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Published by Max Griffin, 2018-12-13 11:04:11




Picture taken by Andrea Higgo
By Max Griffin

Table of contents

1. Who created soccer?
2. What rules are in

3. What positions are in

4. What do you need in

5. Fun facts!

Who started soccer?

England created soccer in 1863. Soccer is a game that
you kick a ball into a net sounds easy but its not.
Soccer is a team sport where there are 11 players on
each team playing but there are substitutes on each
team. The substitutes on each team are not playing
right now.

What rules are in soccer?

What is a yellow card? A yellow card is when you do a bad tackle, a fake, or a handball. If you get two yellow cards
you get a red card.

A red card is when you get sent off the pitch and you can't play the rest of the game and the game after.
A penalty is when you get a shot in front of the goal with no Defenders only a goalie. If you score it counts
as a goal.
A free-kick is like a penalty but not in the box. There are 4 people Five Paces away from where you're
There is another type of free kick it is called and indirect free-kick a pass back would make an indirect
free-kick. In an indirect free-kick you can't shoot immediately you have to either pass it or cross it.
A handball is when the ball touches your hand and it is either a free kick or a penalty when it is a penalty
the ball has to touch your hand in the box for it to be a penalty, for it to be a free kick the ball has to touch your
hand out side of the box.
In soccer some players argue with the referee. Your not supposed to argue with the referee because it is
his/her choice if it is a throw in and all of that and you could get a yellow card and remember if you already have
one your off!

What positions are in soccer?

Goalkeeper He saves shots.

Defender They also save
shots and
Midfield tackle in their
Striker half
They defend
and shoot too.

Shoots and
comes back
when necessary.

What do you need in

You need soccer boots either cleats or turf the difference between them are that
cleats are for damp/wet fields and turf is for dry fields. You need boots because if
you don’t have boots you can’t play and your feet could get stepped on or when
you shoot the ball your foot could start to hurt. You also need shin guards because
if you get kicked in the shin you could get a really bad injury and they protect your
shins. You need long socks to hold your shin guards and/or if you slide, your knees
won't get turf burns. The last and most important thing you need is a team shirt
and team shorts. The reason why you need that is because so they know you are
on a team and not some random person on the pitch playing.

Fun facts!

1. Almost 300 million people in the world play soccer.
2. Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world.
3. Soccer is about 3,000 years old.
4. The richest club in the world is Manchester United: $828.4 million.

5. Barcelona has the most trophies in the world.
6. Messi is better than ronaldo.


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