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I don't believe this is an official publishment, it is however a very useful tool which may help people so I have included it.

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5e Races, Classes and Feats

I don't believe this is an official publishment, it is however a very useful tool which may help people so I have included it.

My book versions, online and when downloaded, have working contents pages.

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Druid Circle
Ability Score Improvement

Timeless Body

Beast Spells



Optional Class Features Druid Circles

Additional Druid Spells

Wild Companion
Cantrip Versatility


Circle of the Land (PHB) Arctic Circle Spells
Druid Level
Bonus Cantrip hold person, spike growth
Natural Recovery 3rd sleet storm, slow
5th freedom of movement, ice storm
Circle Spells 7th commune with nature, cone of cold

Coast Circle Spells
Druid Level mirror image, misty step
water breathing, water walk
3rd control water, freedom of movement
conjure elemental, scrying



Desert Circle Spells
Druid Level blur, silence
create food and water, protection from energy
3rd blight, hallucinatory terrain
insect plague, wall of stone



Forest Circle Spells
Druid Level barkskin, spider climb
call lightning, plant growth
3rd divination, freedom of movement
commune with nature, tree stride



Grassland Circle Spells
Druid Level invisibility, pass without trace
daylight, haste
3rd divination, freedom of movement
dream, insect plague


Mountain Circle Spells
Druid Level spider climb, spike growth
lightning bolt, meld into stone
3rd stone shape, stoneskin
passwall, wall of stone



Swamp Circle Spells
Druid Level darkness, Melf’s acid arrow
water walk, stinking cloud
3rd freedom of movement, locate creature
insect plague, scrying



Underdark Circle Spells
Druid Level spider climb, web
gaseous form, stinking cloud
3rd greater invisibility, stone shape
cloudkill, insect plague




Land’s Stride Elemental Wild Shape
Thousand Forms
Nature’s Ward Circle of Dreams (XGE)
Nature’s Sanctuary

Circle of the Moon (PHB) Circle of Dreams Features

Combat Wild Shape Level Features
Circle Forms 2nd Balm of the Summer Court
6th Hearth of Moonlight and Shadow
10th Hidden Paths
14th Walker in Dreams

Balm of the Summer Court

Hearth of Moonlight and Shadow

Primal Strike


Hidden Paths Spirit Totem
Walker in Dreams

Circle of the Shepard (XGE)

Circle of the Shepard Features Mighty Summoner

Level Features 
2nd Speech of the Woods, Spirit Totem 
6th Mighty Summoner
10th Guardian Spirit Guardian Spirit
14th Faithful Summons
Speech of the Woods

Faithful Summons

Circle of Spores (GGR) Circle of Spores Spells

Druid Level Spells
3rd Blindness/deafness, gentle repose
5th animate dead, gaseous form
7th blight, confusion
9th cloudkill, contagion

Symbiotic Entity

Circle of Spores Features 

Level Features
2nd Circle Spells, Halo of Spores, Symbiotic Entity Fungal Infestation
6th Fungal Infestation
10th Spreading Spores
14th Fungal Body

Circle Spells

Halo of Spores

Spreading Spores

Fungal Body

Circle of Stars (TCoE) 

Star Map 

 Cosmic Omen

Star Map

d6 Map Form

1 A scroll covered with depictions of constellations

2 A stone tablet with fine holes drilled though it Twinkling Constellations
Full of Stars
3 A speckled owlbear hide, tooled with raised marks

4 A collection of maps bound in an ebony cover

5 A crystal that projects starry patterns when placed
before a light

6 Glass disks that depict constellations

Starry Form


Circle of Wildfire (TCoE) Enhanced Bond
Circle Spells Cauterizing Flames

Circle of Wildfire Spells Blazing Revival

Druid Level Spells
2nd burning hands, cure wounds
3rd flaming sphere, scorching ray
5th plant growth, revivify
7th aura of life, fire shield
9th flame strike, mass cure wounds

Summon Wildfire Spirit


Circle of the City (SR)
Bonus Proficiencies
Metal Wild Shape
Construct Mind
City Guardian
True Construct


Learning Beast Shapes Forest

Arctic Fly / Swim CR Beast Fly / Swim
Fly ---
CR Beast 0 Baboon
0 Owl Fly ---
Fly 0 Badger ---
1/8 Blood hawk --- 0 Cat ---
1/4 Giant owl Swim 0 Deer ---
1 Brown bear --- 0 Hyena Fly
2 Polar bear --- 0 Owl Fly
2 Saber-toothed tiger 1/8 Blood hawk Fly
6 Mammoth Fly / Swim 1/8 Flying snake ---
Swim 1/8 Giant rat ---
Coast 1/8 Giant weasel Swim
Fly 1/8 Poisonous snake ---
CR Beast Fly 1/8 Mastiff Fly
Swim 1/8 Stirge ---
0 Crab Swim 1/4 Board Swim
0 Eagle Fly 1/4 Constrictor snake ---
1/8 Blood hawk --- 1/4 Elk ---
1/8 Giant crab --- 1/4 Giant badger Fly
1/8 Poisonous snake Fly 1/4 Giant bat Swim
1/8 Stirge Fly 1/4 Giant frog ---
1/4 Giant lizard Swim 1/4 Giant lizard Fly
1/4 Giant wolf spider Swim 1/4 Giant owl Swim
1/4 Pteranodon 1/4 Giant poisonous snake ---
1 Giant eagle Fly / Swim 1/4 Giant wolf spider ---
1 Giant toad --- 1/4 Panther ---
2 Plesiosaurus 1/4 Wolf ---
--- 1/2 Ape ---
Desert --- 1/2 Black bear Fly
--- 1/2 Giant wasp ---
CR Beast Fly 1 Brown bear ---
--- 1 Dire wolf ---
0 Cat Fly 1 Giant hyena ---
0 Hyena --- 1 Giant spider Swim
0 Jackal Swim 1 Giant toad ---
0 Scorpion --- 1 Tiger ---
0 Vulture --- 2 Giant boar Swim
1/8 Camel Swim 2 Giant constrictor snake ---
1/8 Flying snake --- 2 Giant elk
1/8 Mule --- Fly / Swim
1/8 Poisonous snake --- Underwater Swim
1/8 Stirge Swim
1/4 Giant lizard Fly CR Beast Swim
1/4 Giant poisonous snake --- Swim
1/4 Giant wolf spider Swim 0 Quipper Swim
1 Giant hyena --- Swim
1 Giant spider 1/4 Constrictor snake Swim
1 Giant toad 1/2 Giant sea horse Swim
1 Giant vulture 1/2 Reef shark Swim
1 Lion 1 Giant octopus Swim
2 Giant constrictor snake 2 Giant constrictor snake Swim
3 Giant scorpion 2 Hunter shark
2 Plesiosaurus
3 Killer whale
5 Giant shark


Grassland Fly / Swim 1 Brown bear ---
--- 1 Dire wolf ---
CR Beast 1 Giant eagle Fly
--- 1 Giant hyena ---
0 Cat 1 Lion ---
--- 2 Giant boar ---
0 Deer --- 2 Giant elk ---
0 Eagle ---
0 Goat Fly Mountain Fly / Swim
0 Hyena Fly Fly
0 Jackal Fly CR Beast ---
0 Vulture --- 0 Eagle Fly
1/8 Blood hawk Swim 0 Goat Fly
1/8 Flying snake Fly 1/8 Blood hawk Fly
1/8 Giant weasel --- 1/8 Stirge ---
1/8 Poisonous nsake --- 1/4 Pteranodon Fly
1/8 Stirge --- 1/2 Giant goat ---
1/4 Axe beak Swim 1 Giant eagle ---
1/4 Boar --- 1 Lion ---
1/4 Elk --- 2 Elk
1/4 Giant poisonous snake 2 Saber-toothed tiger Fly / Swim
1/4 Giant wolf spider --- ---
1/4 Panther (leopard) --- Swamp Fly
1/4 Pteranodon --- ---
1/4 Riding horse Fly CR Beast Swim
1/4 Wolf Fly 0 Rat Fly
1/2 Giant goat --- 0 Raven Swim
1/2 Giant wasp Fly 1/8 Giant rat Swim
1 Giant eagle --- 1/8 Poisonous snake ---
1 Giant hyena --- 1/8 Stirge Swim
1 Giant vulture --- 1/4 Constrictor snake Swim
1 Lion --- 1/4 Giant frog ---
1 Tiger --- 1/4 Giant lizard Swim
2 Allosaurus --- 1/4 Giant poisonous snake Swim
2 Giant board --- 1/2 Crocodile Swim
2 Giant elk --- 1 Giant spider
2 Rhinoceros --- 1 Giant toad Fly / Swim
3 Ankylosaurus 2 Giant constrictor snake ---
4 Elephant Fly / Swim 5 Giant crocodile ---
5 Triceratops --- Fly
Underdark Fly
Hill Fly ---
--- CR Beast ---
CR Beast --- 0 Giant fire beetle Swim
Fly 1/8 Giant rat ---
0 Baboon Fly 1/8 Stirge Swim
Fly 1/4 Giant bat Swim
0 Eagle --- 1/4 Giant centipede Swim
0 Goat --- 1/4 Giant lizard
0 Hyena --- 1/4 Giant poisonous snake
0 Raven Swim 1 Giant spider
0 Vulture Fly 1 Giant toad
1/8 Blood hawk --- 2 Giant constrictor snake
1/8 Giant weasel --- 2 Polar bear (cave bear)
1/8 Mastiff ---
1/8 Mule Fly
1/8 Poisonous snake ---
1/8 Stirge ---
1/4 Axe beak ---
1/4 Boar
1/4 Elk
1/4 Giant owl
1/4 Giant wolf spider
1/4 Panther (cougar)
1/4 Wolf
1/2 Giant goat



Trained for Danger

Creating a Fighter
Well-Rounded Specialists


Quick Build

Class Features

Hit Points



Fighting Style

Blind Fighting

Interception Protection
Superior Technique
Thrown Weapon Fighting Fighting
Unarmed Fighting Second Wind
Dueling Action Surge
Great-Weapon Fighting
Martial Archetype
Ability Score Improvement
Extra Attack

Indomitable Champion (PHB)

Optional Class Features Improved Critical
Remarkable Athlete
Fighting Style Options

Martial Versatility Additional Fighting Style
Maneuver Options Superior Critical

Martial Archetypes


Battle Master (PHB) Student of War
Combat Superiority
Know your Enemy

Improved Combat Superiority




Eldritch Knight (PHB)

Weapon Bond

Eldritch Knight Spellcasting

--Spell Slots per Spell Level --

Level Cantrips Known Spells Known 1st 2nd 3rd 4th War MAgic
3rd 2 3 2 -- -- -- Eldritch Strike
4th 2 4 3 -- -- --
5th 2 4 3 -- -- -- Arcane Charge
6th 2 4 3 -- -- -- Improved War MAgic
7th 2 5 4 2 -- --
8th 2 6 4 2 -- --
9th 2 6 4 2 -- --
10th 3 7 4 3 -- --
11th 3 8 4 3 -- --
12th 3 8 4 3 -- --
13th 3 9 4 3 2 --
14th 3 10 4 3 2 --
15th 3 10 4 3 2 --
16th 3 11 4 3 3 --
17th 3 11 4 3 3 --
18th 3 11 4 3 3 --
19th 3 12 4 331
20th 3 13 4 331


Purple Dragon Knight (SCAG)


Restriction: Knighthood
Rallying Cry
Royal Envoy

Inspiring Surge


Arcane Archer (XGE) Curving Shot

Ever-Ready Shot
Arcane Shot Options

Arcane Archer Features

Level Features
3rd Arcane Archer Lore, Arcane Shot (2 option)
7th Curving Shot, Magic Arrow, Arcane Shot (3 options)
10th Arcane Shot (4 options)
15th Every-Ready Shot, Arcane Shot (5 options)
18th Arcane Shot (6 options, improved shots)

Arcane Archer Lore

Arcane Shot

Magic Arrow



Cavalier (XGE) Unwavering Mark

Cavalier Features Warding Maneuver

Level Features
3rd Bonus Proficiency, Born to the Saddle, Unwavering Mark
7th Warding Maneuver
10th Hold the Line
15th Ferocious Charger
18th Vigilant Defender

Bonus Proficiency

Born to the Saddle

Hold the Line


Ferocious Charger Tireless Spirit
Rapid Strike
Vigilant Defender
Strength before Death
Samurai (XGE)

Samurai Features

Level Features
3rd Bonus Proficiency, Fighting Spirit (5 temp. hp)
7th Elegant Courtier
10th Tireless Spirit, Fighting Spirit (10 temp. hp)
15th Rapid Strike, Fighting Spirit (15 temp. hp)
18th Strength before Death

Bonus Proficiency

Fighting Spirit

Elegant Courtier



Echo Knight (EGtW) Reclaim Potential
Manifest Echo Legion of One

 125

Unleash Incarnation
Echo Avatar

Shadow Martyr

Psi Warrior (TCoE) Guarded Mind
Psionic Power Bulwark of Force

Telekinetic Master

Telekinetic Adept Rune Knight (TCoE)

Bonus Proficiencies
Rune Carver

Runes Known Number of Runes
Fighter Level 3
3rd 4

Giant’s Might

 Street Samurai (SR)

 Cybernetic Superiority
Fighting Spirit
Runic Shield
Cybernetic Expert
Great Stature Unbreakable Will
Rapid Strike
Master of Runes Defender’s Blade
Runic Juggernaut


Veteran (SR)

Tactical Aid


Additional Fighting Style
Rapid Strike

First Contact
Additional Fighting Style
Exotic Weapon Fighting



Training and Asceticism Creating a Monk

Quick Build

Class Features Ki

Hit Points Flurry of Blows
Patient Defense
Proficiencies Step of the Wind
Unarmored Movement
Equipment Monastic Tradition

Unarmored Defense

Martial Arts


Deflect Missiles

Ki-Empowered Strikes

Ability Score Improvement

Extra Attack
Stunning Strike


Evasion Perfect Self

Stillness of Mind Optional Class Features
Purity of Body
Tongue of the Sun and Moon Dedicated Weapon
Diamond Soul
Timeless Body 
Empty Body 

Ki-Fueled Attack

Quickened Healing

Focused Aim


Monastic Traditions Open Hand Technique

Way of the Open Hand (PHB) 

Wholeness of the Body


Quivering Palm


Way of Shadow (PHB)
Shadow Arts
Shadow Step
Cloak of Shadows


Way of the Four Elements (PHB) Elemental Disciples

Disciple of the Elements

Spells and Ki Points

Level Maximum Ki Points for a Spell

5th – 8th 3

9th – 12th 4

13th – 16th 5

17th – 20th 6



Way of the Long Death (SCAG) Way of the Sun Soul (SCAG/XGE)
Touch of Death Radiant Sun Bolt
Hour of Reaping
Mastery of Death Searing Arc Strike
Touch of the Long Death Searing Sunburst

Sun Shield

Way of the Drunken Master (XGE) Drunkard’s Luck
Intoxicated Frenzy

Way of the Drunken Master Features

Level Features

3rd Bonus Proficiency, Drunken Technique

6th Tipsy Sway

11th Drunkard’s Luck

17th Intoxicated Frenzy

Bonus Proficiency


Tipsy Sway


Way of the Kensei (XGE) 

Way of the Kensei Features Sharpen the Blade
Unerring Accuracy
Level Features
3rd Path of the Kensei (2 weapons)
6th One with the Blade, Path of the Kensei (3 weapons)
11th Sharpen the Blade, Path of the Kensei (4 weapons)
17th Unerring Accuracy, Path of the Kensei (5 weapons)

Path of the Kensei

One with the Blade


Way of Mercy (TCoE) Hand of Ultimate Mercy

Implements of Mercy
Hand of Healing
Hand of Harm
Physician’s Touch

Flurry of Healing and Harm


Way of the Astral Self (TCoE) Body of the Astral Self
Awakened Astral Self
Arms of the Astral Self

Visage of the Astral Self


The Way of Gun-Fu (SR)
Gun-Fu Technique
Gun-Fu Mastery



Beyond the Mundane Life

Creating a Paladin

The Cause of Righteousness


Divine Sense

Quick Build Lay on Hands

Hit Points Dueling
Great Weapon Fighting
Proficiencies Protection

Spellcasting Spellcasting Focus
Divine Smite
Preparing and Casting Spells
Divine Health
Sacred Oath

Oath Spells

Spellcasting Ability Channel Divinity
Ability Score Improvement

Extra Attack Optional Class Features
Aura of Protection
Additional Paladin Spells
Aura of Courage Fighting Style Options
Improved Divine Smite 147

Cleansing Touch

Harness Divine Power
Martial Versatility


Sacred Oaths Aura of Devotion
Purity of Spirit
Oath of Devotion (PHB) Holy Nimbus
Tenets of Devotion

Oath Spells

Oath of Devotion Spells

Paladin Level Spells
3rd protection from Evil and Good, sanctuary
5th lesser restoration, zone of truth
9th beacon of hope, dispel magic
13th freedom of movement, guardian of faith
17th commune, flame strike

Channel Divinity


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