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Published by Zane Konczak, 2019-05-07 15:01:18

The Cay Wondering - Zane Konczaj

SQUIRT Quarter 3 wondering

The Cay

Theodore Taylor

Table Of Contents

● About the Book - ( slide 3 )
● My wondering and why I chose It - ( slide 4 )
● What Is Malaria? - ( slide 5 )

About the Book

In the book The Cay, there is a main Character named Phillip. While World War 2
has just started, Phillip’s mom wants to take him back to Virginia where they were
before. But his dad wanted to stay. When the families that were traveling back to
the United States Phillip gets banked in the head by an object and there boat gets
bombed ( exploded ). When Phillip wakes up not knowing where he is, an
unfamiliar man is on his raft alone, named Timothy. A while later Timothy say, “I
see land.” Phillip tries to look and find the land but he can’t see it. Then it turns
out that that Phillip is blind. When they get to land Phillip wonders how he is gonna
do the things that he needs to do. Timothy made a little hut for them to stay in
during night. After being on the stranded island for about 4 months now Timothy
comes up with a fever called Malaria. His head was burning hot and could not
control himself. Meanwhile there is a really bad storm that is approaching on the
island of the cay. While the water is up to Phillips ankles TImothy just froze.
Phillip tried to talk to him but he wasn’t answering. Was Timothy dead? Will
Phillip survive the storm and come back to his family? If you want to find out read

My Wondering and Why I chose it

My wondering is What is Malariaa? How bad of a fever is Malaria? I chose
this wondering because when Timothy got the fever Malaria and it said that
his head burned and it was a deadly fever, I wanted to know more about the
fever and can it be cured.

What Is Malaria?

Malaria is a fever that is very deadly,it can cause headaches and head burns. It
is caused by a diseased passed by mosquitos. Usually to know that you have the
fever Malaria the signs of it is that it usually starts with shivers and chills, followed
by a high fever, then is followed up by sweating and a return to the normal
temperature. The signs of Malaria usually start after a few weeks after a mosquito
bite. If you do not have any drugs nearby or if the parasites are resistant to them,
malaria infection can usually develop anemia, hypoglycemia, and cerebral malaria,
in which capillaries carrying blood to the brain are blocked. Cerebral malaria can
cause coma, lifelong-learning disabilities and death.

What countries are mostly affected by malaria?

Most third world countries are affected by Malaria, such as, Ethiopia,
Nigeria, and Kenya.The reason this disease is so common in these countries
is they are very poor so they cannot afford to treat the patients that have
malaria. Also in places like the USA they can easily treat malaria because
they are economically prosper.That’s why malaria is common in 3rd world


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