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It's about a girl named Kate and she has a bad day.

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Published by Brooklyn Ochsendorf, 2019-05-17 13:05:44

Kate's Bad Day

It's about a girl named Kate and she has a bad day.

 I​ nspired by my mom, Kristen 
I​ n Honor of my Family 

​Kate’s Bad Day!!! 

​ W​ ritten By: Brooklyn Ochsendorf 

​Hope you Enjoy Reading  


Hi, my name is Kate, and my job is a veterinarian, and I have a 
story  to  tell  you!  One  day  it  was  as  sunny  as  could  be  on  a 
gorgeously  sunny  winter  morning.  This  was  super  early  in  the 
morning, probably six- thirty in the morning. But by the time I was 
ready  to  leave  the  house  at  8:30  it  snowing  so  hard  you  could 
barely see five feet in front of you! I knew I couldn’t back out and 
cancel all the appointments today there were a lot and I had to do 
some very important surgeries to save some very cute animals and 
some  any  time  surgeries!  There  were  probably  twenty-three 
appointments and ten surgeries!  



Now that might seem like a lot, but to me it’s really not, but 
then again I’m a veterinarian, so I have seen a LOT more than this, I 
think  the  most  hectic  I  have  been  my  entire  life  is  ninety-four 
appointments and thirty-one surgeries all in twelve hours, it could 
have  been  more  though,  that  is  if  people  didn’t  cancel  their 
appointments  because  they  felt  bad  I  had  so  many  already 
appointments and surgeries!​   



When I was only three miles away from the clinic my car 
broke down! I knew I couldn’t give up not when I was so close! So I 
decided to walk the three miles. Good thing I decided to wear all 
my winter gear! But by the time I had one mile done I knew I was 
going to be late to work. So I decided to alert my boss. Whoops, I 
forgot to grab my phone off the counter!  



By the time I had the second mile done, I was so drained. I 
could have foundered right there, but I knew I had to keep going. 
Then I fell down. I knew I couldn’t just get up! My legs were so tired!  




I think I fell asleep after a little bit because someone was 
shaking me. I didn’t know who it was until I heard them talking and 
they didn’t sound happy! When I identified the voice I sat straight 
up, as straight as I could. It was my boss, Kris. I knew I was in big 
trouble! Luckily for me I didn’t have to walk the last and final mile, 
yes! But the worst awaited.  




When we got the clinic Kris told me to go to the secret room. 
When I heard that I knew then and there I was in HUGE trouble, the 
worst possible! You have to do something REALLY bad to have to go 
to the secret room. I’m going to guess you want to know where the 
secret room is, but I can’t my boss made me swear on my grave I 
wouldn’t tell anybody, that’s only one reason I won’t tell you. 
Anyways back to the story. Where was I again? Oh, yeah where I 
was about to get busted. By the time Kris came, I already had a 
million thoughts swimming through my head about what she was 
going to do to me. But one, in particular, stood out to me the most, 
it was “YOU ARE FIRED!” 



But to my surprise instead of yelling, she said in a “warm” 
tone, “Why were you lying on the snow and ice filled ground?” 




I said, “Because my car broke down three miles away from 
here and I was fighting the snow and wind for two of the miles. I 
just got so tired and when I was going to call you I realized I forgot 
my phone on the kitchen counter.” 




Then she said, “I see, so you didn’t find anyone on your 





Then I said, “No, well, I did but they didn’t stop to help me 
even though I waved around like a maniac trying to get there 
attention and some of them were even our customers. In fact, I 
think some of them are here waiting to have their pet checked out 
to have a surgery done.”  



Then she told me to go check how many people there were out 
there that I saw and didn’t stop to help unless they have a very 
important appointment. Then to come back and report how many 
and their names. She also said to report the very important ones 
but to say they have a very important appointment today. So I did 
and came back with ten people total, three of them were in the 
very important “file”. When Kris heard this she told me to follow 
her and we went out into the waiting room and asked, “How many 
of you saw this woman on the side of the road this morning?” and 
all ten of them raised their hands!!  



After that, she told the people who didn’t have a very 
important to go into a checking area and told the others to wait and 
be ready when she came back into the waiting room. It didn’t take 
long for me to realize what was happening until everyone was in 
the waiting room, that’s when I realized she was going to tell them 
they were no longer allowed in this building! When she told the 
people that they were all super mad. Then she told them once 
someone sent her a video of them doing something nice to a human 
and animal she would allow them in this building again. They all 
thought that was going to be an easy job but everyone rejected 
there asking of taking a video! After she told the first group, she 
told the second group the same thing except they got there 
appointment or surgery today.  



They acted the same way as the first group but they got people 
to take a video of them doing the nice thing and Kris approved of it, 
so did I, so they are allowed in this building again! When the 
people who got kicked out of this building, but then became 
patients again, said they were sorry for not stopping and helping.  

I said, “It’s okay we all make mistakes.” and everything was 
superb again! 




​ ​THE END!!! 

​Thanks for Reading!!! 

Special  Thanks  to  the  ​BE​ ​ST​   English  Teacher, 
Mrs.  Hildahl,  I  have  ever  had  in  my  years  of 
school!!! (so far ) 



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