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Lasya Kalyanam - 2019 Colonial Ebook Published Draft

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Published by Lasya Kalyanam, 2019-05-22 09:59:22

Lasya Kalyanam - 2019 Colonial Ebook Published Draft

Lasya Kalyanam - 2019 Colonial Ebook Published Draft

My Life In

By: Lasys

Table of Contents click
My New Home.
My Town
My Home
Food I Ate
My Day
My Parents Jobs
My Clothes
My Day, your Day
We join

Dedication Jade

I want to dedicate this
to my friends

Jade Gerard,

Chloe sliver,

Kaitlyn Sailsbury,and


My New Home…..

Good morrow! I am Ellen . This is my new notebook
and mom said I should be very thankful. Anyway,
my Mom said we were moving to a new place. I did
some research and found out that I’m going to the
middle colony , and I‘m going to New York . There is
what I found out: Great Britain rules all the 13
colonies. And the colonies are in America. Here is a
few: Pennsylvania and Delaware. Oh. By the way a
Colony is a place that is settled by people from

another country and is ruled and controlled by another This is a picture of the 13
country Oh, I have to leave my great house in Britain colonies.Click on this pic to play a
where my life is perfect. But look on the bright side game!

my new house is already good to go. I have to go now,
my mom is calling. I need to go pack for my new

My Town Click on this pic to play a game!
This is a picture of a colonial house, we
My town is very simple. There is no bakereies where havethe same houses on all the blocks.
I can get cupcake. I mean it will never be the same
england, but I could get used to it. We have the
general store were you can buy and sell things like
you could sell butter and buy butter. And next door
we have the tavern where visitors can eat sleep.
Then we have the blacksmith, cooper,
carpenter,milliner, and wig maker. Then we have
the school, and streets. Then we have the meeting
house. That’s where my parents talk about important

Then if you go to the plantation street you can
see GIANT houses. They have slaves do the work
and they don’t pay them. Also if they run away they
get punished.

If you keep going on you will see a bunch of
normal houses. If you look closely, you can see my
house is the prettiest. And most houses don’t have a
ton of windows. That’s because glass is very scarce.

My Home

I have to say, my house is very pretty. I think ours is the prettiest in This is a regular home. Most
my street. We have 8 rooms house without including our well house people had similar houses.
were there is a well in the house ,a dairy,wich is were my mom
makes cheese and butter,,smoke house is were we cook meat and
our cellar, which is were we store fruits and vegetables. So, I have
my own room! Glass is very scarce, but we have a few windows
made from glass in every room. In our hall, we have a very elegant
sofas and clocks from europe. In my room I have a four-poster bed
with a tall post at each corner, curtains that could drawn together to
keep out cold air. My whole family’s mattresses were stuffed with

Most houses vey not very fancy. Most houses did not have big
rooms A whole family, which included: Grandpa,Grandma,
aunt,uncle,cousins,mom,dad,you,sister or brother in a 2 or 3 room.
The rooms were kitchen, living room which did not have sofas and
all that fancy stuff, and a small storage room. For beds they slept on
straw mattress which they pulled out of their little chests.

This is a picture of a colonial house. People
added extra rooms to make their house look
big and fancy.


Most people had slaves. They treated slaves
bad. And they made them work and the wite
people got the money.

Food I Ate taowtTewhh.eCaisrltieccihskthaaoenkyviibtcdcooehtooehk.neodtfhtaihsnedisse

The food I eat is really yummy. All the
things come from the farm. We cooked all the
meals and goods in the hearth. We have breakfast,
then we have dinner wich you call lunch, last we
have supper which you call dinner. Since we did
not have refrigerators, we needed a cool place to
keep our food fresh.we kept the food in the cellar.
The cellars of colonial homes were below ground,
as your basements are,but they were not connected
to the rest of the house. They had outside
entrances. Two large slanting doors led to each

Men hunted rabbits,squirrels, and deer. Near
the sea, kids hunted for fish. People were afraid
to drink water because it was not clean and
people got sick after drinking it. Instead they
drank apples and juice made from cherries and

This is the
main food.

My Day This is a one room
schoolhouse. A lot of kids
“Goodness Ellen, get up already. It’s 5:10!” I was so late! I of different ages studied in
jumped out of bed. Morning chores had to be done. I quickly there
got dressed. I went down and 8ate break fast. Then I went
to school. After school, I came home and helped mom make
supper then I got some juicy fruits. Later my father came
home and we ate supper.Most young girls learned skills
such as housekeeping, laundry, cooking, food preservation,
gardening, raising poultry, knitting, sewing, carding wool,
spinning, and child-rearing from their mothers. They also
learned how to use herbs to treat illness. Although
children in Colonial times didn't have much free time to
play, they made their own games out of their chores. Daily
chores normally consisted of carrying wood, husking corn,
retrieving berries, carding wool, and gathering eggs. Now lets
see what my parents jobs are.

My Parents Jobs

Jobs outside the house:

Jobs in the house:

We need make butter Blacksmith= made thing out of
We need make candles which we iron,horseshoes, nails, tools, and
cooking pots

made with wax Cooper= mde all kinds of wooden
We need to keep the house clean things, wooden containers to store
food in it even water!

We need to and my brother Carpenter= made furniture like
come have food ready by the time chairs,tables,desks,chests to store
dad come home clothing.

We need to plant the vegetables, game

weed them, take them out so we Blacksmith
can cook them. Wig game Cooper

Clothing ( women) Click on both of these
Today my mom and I went shopping for cloths
clothes and also got some wool. When we were
walking I saw a wealthy woman wearing a very
fancy clothes. They had fancy feathers, jewelry and
flowers on their hair. Next, we went to the milliner
and saw the latest fashion in Britain. The milliner
sold shoes, fabrices, buttons, thread, and other
accessories .A few milliners made dresses for me. But
most did not.

So I got 3 stockings, which kept my feet warm,
I also got 1 stay which I tie tightly to my back,
that makes me look slim, I got 3 dresses, 3 aprons,
4 shifts, 3 mobcaps, 4 PETTICOATS, 5 pairs of
shoes,and 2 jackets.


My dad and brother got different clothing . We
got them breches, which were pants that came to
their legs.Their cloths were almost as fancy as
mine. Men wore stockings on their legs and
shoes or boots on their feet. Under their suit
coats, they wore vests called Waistcoats. Most
men wore wigs and hats. Those who did not were
their hats, carried them around. Around their
necks they wore scarves. My dad and brother got
2 pairs of gloves, a pocket watch,2
handkerchiefs, 5 breeches, 2 shoes with buckles, 1

jackboot, 2 snuff boxes that held tobacco,2
waist coats,1 suit coat,3 stockings,2 sarcfs

We Join Click HERE and Here and

Now you know about colonial times. now about food,clothing,jobs, town,school
and homes. Then we had the american revolution. It was a big war but the 13
colonies won over britch. Then they had a new flag and named them “ The
United States Of America” And instead of a king, they had a president,
George Washington.

Hi I’m Ellen I found this when I was cleaning the attic. I just love going
outside and looking at the new flag. It’s the betsy ross flag! After a ton of
years of war. We won! We're our own free country. By the way I have 2 twins!


Slavery American Civil war Great wave World war 1 World war 2
was Revolution 1861-1865 of 1914-1918 1939-1945
legal in 1765 -1783 Immgration

1500s -
years of

13 colonies Underground Westward Industrial Great Civil rights
1611-1783 railroad movement revolution Depression movement
1790-1865 1767-1890 1760-1900 1929-1939

Hearth= A place where they
cooked and ate food.

Nose to the grindstone=
keep your eyes to your

Petticoats= jacket

Mobcaps= Hat to keep
ladies clean.

King Gorge lll = king of
England in colonial times

Good morrow=good

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