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January 2019 Newsletter

01 -2019 Newsletter -web


January 2019 - Volume 33, Issue 1

Board of Director Elections “ One very important

task assigned to the
Board is to initiate,
Just Enjoying the You have recently received a letter advising One very impor- create or modify
Countryside Life! you that Master Board elections will be held tant task assigned
soon and asking all eligible candidates to to the Board is to policy.”

submit their application form to the admin- initiate, create or
istration office. There are 5 areas holding modify policy. Policy is the formal overall
elections. Single Family Homes, Country guidance needed to set the overall direction
Haven, and Country Glen will be elect- for Countryside (Board responsibility). Pro-
ing representatives for 3-year terms while cedure is an operational process required to
Country Manor and the Verandas will elect implement policy and achieve our mission
representatives for 1-year terms. Perhaps you (Management responsibility).
remember that we changed our documents
to call for 3-year terms on the Board. The up- For effective Board operation it is important
coming election is the last step in transition- that all Board members have a clear under-
ing to 3-year terms for all Board members. standing and support the mission, vision,
and values established by the Board. It is also
In addition to the procedural details outlined important that Board members accept and
Inside. in the letter you received I thought it might support all Board decisions.
be helpful for anyone submitting their ap-
1 President’s Report plication to have a little more background Finally, a director must understand that the
2 General Manager’s Report about how the Board operates and what our position demands are great, but very reward-
4 Calendar expectations are for Board service. ing to both the director and to the Commu-
6-7 Golf News nity. It is also important to remember that
8 Grounds Maintenance Board members receive an orientation pro- board members act in the role of director
gram including topics such as community only during board meetings or while acting
structure, governing documents, budget on board matters. At all other times, directors
and finance, board meeting operation and a are club members with no more authority or
complete facility tour. privileges than other members.

Board members are expected to maintain I hope you find this information helpful as
an ethical and business-like manner and of- you consider the opportunities to serve the
fer uncompromising loyalty to Countryside’s community you have chosen for your home
best interests, one that supersedes any person- whether seasonally or permanently.
al or area conflict of loyalty. Remember each
director has a loyalty to his/her local associa- Exciting times are ahead with many changes
tion but an overarching loyalty to the Mas- coming that will improve our community
ter Association. Each member is expected to both physically and programmatically.

think strategically at all times and to artic- Thanks to all of you for your ongoing support
ulate that strategic direction with and I look forward to continuing to serve you
a focus on broader vision in the months ahead.
not on operational Larry Franzen - President

Share your story with others
Send to: [email protected]

MANAGER’SReport experience. Our industry is extremely
human and humans are imperfect.
JaMnayu/aJruyne20201193 HOWSHPIATTALISITY? However, when we are in a hospitality
I’d venture to say that providing care in mindset, we’re constantly asking our-
Countryside News 2 Each year I often think of the holiday a hospice setting is, without question, selves, “how would I want the club to
season as the season of hospitality. The the most loving, purposeful and mean- make me feel in this situation?” This
holidays are a time to experience and ingful level of care and hospitality one exercise leads us very quickly in the
deliver hospitality on so many differ- can come in contact with. When you right direction.
ent levels and in many different sce- think about hospitality in that sense, That is what hospitality is. When you
narios. Many of us travel during the it paints a very different picture of the think about it like that, shouldn’t every
holidays and receive hospitality at challenges we often deal with and ex- business take that approach? Shouldn’t
hotels and resorts; some travel to stay perience in providing and enjoying every business “why” be about how
with family and friends and receive hospitality in the traditional ‘traveling important it is to make others feel
hospitality from them, some have fam- / enjoyment’ sense. wonderful? Imagine what your day
ily and friends travel to stay with them But let’s focus on how we deliver and would be like if you knew every person
and end up providing hospitality. And experience hospitality in the service in- you came in contact with truly wanted
of course, at the club, we’re providing dustry and why this could be so mean- to make you feel great as a customer.
hospitality daily to our members and ingful to any business or culture. As It doesn’t stop there either. These ex-
their guests. For us in the service in- country club professionals we’re part of periences are not meant only for our
dustry, hospitality never really ends. an industry that includes restaurants, members and their guests, they’re
As I’ve recently crossed the 20-year hotels, resorts, cruise ships, theme meant for our employees as well. We
mark of working in the hospitality parks and so on. Over my career, I’ve cannot deliver a culture of hospital-
industry, I’ve done some reflection on had the opportunity to attend count- ity externally if we’re not delivering
what hospitality means. I think, some- less training programs on the topics of it internally. Think about it, the most
times, we can lose sight of how mean- leadership, service, culture, personal successful businesses create a culture
ingful it is to provide hospitality to development and so on. Over time I’ve where employees truly look forward
others especially when you are provid- come to realize that there is one com- to and enjoy coming to work. They
ing service on a daily basis. And when mon principle that permeates all of are passionate about delivering the
you really boil it down to the basics it theses various trainings and seminars mission and providing a memorable
becomes very obvious how principles and ties all of these different sectors of experience for the customer and that
built on a foundation of hospitality the hospitality industry together - and passion is created by making them
can be very purposeful, fulfilling, and its really quite simple. Hospitality is feel meaningful. It all comes back to
beneficial to any business regardless of simply how we make others feel. how we make others feel. That, in the
the industry. When we talk about creating a culture most basic sense is hospitality.
The history of hospitality varies across of hospitality at the club, we talk about How do you feel when you’re visit-
ancient cultures, but generally speaking it being a feeling. Great feelings create ing the club? Are we delivering true
it involved welcoming a stranger and memorable experiences and that is the hospitality? Is it evident that the club
offering him or her food, water, shel- business we’re truly in, the business of service team is passionate about mak-
ter and safety. The word hospitality is creating experiences. These experienc- ing members and their guests feel wel-
derived from the Latin word, hospes, es must make it valuable and meaning- comed, cared for, and important? Are
meaning “host”, “guest” or “stranger”. ful to become and remain a member of we creating memorable experiences
Some say the word hospitality was orig- the club. Internally, we talk about how for you? Equally as important, are you
inally derived from the French word important it is that we focus on creat- helping us by creating great experi-
“hospice” which means to “care for” ing a feeling of warmth, care, service ences for our service team? When you
or specifically “taking care of travelers”. and importance. When you as mem- visit the club do you make them feel
This, however, takes on an entirely new bers come to the club we strive for appreciated, needed and important?
meaning when you consider what the those feelings to be experienced by you As we get into the busiest time of year,
term “hospice” means in today’s use of and your guests - even if we, for some these are important questions to reflect
the word, “care for the terminally ill”. unforeseen reason, deliver a subpar on to ensure we have a high perform-
ing culture of hospitality.
Looking forward to a great season of
creating memorable experiences.
Best regards,
Joe Smith
General Manager / COO

MOVING = BETTER HEALTH! It’s no secret that moving WellnessNews
more helps us to be fitter
and healthier. Directors January 2019
Research shows that as little as
30 minutes of exercise per day Larry Franzen, President 3 Countryside News
can boost our general health John Thomas, Vice President
and well-being. Why not make Jim Williams, Secretary
it your goal for 2019 to get 30 Ron Kunow, Treasurer
minutes of exercise every day? Mike Cashman, Director
We can all spare 30 minutes Ken Laycock, Director
a day to better our health and Rebecca Paratore, Director
well-being. Instead of watching Bob Powers, Director
the morning news from your Bev Whiteman, Director
couch, we encourage you to visit
the Wellness Center, choose Staff
one of the cardio machines
and tune in to your favorite Joe Smith, CAM
channel on the TV moni- General Manager/COO
tor. You can catch up on your
favorite show while getting in Jennifer Castillo
your 30 minutes of exercise. Assistant Controller
We also have several Group
Fitness Classes as well as many Cody Chappell
(Free!) Virtual Classes to choose Facilities Engineer
from. You can register for a class
online or show up when the Rosa Fernandez
group fitness room is not being Administrative Assistant
used to work out to your favor-
ite Virtual Class. The January Mary Groesser
Group Fitness Class Schedule Director of Communications
can be found on the Country-
side website or stop by the Well- Kevin Harris
ness Center to pick up a copy. Food & Beverage Director
Several new classes have been
added as well as additional time Jay Herman
slots for Virtual Classes. We Executive Chef
are looking forward to see-
ing you this season and com- Jeff Jacob
ing along side you on your Controller
fitness journey in 2019.
Pamela Radcliff,
Director of HR/Exec. Asst.

Stephanie Reeves,
PGA Mstr Pro
Director of Golf

Tara Sparacio
Wellness Center Director

JD Varon, CGCS
Golf Course Superintendent

Countryside Golf &
Country Club News

Published by Countryside GCC
600 Countryside Dr, Naples, FL 34104

Phone 239-353-1780

Fax 239-353-3717

Golf Shop 239-353-1780 x 123

Event Line 239-353-1780 x 5

Carry Out 239-353-1780 x 5

The purpose of this newsletter is to
provide Countryside residents with in-
formation and reports related to Coun-
tryside Golf & Country Club. All articles
must be submitted in advance to
the Director of Communications at:
[email protected]

Copyright 2019
All Rights Reserved


CalendarCOUNTRYSIDE * Online Reservations are
Available 30 Days Prior to Special Events!

Breakfast Buffet
Bar Menu 11 - 7 pm
1Happy 2 3 45
New Year! Casual Dine Lunch 11:30-2 pm
Club Closed & Dance Bar Menu 2 - 7 pm
Countryside News 4 January 2019 DOUBLE HACSPoIPuNnYGtrHLyEOsSiUdRe
* Beatles Tribute Tuesday
DARE Band Concert Lunch 11:30 - 2 pm
6 - 9 pm Seafood Specials Bar Menu 2 - 7 pm
Prime Rib Night
6 7 8Architectural 9 10President’s 11 12CGA Wednesday
Review 8:30 am Council Meeting Lunch 11:30 - 2 pm
Invitational Bar Menu 2 - 8 pm

Breakfast Golf Match Play LGA9 Meeting Casual Dine Cobra Demo Day Book * Karaoke Night Dinner 5 - 8 pm
Buffet Draw Party & Dance 10am-2pm 6 - 9 pm Thursday
MANHATTAN Countryside Cookout Club SPOTLIGHT
10:00 am - WAC Meeting CONNECTION 10:30 am ENTERTAINMENT Lunch 11:30-2 pm
2 pm 4:00 pm * BINGA New Tenants’ Bar Menu 2 - 8 pm
NIGHT 6 - 9 pm Welcome Reception
Friday Night Fish Fry Prime Rib Night Dinner 5 - 8 pm
Prime Rib Night Friday

13 14 15 16 17 18CommunityMGA Men’s Board Meeting 19 Lunch 11:30 - 2 pm
Betterment Day 1 8:30 am Bar Menu 2 - 8 pm
Blood Drive Casual Dine Prime Rib Night
Mastrocola & Dance DICNSoEIuN&nGtDrLyAEsNSidCeE Dinner 5 - 8 pm
Golf Lunch KELLY &
Breakfast Town Hall SHELLY Tennis Kickoff
Buffet Meeting 4 pm 6 - 9 pm Pizza Party
MGA Men’s
10:00 am - Prime Rib Night Betterment Rd 2
2 pm & Lunch

Seafood Specials

20 LGA 18 21 22 23 24MGA Annual 25 26
New Luncheon
Breakfast Members Casual Dine Friday Night Fish Fry Prime Rib Night
Buffet Welcome LGA 9
Cocktail Party Invitational
10:00 am -
2 pm MLK Jr. Day & Dance
6 - 9 pm Italian
* Cooking Class Buffet
Prime Rib Night

27 28 LGA Club29 30 31 u Golf Events
Mens’s Club Championship Rd 1 u Special Events
Breakfast Championship Rd 1 u Lounge Events
Casual Dine LGA Club u Main Dining Rm
Buffet & Dance Championship u Meetings
10:00 am - Rd 2 & Lunch
2 pm * Food & * B I N G A OMAR BAKER
Wine Live NIGHT 6:00-9:00 pm

Prime Rib Night


Lunch 11:30 - 2 pm
“We will u Golf Events 7 1Men’s Club 2 Bar Menu 2 - 8 pm
open the u Special Events
book. Its * New Renters Champ. Rd 2 Dinner 5 - 8 pm
pages are Welcome & Luncheon Ground
blank. We u Lounge Events Reception Hog Day Mobile Service
are going to Club Closes at Available!
put words 14 2pm for...
on them u Main Dining Rm *Canada Night Log onto:
ourselves. President BILLY DEAN
The book u Meetings Council Mtg & DAWN Prime Rib Night
is called while using your
CHSoAIuNPnPGtrYyLsHEidOSeUR 9 mobile device-
Opportunity 3 4 5 6Architectural 8Book Club Couples’ then add to your
Review, 8:30 am Club Home Screen.
and its first * Breakfast 10:30 am
chapter is Buffet
Casual Dine Cobra Demo Champ.
New Year’s 10:00 am - Day 10-2pm
Day.” 2:00 pm LGA9 & Dance Countryside Karaoke
~ Edith WAC Meeting Member DOUBLE DARE Night
Pierce 6 -9 pm Cookout
4:00 pm Guest
Prime Rib Night Friday Night Fish Fry Prime Rib Night

10 11 12 13LGA9 Men’s 15 16

Men’s Mem./ Mem./Mem
Men (Rd 1)

* Breakfast *Valentine’s (Rd 2 & Luncheon)
Dinner Dance
10:00 am -
2:00 pm * Cooking Class * BINGA Golf Course
N I G H T Prime Rib Night Closed Seafood Specials Prime Rib Night
17 18 19Ladies 20
LGA18 21Board Mtg 22 23
Rules Mem/Mem Casual Dine 8:30am
* Breakfast Night with Day 1 & Dance
Buffet Stephanie Ladies Mem/
& Sean * Whisky Dinner KELLY & SHELLY Mem Rd2
10:00 am - 26 27CDSoinuINentG&ryLDsEiadnSecePrime6 -9 pm & Luncheon
2:00 pm Rib Night
* Italian Night
Friday Night Fish Fry Prime Rib Night
24 25
Community Open House
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm * BINGA Club Closes at Golf Course
NIGHT 2pm for... Closed
* Breakfast
Buffet * Motown Concert
10:00 am - by the
2:00 pm
NoWhere Band

* Online Reservations Available For Dining & Special Events:

* Reservations Requested Dining Carry Out: 353-1780 x 5 Golf Shop: 353-1780 x 123

Cycling Support Our Advertisers...Give them a call!
Date: January 16, 2019 Luncheon!
Countryside Resident Over 20 Years January 2019
Time: 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm
Where: Countryside Clubhouse HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Cost: $15
RSVP: 239-302-3039 Over 40 Years Experience! 5 Countryside News
You are encouraged to attend a cycling safety semi-
nar hosted by Naples Velo Bicycle Club. Repre-
sentatives from Collier County and the City of
Naples plus others will discuss various aspects
of enhancing the local area as a safe and bicycle
friendly environment. We hope you will join us!

The First
to America.

Cell (239) 285-6678 The 10:00 am Noodlettes not only
enjoy water aerobics together
NOODLETTES but also a Christmas Lunch.

(L - R) Mary Jane Deck, Janet Sale, Barb Neves, Sally Powers, Barb Flanagan, Roberta Caulfield,
Margaret Arthur, Lorraine Gilbert, Kathy Blumenstiel



2019 New Year ’s Resolutions

Play BETTER golf!
Play FASTER golf!
Play MORE golf!
Play golf by the new USGA RULES!

Upcoming Golf Events:

Event Sign up Date Event Date
Men’s & Ladies’ Match Play (sign up now) January 7th
Couples’ Invitational (sign up now) January 12th
Men’s Betterment (sign up now) January 16th & 18th
MGA Luncheon January 16th January 23rd
LGA9 Invitational (sign up now) January 24th
Men’s Club Championship (sign up now) January 28th & Feb 1st
Ladies’ Club Championship (sign up now) January 29th & 31st
LGA9 Member Guest January 8th February 5th
Couples’ Club Championship January 19th February 9th
Men’s Member Member January 13th February 13th & 15th
Ladies’ Member Member January 19th February 19th & 21st

Thank you! From the bottom of our hearts, everyone in the Golf Department thanks you for your warm wishes
over the holiday season and your generosity in donating to the Employee Holiday Fund.
6 Cheers to a Happy New Year at Countryside!

20 Must Know Rules of Golf for 2019

11. Drop from knee height 1313. Penalty areas replace water hazards,
(NOT shoulder height)
and you can move loose impediments,
22. Measure the area to drop in with the ground your club and take practice
longest club in your bag (except a swings in penalty areas without
putter) penalty.just as you can on the fairway
or in the rough

33. Drop in and play from the relief 1414. You can’t take relief from a penalty

area area unless you are at least 95%
certain your ball is in the penalty
44. When dropping back-on-the-line, area

your ball cannot be played from 1515. In bunkers you can move loose
nearer the hole than your chosen
reference point impediments

55. Time to search - 3 minutes 1616. In bunkers you cannot touch

(NOT 5 minutes) the sand with your club in the area
right in front of or right behind your
66. If you accidentally move your ball ball, during your backswing or in
taking practice swings
when searching for it, replace it
without penalty 1717. Free relief is allowed if your ball is

77. No penalty for a double hit - it only embedded on the fairway or in the
rough (but “embedded” means that
counts as one stroke part of your ball is below the level
of the ground)
88. No penalty if your ball hits you or
1818. Unplayable ball in bunker - extra
your equipment accidentally after a
stroke option to drop outside the bunker
for 2 penalty strokes
99. No penalty if your ball strikes the
1919. You cannot have your caddie or
flagstick when you have chosen to
leave it in the hole your partner standing behind you
once you begin taking your stance
1010. Spike mark and other shoe damage
2020. Pace of Play- it is recommended
on the putting green can be repaired
that you take no longer than 40
1111. Ball accidentally moved on putting seconds to make a stroke (and
usually you should be able to play
green - no penalty and replace more quickly than that) and Ready
Golf in stroke play is encouraged
1212. Ball marked, lifted and replaced on

putting green is moved by wind to
another position - replace ball on
the original spot

These changes are explained in more detail in the Rules Essentials videos which are coming 7
soon to Alternatively, read the PLAYER’S EDITION of the Rules of Golf or visit to learn more.



Countryside News 8 January 2019 Happy New Year to all of our mem- sures of the root zone mixture and
bers and guests. We are really ex- the gravel stone will be performed
cited about the upcoming Golf by the firm of our turf consul-
Course Renovation, which tant Mark Burrows. Mark
includes new greens, tees, and his staff routinely test for
bunkers, fairways, drainage, many of the projects in Flor-
and irrigation. The new ir- ida and around the country
rigation design has better and will ensure that the ma-
turf coverage and will give terials meet the standards of
us more control of our wa- the USGA.
ter applications. We also The greens will be planted
look forward to less pipe with TifEagle Bermuda grass,
and coupling repairs in the and the tees, fairways, and
field, and the drainage for roughs will be planted with
our greens, fairways, and bun- Bimini Bermuda grass. Both of
kers will be far superior to what these grasses have been reserved
we currently have.
If you go to our webpage under Course with deposits so we are confident of
Superintendent, you can click on a publica- their availability. Pictured below you can
tion entitled, “USGA Recommendations for a Method see our General Manager/COO Joe Smith,
of Putting Green Construction.” These are the exact Mark Burrows, and Bimini breeder Sam Greenwood in-
standards that we will be using during this project. specting newly planted Bimini Bermuda grass on a visit
The subgrade will match the surface grade. Subsurface to Bethel Farms.
drainage will have lateral pipes installed at an angle 6” Visit the website and read this amazing publication and
wide and 8” deep extending to the perimeter of the feel free to stop me on the course with any questions.
green. Gravel will be added to the trenches and to the Happy Golfing!!!
entire subgrade at a minimum thickness of 4”.

An 85/15 soil mixture which is 85% sand with 15% JD Varon, CGCS
sphagnum peat moss will be added to a 12” thickness Golf Course Superintendent
and firmed before planting. All quality control mea-

Upcoming Golf Course Renovation

DAY TRIPPERS Would you like the opportu- COUNTRYSIDENews
nity to take a day trip once a
month leaving from Country- Paul Buttros Peter Weissman Robb Mackett January 2019
side on a luxury coach and not 404-2365 203-219-3455 643-6644
have to drive? Wednesday,
January 9 there will be an Patricia Avallone Mo Pierzchala
organizational meeting at the 203-671-3274 777-9434
Wellness Center at 1:30pm.
We are looking for people CurrefonrtlSyaLleis:ted AvRaeinlatballes !
with experience in the tourism
industry and people who are 7360 Glenmoor Lane #4103 $146,900
interested in helping with the 7240 Coventry Ct. #307 $147,900
formation of this new activity 7260 Coventry Ct. #415 $149,900
being offered at Countryside.
If you have any questions
please call Judy Reynolds
at 239-307-1296.

7340 St. Ives Way #3108 $153,900 9 Countryside News
7380 Saint Ives way #1102 $147,000
7260 Coventry Ct. #419 $155,000
7260 Coventry Ct. #405 $157,900
7200 Coventry Ct. #108 $159,900
7240 Coventry Ct. #313 $169,500
495 Veranda Way #A202 $267,500
446 Country Hollow Ct. #G103 $271,900
Homemade PESTO ~ 496 Veranda Way #F106 $274,000
509 Veranda Way #E206 $280,000
By: Joan DeMarco 493 Countryside Dr. $292,000

502 Countryside Dr. $399,000
509 Countryside Dr. $450,000


• 4 cups basil (rinsed) Financial Operations
year to date ending November 30, 2018
• 1 cup olive oil Amounts in Thousands & Rounded
• 1 cup parmesan
• 1/2 cup pignoli (pine nuts) toasted
Revenues Actual Budget
• 3 garlic cloves Main. Fees 746 746
• 1/2 ts salt & pepper
Transfer Fees 4 4
Golf Operations 161 168
Directions Food & Beverage 201 176
Combine all in a blender until smooth. Extras can be frozen!
Wellness 4 3
Miscellaneous 13 8
TOTAL 1,129 1,105
Cost of Sales
ROSA FERNANDEZ Pro Shop Merch. 30 26
Food & Beverage 99 73
Rosa earned the CARE Champion award for taking on the TOTAL 129 99
role of Admin. Assistant
who manages all of our Operating Expenses
350+ seasonal rent- General & Admin. 269 282
als all while juggling Golf Operations 101 102
the numerous member Golf Course 225 233
questions, phone calls Common Areas 107 121
and gate issues. Quickly Food & Beverage 254 247
learning the role and Pool/Tennis/Range 44 43
all of its intricacies is Wellness 26 29
one herculean task, but Miscellaneous 24 28
doing it all with a smile T N eOtTOApeLr ating Inc ome/(Lo1s s,0) 5(500 ) 1(7,098) 5
is quite another- which *results unaudited
makes it all seem effort-
less. Thank you Rosa!


Countryside Golf & Country Club PRSRT STD
600 Countryside Drive
Naples, FL 34104 U.S. POSTAGE

Are You Getting PAID
E-mails From Us? If not,
Naples, FL
update your profile... Permit No. 35

click on the following:

then click on

located on
bottom of page

Dinner & Dance

NightEBntielrltyainDmeenatnby&: Dawn
February 1, 2019

5:30pm Cocktails . 6:30pm Dinner Service
Canadian Beer (limited) and Caesar Drinks or 353-1780 x 5

Attire: Smart Casual must be 18+ to attend

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