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Published by Scott Bradley, 2018-02-09 08:18:58

Board Office Report February 2018

Board Office Report February 2018

February 2018

Teacher Collaboration: Wingo Teachers Join in on Twitter Chat
with other Graves County Teachers During NTI Day!

Wingo Student, Madie Alderdice, Participates with 4 H Team
in the Future City Challenge Students Receives Award

Pictured Left to Right (Madie Alderdice, Kayla Aldridge, Lexie Mathis, Jenna Future City is a nationally
Shupe and Connor Thomas sponsored competition for
6th, 7th and 8th graders that
puts its student competitors in
real world situations and asks
them to be the problem solv-
ers as they brainstorm ideas
and design solutions. For in-
formation about how you can
become involved in Future
City and other 4-H activities,
please contact Tracey Tashjian
at 270.247.2334.

Graves County 4-H Engineering Club students Kayla Aldridge, (GCMS), Jenna Shupe (Fancy Farm Elementary),
Lexie Mathis (GCMS), Madie Alderdice (Wingo Elementary), Connor Thomas (GCMS) along with team mentors,
Isabella Byassee (GCHS), Levi Kelley (GCHS), Keaton Looper (GCHS) and coaches TraceyTashjian, and Sam Ander-
son, County Extension Agents returned from the 2017-2018 Future City competition on January 15 with a first
place award in the Regional Contest. The group placed first of forty-six and will represent Kentucky in the Na-
tional Contest in Washington, D.C., February 19-20. In addition to the Regional Title, the 4-H team received the
AARP Excellence Award and Best Essay.

Future City is a project-based learning program where students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades imagine, research,
design, and build a city that will exist at least 100 years in the future. This year's theme, "The Age Friendly City,"
requires students to envision an urban environment that keeps older adults active, engaged, and independent
while incorporating engineering ideas that would revitalize their city's economy, reduce crime, promote safety,
improve the environment and enhance civic engagement. The group began working in June to present their vi-
sion of the future through a virtual city design (using SimCity software); a 1,500 word city essay; a scale model of
their city (built with recycled materials); a presentation along with a question/answer session with a panel of
STEM professionals.

The Book, Cook-a-Doodle-Do! Inspires Student to be Creative in the Kitchen
Reading for a Purpose can be Fun!

Students in LeAnna Pritchard’s homeroom read the book, Cook-a-Doodle Do! It is a sequel to the book called
The Little Red Hen. In this book, several animals worked together to make a wonderful strawberry short-
cake. The author included the recipe for this special dessert . Jackson Pullen decided that he could read and
follow directions! He found that reading for a purpose can be a real treat!

Wingo 5th Grade Excels Goal for Annual St. Jude Math-A-Thon!

Susie Toon, 5th grade teacher stated, “Wingo fifth-graders would like to
thank everyone who donated to this year's St. Jude Math-A-Thon. With your
support, we were able to make this year our most successful to date. All the
money has been collected, counted and sent to St. Jude. We appreciate all
of your generous donations that made our grand total a whopping $2035.00!”

NTI-Non-Traditional Instruction Day
Got Snow? You Can Have Science!

Science Challenge: Kyler Alderdice gathered snow, about 3-4 cups and melted it. Then, he covered a
bowl or cup with layers of paper towels. Afterwards, Kyler looked for sediment or other particles left
behind on the paper towels. Science can be amazing at school or at home!

NTI-Non-Traditional Instruction Day
Snow Doesn’t Slow Our Learning Opportunities!

Tyson Wallace used the LexiaCore5 Reading Program Later, Tyson read a book of his own choice and then
during his NTI days. He also logged into IXL Math! created a new story with a new character to his story.

Tyson created a self-portrait for his artwork. Of course, he had
to have some fun

outside for his
physical activity!

Michele Grant’s Physical Education Class-Loving to Exercise!

Michele Grant’s P.E. Class Getting Fit and Having Fun!

100th Day of School!

Wingo School’s 1st grade classes are feeling a little old! Afterall, they have been here
100 days! These are friends from Melanie Gilliam’s class.
These “Golden
Girls” are from
Jackie Whitlock’s
1st grade class. It
must be those
great smiles that
keep them going!

Celebrating 100 Days of Perfect Attendance!

Third grade students in Nakia Brown’s class earn a drink and a candy bar for having perfect attendance
for the first 100 days of school! Jackson Pullen, Tyler Alderdice, Landon Jackson, and Kole Bushart look
very proud of themselves! Great accomplishment!

Nathan Rogers, Logan Blalock, Kadince Bushart, Hannah Agin, and Zoie Joiner from LeAnna Pritchard’s
class earned a drink and a candy bar for 100 days of perfect attendance! Now, that is sweet!

Second Grade Students Enjoy 100th Day STEM Activities

Second graders worked together in
cooperative groups using 100 items
to make a unique creation.

Second Grade Students Participate in 100th Day STEM,
(Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Challenges

Mrs. Amy’s Kindergarten Class had an Amazing 100th Day of School

Mrs. Amy’s Kindergarten class celebrates 100th day of school making hats by groups of 10’s.

Mrs. Amy’s Kindergarten Class had an Amazing 100th Day of School

Students created pictures using 100 items!

100 Hershey’s kisses with numbers 1-100 were Santiago found the number 100 and won a prize.
hidden in our room. We had to find them and match
them to our 100 board.

So…..What can You Do With Your 100th day?

This group of friends made a house out of 100 popsicle sticks.

Collect 100 things! Cas can write his name 21 These two girls, Zoey and Myla, can write
times in 100 seconds. their name 17 times in 100 seconds.

Kris Buss’ Kindergarten Class had a Blast
in the STEM Work Zone on the 100th Day

Kris Buss’ Kindergarten Class is Working Hard on STEM Projects!

Dara Pritchard’s 2nd grade 100th Day Challenge

An object made of a small set of
pieces can be disassembled and
made into something new.

Michele Grant Gives PBIS Feathers For Being Responsible

Nakia Brown and LeAnna Pritchard’s 3rd
Grade Classes earned 3 feathers recently
because every student remembered to
wear their tennis shoes. Wearing tennis
shoes is a safer way to enjoy physical edu-
cation. It also gains students PBIS, (Positive
Behavior Intervention & Support) feathers.

Principal Scott Bradley Created a World-Wide Competition
Wingo’s Staff was Up for the Challenge….and Then Some!

Mrs. Brown’s Social Studies Class Creates Commercials while
Studying Supply & Demand, Consumers & Producers

Students in Nakia Brown’s third grade So-
cial Studies class have been learning about
Supply and Demand, and Producers and
Students worked together to create a
good or service, built business plans,
designed advertisements, and videoed
commercials using the Flipgrid app. Stu-
dents were excited to share their ideas!

Commercial Break? Mrs. Brown’s Class Shows Creative Clips

Hundreds of Kind Thoughts to Change the World
from Blake Jessup’s Fifth Grade Students

Wingo 5th grade students worked diligently today on brainstorm-
ing hundreds of kind thoughts to change the world. “I am so
proud to be an MC Alumni!”#MarshallStrong

Blake Jessup

In a World Where You Can Be Anything…..Be Kind!

In a World Where You Can Be Anything…..Be Kind!

Wingo School’s Archery Team Aims for Kindness!

Wingo School Loves Positive Messages and Positive People!

Follow Your Heart

Wingo Café Crew Cares #MARSHALLSTRONG
Wingo Students Show They Care...Kindness Counts!

In a World Where You Can Be Anything…..Be Kind!

Wingo Hearts are With You#MARSHALLSTRONG

May each day bring the kindness that allows your heart to heal.

Hearts & Hands Full of Compassion #MARSHALLSTRONG

During Club Day Reba Wiggins’ club created a
beautiful plaque that reminds everyone that we
should have compassionate hearts and hands to-
ward everyone each day because we never know
what difficulty that person may have or their cir-
cumstances. With that thought in mind, these stu-
dents created a heart using their handprints. It now
hangs in the Wingo Elementary hallway to remind
us all to think of others daily.

Wingo School’s Family Reading Night
Bringing Books and Families Together

Tana Jones, Wingo School’s Family Resource Center Coordinator, plans our Family Reading Nights. We appreciate
her efforts in bringing us all together to enjoy a night of food, good books, and sweet families and friends.

Wingo School’s Family Reading Night was a Huge Success!

Family Reading Night-Great Time to Cozy up with a Good Book!

Wingo School’s Family Reading Night-Reading Opens Opportunities

Wingo School’s Family Reading Night-Family, Food, Friends
and Fiction and Nonfiction Books! Fabulous!

Wingo School’s Reading Night
Some of the Best Things in Life: Family and Good Books!

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