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2018-2019 District 14 Toastmasters Gavel Jul Oct

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2018-2019 Gavel Jul Oct

2018-2019 District 14 Toastmasters Gavel Jul Oct

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THE July - October 2018

Select Distinguished District 14 Toastmasters
District 2017-2018

Message from the Trio 2018
Welcome to Our Newest Clubs TOASTMASTERS
A Day in the Life of a Toastmaster

Aug 22nd - 26th, 2018


Message from the Trio


Hello Fellow District 14 Toastmasters and Friends,

Can you believe it? We are already four months into this
Toastmasters year as we recap where we currently are as a

We started the year with 141 paid clubs with a goal of finish-
ing the year with 153 paid clubs, which is an 8.5% growth
rate. Currently, there are 134 paid clubs in the District which
positions us a little behind our mid-year goal of 146 paid
clubs. We can do this with a little extra effort from our District

and Club Leaders!

We have seen the complete rollout of Pathways in our District with some of our members
still struggling to embrace the new educational program. Our training teams of Pathways
Ambassadors and Guides have made the necessary rounds of visits to our clubs. We
thank them for their service with special thanks to J.D. Dirkschneider, Chief Ambassador
and Ron Krevat, Pathways Guide Coordinator for taking on the leadership roles of their
respective teams.

The District Trio attended District Leadership Training in August at the International Con-
vention in Chicago and witnessed our District Champion, Carlos Greene compete for the
World Championship of Public Speaking.

Our goal this year is for every club to experience the thrill of being a President's Distin-
guished Club! Our members come to Toastmasters with a "Why.” Let us all continue to
pursue our "Why" as we help all of our members in attaining theirs!

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.

With your support, we are One Team with One Goal and One Mission!

2 Greg Palmer, DTM



My Fellow District 14 Toastmasters!

Isn’t it exciting to embark on new challenges? In the words of our
Toastmasters Promise, “To help the club maintain the posi-
tive, friendly environment necessary for all members to
learn and grow,” this year, I have selected a very diverse team
to assist me with my visions for helping our district to “learn and

As your District 14 Program Quality Director, I envisioned holding
an Education Summit this Fall to bring specialized training to you
in a fun and entertaining manner. This Education Summit would have hands-on Pathways train-
ing, Judges training, information specific to new members and clubs, Moments of Truth, and
how to become a distinguished club. I was fortunate enough to have put together a very cohe-
sive team; each with their own unique skill set. Together, they will work with me to bring you an
amazing day full of enjoyment and knowledge!

Going forward, I am revamping the current TLI sessions. The benefit of having received Interna-
tional Training has afforded me the clarity to see that our club officers need more extensive
training. Look for the newly revised version this winter, as well as additional educational work-
shops throughout the season.

This year promises to be an exciting year with “One Team, One Goal, One Mission.” In the
words of the late Rev Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., “The ultimate measure of a man is not where
he stands in moments of comfort and convenience… but where he stands at times of challenge
and controversy.” I challenge each of you to please join us as “We continue to build new
clubs and help ALL clubs in achieving excellence!”

Brenda Benjamin, DTM


Message from the Trio


We have all set upon our Toastmasters journey for our own reasons. It
is time to introspect and determine how far we have come. Toastmas-
ters as an organization helps us become better communicators and
leaders. Beyond that, Toastmasters also helps us develop self-
confidence by providing opportunities with multiple layers, dimensions,
complexities and challenges. It can be intimidating sometimes, can’t
it? In my short journey of 5 years in Toastmasters, I have learned that I
can make the most out of the opportunities just by grabbing them. Do
not hesitate. It is OK if we have not figured out the path yet, but it is
essential that we take the first step and make an honest commitment
of trying. Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone? Walk the
extra mile, since leadership without execution will take one


My goal as the Club Growth Director this year echoes “One Team, One Goal and One Mission.” My team
of extension chairs, club quality chairs and retention chairs are working diligently and finding creative
solutions and training programs to help every club realize and discover their true potential and spear
ahead to the ultimate goal of becoming a Presidents Distinguished club. This year, we have started a
new club counsel program focusing on the clubs who do not qualify for a club coach but are seeking
support to grow further.

With our unified mission of spreading the awareness and benefits of Toastmasters to every corner of the
district, we organized a TLI session for non-Toastmasters and will continue to conduct more sessions in
different parts of the district. I am super excited to welcome 4 new clubs to our District 14 family and am
looking forward to welcoming many more in the near future.

We still have so much to accomplish ahead of us. Join me in this journey of self-development. I am
challenging each one of you to get involved in your club and outside your club. Take a role that you think
is outside your comfort zone. Become a club coach, a mentor, a counsel or a sponsor. If you are part of a
community or organization which does not provide a Toastmasters program, it is time to have one. Take
your communication and leadership in Toastmasters to the next level while sharing the knowledge with
others. It is time to start something new and see the magic in beginnings.

Anwesha Banerj�, ACS, ALS


Welcome to District 14

NCHhCarTteOreAdS:TAMugAuSsTtE1R5tSh, 2018 CMhAaIrLteCrHedIM: SPeTpOteAmSbTeMr 6AtShT, 2E0R1S8



Club & Member
of the Month



Division & Area Director
of the Month

Member of the Month JULY

Spotlight – Each month Division G Director SEPTEMBER AUGUST Area B24 Director
the District recognizes a Scott Ross Tracy Powell
member for outstanding
accomplishments in earn- Division A Director Area E54 Director
ing educational awards Cheryl Collins Linda Rogers
and in marketing their club
or serving above and Division C Director Area D44 Director
beyond what is expected. Randy Leon Brown Christopher Triplett

Club of the Month

Club Spotlight – Each
month we recognize a
club for outstanding
accomplishments in help-
ing its members achieve
their goals in marketing
the club and in member
growth and sustainability.

Division and Area
Director of the Month

Leadership Spotlight –
Each month the District
recognizes a Division &
an Area Director who has
shown exemplary leader-
ship and support of their
clubs, their Division and
their District.


District 14 Leadership

Division A Division B

Division Director Division Director

Cheryl Collins Tom Jenkins

A11 - Marian Barilone B21 - Joshua Bristow
A12 - Wanda Harris-Wilks B22 - Eboni Brown
B23 - Jared Hill
A13 - Monique Holmes B24 - Tracy Powell
A15 - Shelley Taylor B25 - Sherra Bell

A16 - Amelia Fye-Hightower Division D

Division C Division Director

Division Director Pathik Patel

Randy Leon Brown 1.0 D41- Robin Mahon
D42 - Ladarius Jackson
C31 - Nathan Mashabatu
C32 - Tonette White D43 - Semico Parson
C33 - Cynthia Day D44 - Christopher Triplett
C34 - EveLyn Smith


District 14 Leadership

Division E Division F

Division Director Division Director

Laura Olson Fred Marshall

E51 - Christine Van Bemmel F61 - Durant Collins
E52 - Karmen McClain F62 - Matthew Walsh
E53 - Sara Rogers
E54 - Linda Rogers F63 - Memi Wilson

Division G Division H

Division Director Division Director

Scott Ross Jennifer Green

G71 - Melissa Hughes H81- Elaine Fox
G72 - Bob Dawson H82 - Ritu Linhart
H83 - Felicia Hunter
G73 - Thomas Nelson


A Day in the Life of a
TDP Toastmaster


A Day in the Life of Joshua Bristow: A TDP (Technical Development Program) Toastmaster

Toastmasters is a public speaking and leadership organization where participants can focus on growing in both
areas. Participants can improve in public speaking by: giving speeches, evaluating others speeches, and prac-
ticing their quick-thinking skills with impromptu speeches. For leadership, opportunities are available in weekly
meeting roles, such as grammar checking and time-keeping, as well as officer positions within the club,

surrounding Area, and District.

In the communications side of Toastmasters, Joshua Bristow
(class of 2016 TDP) has earned the Advanced Communicator
Bronze recognition. “I’ve been in Toastmasters for 2.5 years,”
Bristow said. “In order to get to the highest rank, it usually
takes people 4-5 years. So far, I’ve completed 23 speeches
out of 45 in the program.”

Bristow first got involved with Toastmasters, thanks to a colleague. “One day on my floor, there was an indi-
vidual sharply dressed and very exuberant. He walked by my desk and said, ‘Hey Josh, come with me to Toast-
masters’ and I got there and fell in love with it.” As of July 2018,
Bristow has the privilege of taking his leadership to the next
level as an Area Director for five clubs in the Midtown Atlanta,
GA area. “I’m responsible for the success of these clubs and
making sure they’re getting the information they need from the
District. I attend their meetings regularly to understand their
dynamics, and take that information to a District leadership
meeting one Saturday a month. We strategize how to grow
membership and address the needs of each club. I will be in
this role for a year.”

A typical session of Toastmasters happens once a week and
lasts an hour. There is a theme of the day, set by the Toastmas-
ter of the Day (TMOD), which the meeting generally follows.
There are usually 3 speakers per meeting who have speeches
from 5-7 minutes. Then an evaluator will evaluate the speaker
to let them know what they liked and what they felt could be
improved. This will benefit the speaker as well as the evaluator,
giving an opportunity to listen intentionally and interpret what
the speaker said. “All evaluations are constructive and helpful,
as our goal is a positive environment,” Bristow said.


“ You’re only in competition with yourself.
Everyone is there with the same goal: to

After the evaluations
comes the impromptu
speaking portion where
1 to 3 volunteers are
asked a question based
on the theme of the day,
and try to speak “off-
the-cuff” for 1-2 min-
utes. “The meeting is
closed with reports from
the grammarian and
timer. They’ll say, ‘You
used 15 ums’ and the
timer will say, ‘You went
2 minutes, that was
great’, so you learn how
to catch your filler
words. Finally, the
president will close with
information for the next
meeting or upcoming

There is a new commu-
nications program which offers different opportunities varying from speaking, creating a podcast, to
giving a keynote. “I gave my keynote at one of our Open House events during lunchtime,” Bristow said.
“I spoke for 40 minutes about the Toastmasters curriculum and the benefits it has for individuals.”

Toastmasters also has competitions internationally where you start at the club level and people outside
the club will judge and evaluate your speeches. The winner gets to move on to the next level and com-
pete with the champions from the area clubs and so on. Bristow had the honor of winning his club, Area,
and Division competition. “I made it to the top 8 contenders in the District competition. I presented to 300
people and at this level you’re going up against professional public speakers who speak for a living,”
Bristow said. As a new Area Director, Bristow will get to host the next Area competition in February.

Bristow encourages all to participate in public speaking. “At TDP, we are a group of STEM majors and
not normally encouraged to develop our communication skills,” Bristow said. “We, above all
else, should have those skills refined and sharpened for presentations and elevator pitches.
Toastmasters is the medium that I’ve chosen. People fear being judged or not good enough and in Toast-
masters, it’s okay to fail. You’re only in competition with yourself. Everyone is there with the same goal:
to improve. We get constructive criticism, which is called ‘love,’ as well as encouragement to learn and

11move forward.”

International ConventionOPENING CEREMONY

111 Countries Represented

Greg carrying the flag


International Convention


Doing the Macarena while the 13
8 votes are counted

International Convention



Select Distinguished District


The Distinguished District Program recognizes districts that meet Toastmasters International’s
goals in growth and educational achievement. The program is also a management tool for
district leaders to focus on increasing membership, forming new clubs and ensuring clubs are
meeting the needs of their members. Ultimately, success in the Distinguished District Program
is derived from focusing on the member.


International Convention CHICAGO
Deep Dish
On The Pier Pizza Party

8 at Dinner 15

International ConventionINTERNATIONAL CONTEST

Semi nals


International ConventionExcitement
CHICAGO 2018 in the air


3rd, 1st & 2nd place

8 17

Greg Palmer, DTM

District 14, District Director 2018-2019

Debbie Thompson, DTMᴈ

District 14, Public Relations Manager
Gavel Editor

Jwana Washington, CC

Gavel Editor

Cheryl Collins, ACS, ALB

Gavel Editor
Graphics/Content Manager

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