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Smart solutions for homes of every size, style and location. Smartlife offers the unparalleled convenience of controlling your lighting, climate, entertainment, and home security from a single, intuitive app.

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Published by Prabhat Kataria, 2020-02-19 16:33:33

Smartlife Smart Home Brochure

Smart solutions for homes of every size, style and location. Smartlife offers the unparalleled convenience of controlling your lighting, climate, entertainment, and home security from a single, intuitive app.

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Smart Homes
& Lifestyles

Security Entertainment Lighting & Energy & Power Access Control Aged Care
& Safety & Media Device Control Management & Delivery & Monitoring

Smarter Lifestyle smartlife

Busy Family Life Turning In

Getting my home and family organised is easy. With When we go to bed one button closes the blinds, turns off
the press of a button or a voice command, there are everything including the Wi-Fi, closes the garage door if it
so many things I can do with the Smartlife App. was left open and optionally sets the alarm for night mode.

Going Out Vacation

Pressing one button as I leave the house sets A trip away is easy with a smart home. I press the
the alarm, turns off all the lights and adjusts or Vacation button in the App and it does the rest. Door
turns off the heating and air conditioning. and window security are checked, connected appliances
are switched off and the alarm is set. Vacation mode
Coming Home operates lights, blinds, curtains and TV to look like I’m
at home. I can check up on things via the audio/video
I always come home to the perfect temperature – either monitoring and give access to the neighbours to feed
by adjusting the heating/cooling remotely or by having the pets and water plants. We relax and enjoy our holiday!
system automatically regulate when it detects I’m leaving
work. During my trip, the heating will adjust and the blinds Energy Saving
close if required. As I approach home the exterior lights
switch on (if it's dark) and I can open the gate/garage door. It's easy to adjust schedules for underfloor heating and
heated towel rails so they are only on when required. We
Access Control save energy by running the heavy electrical loads such as hot
water, pool pumps etc during off-peak times. Lights don't get
When we have a visitor at the gate or door the system left on when people leave the room and if there is a power
turns down the music if necessary, alerting me on my cut our most important electrical devices are unaffected.
mobile if I’m out. If I’m out and about, I can allow access
to specific areas of the house remotely by opening Secure
the gate/door and turning off the alarm in the areas I
select, for a visitor, courier, cleaner or tradesperson. We can easily control and change who has access to our
house through the App, great for friends and Airbnb. The
Entertaining system lets us monitor the cameras from our phones,
tablets, screens or TVs in the house. We can also review
When our friends arrive for dinner I can shift the kids past events and filter footage to show people who
to the rumpus room to watch the same movie with have come to our door. When we’re away if something
a touch of a button, adjust the lighting scene from happens such as a smoke alarm, burglar alarm, flood
‘cooking mode’ to ‘dinner mode’ and put on some nice alarm, freezing temperature or excessive heat I receive
welcoming dinner music… Easy! Then play the same or a notification and can open my App to view what is
different music, movies or sport throughout the house. happening in real-time, so I can deal with it promptly.

Cinema mode Expansion

Anyone in the house can easily control the TVs Being a modular system it is great to know it’s easy to add
and entertainment system, switching between Netflix, other components at a later date as our needs change.
Youtube and Apple TV to Sky and Freeview or other
on-demand options. From the App, we can easily You can Customise your
Smartlife solution to fit any
switch between modes, lower the projector or turn size, shape, plans or dreams.
on the screen, dim the lights, draw the blinds - then
relax and enjoy!

Smartlife App FREE Visit our Demo
Download Showroom

The Smartlife App combines all of Download the FREE Smartlife App Come and see the Smartlife system in
our great features and technology for an Apple or Android device and action in our interactive showrooms
controls into one easy to use and you can begin your experience with and experience the world of
quick to configure mobile app. Once a Smarter Home and Lifestyle. possibilities. Play with the app on a
installed you can easily assign access phone, tablet or wall mounted touch
and control rights to those you invite. screen to control lights, manage
All data is stored securely on the home theatre, entertainment,
cloud and is available 24 hours a day. security and alarms, etc.
Use the Smartlife App to control
any of your enrolled devices from Contact us to arrange a free, no
any room or when you are away. obligation interactive smart home
experience. We look forward to
Smartlife is modular, expand your meeting you and introducing
control system as your needs require you to your future Smart life.
and enrol multiple control hubs and
hundreds of devices. Employ this 09 974 4109
technology for a large property or [email protected]
multiple properties and swap between
them in your single Smartlife App.


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