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ONTACT US: 0713867852 0735005094


Our core business is to protect your business with integrity. You can now track your vehicle or a fleet of them from the
comfort of your office, car, home or anywhere else. Our vehicle tracking system allows you to have full control over your
asset because it allows you to have access to powerful administration tools. The system combines the use of automatic
vehicle location in individual vehicles with software and app that collects this data for a comprehensive picture of vehicle


 Intuitive User Interface
 Dedicated Mobile Apps
 Animated Trip Replay
 OBD CAN Data
 SMS Alerts
 Email Alerts Road-speed Alerts
 On Screen Alerts
 Scheduled Reports
 Geo-Zone Over speed
 Multiple Map Providers
 Cloud Hosted
 Remote engine stop/start


We may all be aware of how challenging fleet management can be and, most times, frustrating. At any given time, one is
responsible for tracking vehicles and knowing where precisely they are at all times, but you also have to think about other
things like efficiency, driver safety, expenses and profitability.

It becomes difficult especially when your customer relations are at stake, having the right routes followed by the
designated drive is vital because timely deliveries creates a good relationship between your business and your clients.
Detours are very costly and they are hard to manage by phone calls now and then or worst still, it is time wasting to stay by
your driver in every trip he is making just to make sure the right things are done. Our Fleet management system has been
design to address all these challenges to give you as a business owner the peace of mind and increase you profitability.


 Driver Monitoring  Geo-Zone Over speed
 Fuel Monitoring  Geo-zones Monitoring
 Road-speed Alerts  Vehicle Immobilization
 On Screen Alerts  Powerful Admin Control
 Scheduled Reports  Multiple Map Providers
 Cloud Hosted


Our advanced tracking system helps you detect and prevent loss of fuel. This includes both theft and leaks, and with our
FMS GPS tracking system, you’ll know almost immediately which vehicle is losing fuel. We offer fleet owners a complete

fleet management solution. This solution includes all hardware, equipment and software, as well as installation and training

if required

FEATURES  Moving alarm
 Fuel consumption report and in real-time
 Monitor vehicle condition and fuel consumption  Report on amount refueled
 Predict maintenance needs and costs  Report on refueling geographical locations
 Reduce insurance premiums  Graphical representation on the fuel consumption
 Enhance driver and vehicle safety and security
 Use your fleet more efficiently anomalies
 Real-time track by web system  Analog sensors for example for fuel and voltage
 SMS configuration and communication
 Idling alarm measurements
 Parking alarm


Flikar tracking provides access control system to allow organizations and or individuals manage the movement of authorized
people, goods/materials and vehicles in and out of their premises.

Why access control system

It helps to asses and responds to unusual situations or occurrences

To detect and prevent exit or entry of unauthorized materials and persons within an entity

To allow only authorized personnel to enter or exit.

Monitor stuff working hours

Application  Our system includes:
 RFID readers
 Banks  Card readers
 Hospital  Pin reader
 Construction sites  Biometric readers
 Universities  Vehicle identification system
 Industrial facilities and many more.

Our access control system is automated to
authenticate, authorize and grant access without the
intervention of the human ware. The system also
allows time and attendance recording.


Closed circuit television (CCTVs) is video/photo surveillance system that comprises of; cameras and digital video
recorder. Over the years video surveillance technology have evolved tremendously to give you the desired outcome, we
keep updating our systems and devices to be at par with the current and emerging technology especially in the security
sector. We understand the CCTV technology and we work around the clock to come up with a customized solution to
meet your needs.

Standard Camera features Number pate recognition

Infrared for night vision capabilities Removed objects
Motion detection and virtual fencing Gathering or loitering people

Digital IP or analog high definition
Improved smart cameras features

Facial capture recognition
Abandoned luggage


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