 Wed 6 sessions 2023.012 Minors Ages 9-10 $120
2023.013 Majors Ages 11-12 $135
4:00-5:15 pm $30 Knudsen
2023.008 4/15 Wed 6 sessions
4:00-5:15 pm $30 Riverside SPRING BASKETBALL Grades 3-8
Players will receive individual and group skill devel-
2023.009 4/15 Wed 6 sessions opment instruction. Players learn and practice the
4:00-5:15 pm $30 Schoolcraft
fundamentals of the game of basketball. Skill in-
struction includes ball handling, passing and shoot-
ing. The players will play 5-on-5 games. The league
will conclude with a one day playoff tournament
Grades 3-5 (Session A)
2023.014 4/14 Tue 6 sessions
7:00-8:00 pm $70 Mason
Grades 6-8, advanced 5th graders (Session B)
2023.015 4/14 Tue 6 sessions
6:30- 8:00 pm $80 Mott


Community Education

Participants will learn basic basketball skills, ter-
minology, and the rules helping them develop and
improve their basketball fundamentals with some GOOGLE CS FIRST CLUB Grades 3-8
game play opportunity. Each participant will receive
a t-shirt. Instructor: WSD Staff Members
Google CS First club will provide an opportunity for
2023.016 1/28 Tues 6 sessions students to work through real-world themed activ-
7:00-8:15 pm $80 Mason
ities including music, art, game design and sports
with lessons aimed at introducing them to computer
science through fun and engaging ways. Students
who are registered will be able to engage in their
own learning once a week, directly after school, for a
Creative Arts total of six sessions. Each club will include an after
school snack.
2014.001 Tue 1/28 6 sessions
CARTOONING WORKSHOP Grades K-5 4:00-5:15 pm $30 Beaumont
Instructor: Neal Levin 2014.002 Wed 2/5 6 sessions Community Education
Students learn to draw characters and create 4:00-5:15 pm $30 Cooley
cartoons—even if a beginner—with simple 2014.003 Tue 1/28 6 sessions
instruction and games! Included in the fee are all 4:00-5:15 pm $30 Donelson Hills
materials and a booklet to take home. This class 2014.004 Wed 2/5 6 sessions
is revised each year. 4:00-5:15 pm $30 Grayson
2012.001 Thur 1/16 1 session 2014.005 Tue 1/28 6 sessions
3:00-4:30 pm $19 Haviland 4:00-5:15 pm $30 Houghton
2012.002 Wed 1/29 1 session 2014.006 Mon 2/3 6 sessions
4:00-5:30 pm $19 Beaumont 4:00-5:15 pm $30 Riverside
2012.003 Mon 2/3 1 session 2014.007 Tue 1/28 6 sessions
4:00-5:30 pm $19 Knudsen 4:00-5:15 pm $30 Schoolcraft
2012.004 Tue 4/21 1 session 2014.008 Wed 2/5 6 sessions
4:00-5:30 pm $19 Donelson Hills 3:15-4:30 pm $30 Mason
2012.005 Wed 4/29 1 session 2014.009 Wed 2/5 6 sessions
4:00-5:30 pm $19 Schoolcraft 3:15-4:30 pm $30 Pierce
*No sessions 2/17/20 - 2/18/20 due to Winter Break
or 3/10/20 as school is not in session
Ages 16+
Instructor: Cecilia Proulx Phipps
Learn to paint with purely transparent colors to
create stunning paintings of flowers, leaves, sun-
sets and more! No prior experience necessary al-
though painters on all levels are welcome to join the
fun! The first class will demonstrate technique and
explain supplies needed. Instructor has some paint
and brushes available for purchase.
2015.006 Tue 2/25* 9 sessions
6:00-8:30pm $100 Crary Campus
2015.007 Thur 2/27** 9 sessions
6:00-8:30pm $100 Crary Campus
*No Class 4/7
**No Class 4/9


Community Education

Instructor: WSD Staff Member WORLD TOUR ISLAND Ages 4-11
The mission of Girls Who Code is to work to inspire,
educate and equip girls with the computing skills to These workshops are designed for students,
Kindergarten through fifth grade, and are an
pursue 21st century opportunities. This after school enrichment opportunity to grow their skills
program will begin to inspire girls into future careers
that involve technology, collaboration, teamwork, en- and knowledge in critical thinking, team-
work and STEAM (science, technology,
gineering and problem solving. It will provide those engineering, arts, math) fundamentals in each class!
who participate with a lifelong global alumni network
with Girls Who Code that includes the potential for In each of these sessions, kids will be going on
Challenge Island’s “World Tour”, where they will
future college and career opportunities. Students engineer their way around the globe to learn about
who are registered will be able to engage in their
own learning once a week, directly after school, for a new places each week while working with their
“tribes” to solve STEAM challenges! See below for
total of eight sessions. Each club will include an after the specific concepts that will be covered each week:
school snack.
2014.010 Wed 1/15 8 sessions Week 1: World Overview (continents, Around the
World in 80 Days): hot air balloons
4:00-5:00 pm Free Beaumont Week 2: Paris, France: tower challenge
Community Education 2014.011 Wed 1/15 8 sessions
4:00-5:00 pm Free Donelson Hills Week 3: Antarctic Iceberg: penguin slides
Week 4: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil: build your own
2014.012 Mon 1/13 8 sessions foosball game
4:00-5:00 pm Free Grayson
2014.013 Tues 1/14 8 sessions Week 5: Sydney, Australia: bridge building
Week 6: Agra, India (Taj Mahal): monkey playground
4:00-5:00 pm Free Haviland 2014.020 Sat 1/11 6 sessions
2014.014 Wed 1/15 8 sessions
4:00-5:00 pm Free Knudsen 11:00am-12:00pm $110 Crary Campus
*No sessions 1/18/20 or 2/15 due to MLK day and
2014.015 Wed 1/15 8 sessions Winter Break
4:00-5:00 pm Free Riverside
2014.016 Wed 1/15 8 sessions
4:00-5:00 pm Free Schoolcraft MAD SCIENCE DETROIT PRESENTS:
MAD LAB Grades K-5
2014.017 Mon 1/13 8 sessions You can encounter science anywhere! The world
3:15-4:15 pm Free Mason
2014.018 Tues 1/14 8 sessions is your laboratory! Whether you’re in the kitchen,
outside, or watching a movie - there is science going
3:15-4:15 pm Free Pierce on behind the scenes. Join us for 6 weeks of amazing
2014.019 Mon 1/13 8 sessions
2:45-3:45 pm Free Kettering fun science that also includes detective science,
insects, and the science of toys!
* No sessions 2/17/20 - 2/18/20 due to Winter 2014.021 Tue 2/4 6 sessions
4:00-5:00pm $135 Cooley
2014.022 Wed 2/5 6 sessions
4:00-5:00pm $135 Grayson
2014.023 Thur 2/6 6 sessions
4:00-5:00pm $135 Knudsen

Instructor: Ian Kinder, Live Safe Academy, LLC
Learn to be safe and responsible. Build confidence.
Have a competitive edge over other babysitters. One-
day class. Topics include: First aid, when and how to
call 911, CPR with mannequin practice, choking, and
more! Students who successfully complete the course
requirements are certified in Babysitter Safety, CPR
and First Aid. Bring a snack. For more information
please visit:
2014.024 Thur 3/5 1 session
5:00-8:00pm $45 Crary Campus


Community Education

Ages 6-10 Ages 18+
Instructor: Ian Kinder, Live Safe Academy, LLC Instructor: Kim DeCovich
If someone wants to hurt our children, they won’t Do you continually look at the same old glamour
choose a time or a place with witnesses. That products in your makeup bag and wonder why you
means no parents, no teachers, no policemen, just bought them? Are you confused by lipstick or foun-
our children and the predator. The safety of our dation shades and formulas? Are you intimidated
children will depend on their ability to recognize a trying to conceal blemishes, scars, dark circles,
threat and respond effectively. This fun, interactive rosacea and other imperfections? In this workshop
and age appropriate workshop teaches essential, you’ll receive a glamour look specifically curated for
lifesaving information about the threats facing our your individual needs. Then, you’ll be instructed on
children, strategies for prevention and real-world how to clean out your makeup bag so you’ll have
techniques designed to reduce their risk of abduc- only what you need to get your personalized glam on
tions, assaults and other forms of violence. But and eliminate everything else. There is a $2.00 per
most of all, these programs teach students that person material fee paid to the instructor in class.
they have the right to be safe, that no one has the Please bring hair clips or tie backs.
right to hurt them and that their life is worth pro- 2017.002 Thur 1/16 1 session
tecting. For more information please visit: www. 6:30-8:30pm $25 Crary Campus Community Education
2014.025 Wed 3/25 1 session
5:00-6:00pm $15 Crary Campus DIVORCE BASICS Ages 18+
Instructor: Diane M. Twitty, PLLC
How will divorce affect my children? What will happen
SELF-DEFENSE FOR WOMEN to my assets? What does my financial future look like?
These are just a few of the questions that asked when
Ages 12+ (18 or younger must be ac- considering divorce. Get the answers that you need
companied by a participating adult)
Can you defend yourself against a violent attack? from an experienced Family Law Attorney who knows.
The legal process of divorce, what you need to know
Do you have the knowledge, skill and confidence to about child custody, asset division, spousal support
defend your family? You don’t have to spend years
training in an expensive program. Learn simple, and a number of other divorce related topics will be
discussed. Spouse may attend at no additional charge.
lifesaving skills from programs designed to increase 2017.003 Wed 2/12 1 session
your safety after only one class! Our hands-on
courses teach time-tested, realistic methods that 7:00-9:00pm $15 Crary Campus

are easy to learn and remember. Designed to be
safe, this course instills confidence by building on
success. You are coached according to your own
rate of progression. No previous training required. A
great stress reliever and lots of fun.
2017.001 Wed 3/25 1 session
6:30-8:30pm $35 Crary Campus


Community Education

Dogs 6 months and older
Owners Ages 15+ with parent Business & Finance

Instructor: Julie Bennett, Total Dog
Does your dog pull on the leash, jump on people and
not come when called? Let’s change all of that! Great PUTTING YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER:
manners, basic obedience and so much more in this AND PROBATE
fun and informative class. Julie Bennett has 30 years
of experience as has worked with Cesar Millan, The Ages 18+
Instructor: Daniel A. Gwinn, Gwinn Legal PLLC
Dog Whisper, several times. FIRST DAY ONLY MEET For over 19 years this popular estate planning class
Bring proof of rabies vaccination. has helped many Waterford residents put their hous-
es in order! Discover for yourself and your loved ones
2017.004 Sat 1/18 7 sessions why putting your house in order is a good idea for
10:30-11:20am $130 Crary Campus
2017.005 Sat 4/4 7 sessions adults of any age. You know you need to prepare
your estate plan – but you keep putting it off. This
10:30-11:20am $130 Crary Campus year, try a new approach and put your house in order

Community Education PUPPY TRAINING WITH TOTAL DOG by learning the essentials of basic estate planning. If
you plan for your future, you get the peace of know-
Puppies up to 6 months old ing that the assets you worked so hard to accumu-
Owners Ages 15+ with parent
Instructor: Julie Bennett, Total Dog late are protected. You will learn about wills, trusts,
powers of attorney, joint ownership of assets, health
Does your puppy leave you frazzled and frustrated? care directives and the probate process. Previous
Let’s get it fixed! Join this comprehensive class to
give your puppy socialization, manners and basic students have described this popular course as “fun,
informative, and a great presentation.” The instructor
obedience. Chewing, jumping and more. With 30 is an experienced attorney with a knack for making
years of experience, Julie Bennett is Michigan’s only
trainer to have worked with Cesar Milan, The Dog the topics easy to understand, as well as enjoyable.
You are invited to bring your spouse at no extra
Whisperer, several times. FIRST DAY ONLY MEET AT charge to this important, informative, and interactive
Proof of rabies vaccination for puppy or dog 6 class. (If your spouse is attending, his/her name must
be included on the registration form.
months old or older required. 2016.001 Tues 2/25 1 session
2017.006 Sat 1/18 7 sessions
9:30-10:20am $140 Crary Campus 6:00-8:30 pm $25 Crary Campus

2017.007 Sat 4/4 7 sessions
9:30-10:20am $140 Crary Campus
Ages 18+
Instructor: Will Kamp, Such A Voice, LLC
In what could be the most enlightening two hours
you’ve ever spent, this class will show you how you
can actually begin using your speaking voice for
commercials, films, videos, and more. Most people
go about it the wrong way. In this introductory class,
you will learn about a unique, outside the box way
to break into this creative, fulfilling, and potentially
lucrative industry. Voice-overs can be managed on
your own terms, on your own turf, in your own time,
and with minimal overhead! Whether you choose to
pursue voice-overs part-time or full-time, this could
be the game changer you’ve been looking for.
2016.002 Mon 3/2 1 session
6:30-8:30 pm $25 Crary Campus



· Online at (see below)
· In person at the Pool & Fitness Centers or at Crary Campus.
· By mail: Send the registration form located on page 25 to 501 N. Cass Lake Road,Waterford, MI.
· By fax: 248.706.4888
We accept cash, check, money order, American Express, Visa and MasterCard. Checks should
be made payable to Waterford School District. Returned checks will be subject to a $25 admin-
istrative charge by our office. We offer a 10% discount for adults who are age 60 or older.

Mott 248.674.6360
Beginning registration dates for participants are as follows:
Pool & Fitness Members December 30, 2019
Non Members January 3, 2020
Registration will be during normal business hours at the Pool & Fitness Centers Community Education
M-F 5:30 am-8:00 pm, Sat. 7:00 am-6:00 pm, Sun.9:00 am-5:00 pm and
Crary Campus registration hours listed below.

Crary Campus will accept registrations
Beginning January 6, 2020 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Refunds: Refunds must be requested in writing at least 10 days prior to the first day of
class for the full amount to be refunded to the participant.

If the request is less than 10 days before the class, a $10 service fee will be deducted
and the remainder credited to the participants Community Education account. The credit
can be used for future classes offered through Waterford Community Education.

If the request is received after the first day of class but prior to the second day of class,
the refund will be prorated and credited to the participant’s Community Education account
and subject to a $10 administrative fee. Refunds will not be issued after the second class.

A full refund will be issued if a class or program is cancelled by Waterford
Community Education.



Go to click on the interactive website link “Request Account”.
Once you have your account you may browse activities and “shop” like other online

buying sites! Follow instructions online to complete the transition. You may also
use this website to view your family’s activity schedule once you are registered!
To view the most current information regarding classes, click on the interactive

website link “View Activities” then activity name.




501 North Cass Lake Road · Waterford, MI 48328
Phone: 248.682.7800 · Fax: 248.706.4888

________________________________________________________________________________________ n Male n Female
Participant’s Last Name First Name Date of Birth


Street Address . City Zip Code Grade (Fall)


Home Phone Cell/Night Phone E-mail to receive copy of receipt

For Camp T-Shirt Only: (circle one) Youth: L Adult: S M L XL XXL

ComCmomunmituynEitdyuEcdauticoantion _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Activity # Course Name Start Date Time Location Fee


Activity # Course Name Start Date Time Location Fee

Completed registration form and payment may be dropped off, mailed, or faxed to the above number.
Checks should be made payable to Waterford School District.

Visa ____ MC ____ Charge Card #____________________________________________ Exp.Date____________ 3 digit Code _______

Charge Customer’s Signature ____________________________________________________________________________________

For Office Use Only

Paid by: Cash _______ Visa# _______________________ MC# ________________________ Check # ________ Amount $________

Date Received______________________ Received by ______________________________________________________


Medical conditions or special needs we should be aware of: ______________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Last Name
First Name Address (if different from above)


Parent Work Phone Cell/Night Phone E-mail to receive copy of receipt

Please list individual (other than you) to be called in case of illness/emergency:


Name Relationship Telephone # Telephone #

If you or your child would like to participate in this event, please complete, sign and return the following statement of consent and release of liability.
You remain fully responsible for any legal responsibility which may result from any personal actions. You also authorize and consent to the activity
leader(s) securing medical services including hospitalization to aid you or your child, if in their judgment, such services are necessary. It is also under-
stood that the Waterford School District does not maintain accident medical insurance for injuries that may be associated with this type of activity. It
is your responsibility to provide medical insurance or other financial means of paying for activity related injuries.
Signature:______________________________________________________________Date ________________________________

14 WATERFORD SCHOOL DISTRICT 248.674.3145 OR 248.706.4866


Pool and Fitness Community Education



Building healthy minds and bodies through healthy habits
The Waterford Pool & Fitness Centers are your family’s community wellness facilities. It’s never too late to begin
the journey to better health. We are here to help you achieve your healthy lifestyle goals through education,
motivation and support. Memberships and daily passes are available for individuals or families.
Please see the membership ad on page xx for details.
The Waterford Fitness Studio offers group exercise classes to keep you moving and grooving toward your fitness
goals. It’s conveniently located within the Covert Center across from Mott High School at 1151 Scott Lake Road.
Check out page xx for more information!
Included in your membership, is your own Wellness Coordinator, at your service! Your membership will begin
with a health assessment and body composition analysis. You will receive a customized program to get you
started, based on your needs, goals, and interests. Your program may include nutrition counseling, exercise
machine orientation, ongoing motivation and support to keep you on track.
For more information, contact Katy Miller, Fitness & Lifestyle Coordinator, at 248-682-0593.

The Waterford Pool & Fitness Centers is now offering older adults a way
to increase their levels of physical activity while motivating them to remain
active. SilverSneakers is the nation’s leading community fitness program
designed exclusively for older adults. SilverSneakers helps older adults
take greater control of their health through a variety of fitness offerings
that engages participants in more frequent strength training, aerobic, and flexibility exercise by providing ac-
cess to a variety of venues and programming designed specifically for older adults. There are more than 14.5
million people eligible for the SilverSneakers benefit through the nation’s leading Medicare Advantage health
plans, Medicare Supplement carriers and group retiree plans. For those members, the benefit is offered at no
additional cost.
If your health plan offers Silver Sneakers and you would like more information about the program, please contact
the Waterford Pool and Fitness Centers at 1151 Scott Lake Road, Waterford, MI 48328 or call 248-674-6360 or
248-673-9969. For more information, to check eligibility or enroll, go to

The Waterford Pool and Fitness Centers and The Waterford Fitness
Studio is now offering Silver&Fit® memberships. Silver&Fit is designed
specifically to help older adults achieve better health through regular
exercise and health education. Silver&Fit provides eligible members
with no-cost or low cost fitness memberships and older adult-oriented group exercise classes, through arrange-
ments with certain health plans. Silver&Fit is provided by American Specialty Health Fitness, Inc., a subsidiary
of American Specialty Health Incorporated.
If your health plan offers Silver&Fit and you would like more information about Silver&Fit classes, please contact
the Waterford Pool and Fitness Centers at 1151 Scott Lake Road, Waterford, MI 48328 or call 248-674-6360 or
248-673-9969.You may also visit Silver&Fit at Silver&Fit is a federally registered trademark
of American Specialty Health Incorporated. To find out if you qualify for the Silver&Fit program, contact your health-
care provider and ask about their exercise incentive program, or call Silver&Fit at 877-329-2746, option 8.


Community Education Pool and Fitness


Fitness Center
A fitness center at Mott Campus overlooks the pool and exterior athletic areas.An elevator is accessible.The Center
includes resistance machines and free weights to target muscle groups, cardio equipment including treadmills,
upright and recumbent bikes, elliptical, and rowing machine. A cardio theater of flat screen televisions is available
for your entertainment during your workout. Please bring your headphones. All users are expected to wipe down
machines after use with the cleansing wipes provided. Daily use lockers are available. Please bring your own lock.
Locker Rooms
Male and female locker rooms are located at each facility, as well as a family locker room for those needing
privacy or with children of the opposite sex needing supervision. Showers, bathroom facilities, and lockers are
located within the locker rooms. Please bring your own locks if you wish to keep items in the lockers.
Indoor track
Our indoor track is 1/10 of a mile and is located near the Mott Pool and Fitness Center. The walking track is free
for everyone; we just ask that you sign in at the front desk. The newly renovated outdoor track is 1/4 of a mile
and is available for our patrons at the Mott Campus as well.
The Center houses a warm water instructional pool with a handicapped accessible ramp. Average temperature
of the instructional pool is 84-87 degrees. Depths range from 3ft to 4.5ft. The Center also includes an eight lane,
25-yard x 25 meter competitive pool for lap swimming or diving. Average temperature is 80-82 degrees. Depths
range from 4ft to 14ft. We have elevated seating for 400 spectators located on two sides of the competition
pool. One-meter and three-meter diving boards are available for use during select times. In compliance with
ADA recommendations, a handicapped lift is available upon request.

Birthday Parties
Have a pool party with us! The Pool and Fitness Centers offers a multi-purpose room located right on the pool deck.The
party packages include two hours of room use and swimming for up to 20 guests for $99. A non-member fee of $15
will be applied. A private after-hours party is $200. Please submit requests online or in person AT LEAST two weeks
before your requested date. Requests are processed on a “first come, first served” basis. Please contact Morgan
Ratliff, PFC Service Desk Coordinator, at 248-674-6360 or [email protected] for more information.

Let us help you set obtainable
goals and stay on track!

Will you resolve to get fit, eat healthy and lose weight in 2020?
The Waterford Pool & Fitness Centers can provide meaningful change!
Throughout January, when you purchase an annual membership we will
give you TWO FREE ADDITIONAL MONTHS. With the purchase of a
three-month membership you will receive ONE ADDITIONAL MONTH.

Waterford Pool & Fitness Center
Waterford Fitness Studio
Call 248.673.9969 or 248.674.6360


Pool and Fitness


Seasonal schedules are available at the Mott Pool & Fitness location for open swim, lap swim and track use.
These schedules are subject to change without advanced notice. Our goal is to provide safe and reasonable
access to all patrons and program participants whenever possible, which may include occasional rental groups.
We appreciate your cooperation.

Kettering High School (KETT) Mott High School (MOTT) Waterford Fitness Studio (WFS)
Pool & Fitness Pool & Fitness Covert Center
2800 Kettering Drive 1151 Scott Lake Road 1150 Scott Lake Road
248-673-9969 248-674-6360 248-682-0593

SCHOOL IN SESSION HOURS Open 15 minutes before &
After Labor Day to After Memorial Day after scheduled classes

KETTERING MOTT Community Education
*Not open for member or Mon-Fri* 5:30am-8pm
drop-in use unless Sat 7am-6pm
otherwise posted Sun 9am-5pm

After Memorial Day to After Labor Day Open 15 minutes before &
after scheduled classes
*Not open for member Mon-Fri* 5:30-8pm
or drop-in use unless Sat 7am-4pm
otherwise posted Sun 9am-3pm

*During the school year Mott pool is closed M-F from 12:30-3pm, and the Mott Fitness Center remains open.
*Hours are occasionally subject to change. You may contact the service desk at 248-674-6360 or email us at
[email protected] ahead of your arrival for updated information.

Holiday Hours Easter 2020
Facilities are open normal hours unless listed below: • Sat April 11: Mott open 7a-3p
Christmas/New Year 2019/2020 • Sun April 12: Mott & WFS closed
• Tues Dec 24: Mott & WFS closed Memorial Day 2020
• Wed Dec 25: Mott & WFS closed • Sat May 23: Mott open 7a-3p
• Sat Dec 28: Mott open 7am-3pm • Sun May 24: Mott open 9a-3p
• Sun Dec 29: Mott open 9am-3pm • Mon May 25: Mott & WFS closed
• Tues Dec 31: Mott & WFS closed
• Wed Jan 1: Mott & WFS closed

Personal Training
Why use a personal trainer? Our certified personal trainers will help you reach your goals faster. With a program
customized just for your needs, you will get the most out of every workout. They provide guidance on proper form
to prevent injuries and the motivation to succeed. Our trainers will perform body composition assessments,
personalized nutrition coaching, and help you push through any plateaus.
For personalized individual or small group quotes call Katy Miller at 248-682-0593.

Important Pool Area Rules
All patrons of the Waterford Pool and Fitness Centers are subject to following facility rules and etiquette for safety
purposes. Facility rules can be viewed at


Community Education Pool and Fitness

For schedules of classes updated monthly, please visit our website at, view our Facebook page at
WaterfordPFC/, stop by the Mott Campus at 1151 Scott Lake Road,
Waterford, 48328 during our open hours, or call us at (248) 674-6360.

Classes focus on postural strength and alignment, along with a series of upper body exercises using light
weights. Using the ballet barre, you will sculpt your lower body and abs, increasing your flexibility. This is fol-
lowed by mat work focusing on the core.
This is a multi-functional fitness class that incorporates both weights and aerobic exercise. This class is a higher
intensity, although we do encourage all levels of fitness. Bring water to class. Moderate to High Intensity
FIT & FABULOUS level 1*
This class will increase strength, balance, improve bone density and flexibility, and quicken your reaction time.
Class is designed in two segments using chairs, hand weights, bands, followed by a segment of movement to
improve cardio. Welcoming to the beginner and excellent for the active adult.
FIT & FABULOUS level 2 & 3
This class will increase strength, balance, improve bone density and flexibility, and quicken your reaction time.
We eliminate the chair taking this class up to a little higher level using hand weights, bands, followed by a
segment of movement to improve cardio. Level 3 includes floor work, mat needed.
Energizing total body, non-impact strength workout using weights, bands, and exercise ball. All levels of fitness
welcome. Bring a mat and water to class.
This class will cover some strength training and ease into foam rolling. Foam rollers can improve core stability,
muscle recovery, strength, balance and flexibility. Release tight muscles, fascial adhesions and improve blood flow.
A great workout for anyone interested in improving their fitness and stamina. This action-packed low-impact
workout combines a series of punching and kicking combinations with weight strengthening exercises that will
improve strength, muscle tone and endurance. You will have fun, reduce stress and get an awesome workout.
Welcoming anyone and everyone at any level of fitness to this fun non-impact total body 45 minute workout
using a chair, weights, bands or drumming to improve cardio and muscular strength. This class does not go
to the floor. A very supportive, non-intimidating class to improve self confidence in the exercise environment.
Learn the basic fundamentals of Pilates. You will learn how to use breath and awareness of core muscles with
movement. Begin with basic exercises showing modifications with growth toward progressive movement. Per-
formed primarily on the floor. Bring a mat and water.
Lean basic yoga poses, flows, and how to link breath to movement in this beginner class. This gentle class
suitable for all levels and a perfect way to start your day.
*classes recommended for SilverSneakers & Silver&Fit


Pool and Fitness Community Education

This is a perfect way to end your hectic day. This gentle yoga class is geared for seniors, however all age groups
are welcomed. The class will explore basic yoga postures with a special emphasis on stress reduction and
breath control. This class is ideal for individuals new to yoga or seeking relief from stress.
This Latin inspired international dance fitness class is designed to boost your cardio, conditioning, balance, and
flexibility. It’s exercise in disguise and while you are at it, meet new friends!
If you are concerned about limitations or your ability to perform in the class, arrive a little early so you can
discuss this with the instructor.
*classes recommended for SilverSneakers & Silver&Fit
Interested in instructing group fitness classes?
Certified instructors please contact Julie Galvin @248-682-2010 or email [email protected]
Class schedule changes and/or instructors will occur occasionally. The Waterford Fitness Studio reserves the
right to cancel any group class due to ongoing low attendance, inability to secure a substitute due to illness,
emergency or inclement weather conditions. We reserve the right to limit class size due to safety concerns.
Those classes, if limited, will be regulated on a first come basis. For more information, or to schedule a class,
please visit:


All wellness classes are free of charge for Pool and Fitness Center members except when lunch is provided.
Spots may be limited, registration is required. Please contact the service desk at 248-674-6360 or 248-673-
9969 for information on upcoming wellness classes.


All Water Fitness classes are free of charge for Pool and Fitness Center members. Classes ongoing, but schedule
is subject to change. Please call the service desk at 248-674-6360 or 248-673-9969 for updated information.
The following schedules information will be effective as of Tuesday, Sept. 3rd.
Drop-In Water Fitness
Do you prefer variety in your workouts or perhaps your schedule varies weekly? Our ‘Drop-In’ classes are perfect
for you. Cards will be available at the service desk for “daily drop-in” purchases. 10% Senior Discount does
not apply to Drop-Ins.
• Arthritis drop-in fee: $4.50 non-members
• Arthritis punch cards for non-members: Purchase 10 visits ($45) and receive the 11th visit free!
• All other Water Fitness classes drop-in fee: $7 for non-members
• A ll other Water Fitness classes punch cards for non-members: Purchase 10 visits ($70) and receive the 11th

visit free!
For schedules of classes updated monthly, please visit our website at, view our Facebook
page at, stop by the Mott Campus at 1151 Scott Lake Road, Waterford,
48328 during our open hours, or call us at (248) 674-6360.


Pool and Fitness

Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program is an entry level class great for those who are severely affected by their
joint pain. It is our most gentle class and is perfect for those just recovering from injury/surgery. This evi-
dence-based class will decrease pain, increase flexibility, and ease the stress of gravity on the joints. This is a
no impact, low intensity class.

ARTHRITIS PLUS BY WaterART Instructional Pool Ages 18+
Arthritis Plus by WaterART uses shallow water with a variety of modified working positions, and provides exer-
cises for cardiovascular improvement, muscular strength, endurance and mobility. We have added equipment
such as noodles to assist and progress basic exercises. This is a no impact, low to moderate intensity class.

AQUACISE Instructional Pool Age 18+
This class incorporates a variety of exercises to get you moving: cardio, strengthening, and stretching provides
a whole-body workout. Uses equipment such as noodles, and hand weights. LOW TO MODERATE INTENSITY

AQUABATA Instructional Pool Age 18+
Tabata is a HIIT Class (High Intensity Interval Training) of 20 seconds high intensity and 10 second active resting.
Community Education This challenging cardio workout is good for a variety of fitness levels and exercises can be modified to suit your
abilities. This workout is designed to burn calories and increase endurance. HIGHER INTENSITY

DEEP WAVES Competitive Pool Age 18+
Powerful movements combine with no impact for a challenging but gentle workout. Excellent whole body work-
out will keep you moving the entire class. Equipment may include flotation belts, noodles, cuffs, and barbells. You
should be confident and comfortable working in deeper water (up to 14ft). MODERATE INTENSITY

DEEP WATER ENERGY & POWER Competition Pool Age 18+
High intensity water workout utilizing deep water and designed to improve cardiovascular fitness, muscular
strength, and endurance. Buoyancy belts are used. MODERATE TO HIGHER INTENSITY

AQUA FIT Competitive and Instructional Pools Age 18+
(Formerly called Hydro Mix) A variety of different class formats will keep it fresh and fun! Classes will challenge
you as you focus on cardio, balance, endurance, power, and targeted muscle groups. A great way to try many
different types of water exercise at once! Will utilize various equipment. Tuesday classes are held in the instruc-
tional pool, Wednesday classes often use the competitive (deeper) pool.

If you are concerned about limitations or your ability to perform in the class, arrive a little early so you can
discuss this with the instructor.


Pool and Fitness



The Waterford Pools are seeking qualified applicants for positions including lifeguards, service desk attendants,
swimming instructors, and lifeguard supervisors. Certifications provided at no-cost for active PFC employees.
50% reimbursement of class fees provided to candidates hired by the PFCs following successful completion of
certification. For more information, go to

LIFEGUARD TRAINING- Blended Online Learning Course
This American Red Cross course provides professional training for individuals ages 15 years or older. Upon
successful completion, you receive a Lifeguard Training Certificate, which includes first aid, AED and CPR for
the Professional Rescuer. Participants are required to pass a water skills test the first class. Prerequisites are
treading water with no hands (2 min.), retrieval of a ten-pound brick from the bottom of the pool and completing
a non-stop 300-yard swim (12 lengths). Attendance is required at all classes. Instructor will send the Red Cross
registration information and link for the online orientation once the candidate has registered for the course. Par- Community Education
ticipants must read the necessary chapters in the lifeguarding manual and complete the required lessons in the
blended eLearning component. These must be completed before attending the in-person sessions covering the
same topics. Participants must bring a copy of their progress report to each class. Go to http://www.redcross.
org/participantmaterials and look under ‘Lifeguarding’ for textbook. Registration fee includes $38 Red Cross
class fee,a Red Cross hip pack, whistle, and CPR mask. *Bring your own lunch!
Code Day(s) Date(s) Time Location Fee
4039.001 Tues April 7 9am-5pm KETT $240.00
Wed April 8 9am-5pm KETT
Thurs April 9 9am-5pm KETT
4039.002 Sat April 25 9am-5pm KETT $240.00
Sat May 2 9am-5pm KETT
Sun May 3 9am-5pm KETT
4039.003 Sat May 9 9am-5pm KETT $240.00
Sat May 16 9am-5pm KETT
Sun May 17 9am-5pm KETT

Participants will be required to pass a pre-requisite swimming test, various skills including backboarding, res-
cues, escapes, CPR for the Professional Rescuer, standard first aid skills, and a written exam. You are expected
to already know these skills; this class will allow you to practice and then will test you out on them in order to
renew your certification. A current Lifeguarding certificate must be presented to the instructor. Attendance is
required at both dates.
Code Day (s) Date(s) Time Location Fee
4039.004 Sat April 4 9am-5pm KETT $115
Sun April 5 9am-1pm KETT
4039.005 Sat May 16 9am-5pm KETT $115
Sun May 17 9am-1pm KETT


Pool and Fitness

For currently certified lifeguards to become a lifeguard instructor. Participants will be required to pass a pre-req-
uisite swimming test, various skills including backboarding, rescues, escapes, CPR for the Professional Rescuer,
standard first aid skills. Participants are required to register with the Red Cross and complete an on-line learning
portion before the course. You will be emailed a link to the online portion of the course once registered with the
facility. Attendance is required at all 3 dates. *Bring your own lunch
Code Day (s) Date(s) Time Location Fee
3039.001 Sat March 7 9am-5pm KETT $200
Sun March 8 9am-5pm KETT
Sat March 14 9am-5pm KETT
4039.006 Sat April 4 9am-5pm KETT $200
Sun April 5 9am-5pm KETT
Sat April 11 9am-5pm KETT
4039.007 Sat May 2 9am-5pm KETT $200
Sun May 3 9am-5pm KETT
Sat May 9 9am-5pm KETT

Participants of this class must be a current Red Cross lifeguarding instructor or a lifeguarding instructor trainer
seeking to renew their certification(s). After registering with the facility, you will receive a link to register with
the Red Cross (at no additional fee) and must complete the online portion of the course before coming to the
course. *For an additional fee of $75, candidates can opt to stay an extra 2 hours to renew their Lifeguarding
certificate. *Bring your own lunch
Code Day (s) Date(s) Time Location Fee
3039.002 Sat Jan. 18 8a-4pm KETT $75
3039.003 Sun March 15 8a-4pm KETT $75

This course is for former Red Cross lifeguarding instructors whose certifications have expired no more than two
years prior to the beginning of this course. It is also for current lifeguarding instructors from other organizations
who are eligible to participate in this course: YMCA, Ellis, BSA, Starfish Aquatics, Lifesaving Society of Canada,
Canadian Red Cross, and U.S. Lifesaving Association. You must be 19 years old and have either a current Amer-
ican Red Cross lifeguarding/CPR/AED/First Aid certification or an equivalent from another organization. If you
are an LGIT, this will renew your LGI, but not your IT. You will be emailed a link to the online portion of the course
once you are registered. *Bring your own lunch
Code Day (s) Date(s) Time Location Fee
3049.001 Sat March 7 9am-5pm MOTT $100
Sun March 8 9am-5pm MOTT

The Water Safety Instructor course certifies swimming instructors to teach Red Cross swimming, diving, and
water safety programs. Successful Water Safety Instructor candidates will receive an American Red Cross Water
Safety Instructor certification valid for two years. Class Prerequisites: Must be minimum age of 16 years old,
demonstrating proficiency in six strokes: front crawl (freestyle), back crawl (backstroke), elementary backstroke,
sidestroke, breaststroke, and butterfly- 25 yards per stroke, tread water for one minute and back float for one
minute. *Bring your own lunch

Instructor will send the Red Cross registration information and link for the online orientation once the candidate
has registered for the course.


Pool and Fitness

WATER SAFETY INSTRUCTOR COURSE - Blended Online Learning Course
Code Day (s) Date(s) Time Location Fee
3049.002 Sat Jan. 18 9am-5pm MOTT $215
Sun Jan. 19 9am-5pm MOTT
Sat Jan 25 9am-5pm MOTT
4049.001 Sun April 19 9am-5pm MOTT $215
Sat April 25 9am-5pm MOTT
Sun April 26 9am-5pm MOTT

Please contact the Waterford Pool & Fitness Centers at (248) 674-6360 or [email protected] for up to date CPR
class schedules.

Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED: 6 hour course, $70/person Community Education
The Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED course incorporates the latest science and teaches students to
recognize and care for a variety of first aid emergencies such as burns, cuts, scrapes, sudden illnesses, head,
neck, back injuries, heat and cold emergencies and how to respond to breathing and cardiac emergencies to
help victims of any age - adults (about 12 years and older) and pediatric (infants and children up to 12 years of
age). Students who successfully complete this course will receive a certificate for Adult and Pediatric First Aid/
CPR/AED valid for two years.

Adult and Pediatric CPR/AED: 3 hour course, $40/person
The Adult and Pediatric CPR/AED course incorporates the latest science and teaches students how to respond
to breathing and cardiac emergencies to help victims of any age - adults (about 12 years and older) and pedi-
atric (infants and children up to 12 years of age). Students who successfully complete this course will receive a
certificate for Adult and Pediatric CPR/AED valid for two years.

NEW! CPR Training at YOUR Facility:
CPR classes taught by our qualified and experienced Red Cross instructors at YOUR facility and for your group
at your convenience. Classes include training in CPR, First Aid, and AED. Contact Pool & Fitness Center Manager
Katie Body at (248) 673-2148 or [email protected] to set up a training at your facility.

This program provides certification for water fitness instructor certification and workshops for continuing edu-
cation credits (CECs). This program is the entry level program for learning how to teach a basic Aquatic Fitness
class. Whether you are new to the water, a lifeguard or just want to become an aquatic fitness Instructor - this
is the program you should begin with. We will explore a variety of movements, techniques and basic body
and working positions for both shallow & deep water depths. This intensive training will provide leaders with
functional techniques to design safe and effective sessions for a variety of ages, fitness and skill levels. This
foundation program will provide you with a complete overview of how to facilitate a safe, effective and enjoyable
general group exercise program. You will experience both theory (classroom) and practical (pool) applications to
build a well-balanced program which includes exercises to target the cardiovascular system as well as balance
the body with stretching, posture and strengthening exercises. NO experience necessary just a love of the water
and helping people to move. You will have up to four months after the training to complete the examination
process. All exams and marking templates are in the manual to help become successful as a Certified Instructor.

Information regarding CECs, pricing for Workshops and Registration contact WaterART Fitness International Inc.
Phone: 1-866 5 GET WET (1-866-543-8938) or email us for questions: [email protected]

Day (s) Date(s) Time Location Fee
Sat March 21 9am-5pm MOTT See website
Sun March 22 9am-5pm MOTT


Pool and Fitness


Private and semi-private customized swim lessons are available for those desiring a more personalized learning
experience or lessons outside of our group schedule times.

Private lessons are available M, W, Th, & F evenings and Saturdays throughout the day. Please call (248) 674-
6360 or visit the Mott Campus to set up a recurring 6-week lesson schedule. Payment is due at the time of
booking. Lessons falling outside of the timeframes indicated above must be arranged directly with an instructor.

Code Lesson Location Member Non-member
1643.001 30 Minute Private MOTT $20 $25
1643.002 30 Minute Semi-Private
Community Education (2 students, same ability level) MOTT $30 $35
1633.001 30 Minute Private KETT $20 $25
1633.002 30 Minute Semi-Private
(2 students, same ability level) KETT $30 $35

PARENT-CHILD Ages 6 months-3 years
This class is designed to provide infants and toddlers, along with a parent or guardian, with a fun atmosphere in
which to become familiar with the water. The focus of the class will be learning swim basics (blowing bubbles,
reaching & pulling, kicking, etc.) while singing and playing games in the water! There will be an emphasis on
water safety. Registration starts 12/30/19 for members and 1/3/20 for non-members

Code Day(s) Start Date Time Lessons Location Member Non-member
3033.001 Mon 1/13 5:30-6:05pm 6 KETT $45 $55
3033.002 Tues** 1/14 5:30-6:05pm 6 KETT $45 $55
3033.003 Wed** 1/15 5:30-6:05pm 6 KETT $45 $55
3043.001 Sat* 1/11 9:30-10:05am 5 MOTT $40 $50
3033.004 Mon* 3/2 5:30-6:05pm 6 KETT $45 $55
3033.005 Tues* 3/3 5:30-6:05pm 6 KETT $45 $55
3033.006 Wed* 3/4 5:30-6:05pm 6 KETT $45 $55
3033.007 Sat** 2/29 9:30-10:05am 6 KETT $45 $55
4043.004 Mon* 4/27 11:30am-12:00pm 6 MOTT $45 $55
4033.002 Mon* 4/27 5:30-6:05pm 6 KETT $45 $55
4033.003 Tues 4/28 5:30-6:05pm 6 KETT $45 $55
4033.004 Wed 4/29 5:30-6:05pm 6 KETT $45 $55
4033.005 Sat 4/18 9:30-10:05am 6 KETT $45 $55
*No lessons on 2/8, 4/6, 4/7, 4/8, 5/25
**Lessons at MOTT on 1/28, 2/12, 2/29, 3/28

PRESCHOOL AQUATICS: Levels: PA1, PA2, PA3 Ages 3-5 years
These are the first classes for preschool children without their parents in the water. Children will learn to be
comfortable with their faces in the water. Beginning water skills like blowing bubbles, floating, submerging,
kicking, reaching, pulling, treading water, jumping from the side and WATER SAFETY are emphasized. Due to
safety concerns around water, children should be at least three years old to take this class so that they can
follow directions and have an attention span that enables group learning. Some three-year olds may be more
comfortable in our parent/tot class. Registration starts 12/30/19 for members and 1/3/20 for non-members


Pool and Fitness

Suitable for those not yet comfortable putting faces in water. This class is similar to the LTS1 level, but for
children younger than 6 years old.
Code Day(s) Start Date Time Lessons Location Member Non-member
3033.008 Mon 1/13 5:30-6:05pm 6 KETT $45 $55
3033.009 Tues** 1/14 4:45-5:20pm 6 KETT $45 $55
3033.010 Wed** 1/15 5:30-6:05pm 6 KETT $45 $55
3043.002 Sat* 1/11 8:45-9:20am 5 MOTT $40 $50
3043.003 Sat* 1/11 9:30-10:05am 5 MOTT $40 $50
3033.011 Mon* 3/2 5:30-6:05pm 6 KETT $45 $55
3033.012 Tues* 3/3 4:45-5:20pm 6 KETT $45 $55
3033.013 Wed* 3/4 5:30-6:05pm 6 KETT $45 $55
3033.014 Sat** 2/29 8:45-9:20am 6 KETT $45 $55
3033.015 Sat** 2/29 9:30-10:05am 6 KETT $45 $55
4043.005 Mon* 4/27 12:10-12:45pm 6 MOTT $45 $55
4033.006 Mon* 4/27 5:30-6:05pm 6 KETT $45 $55
4033.007 Tues 4/28 4:45-5:20pm 6 KETT $45 $55
4033.008 Wed 4/29 5:30-6:05pm 6 KETT $45 $55 Community Education
4033.009 Sat 4/18 8:45-9:20am 6 KETT $45 $55
4033.010 Sat 4/18 9:30-10:05am 6 KETT $45 $55
*No lessons on 2/8, 4/6, 4/7, 4/8, 5/25
**Lessons at MOTT on 1/28, 2/12, 2/29, 3/28

Suitable for those ready to learn beginning floating and swimming on the front and back. This class is similar to
the LTS1 and beginning LTS2 levels, but for children younger than 6 years old.
Code Day(s) Start Date Time Lessons Location Member Non-member
3033.016 Mon 1/13 4:45-5:20pm 6 KETT $45 $55
3033.017 Tues** 1/14 5:30-6:05pm 6 KETT $45 $55
3033.018 Wed** 1/15 4:45-5:20pm 6 KETT $45 $55
3033.019 Mon* 3/2 4:45-5:20pm 6 KETT $45 $55
3033.020 Tues* 3/3 5:30-6:05pm 6 KETT $45 $55
3033.021 Wed* 3/4 4:45-5:20pm 6 KETT $45 $55
4033.011 Mon* 4/27 4:45-5:20pm 6 KETT $45 $55
4033.012 Tues 4/28 5:30-6:05pm 6 KETT $45 $55
4033.013 Wed 4/29 4:45-5:20pm 6 KETT $45 $55
*No lessons on 4/6, 4/7, 4/8, 5/25
**Lessons at MOTT on 1/28, 2/12

Suitable for those who can float and swim a few strokes independently. This class continues to work towards
improving distance and form for PA2 preschool swimmers and also works on building better form, increased
distance and learning additional swimming skills for PA3 swimmers.
Code Day(s) Start Date Time Lessons Location Member Non-member
3033.022 Tues** 1/14 4:45-5:20pm 6 KETT $45 $55
3043.004 Sat* 1/11 8:45-9:20am 5 MOTT $40 $50
3033.023 Tues* 3/3 4:45-5:20pm 6 KETT $45 $55
3033.024 Sat** 2/29 8:45-9:20am 6 KETT $45 $55
4033.014 Tues 4/28 4:45-5:20pm 6 KETT $45 $55
4033.015 Sat 4/18 8:45-9:20am 6 KETT $45 $55
*No lessons on 2/8, 4/7
**Lessons at MOTT on 1/28, 2/29, 3/28


Pool and Fitness

Suitable for building proficiency in swimming on the front with breathing, learning the elementary backstroke,
treading water, and increasing swimming distances. Comparable to LTS2, but for children younger than 6 years old.
Code Day(s) Start Date Time Lessons Location Member Non-member
3033.025 Mon 1/13 4:45-5:20pm 6 KETT $45 $55
3033.026 Wed** 1/15 4:45-5:20pm 6 KETT $45 $55
3033.027 Mon* 3/2 4:45-5:20pm 6 KETT $45 $55
3033.028 Wed* 3/4 4:45-5:20pm 6 KETT $45 $55
4033.016 Mon* 4/27 4:45-5:20pm 6 KETT $45 $55
4033.017 Wed 4/29 4:45-5:20pm 6 KETT $45 $55
*No lessons on 4/6, 4/8, 5/25
**Lessons at MOTT on 2/12

LEARN TO SWIM Ages 6-13 years
These classes are designed for children ages 6-13 that have a longer attention span and endurance levels than
preschoolers. The classes typically increase skill difficulty and require greater endurance as a child progresses
through the levels. Registration starts 12/30/19 for members and 1/3/20 for non-members
Community Education
LTS2-Advanced Beginner
LTS4-Stroke Development

LTS1 Ages 6 & up
This is an introductory course for students who have difficulties putting their faces in the water, floating, picking
their feet up off the bottom. Students work on becoming more comfortable in the water, learn how to put their
faces in and bob. Floating on both the front and back are taught as are beginning reaching and pulling, floating
on both the front and back, gliding, going under water, and using forward locomotion. There is a strong empha-
sis on SAFETY in and around the water.
Code Day(s) Start Date Time Lessons Location Member Non-member
3033.029 Mon 1/13 6:15-7pm 6 KETT $45 $55
3033.030 Tues** 1/14 6:15-7pm 6 KETT $45 $55
3033.031 Wed** 1/15 6:15-7pm 6 KETT $45 $55
3043.005 Sat* 1/11 10:15-11:05am 5 MOTT $40 $50
3033.032 Mon* 3/2 6:15-7pm 6 KETT $45 $55
3033.033 Tues* 3/3 6:15-7pm 6 KETT $45 $55
3033.034 Wed* 3/4 6:15-7pm 6 KETT $45 $55
3033.035 Sat** 2/29 10:15-11:05am 6 KETT $45 $55
4033.018 Mon* 4/27 6:15-7pm 6 KETT $45 $55
4033.019 Tues 4/28 6:15-7pm 6 KETT $45 $55
4033.020 Wed 4/29 6:15-7pm 6 KETT $45 $55
4033.021 Sat 4/18 10:15-11:05am 6 KETT $45 $55
*No lessons on 2/8, 4/6, 4/7, 4/8, 5/25
**Lessons at MOTT on 1/28, 2/12, 2/29, 3/28


Pool and Fitness

LTS2 Ages 6 & up
Students ideally should be able to swim approximately about 10-15 feet before entering the class. They should be
able to float on both the front and back and roll over independently. In this level, the front crawl and rotary breathing
are taught and improved. Elementary backstroke arms and occasionally the elementary backstroke kick is taught
and improved. Students will learn rolling over front to back and back to front comfortably and then how to prog-
ress. Basic treading water moves are introduced at this level. To pass, students will need to swim approximately
25-30 feet, roll over and float for 15 seconds, roll back to front and continue swimming to the start. Water safety
is emphasized.
Code Day(s) Start Date Time Lessons Location Member Non-member
3033.036 Mon 1/13 6:15-7pm 6 KETT $45 $55
3033.037 Tues** 1/14 6:15-7pm 6 KETT $45 $55
3033.038 Wed** 1/15 6:15-7pm 6 KETT $45 $55
3043.006 Sat* 1/11 10:15-11:05am 5 MOTT $40 $50
3033.039 Mon* 3/2 6:15-7pm 6 KETT $45 $55
3033.040 Tues* 3/3 6:15-7pm 6 KETT $45 $55
3033.041 Wed* 3/4 6:15-7pm 6 KETT $45 $55
3033.042 Sat** 2/29 10:15-11:05am 6 KETT $45 $55
4033.022 Mon* 4/27 6:15-7pm 6 KETT $45 $55 Community Education
4033.023 Tues 4/28 6:15-7pm 6 KETT $45 $55
4033.024 Wed 4/29 6:15-7pm 6 KETT $45 $55
4033.025 Sat 4/18 10:15-11:05am 6 KETT $45 $55
*No lessons on 2/8, 4/6, 4/7, 4/8, 5/25
**Lessons at MOTT on 1/28, 2/12, 2/29, 3/28

LTS3 Ages 7 & up
To enter LTS3 Intermediate, a student should be able to swim approximately 20-25 feet doing the front crawl,
roll over and float for 15 seconds, return to their front and swim to the starting point. They should know the arms
for the elementary backstroke, have some skill with rotary breathing. In this course the front crawl is improved.
The elementary backstroke and treading are taught and emphasized, and must be mastered to pass. 2 basic
dives are taught. Endurance skills are begun at this level. Water safety will be emphasized.
Code Day(s) Start Date Time Lessons Location Member Non-member
3033.043 Mon 1/13 7:10-8pm 6 KETT $45 $55
3033.044 Tues** 1/14 7:10-8pm 6 KETT $45 $55
3033.045 Wed** 1/15 7:10-8pm 6 KETT $45 $55
3043.007 Sat* 1/11 11:15am-12pm 5 MOTT $40 $50
3033.046 Mon* 3/2 7:10-8pm 6 KETT $45 $55
3033.047 Tues* 3/3 7:10-8pm 6 KETT $45 $55
3033.048 Wed* 3/4 7:10-8pm 6 KETT $45 $55
3033.049 Sat** 2/29 11:15am-12pm 6 KETT $45 $55
4033.026 Mon* 4/27 7:10-8pm 6 KETT $45 $55
4033.027 Tues 4/28 7:10-8pm 6 KETT $45 $55
4033.028 Wed 4/29 7:10-8pm 6 KETT $45 $55
4033.029 Sat 4/18 11:15am-12pm 6 KETT $45 $55
*No lessons on 2/8, 4/6, 4/7, 4/8, 5/25
**Lessons at MOTT on 1/28, 2/12, 2/29, 3/28


Pool and Fitness

LTS4 Ages 8 & up
To enter LTS4 a student should be able to jump into deep water, tread water for a minute, and can swim 25
yards doing the front crawl and/or the elementary backstroke. They need to have reasonable skill with both
strokes. They should know how to tread and do a kneeling dive and a seated dive. The sidestroke, back crawl,
breaststroke, and butterfly are introduced in this course as are further forms of diving and various surface dives
and turns. Water safety will be emphasized.
Code Day(s) Start Date Time Lessons Location Member Non-member
3033.050 Mon 1/13 7:10-8pm 6 KETT $45 $55
3033.051 Tues** 1/14 7:10-8pm 6 KETT $45 $55
3033.052 Wed** 1/15 7:10-8pm 6 KETT $45 $55
3043.008 Sat* 1/11 11:15am-12pm 5 MOTT $40 $50
3033.053 Mon* 3/2 7:10-8pm 6 KETT $45 $55
3033.054 Tues* 3/3 7:10-8pm 6 KETT $45 $55
3033.055 Wed* 3/4 7:10-8pm 6 KETT $45 $55
3033.056 Sat** 2/29 11:15am-12pm 6 KETT $45 $55
4033.030 Mon* 4/27 7:10-8pm 6 KETT $45 $55
4033.031 Tues 4/28 7:10-8pm 6 KETT $45 $55
Community Education 4033.032 Wed 4/29 7:10-8pm 6 KETT $45 $55
4033.033 Sat 4/18 11:15am-12pm 6 KETT $45 $55
*No lessons on 2/8, 4/6, 4/7, 4/8, 5/25
**Lessons at MOTT on 1/28, 2/12, 2/29, 3/28

JUNIOR SWIMMING FOR FITNESS For those having taken LTS 4 or equivalent
Junior Swimming for Fitness is a higher level course for students who wish to further develop their strokes,
as well as build swimming endurance. Skills necessary for competitive swimming and pre-lifeguarding will be
taught in order to prepare students for all potential future aquatics options. Students must have completed
at least one session of our LTS 4 course, or pass a pre-test administered by instructor. Registration starts
12/30/19 for members and 1/3/20 for non-members
Code Day(s) Start Date Time Lessons Location Member Non-member
3033.057 Mon & Wed** 1/13 6:10-7:05pm 12 KETT $60 $70
3033.058 Mon & Wed* 3/2 6:10-7:05pm 12 KETT $60 $70
4033.034 Mon & Wed* 4/27 6:10-7:05pm 12 KETT $60 $70
*No lessons on 4/6, 4/8, 5/25
**Lessons at MOTT on 2/12

ADULT - Learning the Basics Ages 15 & up
Helps participants gain basic aquatic skills such as breath control, learning to float on the front and back,
and the beginning basics of the front crawl and elementary backstroke, rotary breathing, treading water, and
also may begin additional swimming strokes. Registration starts 12/30/19 for members and 1/3/20 for
Code Day(s) Start Date Time Lessons Location Member Non-member
3039.004 Mon 1/13 7:10-8pm 6 KETT $45 $55
3039.005 Mon* 3/2 7:10-8pm 6 KETT $45 $55
4039.008 Mon* 4/27 7:10-8pm 6 KETT $45 $55
*No lessons on 4/6, 5/25


Pool and Fitness

ADULT- Improving Skills & Swim Strokes Ages 15 & up
Participants must be comfortable in chest keep water, able to put their faces in the water, be able to do strokes
that can be recognized such as the front crawl, elementary backstroke, breaststroke, back crawl. This course
improves participants’ proficiency in basic aquatic skills and the six basic swimming strokes. Registration
starts 12/30/19 for members and 1/3/20 for non-members
Code Day(s) Start Date Time Lessons Location Member Non-member
3039.006 Wed** 1/15 7:10-8pm 6 KETT $45 $55
3039.007 Wed* 3/4 7:10-8pm 6 KETT $45 $55
4039.009 Wed 4/29 7:10-8pm 6 KETT $45 $55
*No lessons on 4/8
**Lessons at MOTT on 2/12

RIENSFCAUNETLSeEsLsoFns Community Education

Infant Self Rescue Lessons
Infant Swimming Resource lessons
are offered to children ages 6 months
and up. You child will learn to be-
come an aquatic problem solver. ISR
Survival Swim Lessons are achieved
through fully customized, safe and effective, one-on-one lessons with only your child and the
Instructor in the water. ISR emphasizes competence, which leads to confidence, and provides
the foundation for a lifetime of enjoyment in and around the water. What your child will learn depends on his or
her age and developmental readiness, but in all cases, at minimum, your child will learn to roll onto his or her
back to float, rest, and breathe, and to maintain this position until help arrives

For more information and to schedule lessons, please contact Kim Moore at 248-662-8868 or email [email protected] You may visit the website at


Bravo! Diving is a year-round competitive diving club for all ages. Our club offers classes for all levels of divers
starting with beginner or learn to dive, continuing through Junior Elite competitive team. Each diver will be taught
proper safety on the diving board along with technique and mechanics while learning jumps, dives, flips and
more! Diving is a wonderful sport that helps to build self-esteem, hand eye coordination and special awareness.
Please visit for more information!
All Bravo! Lesson program members MUST join USA Diving annual fee to participate in the class. The USA Diving
fee is a yearly fee of $12 for a limited athlete which will provide insurance coverage for the diver from September
1, 2019 - August 31, 2020. Please list Bravo! Diving as your registered club. (You can visit
website for directions to register.)
Note: Please check for any cancelations or corrections of days/times.




248.674.5441 •

WATERFORD MAP & LOCATIONS 248.674.5441 • 29


Picnic Shelter Ball Field Basketball Soccer Fields Nature Trails Leashed Pets Wildlife Viewing Meeting Room

Play Area Volleyball Campfire Area Fishing Restrooms Horseshoes Grill Canoe Launch

PARKS & RECREATION FACILITIES22448.8.66774.4.55444411••wwwww.w.wwaatteerrffoorrddmim.i.ggoovv//ppaarrkkssaannddrreecc
1. RECREATION CENTER - 5640 Williams Lake Road, Home of 50+ programming and general recreation activities.
2. WATERFORD TOWNSHIP LIBRARY - 5168 Civic Center Drive, Offering Adult, Teen & Children’s

programs and classes.
3. WATERFORD CIVIC CENTER - 5200 Civic Center Drive (52.2 acre site) The Main Parks and Recreation

office, other Township Offices and soccer fields are housed on this campus. The Warming House rental
facility is located here at 5050 Civic Center Drive.
4. DRAYTON PLAINS NATURE CENTER (DPNC) - 2125 Denby Drive (139 acres). Interpretive nature
center building houses wildlife for viewing.
5. HESS-HATHAWAY PARK (HESS) - 825 S. Williams Lake Road (167 acres). NO PETS ALLOWED.
“All Kids Playground”, historic farmhouse and barn, farm animals on display and community garden.
Group hayrides and animal tours available by appointment.
6. CLINTON RIVER CANOE SITE - 5971 Elizabeth Lake Road (8 acres)
7. ELIZABETH LAKE WOODS PARK – Access available off Lochaven Road and off River Ridge Drive
(340 acres). Limited parking.
8. FISH HATCHERY PARK - 4490 Hatchery Road (6.3 acres). Home to the Waterford Historical Society's
historic village and museum.
9. HERRINGTON PARK - 1216 Lochaven Road (35 acres)
10. LIONS PARK - 4250 Fenmore Avenue (26.5 acres)
11. MACEDAY LAKE PARK – Access off Rich Drive includes bird sanctuary (7 acres). Parking is limited to 2 cars.



12. MARION STREET PARK – located at the end of Marion Street off Elizabeth Lake Road (18 acres).
Limited parking.

13. OPTIMIST PARK (OPT PK) - 5320 Elizabeth Lake Road (10 acres)

14. ROTARY PARK - 5485 Tubbs Road (33 acres)

15. SHELL PARK - 4373 Dixie Highway (13 acres)

16. CLINTON RIVER SOUTH - 5250 Cass-Elizabeth Lake Road (36 acres). Wetland area surrounding
Haviland Elementary School along both sides of the Clinton River. Limited parking.

ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS 224488.6.67474.5.544441 1• •
17. BEAUMONT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - 6532 Elizabeth Lake Road
18. COOLEY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - 2000 Highfield Road 3311
20. GRAYSON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - 3800 W. Walton Boulevard
21. HAVILAND ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - 5305 Cass Elizabeth Road
22. HOUGHTON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - 8080 Elizabeth Lake Road
23. KNUDSEN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - 5449 Crescent Road

27. MASON MIDDLE SCHOOL - 3835 W. Walton Boulevard. Facilities: Track, one baseball and two softball

fields, outdoor basketball court, one football/soccer field, three tennis courts and gymnasium.
28. PIERCE MIDDLE SCHOOL - 5145 Hatchery Road. Facilities: Track, gymnasium, baseball and softball

field, football field & soccer field.

29. WATERFORD KETTERING HIGH SCHOOL (WKHS) - 2800 Kettering Drive. Facilities: Fitness Center with

pools, track, one baseball field, two softball fields and gymnasium.
30. WATERFORD MOTT HIGH SCHOOL (MOTT) - 1151 Scott Lake Road. Facilities: Fitness Center with

pools, track, two baseball fields and gymnasium.

31. WATERFORD FITNESS STUDIO/COVERT CENTER - 1150 Scott Lake Road. Facilities: Fitness studio,

soccer field.

Waterford School District Administration Offices.
WATERFORD COMMUNITY EDUCATION - 501 N. Cass Lake Rd. Enrichment, fitness and career
training classes. Facilities: Baseball and softball fields, football/soccer field and gymnasium.
33. WATERFORD SENIOR CENTER - 3621 Pontiac Lake Road. Enrichment classes, health and support
services offered.

Community Education Pool and Fitness




This level is for beginner level divers, anyone with little or no experience in springboard diving. Anyone who can swim to
the side of the pool once they have jumped off the board can participate in the class. Divers will have instruction on proper
basics and mechanics on the 1 meter diving board, including jumps, hurdles and basic dives. This level runs monthly.
1x week (4 lessons) $90 2x week (8 lessons) $125
Choice of days: Time
Mon 5-6:15pm
Wed 5-6:15pm
This level is for divers who were successful in our Learn to Dive group. As well as having a good attitude towards
learning, these divers are those who wish to continue to pursue this sport. Divers should know their jumps and
skills from 1 meter and 3 meter along with front dive, back dive and inward dive on 1 meter. The divers will have
instruction on deck work for core strength training, trampoline and diving on both the 1 meter and 3-meter diving
boards. Participate in local meets will be encouraged. This level is run monthly.
2x week (8 lessons) $135
Choice of days: Time
Mon 5-6:30pm
Tues 5-6:30pm
Wed 5-6:30pm
This class is designed for those divers who wish to compete or already have a competitive high school list who
wish to maintain their skills in the off season. Divers will mainly focus on the 1 meter spring board to prepare for
their diving seasons, working on improvement of their current dives and skills. Participation in local meets will
be encouraged. This level runs monthly.
2x week (8 lessons) $175
Choice of days: Time
Mon 6:30-8:30pm
Tues 6:30-8:30pm
Wed 6:30-8:30pm


Waterford Township PUBLIC LIBRARY


Joan Rogers, director HOURS: 9:00am - 9:00pm
Jean Hansen, adult and outreach services Mon - Thurs CLOSED
Cynthia Walker, children’s services Friday 10:00am - 5:00pm
Jonathan Deahl, circulation services Saturday 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Click on the Library! Library
Holiday Closings: The library will be closed December 24 and 25, and December 31 and January 1 for
Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Also closed Monday January 20 for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Monday
February 17 for Presidents Day.
Used Book Donations: Used books in good condition can be dropped off in the Library’s Community Room on
the second Saturday of each month between 10:00am and 1pm
Used Book Sales: The Friends of the Library will hold book sales on: Saturday February 1, 10am – 4:30pm and
Sunday February 2, 1-4pm, Bag sale 2-4pm, and Saturday April 4, 10am-4:30pm and Sunday April 5, 1-4pm,
bag sale 2-4pm.
Our website: (where you can search our catalog, place holds, check your account and
renew your items)
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All library programs are sponsored with the generous support of the Waterford Friends of the Library.
Have you joined the Waterford Township Friends of the Library? Library lovers are invited and encouraged to
join the Friends group. These dedicated volunteers:
• advocate for our public library
• raise much needed funds
• sponsor programs and special events, and
• host popular used book sales
Membership brochures/applications are available at the Library’s Circulation Desk.
If you have special needs that may impact your participation in any library program for any age, please contact
the library at least 10 days in advance.
OUTREACH: Home Delivery Service
Waterford residents who are temporarily or permanently confined to their homes may arrange for home delivery
of audiobooks, large print books, regular print books, or DVDs. Please call Jean Hansen at 248-618-7682 if
you are interested in this service.
You can get email reminders for programs you’ve signed up for, and even cancel your own registration if you
wish. Use our calendar of events to register:


Library • Adult Programs

Poetry Leaves Project
Starting January 1st, the library will begin accepting submissions for the Poetry Leaves exhibition and poetry
book. You can submit a poem at or turn in a print version at the
library along with a submission form. See submission guidelines at All ages are wel-
come. The deadline for submissions is Friday, March 27, 2020. The exhibit will run May 20th through June 3rd,
2020, on the Township Campus.

Author Talk: The Faygo Book • Thursday, January 23 at 6:30 pm in the Community Room
The Faygo Book is the story of a pop, a people, and a place. Author Joe Grimm will share stories and facts that
will tickle the taste buds and memories of Detroiters and Faygo lovers everywhere. The Faygo Book is a 2019
Michigan Notable Book. Faygo will be served. Registration required.

Each class focuses on a different aspect of finances. Presented by Kimberley Demarest, Financial Coach. Infor-
mational only, with no sales pitch.

Save Money for College • Monday, February 10 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
This class is for those who have not had a chance to save enough for college. Learn how to pay for college
without getting student loans. Parents and teens getting ready for college are also welcome.

Retiring Soon? How to Live on a Fixed Income • Tuesday, February 25 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
A class for the newly retired and the soon to be retired. The content will focus on how to create a budget that
works and tips on saving money. Special focus for widows and widowers handling personal finances for the
first time.

Smart Budgets • Monday, March 9 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Learn about how to get on a budget that works. We will go through the A-Z of budgets and tips that will help
you stay within your plan.

Library Save Money • March 23 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Learn how to create room in your personal finances for large goals. Specifically, things like saving for a house,
putting more money into retirement, saving for kid’s college and getting out of debt.

Music Concert: Pam Jaslove and the Glittering Palaces of Detroit
Tuesday, April 7th, 6:30pm – 7:30pm, Community Room
Enjoy another round of songs and stories from the ‘20s and ‘30s. Be transported back to the ballrooms and jazz
clubs of Detroit, as singer/songwriter Pam Jaslove and her friends perform catchy pre-Motown hits from the
Great American Songbook. Registration required.

Fluid Art Painting • Wednesday, April 22 at 6:30 pm in the Community Room
Self-taught fluid artist Farra Rust returns to teach this fun (and messy!) method of painting. We will keep your
creations here at the library for a day or two until they are dry enough to take home. Supplies will be provided.
Registration required.

Jigsaw Puzzle Competition • Saturday, April 18, 10:30am – 1:30pm
Teams will compete to be the fastest at assembling a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle! Think you can lead your team
to victory? Register as a team of 2-4 people. Prizes awarded for the quickest team. Teams have three hours to
complete their puzzle. Puzzle-building begins at 10:30am. Registration required.

• Thursday, April 30, 4:00pm-8:00pm
• Saturday, May 2, 10:00am – 4:30pm
• Sunday, May 3. 1:00pm-4:00pm
Hosted by the Library Garden Club the Fair features a plant sale including divisions of plants from the Library’s
Children’s Sensory Garden and houseplants, tool care demonstrations with tips & tricks for tuning up your gar-
dening gear, and gardening information for all skill levels. Proceeds support gardens at the Library


Library • Adult Programs Library

Books and Brags 35
We’d like to highlight real-life ways that library books (and online resources) have helped you. Did you use a
cookbook to bake a cake for a special occasion? Did you pass your SATs with flying colors using one of our
resources? Did your child learn how to do origami using a book from the Children’s Department? Submit a
picture showing the result of how a library resource helped you achieve something. Examples: A good grade on
a report, a selfie of you working on your car, a photo from a family vacation, etc., and let us know which book(s),
magazine, or online resource(s) you used. Photos may be submitted in person at the Adult Reference desk, sent
to [email protected], or tag us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. We will share the photos on social
media and in the library.
Adult Movie Matinees
Join us for a series of free afternoon movie matinees. Most titles run between 90 to 120 minutes. Popcorn will be
provided, but you may also bring your own snack. Please, no uncovered beverages. Registration is not required.
Stage Door (Not rated) • Thursday, January 23rd from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
O Brother, Where Art Thou? (Rated PG-13) • Thursday, February 27th from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Mystery Movie (Rated R) • Thursday, March 26th from 2:00 pm – 4:15 pm
Touch of Evil (Rated PG-13) • Thursday, April 23rd from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Waterford Writers Workshop • First and third Tuesdays of each month 6:30pm-8:30pm
Published and unpublished writers are invited to join a community of writers to provide constructive and supportive
critiques of each other’s works and to further discuss the craft of writing. Each writer will have the opportunity to
read their work to the group. Each writer should bring five or more copies of their work (limit of 5 typewritten, dou-
ble-spaced pages of fiction/non-fiction, poetry/prose, screen plays, etc.) for peer review and discussion. All copies
will be returned to the writer with edits, constructive critiques, and suggestions by fellow group members. The goal
is to write, share, and develop works that make us feel. Participants must be age 16 or older.
Knitting Group • Every Wednesday, 10am – 12pm, Conference Room
Share patterns, exchange project ideas, and socialize while you knit! Bring your own supplies. Refreshments
will be provided.
Poetry Writers’ Workshop • January 16, February 20, March 19, and April 16, at 6pm
Successful poet and Oakland University professor Glen Armstrong leads this monthly poetry workshop. Bring
paper and a pen/pencil, leave with a poem. The workshop meets the third Thursday of each month at 6:00 pm
in the library’s Conference Room.
Classes are held in the Conference Room using laptops owned by the library. Class size is limited to 7 people.
Registration is required.
Computer Basics for the Computer Shy • Saturday, February 1, 10:15 am
We’ll cover the absolute basics of a computer, including the parts, procedures for use, and how to move a
mouse. This class is for complete computer BEGINNERS!
Internet 101 • Saturday, February 8, 10:15 am
We’ll cover the basics of getting online, viewing web pages, and doing basic internet searches. This class is for
internet BEGINNERS who have basic computer knowledge about how to move a mouse.
Using Email • Saturday, February 15, 10:15 am
We’ll cover composing new messages, deleting, forwarding, how to search your email, how to do attachments
and maybe more. For people who already have an email account.
Basic Microsoft Word 2016 • Saturday, February 22, 10:15 am
We’ll cover entering data, basic formatting and copy/paste. This is for people with basic computer knowledge.
Introduction to Excel 2016 • Saturday, February 29, 10:15 am
We’ll start with an overview of Excel, and go over how to enter and edit data in cells, formatting cells, and basic
formulas such as addition and subtraction. Basic computer knowledge and familiarity with Microsoft Word and/
or other Microsoft Office application(s) are prerequisites for this class.


Library • Adult Programs

Intermediate Excel 2016 part 1 and part 2
Part 1 Saturday, March 7, 10:15am Covering conditional formatting and math, date, and text functions, and
Names on the Formula menu. Also filtering and sorting from the Data menu. Please register for both part 1 and
part 2 of this class.
Part 2 Saturday, March 14 10:15am Covering lookup, reference and logical functions on the Formula menu.
Advanced filtering, grouping, data validation, and goal seeking from the Data menu.

Ask the “Tech Guy” 1:30pm-4pm
Saturday, January 25
Saturday, February 22 1:30pm-4pm
Saturday, March 21 1:30pm-4pm
Saturday, April 18 1:30pm-4pm
Computer/technology help. One-on-one assistance with your own device or computer (bring it in with you). Our
library computer technician will do his best to troubleshoot your problem, answer your questions, or advise you
on what to do. Usually held in the Conference Room.
*Please make a half-hour appointment* by calling or coming in to the adult desk. Registration required.

Thursday Evening Book Discussion
The evening book club meets on the second Thursday of the month in the Conference Room at 7:00 pm.
Thursday, January 9 – The Round House by Louise Erdrich
Thursday, February 13 – The Mitford Murders by Jessica Fellowes
Thursday, March 12 – What The Eyes Don’t See by Mona Hanna-Attisha
Thursday, April 9 – On Beauty by Zadie Smith

Library Monday Afternoon Book Discussion
Meets the third Monday of each month at 1pm in the Community Room except when the third Monday is a
holiday, then we meet the fourth Monday. Stop by the Adult Reference Desk to pick up a copy of the book.
Monday, January 27 – Island of Sea Women by Lisa See
Monday, February 24 – Two Girls Down by Louisa Luna
Monday, March 16 – The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom
Monday, April 20 - The Bookish Life of Nina Hill by Abbi Waxman

Meets on the second Wednesday of the month from January through November. During the growing season,
March through November, meeting time 4:30p – 8:00p. Each begins with a hands-on work bee in the gardens
and end with an educational seminar from 6:30p-8:00p. No cost to join beyond your time to participate in work
bees and attend seminars.

2019-2020 Great Michigan Read
The Waterford Township Library is partnering with Michigan Humanities for the 2019-2020 Great Michigan
Read. Every two years, a statewide panel of teachers, librarians, community leaders, and book lovers selects
a book with the goal of connecting Michigan residents by deepening readers’ understanding of our state, our
society, and our humanity. Please join us in reading What the Eyes Don’t See, Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha’s riveting
account of her discovery that Flint’s children were being poisoned by the lead leaching into the city’s drinking
water. A book discussion is scheduled for Thursday, March 12, 2020 in the library’s Community Room. Addition-
al programs are being planned and will be announced when details are available.
The 2019–20 Great Michigan Read is presented by Michigan Humanities and supported by national, statewide,
and local partners, including the National Endowment for the Humanities and The Meijer Foundation.

Waterford Genealogical Society’s 17th Annual “Lock-in” • Saturday April 25
The WGS Lock-in will be held the evening of Saturday April 25 in the library after we are closed. Classes on a
variety of genealogy topics will be offered during the event. Registration and fee are required. Ask for a regis-
tration form at the adult desk in March.


Library • TeenPrograms Library

Teen programs are for kids in middle and high school. Registration is required unless otherwise indicated. Some
programs are subject to cancellation if a minimum number of registrants is not met. Please call 248-618-7693,
come in, or go online to register.
Tuesday Teens
Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday from 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm from September 10th through May 26th
(Tuesday Teens will not be held on December 24th, 2019, March 10th, 2020 or Tuesdays when the Waterford
School District is closed for inclement weather)
No registration required. Drop in anytime between 3:30 and 5:00.
Middle and high school students are welcome to join us the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month to hang out
with friends and to meet new ones. We’ll provide games, activities, craft materials, and light refreshments for
you to enjoy. Or, just come and work on homework or socialize with other kids your age.
Pages & Pizza Book Group
Join us as we discuss books that we’ve read while we enjoy pizza for lunch. Copies of books will be available
to check out 1 month before each session. For more details visit:
Please note: Sessions will be cancelled if less than 3 people register.
Saturday, January 25th 1:00 – 2:00: Dry by Neal Shusterman
Saturday, February 22nd 1:00 – 2:00: All American Boys by Jason Reynolds
Saturday, March 28th 1:00 – 2:00: Gemini by Sonya Mukherjee
Play-doh Pictionary • Thursday, April 9th 2:00 – 3:00
Registration required
Join us for a fun hour playing Pictionary – using Play-doh! Players will use Play-doh to sculpt while their team-
mates try to guess the words.
Please note: Program will be cancelled if less than 4 people register.

Library • ChildrensPrograms

Storytimes for Little Ones
Our drop-in storytimes resume in January. Registration is not required. Storytimes for children 3 years of age
and younger are 30 minutes long and include a variety of stories, songs, fingerplays, and other activities. Chil-
dren must be accompanied by a parent or caregiver. We ask that parents and caregivers arrive a few minutes
before storytime begins in order to get settled in.
Session I (5 weeks) • Begins the week of January 14-15 and ends the week of February 11-12
Session II (6 weeks) • Begins the week of Feb. 25-26 and ends the week of Mar. 31/Apr-1
Session III (4 weeks) • Begins the week of April 14-15 and ends the week of May 5-6
Babytime (ages 6 mos. – 15 mos.) • Tuesdays from 10:00-10:30am
Toddlertime (ages 16 mos. - 23 mos.) • Wednesdays from 10:00-10:30am
Two-Year-Old Storytime • Tuesdays 11:00-11:30am
Three-Year-Old Storytime • Wednesdays from 11:00-11:30am
1,000 Books Before Kindergarten
For children ages Infant to 5 years. We are a participating library in this early literacy program. Pick up a reading
chart and book list from the children’s department. Read to your young child. For every 100 books that you read
together, we will put your child’s name on our “Wall of Fame”, and they get to pick out a book to keep. When
you have reached the 1,000-book milestone, you’ll get a book bag.


Library • ChildrensPrograms

Winter Reading Program
Join us for our Winter Reading Program for children ages 3-12. Pick up a Winter Reading Log at the children’s
reference desk, or print out a log from the Children’s page on our website. Complete the reading and non-read-
ing tasks. Turn it in for a “cool” prize and enter our prize drawing for a movie gift card. Completed reading logs
need to be turned in by Saturday, February 29

Lego Club Recommended for Ages 5 and Up
Students meet once a month on a Saturday to create their own Lego structure. They are displayed in the library
until the next meeting. Then students can make new structures. We have two class times in the morning for
each day. Please come to one of the times: 10:15-11:00am, or 11:30am-12:15pm. No registration is required.
Lego Club Saturdays are: January 25, February 29, March 28, and April 25

Saturday Storytimes for Ages 4-7
Students in grades preschool through second grade are invited to celebrate winter and spring with a variety of
seasonal stories and cool crafts from 10:30-11:15am. Students should be able to color, cut, and glue inde-
pendently. No registration required.
The Saturday dates and themes are: February 1: Elephant & Piggie Stories
March 7: Dr. Seuss’ Birthday
April 4: Money Bunny
May 3: May Flowers

Library Enhanced Evening Storytime Recommended for ages 6 mos.-4 years
Join us for this pilot program created with a grant from the Oakland County Great Start Collaborative program.
We will be meeting two evenings a week through the winter and spring months. The first 12 sessions will be on
Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Sessions 13-24 will be on Monday and Wednesday evenings. The storytimes
are 35-45 minutes long with stories and several hands-on activities. Parents will receive a copy of the featured
story of the evening and take-home materials. There is a limit of 12 available copies of each book per session.
Our first evening storytime will be Tuesday, January 21 at 6:30pm. A complete schedule of dates and themes
is available in the children’s department and on our website. Children are welcome to wear jammies and bring
blankies and stuffed toys. No registration required.

Saturday Specials Recommended for ages 6+
Snow Much Fun! • Saturday, January 18 ~ 10:30-11:30am
How about an indoor snow day? Snow in the library? Why yes, of course. Come and make snowflakes, an edible snow-
man, and make your very own play snow to take home! It’s going to be “snow” much fun! No registration required.
Mardi Gras sur Samedi • Saturday, February 22 ~ 10:30-11:30am
Celebrate Mardi Gras a little early this on Saturday (Samedi) with masks, crafts, fortunes, and snacks. No
registration required.
Spring Shirt • Saturday, March 21 ~ 10:30-11:00am or 11:30am-12:00pm
Create a tie-dye shirt for spring. Bring a clean, prewashed shirt. One shirt per person. Limited number of
students per session, so … registration is required.
Uke’n Do It! • Saturday, April 18 ~ 10:30-11:30am
An introduction to the basics of the Ukulele. Learn a few chords, and play a couple of songs. If possible, bring or
borrow your own Ukulele. A limited number will be available to use during the program. No registration required.

Class Tours and School Visits
Schools, daycares, scout groups, homeschool groups, and other community organizations are encouraged to
bring their classes to the library for a visit. Arrangements can also be made for a children’s librarian to come
and visit your school or daycare facility. Your students may receive library cards if they are Waterford residents.
Please call ahead to schedule your visit.


Aging Isn’t What It SeniorCenter Senior Center
Used To Be!
SENIOR • Bunco
CENTER • Cards
• Drawing
3621 Pontiac Lk Rd • Educational Programs
Waterford, MI 48328 • Exercise/Physical Fitness
• Gardening
248-682-9450 • Intergenerational Programs
• • Line Dancing
• Meditation
Our Mission • Massage Therapy
• Painting
To be the focal point in the • Quilting
Waterford Community for • Project Linus
services, programs and activities • R ecreation Room:
associated with vital aging.
Billiards & Darts
Meals-on- • Reminiscing Club
Wheels: • Special Lunches
• Tai Chi
A Great Program! • Volunteer Opportunities
• Woodcarving & Woodshop
The Meals-On-Wheels • Yoga
program provides a tasty, hot,
nutritious noon meal to DAY SERVICE
Waterford’s homebound
seniors who are 60 years • Professional care & supervision
or older. The program is based • Comfortable & safe environment
on individual nutritional needs, • Nutritious meals & snacks
not income. Optional cold • Structured recreational activities
evening meals, frozen weekend • Transportation within Waterford Twp.
meals and Ensure liquid meals • Support Groups
are also available. The meals are • Memory Care
provided to you on a donation
basis. The amount of $3.00 per INFORMATION & SERVICES
hot meal is suggested.
• Educational Programming
Call the Waterford Senior • Legal issues
Center to get started • Tax Preparation
248-682-9450 • T.O.P.S. – Weight Loss Support
• Hearing Evaluations
• Ask A Nurse
• Referrals
• Medicare & Medicaid Advisor by

• Transportation within Waterford Twp.
• Meals on Wheels
• Congregate Drop In Lunch
• Grief Support Group



Spring Travel


“Road Signs” at the Purple Rose Theatre................. March 12
Soaring Eagle Casino................................................. March 26
“Old Friends” Simon and Garfunkel Tribute

at Zehnder’s, Frankenmuth...................................... April 16
Firekeepers Casino...................................................... April 21


Thunder Over Louisville.......................................... April 17-19
Alaska...................................................................... June 12-23
New York City– Fireworks............................................ July 3-8
Mississippi River Cruise....................................... August 24-27
Cape Cod........................................................ September 20-27
Rails of West Virginia............................................ October 9-12

Senior Center EXCITING NEWS! Valentine’s
Day Luncheon
As seniors flying the simulator in the
“Sims for Seniors” project, you can Thursday, February 13 @ Noon
experience the beads of sweat, clammy Members $8 / Non-Members $10
hands, bad weather and stressful land-
ings, all while sitting in the comfort and • Taste of Italy Lunch
safety of the Waterford Senior Center. • Musical Entertainment
Research indicates that this program
stimulates senior brains. • Raffles and Prizes
Reservations Only 248-682-9450
Experience the joy of flying when you
take control in our computerized flight StD. PaaytFriucnk’s
simulator. Built with seniors needs in
mind and wheelchair accessible, it’s TUESDAY, MARCH 17
just the thing for former military pilots, @ NOON
retired private pilots, or just “pilot wan-
nabes”. Only $4 for each 1 hour session. Stop by the Waterford Senior
Center Bistro for Corned Beef
Sessions available on Monday’s, Hash, Corned Beef Sandwiches
Wednesday’s, and Friday’s between
and Live Irish Music!
9:00am-3:00pm. Call the Senior No reservations needed.
Center to schedule your session.

40 W A T E R F O R D S E N I O R C E N T E R 2 4 8 . 6 8 2 . 9 4 5 0

Five Easy Ways to Register... WATERFORD PARKS AND RECREATION 248.674.5441

WALK-IN: 5200 Civic Center Drive, Waterford, MI 48329
Monday – Friday, 8:00AM – 5:00PM / Monday-Friday, 7:30AM – 4:30PM (Summer Hours)
MAIL-IN: Checks payable to Waterford Parks & Recreation

FAX-IN: to 248-618-7674 Download a registration form online first. This is to be used by customers
paying with Mastercard,Visa or Discover only (a convenience fee will be charged. See below for more details).
If you haven’t received an emailed receipt within 24 hours, please call to verify we have received your fax.
PHONE-IN: 248-674-5441 for participants paying with Mastercard, Visa or
Discover only (a convenience fee will be charged. See below for more details).
Mastercard, Visa or Discover only (a convenience fee will be charged. See below for more details).

Refund Policy
• Refunds must be requested before the second class less a $5 service fee.
• If a class is cancelled you will receive a full refund.
• No refunds will be issued for one day programs.
• All classes must have the minimum registered or the class will not be offered. Full refunds will be processed.
• Youth League Sports - Refunds must be requested PRIOR to the registration deadline and you will receive the
program fee less 10%. Refunds requested AFTER the registration deadline will receive the program fee less $10.
This refund policy will be strictly adhered. Participants are responsible for changing their own personal schedules
that may conflict with the recreation class or session.
• If you paid with cash or check a refund check will be mailed within 3-4 weeks. If you paid by credit card/debit
card you will receive a refund as described above minus the original convenience fee charged.
• Checks returned NSF will be subject to a $30 administrative charge.
The Waterford Parks and Recreation Department will comply with the spirit and intent of the American with Disabilities
Act. We will provide and make reasonable accommodations to assist people with disabilities to access and participate
in our recreation programs, facilities and services. Inquiries or complaints should be directed to 248-674-5441.
Credit Card Policy Waterford Parks and Recreation will charge a convenience fee for all credit card and debit
card payments. Credit/debit cards will be charged 2.5% of the total purchase with a
convenience fee minimum of $1.95. Mastercard, Visa and Discover are accepted.

a SpecialThanks to Our Donors

$1000-$2999 $999-$500 $499-$250
Genisys Credit Union Goldfish Swim School Breen’s Landscape &
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce C. Brede Jimmy John’s
Oakland County Farm Bureau Supply Center
Waterford Golden Age Club Gourmet Sandwiches Dan Meloche
William Troeger Laurie Bailey Frank Kotz
Sportsmens Great Northern Grill Virgil & Jackie Williams
Tim Donaldson Memorial $249-$100
Diane Olson-Jacobs
Robert Ranzilla
Ruth Brown

248.674.5441 • 41

WAT EWARTFEORRFDORPDA RPAKRSKASNADNDR ERCERCERAETAITIOONN224488..667744..55444411 Visit us online and register for programs at
**Non-residents add $5 to program fee

OOnnlliinnee PPhhoonnee-I-nIn MaMilail FaFxax WWaallkk--IInn

Waterford Parks & Recreation – Payment Information
5200 Civic Center Drive, Waterford, MI 48329 • (248) 674-5441 • Fax: (248) 618-7674

PARENT/GUARDIAN OR PAYEE: (PLEASE PRINT) Non-Residents add $5 to fee




VISA /MASTERCARD/DISCOVER # (if paying by credit/debit card a convenience fee will be charged) EXP. DATE CVV2 CODE


FEE (non-res add $5)

STUDENT #2: FIRST DAY & TIME GRADE: _________ GENDER: _________
FEE (non-res add $5)


In consideration of acceptance of my registration in the program(s), I do hereby, take action for myself, my executors, administrators, heirs,
next of kin, successors, and assigns to: (A) Waive, Release, and Discharge from any and all liability for my death, disability, personal injury,
property damage, property theft, or actions of any kind which may hereafter accrue to me, including as to my traveling to and from this
event, the following entities or persons: Waterford Township and Waterford Parks and Recreation Department, its elected and appointed offi-
cials, employees and volunteers, and representatives and agents, and others working or acting in behalf of Waterford Township and
Waterford Parks and Recreation Department; and to the extent permitted by law (B) Indemnify and Hold Harmless the entities or persons
mentioned in this paragraph from any and all liabilities or claims made by other individuals or entities as a result of or relating to my atten-
dance at or participation in this program(s).


42 42 2 24 48 8. 6. 67 744. 5. 544441 1• • wwaat teer rf foorrddmmi i. .ggoovv//ppaarrkkss

Parent/Child Youth Dance & Fitness WATERFORD PARKS AND RECREATION 248.674.5441

Instructor: Lisa Borkowski Instructor: Forte Academy of Dance & Music
The perfect bonding class for parents and babies that Learn basic ballet movements and techniques at a
includes stretching, songs, finger plays and bubbles in beginner level. An end-of-session showcase will take place
your baby’s first class. on the last day of class. Dancers must be out of diapers.
Age Infant to non-walking baby Ages 3-6
110159-01 Sa 1/11-2/29 11:00-11:30AM 110024-01 Sa 1/25-2/29 10:00-10:25AM
Busy Bodies 8 weeks $75 210024-01 Sa 4/18-5/30 10:00-10:25AM
Ages 7-11
110024-02 Sa 1/25-2/29 11:15-11:55AM
Instructor: Lisa Borkowski 210024-02 Sa 4/18-5/30 11:15-11:55AM
Forte Academy of Dance & Music 6 wks $85
This class is packed with hands-on activities for your No class 5/23
busy toddler to develop motor skills, coordination and
socialization. Children will warm-up, have “tumble”
time, free play, movement to music, parachute play, HIP HOP
bubbles and stamps.Weekly themes & parent participation Instructor: Forte Academy of Dance & Music
add to the fun! Fun introduction to hip-hop dance! End-of-session
Ages 1-4 showcase will take place on the last day of class.
110021-01 Sa 1/11-2/29 10:00-10:45AM Ages 5 – 8 (dancers must be 5 by first day of class)
110021-02 Tu 1/14-3/3 6:30-7:15PM 110025-01 Sa 1/25- 2/29 10:30-11:10AM
110021-03 W 1/15-3/4 10:00-10:45AM 210025-01 Sa 4/18- 5/30 10:30-11:10AM
110021-04 W 1/15-3/4 6:30-7:15PM Ages 9 - 13
210021-01 Sa 3/21-5/9 10:00-10:45AM 110025-02 Sa 1/25– 2/29 12:00-12:40PM
210021-02 Tu 3/17-5/5 6:30-7:15PM 210025-02 Sa 4/18– 5/30 12:00-12:40PM
210021-03 W 3/18-5/6 10:00-10:45AM Forte Academy of Dance & Music 6 wks $85
210021-04 W 3/18-5/6 6:30-7:15PM No class 5/23
Busy Bodies 8 wks $85

Instructor: Forte Academy of Dance & Music
Instructor: Busy Bodies Children use musical crafts, worksheets, games, and
A creative bonding dance experience for a child and instruments to explore and nurture a strong music
their parent or any cherished adult in their life. There foundation. Great preparation for private music lessons.
will be a choreographed routine performed at the end Ages 3-7
of the session. 110027-01 M 1/20-2/24 4:45-5:10PM
Ages 6 & older 210027-01 M 4/13-5/18 4:45-5:10PM
110026-03 Th 1/16-3/5 7:05-7:50PM Forte Academy of Dance & Music 6 wks $85
210026-03 Th 3/19-5/7 7:05-7:50PM
Busy Bodies 8 wks $85
Instructor: Lakes Area Martial Arts
Traditional Tang Soo Do (Karate) Learn how to protect
and defend yourself with confidence. Come join this
exciting program,designed to provide practical martial arts
training and effective self-defense techniques. With 2
Master Black Belts, your student will be given one-on-one
personal attention. Half price to each additional sibling.
Any questions may be left at (248) 830-8125.
Ages 6 & older
110150-01 Tu & Th 1/7-1/30 6:30-8:30PM
110150-02 Tu & Th 2/4-2/27 6:30-8:30PM
210150-01 Tu & Th 3/3-3/26 6:30-8:30PM
210150-02 Tu & Th 3/31-4/23 6:30-8:30PM
210150-03 Tu & Th 4/28-5/21 6:30-8:30PM
Recreation Center 4 wks $60

ADD $5

248.674.5441 • 43

Instructor: Busy Bodies
An independent class where children begin to learn the
fundamentals of tumbling and gymnastics using floor
exercise designed to enhance coordination and motor INSTRUCTIONAL ARCHERY
Instructor: Ronald Hall
skills in a fun safe non-competitive manner. Basics of archery including safety, techniques,
Ages 4-6
110022-01 M 1/13-3/2 4:40-5:25PM self-improvement, and mental concentration.
Equipment is provided or bring your own (must be
210022-01 M 3/16-5/4 4:40-5:25PM approved by instructors before use).
Ages 7-9
110022-02 M 1/13-3/2 5:30-6:15PM Ages 8 & older
140509-01 W 1/15-3/18 6:30-8:00PM
210022-01 M 3/16-5/4 5:30-6:15PM Oakland County Sportsmen’s Club 10 wks $90
Busy Bodies 8 wks $95

Instructor: Gary Stepp
Instructor: Busy Bodies The age appropriate drills and games are designed to
This program is designed for the gymnast who has
mastered somersaults, handstands, cartwheels and improve eye/hand/foot coordination and body movement,
while having fun and learning the fundamentals of the
backbends. Placement is based on instructor approval. game of basketball.
Ages 5-10
110022-03 M 1/13-3/2 6:15-7:00PM LITTLE DRIBBLERS
Ages 4-5
210022-03 M 3/16-5/4 6:15-7:00PM 140502-01 Sa 1/25-2/29 9:00-10:00AM
Busy Bodies 8 wks $95
240502-01 W 3/4-4/1 5:45-6:45PM
Recreation Center 5 wks $55
TWINKLE TOES No class on 2/22
Instructor: Busy Bodies
Here is your child’s first independent dance experience SHOOTING STARS
Ages 6-7
incorporating movement to music in a creative way. 140502-02 W 1/22-2/19 5:45-6:45PM
Parents enjoy a performance at the last class.
Ages 2 1/2-5 240502-02 Sa 3/21-5/2 9:00-10:00AM
Recreation Center 5 wks $55
110026-01 Sa 1/11-2/29 11:00-11:45AM No class 4/4 & 4/11
110026-02 W 1/15-3/4 6:30-7:15PM
210026-01 W 3/18-5/6 6:30-7:15PM
210026-02 Sa 3/21-5/9 11:00-11:45AM SPORTS STARZ
Instructor: Busy Bodies
Busy Bodies 8 wks $85 An independent beginning sports program that teaches

the basic skills for soccer, baseball, basketball, kickball
and dodge ball.
ADD $5 140510-0 M 1/13-3/2 7:15-8:00PM
240510-01 M 3/16-5/4 7:15-8:00PM
Busy Bodies 8 wks $85

Instructor: Julie Hauler, USASF Cheer Coach
REGISTER EARLY! A fun class that will build confidence and self-esteem,
while learning the basics of cheerleading. Motions,
✔ 2020 ELECTION Chants, Jumps, and beginning level Stunting skills will
WORKERS NEEDED be taught. The last class will include a cheer routine
preformed to music and a small awards ceremony.
March 10, August 4 & November 3 Ages 4-6
Serve your community... 140511-01 M 2/17-3/30 6:00-6:45PM
work the elections! 240500-01 M 4/13-5/18 6:00-6:45PM
Contact Waterford Township Ages 7-10
Clerk’s Office 140511-01 M 2/17-3/30 7:00-7:45PM
410060-02 M 4/13-5/18 7:00-7:45PM
248.674.6266 or visit Recreation Center 6 wks $55
electioninspectorapplication No class 3/9
These are paid positions

44 2 4 8 . 6 7 4 . 5 4 4 1 • w a t e r f o r d m i . g o v / p a r k s

Instructor: Coach Jo Schirtzinger, Instructor: Kevin Bellant
Former class A high school volleyball coach with over Skills and drills to help get ready to play flag, or tackle
40 years of competitive playing experience & a former football. Drills and skills for Quarterback, Running
MHSAA Official for 10 years. backs, Receivers, and all positions on defense. Coach
Kids will learn skills such as bumping, spiking and serving Bellant is a long time varsity football coach. Many
using lightweight volleyballs. Fun drills reinforce their years coaching varsity football and flag football. Also,
basics while working toward scrimmages to learn rules sportsmanship and teamwork will be covered.
and improve game comprehension. Balls provided. Ages 5-14
GRADES 1-3 140508-01 Su 2/23-3/15 1:00-3:00PM
240504-02 M 3/2-4/13 6:00–7:00PM Recreation Center 4 wks $110
Recreation Center 4 wks $48
No class on 3/9, 3/16 & 4/6
Instructor: Coach Jo Schirtzinger,
VOLLEYBALL SKILLS & SCRIMMAGE This jam packed hour introduces your kids to the sport
Instructor: Coach Jo Schirtzinger, of Floor Hockey. In this program, we focus on stick
is a former Class A High School Volleyball Coach, has handling, drills, defense and offensive plays, scrimmaging
over 40 years of competitive playing experience and is and silly games to cap off the hour. Our emphasis is
a former MHSAA official. on effort, sportsmanship and participation for a positive
Learn and practice the proper techniques for passing, learning experience.
spiking, setting, blocking and serving. Improve your Ages 5-7
individual and team skills in the areas of net play, court 240504-03 M 4/27-6/1 6:00–7:00PM
communication and transition. In class scrimmages Recreation Center 5 wks $60
enhance rules and game comprehension, getting you No class 5/25
ready for high school play. Great for boys and girls!
240504-01 M 3/2-4/13 7:00–8:00PM TINY-HAWKS BASEBALL FOR BOYS & GIRLS
Instructor: Skyhawks Sports Academy
Recreation Center 4 wks $48 The perfect introduction to America’s pastime for young
No class 3/9, 3/16 & 4/6
players. Our progressional curriculum teaches the
fundamentals of fielding, catching, throwing, hitting
JUNIOR KICKERS and base running in a fun, positive environment. The
Instructors: Mike Eberle, “D” Level Coach License, first week will feature a skills introduction followed by
USSF/MHSAA Referee and Everest Academy Coach & four weeks of fun tee ball league play. Parents will
Matt Eberle, Everest Academy Coach receive a weekly 10am or 11am game assignment
This class is designed for children who are not quite for their child’s team after the first week. Our tee ball
ready for league play. Skill development is enhanced games ensure that every child bats and runs the bases
with fun, creative games and activities. every inning and that our instructors are instilling
Ages 3-5 foundations in good sportsmanship and teamwork.
140503-01 W 1/29-3/18 7:00-7:45PM Players will come away with new friends and a passion
240503-01 W 4/15-6/3 7:00-7:45PM for the game of baseball!
Recreation Center 8 wks $67 Ages 3-4
340500-01 Sa 6/6-7/11 10:00AM-12:00PM
340500-02 Sa 7/18-8/15 10:00AM-12:00PM
SUPER SATURDAY SOCCER Hess-Hathaway Park 5 wks $65
Instructors: Mike Eberle, “D” Level coach license, USSF/
MHSAA Referee and Everest Academy Coach & Matt No class on 7/4

Eberle, Everest Academy Coach
Learn skills, basic drills and play small-sided zone
games. This is a parent/child interactive program. YOUTH SPORTS & GAMES
Instructor: Coach Jo Schirtzinger,
Children must be 5 years old by April 25, 2020. This non-competitive format allows players to learn sports
Ages 5-6
440500-01 Sa 4/25-6/6 9:30-10:30AM skills & then play scrimmages to practice what they’ve
learned. Silly and traditional games such as Sea Monster,
Civic Center Soccer Fields – White Field 6 wks $50 Newcombe, Crows & Cranes, and Gaga keep kids moving
No class 5/23
and having fun. This is great for girls and boys. Emphasis
is on sportsmanship, teamwork and cooperation.
Ages 7-11
240504-04 M 4/27-6/1 7:00PM–8:00PM
NON-RESIDENTS Recreation Center 5 wks $60
ADD $5 No class 5/25

2 4 8 . 6 7 4 . 5 4 4 1 • w a t e r f o r d m i . g o v / p a r k s 45

Registration: January 13-March 22 Our summer ball league is committed to teaching
Late Registration: March 23-29, $10 added the game in a fun, recreational and instructional
When: Sundays, April 26-June 7, atmosphere. We are focused on improving the ability of
No games on 5/24 every player while enhancing the experience for every
Location: Civic Center Soccer Fields* family. Boys 5-9 and girls 5-17 have the opportunity to
Recreational soccer league for boys and girls born in the participate in baseball and softball in a variety of levels.
years of 2004-2014.Weekly practices will be scheduled Volunteer coaches are needed.
by a volunteer coach. *Participants in Girls/Boys UNDER Registration: January 13-May 3
12 and Girls UNDER 14/16 may have away games in Late Registration: May 4-10,
surrounding communities on various days of the week $10 added
(depending on registration numbers). *Participants in When: June 15-July 24
Boys UNDER 14 will have away games in surrounding No games week of June 29
communities on various days of the week. All other age Game Times: between 5:30-8:00pm
groups will have all home games on Sunday at the Civic Location: Waterford Parks or Schools
Center Soccer fields. It is suggested that one session of Girls age as of January 1, 2020
Super Saturday be played before registering your child Boys age as of August 31, 2020
up for UNDER 6 COED. Volunteer coaches are needed. COED T-Ball Age 5-6 Tu & Th $60
*If your child is born before 2004, the child has aged out
of the program. If your child is born in 2015 and you are Boys Intermediate Age 6-7 Tu & Th $60
(½ t-ball, ½ coach pitch)
confident that the child is ready for league soccer, you
may sign a play-up waiver for your child to participate in Boys Coach Pitch Age 8-9 M & W $60

the UNDER 6 COED league. If your child is not ready for Girls Intermediate Age 6-7 Tu & Th $60
league play, please refer to our Super Saturday Soccer (½ t-ball, ½ coach pitch)
program or Junior Kickers.
*Parents may sign a play up waiver for their child if they Girls Coach Pitch Age 8-9 M & W $60

are confident they are ready for the next age level. You Girls Intro Fastpitch Age 9-10 M & W $60
may only sign up by one year (example: Child born in (½ coach pitch, ½ kid pitch)
2012 may sign a play up waiver to play in Under 10
age group, a child born in 2013 would not be eligible to Girls Fastpitch Age 11-12 Tu & Th $70

move up into the Under 10 age group). Children may not Girls Fastpitch Age 13-14 M & W $70

play down in any age group. Girls Fastpitch Age 15-17 Fri (DH Games) $70

UNDER 10 BOYS/GIRLS BORN in 2010 or 2011 $60 Instructors: Steve Ogg & Jamie Corona. Steve Ogg is a
UNDER 12 BOYS/GIRLS BORN in 2008 or 2009 $70 successful College Women’s fast pitch coach at Oakland
UNDER 14 BOYS/GIRLS BORN in 2006 or 2007 $70 Community College, Rochester College, and Oakland
UNDER 16 GIRLS BORN in 2004 or 2005 $70 University. Coach Steve has over 15 years of competitive
REVERSIBLE SOCCER JERSEY - $15 playing experience, and has been coach of the year 5
times! Jamie Corona is the current Director of Athletics and
Women’s Softball Coach at Oakland Community College.

This indoor Softball league aims to provide quality girls
Softball programming. This league consists of 4 on 4
scrimmages, and guided practices from varsity OCC
Softball players. Players will be walked through the
basic fundamentals of Softball, hitting, pitching,
catching, fielding and scrimmaging. In this league you
are guaranteed to have fun, learn a lot, and become a
great softball player! Parents are welcomed to coach!

FREE Mini Intro Rocketball Softball Clinic for play-
ers and parents/coaches: January 9th 6:15-7:15pm

NON-RESIDENTS Ages 8-9 Beginner 5:45-7:00PM
ADD $5 140506-01 Th 1/16-2/13 7:05-8:20PM
Ages 10-11 Advanced Beginner
140506-02 Th 1/16-2/13 $60
OCC Highland Lakes Campus 5wks

46 2 4 8 . 6 7 4 . 5 4 4 1 • w a t e r f o r d m i . g o v / p a r k s

Youth Special Interest Day Camps WATERFORD PARKS AND RECREATION 248.674.5441

KLEVER KREATIONS Summer Day Camps 2020
Create and eat, children will love these outstanding
classes while learning to enjoy and craft desserts. Tentative Dates
Culinary skills are learned while the students are CHALLENGER BRITISH SOCCER • Ages 3-16
having fun and being creative. Registration deadline is
the Wednesday prior to class. July 13-17
Ages 5-12 LITTLE FARMER • Ages 3–5
Cookie Decorating – Valentine’s Day
110030-01 Sa 2/8 1:00-2:30PM 9am-12pm
Candy Making – St. Patrick’s Day June 15-19 / July 13-17 / July 27-31
210030-01 Sa 3/14 1:00-2:30PM
Cupcake Decorating – Unicorns and Monsters FARM CAMP • Ages 6-10
210030-02 Sa 4/11 1:00-2:30PM 9am-3pm
Klever Kreations $17
June 22-26 / July 6-10 / August 10-14
Instructor: Busy Bodies
This beginning, independent-learning cooking course 9am-4pm
will entice your child to learn the art of cooking. Please July 20-24; overnight campout on Thursday,
bring a plastic container, and water bottle to class.
Ages 4-9 Parents pick up Firday at 9am
110028-01 Th 1/9-2/27 6:15-7:00PM PRE-SCHOOL NATURE ENTHUSIASTS • Ages 3-5
210028-01 Th 3/19-5/7 6:15-7:00PM
Recreation Center 8 wks 9am-12pm
$95 + $15 supply fee paid to instructor June 22-26
June 15-18
August 3-6

Avoid Disappointment...


2 4 8 . 6 7 4 . 5 4 4 1 • w a t e r f o r d m i . g o v / p a r k s 47

Instructor: Mari Ann Pace-Bleau
Recreates the Zumba moves you love at a lower
intensity. This doesn’t mean you won’t sweat – you
50+ FITNESS will! The focus is fun! Great music, join the party.
Instructor: Mari Ann Pace-Bleau
Come join this fun and friendly group! Class will Mari Ann is a licensed Zumba, Zumba Gold and ACE
group fitness instructor.
improve your balance, coordination, and strength. 111400-01 Tu 1/21–3/3 10:15-11:00AM
Class is designed in two parts, sitting in chairs using
small hand weights and bands, followed by a segment 211400-01 Tu 3/10-4/21 10:15-11:00AM
211400-02 Tu 4/28-6/9 10:15-11:00AM
of movement to improve your cardio. Great music and Recreation Center 7 wks $49
great time!
160210-01 Tu & Th 1/7-3/31 9:00-10:00AM
260210-01 Tu & Th 4/2-6/30 9:00-10:00AM TAI CHI FOR ARTHRITIS/FALL PREVENTION
Instructor: Jim Barber, TCHI certified
Recreation Center $35 This program is part of the Tai Ci for health series. The

CDC has recognized this program for the possibility of
BARRE BELLES reducing falls in our seniors and all other segments
Instructor: Busy Bodies
Try out a high intensity, calorie-burning workout just for of the population. This is a fun and relaxing way of
increasing good health.
women, which utilizes barre combinations to build core 111412-10 W 1/8-2/5 10:30-11:30AM
strength and cardio endurance.
111406-01 M 1/6-2/24 10:15-11:15AM 211412-10 W 3/4-4/1 10:30-11:30AM
Recreation Center 5 wks $50
211406-01 M 3/2-4/20 10:15-11:15AM
211406-02 M 4/27-6/22 10:15-11:15AM
Busy Bodies 8 wks $85 Instructor: Jim Barber, TCHI certified
No class 5/25
This is a new Tai Chi for health program. This form
combines Yang, Sun and Chen styles of Tai Chi. This
MELT gentle simple form is a great form of exercise. Tai Chi
Instructor: Busy Bodies
This is a class that combines various fitness strategies for health forms will be discussed and demonstrated.
111412-09 W 1/8–2/5 12:00-1:00PM
for the ultimate fat-burning workout. 211412-09 W 3/4-4/1 12:00-1:00PM
111406-02 M 1/6-2/24 5:30-6:30PM
211406-03 M 3/2-4/20 5:30-6:30PM Recreation Center 5 wks $50

211406-04 M 4/27-6/22 5:30-6:30PM GET MOVING WITH TAI CHI
Busy Bodies 8 wks $85
No class 5/25 Instructor: Kathy Phipps, TCHI Certified
Almost anyone can learn Tai Chi. Join me on the journey
to improve balance, posture, coordination and stamina

ZUMBA with one of the Tai Chi for Health Institute Tai Chi Forms.
Instructor: Busy Bodies
Ladies, enjoy the fun Latin-dance movement craze These forms are low impact and include steps from
traditional forms but are easier and shorter to learn.
while burning calories. These forms have been designed by medical and Tai
111406-03 Tu 1/7-2/25 6:00-7:00PM
211406-05 Tu 3/3-4/21 6:00-7:00PM Chi experts.
Ages 16 & older
211406-06 Tu 4/28-6/16 6:00-7:00PM 411411-01 Tu 1/21-3/10 7:00-8:00PM
Busy Bodies 8 wks $85
411411-02 Sa 1/25–3/14 9:00-10:00AM
Recreation Center 8 wks $64
Instructor: Busy Bodies
The perfect combination of cardio and toning that GENTLE MOVES YOGA
Instructor: Mari Ann Pace-Bleau
targets all muscle groups for maximum results! Includes gentle stretches, breathing and centering
111406-04 W 1/8-2/26 6:15-7:00PM
211406-07 W 3/4-4/22 6:15-7:00PM exercises designed to increase flexibility, improve
muscle tone and strength. Relax the whole body
211406-08 W 4/29-6/17 6:15-7:00PM and mind! NO experience necessary. Mari Ann is a
Busy Bodies 8 wks $85
registered yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance
111400-02 M 1/27–3/9 8:30-9:30AM
211400-03 M 3/16-4/20 8:30-9:30AM

211400-04 M 4/27-6/8 8:30-9:30AM
Recreation Center 6 wks $42
No class 2/17 & 5/25

48 2 4 8 . 6 7 4 . 5 4 4 1 • w a t e r f o r d m i . g o v / p a r k s

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