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Published by og.keem, 2018-12-14 10:05:48

Principles of design jekeem greene

Principles of design jekeem greene




Lines are something us as people use every day and you don’t realize it, there
are even lines on this slide. Out of the 6 elements of design, line is the strongest
and most important and influential. Without line there can be no shape. Without
shape there can be no form. Without form there can be no texture and there
can be no pattern. There are many different types of lines Lines can be vertical,
horizontal, diagonal, or curved. Lines can be short or tall, can be thick or thin.


The second most fundamental element of design is shape, because shape is the
principal element of identification. Shapes are all around, and just like lines they
are used/see everyday. The most important thing to keep in mind when shape is
the essential element in an image is that it is best defined when the subject is
front lift or backlit


Form is like a 3-D shape, so you can see all the details in it, form gives the
object a personality. Form is where most characteristics come from.


Texture is like the way something feels. Everything has a different texture, some
things have SIMILAR textures. No design element is more capable of moving
your deep emotions than texture. The challenge of seeing and capturing texture
is mostly based on one element - light.


Life is full of patterns. It is all part of our cosmic existence, for without patterns
our lives would be utter chaos. Most patterns we don't recognize or we overlook
because of our busy, routine-driven, daily lives.


Color is different all around the world, you see it all through the world, even
going through the PowerPoint you have see a whole bunch of colors. Color is
characterized by attributes such as value, hue, and saturation. Colors, and how
they're arranged, can either make or break a shot


For more examples each element:

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