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Joe Adams was having a good day until his car broke down!

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Published by Megan Macziewski, 2019-05-08 11:13:34

The Best, Worst Day Ever!

Joe Adams was having a good day until his car broke down!

Joe Adams is 37 years old. He lives in Gatlinburg,
Tennessee in a dark brown house on 1281 Lynnstone
Lane Gatlinburg TN. Joe is 6 foot 1, and he has brown hair
and light blue eyes. He lives with his wife, Maggie and his
two kids, Ella (13), and Jake (2), and their dog Ruby (1).
Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday till 12:30,
when Joe goes to work he wears dress pants. He also
wears a very nice shirt with dress shoes and a dress coat.

Joe leaves his house at 7:45 a.m. if he remembers to
bring his kids to school which is like a 5 - minute​ jaunt​ out
of the way. or He would leave at 8:30 am because he has
to be at work by 9:15 am. It takes Joe 30 minutes with
traffic to get to Old National Bank because he drives from
Gatlinburg to Pigeon Forge, TN. Before he leaves, his wife
Maggie makes him and his kids an egg McMuffin to go.
After Maggie makes him an egg McMuffin, she has to
head to the high school where she teaches Physics in
Sevierville, Tennessee which is about a 45- minute drive
from Gatlinburg.

Joe got into his 2019 brown Chevy Silverado. As he
pulled it out of the garage, he realized how the
temperature was ​dropping​ and going into the negatives.
He also realized how ​slippery​ the roads were, and that
there were still raindrops ​dripping​ off of houses a little bit.
So he said to himself, ¨I have to make sure I am very

As he was right on the outskirts of Pigeon Forge, and
he was going 25 miles per hour on a 40 mile per hour
road, when he hit a really icy spot, and he spun out and
landed in the ditch.

Joe was not injured thankfully! He called Maggie on
his Iphone 7s Plus and told her, and she said ¨I will bring
the kids to school, and I will be out there and get you”.”

¨No,” said Joe...don't even bring the kids to school.
Have them stay home. Email Ella´s teacher and tell her
she won't be at school.”

Just as Joe was going to call 911 there was a cop that
came up behind him.

When the cop pulled up behind Joe, the cop walked
up to my window and Joe rolled it down. He asked him if
he was ok. Joe said, ¨Yes, I just need to get to work. My
boss is probably wondering where I am¨.

The cop said, ¨First, we have to bring you to the
hospital to check and make sure you are ok.”

At the hospital, the doctor checked Joe and said, ¨You
just twisted your wrist, and it will take about a week to heal
if you let it rest. If it starts to swell come back in. I also
suggest not to go to work, so you let it rest,¨ said Dr.

Joe said, ¨But can I at least go tell my boss what is
going on?¨

Dr. Snicklefouster said,¨ Yes, you can¨.

The cop gave Joe a ride to the Bank since that is
where he works. Of course, Joe`s boss was waiting at the
door when the police came. He was shocked when he saw
him get out of the police car! It looked like he was going to
have a heart attack!

Joe said really fast,¨I am sorry I am la..¨

My boss Dave said, “WHERE WERE YOU!? “The cop
explained everything to Joe`s boss, so he wouldn't have to
face his boss.

Then Dave calmed down and said, ¨Well are you, ok?
I will let you take the rest of the day off and tomorrow so
you can feel better since it is only Thursday.”

Joe said, ¨Thank you so much!”

The police brought Joe home.
The police said to Joe, ¨I will be getting a call from
Schwieters Ford on the price of the damage since you
damaged the front hood.”

On Saturday Joe got a call from Schwieters Ford.
They gave him his total! It was $8,692 Joe said to Maggie,
¨Good thing I work at a bank!”

She said, ¨Good thing you do work at a bank!”

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