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Published by constancejackson1200, 2019-04-22 21:30:26

Low Organized Games

Low Organized Games

Low Organized Games

Constance Jackson
KINE 1151-P02

Mon & Wed 8am-8:50am
April 22, 2019

Table of Contexts Pt.1

Game #’s Section 1 Warm up:
• Game1: Heads up 7 up • Page 4 2 laps
• Game2: Marco Polo • Page 5 around
• Game3: Tug a War • Page 6 the gym
• Game4: Red Light Green Light • Page 7 and then
• Game5: Dodgeball • Page 8 stretch
• Game6: Freeze tag • Page 9 arms and
• Game7: Simon Says! • Page 10 legs out.
• Game8: Twenty Questions • Page 11

Table of Contexts (Continued…)

Game #’s Section 2
• Game9: Hot and Cold • Page 12
• Game10: Leap Frog • Page 13
• Game11: Obstacle Course • Page 14
• Game12: Three-legged Race • Page 15

Heads up 7 up

Instructions: 7 people will remain standing while the rest lay down on the ground with their
heads down. The 7 will roam around and each will touch a person. Once touched, he or she
will put their thumb up. When all 7 have selected a person they will say “Heads up 7 up!” The
people who were touched has to guess who selected them. If they guess correctly they
exchange places with that person and if not they will stay where they are.
Objective: Guess correctly on who touched you
Equipment: None needed

Marco Polo

Instructions: One player is chosen to be "It". This player closes their eyes and tries to find
and tag the other players without the use of vision. The player who is "It" shouts "Marco"
and the other players must respond by shouting "Polo", which the person who is "It" uses to
try to find them. If a player is tagged, then that player becomes "It.” 2+ players.
Objective: Tag someone
Equipment: Blindfold

Tug a War

Instructions: Teams pull on opposite ends of a rope, having an equal amount of players on both
sides, with the goal being to bring the rope a certain distance in one direction against the force of the
opposing team's pull. Which ever team crosses the line/cone loses.
Objective: To get the opposite side to cross the line/cone
Equipment: Cone or Tape

Red Light Green Light

Instructions: one person plays the "stop light" and the rest try to touch
him/her. At the start, everyone will form a line about 15 feet away from
the stop light. The stop light faces away from the line of players and says
"green light". At this point the kids are allowed to move towards the
stoplight. At any point, the stop light may say "red light!" and turn
around. If any of the players are caught moving after this has occurred,
they are out. Play resumes when the stop light turns back around and
says "green light". The stop light wins if everyone is out before anyone is
able to touch him/her. Otherwise, the first player to touch the stop light
wins the game and is the "stop light" for the next game.

Objective: Touch the “stop light” first

Equipment: None needed


Instruction: The number of players, number of balls, size of court and length of game can be
determined by the organizers.
Players must remain within the court at all times, unless collecting dead balls.
Players are allowed to leave the court to collect balls but they are not allowed to throw the ball
until they are back within the court. If a player leaves the court for any other purpose or they
throw a ball from outside the court, they are eliminated.
The rules regarding headshots can be decided upon personal preference or by order of an official
body. Some games will see the throwing player eliminated if an opponent is stuck on the head,
some games will see the player struck on the head eliminated.
Players struck with a ball that is then caught before it becomes dead are eliminated.
When a player catches a ball, the throwing player will be eliminated. The team that eliminates all
of opposing teams players wins.

Objective: To eliminate everyone of the opposing team
Equipment: Balls

Freeze Tag

Instructions: Begin by choosing a person to be “It,” That person is the one who
can “freeze” other players. When the game begins, everyone runs away from
the person who is “it.” The one who is “it” will try and tag (touch) all players. If
a person is successfully tagged, he or she must “freeze” in place. Frozen people
cannot move until another player un-freezes them (touches them to return
them to normal).
The player who is “it” wins by freezing all players

Objective: Tag all players

Equipment: None needed

Simon Says

Instructions: Someone will be chosen to be “Simon.” Simon will give a command starting
with ‘’Simon says”, the rest of the players must do whatever Simon commands. If a player
fails to do so then they are out. Also if a player follow a command that does not start with
“Simon Says”, then they are also out. Last players standing becomes the new “Simon.”

Objective: To follow all commands correctly, be last standing

Equipment: None needed

Twenty Questions ????

Instructions: One person will be chosen to think of an object and the rest of the players have 20
questions to guess what the item is.

Objective: Guess the object within 20 tries

Equipment: None needed

Hot and Cold

Instructions: One player will “it.” While the other players find an object to hide whoever's “it” will
go out into the hallway. When the player comes back in, everyone will yell ”Hot, Warmer, or Cold,
depending how close “it” is to the hidden object.
Objective: For the person who is “it” to find the hidden object
Equipment: Small Object : Ball , Beanbag etc.

Leap Frog

Instructions: Each player will find a partner. There will be a finish line at which the players must
vault over each others stooped backs until they reach the line.
Objective: Make it to the finish line before the other contestants.
Equipment: None Needed

Obstacle Course

Instructions: This course contains Three obstacles. First participants will split up into even groups of
four. The first obstacle is a basketball course: The player will try to successfully make a basket and
when done will run to the next course. The second course is a bean bag toss: The player has to
successfully toss the bean bag into the hula hoop and run to the last course. The players will run to
the line and do 10 jumping jacks, and must run back to their line and tag the next person. Each
player will must complete the obstacle and fastest team who finishes first wins.

Objective: Complete the course the fastest

Equipment: basketball, beanbag, and hula hoop

Three-legged Race

Instructions: Each player will find one partner. The left leg of one runner will be strapped to the
right leg of the other runner. The participants must complete the race with their legs strapped to
one another.
Objective: For the partners to run together, and make it to the finish line first
Equipment: String/rope, Bandana ( anything that can be used to strap the players legs together)

Hope You All Enjoyed The Activities <3 !

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