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E-G O V E R N M E N T 5





In 1997, the Malaysian Govern- ment, improve the speed and chinery to electronic procurement
ment launched the Electronic quality of policy development, on the Internet and can be ac-
Government initiative, generally and improve coordination and cessed website.
known as e-Government, to enforcement. This would enable
reinvent itself to lead the coun- the government to be more PROJECT MONITORING
try into the Information Age. As responsive to the needs of its
far as Malaysia is concerned, the citizens. SYSTEM (PMS II)
implementation of e govern-
ment was initiated with the IMPLEMENTATION STATUS Project Monitoring System (PMS)
introduction of the Multimedia OF E-GOVERNMENT PRO- is led by the Implementation and
Super Corridor (MSC) in 1996. JECTS IN MALAYSIA Co-ordination Unit (ICU) as one
The implementation of e- of the e-government projects that
Government in Malaysia heralds ELECTRONIC PROCUREMENT create a mechanism to monitor
the beginning of a journey of (Ep) PROJECT project implementation through-
reinventing the government by out various government agencies
transforming the way it oper- The electronic procurement and statutory bodies i.e. from pro-
ates, modernising and enhancing system, better known as ject application to approval to
its service delivery. E- ePerolehan, streamlines govern- implementation, mid-term review
Government seeks to enhance ment procurement activities and and completion. PMS would also
the convenience, accessibility improves the quality of service provide a platform for exchanging
and quality of interactions with it provides. ePerolehan converts ideas and demonstrating best prac-
the public and businesses at traditional procurement pro-
large. Simultaneously, it will cesses in the Government ma- GENERIC OFFICE
improve information flow and ENVIRONMENT (GOE)
processes within the govern- HUMAN RESOURCES
MANAGEMENT The aim of Generic Office Environ-
(HRMIS) Integrated, distributed and scalable
DIRECTORY (eServices) office environment that leverages
Human Resource Management use of multimedia information tech-
This project is a pilot project Information System (HRMIS) as nology. This will enable efficient
that allows citizens of Malaysia an e-government project will communication, allowing collabora-
to engage in transactions with provide a single interface for tion across all workers, and ensuring
government and utilities pay- government employees to per- right information reaching the right
ments such as telephone and form human resource functions people in a timely manner The GOE
electricity bill, police summons, effectively and efficiently. The project consists of modules namely
Road and Transport Depart- objective of HRMIS is not just Enterprise-wide Information Man-
ment (RTD) services, etc. The for record keeping but also to agement System (EIMS), Enterprise-
eServices is accessed via multi provide transactional functions wide. Communication Management
channel service delivery such as such as leave applications, loan System and Enterprise-Wide Collab-
the internet, interactive voice processing, competency man- oration Management System.
response (IVR) and 66 kiosk agement, recruitment, and selec-
machines. There are three phas- tion of employees.
es of deliverables for the eServ-
ices project.






MARKETING is the what the customer wants offering, analysis of effec-
process of communicating tiveness of advertising and
the value of a product or and how to best provide it. so forth. Such information
service to customers. Mar- is vital to the success of the
keting might sometimes be In practice, this can only be organization. Failure to pro-
interpreted as the art of vide such information leads
selling products/services. achieved through to an inefficient use of the
The management process organization’s limited re-
responsible for identifying, ‘marketing research’. sources.
anticipating and satisfying
customer requirements MARKETING RESEARCH is
profitability. The successful
business organization is one aims to provide manage-
which sets out to discover
ment with information on

which to base its decisions “ Records
Management is
regarding the organization’s knowing what
you have, where
future activities. For exam- you have it and
how long you
ple, analysis of trends in the have to keep it”
- Unknown
market, analysis of strength

and weaknesses of product


PRIMARY RESEARCH The aim is to establish from setting under investigation
to get a better understand-
First, Survey. To their answers the reaction ing of the setting. The sec-
gather information by indi- ond type, on the other
vidual samples so as to of consumers generally to hand, requires the investi-
learn about the whole gator or the observer to
thing. For example, a de- new or modified products. participate actively in the
tailed study of a market or situation under investiga-
geographical area to gather Second, Observational tion while at the same time
data on attitudes, impres- making observation
sions, opinions, satisfaction Methods. Observation can
level, etc., by sampling a
section of the population. be broken down into direct

observation and participant

observation (Yin, 2003). The

first type requires the inves-

tigator or the observer to

make a personal visit to the

SECONDARY RESEARCH a wealth of information information external to the
with the firm which may be firm. For example, the do-
A research infor- used for marketing research mestic economy, interna-
mation which is not ob- purposes. For example, tional trade, markets and
tained by the firm undertak- product sales trends market trends, social
ing a market research pro- (forecasts of sales), product trends, the world economy,
ject but by using other profit margins, product market surveys and number
sources of information al- stock levels, relative im- of companies.
ready in existence. portance of customers, lo-
Sometimes referred to as cation of customers . Next is
desk research. Sources of external sources. External
secondary research have sources is most advanced
two which is Internal nations have the benefit of
sources and external a well-developed store of
sources. Internal sources is


The process by which we Example of
produce a finished product spectacular
from raw material. The role bookshelf
is to ensure that this trans- record
formation process is carried
out efficiently. It falls into 3
categories which is the
manufacturing process, ser-
vice activities and advisory


The art of bookkeeping – Internal audit seeks to en-
that is, the recording of fi- sure that transactions are
nancial transactions. Typical processed quickly and
accountant in business was cheaply, that a high level of
employed to establish a accuracy is maintained, and
sound system of bookkeep- lastly that fraud, theft or
ing, establish a system of other irregularities are mini-
internal check (audit) and mized. Checks undertaken
prepare the final accounts will fall into one of the fol-
(profit and loss account, lowing categories which is
balance sheet) analysis of the accounting
system and verification of
FINANCIAL records. Analysis of the ac-
ACCOUNTING counting system is has the
Bookkeeping & Internal Au- aim of improving efficiency
dit. The recording of all through revision of proce-
transactions entered into by dures and training of staff.
an organization lies at the It also seek to ensure tht
heart of the accounting pro- the system is proof against
cess. Details of sales, pur- fraud or theft on the part of
chases and expenses are staff operating the system.
required so that bills may Next is verification of rec-
be paid on time, debts can ords. It is obviously impos-
be collected, the values of sible to verify the accuracy
assets recorded as well as of all transactions recorded
to be used in the control of by the business. Instead, a
business activities and re- small number of transac-
lating expenditure to in- tions will be selected at ran-
come. Internal auditing of dom and checked for accu-
the bookkeeping system is racy.
undertaken to test the effi-
ciency of that system.



The success of an organization depends upon the effort of its employees. An effective personnel function
will ensure:
People are doing the right job;
 People are trained to do their job efficiently;
 People are paid according to their contribution and effort;
 People are protected from danger and unnecessary hazards;
 People are motivated in their job;
 People are satisfied with their employer;
 People remain with the business.


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