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Published by Faten Alasabi, 2018-12-27 17:55:38



Naoko Takenouchi & Marc Webb

Tekenouchi is a japanese designer of restaurants. Tekenouchi
had a partnership with a Britain designer-Marc Webb- under
the name of Takenouchi Webb. They combined the both of the
western styles with the Japanese design fundamentals such as

I liked the way that the elements of their designs are strongly
connected together and introduces a final result full of
harmony and balance. I loved the way they communicate the
simplicity through their designs with a well use and
combination of materials.

Li Xiang

X-living office is created by Li Xiang . Li Xiang
raised up in different countries witch make her
open-minded and ambitious. She got recently
award of best interior design in 2016 . Besides
Xliving office, Li Xiang has her own furniture
brand .

I liked how she is brave in designing and
creating a fully different atmospheres for each
project. I loved the fact that she is not
introducing a one theme and line in her
designs. She immerses herself in each project
based on its function and the users to ends up
with unique creative design that stands out
from the rest.

Wall finishing is the final layer of the wall that works on
protecting it and adding an esthetical aspect to the wall by
the different colors and textures.

Paints and wallpaper are the common finishes that is
applied on the walls of residential buildings while in the
commercial buildings many types of finishes can be used
such as wood, stones, and plaster. All types of wall finishes
work on hiding the structural elements of the building which
is not an eye pleasing.

Floor finishes or covering is the exposed layer of the floor Of durability, water resistance, heavy use resistance. Floor
that creates a walking surface. Floor can include different finishes comes in a verity of shapes, colors, and textures. It
types of finishes together usually for defining different zones can be expensive such as the hardwood flooring, or a
purpose. Types of the flooring covering should be selected cheap flooring such vinyl. Stones, Ceramic, rubber, and
according to the space function which affect the floor carpet are another choices of floor finishing.
finishes requirements

Ceiling can play an essential part on the space aesthetic
aspect . Besides the various shapes and forms that ceiling can
has, it also can be in different finishes that allows it to
contribute to the overall design concept.

Ceiling finishes can an exposed wood or metal, and it can be
covered by a plaster or lightweight tiles. Mirror can be used
as well for decorative purpose or to add spacious and light
feeling to the space.

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