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Explore the Second Nature by Hand story, and get a glimpse of some of what we do. Includes a sampling of our products and links so you can go to our website for ordering.

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Published by Second Nature by Hand, 2018-12-18 14:00:15

2019 Second Nature by Hand LookBook

Explore the Second Nature by Hand story, and get a glimpse of some of what we do. Includes a sampling of our products and links so you can go to our website for ordering.

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S E C O N D N AT U R E B Y H A N D . C O M

The world doesn’t make things the way they used to, but we do.

Just like you...
we are a business grown from daily hard work, an
entrepreneurial heart, and amazing people who stand behind us, reminding us
why the work of small business is so important. Just like you, Dave and I come
to work early and stay late, working both on and in the business. As we lay our
heads on the pillow at night, we worry that there aren’t enough hours in the
day to get it all done...ever.

And then we are reminded, at just the right moment, about how we make
a difference in the lives of others. It’s the story about our artwork that was
purchased for a woman struggling with cancer, or the email from a store
owner who is grateful that our product is such an important part of her bottom
line each month, or the heartfelt laughter we enjoy with all of you when we
attend market. We must remember why we walk this path of small business
ownership, because we do make a difference for one another.

Thank you, fellow business owners, for all that you do for Second Nature by

Hand. Our Main Street stores are our bread and butter and we are made from
your interaction and ideas. Yes, the world’s online presence is significant, but
buyers seek human touch and interaction. They want to hold the product in

their hands, feel the weight, and see the beauty of handmade. They want to

hear the story and laugh with you in your store, which will remind you of why

you enjoy the life of small business. Thank you for walking the curvy path of

small business ownership each day. We are proud to stand shoulder to shoulder

with you. - Dave & Jen


Who we are...

Second Nature by Hand is a sentiment company focused on bringing
love and laughter to your home through innovative product design.
We are well-known for creating high quality products, both Made in
America and through small business partnerships around the world,
backed up by an incredible customer service experience in our front
office. The secret ingredient in our small business recipe is amazing

Images contributed by:Two Sisters and Tia’s Boutique.




Create your own personal sanctuary. Stirring
sentiments uplift, encourage, and invite
Blended with high quality artistic formats,
these words will tell a story for years to come.

View entire collection and order online at: 5


With a finish only age
and the elements can
produce, our reclaimed
wood and metal
collections are created
from material carefully
selected from vintage
buildings across the
Each handmade item
is a celebration of the
authenticity of the
materials and the
meaning of the


View entire collection and order online at: 7



Laugh, cry, dream, hope and partner with us. We have the sentiment
guaranteed to engage your customers as they find the perfect message.
Whether it is an endearing gift for a new mom, a deeply meaningful message
for a cancer survivor, something silly for a dog lover, or a sassy statement for
a girlfriend who loves sarcasm, we’ve got you covered!

Special shout out to Mrs. Cindy Nolen who hung the “Fear Not” sign on
her wall as a reminder that God was with her through every step of her
chemotherapy treatments.

Images contributed by: Southern Finds, 115 Main Gifts, Sundance Clothing,
Serendipity, and Boca Boutique.

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Second Nature by Hand is a brand cherished for high quality and good value. We car
reclaimed materials and choose to work with others who share the same high standa
you will be thrilled with the individually crafted works of art. The detailed handiwor
days gone by when people made things to last.


refully source our
ards so that in the end,
rk is reminiscent of

View entire collection and order online at: 11


Our retail partners are extremely important to us and our team is committed to extra
service. Dave and Linda from The Woods Gifts have been with Second Nature since
and feedback and support from the two of them and so many other like-minded smal
helped us continually grow and evolve.
Partnerships with carefully selected vendors who share our beliefs and work ethic ha
maintain our high standards in all that we offer to our valued customers.
Most recently, we have had the privilege of working with some of the top songwriters
through our Artist Series project. Blending their exclusive and beautiful lyrics with o
products gives you the opportunity to set your store apart.


mall business

aordinary customer 13
the very beginning,
ll business owners has

ave helped us

in the country
our well-established

View entire collection and order online at:


Let our materials, design, and quality set your store apart. SGHROEWATODFIFSPYL



We take pride in every product CUSTOMER SERVICE
we create. Our goal is for
you to receive well-made Our friendly customer service
products that sell quickly. team is here to assist with

everything from order help to
product display tips for
your store.


Your pieces are lovingly made to Let us save you time! We
order and we are committed to have professional images,
processing and shipping orders marketing tools and social
as quickly as possible without posts that have been created
compromising quality. Most orders
with your store and
ship in 5-10 days. customers in mind.

Images below contributed by: Aranelle, Sundance Clothing, Two Sisters,
and Garage Girls.

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(608) 637-8860 207 E. Jefferson, Viroqua, WI 54665
[email protected]


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