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Published by Lina Karlina, 2020-11-04 04:28:37




Georgie Mixed-Media Georgie Mixed-Media
Trainer / Black Silver Trainer / Rose Gold
IDR 3,349,000 IDR 3,349,000

Georgie Logo and Leather Georgie Logo and Leather
Trainer / Optic White Multi Trainer / Black
IDR 3,139,000 IDR 3,139,000

Georgie Trainer / Soft Pink Georgie Denim and Leather
IDR 2,939,000 Trainer / Light Denim
IDR 2,749,000

Georgie Mixed-Media Georgie Mixed-Media
Trainer / Champagne Trainer / Black
IDR 2,929,000 IDR 2,929,000

Olympia Canvas and Olympia Mixed-Media
Leather Trainer / Soft Pink Trainer / Optic White Multi
IDR 3,429,000 IDR 3,449,000


Billie Trainer
Sneaker / Pale Gold
IDR 3,139,000

Billie Trainer Billie Trainer
Sneaker / Black Silver Sneaker / Optic White-Black
IDR 2,839,000 IDR 2,839,000

Allie Leather Sneaker / Allie Color-Block Logo and
Optic White Leather Trainer / Optic White
IDR 2,539,000 IDR 2,739,000

Keating Leather Sneaker / Monroe Canvas and Suede
Optic White Trainer / Bae
IDR 2,329,000 IDR 2,369,000

Liv Logo Mixed-Media Liv Logo Mixed-Media
Trainer / Black Trainer / Black Gold
IDR 2,749,000 IDR 3,139,000

Gertie Leather Lace-up Gertie Leather Lace-up
Sneaker / OPT-Pale Gold Sneaker / Bright Red
IDR 2,369,000 IDR 2,369,000


Olivia Metallic Woven Keaton Logo and Brushstroke
Sneaker / Black Stripe Sneaker
IDR 2,639,000 Sneaker / Bright White
IDR 2,009,000

Colby Striped Logo Embossed Colby Striped Logo Embossed

Leather Sneaker / Smokey Rose Leather Sneaker / Sunflower

IDR 2,539,000 IDR 2,539,000

Keaton Logo Slip On Keaton Chain-Mesh
Sneaker / Bright white Slip On -Sneaker / Multi
IDR 2,009,000 IDR 2,009,000

Keaton Logo Slip On Keaton Logo Slip On
Sneaker / Black Sneaker / Brown
IDR 2,009,000 IDR 2,009,000

Irving Stripe Irving Stripe Lace Up
Snake Embossed Leather Leather Sneaker / Cream
Sneaker / Optic White Multi IDR 2,439,000
IDR 2,459,000

Irving Lace Up Leather Sneaker /
Optic White Brown
IDR 2,439,000

Hero Mixed-Media Hero Mixed-Media
Trainer / Vintage Blue Trainer / Multi
IDR 3,119,000 IDR 3,119,000

Skyler Stretch – Knit Sock Skyler Bootie Extreme
Sneaker / Black Sneaker
IDR 2,939,000 IDR 3,139,000


Haskell Crocodile Embossed
Leather Combat Boot / Black
IDR 4,559,000

Haskell Crocodile Embossed
Leather Combat Boot / Black
IDR 4,559,000

Dylan Logo and Leather Dylan Logo and Leather
Ballet Flat / Toffee Black Ballet Flat / Brown
IDR 2,079,000 IDR 2,009,000

Kendrick Leather Slip-on Optic White
Espadrille / Oyster Black
IDR 1,729,000

Kendrick Pebbled Leather
Espadrille / Black
IDR 1,729,000

Lillie Moc Leather Lillie Moc Leather
Flat Shoes / Black Flat Shoes / Dark Berry
IDR 1,879,000 IDR 1,879,000

Lillie Moc Leather Lillie Moc Leather
Flat Shoes / Black Flat Shoes / Light Blush
IDR 2,009,000 IDR 2,009,000

Allice Leather Ballet Flat / Allice Logo Ballet Flat /
Black Vanilla
IDR 1,879,000 IDR 2,009,000

Lillie Logo Moccasin Lillie Logo Moccasin
/ Brown / Vanilla
IDR 2,009,000 IDR 2,009,000

Tracee Saffiano Leather Tracee Saffiano Leather
Moccasin / Black Moccasin / Pinkgrapefruit
IDR 2,009,000 IDR 2,009,000

Tracee Saffiano Leather Tracee Logo Print
Moccasin / Black Moccasin / Natural
IDR 2,009,000 IDR 1,879,000

Petra Woven Mid Sandal Lena Leather Sandal /
IDR 2,739,000 Luggage
IDR 1,879,000

Black Optic White

Pearson Leather Sandal
/ Black
IDR 2,369,000

Becker Contrast-trim
Scuba Flatform Sandal
/ Black
IDR 2,369,000

Letty Thong / Black Letty Thong / White
IDR 1,809,000 IDR 1,809,000

Dee Woven Leather Slide Dee Woven Leather Slide
Sandal / Luggage Sandal / Optic White
IDR 3,139,000 IDR 3,139,000

Gilmore Quilted Logo MK Slide / Black-Optic
Slide Sandal Flop / Black White
IDR 739,000 IDR 1,119,000

Gilmore Logo Slide Sandal
Flop / Black
IDR 1,119,000

Pink Logo Toe Post Flip Pink Logo Toe Post Flip
Flop Letty Thong / Vanilla Flop Letty Thong / DK
IDR 739,000 Ballet
IDR 739,000

Jet Set Floral Logo Flip
Flop / Desert Flower
IDR 929,000

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