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A story about a horrible day with Bobby.

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Published by Camryn Mortenson, 2019-05-08 11:57:43

Bobbys HORRIBLE Day!

A story about a horrible day with Bobby.

Bobby’s ​HORRIBLE​ day………
By: Camryn Mortenson

I’m going to tell you about Bobby’s bad day, but
before I do that I’m going to tell you a little bit about him.
Bobby has some hobbies which are hanging out with his
friends and training his hamster, Fluffers, new tricks.
Bobby lives in Montevideo, Minnesota. Bobby has blue
eyes and short, curly, black hair. He has pale skin and
lots of freckles on his face. He is 5 foot 9 and lives only
with his pet hamster in a small light blue house. He is 27
years old. Bobby works at the hospital, and he usually
wears his scrubs to work, but when he gets home he
wears t-shirts and khakis. Bobby has a bad habit.
Sometimes he will text while driving, but he has never
crashed or gotten pulled over yet. That’s a little bit about
Bobby, now here is Bobby’s bad day story.

Have you ever had a bad day? Well Bobby has been
having a terrible day! Bobby decided to go have lunch
out with some friends at Subway and got a sandwich
before he went to work. Then Bobby went back home
and got ready for work at the hospital. He put on his navy
blue scrubs, then he went outside and walked over to his
rusted black Ram. Bobby started his truck and the front
engine started to smoke, so he went to the front of his
truck and looked at the engine. The engine wasn’t
working so Bobby decided to stroll to the hospital since it
was a beautiful day out.

The time was 9:00 am. He has to be at work by 9:15!
The sky slowly started to darken and then it started to
pour. Sploosh! Sploosh! Bobby decided to call his Mom,
Michelle. He asked her if she could drive him to the
hospital. His Mom said sure because she would only
have to drive him 2 more miles. When Bobby’s mom
pulled up on the side of the road, she saw his short,
curly, black hair drenched wet in his blue eyes. He wiped
his hair to the side and got into the blue van. She drove
Bobby to work, and he got out and sprinted in the
hospital as fast as he could.

Camryn, his boss, saw Bobby sprinting into the
hospital late so she gripped Bobby by the ear and
dragged him outside. Camryn started to scream at Bobby
cause he was late for work, Bobby thought that his
eardrums were going to pop. This is what Camryn yelled
to Bobby “Bobby, you are so late, you deserve overtime!”
Bobby nervously nodded his head and agreed he
deserved overtime.

Bobby walked in the hospital room and looked at his
patient, he had to work on, he had to work on a girl who
had a broken arm, Bobby put a cast on her and told her
and her Mom information about it. Then Bobby was
thinking about going to the gift shop and buying Camryn
flowers to make up for his mistake. He also had a little
crush on her as well.

So he walked to the gift shop and bought some pink
roses and a chocolate heart. Bobby went downstairs and
slowly tiptoed into Camryn's office and told her how he
was sorry about being late to work and he also said he
had a little crush on her too. Camryn couldn’t keep her
jaw up, she then started to laugh a little. Camryn got up
from her chair and told Bobby she had a little crush on
him too, and she forgives him being late for work. Bobby
gave Camryn the stuff he got in the gift shop, Camryn
thanked him, and she gave Bobby her number.

Bobby called her the next day and asked if she
would like to go to Mcdonalds and go on a “date” there.
Camryn said “How about we go to Toppers instead?”,
Bobby accepted.

At 8:30 PM, Bobby and Camryn met up at Topper's,
and they sat down in a booth. Both were blushing and
awkwardly smiled at each other. The waiter came, and
they shared a 10 piece chicken strip basket, and they
both got a large Pepsi for their drink.

Bobby then gave Camryn a ride to her house, then
Camryn got out of the truck and walked on the sidewalk
to her house. Bobby waved to her and she waved back.
Bobby drove back to his house and was so happy about
him and Camryn’s first “date”. Bobby told his hamster
Fluffers all about it.

Bobby and Camryn have been talking for about 4
years now…...

Bobby had the day off so he called up his friends
and asked if they could hang out, but they all were busy.
Bobby called Camryn and asked if she could hang out,
Camryn said yes.

They both met up, and got some coffee at Java
River and went to Smith Park. They both sat on a bench
and started talking, then Bobby interrupted Camryn and
said he will be right back. Bobby came back with a huge
smile on his face and had a small black box in his right
hand. He knelt down on his left knee and asked if
Camryn would marry him, Camryn almost started to cry
and said “YES” in excitement.

Bobby and Camryn got married in the next year, and
now they lived in Bobby’s small blue house. Bobby,
Camryn, and Fluffers lived happily ever after.

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