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Find everyday Big Values for every room in your home.

BigValue Book

BigVWaellcuomeeBtoook Treasure hunters and bargain lovers, look no
EVERYTHING UNDER $20 further! Inside you’ll find the perfect gifts for
everyone on your list as well as tons of ways to
treat yourself – all at incredible values! Featuring
dozens of fantastic items, all under $20!








Chinese characters on other side

New! Garden Stepping Stones Add a cute and charming G • New! Tabletop Flamingo Trio Celebrate K • Live Love Laugh Zen Garden Take
touch to your garden with these whimsical stepping stones. summer in style with these fun table top flamingo a quiet moment to reflect on what’s
The adorable designs and welcoming messages will add a figurines. Fun and colorful, this trio of flamingo truly important in your life and calm
fun and inviting touch to your yard or garden. They feature figurines will look great displayed together or your senses. This beautiful Zen garden
colorful glittery overlays that will sparkle in the sunlight. individually around the house. Polyresin and iron. set features a tealight candle holder,
Cement. Each is 10" x 10" x ¾" thick. Each is 3¼" x 2¾" x 8¼" high. light-colored sand, a small rake, and
10018569 Set $19.95 the largest rocks read “Live”, “Laugh”
A • Bless This Home 10018545 $12.95 and “Love”. MDF wood, stone, sand,
plastic, cement. Tealight candle not
B • Welcome Friends 10018541 $12.95 New! Tropical Highball Candles These 6.5 oz included. 7⅞" x 6¼" x 2½" high.
fun candles have the good looks and pleasing 10018309 $12.95
C • Love Blooms Here 10018544 $12.95 scents to take you on a tropical vacation L • Vintage Trailer Birdhouse Create
without leaving home! Each glass jar comes a comfy campground for your fly-in
D • Home Sweet Home 10018531 $12.95 with a cork lid and will enliven any room. Burn guests with this cozy little trailer!
time: up to 33 hours. Soy blend wax in a glass Comical birdhouse comes complete
E • Welcome to My Garden 10018543 $12.95 container. Each is 2¼" x 2¼" x 5¾" high. with all the accessories of an old-time
outdoor paradise. Eucalyptus wood.
F • Love My Garden 10018533 $12.95 8¼" x 6⅛" x 6¾" high. 12503 $19.95

H • Mai Tai 12010869 $9.95

I • Margarita 12010868 $9.95

J • Piña Colada 12010867 $9.95



A D E Whimsical Key Hiders These key
C I F hiders look charming and can be
very helpful if you ever get locked
SStetopnpeinsg G out of your home. Each one has a
secret compartment to store your
$1495 Glow in-the-dark. Glow in-the-dark. key. Cast iron.
A • Cat 4¾" x 2¼" x 2¼" high.
your choice Glow in-the-dark. 10017896 $9.95
B • Ladybug 4" x 4" x 1¾" high.
H 14964 $7.95
C • Snail 6" x 3⅜" x 2⅜" high.
10017555 $10.95
D • Crab 6¼" x 4⅜" x 2¼" high.
10017556 $10.95
E • Turtle 4" x 3¾" x 1½" high.
14965 $7.95
F • Butterfly 4" x 2½" x 1" high.
10017897 $9.95

G • Celestial Glow-in-Dark Stepping
Stone Lovely by day, and magical
by night— place this celestial
plaque in a sunny spot to enjoy a
beautiful glow-in-the-dark moon
and stars image! Polyresin. 10½" x
10½" x ½" thick. 39697 $14.95

H • Sun and Moon Glowing
Stepping Stone The sun and
moon, together in harmony, are
both a welcome presence in your
garden or yard. This cool polyresin
stepping stone features the sun
and a yellow crescent moon,
along with a few yellow stars.
The moon and stars will glow
at night after soaking up some
sunlight during the day. Polyresin.
10¼" x 10¼" x ½" thick.
10017956 $14.95

I • Bursting Sun Glowing Stepping
Stone Friends are the sunshine in
the garden of life! This cool garden
stepping stone features a bright
yellow sun that soaks up sunlight
by day and then glows by night.
It’s made from durable polyresin
and will be the perfect addition to
your garden path. Polyresin.
10¼" x 10¼" x ½" thick.
10017958 $14.95


J • Fiesta Dangling Pots J K
Four brightly colored L
terra cotta pots dangle M
from braided rope to 5
brighten up your wall,
indoors or out in the
garden. These vibrant
blue, green, orange
and yellow pots feature
worn finishes to make
them look like vintage
treasures. Terra cotta.
3¾" x 3¾" x 23" high.
10016997 $19.95
K • Dangling Mini Pots
Straight from the kitchen
of a Santa Fe gourmet,
this darling decoration
recalls the fabled
cooking pots treasured
for generations in
the Southwest. Four
graceful earthtone
vessels with jute
hanging loop are ready
to brighten any corner!
Ceramic. 3¾" x 3¾" x
23" high. 37733 $19.95
L • Celestial Wall Plaque
Intricate details lend
astral glory to this starry
stone-look moon and
sun plaque. Polyresin.
11" x 10½" x 1" thick.
32269 $12.95
M • Plant Watering
Globe Stakes Beautiful
decorative globes
are more than mere
ornaments. They’re a
worry-free way to water
your plants! Just fill and
place into soil and the
plant absorbs the exact
amount needed. Actual
color of each globe may
vary from the picture
shown. Glass. Each is
3⅛" x 3⅛" x 11¾" high.
12683 Pair $11.95

Garden Decor



AB A • All You Need Is Love
Stepping Stone This flock
SStetopnpeinsg of birds is ready to impart
timeless wisdom to your
C 95 D garden or outdoor space.
This lovely cement stepping
$12 each stone features four little
birdies on branches and the
EF phase, “All you need is love.”
Cement. 10" x 10" x
Step into your paradise. ¾" thick. 10017998 $12.95
B • Butterfly Stepping Stone
6 A pair of vivid butterflies
frolics amongst lush
foliage, enlivening a bas-
relief stepping stone with
glowing colors and romantic
sentiment. Sure to be the
crowning jewel of your
garden. Cement.
11" x 11" x 1" thick.
38805 $12.95
C • New! Pink Butterfly
Garden Stepping Stone
Make your garden a
welcoming place with this
pink butterfly stepping stone.
The decorative stone is
made with vibrant colors of
pink, light blue and green for
a gorgeous color palette that
will stand out against your
garden greenery. Cement.
9¾" x 9¾" x ¾" thick.
10018530 $12.95
D • New! Sunflower Lady
Bug Garden Stepping Stone
Personalize your garden with
this charming sunflower lady
bug stepping stone. Warm
and inviting, this garden
stepping stone includes
the words “love my garden”
with a picturesque scene of
a lady bug and sunflower.
Cement. 9¾" x 9¾" x
¾" thick. 10018532 $12.95
E • New! Blue Dragonfly
Garden Stepping Stone
Add an extra pop of color
to your garden with this
blue dragonfly stepping
stone. The striking large blue
dragonfly print adds a touch
of whimsy that will enhance
your garden décor. Cement.
10" x 10" x ¾" thick.
10018534 $12.95
F • New! Life Is Good
Sunflower Stepping Stone
Personalize your garden
décor with this cheerful
sunflower stepping stone.
The charming sunflower and
bee print with the words
“Life is good” add another
beautiful touch and act as
a gentle reminder to always
count your blessings.
Cement. 10" x 10" x
¾" thick. 10018535 $12.95

G • New! Bless This Garden G H
Stepping Stone Surround I J
your garden with special
accent pieces like this K L
charming dragonfly stepping 7
stone. The beautiful imagery
of a dragonfly and tulips with
the words “Bless this garden”
will add a charming and
personalized touch to your
special place. Cement.
9¾" x 9¾" x ¾" thick.
10018536 $12.95
H • New! Green Hummingbird
Garden Stepping Stone
Make your garden sparkle
with this whimsical
hummingbird garden stone.
This decorative stone
features vibrant green
and pink colors with glitter
accents that will sparkle in
the sunlight. Cement.
10" x 10" x ¾" thick.
10018537 $12.95
I • New! Purple Butterfly
Garden Stepping Stone Make
your garden come to life with
this eye-catching butterfly
garden stone. The butterfly
wings are designed with
purple glitter for a striking
look that will sparkle in
the sunlight. Cement.
10" x 10" x ¾" thick.
10018538 $12.95
J • New! Bless Our Garden
Butterfly Stepping Stone
Add your own special touch
to your garden décor with
this “bless our garden”
stepping stone. The butterfly
wings feature a glitter overlay
that emits a subtle sparkle
in the sunlight. The words
“Bless our garden” add
another charming touch that
might just help your garden
grow. Cement. 10" x 10" x
¾" thick. 10018539 $12.95
K • New! Enjoy Our Garden
Stepping Stone Make your
garden feel even more
inviting with this enchanting
“enjoy our garden” stepping
stone. The beautiful bee
print includes glitter overlay
on the wings that will sparkle
beautifully in the sunlight.
Cement. 9¾" x 9¾" x
¾" thick. 10018540 $12.95
L • New! Welcome Butterfly
Garden Stepping Stone
Make all your guests feel
welcome with this charming
butterfly garden stepping
stone. The decorative stone
features a beautiful butterfly
and floral design in a bright
blue and purple color palette.
Cement. 10" x 10" x
¾" thick. 10018542 $12.95

C D Mini Snow Globes These
A charming mini snow
FlaMmaitnsgo globes feature cute
B figurines and snow glitter.
$1995 Shake them up and see
E each glittering magic sparkles
G around the figurine.
Polyresin, glass and
water. Each is
2½" x 2½" x 3¼" high.
A • Flamingo
10018440 $7.95
B • Gnome on Coffee Break
10018443 $7.95
C • Happy
Garden Gnome
10018442 $7.95
D • Garden Fairy
10018441 $7.95

E • New! Flamingo Family
Welcome Mat Welcome
guests in style with this
fun flamingo doormat. This
coir doormat features a
playful flamingo print with
the words “Welcome To
Our Nest” for a carefree
look that will brighten up
your front entranceway.
Coir and PVC. 30" x
18" x ½" thick.
10018557 $19.95

F • New! Flamingo Love
Welcome Mat Welcome
your guests in a lovely
way with this cute
flamingo welcome mat.
It features a colorful print
of two flamingos making
a heart shape with
“Welcome” printed on it.
Great for your cottage or
summer house! Coir and
PVC. 30" x 18" x ½" thick.
10018558 $19.95

G • Flamingo Welcome Mat
This fun welcome mat
gives your doorstep a little
tropical whimsy. The coir
mat helps to trap dirt and
debris to keep your entry
way clean, and the pink
flamingo print is a great
way to welcome your
friends and family.
Coir and PVC. 30" x
18" x ½" thick.
10018123 $19.95


Set Set


H • Flamingo Jet Skiing Shakers This cool flamingo is bringing a little extra I • Serving Flamingo Shakers Serve up salt and pepper with a little bit of tropical
“zing” to your next meal along with plenty of smiles. You’ll love the details of this whimsy when you set this on your table. A fun little flamingo in board shorts
shade-wearing bird on his zippy personal water craft, carrying salt and pepper and sunglasses stands on the beach with a box containing classic salt and
to your next meal. Polyresin, powder stone and glass. Hand wash only. pepper shakers. Polyresin, powder stone and glass. Hand wash only.
7" x 3½" x 5" high. 10018237 Set $19.95 5½" x 4½" x 9½" high. 10018238 Set $19.95
J • New! Pink Flamingo Candle Cup Featuring a charming, colorful K • Flamingo Wall Hook Set A little tropical flamingo style is just what your wall
representation of the unique wading bird, this fun 15 oz candle cup will add a needs! Each hook features a tropical palm tree, a pink flamingo, and a metal
hint of the tropics to any décor. The scent of coconut palm begins with smooth hook for towels, bags, or anything you want to hang up. Resin and Iron.
notes of coconut cream that are sweetened by vanilla and white sugar and 4" x 1¾" x 9" high. 10018152 Set of 2 $19.95
enhanced by pineapple and orange. Burn time: up to 75 hours. Soy blend wax
and ceramic. 5" x 4¼" x 5¾" high. 12010865 $19.95


D Only
F $129eac5h



Enjoy the bouquet... with wine bottle scented candles.

Wine Bottle Scented Candles Who says you have to drink to enjoy the bouquet of a good wine? Not us! You can now drink in our Wine Bottle
Candle featuring the scent of your favorite wine without taking a sip. The charming green glass container looks like the bottom of a wine bottle,
enhancing the winery theme. Enjoy them all without having to worry about securing a designated driver! Lead and tin free cotton wick.
Burn time: up to 40 hours. Soy blend wax in a glass container. Each is 3" x 3" x 5" high.

A • Rose 12010814 $12.95 C • Chardonnay 12010626 $12.95 E • Sauvignon Blanc 12010627 $12.95 G • Pinot Grigio 12010815 $12.95

B • Sangria 12010813 $12.95 D • Pinot Noir 12010812 $12.95 F • Merlot 12010624 $12.95 H • Cabernet 12010625 $12.95




Mini Size Great gift idea!



Cocktail Scented Jar Candles These pretty patterned glass containers feature four M • New! Tropical Cocktail Candle Set The Margarita scent contains fresh limes,
drink-inspired scents: Fresh Mint Julep, Sweet Honey Bourbon, Strawberry Daiquiri lemons, zesty orange, and grapefruit with notes of tequila, cognac and sea salt. The
and Whiskey Old Fashioned. Burn time: up to 25 hours. Soy blend wax in a glass Mai Tai scent combines lemon and lime with pineapple juice, passionfruit, rum and
container. Each is 3½" x 3½" x 3¼" high. vanilla. The Pina Colada scent begins with pineapple blended with creamy coconut
and rum, sweet vanilla and banana are harmonized with galbanum and white musk.
I • Strawberry Daiquiri 12010654 $9.95 Burn time: up to 10 hours each candle. Glass and Soy blend wax. Set: 5¾" x 2¼" x
4¼" high. Each candle is 1¾" x 1¾" x 4" high. 12010866 Set of 3 $14.50
J • Fresh Mint Julep 12010655 $9.95 N • Wine Cork Candle Set Whimsical wine cork candles fit into the neck of your
empty bottles. Lifelike Merlot wine fragrance adds a luscious touch. Lead and tin
K • Whiskey Old Fashioned 12010656 $9.95 free cotton wick. Burn time: 12 hours. Wax. Wine bottle not included.
1" x 1" x 3" high. 12010645 Set of 6 $10.95
L • Sweet Honey Bourbon 12010652 $9.95





A • White Table Lamp Topped with an oversized white fabric shade, this mini lamp B • Summit White Candle Lantern This stunning iron candle lantern shows off the
will cast your room in a perfect light. Ceramic and polyester shade. UL recognized. architectural detailing, and the clear glass panels will let the light from your favorite
LED E26 60W light bulb not included. 7" x 7" x 10" high; base: 5¼" x 5¼" x candle shine bright. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 5" x 5" x 11½" high.
6¾" high; shade: 7" x 7" x 6¼" high; power cord is 62" long. 10016957 $19.95 10015969 $19.95
E • Fleur-De-Lis Birdhouse Here’s a stylish European-styled home for the birds!
White Cockatoo Candleholders A little tropical inspiration in white! Each of these This unique birdhouse looks like a regal fleur-de-lis ornament with a weathered
candleholders features a black iron platform for your favorite pillar candle, and white finish and a linen rope for hanging. Polyresin and linen.
below is a gorgeous artistic rendering of a white cockatoo parrot standing on a 6½" x 3½" x 8¼" high. 10018191 $19.95
sphere and cone. Polyresin and metal. Candles not included.
C • Slender Cockatoo Candleholder 4½" x 4½" x 11¼" high. 10017837 $19.95
D • White Cockatoo Candleholder 4½" x 4½" x 12¼" high. 10017836 $19.95


ASeccaesnidtes G H




F • Coral Candleholder A unique way to add some I • White Coral Candleholder A little seaside style K • New! Small Galvanized Metal Lantern Accent your
seaside style to your table. It features a pretty branch for your table comes to life when you add the home with bold décor items like this small galvanized
of white coral between the base and top candle candle of your choice. This incredible coral-inspired metal lantern. It features an industrial design that will
platform that awaits your favorite candle. Polyresin. candleholder features an all-white finish and an iron coordinate effortlessly with both modern and rustic
Candle not included. 4¾" x 4¾" x 11¼" high. perch for a tealight candle. Polyresin and iron. Candle decorated homes. Perfect for all gathering events
10017846 $19.95 not included. 6" x 5" x 3½" high. 10018139 $10.95 inside or out. Iron, glass and MDF wood. Candle not
J • Large White Coral Tabletop Decor This large white included. 6½" x 6½" x 8" high. 10018515 $19.95
New! Seahorse Candleholders Give your home a coral accent has mesmerizing details that you will love
nautical touch with these seahorse candleholders. discovering. Its delicate ridges and freeform shape Down by the sea.
The rustic and distressed design will add texture and make this a natural beauty for your tabletop, shelf or
subtle flair to your decor. Perfect for cottage, beach desk. It’s a piece of ocean-inspired art! Polyresin.
house or for a relaxed space in your home. Iron. 9¼" x 4½" x 6½" high. 10017838 $19.95
Candles not included.
G • White Seahorse 3¼" x 3¼" x 8" high.
10018240 $19.95
H • Tall Seahorse 4½" x 4" x 11" high.
10018241 $19.95




DE White Horizon Lanterns With
Pair contemporary design elements
showcased in white, these lighting
FG accents are the surefire way to add
a stylish dimension to your room.
Each of them features an oversized
loop at top for extra drama. Iron and
glass. Candles not included.
A • Medium 5" x 5¼" x 12¼" high.
10018089 $19.95
B • Small 4" x 4¼" x 9½" high.
10018091 $14.95

C • Gable Small White Lantern This
candle lantern’s small stature packs
in a lot of great style! The metal
framework is coated with a soft
white finish for a romantic flair, and
the clear glass panels let the light
of your favorite candle shine. Hang
it from the top loop or set it on your
tabletop. Iron and glass. Some
assembly required. Candle not
included. 3¾" x 3¾" x 8¼" high.
10015995 $14.95

D • White Railroad Candle Lanterns
Quaint mini-lanterns recall the
romance of the railroad; styled just
like the signal lanterns that lined
the tracks in the glory days of rail
travel. Iron with glass. Candles not
included. Each is 3⅞" x 3⅞" x
9" high; each lantern is 3" x 3" x
5" high. 39572 Pair $14.95

E • Daisy Gazebo Candle Lantern
Like a graceful Victorian garden
structure, this lovely lamp adds a
genteel feel to your home! When
filled with light, delicate cutouts and
lacy pressed glass panels set the
scene for an evening of nostalgic
romance. Iron and glass. Candle
not included. 4¼" x 4¼" x
9½" high. 14617 $19.95

F • Live, Laugh, Love Tray This tray
features a sweet reminder of what’s
really important to us. Made from
wood and finished in white, the
interior of this tray features a floral
stencil heart and the words “Live
Laugh Love.” MDF wood. Contents
not included. 16⅛" x 12¼" x
2" high. 10017441 $19.95

G • Starlight White Candle Lantern
Turn the dark of night into star
light with this beautiful candle
lantern. Four clear glass panels are
set into a rectangular metal frame
that is finished in white and topped
with starry cutouts and a hanging
loop. Iron and glass. Candle not
included. 3⅝" x 3⅝" x 8" high.
10015419 $11.95




Lacy, delicate and white...lanterns & more, sure to delight!

H • White Moroccan Lattice Lantern Shine a light on J • White Moroccan Inspiration Lantern Add some K
your impeccable style with this exotic Moroccan inspiring design to your room with this pretty and
lantern that blends timeless beauty with iconic exotic lantern. It features metal framework that has
design. The iron frame features a lattice top and a weathered white finish and oversized top loop.
weathered white finish. Just add the candle of Your favorite candle will shimmer and shine! Iron
your choice! Iron and glass. Candle not included. and glass. Candle not included. 4½" x 4½" x
4½" x 4½" x 11½" high. 10018347 $19.95 12" high. 10018352 $19.95
I • White Moroccan Glamour Lantern A little bit K • Seashell Glass Decor Here’s a seaside treasure
of Moroccan glamour goes a long way! Whether you won’t find at the beach! This beautiful glass
you set this iron beauty on your patio table or hang conch shell features white and golden yellow hues
it in the corner of your living room, all you have to that swirl and blend to create a unique accent
do is add a candle to make it sparkle and shine for your room. For decorative purposes only.
with superior style. Iron. Candle not included. Individually hand-crafted for its unique beauty.
4½" x 4½" x 10¼" high. 10018354 $19.95 Item may be slightly different from the picture
shown here. Glass. 7½" x 3" x 3½" high.
10018220 $19.95




A • Black Manhattan Candle Lantern Four clear glass panels are set in a D • Starlight Candle Lantern Features a dark metal frame and clear glass
timeless yet contemporary black metal frame with a hinged door. Place the panels that allow a candle of your choice to shine brightly. The top of the
candle of your choice inside and let this beauty glow! Iron and glass. lantern features a starry cutout pattern and a hanging loop. Iron and glass.
Candle not included. 5½" x 5" x 15" high. 10015428 $19.95 Candle not included. 3⅝" x 3⅝" x 8" high. 10015418 $11.95
B • Small Black Exploration Lantern Shine a little light into your living space with E • Carriage House Small Lantern Fantastic for decorating indoors or out.
this small but stunning lantern. The black angular metal frame holds four clear Open the hinged door and place the candle of your choice inside, or use your
glass panels and just needs the candle of your choice to glow. Iron and glass. imagination and fill it with decorative treasures! Iron and glass. Candle not
Candle not included. 4¾" x 4¾" x 11½" high. 10018350 $19.95 included. 4¾" x 4¾" x 9¾" high. 10015821 $19.95
C • Revere Small Candle Lantern Classic lantern adds the perfect touch of
Americana style to your home. Single door opens for ease of placing and
lighting a candle of your choice inside. Iron and glass. Candle not included.
3⅞" x 3⅞" x 8⅞" high. 15218 $12.95




LManotdeerrnns N

$11L 9an5d up!


Sleek and Lean Star Cutout Lanterns The sleek and lean framework of these L • Midtown Small Black Lantern Classic lines and clear glass panels make it a
lanterns will decorate your space in style. The clear glass panels are ready to surefire way to add timeless chic to your living space. Features top hanging loop
showcase the shimmering light from your favorite candle. Iron and glass. and slanted glass roof panels. Iron and glass. Some assembly required. Candle
Candles not included. not included. 4¾" x 4¾" x 12¼" high. 10017436 $19.95
F • Medium 3⅝" x 3⅝" x 10¼" high. 10018087 $14.95 M • Small Slate Lantern This iron candle lantern looks great on its own, but it’s
G • Tall 3⅝" x 3⅝" x 12¼" high. 10018088 $16.95 beauty is multiplied when you light a pillar candle inside. The decorating options
are endless with this incredible lantern. Iron and glass. Candle not included.
Mini Contemporary Lanterns These modern lanterns are small enough to fit in 3⅝" x 4" x 10¾" high. 10018134 $16.95
just about any space and add some shimmer and shine when you light a candle N • Tall Slate Lantern Simply stunning! This sleek candle lantern is a gorgeous way
inside. Iron and Glass. Candle not included. Each is 3⅝" x 4" x 8¾" high. to light up any room in your home, indoors or outside. The dark iron framework
and clear glass panels let the light from a single pillar candle shine bright. Iron and
H • Silver 10018084 $12.95 I • Copper 10018085 $12.95 glass. Candle not included. 3⅝" x 4" x 12¾" high. 10018133 $19.95

J • White 10018086 $12.95 K• Black 10018083 $12.95


AB A • New! Feather Dreamcatcher
CD Decoration This large
dreamcatcher features authentic
EE F feather detailing with a striking
turquoise eagle charm in the
center. Transform any room
into an earthy oasis with this
beautiful dreamcatcher decoration
designed with faux leather and
brushed metal accents.
Polyresin, PU leather, faux leather
and iron. 6¼" x 7" x ¾" thick.
10018470 $14.95
B • New! Eagle Dreamcatcher
Decoration A faux leather hanger
loop makes it easy to hang
this unique dreamcatcher with
beautiful eagle at the center
anywhere in your home. Made
of durable materials with delicate
feathers hanging below. Polyresin,
PU leather, faux leather and iron.
6¼" x 7" x 1¼" thick.
10018471 $14.95
C • New! Antler Dreamcatcher
Decoration Designed with rustic
elegance and beauty, this antler
dreamcatcher is the perfect decor
item for any corner of your home.
Delicate feathers dangle below a
durable antler wrapped as a circle.
Polyresin, PU leather, faux leather
and iron. 6¼" x 7" x 1¼" thick.
10018472 $14.95
D • New! Arrow Dreamcatcher
Decoration Center this stylish
arrow dream catcher decoration
on a wall or window or hung
above a bed for a pop of eye-
catching appeal. Add it to the den
to liven up a neutral seating area.
The options are endless with this
lively wall decoration. Polyresin,
PU leather, faux leather and iron.
7½" x 6½" x ¾" thick.
10018469 $14.95
E • New! Aztec Ox Skull Trinket
Box The aztec skull trinket box
features ample storage for your
jewelry, treasures or trinkets. The
skull shape and pop of multi-color
design will add a stylish element to
your home decor. Polyresin. 5" x
6" x 3" thick. 10018473 $14.95
F • Eagle Crystal Sculpture Marvel
at the mesmerizing beauty of this
amazing lighted mini-sculpture!
Captured within a rough-edged
slab of sparkling glass, a proudly
soaring eagle takes on an
enchanting aura as LED lights
cycle through a shifting rainbow
of colors. Glass with mirror-finish
plastic base. Three AAA batteries
not included. 3⅝" x 2½" x
4½" high. 39360 $12.95


G • Bull Skull Mug Incredible! This G H
amazing mug features a Spanish- I J
inspired design in gold and the Set Set
centerpiece is a detailed bull K L
skull with large horns. It’s a great 19
addition to your china cabinet or
on your shelf. Polyresin. Hand
wash only. 6½" x 3⅞" x 4¼" high.
10017867 $19.95 s
H • Bull Skull Goblet This regal
goblet is incredible! It features
a leather-like finish, golden
accents and a detailed bull skull
with horns. Red jewels dot the
base of the goblet to make it a
real standout of style. Polyresin.
Hand wash only. 3⅛" x 3⅛" x
7⅝" high. 10017869 $14.95 s
I • Soaring Eagle Salt & Pepper Set
This soaring eagle will keep watch
over your salt and pepper to
ensure all your meals are perfectly
seasoned! A unique salt and
pepper shaker set, you get two
glass shakers set in a dramatic
setting with a detailed eagle in
flight. Polyresin, iron and glass.
Hand wash only. 5⅜" x 3" x
5⅝" high. 10018194 Set $19.95
J • Antler Shaker Set Spice up
your food and your table with
this salt and pepper shaker set.
It comes with glass shakers set
in a life-like intertwined antlers.
Polyresin, glass and metal caps.
Hand wash only. 6½" x 3" x
5½" high. 10017742 Set $16.95
K • Rustic Antler Candleholder
This rustic antler wreath forms
a crafty cradle for a glass globe
votive holder. A wonderfully
woodsy touch of nature to warm
up your cabin-style or country
décor! Polystone with glass cup.
Candle not included. 5⅜" x
4⅞" x 3⅝" high. 38444 $12.95
L • Antler Oil Warmer Fill your
room with fresh aroma and a
touch of woodsy style. This
antler oil warmer features a clear
glass basin for the scented oil
of your choice and you can
nestle a tealight candle inside the
sculptural base. Polyresin and
glass. Candle and oil not
included. 4½" x 4¼" x 4" high.
10016203 $12.95



A • Rustic Garden Wooden Lantern Let the country charm shine! This rustic D • Colonial Height Wooden Lantern This wooden candle lantern is the definition of
and stunning candle lamp features a wood frame that holds a tall clear glass classic country charm. Distressed "X" trim highlights the clear glass panels of this
cylinder inside. Place the candle of your choice inside the cylinder and enjoy four-sided lantern, and the black roof features a hanging loop. Place the candle
the warm glow indoors or out. Pine wood, glass and iron. Candle not included. of your choice inside and enjoy the glow! Pine wood, iron and glass. Candle not
6¾" x 6¼" x 9" high; height with handle 11⅞": glass cylinder: 3⅞" x 3⅞" x included. 5" x 5" x 8" high; 9½" high with loop at top. 10015423 $14.95
7¾" high. 10015437 $19.95 E • Small Flip-Top Wooden Lantern This lantern may be small in size, but
B • Gatehouse Hanging Candle Lantern This hook and hanging candle lantern it’s big on style! The rustic wooden frame features a small drawer and a hinged
combo is fluent in the language of fantastic style. It’s made from iron and glass lid that lifts. Place a candle inside and light it to see the beautifully designed
and features a burnished finish along with classic geometric design. Iron and metal top glow with candlelight. Iron and pine wood. Candle not included.
glass. Candle not included. Lantern: 4⅜" x 4⅜" x 11¾" high. 10017534 $19.95 5½" x 5½" x 8¼" high. 10018059 $19.95
C • Weathered Garden Wooden Lantern Give your home or garden the glow of
rustic charm with this gorgeously unadorned candle lantern. The rectangular
wood base holds a tall, clear glass cylinder that will protect the candle of your
choice from the wind. Create a glowing country scene with this homespun lantern
by simply adding the candle of your choice! Pine wood, glass and iron.
Candle not included. 6¼" x 6¾" x 9" high; Cylinder: 3⅞" x 3⅞" x 7¾" high.
10015435 $19.95


F • Cat Scratching Door J F G
Stopper Use him to prop I
open the door as you H K
carry groceries inside or
to let some fresh air in! Door Stoppers
Cast iron. 5⅝" x 1½" x
4" high. 10015651 $7.95 $7a9n5d up!
G • Cat Door Stopper This
helpful kitty will hold your
door open as you let the
summer breeze in. Cast
iron. 6" x 1½" x 3¾" high.
10015650 $7.95
H • Cute Kitty Cat Door
Stopper It works with
most any door and the
charming cat figurine
will delight both you and
your visitors. Cast iron.
5¾" x 1½" x 3½" high.
10015992 $7.95
I • Rooster Door Stopper
Rise and shine to fresh
air and country style. This
gorgeous cast iron door
stopper will rule your
roost with its functionality
and its cool rooster
decoration. Cast iron.
4¾" x 2¾" x 4⅜" high.
10016669 $7.95
J • Owl Door Stopper
Who’s holding the door
open? This charming
cast iron owl, that’s who!
This artistic design is
perfect for propping your
door open to let fresh
air in. Cast iron.
3¼" x 5" x 7¾" high.
10015808 $14.95
K • Squirrel Door Stopper
Keep those sweet
summer breezes flowing
through your room with
help from this charming
cast iron squirrel. Works
well on interior doors that
you want to keep open,
as well. Cast Iron.
4¾" x 2¼" x 7" high.
10018338 $14.95





Welcome guests to your doorstep...
Adorn your front door with these stylish and functional welcome mats. Rubber and coir. Each is approximately 30" x 18".

A • Half Moon Fancy 10017938 $19.95 E • Regal Half Moon Welcome 10017420 $19.95

B • Fleur-De-Lis Framed 10017417 $19.95 F • Bold Border Welcome 10017940 $19.95

C • Frill framed 10017418 $19.95 G • Grill Border Welcome 10017419 $19.95

D • Striped Fleur-De-Lis 10017935 $19.95 H • Vine Leaves 10017942 $19.95





Welcome Entry Mats These entry mats will keep dirt and debris out while making a grand first Entry Mats
impression on your guests. Coir and PVC. Each is approximately 30" x 18". Only

I • Floral 10018140 $19.95 M • Multi-Lingual 10018141 $19.95 $199eac5h
J • Words of Wisdom 10017673 $19.95 N • Patriotic 10018142 $19.95
K • Wipe Your Paws 10017676 $19.95 O • Beach House 10018120 $19.95
L • Sailboat 10018121 $19.95 P • Coastal Love 10018122 $19.95


ORDER FORM Ship To: Please Print
) e-mail:
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Freight charges apply within the Paid by: (Check one please)
continental United States.
q Personal Check q Money Order q Certified Check
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United States may (Make checks payable to addressee on top of order form)

incur additional charges. CHARGE this order to my: o Mastercard o Visa o American Express o Discover

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MO YR (required)

Guarantee: Every product you buy from this catalog must be free of defects or you may return it immediately for replacement.

Product measurements may not be exact. Sizes shown are close approximations. Photographs are of the products available at the time of printing.
Products may be updated, or models of equal or better value may be substituted. Product depictions on packaging may vary slightly from the actual
product because of updating, or because several models of a product are packaged in one style box. Prices and items are periodically subject to
change. We reserve the right to correct typographical, descriptive and photographic errors. Orders based on incorrect information are subject
to cancellation.

sThe products in this catalog meet applicable FDA requirements. The following notice is provided in compliance with California Proposition 65, and
applies only to the specific items noted. WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects
or other reproductive harm.


A • Magnetic Dart Board Folds for
A wide variety of fun games C Easy Storage
of skill can be played Set
using this safe, magnetic Folds into a car with D
dart board set. Includes flashlight headlight. Set
6 magnetic darts. Board E
constructed of rubber, F
steel and velvet.
17" x 1½" x 27¼" high.
36607 Set $14.95
B • Bamboo Tray Versatile
bamboo tray folds up for
easy storage while not
in use as a side table or
serving tray. Designed
with comfortable handles
and raised edges to
prevent spillage. Bamboo.
Contents not included.
Folded: 19¾" x 11⅞" x
2½" high; opened:
25⅛" x 11¾" x 9¼" high.
D1224 $19.95
C • 34-Piece Car Tool
Kit with Light Features
working wheels and a
flashlight headlight; nestled
inside are pliers, sockets,
Allen wrenches and
screwdrivers. Stash a
kit in your car to handle
on-the-road emergencies!
Plastic case; metal and
plastic tools. Four AA
batteries not included.
7¾" x 5¼" x 4" high.
38364 Set $19.95
D • Pizza Stone For the
pizza-loving household, a
15" diameter pizza stone
for easy pizza cooking,
slicing and serving! Comes
complete with stainless
steel rack and pizza wheel.
High temperature ceramic.
15" x 15" x ½" thick.
29171 Set $19.95
E • Distressed White
Owl Figurine This wide-
eyed owl figurine features a
crackled white finish that’s
creatively distressed in
spots to make this
look like a timeworn
treasure. Ceramic.
4⅝" x 4¾" x 6½" high.
10015684 $14.95
F • Mini Mayflower
Ship Model The mighty
Mayflower adds its classic
image to complete your
nautical or historical theme;
marvelously crafted with
attention to every detail.
Wood and cotton.
7" x 1¾" x 6¼" high.
14750 $9.95


AB A • Teapot Stove Oil Warmer
Set Porcelain. Oil and candle
not included. 3⅞" x
CD 3⅛" x 5⅜" high.
10017713 Set $7.95
EF B • Angelic Trio Oil Warmer
Polyresin and glass. Tealight
Peace & serenity. candle and oil not included.
5¾" x 5⅛" x 4⅝" high.
26 D1215 $14.95
C • Charming Owl Oil Warmer
Ceramic. Oil and candle not
included. 4" x 4" x 7⅝" high.
10015974 $3.95
D • Yoga Position Oil Warmer
Polyresin and glass. Tealight
candle and oil not included.
4½" x 4½" x 4¾" high.
10015699 $14.95
E • Peaceful Buddha Oil Warmer
Ceramic. Tealight candle and oil
not included. 4¼" x 4" x 5" high.
10015345 $4.95
F • Happy Buddha Oil Warmer
Polyresin and glass. Oil and
tealight candle not included.
4¾" x 4¾" x 4¼" high.
10015872 $14.95
G • Mini Oil Warmer Trio
Ceramic. Tealight candles
and oil not included. Each is
2¾" x 2¾" x 3" high.
D1292 Set $7.95
H • Flower Oil Warmer Trio
Porcelain. Tealight candles
and oil not included. Each is
3¾" x 3¾" x 4½" high.
33646 Set $7.95
I • Flower Top Oil Warmer Trio
Porcelain. Tealight candle
and oil not included. Each is
3⅛" x 3⅛" x 3¾" high.
10017715 Set $9.95
J • Elephant Oil Warmer Trio
Porcelain. Oil and candles
not included. Each is
4" x 2½" x 2½" high.
10017716 Set $9.95

Set Set

Set Set

Oil Warmers M O

$3a9n5d up! L

K • Blue Teapot Stove Oil Warmer N
Porcelain. Oil and candle not
included. 3⅞" x 3⅛" x 5⅜" high.
10017714 Set $7.95

Tear Drop Oil Warmers
Porcelain with metal stand.
Tealight candles and oil
not included. Each is
4" x 4" x 7⅝" high.

L • Moss Green 12774 $5.95

M • Black 15146 $5.95

N • Cobalt Blue 15144 $5.95

O • White 15145 $5.95



A • Beach Hangout Birdhouse
Beachcombing birdies will belly
up to this adorable wood snack
shack! Just like a favorite seaside
hangout, complete with straw
roof, signs and “barstool” perches.
Eucalyptus wood and plywood.
8¼" x 8¼" x 7¾" high.
34715 $16.95

B • Jackpot City Birdhouse Cute
little casino provides a heavenly
lounge for any lucky high-rolling
flyers! Whimsically outfitted with
classic roadhouse trimmings:
dice, chips, roulette wheel and
cards. It even rolls out a red-
carpet welcome! Eucalyptus wood
C D with polyresin trim. 9½" x 7¾" x

10" high. 38277 $19.95

C • “Nautical Nest” Birdhouse
Lovebirds love this lighthouse!
Two-tiered walkways and
authentic accents perk up this
Pennsylvania Dutch style haven.
Eucalyptus wood. 7¼" x 5¼" x
12¼" high. 30208 $14.95

D • Woodland Cabin Birdhouse Let
the call of the wild welcome birds
into your yard with this adorable
log cabin birdhouse. Fashioned
after a vacation rental in the heart
of the wilderness, it features rustic
accents, including a moose head
sign, rope fencing, and a cute
black bear cub on the prowl for a
snack. Eucalyptus wood. 10¼" x
7⅞" x 8⅞" high. 15281 $19.95

E • Biker Bar Birdhouse The birds
in your yard will love making this
Route 66 biker bar their home!
This whimsical birdhouse features
all the trimmings of a smokin’ hot
E F highway roadhouse, complete

with a motorcycle parked
outside and a flame-painted roof.
Eucalyptus wood. 10¼" x 7½" x
9" high. 10016849 $19.95

F • Winery Birdhouse The “Finch
Valley Winery” is a favorite feasting
place for flying gourmets! Cleverly
detailed wood doors, shutters and
mossy roof. Eucalyptus wood
and plywood. 10⅝" x 7⅞" x
10⅛" high. 35146 $19.95


Birdhouses G H
$14a9n5d up! K L
G • Hot Dog Birdhouse The birds
will love this charming food truck
that will welcome them home with
bright colors. You’ll love looking
out on the delightful accents of
this hot dog food truck as it hangs
from your favorite backyard tree.
Eucalyptus wood and plastic.
10¼" x 7" x 8" high.
10017329 $19.95
H • Fire Station Birdhouse
Sound the alarm! This birdhouse is
the cutest around. The two-story
design of this classic fire station is
complete with a fire truck parked
in the garage, a clock tower and
fireman’s hat on the roof. Birds
can enter from a number of
spots to make their cozy home.
Eucalyptus wood. 9" x 7¼" x
10" high. 10018082 $19.95
I • Golf Course Clubhouse Birdhouse
Welcome to the 19th hole! This
wooden birdhouse is the perfect
resting spot for a lucky bird after a
long day out on the green. It has
rustic charm and details that every
golfer will love, including signage
for Divots Grill! Eucalyptus wood.
9½" x 7¼" x 10" high.
10018081 $19.95
J • Barber Shop Birdhouse
Your feathered friends will love
stopping in for a quick trim! This
charming Quick Snips barbershop
birdhouse looks like a brick
building complete with heart
shutters, blue awning and fun
little topiaries. Eucalyptus wood.
10¼" x 7" x 8½" high.
10018080 $19.95
K • Post Office Birdhouse
Special delivery! This post office
birdhouse simply could not be any
more charming. It features blue
and white striped awnings, an
American flag waving outside, and
a red mail box waiting for birdie
mail. The entrance hole is on the
side, perfect for a lucky little bird
to set up shop inside. Eucalyptus
wood. 9" x 7½" x 9¾" high.
10018078 $19.95
L • Public School Birdhouse
School’s in for a lucky family
of birds in your yard! This two-
story red schoolhouse has truly
delightful details, from its bell
tower to the red bike parked
by the streetlight outside. You’ll
enjoy it just as much as the birds!
Eucalyptus wood. 9" x 7¼" x
10¾" high. 10018076 $19.95

Dot's Deals Retail/Wholesale
[email protected]

Prices and items are periodically subject to change. We reserve the right to correct typographical, descriptive and photographic errors.
Orders based on incorrect information are subject to cancellation.

Copyright © 2018 Big Value Book F18. All Rights Reserved. 75594

Tropical touches & far away places. C

New! Ceramic Pineapple Candles Enter an B
island paradise! These tropical scented ceramic
pineapple candles offer a beautiful and elegant
way to bring tropical fusion into any home.
A Burn time: up to 30 hours. Soy blend wax

and ceramic. Each is 3½" x 3½" x 7" high.

A • Pineapple Scent 12010878 $19.95

B • Pina Colada Scent 12010876 $19.95

C • Coconut Palm Scent 12010877 $19.95




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