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McGrath Pre-Selling Presentation Tips

property tips booklet_new




to boost the potential
of your property





K eep this checklist where it will be most viewed by BEDROOMS
the household. This list should be completed before
the day of your photography, each open-for- Declutter by removing any unnecessary items, such as wall
inspection and on auction day. This will ensure posters, mobiles and charging cables, personal items,
your home comes across as attractive to the buyers and drive up photos and ornaments
the maximum sale price. Not all pointers on this list will be
relevant to your home at every stage of your campaign, although Clean thoroughly, including carpets, furniture and windows,
we do encourage you to consult this list as often as possible and and ensure any smoking or pet smells are eliminated
put as many items to work as you can.
Draw or remove blinds or curtains to let in the most
OPEN FOR INSPECTION AND AUCTION DAY CHECKLIST possible natural light and showcase the garden or any views

GENERAL Switch on the bedside lights to create a warm atmosphere

Turn on lights to enhance the brightness of all spaces Ensure all the beds are made, have fresh, stylish linen and
If the weather’s good open some windows a few hours prior complement with cushions
to inspections to let in fresh air
Have friends mind your pets, and store away any pet Consider replacing large beds with smaller ones to enhance
bedding and bowls the sense of space in each room
Create a comfortable, even temperature with heating or
air conditioning B AT H R O O M S
Place any valuables safely away
Remove clutter
LOUNGE, LIVING AND STUDY and personal items
such as old soap,
Remove any unnecessary make-up, shavers,
clutter, such as photos, hair products and
ornaments, remote controls, tooth brushes
fans, cables and furniture,
and arrange any remaining Store away
items neatly to maximise bathmats and bins
tidiness and space
Clean thoroughly, including Neatly hang fresh,
carpets (steam clean if stylish towels
necessary), furniture and
windows, and ensure any smoking or pet smells are eliminated Pay special attention to cleaning this room, so it is
Place a vase of fresh flowers in key areas completely spotless – including toilet, taps, tiles, bath and
Draw or remove blinds or curtains to bring in natural light any glass panels and mirrors
and to showcase the garden or any views
Check that the ceiling fan is free of dust and cobwebs
To minimise clutter, store away any fridge magnets,
unnecessary appliances, personal items, clothes, pet bowls, Make sure garden beds are freshly mulched, and the lawns
rubbish bins, floor mats, dish racks and dishcloths, etc. and shrubs trimmed and neat
Clean thoroughly so that all surfaces, including tiles
benches and windows, are gleaming and free of fingerprints Showcase your entertainment area with a clean barbecue,
Clean inside the oven and cupboards large modern pot plants and a freshly oiled deck and furniture
Open or remove any blinds or curtains to maximise natural
light and enhance the exterior aspect Store away any unnecessary
Consider adding some style touches, such as a vase of cut items, such as garden tools,
flowers, pot plants or a bowl of fresh fruit hoses and wheelie bins
Eliminate any odours – perhaps even consider an oil burner
Sweep paths and clean the
eaves, fascias and gutters and
check the footpath and nature
strip for any weeds or rubbish

If you have a pool, make sure

it is sparkling clean

Remove cars and bikes from

your driveway

Place mats at every external 03
door to help keep floors clean
(especially if it is raining)


Preparation 101

Devoting a considerable amount of time,
effort and money into your property
preparation significantly increases your
property value.

Selling your residence can deliver an
amazing opportunity for financial gain
and profit...

...far from the potential of other investments. If
the home you are selling is your foremost place of
residence, it captivates no stamp-duty or capital
gains tax once sold - giving you the remarkable
window of a tax-free treasure trove.


Interior Design
and Style

There’s an old saying – “first impressions last” – and nothing could be more true
when it comes to presenting your property for sale. That means a presentable and
tidy interior and exterior, as most potential buyers will drive past the property well
before deciding whether to inspect it or not.


In order for the buyer to understand what is most
special about the property’s interior, they will need
to see the whole picture. Having all the lights on with
the assistance of natural lighting is a key tool that can
be used to boast the house’s finer details.


Study your entry hall and ask yourself what kind of
first impression does it create? Virtually any entry
hall will benefit from a well-placed mirror to give the
illusion of space.

Heating / Cooling

Sweep and clean the fireplace if you have one. Place
a few logs on the grate as well, light it on during the
winter months to create an attractive appearance.
If the summer heat is overwhelming, create a
comfortable atmosphere inside by turning the air
conditioning on.

is Key

When planning to sell your home, you’ll want to make sure that its in top shape to attract buyers. And that
requires preparation. When you’re selling your home, how do you please everyone? The answer is you
can’t, but you can give yourself the best chance of piquing buyer interest and subsequently snagging the
best possible sale price if you concentrate on the basics. Few things turn a buyer off quicker than a dirty
house. It is vitally important that sellers go the extra mile and get their home sparkling clean. This goes
from steam-cleaning tiles and grout to replacing carpets if necessary.

Clean and tidy

Whether you decide to do it yourself or hire a
professional cleaning service, it is crucial that the
interior and exterior of your property is clean by any
means possible. The home should be neat, clean and
free of all debris. If it reeks of pets or the kitchen sink
and benchtops are so filthy that it almost looks like
the food is moving, most people won’t even come in –
and that includes real estate agents.

Preparation for sale

Inside or out, less is more when it comes to clutter.
Your home will thrive on the feeling of spaciousness
when you get rid of the unnecessary furniture in each
room. Your wardrobes and drawers should look like
they are half full with nothing on the floor. Kitchens
should follow the rule of threes, as there should be
no more than three countertop appliances.


Colours and Textures

Changing your colour scheme of various rooms will influence your buyers feeling towards the
house upon the first inspection. Creating a friendly and inviting space for people will bring them
further into the home and to do that, you should start at the bottom and move to the top. Your
floor will influence your colour choices dramatically, and in turn impact how you use textures,
tones, accents and even artwork. One solid tip for home colour schemes is to always use a matte
finish when painting ceilings – gloss paint shows up small imperfections so it’s almost impossible
to get a seamless look.


Declutter the clutter

Clutter can feel overwhelming, and
working out how to declutter your home
and where to start can seem a challenge
too big to tackle when your home is filled
with treasured knick-kacks. We have 3
simple tips to make your life a whole lot
easier – “Make lists, store and label and put
it away”.

The indoors aren’t the only thing that need to be decluttered but every aspect of the
garden needs to also. This may range from giving the lawns a mow to getting onto
the roof and cleaning out the gutters. It is paramount to get all features in your yard
to stand out as much as possible – having clutter draws attention away from the
big picture.



Think of an open-for-inspection as a first date with your prospective buyer; you only get one chance to
make a lasting impression. Prior to the agent’s arrival, unless upon request; grab your phones, valuables
any last minute cleaning equipment, kids and pets, hop in the car and take yourself out for a coffee until
the agent calls to notify you that the inspection is over. Inspectors will need to be able to walk around the
exterior of your home to take a closer look at brickwork and the home’s foundations. Be sure that there is
a clear path so that they can reach these points easily.

Private viewings

In some circumstances, typically due to tight work/
personal schedules, some buyers might request a
private viewing of your property. In this case, you
will be contacted as soon as possible to allocate a
time for this viewing and to allow you appropriate
time to prepare your property. If you do happen to
be contacted by a buyer wanting to inspect your
property, please ask them to contact your McGrath
representative to arrange a booking.

Auction Day

On Auction day, have a final thorough look at our
Property Presentation Checklist and complete any
tasks that you may not have gotten around to as well
as put in a little more work into some problem areas
that you have been ignoring for a while. To help cre-
ate an electric atmosphere, invite your friends and
family to join the crowd. You will have time to catch
up with your McGrath representative on the day to
give you a brief itinerary so you know what to expect
and where you need to be.

What to do when there is nothing to do?

Once you are confident that the checklist is
complete and you have cleaned to your hearts
extent, we recommend taking a moment to go out
and get a hot drink and a bite to eat to calm the
nerves and tide you over until game time.

Stuck? Call us.

McGrath Estate Agents understands that you are busy and not everyone is a proper stylist. If you’d like some assistance
to prepare your home for sale, call your McGrath representative.
At McGrath Estate Agents, we can offer specialist advice and expertise but also, we can extend our reach to our
professional network of property presentation experts and stylists. Furniture hire companies and tradespeople can
also be called upon to give advice on how to implement minor changes to create a major difference to your sale price.
If there are any tips that aren’t covered in this guide, please let us know and we will be able to promptly give
advice accordingly.


Ricky Forte Ricky Forte is best defined as honest and transparent with a highly ambitious
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m: 0438 307 579 his exceptional service and communication skills right through to delivering
e: [email protected] outstanding results for his clients time after time. Ricky is supported by an elite
group of real estate professionals at McGrath Geelong who aim to deliver six-star
service and a brand you can trust. Having lived in the area his whole life, Ricky is
devoted to the region and enjoys the relaxed lifestyle and restaurant culture that
Geelong has on offer.

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