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Published by INTELLIGENT CO-CREATION CO.,LTD., 2022-06-09 09:33:52

Wulian Catalog For Project

Wulian Smart Home

What is Smart Home? Smart Home is a system that uses modern technology to allow us to control
various devices in the home. whether through an Application on a mobile phone through computer or
voice command In this modern era, smart home is not only a part that will help facilitate the residents
of the house as well.

As for Home Automation, it is the use of smart sensors, such as Door Sensor, Motion Sensor, or
even setting different types of functions (Scene) to make our smart homes work automatically and
These sensors can now also be used as part of your home security system.

Smart Homes allow you to connect and control the functions of your home, such as the hallway
lights that automatically turn on when you're walking through, or the air conditioner in your living
room waiting to work. Came home after a hard day's work. or even giving commands to the TV to turn
on And dim the lights at the same time to prepare for the movie. All this will make your life easy. and
more comfortable

In addition to the various sensors that you use in your smart home (Home Automation), it will
make you more comfortable. It can also be used as part of a life safety system. And your property as
well, such as motion sensors (Motion Sensor) help turn on the lights in the corridor when you are
home. But when you're not at home, it becomes an instant help in detecting intruders.

In today's era, using alternative energy and technology is another thing that will help save natural
energy as well. how often do you turn on the light or air all day while you are at work How great
would it be if you could turn off all the lights in your home through your smartphone? You can even
have the lights turn off automatically when you're not using them in any part of the house.

The proportion of elderly people in Thailand is increasing. If there are elderly people in your home
This will be a technology that increases your security. It even alerts you to when something goes
wrong, like the bedroom and bathroom corridor lights automatically turn on when you get out of bed
to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. or alerts to your phone when the elderly are at
home but no movement for more than 15 minutes etc.

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