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newest example flpbook 21


The Garden Tomb in Jerusalem is one of the possible sites of the death, burial and
resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Tomb was discovered in 1867 and with great faith and
prayerful fundraising became the property of the ‘The Garden Tomb’ a UK based chari-
ty in 1894. During the past 128 years, the site has become a significant place of pilgrim-
age in the Holy Land, welcoming around 250,000 visitors a year.
Bella came to live in the garden seven years ago, one of a litter of a malnourished
mother, who appeared hungry and homeless in the Skull Hill area. Pitzi, our black cat,
(whose name means little one) was born in the garden, under the chapel roof, aban-
doned and blind in one eye. Our gardeners, George and Riki gently nursed him to
Bella joins us by the Tomb for worship each morning, often uttering a little miaow
during prayerful moments, she also waves her tail in time to rhythmic songs. She often
follows us when we guide groups around the garden, sitting at our feet in a quiet, still
manner as we share the story of Jesus.
It has been a privilege and adventure to write and paint together, to watch the rhymes
blossom into a profusion of colour.and activity, as the antics of the friends have unfold-
ed. Through these, we have sought to convey the reverence and joy of the Gospel mes-
sage that we share at the Garden Tomb.
We hope that you will enjoy your visit, guided by Bella and her friends, and our prayer
is that you, like many visitors, will encounter the living Lord Jesus.

Anne Holland and Peter Spaander 2022

The Cat Who Lives
at the Garden Tomb

Content and rhyme
© Anne Holland

Illustrations and design
© Peter Spaander Art Prints


Mediterranean Sea Galilee







As Pitzi Cat takes to the sky,
wave to him and watch him fly.
Now, look below to land and sea,
there's Jerusalem and Galilee!
Find some children having fun EILAT
and a pomegranate in the sun.
Can you spot some olive trees?
Can you imagine a gentle breeze?


Here in Jerusalem, the Holy City,
follow the pawprints of a kitty

which lead us to the Garden Tomb.
Shall we follow? Shall we zoom?

Along the markets, past the people,
past the churches with their steeples,

up the lane, smooth and straight,
‘ Hurry up, we're near the gate!

Say Hi to Bella, the garden cat,
who wears the coolest yellow hat.
““CWoemlceomanedfrmieenedt sm,”yshgearmdieanowpsa,ls.”’

“anTdhePriet'zsi Pinky Dove who coos all day,
Cat, who loves to play.
Choose a flower, find a bee,
how many colours do you see?”’

Bella's fur (she proudly says),
is black and white with bits of red.
She often waves her long black tail
to greet her friend, Suzie Snail.


Bella loves the flowers, adores the rose
and the scent of thyme beneath her nose,
but jasmine is her favourite flower,
she sniffs the blooms for hours and hours!

Something catches Bella's eye;
Look! Some pretty butterflies!
She reaches high to join their dance,
above the leafy garden plants.

Here is Bella's Carob tree,
it's beans taste rather chocolatey!
They were once used (she's been told)
to balance scales that weighed pure gold.

She often climbs the tree to spy
the birds that nest below the sky.
Beyond this scene, we lift our eyes
to the place nearby where Jesus died.

The rock we see, we call Skull Hill.’
Bella sits here, very still.
y“WouhecannJbeseussudreieidt upon the Cross
was for us.

For the saddest things we ever did,
for the words we wish we'd never said
that hurt our friends and family;
That's why He died for you and me!”

s“oHenroew, He took away our sin
we can belong to Him,
thankful all our days because
He forgives us by His love.

I love the Lord, He cares for me,
His amazing love has set me free.”

As Bella softly pads along
she gently purrs a joyful song.
She takes her time as people chat
about the tour led by a cat.
They think about what they've just seen,
and what for them, the story means.

Bella enjoys her guiding task,
““BeWPlelhraah, tatphcsoemtgheaesrrdneeenwxticl?al ”tbetrheapelbiceihgsi.lsdurrepnriassek!.”’

Look! There's Leroy Lizard on the path,
his speedy feet make Bella laugh,
she tries to catch him in her paws,
but Leroy doesn't like her claws.

Now Pitzi, Pinky and Suzie Snail
are joining in the sport as well.
Around the olive trees they chase,
we wave and cheer as they race.

When they have finished having fun
they're hot and tired from the sun,
so here's a shady flower bed,
where sleepy cats can lay their heads.

We wait while Bella takes a snooze...…
When she wakes up she cries,
“Good news!”’

“itL'setr'esaglloyajnudstsaene the Garden Tomb,
empty room
where Jesus was buried when He died,
come and have a look inside.”

a“nWhanegneJleaspupseraorseedutpo from the dead, said,
his friends and
‘THheatismnaoktehsemree! He is alive!’”
feel so warm inside.””

“thWahtaftaacijnogy to tell your friends
death is not the end.
Jesus lives and reigns today,
so all who follow in His way,
will live with Him forevermore,
and that's the greatest news of all!”

BBeella's Joyyfuull SSoonngg

ThMeTiashtMoueoiwcasmtwouho,ewcbmmh,jwboimijisyloaiilsyaoenoiewmieswmsv,,ppiiennIIrttwywymbmae-yav-yJvaeheJpeemhseaaureymsrsttau.try.rsaotisltr.eao, isle,
Whween wJeislulsndeievderupbone,

WhenyoJuecsaunsbediseurde uitpwoans tfhoreucs.ross,
yoMuiacoawn, mbeiaoswu,rweeiwtawveasasfwoerll,us.

such joy is in our hearts.

MiaTsohuwec,thwomemjowibayiloilswinese,mviwpnerteyobwue- raJaevphsaeuersata.rrsotsswe.,ell,
TheI ltoovme tbheisLoermd,pHteyca-reJsefsoursmreose,

andwHeis wgriellatnleovveerhabseseatpmaertf.ree.

anWdehTsooMhifwpnieaetegoWhtwoteweomh,jiuwmboalrylitiilalsnjtoyonheeweyoamv,vtufpew'esutrrewylibnsbis-eileonloJaugenlpra,osgapuhwvrseaetefa.rrotrotHetrs.slielm.y, otuo,o.


aInfdydoueshiraeveJeesnujsoyaesdyoouurr tLoourrd,,
bteoloswayyoaus'lylofuinadreassiitmtipnlge tphrearyee.r

Lord Jesus,

forTyhoaunrkfyoroguivfeonr etshseoCf rmosys,sin.
TwhhanickhysohuowfosrmtehetheamtpytoyuTloivmeb. ,

I fcmohlyoloowssaaenvydtiooouJutertrshuaursnsotduIigminnhytyoeoufnutrditmeonydda.lyif,e,


Bella's Joy ful Song

Miasouwch, mjoiyaoiws,inI wmayvehemayrtt.ail
The twoemwbililsneemvpertybe- Jaepsaurst.rose,
When Jesus died upon the cross,
you can be sure it was for us.
Miasouwc,hmjoiayowis, iwneowuravheeaarstsw.ell,
The twoemwbililsneemvpertybe- Jaepsaurst.rose,
I love the Lord, He cares for me
and His great love has set me free.
oMfiatohwe,jmoyiatohwa,tw'seinsionugr, hweeatretsll.
The twoemwbililsneemvpertybe- Jaepsaurst.rose,

anWd ehospinegtohuart jyooyufuwlisllolnogvefoHrimyotuo, o.
we will TnoMhefiveateohtwrwoeemb,jewmboyiailialpstoanhewreamt,vt,pew'swrteyeibnsew-ionJiauglelpr,sanuhwreseteva.retroretsslbel.,e apart,



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