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Thomas Torgerson is a rich man that sleeps in to late and has to rush to work but has a unfortunite order of events that happens.

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Published by Samuel Knoop, 2019-05-08 10:15:25

The Bad Day on Thanksgiving

Thomas Torgerson is a rich man that sleeps in to late and has to rush to work but has a unfortunite order of events that happens.

The Bad Day on 


Written By: Sam Knoop 

Thomas Torgerson is a hard working
man that is always on time. He has friends,
hobbies, and a dog named Rufus. He is rich
and always seems to have a good time, but
not today.

“Ring. Ring. Ring”. Thomas woke up.
Thomas Torgerson normally wakes up
every day at 6:30, but today he slept
through his alarm and got up at 9:45 and
his work began at 10:30. He lived 45
minutes away, so if he left now he would
arrive to work on time. So, he left to work
with his pajamas on. He didn't have time to
get ready for the day, so he just left.

​ So, Thomas entered his bright red 2018
Ferrari Portofino and left his driveway with no
second thoughts Thomas floored it and zoomed
out of his driveway. Thomas’s career is at a
multimillion-dollar car company, called Howell’s.
Damon Howell is his boss, who is a very fun
loving man that likes to party and hang out with
his friends, but when you are late or miss an
event he is miserable to be around. You’ll either
get insulted the rest of the day, fired, or get
yelled at until you want to leave. Work is critical
to Mr. Howell, and he thinks it should be
desirable to you.

Thomas recognized that it started to
snow outside. When he got on the freeway,
his engine gave out. So Thomas pulled
over and called his boss for help. He didn't
answer. So Thomas had to call his friend,
Sam, for help, and he picked up.

“Dude where are you?” Sam said, “You
were supposed to be here an hour ago.

Sorry I have to take this call, got to go,
bye.” said Sam.

Thomas freaked out and remembered
that there is something very important
today, but he couldn’t think of it.

So, he left the Ferrari that he just got in the
ditch and walked to work. It was three miles to
get to work but he had to get there, so he was
going to run. At the second mile, he started to
get tired but he had to keep on going. Then with
one mile to go, he saw a police car and worried
if they would be looking for the culprit that left
the Ferrari in the ditch. He went to a full out
sprint. When he got to work he noticed that the
place was empty. No cars. No people. Then the
cops showed up and Thomas started sweating
bullets. The cops approached Thomas and
said, “Happy Thanksgiving.” Thomas was

Thomas asked the cops to give him a
ride home, so they couldn't decline. When
he got home, all of his co-workers and his
boss were there. So when he got out of the
car, his co-workers freaked out and worried
about him, but Thomas told them that he
was fine. Thomas spoke with his boss ,Mr.
Howell, and told him the whole story about
missing Thanksgiving, but Mr. Howell
forgave him and all of the employees had a
great laugh about the work situation and
feasted on Thanksgiving.

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