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IE Newsletter_Term3_Issue3

Inclusive Education


2018 Term 3 | Issue 3
2018 Term 3 | Issue 3 Page 1

Note from the IE Team

Warm greetings to each of you,

Inside this issue
We trust that you are feeling refreshed after your break and are looking
forward to a rewarding second half of the year with your students.
Term 3 Timeline ............ 3
Last term we ‘Spotlighted’ the DDA and DSE legislation that sits behind the IE
NCCD News .................... 3
space; as a team we share your passion for all students to be able to
demonstrate their full potential because staff are excited about IE Network info .............. 3
differentiating, but we also recognise that there is legal obligation
Gifted & Talented
underpinning this best practice. This term’s article ‘NCCD News’ builds on
Column .......................... 4
this, highlighting how government requirements are seeking to further the
Book Review .................. 4
links between legislation and the provision of appropriate adjustments in the
classroom. Learning Difficulties
Focus ............................. 5
In this edition of the newsletter, we also discuss some key future changes
(Funding Update) and provide you with ideas for meeting the needs of Spotlight on: IE Funding
students who are Gifted (p.3) and/or who have Dysgraphia (p.4). In addition, Update ........................... 5
the Book Review theme ties in well with the upcoming R U Ok? Day (p.3), we
Senior Secondary
hope you enjoy!
Snapshot ........................ 5
As Term 3 begins, we are aware that a plethora of deadlines (feel free to
suggest alternative collective nouns!) is approaching. Please let us know if we Learning ......................... 6
can support you in any way at this time and we hope that, despite the
Child Protection ............. 7
busyness, you have a great start to the new term.
Contact Us ..................... 7
Kind regards,
The AISWA Inclusive Education Team

Contacts note:

Please note: You have received this newsletter because you have ticked the
‘Inclusive Education Newsletter’ box on the AISWA website. To subscribe/
unsubscribe please login to the AISWA website and update your subscription
preferences via ‘My Dashboard > Update My Details’.

For additional information find us at

2018 Term 3 | Issue 3 Page 2

Term 3 Timeline With the first year of NCCD’s explicit connection to loading for Students

with Disability (SWD) under our belts, schools and government alike are
going through the cycle of review and improvement.
23rd July - Round 2 State Funding From the Government-led process review, carried out by PwC, these key
applications due in for AISWA focuses have emerged:
admin check.
 Ensure that teaching staff have a greater understanding of the
27th July - Round 2 State Funding Disability Discrimination Act and the Disability Standards for
Principal confirmation due. Education.
3rd August - NCCD Reference date.  From this understanding, plan differentiation through consultation

with everyone concerned.
 Ensure that parents are aware of the NCCD (this can be done through

a newsletter or the school’s website).

 Staff to be supported to make adjustments for SWD and monitor and
10th August - NCCD Data entry
review their success.
 The Principal and management need to be seen as an active part of
 School team enters data for
the process.
PP-Y12 students through the
School Entry Point.

 School principal verifies and
confirms NCCD data, backed by
evidence held in the school,
prior to submission.

Inclusive Education Network News

Time to chat, confer, collaborate and communicate!

The focus for this term’s Network Meeting is Transition.

We will primarily focus on student transition from the primary school to secondary and then the skills students need to move
from secondary to adult life after school.
This term, the meetings are over one day so why not come to both and get a complete picture of how transition works.
Remember, network meetings are free!

Date : Thursday 30th August . Please register via the website.

If you would like to contact with any further questions please email:

Maggie Balfe [email protected]
Lynne Nixon [email protected]

2018 Term 3 | Issue 3 Page 3

Gifted & Talented

A huge thank you to Peta Hay for
flying to Perth to deliver the Mini
Certificate of Gifted Education,
and the participants for putting
so much into the course. Some
take-home messages from the 2
R U OK Day is a national day of action dedicated to  Giftedness is about potential,
supporting those who are struggling with life and takes not necessarily performance.

place this year on the 13th September. We would  IQ tests will pick up potential
encourage all schools to get on board with this initiative. only when the test matches the person’s culture and
communication method.

 Group aptitude, Non-Verbal,
Standardised Achievement
Book Review
and Off-Level tests can all play
 ‘Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine” by Gail Honeyman, Published by a part in identification.
Harper Collins, 2017
 There are many reasons why
 ‘Sam’s Best Shot’ by Dr James Best gifted students might under-

 Published in 2017 by Allen and Unwin perform.

‘Eleanor Oliphant leads a simple life. Eleanor Oliphant is happy. Nothing is missing  Gifted students need to be
from her carefully timetabled existence. Except, sometimes, everything…’ taught study and self-
regulation skills in the same
Welcome to the compelling world of Eleanor Oliphant, a beautifully written first-
way as others.
person character who has worked hard to build structures in life to help her cope
with the pain inside. Funny and insightful, this book made us both laugh and cry and  There are a wealth of
was extremely hard to put down - you have fair warning! strategies to use when
differentiating for gifted
As well as producing a great read, Gail Honeyman has framed this novel in such a
way as to gently challenge all of us to really ‘see’ those around us, along with the
difficult emotions they might be hiding. Eleanor’s carefully structured yet
dysfunctional world is about to come crashing down and the difference between
disaster and a beautiful change for the better is the simple asking of the question…
“How are you feeling Eleanor?”

This book was reviewed in support of making every day an R U Ok? day.

Please note: This book contains strong language and emotional themes.

2018 Term 3 | Issue 3 Page 4

Spotlight on: Inclusive Education Funding Update

Inclusion of Students
This semester will Schools will be informed when the
with Dysgraphia see the release of updated criteria is online, which will

the much happen this semester after Round 2.
Dysgraphia is “focused on the
anticipated The new Criteria will be used for 2019
production of written language.
updated ‘Eligibility Round 1 of funding.
Motor dysgraphia relates to
Criteria’ for State funding for
persistent handwriting Targeted PL will be run at AISWA for
difficulties… Language-based Students with Disability ie. funding the unpacking of the criteria and the
dysgraphia is associated with that is applied for via AISWA. funding process...
difficulties in constructing The Criteria has been rigorously
meaningful and effectively
reviewed with support from
structured written
appropriate specialists. In addition,
expression.” (Dyslexia-SPELD
the Department of Education and
Foundation, 2014)
Catholic Education WA have been
Watch this space!
consulted in relation to current
diagnosis criteria, definitions and

descriptions, in order to ensure

Inclusive practices can include:
 Opportunities for verbal/ Senior Secondary Snapshot
visual knowledge
For many students, whether Year 10, 11 or 12,Semester 2 can be a time when there
is a futures focus. Transitioning to adulthood often adds to the stress of exams,
 Limit copying study or work experience, so why not plan something for your students to look
 Movement breaks forward to, something that will help them consider their options ….

 Checklists for tasks
 Reduce ‘neatness’ as a
success criteria

 Mind maps / Scaffolds to

guide writing

 Be creative in how written
work is planned and Tuesday October the 30th!

 Multi-sensory methods of The Abilities Expo this year is celebrating its 15 year! At a later date than usual, the
letter formation Expo has developed its focus to include people of all ages with disability, their
families and carers who want to know more about the services they can access and
the organisations that provide those services.

Please note also this term’s ‘Overview of Curriculum Options for Students with
Disabilities in Years 11 and 12’ - 27th July here at AISWA.

Hope to see you there!

2018 Term 3 | Issue 3 Page 5

Additional AISWA Professional Learning opportunities:

Upcoming events with available spaces include:
AISWA IE consultants are
 The Nationally Consistent Collection of Data for Students with Disability available for consultation, PL and
information session - 20th July, 9.30am-12.00pm workshop sessions in all areas of
Followed by a free NCCD moderation workshop, 1.00-3.00pm Inclusive Education, including
 Staff Code of Conduct - 25th July, 9.00-11.00am students with disability, learning
difficulties and giftedness.
 Disability Discrimination Act & Disability Standards for Education - 25th
July, 1.00-3.00pm Please contact your IE
 Child Protection (Mandatory Reporting, Grooming and Sexual Behaviours) - Consultant to arrange
9th August, 9.00-12.00pm
meetings or sessions to
 Teaching for Diversity - 29th August, 9.00-11.00am
suit your context.
 Creating Safer Independent Schools - 9th Sept, 9.00am -3.00pm

To register, click here for the full AISWA Professional Learning Calendar, select
‘Inclusive Education’ in Area of Interest and select the specific event.

External Professional Learning opportunities:


In Term 1’s newsletter, we SECCA is a non-profit organisation supporting people with
highlighted the importance disabilities in their efforts to learn about human
of selecting programs relationships, sexuality and sexual health. Their website is
based on research. DSF well worth a visit and the inaugural
provide training around a number of evidence-based Relationships Education workshop (City West Lotteries
Literacy and Numeracy programs, alongside general House, 18th Oct) promises to be a practical and resource-
information and strategy sessions for teaching students based session.
who may be Dyslexic or Dyscalculic. Click here for details

Positive Partnerships provide a wealth of information for supporting students
with an ASD in the form of webinars, online units and face to face training.
Upcoming workshops are in Mandurah (25-26th July) with school-based
workshops available on request.

Please note: The AISWA IE team disseminates information about external organisations
in good faith, but is not responsible for the quality of delivery or professionalism of the
presenting organisations.

2018 Term 3 | Issue 3 Page 6

The Inclusive Education Team is continually reviewing

Child Protection Focus and updating our professional learning offerings
regarding child protection and child abuse
The Royal Commission
prevention, in keeping with current evidence based
The ‘Royal Commission into Institutional practice, research and expert recommendations.
Responses to Child Sexual Abuse’ Final Report,
We encourage all school staff and governance to avail
along with the Australian and Western Australian
Government responses, are all now available to themselves of relevant PL in these areas, including, but
the public - please see the links below: not limited to, the following:
Royal Commission (Final Report)  ‘Child Protection: Including Mandatory Reporting

Australian Government Response of Child Sexual Abuse, Grooming and Child Abuse
Prevention by all staff’ (now a 3 hr session)
WA Government Response
Department of Communities - Child Protection and  ‘Keeping Safe: Child Protection
Family Support (DC-CPFS) Curriculum’ (Protective Behaviours curriculum - 6
hr session)
DC-CPFS is offering Term 3 training events in
Cannington, Fremantle and Bunbury and offers an  ‘Code of Conduct’ (2 hr session)
online Mandatory Reporting information module,
as well as other aspects of child abuse prevention.  ‘Creating Safer Independent Schools’ (Child Safe
Organisations - 6 hr session)
For further information click here.
We will continue to inform you of information or
changes related to child protection and child abuse

prevention in schools. However, for further information
or advice please feel free to contact Rebecca Delaney or
Tania Wray.

Inclusive Education Team Contacts

Rebecca Delaney (IE Coordinator) Tania Wray (IE Consultant)
[email protected] 9441-1633 [email protected] 9441-1672
0438 183 525 0457 822 178

Michele McErlain (Admin Support) Maggie Balfe (IE Consultant)
[email protected] 9441-1666 [email protected] 9441-1612
0418 212 284
Amanda Mackmin (Admin Support)
[email protected] 9441-1601 Kate Stannard (IE Consultant)
[email protected]
9441-1609 0438 983 855

To find out which consultant is allocated to your Lynne Nixon (IE Consultant)
school, please log in to the AISWA website and go [email protected] 9441-1606
0447 502 560

2018 Term 3 | Issue 3 Page 7

Suite 3/41 Walters Drive
Osborne Park WA 6017
+61 (08) 9441 1600
[email protected]

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